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The Beach House:
Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

by | Jun 26, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration

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The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This post is from June 2008

As many of you know, my daughter is getting married in two months (TWO MONTHS? Holy cow.) Five months ago it seemed like a great idea to have the reception at our family’s beach house near Cannon Beach in Oregon. We’ve vacationed there with our kids for the past 13 years, and now it will be better than ever.

The house has been under remodel for nearly a year and a half, but we thought it would be done perhaps in March. Plenty of time for wedding reception decorating, non? That was optimistic. It is nearly the end of June and the house is finally ALMOST done.

The operative word here is ALMOST. The furniture is not in place yet, people. We have about 7 weeks to move in furniture, decorate the house, set up a wedding reception to serve 100 people following a wedding ceremony at a local church. Are we over ambitious? Can we do it? Can we do it with not enough help and no money? Stay tuned. The countdown has begun. You can be afraid for me. I don’t blame you. I know I am crazy.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

Meet Cubby. Even he is afraid things won’t get done, you can tell by the look on his face. He is one of the beach boys (he and Winston). Doesn’t he look smart in his beach scarf?

It wouldn’t be all that impossible, really, if we didn’t have to hold down jobs to pay for this event in the meantime. Or move my daughter’s stuff into her new home. Or decide on things like cupcakes, shoes and flowers. Or create programs for the wedding. Or if my husband wasn’t interviewing for jobs outside of our state that might involve selling our house and moving soon. No biggie. Not much going on around my house. Just everyday chaos. But I’m not panicked. You’re all flying in to rescue me, right? Good. I love you guys.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

Here is the garage, the doors are finally in. These are folding garage doors that open to reveal a garage suitable for guests, partying or a car.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The garage floor is heated so once it is all finished it can double as a guest room or game room.
I love rooms with more than one use.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

Front door with reflection of outhouse in window. The outhouse must go before the wedding.
Either that or we’ll have to decorate it.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The wood walls in the house are hemlock. It will stay light and not change color over time.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is looking down one hallway towards an office on the first level. The paint is Devine Paint, Manzanita. The stone floors are easy care so we can walk in with wet or sandy feet and not do any damage.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The whole office top to bottom is lined with hemlock. The antler chandelier is my dad’s choice in lighting. Manly.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The office has french doors to the hall.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is kind of dark, but you can see the office has a view looking over the deck, hot tub and the ocean. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on working, I’d be daydreaming about that hot tub.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is looking back from the office to the hall. Again, the paint color is Manzanita from Devine Paint.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is the lower level bath, viewed from the hall. Still the same paint color on the walls.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The bathroom vanity was made from the lower half of a china cabinet.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is the curved shower rod. This is the way to go if you like a little more elbow room!

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is an extra deep soaking tub for those late night bubble baths.
The hand held shower is mounted on the wall.
I like hand held showers for cleaning tubs and washing kids hair.
No more water in their eyes!

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

This is the laundry room, the cupboard is the top of a hutch found at a consignment shop, cut off from the lower cabinet now in the bathroom. We’ll fill it with cute containers and things so it will look nice through the glass doors! It has lights inside for ambience.
Will we have enough time to fluff this space before the wedding? Good thing I work best under pressure.
The wall paint color is Manzanita from Devine Paint.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

The door goes outside to the covered porch and barbecue on the side of the house.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

Coat rack and bench in laundry area.

The Beach House: <br>Wedding Countdown & Utter Insanity

A close up of the laundry sink.

I forgot to take new photos of the two bedrooms on the first floor, but they hadn’t changed much. Next time I go I’ll take photo updates for you. You can see one of them by looking at my last beach house update here.

Come back on FRIDAY if you can, I will finish the beach house remodeling tour (CLICK HERE FOR PART TWO) and take ya’all UPSTAIRS to the main level! I’ll show you our giant new window seat, one of my favorite things (next to the hot tub, that is)!


  1. Lisa

    The house is GORGEOUS!! So tranquil and I love all the wood. Personally, I think you should just decorate the outhouse – you might need an extra bathroom with all the wedding guests!

    It will be extremely stressful, but everything will turn out wonderfully and will be worth it in the end. I’ll say a little prayer for some peace and calm for you.

    By the way, since you’re always saying how you have all this time and nothing to do (ha,ha,ha!), I tagged you for a meme on my blog. I didn’t really expect you to play, but wanted you to know.

    I will link up a very small, plain concealment idea on Monday. Looking forward to seeing more of the house. I love the Oregon coast – so pretty.

  2. Rachael

    Fabulous house, I would fly over and help if I could!!! Now, I have have seen a photo of the state of your house the day before a function, wild animals in the hallway etc and I have seen how you pulled it off. It will come together nicely you’ll see. Cubby looks helpful???? Bye……………Rachaelxo

  3. mary

    a wish for a good summer’s day with 40 degrees! In Italy it’s too hot, I hope that you have fresher!
    Mary a hug

  4. Teresa

    The beach house is just beautiful. I love the wall color…very calming. I’m sure you’ll be able to pull everything off, but WOW, you’ve got lots going on in your life!

  5. Judy

    The beach house is gorgeous even “undressed” and in it’s “before” stage. It will be fabulous for the wedding and you’ll do just fine.

    My mom (88 years old!) e-mails a cousin in Oregon. This cousin’s dad is 101 years old. I’ll share with you sometime how we got relatives from North Carolina to Oregon….very interesting!

    Love the creative concealment idea. Can’t wait to see what everyone posts…..


  6. Neutral Dwelling

    Wow— to both the beach house and all of your goings on. I’m sure everything will turn out fine!

  7. molly

    Love the house and the beach! so I would love where you are.Thanks for the tour.

  8. Ann Marie

    oh yes, your plate is full (over flowing) but how wonderful all of the good and positive things happening for you and your family. you’ll get it all done and with grace too! the beach house looks fabulous.

  9. Jen

    Absolutely gorgeous! Every detail is perfect! I love the sinks, flooring, wall color, wood, arches in the hallway, coat hooks… it’s all amazing!

  10. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Ah yes, the wedding stress. I remember 10 years ago, single mom, full time job, going to school part time, and to top it off making by myself all the centerpieces, the 2 flower girl dresses, the pew bows….on and on….insanity.

    The good news is that the day occured even though a few things didn’t get finished and while the wedding was memorable, the marriage is still wonderfully going strong. :)

    Love how you TOTALLY used the hutch. Great idea.

  11. MaryBeth

    It might be better not to finish all the decorating, more room for all the guest.
    The house is beautiful, you are very lucky.
    I love the garage doors I have never seen them before could you tell me the manufacturer?

  12. Jan

    That is pure heaven. I love the warmth and the inviting feeling.

  13. Chris

    I can’t get over all the wood work in the house. I just love it! The hemlock? Stunning! I need to see more! More, I tell you!

  14. Deanna

    Beautiful! What a wonderful place to get away, and to hold a wedding reception! It will be so special – I can’t wait to see what you do to decorate, and pictures of the big day. What a precious time this is for your family.

  15. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    It looks completely charming and I have every confidence in your ability to pull it all together in plenty of time. We’ll all be your cheerleaders.

    That wood is lovely and so familiar looking…hemlock, eh?

    The most shocking thing in this post is the possibility of moving again out of state. Oh my! Now THAT does sound challenging.

  16. Lorrie

    What a lovely beach home – so very pretty. You’ve got a lot on your plate right now – take it one day at a time.

    Maybe you’ll have to use some “creative concealment” techniques for the wedding! It will be beautiful whatever happens. And memorable.

    The possibility of moving is a huge stress. I know from experience. We just decided last week to not pursue a new job offer – after moving 19 times in 30 years, that’s enough. We’ve been 6 years in this house and that’s the longest ever!

    Breathe, pray, relax.


  17. Teresa

    Holy Cow…I love your beach house! I say leave it empty it looks fabulous as is….maybe some pub tables here and there…..but then again I have a feeling that you are a little like me…. I would have to have it finished….I’m sure it will be lovely no matter what….it’s at the beach!
    And it does seem like your plate is full—-all good stuff though….right? Blessings sent your way.
    Love the beach house.

  18. Holly

    WOW, that house is absolutely gorgeous!!!! :) And the trip to Bora Bora???? OMG!! That was one of the “tropical” vacations that I was so close to posting, but Venice won out haha!!!! So I am glad I got to vacation with you there instead!!!! Thanks for joining us, Melissa!! xoox

  19. Lisa & Alfie

    Ummmm……Melissa? Could Alfie and I come for a visit? No really. We wouldn’t take up much room (we could sleep in that office with the view) and I could double as wait staff at the wedding. Alfie could usher with Cubby and Winston.
    Holy Cow do you have a lot on your plate! And you will handle it with the grace and style we have all come to know and love. Seriously though, I wish I did live closer to lend a hand as it is a monumental task ahead of you and yours. And just look at what you have accomplished with that beautiful house. Love the choice of color and textiles. Looking forward to your next post.
    Lisa & Alfie

  20. Irene

    Wishing you happiness and many blessings as you celebrate life’s milestones in your beautiful house!

  21. Elizabeth

    I. Am. Drooling. Seriously, I’m going to get a cup and look at these pictures again.

  22. anne

    The house is gorgeous. Where are you moving too???? So you have a wedding, a house sale, a move????? I would be completely stressed by now…Hope the house gets finished in time and that your daughter has a lovely wedding day :-)

  23. CC

    Oh my gosh, Melissa. You sweet thing do you have enough going on in your life right now!!! WOW!!!

    Okay, if your hubby get another job sell your present home and move into the beach house. Oh my gosh, it’s DIVINE!!! It will be such a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding reception. It WILL be done!!! Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your beautiful abode with us.

    BTW…I’ll shoot a prayer your way that you stay sane over the next few weeks. :)

  24. Melissa

    Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your encouragement and well wishes. We are trying to be as laid back as possible about the wedding and reception. The setting is so lovely that the actually wedding reception decorations will really be minimal. It will be simple, but pretty (I hope!). Honestly I am not even sure what the decor will be, likely just regular stuff we will use around the house. Some starfish, flowers, and candles and we’ll call it good.

    We are not moving for sure, just open to the possibility of what might be the right opportunity. The idea adds to the craziness of our life, but why not? Life is an adventure and we’ve been here in Portland forever. It would shake things up a bit. Yes, we have moved houses far too many times. That I would not like to repeat. But, then again, this house is huge and I would be thrilled to have a small spot again if the move becomes a necessity.

    I’ll look up the manufacturer name of the garage doors and post the name tomorrow. Ta ta for now!


  25. Dianne

    Does this mean you may be moving around the same time as the wedding? Holy cow! Only you could pull that off. Didn’t you just do a kitchen remodel in your house? Oh my! I will certainly be remembering all of you in my prayers. BTW, love this blog!!!!!!!!!

  26. Barb

    It’ll all be great! You’ve got a gorgeous house with a gorgeous view. There’ll be a beautiful bride.

    Pick either “Simple yet Elegant” or “Casual and Friendly” as your mantra and go from there.

    Twinkly lights and tulle for decorations. Buffet dinner…. And a calm, serene mother of the bride!

  27. Alice

    OMG …the house looks stunning (even though you say you aren’t done). I’m so jealous of your laundry room…it’s gorgeous! Everything will come together for the wedding …don’t distress! You just know that in the end everything will turn out beautifully …even though you are in a bit of a panic right now. PS ….I love, love, love the new puppy!

  28. Beverly

    I’ll be right over. I’ve always wanted to go to Oregon. I really do wish I could help you, but I know everything is going to be just wonderful.

    You can do it, yes you can.

  29. heididevlin

    Hello, Your beach house is simply amazing! The design & materials look like they were chosen by Martha Stewart! The photos remind me of her taste & sensibility!….Lovely….Thank you for mentioning our “vacation day”! We appreciate it!…heidi :)

  30. Nikki

    We have a beach house in Tolovana behind the Stephanie Inn. I can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding! I’ve been collecting ideas for my sister-in-laws wedding as she wants to be married in Cannon Beach! I’m crossing my fingers she will have seafoam and coconut haystacks from Bruce’s Candy Kitchen for wedding favors! Good luck, it will all come together!

  31. Wonders Never Cease

    I am in love with your garage doors.
    May I marry them please!

    Good luck to you with all the exciting events coming up! I know it will be beautiful!

  32. Liberty Post Editor

    You must be so pleased with this beach house. It is divine dawling. Just divine. Who cares if it’s not complete!

  33. The Nester

    can i just die now because I have seen the most heavenly, user friendly, simply lovely family vacation home in existence.

    As PW would say, amen.

  34. Tara

    You really do not need to do much else–this house has good bones. That’s all you need; it’s gorgeous with no furniture!


  35. kara

    How funny you post about all this. I was just going to ask how you were holding up as I knew your daughter was getting married in August. Wow! You are busy and you know what somehow everything gets done and no one will know what isn’t finished. I wish I was close, I would help out in exchange for a piece of butter cream frosted cake, I mean slice after the wedding was over and we could drink strong coffee while you reminisce.

    Wishing you all the best & REALLY interviewing out-of-state for a job. You’re serious, right???? I will pray for Mary Poppins to show up quick!!


  36. Shelia

    Thank you so much for the welcome to Blogland! Oh my, your home is beautiful and the sweet little fuzzy face is a doll!
    Shelia ;)

  37. Emily

    So beautiful!!! It’s more done than our second cottage. No garage door on ours yet :) Maybe I’ll do a post on it this week before the furniture gets moved in this weekend. You’ll get it all done and it will be fabulous because, well, you are fabulous. And good luck on the job and possible move stuff!!!

  38. Polly

    Ok so I’ve decided that swapping homes for the purpose of vacationing is definitely some thing that us bloggers could do! Just imagine, kindred spirits from across the pond or across the country. Wouldn’t that be a ball?! Can I have first dibs with you (after the wedding, of course)? =) Blessings… polly

  39. pam

    Good luck I know it will all turn out. Love the wooden door and all the wood work you have done, fun bathroom. Looks great.

  40. Mari-Nanci

    You have come a long way!!! It will be just wonderful….

    Oh I can imagine hearing the ocean below. Oh sighhhhh…

    ‘Smilnsigh’ blog

  41. Trina

    Wow what a beautiful house!!!!! And on the ocean! Well I know you must be so busy getting the house ready let alone planning a wedding. Hopefully you can get some good rest and relaxation at your beach house after the wedding!
    Trina xx

  42. Penny

    Your beachhouse is just beautiful! I know you will be able to get it all done. You have more energy than anyone I know!

    I have been on a mini vacation the last few days and just catching up. I enjoyed seeing your creative concealment on your office…

  43. Heather

    Get out! Your beach house is so great!!! And I can’t even believe that your daughter is getting married. What a blessing, but I’m feeling your pain, too. It sounds like it will be a gorgeous wedding, and everything will come together.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I will link up on Monday, and I’ll see if I have any other hiding “treasures” to share with you. Great idea!

    Have a great weekend,


  44. cecilia

    Your beach house looks great! And the trip to Bora Bora, what can I say, I want to make that trip!! Lovely! Hope the houses is finished in time for the weeding!


  45. Annechovie

    The house is looking great, Melissa! I know it must be harrowing, trying to finish everything. I know it will all come out beautifully and I will keep you in my prayers!

  46. Manuela

    The house is looking fabulous (love those garage doors what a cool idea!). I’m sure it’ll all work out. Good luck with your husbands job interviews! Personally I like moving (my husband hates it). I like being able to start over!



  47. catherine

    I know how you feel. I have to admit that I was really exhausted after our daughter’s wedding. I tried to do everything myself and sometimes that’s a mistake because you really need to enjoy the wedding. It’s a very emotional time when one of your children leaves the nest.

    The beach house is wonderful! What a lovely place for a wedding! Can’t wait to see wedding pictures.

  48. melissa lewis - off the wall

    Melissa, so glad to be back and online. I LOVE the house, looks great. So well put together, you definitely know your stuff!!!!!

    My favorite is the hutch above the washer and dryer. I so am going to have to do that someday!!!!

    Praying you are able to get everything the way you need it for the reception. Don’t worry, it will all come together the way it is supposed to.

  49. aswewalk

    Up til now I’ve had zilch desire to get up to Oregon. The North Carolina coast has been my sweetie. But after seeing your home, the view, the “feel” of the northwest coast, I think I could stand it there for a few weeks…lol.

  50. Jeanne

    Gorgeous!! After visiting OR for the first time in the late 90’s Cannon Beach made my top 10 list of favorite places in the US!!!! Love it there!! Been back a few times. How lovely to live there.

    Hmmm, it’s Sept. … So, how did the wedding reception go??? The house? The job? Did it happen yet? Are you still in recovery? :-)

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass last blog post..Kids Wall Art

  51. Remodeling Guy

    Wow! What a place! I love the Oregon Coast SO much! If we left FL, that is where we’d go.

    I love the blue cabinet color… a lot! Thanks for putting this in the round-up!


  52. aruba beach wedding

    this will be so nice to have the reception at this house. i would love to have a house like this. congrats on the wedding.

  53. Fabien

    The Beach house is beautiful this would be a dream location to have a reception. I love the wood work throughout the beach house,
    .-= [email protected] Aruba vacation´s last blog ..Things to do – Palm Beach =-.

  54. Mariko

    Looks wonderful!

    Could you tell me who makes your “extra deep soaking”? I am looking for very deep but not too long bath tub. Yours looks deep enough but relatively short, this is exactly what I want. please let me know where you found.

    Thank you,

  55. Leni Hazlett

    Beautiful house! Could you share where you found the folding garage doors? I’ve been looking for some like this. Thanks,



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