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More Beautiful Bathrooms

by | Aug 26, 2008 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Cottage Living: Colleen Duffley

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Coastal Living: Keith Scott Morton

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Traditional Home

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Southern Accents: Mary Evelyn McKee

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Southern Living: Photo Gordon Beall, Designer Mona Hajj

More Beautiful Bathrooms

More Beautiful Bathrooms

More Beautiful Bathrooms

Design by Candice Olson, above three photos via HGTV

Not sure how these dropped off my post yesterday! A little blog calamity!

Hope you enjoyed some more beautiful bathrooms today for the dream file!

So, since we are on the subject, what is your favorite style of bathroom? Cottage? Glam? Traditional? Modern? Or if money were no object would you choose a luxurious spa experience over a more humble and traditional bathroom? What you do you think about the map wallpaper in the tiny powder room? Do you have a powder room or dedicated guest bathroom?

Have a terrific day everyone!

Beautiful Bathrooms: more inspiring images can be found here!
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  1. Porchlight Interiors

    These are gorgeous bathrooms (minus the exercise equipment). Feeling inspired to do some renovating! Tracey x

  2. Rachael

    They are beautiful bathrooms! Rachaelxo

  3. Kathy

    Just beautiful! And something about the map bathroom just caught my eye. The beautiful molding around the window and colors really made that bath appeal to me for a powder room design. I love the idea of powder rooms that you can decorate with a touch more whimsey because they are smaller and less often used.

  4. marie

    I think I’m a cottage bathroom girl. No…I KNOW I am. I love the look of the first picture on your post with the white on the walls and the baskets and the shell prints. I’m drawn to that time and time again. However, I DO love that map wallpaper! I’m a map lover so maybe that’s why? :o) We have a powder room that we went all out in. Ceramic tile floor, faux wainscotting (if it’s faux is it considered going “all out?”)… it was a small room so we felt like we do more. Or maybe we just got carried away. ;o)

  5. snapdragons

    The map wallpaper is Too Much. The style of bathroom should match the house, which should match the house’s location. A cottage should of course have an adorable cottage bathroom, while a sleek Manhattan apartment’s bathroom should be all marble and low-profile. Really, *any* expensive and beautiful bathroom makes me feel spoiled.

  6. Villa Anna

    Melissa I’m speechless!

    Two amazing posts!

    My bathroom is believe it or not my favourite room of the house. It’s my sanctuary.

    Anna :)

  7. tricia

    I recognized that first Candace Olsen photo the moment I saw it. I think it is my all time favorite bathroom.

  8. Suzette

    I love Cottage anything, pretty much. If I lived at the beach, I would shamelessly decorate everywhere with seashells. Love ’em! so, the bathrooms with shells particularly appeal to me. I would trade my bath for ANY of these, however. :)

  9. Phyllis

    I think I would smile every time I entered the “map bathroom”. I love the color of the wood , wallpaper, and flowers together. Yes to the window treatment. The little lamps fit right in. This would take you from your ordinary world to another world each time. Fun…

  10. teresa

    I believe your site is becoming seriously dangerous for my Home Improvement budget. ; } Beautiful baths.
    I’m a fan of the last two pictures. Totally not a pedestal sink and wallpaper gal.
    Thanks …for the inspiration.
    Happy Day.

  11. Vee~A haven for Vee

    I love four and five…now I’ve got to follow your suggestions to analyze just why I love four because liking that one really surprises me.

  12. Sunday Baker

    I really like #s 1, 5, and 6. Beautiful!

  13. Pamela

    The second photograph….to lie in the bathtub and gaze at the sea? Bliss.

    I do love the map wallpaper as well.

  14. Ann

    I just love the first image even if it looks smaller than the others. Looks perfect for a beach house too.

  15. Pat

    All gorgeous! My bathroom is closet sized and there is no hope for it…lol! I like the map wallpaper –that would occupy me for quite a while :-) Thanks! Pat in NY

  16. Eunice

    If money were no object, I would have a traditional Japanese spa-like bathroom. I love the esthetic of those bathrooms.

  17. Beverly

    Numbers two and five are my favorites – number five because of that view. Wow!

  18. anne

    Two and Five are my favourites..I would never get out :-)

    Yes no hope for my tiny bathroom unless I get a builder to make an extension!!!!!

  19. Ms.Tee

    Candance Olsen is one of my very favorite designers! Number 1 and 5 are my favorites – they look so relaxing.

  20. kayellen

    Very refreshing photo’s! Love all the white!


  21. Mrs. B

    More beautiful bathrooms! I’m not sure I know what my favorite style of bathroom is. I can’t say I’ve ever had a bathroom that I really loved. I guess it would be somewhere between cottage and glam. I like a more traditional look to a bathroom, with some glamorous girly accents, but still clean looking. Of these pictures, the Southern Living with the freestanding tub is my favorite.

  22. girl meets glamour

    These are so beautiful!! I really love the simplicity of some of them!


  23. laura

    Oooo…that first one with the vertical beadboard and the teeny sink that looks like it’s “growing” right there (no plumbing showing…love it!). All these glamorous loos and I go for the small sink. ;-)

  24. Lisa

    I like one, four and five. Five is my favorite – a nice soothing spa feel. I would like to do my guest bath like that, although the map thing is really interesting!

    I am glad to still see Winston on the side – makes me feel at home! He is the cutest.

  25. Catherine

    I love the map wall paper!

  26. Lara

    Can I have one of each? They are all incredible! I love the last one… such a dreamy room.

  27. Melissa in Mel's World

    Hey Girl…I am SO loving these pics! I would love to have the big roman tub in the center of the room with candles and shabby chic surrounding me, but I am also loving the spa/clean modern look as well!

    Simply incredible!!!

    Great job, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look!
    Melissa in Mel’s World

  28. Jan

    Lovely bathrooms. I wish mine always looked like that :)

  29. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Oh Melissa,

    I thought I had lost you! You just moved. Phew! Sigh of relief. The new site looks lovely.

    Stop on by, I am hosting a Marie Antoinette themed party.

  30. jenniffer

    i live in idaho and DO decorate my house in seashells! thanks for your inspriring rooms! jh

  31. Fanfan

    I would like to see more toilet. Because I don’t like toilet, it’s not very beautiful. How to decorate near the toilet and on the wall above them.
    Also what to put on the wall beside de bathtub.

    Thank you very much

  32. pam

    Now the Coastal living and Southern living bathrooms look so relaxing, I might not want to come out. As for the map wall paper one, I’m not sure about it, something felt not right, like its being overpowered by something, I have seen rooms done with world maps and they looked nice, not sure about this one. It I could do my bathroom over, I’ll I would ask MAKE IT BIGGER PLEASE! Have a tiny bathroom for 5 kids to share.

  33. Jamie

    Yay, more bathrooms! I’m sure did it just for me, right? ;)

  34. sandra

    Wow! what does a girl have to do to get a bathroom like that? These are really inspiring bathroom designs. If my bathroom looked like that I would care less what the rest of the house looked like.

    Thanks for such beauty.


  35. Deb

    Oh, I just don’t think I could really exercise in that bathroom with all those mirrors. Lol. I can certainly see myself in the other bathrooms.

    Debs last blog post..How NOT to Pack for Vacation

  36. Khazina Al Bahry

    I am really amazed by the beautiful bathrooms. As I am planning to build my own house I think I have got some ideas. To have exactly the same bathroom will cost me a lot. It is a dream. Wowww I love it.

    thank you

  37. Phaedra

    These are beautiful bathrooms. I like the idea that they are simple yet pretty. I will be moving and will have the opportunity to decorate a new bathroom and am really looking forward to it. Great post!

    Phaedras inspiring blog post..Too Much

  38. Kristin

    What kind of sink is pictured in the first bath photo from Cottage Living? The one with the tongue and groove paneling. It seems like a great cottage option for small bathrooms. Thank you for information.



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