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Sweet Escape: The Beach House

When my parents decided to buy this beach house about 13 or 14 years ago, we were thrilled. Our girls were young and we really couldn’t afford to go on regular vacations involving planes and hotels. This house is about an hour and a half drive from our home, so it has provided many weekend, summer and holiday trips for our family. The house wasn’t fancy (it was a 1970’s style with no character!), but it was a place to gather and escape from the world.

One of our favorite traditions at the beach house centers around the 4th of July. We barbecue in the afternoon on the back deck, and then head to Manzanita (another cute beach town just down the road) and sit on the beach to watch a fabulous fireworks display. We build a fire to roast marshmallows and build S’mores. We lay on our backs all huddled together to see the fireworks. I wouldn’t trade those simple cherished memories for anything. We’ve had many sweet escapes to the beach, with our extended family, vacations with just our own family and times alone as a couple.

As promised yesterday, we will now tour the upper level, which serves as the main living area. Let’s head up the stairs for THE BEACH HOUSE TOUR, PART TWO! If you missed PART ONE, click here! Remember, this is still under construction and my daughter’s wedding is just two months away! The reception will be at the beach house.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

That little black thing dangling from the railing is a dog leash. Notice the dog nose in the corner of the photo.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

This is where you land when you get to the top of the stairs. Looking this way, you can see into the “sunroom.” If we just arrived at the top of the stairs, we would be looking at the view in the next photo.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

So far, there is a dining table and china hutch here in the main room. The kitchen, dining and living area is all basically one room. More furniture will be here to make it cozy around the woodstove. The woodstove is covered in soapstone. The walls are Devine Paint in Dust.

Sweet Escape: The Beach HouseHere is the little woodstove, sitting on the pebbled surface. Perfect to warm up those blustery nights on the Oregon Coast.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

So, if you look to the left at the top of the stairs, here is what you see. The kitchen and to the left there is a bathroom.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Here is the view from the dining table looking back towards the stairway. The big hole in the wall is for the video equipment and the bracket is for the flat screen. Yes, we considered having no TV at all, but sometimes you just want to watch a movie on a stormy night.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Another view looking back into the room, towards the stairway. That china hutch nearly didn’t make it up the stairs.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

The kitchen was remodeled back when the house was first purchased so with the exception of a new fridge to match the appliances, not much needed to be done right now. Stuff is just sitting around on the counters so we’ll have to work on the layout. There is still some fixing going on with the paint, thus the white splotches.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

If you step back to the other side of the room, you enter the “sunroom.” Now you can get a more sweeping view of the space and how it all connects. There is a tiled surface there above the bookcase so we can put plants or in the case of the wedding, a beverage station or food area. We’ll come back to this sunroom in a moment.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

This is one end of the great room, by the staircase, with another little bookcase tucked in. To the right is a bathroom.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

The door to the bathroom is a pocket door to save space. The walls in here are Devine Paint, Manzanita.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Here is the shower in this bathroom.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

And for those detail minded folks who want to see everything, here is the floor, which is heated to keep our toesies warm.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Now, my favorite spot (and Cubby’s favorite too), the window seat. Nice and wide, nice and long. Kids could have sleepovers here. We are going to have some cushions made to lean up against so we can while away the day reading magazines and sipping drinks. It was very hard to take a photo of this space because the sun was streaming in. The cushions are striped on top but I couldn’t capture that. The flat screen was sitting in this room but won’t be here forever. This is a quiet space for lounging.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Here is the view from inside the room looking towards the window seat. For some reason I forgot to take a photo from the other side, but it has windows along that right wall too.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Here is the other beach boy, Winston, snoozing on his own side of the window seat. Dogs love a sunny place to sleep. Notice the assorted action heroes strewn about.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

Here is a view from the window seat area, looking to the bookcase on the half wall near the stairs, and into the bedroom. My parents will have this room, as they are the lucky ones who get to actually move in and stay here most of the year now. Up until now, it has been only a vacation home. But now it is going to be an every day home too.
Sweet Escape: The Beach HouseThere are pocket doors to this room so they can have some peace and quiet when my son arrives.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

I didn’t get a very full photo of the other main bath, but here is part of the room!

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

This bathroom has a shower. There are three full bathrooms now, up from the original two. Much more convenient for our family gatherings.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

This is one side of the back of the house, the new addition is on the left.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

A few of you have asked about the garage doors, so I will show them again and tell you a bit more.

Sweet Escape: The Beach House

These doors were custom made, designed to match the front door, just in a set of three! They have special heavy duty hardware and tracks designed to withstand the harsh beach weather. There are drains for water along the top and bottom and a unique locking system. The doors are made out of Alder. The hardware was purchased from Eclipse Architecture in Vancouver B.C. through Loewen Window & Door Center, and the doors were manufactured to fit by Rogue Valley Door. Hope that helps!


Sweet Escape: The Beach House

That is it for this edition of THE BEACH HOUSE. Thanks for coming on the tour. Wish you all could pop by for some lemonade (of course, if you did, I’d put you to work assembling wedding programs). Will this house be finished in time?

If you missed PART ONE of THE BEACH HOUSE TOUR, click here.


  1. Rachael

    Fabulous house! Rachaelxo

  2. Nan

    Thanks for the encouragement! It feels good coming from someone with such a beuatiful and dreamy home!!! I promise not to covet:) How did you find me anyway?

  3. Neutral Dwelling

    Beautiful! I have been paying attention to baths lately because I am about to start a redo, I love the first bath you posted. I like the choice of mirror!

  4. kasey

    wow! that is the lovliest beach home i’ve seen in a while.
    thanks for sharing photo’s

  5. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Oh what a place! It’s going to be wonderful for the wedding! I love all the special features and the nooks and crannies and that window seat…amazing!

    Hmmmm, must think about concealments…

  6. hookedonhouses

    I’ve always fantasized about having a beach house. Yours is lovely–and so big! -Julia

  7. Ann Marie

    what a great place. the view in the first image is just what the doctor ordered.

  8. CC

    Y’alls beach home is absolutely beautiful. I love all of the wood! Yummy!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us….and keep those pictures coming. ;)

  9. Elzie

    What a place. Looked great!!! I can understand people want to live like that LOL.
    Hope you get a nice weekend.
    Love Elzie

  10. Rhoda

    What a wonderful house for your family to enjoy! And how great that your parents are moving in fulltime. I know you must all have a great time there.

    My parents have a mountain house, but it sure isn’t fancy. I love what ya’ll are doing with the beach house!

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Chris

    I just can’t get over it. Just stunning. I love all that wood. It’s a perfect balance with the beautiful views.

  12. Teresa

    thanks for showing all the details- fabulous. Our family also loves the beach- Most of our family get aways have included a beach.
    That hutch is great- glad it made it upstairs :}

  13. Deanna


    That is such an awesome place. I wondered if it was being remodeled for someone to live in more permanently. It is lovely.

    I can just picture a wedding reception there – if I were nearby I would come help you, but alas….I will just have to sit back, watch you work your magic and ooh and aah over it all!

  14. karen

    love the house… the garage doors are the best-this will help
    us update our folding ” ” on our 1890 victorian!! I am
    kara’s mom at Mc&Storm..weddings are a whirlwind- “Motherrrr-
    we already talked about thattt!!! But so precious(the daughters, i

  15. karen

    Melissa, what a dream home, I am so excited at the visual of your daughter’s wedding there. OMG, like a scene from a lovely movie wedding. Wish I could come just to see…what a minute, I am sure you will share this adventure!! Happy Wedding Planning. Blessings, Karen

  16. Jen

    Unbelievable! What a great reward for a set of hard working parents!

  17. Tricia

    Stunning love all the pictures. Tricia

  18. Adrienne

    What a great place to be! I’m about an hour and a half from there, too. Hmmm. . . but you would probably put me to work, wouldn’t you? Can’t wait to see mor.

  19. Design for Mankind

    OH. MY. GOSH. Speechless here, Melissa. And I want to give Winston a big kiss!

  20. tricia

    What and amazing and beautiful home, I love all the details. If it were mine, I’d never want to leave!

  21. Lisa

    It’s just so beautiful there! I LOVE that window seat. That’s where I would be. Thanks so much for giving us a tour!

  22. Beverly

    This is such a wonderful home, and the site and view is outstanding. Your parents must be excited about moving in full time.

    I can’t wait to see more pictures as you finish. And, of course, of the wedding.

  23. Pat

    I fell in love with the beach house the first time I saw it. This post seals my love of it. It is truly exquisite!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Melissa!

  24. anne

    Absolutely stunning…How lucky to have such a fabulous house, and those views :-)

  25. CHERI


  26. Penny

    Do you think your parents will adopt me? I would love to spend weekends in that beautiful home!

  27. rosieswhimsy

    Thanks so much for the tour. It an absolutely fantastic home!! I can see it would be a great home to meet and spend time with all your family. What wonderful memories to make and remember. Everything will be just perfect for the wedding!

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  28. Françoise

    I am in love with your house! Will you be renting it? How about an exchange with my house in France??

  29. cathy nash

    Lovely! And the heated floors-wow!

  30. A-M

    Oh, oh I am catching my breath! It is the most divine place and oh such wonderful memories you are creating. Oh and the light fittings, I am in heaven! A-M xx

  31. Kathleen Grace

    Just beautiful, a wonderful place for your daughters wedding celebration:>)

  32. Kari

    GREAT LANDS…the most gorgeous beach house I’ve ever SEEN…sweet mercy….too bad you’re on the other coast. :D Aw, so glad y’all can have a place to retreat to…wonderful!! Hey, have a fantastic weekend……we’re heading out on vacation on Tues so you know I didn’t drop off the earth. TTYL, friend!! :D

  33. megan duerksen

    this house is so amazing.
    your family will enjoy it for many generations don’t you think?
    that is so cool to think about…your grandkids…their grandkids??

    that wedding is going to ROCK!

  34. Jan & Tom

    Lovely!! Absolutely refreshing!

    I’m an Interior Designer and love to see what others are doing in their little corners of the world…and you’ve outdone yourselves.



    dear melissa,
    what a wonderful house!
    i especially loved the antler chandelier.
    thanks for another great post.

  36. janet

    What a beautiful place for ANY occasion. As hectic as it is now, it will all come together beautifully, I am sure! then you can relax( of course you can, lol) and deal with the “other” stuff.


  37. julia

    absolutely beautiful, what a restful retreat to have in the family.
    I am sure you have gathered many a beautiful memory here. Can’t wait to see the finished product, it’s incredible now even at this stage! Thanks for sharing as always Melissa.

  38. Susan Drysdale

    What a dream come true! This beautiful beach house on the Oregon Coast…what a wonderful place to be!

  39. Debra W

    Hi BFF!

    I just spent some time checking out your beach house, and it is just gorgeous! I LOVE the way that it has come along. I am sure that by the time the wedding day arrives, things will all be perfect. What a great setting for the big day! When we bought our beach house, the old owners told us about the weddings and family events that they had here. Part of the reason they chose us to sell to(We got into a bit of a bidding-war with another family.), was because our family reminded them of what their family used to be like. Making memories is what it’s all about!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful beach home! May you have many more years of family fun within it’s lovely walls! I am glad that you told me to stop by to check it out. Such a treat. Best of luck with your husband’s job interviews! Might CA be one of the places you are considering? How fun would it be to be able to meet for lunch once in a while! I can dream, can’t I? Until then, we will have to settle for our bloggy BFF friendship.

    Hugs and love,

  40. Dawn

    Wow..I just love it…I wish I could spend my weekends there too…

  41. rochambeau

    Can’t read all now. Will be back!


  42. Christi from Charm & Grace

    Well, it’s nice to see how the other half live! Seriously, this place is gorgeous. I love the cozy feeling of having the wood-burning stove for heat. The painted credenza/buffet is gorgeous.. did you have that done or did you buy it like that? Is it hand painted or manufactured like that? This place is truly magnificent and I know you will have many years of enjoyment ahead with your family making tons of memories together there.


  43. laissezfaire

    so gorgeous! I would love to have a getaway like this! xoxox

  44. courtney

    Melissa – I join everyone else in DROOLING. I DREAM of one day owning a beach house…or even part owning one…but that is so far off that for now, I’m living vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing the delicious pics!

  45. Karna

    NICE!!!! A dream house!!!! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog!

  46. rochambeau

    WOW! Looks great! The wedding will be spectacular! Oh my!!
    Your model Cubby is very handsome. The window seat is just the icing on the cake for this Fabulous redo Melissa!!!!
    Congratulations of a job more than well done. Beautifully done!


  47. please sir

    WOOOWW!! What a house – and that jacuzzi – YES!

  48. Lisa & Alfie

    I can’t believe you are finding to blog with everything you have going on! The house is gorgeous and will be the perfect setting for the wedding. You’re smart to keep the decorating minimal as that environment is such beautiful packaging already. Just lovely. I wasn’t aware alder could be so pretty.
    Lisa & Alfie

  49. Lisa & Alfie

    Oops. That is, I can’t believe you are finding TIME to blog.
    Lisa & Alfie

  50. Irene

    With the exception of the iron bed that I do not endorse in principle (too much electromagnetic field) , the rest is just marvelous to my eyes. I wish you and your family health and love to enjoy till your very old age!

  51. Laura

    Lovely home. We were just in that area of Oregon last month. So much fun.
    Thank you for the pics and info of the garage doors. I think I’ll save them in my idea file.
    I have a 1920’s house with original bat door style garage doors. They’re not looking too great. But I refuse to replace them with standard style doors.

  52. Shellie

    Hey Cous…WOW! The house looks different…sorry I won’t get to see it and all of you in person at the Wedding!

  53. JM

    This house is gorgeous. I dream of having a place like this on the water someday. Your dogs add the perfect touch – we have a Westie named Winston too :)

  54. Courtney

    That hot tub looks sooo appealing! What a beautiful view!!



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