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20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

by | Dec 18, 2008 | Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

You know how I love lists! Why? Because they slow me down and refocus my attention on all that is special in life. I love making my 20 Little Things lists because it takes the pressure off of being all fancy with amazing BIG ideas and BIG accomplishments.

That is the beauty of the little things in life. They are little. Manageable. Tiny moments. Easy to enjoy, but even easier to miss if we don’t take the time to notice. At first when I set out to write list of things to treasure, I am certain I don’t have 20 Little Things to Treasure about this season. But the wonder of these lists is I find out I have so much more to treasure than I even realize.

Go ahead, make your list! It is becoming a tradition. If you do make a list, you can link up to this post so others can make a things to treasure list if they would like to, and then add the link on Friday to Mr. Linky (I won’t overwhelm you with two Mr. Linkies in one week, once is enough for Mr. Linky). You don’t have to do a 20 Little Things post for Friday, all holiday posts are welcome. Hey, what are we going to do after Christmas? I’ll need ideas for Friday linkies! Let’s discuss! What should the Friday linkies be in January?

20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

(in no particular order!)
  1. Finding special little gifts for my kids because I love to surprise them. I {heart} my kids.
  2. Putting on Winston’s holiday sweater. He likes to be festive too.
  3. Piling in the car to go get our Christmas tree.
  4. Baking cookies with the kids and eating them. The cookies, I mean.
  5. Hoping for snow.
  6. The effort to get a traditional family Christmas photo.
  7. The smell of hot cranberry cider filling the air.
  8. The gifts kids make me at school. (Just one child left who still makes a holiday craft. SNIFF.)
  9. Watching Charlie Brown Christmas all wrapped up in blankets.
  10. Candlelight Christmas eve services and all the beautiful music.
  11. Christmas lights shining at night on neighborhood houses.
  12. Getting out the decorations and all the special memories.
  13. Thinking about the first Christmas and how Mary felt carrying baby Jesus.
  14. The days after Christmas when the rush is over and family can all relax together.
  15. Watching Christmas movies.
  16. Driving by “Rudolf” with the kids (lighted sign with deer with a red nose).
  17. Getting Christmas photos from friends.
  18. Christmas morning brunch and opening stockings.
  19. Realizing how very blessed we are and helping others to have a merrier Christmas.
  20. The few days before the holiday when I am overcome with emotion for what happened that first Christmas.

You know what I have been treasuring a lot this season? YOU! You all are the most encouraging supportive friends ever. {hugs}


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  1. Emily

    Thanks for this, Melissa. I’ve been in a slump lately and this is just the idea I needed to kickstart things again. I’ll have mine up soon. Maybe even before you’re awake on the West Coast :)

  2. Sandra Hersey

    Thanks for sharing this, how special it is! A great thing for all of us to do, think about the special meanings Christmas brings!
    Merry Christmas!

    Sandra Herseys inspiring blog post..Changing Your Way of Thinking

  3. anne

    Thank you so much Melissa..I really enjoy having you as a friend.

    I used to be like this..not anymore, Boys have left home, got their own families, and now my youngest son and his partner have split up, so no grandchildren coming…. it is just me and husband!!

    annes inspiring blog post..The Bernard Noble Sculpture Prize 2008…..

  4. Kristen

    I love reading your lists. And I’m glad it’s becoming tradition to share ours too! On a different note, I hope the packing and moving is going smoothly.

    Kristens inspiring blog post..The Year of the Colored Lights

  5. Jinx

    Oh, I can’t wait to work on my list tonight while the snow falls (we are expecting a doozy!)

    I’m so thankful I stumbled in here…everyone’s posts have been so inspiring & really gotten me back in the spirit after a rough couple of years.

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..A Faerie Crown

  6. Stacey

    I love your list and I’m going to make one…after my company leaves on Sunday. :)

    Next year, how about listing things we are doing to be healthy? That’s always a priority in the new year. How about ways to be kind and loving to people around us? Those aren’t decorating related but they are on my mind.

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Thank You Friends

  7. scrappy jessi

    hey there,

    super sweet.
    have a wonderful holiday seaon


  8. Kara

    Thank you for your list. I can only imagine what Mary felt like. I too become overwhelmed with emotion. It’s incredible.

    Karas inspiring blog post..I’m dreaming of a white….dress

  9. heather jane

    I would enjoy some tutorial links in January…what do you think about that? Is it too demanding?

    heather janes inspiring blog post..A Shadow of Doubt

  10. Karen

    These were absolutely beautiful!! I was so touched at everything you wrote and it really OPENED MY EYES to what’s really important and how fleeting CHILDHOOD is!

  11. Terri

    Great list Melissa. You’re right – the beauty of Christmas is in those little details. One of my favorite things is decorating the tree and re-discovering all those ornaments I forgot about. I also love gift giving.

    Hope all is well with you. Thoughts and prayers on your big move, Terri xo

    Terris inspiring blog post..Want

  12. Lorrie

    My list is up, but can’t find Mr. Linky. Or does he just show up on Friday?


  13. Melissa

    Mr. Linky will be on the blog Friday so if you want to link up to your lists, or any other holiday post, that is when he’ll be around!

    Thanks friends! :-)

  14. Lynn Mosher

    What a lovely list! I love everything on it. It is the little things that make Christmas so special. May we all remember the special reason we celebrate Christmas. May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas.

    Lynn Moshers inspiring blog post..The First Christmas Carol

  15. Julia

    It sounds like our family traditions are very similiar and that most of what you have listed would be on my list too. I am not a list person, but I might just have to start one. Reading your list has made me appreciate what I have right here and now. Thanks!


  16. Su ling

    Hi Melissa, love the list. Wishing you a very blessed Christmas!

  17. Maven

    I just love a good list – and I love yours Melissa! I’ll start thinking about mine now…

    Mavens inspiring blog post..It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…..

  18. Mrs darling

    Love the list and that pic of red and white christmas gifts. I love red and white. I should just wrap some boxes and set them around like that.

    Mrs darlings inspiring blog post..How to Schedule Homeschool Lessons

  19. Penny

    Hi Melissa,
    What a wonderful list! I have wonderful memories of my boys when they were little making Christmas cookies! And going to a tree farm to find the perfect tree.

    I have been taking a blog break…and will be back after Christmas, but wanted to take time to wish you a Merry and Bright Christmas! Don’t forget, I have two blogs now… (about my mosaics) and (about my home)…oh! and the Home Goods blog too :-).

  20. LuLu

    Great list, inspired me to sit and make my list watching CSI !!!
    Look forward to reading your blog everyday! just loving it.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Winter Room

  21. Kasey

    My favorite would be getting out the items that we made. I love my houses that my Mom hand painted.

    Kaseys inspiring blog post..Sincerely ‘Fro Me to You

  22. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. What a wonderful list you’ve made, and what inspiration it is to us all. I found my list to be a combination of priceless tangible things, special moments with loved ones, and reflections in peaceful solitude. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s list on Friday!

    As for things we could share with each other in the new year, perhaps one week we could speak to how we are going “green” in our homes — in an aesthetically pleasing way (read: home does not look like a recycling center!)? Another suggestion would be to list ways we are fostering healthy habits inside our homes, again in aesthetically pleasing ways. And yet another suggestion would be to emphasize how peace comes through organization, so we could share ways we are organizing our homes in order to achieve that peace and harmony.

    In the coming weeks and months, I’m looking forward to participating in and strengthening this community you’ve built over time! This is a wonderful community, thanks to you!


    Arleens inspiring blog post..Twenty Little Things to Treasure at Christmas

  23. kristin brancaleone

    Amen, sister! What a beautiful list. I especially love that almost everything on your list is cheap/free!!! Thank you for causing me to pause this morning and reflect over my own list.

    kristin brancaleones inspiring blog post..lush and “crunchy” bouquets!

  24. Patti

    I love this idea and your list! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  25. Sandra

    Thanks for reminding me of all the wonderthing things about the holidays :)

    Sandras inspiring blog post..My 25 things



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