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The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

by | Feb 26, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration

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The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

As promised, here are the latest photos showing the progress on the beach house! As you can see, it is not done yet (it’s been under remodel for over a year now!). Darn, I need a vacation! But things are coming along. The house is just outside of Cannon Beach in Arch Cape on the Oregon Coast. This has been our family’s (my parents, sister’s family and ours) vacation home for around 12 years. It started out as a 1970’s style box completely void of character, but some remodeling was done back when we first got the house. Now it is basically a whole new place from the wiring on out.


The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The right side of the house has a whole new wing with a new bedroom, sunroom, bedroom and a heated garage (for parties and ping pong!).


The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The porch was added 12 years ago, but the front door and lights are new.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Part of this deck is new, including the hot tub overlooking the ocean! Can’t wait for that!

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Above you can see the front door. This hall on the first level leads to three of the bedrooms, a bathroom and the laundry room.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

As you turn to the right upon entering, you can go up the stairs to the main living areas. Through the archway is a bedroom/office and garage.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

This is the laundry room with an outside entrance to the porch.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

This (above and below) is our bedroom with alcoves for our girls to sleep in behind those partial walls. Our family has grown so much since we bought the house we needed to remodel to accommodate everyone! There is also a bunk room next to this room for my son and my nephew and another bedroom for my sister and her husband and little girl. We can walk out of our room to the deck with the hot tub.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Our room will have a Murphy bed on that long wall on the right, so we can put the bed up for more floor space when the whole crew is vacationing together.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel


Now we are on the upper/main floor. Chaos! It is a large open space for living with the kitchen in one corner. The photo is taken from the new sunroom which will have built in bookcases and a window seat.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Above you can kind of make out where the kitchen is. The kitchen was already there and had been remodeled previously.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Above and below you can see the views out the windows from the living room on the main/upper level.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel


The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Above and below are closets and my parent’s bedroom. They will now be living at the house most of the time since they have sold their other home. Lucky them!

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Above is one of the bathrooms on the main floor.

The Beach House: The Endless Remodel

Lastly, you can see the hot tub from up above!

Next time, hopefully we will have some completed rooms to show!


  1. Ruth Welter

    Finished or not…looks beautiful Melissa.

  2. Debra W

    Melissa, my BFF,

    I am just beginning to catch up with all of my blogging friends, so seeing your beautiful beach home is such a treat! You and I have so much in common, as my husband and I have been looking into a beach property for the past year or so! The ocean truly soothes my soul. Your house is amazing, and I cannot wait to see it as it progresses. Properties here in So Cal are outrageously priced so we will probably have to settle for a small condo, but that is just fine with me. Thank you for sharing your LOVELY space. It’s wonderful.

    I wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate all of your kind words and supportive notes. Things are very complicated right now, and knowing that you are out there praying for my family really does help. You are such a genuine individual and I adore you.

    I am going to spend some time reading my favorite blogs. I will definitely make myself a pot of tea before I sit down to enjoy yours. You are that kind of friend.

    Big hugs and lots of love,

  3. rosieswhimsy

    OMGosh Melissa…..what a spectacular place to live and/or vacation! I’d be constantly peeking through those evergreens to the ocean. :-) Rosie

  4. melissa lewis

    I was just looking at all my feeds to see if you had anything, how excited I was to see this.

    The house is great! You must be so excited about this. I love all of the wood used for the walls and ceilings. Are you painting this or staining for a natural look, just curious. The layout of the house is amazing. You must keep us updated as this grows more into your beautiful beach home.

    Can I come for a visit?:)

  5. Tricia

    Lovely just lovely. Tricia

  6. Kathleen Grace

    Wow! What a lovely place to get together for family fun:>)

  7. Linda

    Absolutely beautiful house!!!

  8. Esther Sunday

    Oh, Melissa – I was looking forward to seeing this home! Growing up on the ocean has made it an extremely important part of my life! From the mountains in North Idaho, I literally crave the ocean after about six months from my last visit to my parents, who still live in my childhood home! This home and setting is fantastic!!!! I bet watching the ocean from those windows during a storm is a treat! What a wonderful place to spend time with your family, and at such a beautiful part of the Oregon coast! Who is doing the work? Are you all doing it?
    Sorry I am late “checking in” and didn’t get to add to your post below. Other than being sick, I am glad you got so much out of your “unplugged” time. I also really need time away from the computer. I enjoy the quiet that overtakes me, leaving me time to nest, create and read. I also have to work very hard on not letting the computer overtake my life. I find what works for me at this time is posting on my own blog just once a week. Once I decided to do that, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders. I actually find that I use my creativity in planning my next post, thus tapping into my creative side on a different level! Also, it gives me more precious computer time to get around and visit everyone, which is so important to me. I try to do that during the week and then take the weekend off as well. I come back refreshed and ready to really obsorb what my blogging friends are attempting to put across. I think we need to not pressure ourselves with the computer stuff. We need to remember why we are blogging in the first place – to reach out to other creative friends. We can’t lose our own creative time in the process! Although I would love to read each and every blogging friend’s posts, I know realistically that I can’t, and don’t expect others to do so as well with mine. I think we ladies all know that each of us are “multi-taskers” and are supportive of other’s efforts as a result! Love ya! Esther

  9. Ann

    Wow – what a project! It looks like a fantasy I have always had of a beach house for one big happy family! Enjoy!!

  10. Tara


    Truly, why would you ever want to go home?? I’d say to my hubby, atke the ids back I’ll be here and see you next weekend! What a lovely view from the windows…here in New york all beach houses are on sand and all is so flat…gorgeous rolling hills you have! Ah, call me green with envy (but happy for you!!)

  11. Judy

    How special is that? What a gorgeous view! Wishing you lots of good times in your newly re-modeled beach house.

  12. Natasha Burns

    Oh good heavens Melissa! I don’t know what I love more, the incredible house, the wonderful size of the rooms, the hot tub, or the amazing view!!!!! I bet you will be so happy when it is all done and you can enjoy every minute of it!

  13. Neutral Dwelling

    What a great beach house!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  14. Sue

    What a gorgeous spot to spend time with your extended family. Can’t wait to see more pictures of the finished product.

  15. Becky K.

    You are so right, “lucky them”. It is beautiful. That view is amazing.

    Hope you get to enjoy it often.

    Becky K.

  16. Annechovie

    The place looks very charming and what a gorgeous view, Melissa! Can’t wait to see it furnished!

  17. Renee

    Wow, thanks for sharing. It may seem so frustrating to work on a home renovation such as this one, but your fruits will be many once it’s all behind you. Enjoy the journey and always remember the wonderful waters that await your visits. (smile)

  18. Rachel Going

    So beautiful. I’m happy your family has a place like that to vacation. xo Rachel

  19. Katrina

    What great views! That back deck must be amazing on warm summer nights. Lucky you!

  20. Catherine

    What a wonderful getaway and the view is incredible!

  21. Tamara

    wow. Wow. WOW! The colors & the slate and wood, the “bones” are just lovely. But then the view? I gasped. As lovely as the beach house is, God’s handiwork has it beat! I’m ashamed to say I covet your beach house! Enjoy your family time there!

  22. rochambeau

    Your house is stunning! It fits in with the nature around it too.. Thanks for sharing it now. I adore before and afters!

    Melissa, thank you for telling me about Alexandra Stoddard. I bought one of her books. Her thoughts about the art of design is applicable to many types of design and is very inspirational to me. Yesterday I realized that she is writer in residence at Victoria Magazine!
    Hope you are well!

  23. Joni Webb

    Melissa, Melissa, Melissa – I’m in love!! It looks so wonderful – so romantic !! I can’t wait to see the finished project. On the front porch – is that a barn door on the right? I love your bedroom – with the alcove! And the murphy bed, what a great idea! And the view, wow. You are so lucky and so is your family. We had a beach house for about 20 years and my parents sold it! We still go every summer and rent one, but it’s not the same as having your own place!

    Can’t wait for the next round of pictures!

  24. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    What exquisite views you have from your beautiful beach home! It must be such a joy to be there all together having fun. Thank you for sharing all the progress.

    Those walls look mighty familiar! :D

  25. Flea market Queen

    Oh Melissa…Love the view! Your house is absolutely beautiful…wow!

  26. Janet

    This looks like the perfect inspiration location. With an ocean view like this, one could spend hours writing. We have been to the Oregon coast before and it is my favorite area. Melissa, the house is spectacular now but when you finish decorating, it will be a dream home. Congratulations on having a place like this!

  27. JO

    Melissa Melissa Melissa… Wow…. absolutely gorgeous surroundings !! The house is beautiful “as is” so I can just imagine when its finished…. what a great place for down time… reading… creating… it wont be hard to unwind there…. with so much to see and those views I can’t imagine spending one day on a computer … no way!!

    Looking forward to seeing the finished project… I am sure it will be stunning…. Is that Cedar the house is lined with? If not what type of wood?? Gorgeous….

    And I second every word of what Esther Sunday says!!



  28. Alice

    I think the view alone would be enough for me not to even think about the redo! It’s stunning! Are you excepting room reservations yet…or do I need to wait for the finished project. Oh, I know…you could book room reservations and your visitors could help with the renovation? Well, I’m trying here!

    This is a spectacular home….I would either be in front of the window or on the deck each and every day!

  29. Lynda

    Just taking a look at that view must make it all worthwhile. It’s going to look fabulous ~ a perfect spot to relax and unwind. ~ Lynda xo

  30. Rhoda

    Oh, how blessed you & your family are to have a place like that. And those views…WOW!! Lucky parents to get to live there fulltime too and your families get to visit such a wonderful place. The remodel looks perfect for a beachhouse. Can’t wait to see more!


  31. this is glamorous

    Hello Melissa!

    Your beach house is fantastic! And what a view! Very much looking forward to seeing more photos of the progression. And what better way to spend your disconnection moments than in the hot tub overlooking the water?

    Hope you’re having a great week,

  32. mary

    senza parole!!!!
    è troppo bella!!
    baci mary

  33. julia

    aaah truly a slice of heaven to have a family beach house. Your Mom and Dad will create many wonderful memories for themselves and your family. Can’t wait to see the grand finale!
    There is just something about that ocean air…
    Thank you for a lovely, restful post Melissa.
    xo julia

  34. snhamlett

    Gosh Melissa, what a beautiful home, even though it is a work-in-progress. The view is amazingly gorgeous!

    If you get a second, please stop by my site today to take a peek at the newest “In the Trenches” feature interview. The amateur designer is a wonderful lady named Aja who doesn’t have a blog… but has AMAZING instincts and should be a professional.

    xo Shauntelle

  35. Pat

    Thanks so much for posting these Melissa. I’m late getting around here to see this. The house will be fabulous when you’s gorgeous now! That view is breathtaking!

    I’m having an anniversary giveaway at the back porch. One of Mary Carol’s books.


  36. Sher's Creative Expressions

    What an absolutely beautiful beach house with an absolutely stunning view. You and your family are blessed!! Enjoy!!



  37. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, what a gorgeous beach house and view, your parents will love tiving there! All good things take time and your beautiful retreat is a perfect example of that! Love the hot tub! And is that a bowl of water we see for Winston on the decK! lol Jenn and Jacqui xo

  38. megan duerksen

    oh my this is amazing.
    can i be your sister and not just your BFF?
    that house and ocean view and all teh family bonding and memories you have is priceless.
    that is like a dream home.

  39. ellie

    Wow Melissa…what a beautiful vacation home…your family is so lucky to be able to wake up with that view…how heavenly….Didn’t you say blogger friends are welcome to come visit you anytime?

  40. Mockingbird Hill

    This is absolutely magnificent…really!! How lucky you are to be oceanside. We travel to Alaska and always try to stay along the coast and these pictures remind me of our trips there.. **sigh**

    Thanks for sharing these..can’t wait to see the finished details!


  41. accessoryalamode

    Wow! Melissa, Congrats!! Those are incredible views! It wouldn’t matter what the inside looked like at all to have those views, but the inside is looking very pretty too!! :O) Enjoy and enjoy some more!!!! Blessings, Debbie

  42. Elizabeth

    Wow. Ok, I’m jealous. How wonderful for you!

  43. Terri

    Heaven Melissa! Cannon Beach was my favorite place on our Oregon trip so the fact that you guys have a beach house near there thrills me! That is one beautiful part of the Pacific Coast!

    The house is beautiful, but who would notice with that ocean storming away outside!! You are one lucky so and so, but I am not one bit jealous. You deserve lovely places for all your wonderfulness. Hope you guys get out there lots this summer. Do you go there all winter too? I know it is stormy there in winter but that is heavenly also. Love storm season…


  44. Carrie Oak Rise Cottage

    Great house!

  45. Irene

    I wish you lots of fun and blessed family times. The house is warm and inviting and the view is breathtaking. Bless your parents for purchasing it.

  46. Paris Parfait

    What an absolutely stunning view! How lucky you all are.

  47. Lynn

    I only have one thing to say about that! “I am so jealous.” :)

  48. Dawn-Hydrangea Home

    Melissa – that house and view are gorgeous! I’m sure it will be worth the wait. My husband and I love Oregon and considered moving there at one time but it was just too far from NY. All of our family are here. We did go there on our honeymoon! We stayed on Mt. Hood for a week (we wanted to summer ski) and then on the coast for a week. I wish I remembered exactly where. Cannon Beach sounds so familiar to me. While we were there, we did drive along the coast to see Haystack Rock. We also spent a few days in Portland. You live in a beautiful state!

  49. Anne

    That house is great, right on the coast, and plenty of room for all the brilliant is that!!!

  50. Claudia

    Wow, Melissa, what a great vacation retreat! We really miss the beach and the sound of the ocean. I bet you can’t wait until the work is complete and you can go visit.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  51. Design for Mankind

    SHUT UP. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP! Ok I’m getting a bit green with envy over here— and I even LIVE on the ocean. Something about seeing it through a wooded cabin-like spot makes it all the better— I can just hear the waves crashing below! And how beautiful would this be in the wintertime with a nice fire going?

    Gracious, I’m coveting. Must. Stop. Now.

    Call me if you ever need a visitor— I’ll bring the cookies! :)

  52. Aimee

    That view is absolutely breathtaking!! And the house is gorgeous! Looks like a great house for kids and adults to play in!

  53. maryam in marrakesh

    Oh my goodness….to be on that deck… sublime…. Would love to hear your decorating plans for the deck, Melissa:)

  54. the feathered nest

    That view! Oh to sit in the hot tub and enjoy that view! It’s looking beautiful already – what a project!


  55. Firefly Hill

    So beautiful! Cant wait to see the finished rooms!


  56. mary

    Oh my goodness, Melissa, lucky you! That is such a terrific spot to vacation. It already looks wonderful, and I hope you continue to show us pictures as it progresses.

  57. Jennifer

    Melissa – This is truly one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. And, WOW, what a view!! You must just love hearing those waves!!!

  58. KJ

    This beach house is divine! What an escape! And, the kitchen photos are so bright and breezy! What cheerful places to gather!


  59. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    WOW!!!!!!!! What a place! It is beautiful and the perfect home to have at the beach. Ok, I have a designer question for you, two infact……What color of blue is on the walls of your bedroom and what kind of hardwood floors are those, color, too.

    This is going to be a perfect place to retreat to!


  60. Melissa

    Absolutely STUNNING!!! What a blessing that must be for your WHOLE family to have a place to retreat from life and focus on each other a bit.

    We have vacation property all over the world, but we always end up visiting our beach properties the most…there is just something amazing about watching God’s creation in full glory!

    Can’t wait to see it when it is finished…
    Melissa ;)

  61. laissezfaire

    wow….breathtaking view! Looks like the perfect place to unwind.

  62. nearwater

    This is a grand and beautiful setting with a lovely home.

    What grabbed me — the color of the laundry [email protected]#[email protected]!!

    Seriously, it is the perfect color for a project in progress. Do you happpen to have details?

    Many blessings as you enjoy this piece of paradise.

  63. Kim

    Wow! One word~ Beautiful! I want to get up early, sit on that deck and drink my morning coffee.

    What a great retreat!

  64. becky

    I am green with envy! Cannon Beach is the most sublime place I have ever visited, and your home is gorgeous, remodeled or not!

  65. Edna Johnson

    I love your home and especially can feel the ocean breeze while looking through the windows to the ocean. Being a beach person myself, I just love the fact that you took advantage of this important feature. My question is this, where did you purchase the lighting that you have on display. I’m in the market and so far haven’t found anything that knocks my socks off, but I definitely like your choices.



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