Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

On Thursday of last week I decided I was ready for an ESCAPE. For real. No imaginary trip to a castle in Scotland was going to do this time. I called my husband and sheepishly said, “Do you want to leave the kids this weekend and head to the beach?” He said, “You mean for the day, right? The beach house isn’t done yet.” And I said, “No. I’m talking about going to The Cannon Beach Hotel — for two nights.”

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

I could hear him smile on the other end of the phone. It was a spur of the moment idea, the sun was shining and I knew we had a window of opportunity that probably wouldn’t come again until summer. And I was ready to get out of town NOW! This is not something we do very often — just taking off spontaneously without the kids. And normally it involves a bit more planning and reality is, it usually involves an anniversary. This time, it was all about being spontaneous and fun. And continuing in my resolve to be deliberately disconnected from the computer in order to live a full life in the real world.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

I called the charming Cannon Beach Hotel and lo and behold, they had a vacancy! We threw our bags in the car the next morning and off we went! One and a half hours later (and a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard for each of us), we arrived. YAHOO! A weekend, UNPLUGGED and CHILDLESS! I think all that talk about the beach house and coastal kitchens last week, coupled with the “Disconnect Challenge” finally merged. A Beach Weekend, Unplugged. I was determined to live out my dreams, yes indeed.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

I have to say that we are pretty much homebodies most of the time. We love travel but our life usually revolves around kids, schedules, our house, computers, cleaning, cooking, laundry, working and starting over again the next day with the same routine. Typical days for families with several children. The routine grows comfortable and familiar. Life is good and we are happy with it. But every now and then it is good (and necessary) to escape and get away as a couple (or even alone or with friends!). And that we did. Usually we’d escape to our own beach house, which we are so blessed to have, but knowing that it is still a ways from completion, we splurged on a hotel.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

We had breakfast in bed overlooking a cozy fireplace, leisurely walks, tasty food from real restaurants (no Burger Kings), coffee breaks in charming bistros and time to breathe in the fresh sea air. The sun was shining most of the time. We took a couple of naps. We had time to talk about anything and nothing all. We had no where we had to be. And no computer in sight.

I loved this little espresso cafe (below). It had tons of vintage Scottie stuff and antique paintings everywhere. We sat at the copper counter and drank lattes and ate cinnamon rolls. Yummy. The cafe was in Gearhart, a town just a few miles from Cannon Beach near Seaside. Super quaint beach town.


Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Across the street from this cafe was an adorable cottage shop. Much to my utter embarrassment, my husband got the hiccups (very LOUD hiccups) while we were chatting with the owner, oohing and ahh’ing over all the cute stuff she had. I tried to usher him quietly out the door, but the owner stopped us and graciously shared her natural remedy for hiccups. She ran and got him a lovely bottled water and a cup. You would have laughed hysterically had I taken photos, he was drinking out of a cup upside down bending over in the middle of her cottage shop. She was carefully instructing him how to drink from a cup while upside down. I was mortified. But, it worked. He was hiccup free the rest of the trip. Thank goodness.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys


Cannon Beach has some really charming shops, restaurants and buildings. I never tire of wandering through them. In the summer all the flower beds are absolutely gorgeous bursting with blooms and greenery. In the winter all the trees are covered in magical white lights.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

This is an adorable theatre where we have seen a few plays over the years. My parents just bought season tickets so I’m sure it will become their regular hangout!

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys


I couldn’t resist taking a few little charming Drive By beach cottage photos just for you, my chickadeees! Yeah, my husband graciously pulled over and backed up and nearly drove off the side of a cliff for me to snap a few photos for you. He’s a gem. I tried not to take too many as I was trying to be completely unplugged from blogging. This was just a wee compromise. We do both enjoy houses so it wasn’t too torturous for him.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys


Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

I had to show you photos of these furry Easter bun buns. Aren’t they adorable? They were just romping around freely in one section of Cannon Beach. Tons of them hopping all over the place. I’m a sucker for little cute animals. I love them.

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

OH, yes, and speaking of bunnies, I saw a movie I absolutely adored. I rarely love movies, most of them leave me snoring, but I thought this one was exceptional.

Miss Potter. The story of Beatrix Potter.

I am definitely buying it and will add it to my other list of favorites, including Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride II. It has a great story, cast, awesome scenery and houses (a must for me!), and cute little animals frolicking about. My husband even liked it, which was a miracle because it had nothing remotely to do with sci-fi, action or aliens.


Our Little Escape + Coastal Drive Bys

There you have it, My Beach Weekend — Unplugged.




  1. I can smell the sea air now. Thanks for taking me to another place even if it’s only in a picture. I’ve been to Cannon before but did not see these places. It made me want to visit on my next vacation. And the bunnies are beautiful… their colors are so soft and calming. Thank you, Melissa.

  2. What a wonderful escape! I was laughing at the hiccup remedy! I swear by it and my kids think I am nuts, but it really does work every time! Beautiful place for a getaway! :)

  3. i wouldn’t have left that coffee shop the whole time. how completely adorable was that?
    i wish i could go there. if i ever go crazy and open a coffee shop i am going to remember that place.

    it looks like the best time.
    i need to get away too!

  4. Good for you guys for being able to get some together time…it’s a necessary thing! The “drive-by” homes are so neat…nothing like that here in F-L-A…

    Have a great week!


  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely weekend with us! I am glad you thought of us and took the time for some drive-bys. Love that driftwood fence! I live on the Connecticut shore, so it is fun seeing houses on the western shores.

  6. All of the beach cottages look so cozy and inviting. What a great escape!

  7. wow how beautiful!
    all of those cottages were fabulous!!!
    such a sweet town,.

  8. Hi!
    I just stumbled over your site and wow!! Lovely pictures and lovely blog! Must have been a wonderful weekend! Such a cute café too :)
    Everyone needs those little escapes now and then!
    Have a nice tuesday!

  9. Thanks for sharing your quaint weekend with us, Melissa! Great photos!

  10. Thank You, Thank You for all the wonderful pictures. Looks like a terrific place to escape. The houses are marvelous. The driftwood fence is so unique….very storybook. :-) Rosie

  11. Oh how wonderful! Every few months my dear husband and I decide we have to get away to a B&B for the weekend and it always rejuvenates us. I am thinking there will be a getaway for us as soon as we can enjoy the weather and sunshine:>) Thanks for sharing your fun!

  12. After disconnecting for a few days, it was delightful to come here and see this wonderful post this morning, Melissa!

    Also thanks so much for the “coastal cottage” kitchen inspiration! I have a few ideas running around in my head, for the lake kitchen!


  13. As with most of your Great Escapes, I can feel myself relax as I look at the photos. Your weekend sounds amazing…charming shops, cafes, and drive-bys…amazing. Hope you “recharged”…

  14. Oh, how many beautiful things you show us. I really envy you such trips to the sea. The lovely hotel and the beautiful houses. Wish I could have joined you LOL.

    It’s so seldom I have time tovisit my friends nowadays. Feels bad! I just have to say I love your beach house. It’ll be a lovely place for you to be.

    Hope you’re having a great day.
    Love Elzie

  15. melissa lewis says

    oh my, what a blessing, isn’t it when God sends some re-freshment time your way. I am so glad to hear that you and your husband were able to re-connect and enjoy such a romantic and relaxing weekend.

    You are doing good with the whole “Disconnect Challenge!”

    Thanks for such wonderful pictures.

  16. Melissa,
    It’s great to take time for just you and your husband. I’m trying to become unplugged more often. I’ve become a slave to this computer it seems.

    I just love the photos of the cottages! They are so unique! The imagination of some people just amazes me. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip with us!

  17. i feel just as relaxed looking at the photos as you must have felt enjoying your time there. What an awesome place. That might have to be on my list of to do road trips one of these days. So glad the two of you had a time away, good for you!

  18. Glad to see you and the hubby had a great time away Melissa! Those pictures were just what I needed on this grey rainy day in Atlanta. I’m so ready to move to the coast and live in a cottage like any of those. I especially loved the fence that was made out of branches… how cool was that?!?!

    Thanks for the little mini-break!



  19. Wonderful! Now that you are getting used to being spontaneous, these weekend getaways could become more common!

    Loved the detail in the shingling on the first cottage…very nice and I’ve not seen anything like it before.

  20. You are inspiring me! I’m on the other side of the country and wish I could drive the scenic Pacific Coast side…but here in Georgia…my options may be Amelia Island, FL or Charleston, SC. Thanks for sharing so many interesting things about your weekend. I like the picture of your two sets of feet.

  21. Looks like a welcoming place, one of those little corners on Arth that make you feel at home. I am so glad you got to fill your cup!

  22. Beautiful pics, Melissa! Sounds like a heavenly weekend. Loved the bunnies too.


  23. cannon beach is my favorite; we now live in california so obviously we don’t get to cannon very often. THANK YOU for the photo tour; it was wonderful. shall have to “revisit” it again.
    and looks like it was beautiful weather. . . what a treat for the two of you!

  24. Okay Im off to Cannon Beach the next free weekend!

  25. As someone with 4 children I am turning green reading about your lovely weekend love the pictures . And I also loved the Miss Potter movie.

  26. What a charming place! So glad you were able to get away and relax! :) Thanks for sharing!

  27. I used to work in Cannon Beach at the Christian Conference Center and have relatives that live there. I love seeing pics! And Lazy Susan’s is the BEST place for breakfast, isn’t it? I live in Chicago and visited in January. We ate there every day.

    Is the Espresso bar the Pacific Way Cafe? It looks familiar? Love the vintage decorating. So inspiring! Thanks for the pics.

  28. Hey Melissa, What a beautiful place you two stayed at for your getaway…just lovely. Sometimes you really need to do that, just unplug from life and take a break. Thanks for sharing your trip and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.

  29. Oh, what a wonderful time you had! That would be my perfect getaway weekend too. Thank you for sharing all of the lovely places. I would love to move into one of those homes and live in that enchanting town.

  30. That looks like the perfect get-away weekend! For me, staying near water is always very relaxing. Thanks for sharing a few drive-bys with us too!

    We bought Miss Potter … isn’t it wonderful? I would also recommend Amazing Grace … it’s much more serious but such a wonderful (and moving) film!

    blessings to you,
    Lynda xox

  31. Looks like a lovely place!! What a fabulous time you must have had! Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos….


  32. Christi from Charm & Grace says

    Melissa, what a warm, wonderful post. How precious that you and hubby just took off together, and what a terrific town! It just looks so charming…. I do love those cottages. Such gorgeous photos of the angles, rooflines, trim, the little garden. I would love to draw those cottages! Thanks for thinking of us at least long enough to snap the pics, on your wonderful weekend “away.”


  33. Oh so beautiful and awe inspiring! My brother lives in Portland and several years ago we took our children out to visit, and went to Cannon Beach for the day. Being from Florida, I remember our children saying “why would anyone want to live on this beach when you can’t go into the water~it’s so cold”!! A beautiful area to we adults….thanks for sharing

  34. melissa……..
    i’m glad for you to get away! this always makes good memories & that is what life’s about. lovely pics, enjoy your day.
    bless you!

  35. I’d love to have an unplugged childless weekend! Yours looks wonderful…I’m so envious

  36. I’m both jealous and relaxed. I’m jealaxed. How awesome that you have the chance to get away and how wonderful that you shared it with us. DH and I haven’t had time away without the kids for more then 3 hours in oh, let’s see, 9 years. I so wish we had family.

  37. What a wonderful post! I got tremendous vicarious pleasure from it – now I want to go there……SOON!! Happy for you to have had such a sweet time.

  38. I want a beach weekend, I want a beach weekend right now!!!!!!! Oh me oh my, how glorious!! I am soooo delighted you guys took a spur of the moment rendevouz!!! How fab! xoxo

  39. What a coincidence! We did the same thing last week – only going to Newport – and we had the kids :) But still, it was wonderful to get away from it all and from all the daily routines for a while. Cannon Beach looks like such a charming town! And free-ranging bunnies? Now that sounds like the beach to be at :)

  40. Melissa

    Just what I need after a gray week here in New York,,, a trip along the coast! What aice way to recharge for you adn your hubby!

  41. Melissa,
    I love everything an thank you for the trip. I want to spend hours at the Bistro soaking up the ambiance. It is just the kind of decor I love in a cafe. I love that first house; usually I fund portholes a bit contrived, but it works perfectly there. Thanks again,


  42. how dreamy! reminds me of my favorite part of vacation summer before last; Honey & I spent 2 1/2 weeks driving around Oregon & Washington, and my favorite were the 3 days we spent in Seaside. Completely touristy, yes, but still completely relaxing to be at the beach and to have no schedule.

    One of the downsides to living where I live? No roads out. Not an island, but you still can’t leave Juneau without a plane or a boat of some kind, making a spontaneous weekend away really expensive!

  43. Melissa, you’ve been tagged! See my latest post on my blog for details!


  44. ::: sigh:::

    oh melissa!

    i feel like i was really ‘there’ with you! how wonderful that was! thank you for sharing all those amazing photos. and the remedy for hiccups…who knew????


    ps…i did not forget your little giftie…i promise! just call me a snail!! i am so slow to get things into packages and into the po. but i can’t wait for you to get my little package. :))

  45. What a completely charming town Cannon Beach is. I am glad you weren’t totally unplugged for the weekend and shared your gorgeous photos. Those bunnies are adorable.

  46. I love your drive-by’s Melissa! American architecture has always been a love of mine, if we ever built a home I’d be getting it designed like a gorgeous American home like you have shown us.
    The bunnies are so sweet too, how cute is that spotty one!!!

  47. Looks amazing and sounds wonderful!. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  48. Ohhhhhhhh someone give me Spring NOW!!!
    Hmmmmmmmm how wonderful! It seems like an absolutely dreamy town! Good for you and your husband for taking the chance for time away! :-)

  49. Hey Melissa!

    Look, you’ve started a trend… here’s an article I read in the NY Times today about the author taking a ‘virtual break’ :

    Looks like you’re inspiring the world at large now! LOL!



  50. Hello Melissa
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful compliment!
    Also, thank you for sharing these wonderful pics of your little get-away. Those cottages (homes) are lovely!
    Love your beach house too!

  51. I feel like I was there…We are still many feet deep in snow, and no coast in my near future. Thank you for uplifting my day!

  52. qui da te è sempre bellissimo!!
    Baci mary

  53. Thanks Melissa,
    You provided us with an experience, not just a visual tour. I am chomping at the bits to get away for a couple days. Alas, some big changes coming up involving lots of time and energy. So I will just enjoy vicariously for awhile.
    Lisa & Alfie

  54. Melissa,
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, love all the drive by pictures and the quaint hotel photos.

  55. What a marvelous weekend! How lovely for you both. Thank you for all the pictures — I felt like I was on a mini-vacation just perusing them. :)

  56. Melissa – what a charming town and hotel! i’m getting a little concerned for you – are you having a mid life crisis? : ) jk


  57. Love this post~! Thank you for sharing with us!

  58. Oh, my gosh, that was funny, Joni. Am I having MID-LIFE CRISIS? Ah, yeah. I am. Is it that obvious? LOL!

  59. I loved your tour Melissa, I happened to visit you just as I’d poured myself a cup of coffee, I felt as if I was on a weekend away myself, thanks for the ejoyable break you gave me!

  60. I love Cannon Beach. I wish I could live there. Breakfast at the Gower Street Bistro is the best: mmm biscuits & gravy with blue cheese crumbles and tomato jam. Did you happen to visit the Buttery? It’s one of my favorite places to shop.

  61. Melissa,

    Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing. My husband and I are sneaking away to Laguna Beach, this weekend, so I will share when we get back. I loved looking at your photos, and hearing about your adventures. Unplugging is a bit more difficult for me, as my hubby likes to bring the computer with him when we go away. He owns his own business and likes to get some work done while he can. It’s okay, but I would prefer it if he didn’t bring it along. If it makes him feel more relaxed, I can put up with it.

    Have a restful evening, my friend!

    Hugs and love,

  62. Melissa, Cannon Beach is a glorious little town. One of my favorite wee towns I’ve ever visited. Thanks for sharing, and for all the wonderful reminders (P.S. I’m sure I visited every shop in town but now imagining all the new ones since I was there in 2003!). Glad you had a lovely trip too and hope you came back re-charged! Sweet photos!!! xo Terri

  63. Oh Melissa – how ROMANTIC!!

    Child screaming !!

    gotta FLy!! love you!!!

  64. I’m back – child dressed and fed and now feeding next child

    One day I’ll be able to do this kind of getaway that youve done, again :-)

    for now I’m enjoying the joy of small cherubs :-)


  65. Esther Sunday says

    Oh, Melissa – this is so perfect. Thanks for posting your time. I loved this post. I could so feel what what were feeling! Oh, how I miss by ocean so much. If it wasn’t for my precious Artie and daughter, I would pack up and move back to the coast in the blink of any eye! Love, Esther

  66. Paris Parfait says

    Oh it all looks quite delicious! And the bunnies are adorable. I have the film too – missed it in the theatre; recently bought it on DVD.

  67. Ahhh Melissa, thank you ever so much for taking me with you on your romantic weekend away lol ;)

    I absolutely adore storybook coastal and country towns, Australia has some very similar.

    My husband and I desperately need a kid free getaway very soon!

    Anna :)

  68. it was so fun to see your pics of cannon beach. hubby and i honeymooned down there 24 years ago, and have been visiting every so often since. now we’re in idaho and its a bit more of a drive, but oh how we love CB. i think we’ve been there during the summer, spring and winter.

    i’m sure its grown and got more wonderful shops since the last time we were there several years ago. thanks for all the photos. love, love, LOVE it!

  69. Melissa, I loved everything! The bathroom wallpaper, the café with all the wonderful portraits, the turquoise trim–looks like such a lovely and relaxing time! Congratulations on unplugging so successfully!

  70. What a wonderful place to escape to, I want to live there, in one of those fabulous houses:) Rachael

  71. Yikes–70 comments!! so of course I had to add to the amount of comments—hey, I wonder how many is the most you have ever gotten???? But I glanced over your “get-a-way”. I had to smile because this is something my husband and I occasionally do also. We escape to Charleston, SC–a nice old city not to far away. We also take pics of the old homes and gardens, have fun eating at nooks and crannies, and just totally relax. Blessings!

  72. Melissa, I’m so glad you got to get away. I love the shower that was in your room and I especially loved the portraits on the wall of the little café! Your drive-bys are my favorite! (Funny, someone who didn’t know what your “drive-bys” were about would be puzzled at this.)

  73. Wow, what a gorgeous place!

    I would love a long weekend there with my darling husband!


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