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Beach House Love

by | Aug 13, 2008 | Decorating Inspiration, Details

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Beach House Love

I spotted a lovely beach cottage on blogging friend Villa Anna’s blog recently. Oh, how I love! Click on over to her blog see the rest of the loveliness.

Beach House Love


Photo via Villa Anna, & Design Editor designer Jane Coslick Design



  1. Jan

    I adore that bunk bed style. So clean and pleasant. Very pretty rooms.

  2. berryberr

    Nice blog! Will be checking here often from now on!

  3. My Mélange

    Love the first shot!! Fingers crossed for a happy- hitch free wedding :)


  4. Jan

    Beautiful pix of the cottage!!

    Have fun at the wedding!! Looking forward to pix of that!

    Is it just me? Or do NONE of your links to your articles work? They don’t work for me.


  5. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    You’ve got bigger fish to fry, Melissa. Don’tcha worry about the little things. We’ll catch you when you are able.

  6. jen

    Love it! I need several houses so I can do each in a different style.

  7. Kathleen Grace

    I am in love with that pale blue screen door in the white kitchen. Wow! You need a break from blogging until this wedding is over, don’t you? By the way, are you going to share any photos of it? We are all dying to see some of your work:>)

  8. Suzette

    I could live in this beach house forever. So many things please me. I especially love the decorative screen door to the – is it the pantry? So great!

  9. Trina

    Ooh this beach house is beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my site in the midst of a very busy week. I’m glad you like the chalkboard paint.. I was starting to have doubts and you renewed my faith :-) I’m having troubles with the links you posted though??
    Enjoy every minute of the wedding!
    xx Trina

  10. janet

    Phew, I am finally caught up with my blog reading. Actually it is quite fun to come back from vacation and have so many posts to read at my leisure, especially since I also had the unpleasantness of my FIL’s death to deal with. All my blog friends posts and inspirations are truly welcome.

    Best of luck with the wedding; I know it will be fabuloso!


  11. Melissa

    Apologies to those of you who did TRY to click over to read my articles. You can see I am on overload when I post a list of non-working links! Eek! All is well now, I hope. Click away.


  12. Caroline :: Patagonia Gifts

    Beautiful shots! I especially adore that quilt on the bed! I love, love, love SO much white homes… I guess it’s because where we live it’s winter most of the time… Great blog. I’ve posted a link on mine :)

  13. Chris

    I love, love, love that bedroom. Sometimes I think people assume beach house means all blues and cool colors. I love to see that they still made it look fresh and still used warm colors. I’m off to read your other articles!

  14. Elzie

    Beautiful place.
    Hope you don’t work so you get too tired until the weekend LOL.
    Love Elzie

  15. aswewalk

    Oh, I LOVE that quilt! Enjoy the quiet moments before, during and after the wedding. Savor them like hard candy.

  16. Kimba

    Beautiful beach house photos. I especially love the bunk beds.

    Off to read your articles!

  17. Villa Anna

    Melissa, thank you so much for the mention :)

    What is not to love about this gorgeous beach house.

    I wish you and the happy couple the best of luck on their wedding day. I can only imagine how beautiful it’s going to be with all the hard work you’ve put into it. I can’t wait to see pics so take plenty! hehe

    Anna :)

  18. Esther Sunday

    Just lurkin’ around today…. had to say congrats and enjoy regarding your daughter’s wedding this weekend. Getting married at your lovely beach house? I’d stay the kids are off to a good start! Love, Esther

  19. Lisa

    Love those pictures – so pretty. Hope all is going well with all the wedding stuff! I’m sure it’s frantic, but exciting.

  20. JO

    Stopping by to say hello…. been pretty absent myself.. busy … and crazy things going on… wanted to see how the wedding plans are going

    Hope you are keeping your sanity


  21. Trina

    The chalkboard door is fabulous.. I LOVE it!

  22. Catherine

    We all have beach house fever! Designer Jane Coslick’s businesss partner commented on my post about this house…you can rent some of their cottages!


  23. sandy

    Have a joyous time at the wedding, Melissa!
    Our thoughts are w/your family.
    Love Sandy

  24. laura

    Could not love that screen door pantry more!

    Oh MY — the wedding!!! So happy for you. :-)

  25. Lorrie

    I’m checking into my blog list after being away for a week or so. Lovely photos as always. And enjoy the wedding! Such a blissful time, but fraught with many emotions.


  26. Nel

    I haven’t been by for a little while and I have missed some really lovely posts! Will have some fun catching up with your blog this afternoon :)

    This beach house is gorgeous!

  27. all things bright and beautiful

    Miss Melissa – Ive been meaning to get over to say hi all week.

    LOVE Villa Anna – she has the loveliest of tastes – the loveliest :-)

    Hugs and hope that all is going well. MWAH to you too


  28. Lynda

    Gorgeous home, Melissa!! I’ll be clicking to see more in just a minute. Hope everything goes well this weekend … will be thinking of you!

  29. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Love this little beachhouse. Wish I owned one. In doing the next best thing I am having a GIVEAWAY of things that would work perfectly in such a setting.

    I am off to read your articles.

  30. Jacqueline

    I was roaming around in the blogosphere and came across your blog. What a delicious beach house. I’m in the midst of decorating (moved in the spring) and can’t help but look at all things decor. Thanks for posting this and the other links.

  31. PamperingBeki

    I gasped and drooled when I opened this and saw these pictures.

    I really need to move into that house. :)

  32. Beverly

    Thanks, Melissa. You are so thoughtful to give us goodies when you have so much going on in your life. You are almost at the home stretch. Make sure to enjoy every second. You all deserve it.

  33. Debra W

    Oh Momma of the Bride,

    I am so EXCITED for your and your family!!!! I cannot believe that the wedding is this weekend. I so wish that I could be there to help you with all of the last minute details. You must be running on pure adrenaline and LOVE! Remember that as much as this is your sweet daughter’s day, it is your day, too. You get to watch your little girl begin her new life. Such a blessing, such a miracle. I love you, dear heart! Can’t wait to hear about everything!

    BIG, GIANT hugs!

  34. Franc


    It’s Franc. I have been trying desperately to reach you, my dear. I so vant to be of help to you and your dear husband.(Well, I vant to help you with the details. I vant to help your hubby to lighten his checkbook.)

    Please, call me. And by the vay, YOU ARE MAH-VO-LOUS, my dear!!!!

    Love and air-kisses,

  35. megan duerksen

    this weekend!?!
    oh i hope it is absolutely the best day ever!
    have a blast.
    make memories all day….

    don’t cry to much.
    i would be a big mess.

  36. Tammy

    Oh, that is my kind of house! My dream house. Sooo beautiful. Congratulations also on your wonderful news. May their life be blessed with abundance, peace and great amounts of Joy! :) Peace. Tammy

  37. Elizabeth

    Aw Melissa, dont feel bad. You’ve got more important things brewing right now!

  38. Tara


    Here it is–the day!

    It is goreous and warm her in New york, I hope the same weather extends to you!


  39. Françoise

    Melissa, I hope the wedding goes smoothly and happily. And I am SOOO glad for you it’s at the beach and not in sizzling Portland!
    (I have de-concealed my A/c system for the duration!)
    Best wishes to all of you at this special time.

  40. anne

    Lovely post…just a gorgeous place.

    Hope your daughters wedding goes smoothly and that you all have a fab day. x

  41. twinkle

    I’ll bet the wedding and the reception will be so dreamy. May it be so blessed!

  42. Franc

    My dear BFF,

    By the time you read this, your oldest daughter will be a married woman. A married woman…Please take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for being the fantastic, loving, wonderful, caring, mother that you are. You have taught your daughter to love so completely, that she felt confident in choosing her life-partner. That is a big one, Melissa, a very, very big one. You may feel a little bit down in the next few days. That is such a normal reaction to coming off of such an amazing life-high. Take some time to reflect. Take some time to think about the special person that you are.

    Mazel Tov and blessings to the beautiful couple. May they share a lifetime of health, happiness and love.(and a few grand-babies wouldn’t hurt, either!)

    Love you, sweet friend,


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