Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

Dreamy Seaside Cottage Living

I thought you all might enjoy a peek at this Seaside Sanctuary from the June 2008 issue of Architectural Digest! The setting, the simplicity, the cottage gardens…I could get used to that!

I’m always attracted to homes that evoke a certain lifestyle. Whether it is a fairytale princess in a castle kind of house, a lazy summer beach cottage or a rambling historic family home, to me it is all about the ambience and lifestyle the home exudes. I can flip flop all over the place trying to decide what life I would like the best!

But in the summer, seaside cottages are at the top of my dream list! In my mind, seaside cottage living means life is simple, time stands still, the air is fresh and salty, the barbecue is fired up, the sun is shining and it is all about family. I know, I’m a dreamer through and through.

Even if you can’t buy a charming beach cottage in Martha’s Vineyard, I believe you can create a seaside lifestyle wherever you are. That is what I love about dreaming. It gives you inspiration and ideas to bring back to reality. You imagine a life you want and you make it happen with what you have. You get creative. It isn’t always about buying perfection, it is about LIVING the way you really want to, wherever you are. You can create a seaside cottage in the most humble of houses in any neighborhood.

I dare you to dream.

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Photos Featured in Architectural Digest online
Photo: Richard Mandelkorn
Architect: Joseph W. Dick


  1. I’m dreaming…thats all I can do..Love the picture with the bed, sunflower and the views!!

  2. I love all the pictures especially the last one a dream home.
    I look forward for your drive bys.
    After publishing the post what should I do,email it or just a comment here is enough.

  3. Vee~A Haven for Vee says

    Love it! Right up my alley on all levels. Thanks, Melissa!

  4. Seaside cottages are my dream – year-round. I’m so with ya, Melissa! Hey, stop by Nesting instincts if you’d like to enter my giveaway. :-)

  5. Susan Drysdale says

    This is my dream you are writing about. Currently I’m inland but I am planning to move to the sea shore. So now I’m putting some of my seaside decor on display until I get my beach house.

  6. the Farmer's Wife says

    I love that farmhouse sink and the photo that pictures the uncovered windows (no draperies). That shingle style is lovely but certainly wouldn’t fly in most parts of the country due to insect problems.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

  7. Oh my gosh, those are so gorgeous. I just posted something about my dream gardens and the ones featured here take the cake. Beautiful!!

  8. You said it sister. Building castles in the sky. My Mother taught me to dream when I was a child and my Father had cancer. She told me to imagine all the wonderful things I loved and dream about them. Now at 32 I am still doing that. When time gets tough I pull out my magazines and start dream up ways to decorate my next house even though we are not planning to buy another house. It gets me through the tough patches over and over again. It is great therapy. Love your post, I don’t have to buy as many magazines because of it.

  9. thepoetisking says

    Oh I so dream of having a sink like that! One day…

  10. What a wonderful dream….Those pictures are just perfect. I could see myself there, this week. Next week it would be a farmhouse in New England. Next month a cottage in the middle of a vineyard in Sonoma…Then a loft in any big city…and on and on…

  11. I agree with all that you say about creating a dream lifestyle with what you have… I find these and all of your pictures so inspiring! Thanks a lot! I´ll be waiting for your drivebys: love them!

  12. Oh to Dream…I can almost feel the gently breeze on my face-
    What is it they say?….If you can dream it you can be it-
    Great way to start my week- thanks for sharing.

  13. Just lovely. Those curtains wafting in the breeze makes me want a nap. So beautiful and restful.

  14. I could do with a couple of weeks in that first cottage by the sea. I’d take along a pile of books, a bigger pile of magazines, some thread and crafty stuff, good food, and leave my list of things-to-do behind!
    However, I love what you say about creating our own getaway right where we’re at. It’s all about living in the moment and making the moments what we can.
    I’ll get right to it as soon as I tick a few things off my list!

    Great post.

  15. Soooo pretty! It just looks so relaxing and calm. Thanks for posting such lovely pics!

  16. Gorgeous photos! You know, I’ve been thinking about summer houses, and cottages and such as David and I would love to have one some day. And I realized you can have this small, simple little place as long as it’s laid out efficiently so it doesn’t have to be huge, as long as it’s in an amazing location. I love these little nests perched on their hillsides, with their astounding views, with great landscapes all around. I would live in a shoebox if I had “perfect” outside my window!

    I have lots of catching up to do on your site. WIll be back! xxo and hope you are well. Terri xoox

  17. melissa lewis - off the wall says

    Oh Melissa, these are just GORGEOUS!

  18. We just want to sit right down on the back porch and take it all in!! And that glass house below……WOW! How fun would that be????

    Karla & Karrie

  19. Hi Melissa!

    Gorgeous pictures! I am so blessed to be sitting in my dream cottage, right now. The Pacific ocean is rolling in the background, and the breeze smells so wonderful.


  20. The simplicity and peace of this lifestyle is what attracts me!

  21. I agree with you 100%! When I’m in my apartment I feel like I’m in a cottage by the beach. You have to do the best with what you have and create your own happiness every day! It’s all in how you look at things! I could be angry and miserable that I don’t have the home of my dreams or I can try to create that home with what I do have and find my happiness.

    Great post!!!

  22. melissa lewis - off the wall says

    I love this look. The bedroom with the windows open and the white curtains blowing in the window looks so peaceful. I would love to be lounging in there right about now:)

  23. Oh my. I think this is what heaven must look like!

  24. Oh yeah! When they say ‘Find a happy place’ well… the beach is mine! Lots of fond memories!
    Hey..you can’t go wrong with the beach look in my dreams..it’s fresh and laid back and comforting! Looove the pics!
    Have a wonderful week dear!

  25. Every Summer my dreams turn seaside. Or at least cottage-ish. In July we go up to Door County and there’s so many lovely cottage there along Lake Michigan. Of course, we don’t have one but, like you said, dreaming… Blessings, Polly

  26. Hi Melissa…I would love to live by the sea…this looks like the perfect place. When do I move in?

  27. i’m dying here! and i live in a pretty spectacular state. oh, the dreams thes photos allow!! thank you melissa!

  28. Looks like it would fit in on the coast of Rhode Island – especially narragansett.

  29. Christi from Charm & Grace says

    These are gorgeous, of course what else would we expect from AD? I am loving the drive-by’s … didn’t participate this time because I wasn’t sure that anything I would drive by would be worth taking a picture of. Just kidding… I really want to do it, but am involved in another blog challenge right now (Sara from Sadie Olive is hosting an “I Saw Red” photo challenge.) I plan to try the drive-by thing soon, though, as it seems so adventurous!!

    :) Love and hugs

  30. This is so beautiful! We have a piece of land on the coast that we’re going to “someday” build a house on. I think I might have to go buy AD to keep as inspiration! I love that farmhouse sink too!

    I finally got my drive by posted. I kind of cheated and used some pictures from a past vacation. Hope that’s okay.

  31. That would be very dreamy and looks so relaxing.

  32. WOW – just got back from the beach and this makes me miss it more! Thanks for your comment on the Living post – so many hats, but they all sound great. Good luck!

  33. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    I dream of sweet little cottages, hence my bloggy name. This little dreamboat is delectable from the inviting porch to the kitchen sink to cozy up to to make a simple seaside dinner or arrange a bouquet of fresh picked flowers. Simply devine. Delicious. Breathtaking. Dreamy……….


  34. I could live there easily! So comfy.

  35. les reveurs yeux says

    This looks almost exactly like a friend’s weekend home where I’ve spent some glorious times! Maybe I can convince him to let me post photos.

  36. oh wow.. my fav, seaside cottages… that speaks to my heart for sure! thanks Melissa
    xo j

  37. Just beautiful! I’m inspired to get some fresh flowers!

  38. This is precisely why I keep up my subscription to AD. These are gorgeous seaside homes. Each issue of AD is like a wonderful book! Love it!


  39. AD did OK on this one. I thought this little house was charming. Hey…did you assign everyone these pretty little quilt squares? I like’em!

  40. Miss Melissa – Flickr’s stolen your first photo!

  41. This is so gorgeous! I want to have tea in that lawn chair. :)

  42. Ms. Melissa, I am not aware of how the property in Martha’s Vinyard is like, but i was just wondering if this property was for sale or for rent or watever the deal is here. I have to say that when i first saw these pictures i almost had a heart attack. This IS my dream house. Literally; I have dreamed about this house for months. A cottage with a porch on the back and a garden. A quaint little home with white trim in the kitchen and most everywhere else. I’m visiting the Architectural design website but i would also appreciate it if you could email me with any other information you could if possible. THANK YOU A MILLION times over for posting this. It has made my dreams come true!

  43. Lovely! My husband and I would love to live by the beach.

    Susan (A Happy Heart at Home)s inspiring blog post..Tempt My Tummy Tuesday, 10/21/08 – Spiced Apple Sundaes

  44. Wow, these are truly an escape! My husband and I just bought a tiny beach condo last year and have transformed it into our own seaside cottage. By adding floor to ceiling beaded board, paint, black and white family photos, salvage pieces and comfy furniture we overcame the original condo architecture (lack-of) and really made it a charming escape—maybe I should create my own blog!!

  45. I ABSOLUTELY am ENJOYING (yes I am excited and raised my voice, so the capital letters) browsing on your blog! It has been like the BEST magazine I have ever read! Love your house, love your inpirational photos! Thank you!

    Mary Ruths inspiring blog post..Craigslist mirror FIND!

  46. This home reminds me of some of the houses inn Maine. I love this one. It would be a nice relaxing summer house.

    Ronas inspiring blog post..Target.com – Free Shipping When You Spend $50

  47. hi
    i am trying to buy a copy of the june 2008 issue of cottage living magazine. can anyone help? thanks.


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