‘Twas the week before Christmas
The Inspiring Mr. Linky

'Twas the week before Christmas<br> The Inspiring Mr. Linky

Can you believe Christmas is next week? It has been a wild week for us here with the weather, we’ve been pretty much stuck inside the whole week. Which was fine, we have plenty to do around here! No school for the kids and plenty of hot chocolate to keep us warm!

Thanks to everyone asking how the move and the church plans are coming…things are coming together but we still feel so far behind! A lot will be happening over the next few weeks, so thanks for all of your support, friendship, prayers and encouragement! I’ll be able to share more in the days to come. Still a lot of details to work out before we leave!

Hey, are you all coming to BlissDom in February? I would love to meet you all! I’ll be looking forward to a little break after moving, and hanging out with all of you in Nashville would be so fun!

'Twas the week before Christmas<br> The Inspiring Mr. Linky

Once again it is time for Mr. Linky! You can link up to your holiday posts (please, no home pages and no pages that have nothing to do with the holidays). And if you want to do a 20 Little Things post, or do one in the next few days, this would be a great place to link it! Loving all the inspiration you share each week, so thanks for being a part of Holiday Linky Fridays!

Photo: Williams Sonoma


  1. Thanks for the party. I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful homes.

  2. Thanks for linking to all these wonderful places. I’m have a great time getting out there and meeting new people.

    I’m trying to make the trip to Blissdom. I’ve got to squeeze it in between a cruise to Cabo and a dinner party I’m hosting for 22 people. What do you think? Can I do it all?

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wifes inspiring blog post..Gingerbread House – Tutorial Part Five

  3. I am blogging daily with Christmas posts, so was not sure which one to link up. I choose my post on what I serve for Christmas Dinner, but feel free to check our some of the others too :)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours from Northern Ireland.

    JanMary, N Irelands inspiring blog post..On the 18th day of December…..a memorable Christmas Gift

  4. My mom bought those 12 Days of Christmas dishes from WS last year – a set for her and a set for her sister. They are so awesome! I smiled when I saw your photo :) Thanks for the little reminder of the mom I’m missing today. She probably doesn’t miss me though. France is more interesting :)

    Emily@remodelingthislifes inspiring blog post..20 Things I Love at Christmas

  5. I’m all snowed in today, a perfect day to get my Holiday baking done!

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..20 Things I Love About Christmas

  6. Thank you Melissa for hostessing the party and for reminding me of the 20 things that make my Christmas special. I hope you are blessed this Christmas season, even amidst the change and chaos of moving. ~Kathy

  7. Thanks, Melissa! This is always so much fun. It is great to remind ourselves of why we do all this each year…the answer…because we LOVE it!

    Bonnie Mattsons inspiring blog post..20 Little Things To Love About Christmas

  8. I wanted to link with one of my decorating posts but came across the story of a little girl that touched my heart. Please read her story at my link and pass along if you can. thank you.

  9. I am new to blog land (I have had my blog up almost a week at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com and I am having a great time visiting all the blogs festively decorated!

    Susans inspiring blog post..Decorated for Christmas: the Master Bedroom

  10. How many times can I link to one post. This is the post I shared for Kimbas open house… trying to eek out another day of not posting due to the last day of school and trying to attend 4 class parties!!! Yikes! I have great hopes to post tonight.

    Blissdom 09 sounds like bliss. It would be so much fun to sit down with all of these wonderful women that I talk to. We’ll see. Hubby finishes school in February and there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate with a trip!

  11. I’ve left a link – 15 little things, not 20. :)

  12. I can’t wait to see everyone’s entries! Happy Christmas Melissa and thanks for hosting the fun :)

    Liz@VioletPosys inspiring blog post..Christmas Florals

  13. I love this kind of post ! I’m very excited to write my post

    le petit cabinet de curiositess inspiring blog post..Hot wine

  14. Thanks for hosting Melissa! It’s so fun to see everybody’s festivities!

    Hollys inspiring blog post..Peppermint Bonbon Cookies

  15. Thanks for this awesome idea! This has been a strange Christmas; a lot of sad things have happened, but it’s still felt very festive and hopeful, and I think it’s because I’ve taken the time for the little things – viewing the decorations, drinking hot chocolate and sending cards. Thanks for the reminder!

    Jenna – Cottage Lifes inspiring blog post..My 20 Things – Christmas Edition

  16. Joining in again. Always so much fun to look through all of the links.

    Christinas inspiring blog post..Joy to the world!

  17. This is my first visit to your blog — but I had to play along. I am a sucker for a good list!

    Michelle Bs inspiring blog post..Twenty Things I Love About Christmas

  18. These parties are such fun, and I love that they’re every week! Melissa, I love those cups you’ve shared in the photograph. My grandson’s birthday is 12/12, so anything “12 Days of Christmas” is close to my heart.

    Wish I could meet everyone at BlissDom! If I”m able to attend, I certainly will.

    Blessed Christmas to you, your family, and to all those who visit The Inspired Room!

    Arleens inspiring blog post..Twenty Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

  19. Thank you for taking the time to still blog! I love visiting. Wishing you and your family a safe and smooth move. May your Christmas and New Year bring you many blessings.
    Best wishes, LuLu

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Wrapped and Ready

  20. Hello,
    ~Thanks for hosting a Holiday page! :)
    Warmly, Melissa

    Melissa Millers inspiring blog post..~~Cookie Recipe Exchange~~

  21. Hey Melissa! I still need to work on my list. I thought I’d add two other decor posts in the mean time. Am having our SS class Christmas party tomorrow, so maybe I can think after that. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to slow down and really think about the things that make this time so special and important. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Karen Bs inspiring blog post..Snowflakes and Santa

  22. I just attached a link to my blog with a fun idea for neighbor, teacher, mailman gifts… Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream Sauce with Gingerbread Spoons! Yum! And you’ll be so surprised at how easy it is to make!

    Another great link is: http://www.friendscelebratingchristmas.blogspot.com for a daily post with tons of creative Christmas ideas compiled by friends at my church! Enjoy!

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..Chocolate Velvet Sauce with Gingerbread Spoons

  23. Hi Melissa, This is my first try at using a Mr. Linky. I have several Christmasy posts – I hope it’s okay to do one for each?!?

  24. Hi again, Thanks for hosting this, what a delight to view the inspiring defor!

    Violet Skiless inspiring blog post..The Light of Christmas

  25. Merry CHRSTmas! Oops. Did I write “defor” before when I meant to write (of course0 DECOR?!?!?! must read before clicking Submit. (note to self)

    Violet Skiless inspiring blog post..The Light of Christmas

  26. Oh good grief I did it again. of courseo?!?!?!? a fancy way of saying of course, if you want to impress everyone with an accent. Okay, I am proof-reading this one!!!!!

    Violet Skiless inspiring blog post..The Light of Christmas

  27. Ok melissa- Im starting to get sad b/c these fun Holiday Post are coming to an end- Maybe their should be some fun January ones and how we all get orgazined (or try) for the new year- or how some decorate for the Winter- I like to go all white and green plants for the new year to clear my head from all the Christmas colors. Thanks so much for doing these parties- they have been a treat!

  28. We’re all in snowed in here too, it’s blustery and blizzardy. I’ll pour the cocoa and spend some time looking at all these great ideas! Blesssings Melissa as you continue on in your adventure-praying for favor to go before you.

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Christmas at our House and Dairy-Free Fudge

  29. Melissa, thankyou so much for providing us the opportunity to share our holiday links. I am meeting so many new bloggers this way, enjoying my visits to inspiring blogs, and feeling the Christmas spirit here in “blog land.”

    Wishing you a wonderful day!

    Mavens inspiring blog post..It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…..

  30. That Wm Sonoma mug photo is gorgeous. Makes me want to run out and buy marshmallows and make some hot chocolate (I’m more of a coffee girl)! Thinking of you and wish I were closer to help! xo Terri

    Terris inspiring blog post..A Few of My Favorite Things: 1 to 10

  31. I am sure you’ll manage gracefully and effectively! Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

    Irenes inspiring blog post..

  32. Thanks for providing us with lots of holiday fun! Merry Christmas! We’ll keep you in our prayers as you get ready for your move.

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Would You Like Chocolate With That? ~ Christmas Mocha Balls

  33. Melissa, so glad you had plenty of hot chocolate on hand! We’ve had record snowfalls here too!
    Praying for your move and a truly memorable Christmas!

    Shilos inspiring blog post..Bakery Sugar Cookies

  34. Gayle at Mountain Moma says

    I’m trying to get my baking done before we get another storm coming in with blizzard conditions in the foothills, and threats of a power outages. Hop on over to Mountain Moma to see my holiday baking and get some easy fast recipes.

    Gayle at Mountain Momas inspiring blog post..Microwave Peanut Brittle

  35. I love the Mr. Linkys here at The Inspired Room! I hope you all stop by to check out the simplest holiday chandelier transformation ever!


    ALVN of WhisperWood Cottages inspiring blog post..Chandelier Transformation

  36. Love Friday Link Love! I am feeling for you, having to pack during the holidays… Unpacking decorations is enough during December but actually packing to move should not be allowed during the holidays! Try to get some rest, and drink some hot chocolate for me! By the way, those Williams Sonoma mugs are gorgeous… Thanks for all of your inspiring words!

    Misti Englands inspiring blog post..Reuse and Renew: Update Your Existing Holiday Decor

  37. I love your blog…you inspired me to create my own home blog! Thanks for the links, this is so awesome!

  38. Hi – I’ve just found your blog and it’s wonderful! The mugs pictured above, are they yours? I’d love to have some and if they are wondered where you found them.

    If not, then love them anyway and Merry Christmas!

    Mollys inspiring blog post..Twelve Days – Must See

  39. Thanks so much for hosting! Jen

    Jen R Sanctuary Arts at homes inspiring blog post..A crafty craft for the snowiest of days

  40. What wonderful sites…thanks for sharing!

    Andreas inspiring blog post..Winter Is Here

  41. Hi Melissa :)

    I thought I would be too late to join any party at all, so I hope it’s okay that I joined a day late. Thank you for hosting!

    Merry Christmas and good luck in your new home :)

    rues inspiring blog post..Decking the halls~ part three

  42. Hi Melissa! Thank you for doing a Mr. Linky!! I URL’d my Cottage Christmas post. Tis a bit long but I talk alot! tee hee.

    Hope this finds you doing well and taking some time to enjoy this wonderful season!

    much love,

    Sweet Cottage Dreamss inspiring blog post..Christmas At 3 Friends’ Homes

  43. I love all your holiday spirit!!! We try to make the season jolly and fun……but only after all the poinsettias are shipped :)

    Tamaras inspiring blog post..Oh, the Memories We Make!

  44. Fun!

    Sarahs inspiring blog post..Welcome…

  45. I picked your blog for an award:

    Merry Christmas!

    Renee Simmonss inspiring blog post..My First Blog Award

  46. I have several Christmas posts, but the link should take you to Christmas traditions quiz.

    The Vintage Roses inspiring blog post..The Christmas Spirit Award for 5 Reasons why I like Christmas

  47. I offer a Holiday Gift to EVERYONE VIRTUALLY! ENJOY the Season! Fifi

    Fifi Flowerss inspiring blog post..A Pink Gift to YOU…

  48. Hi Melissa-
    Talked to my daughter today about the “snow” they haven’t left the house for a week- I think they are putting chains on tomorrow- wow- hope you can get out soon-
    Missed out on the Mr linky today- I’ve been gone all week-
    But I’m enjoying catching up on your blog and seeing what others are doing.
    Hope this snow doesn’t cause too much havoc for your move-
    Thanks again for all the inspiration
    Merry Christmas-

  49. Thanks so much for having this party!…it has been a lot of fun check ing everyone’s decorations out! Great Holiday Inspiration!!!

    Mary Williamss inspiring blog post..

  50. Love your blog! Very creative and classy. Can’t wait to see your new house. You can always give a new house character with old things.

    Amandas inspiring blog post..No coffee needed!

  51. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says

    Oh yea, I’m so glad I made it over here before it was too late! I always forget about your Friday Link Love. I’m stuck on the couch, so I’m catching up on all my favorite blogs I’ve missed out on the past couple of weeks!

    Hope your moving stuff is going well:)

    Merry Christmas dear Melissa!!!!

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