Inspiring Idea:
Creative End Table with Storage

Inspiring Idea: <br>Creative End Table with Storage

Store your bulky out of season blankets or sweaters in a
metal trash can concealed by fabric.

This is a creative end table that makes
the most of every inch of space.


photo inspiration from: Southern Living

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  1. I LOVE it!

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  2. What a genius storage & nightstand solution indeed!

  3. How clever. I would of never thought to use a metal trash can.


    Kriss inspiring blog post..Polpetteclay PeaPod Fridge Magnets

  4. I have a laptop cart that is hideous looking…I need to do something like this to dress it up…thanks for the idea!

    Kathleens inspiring blog post..Summertime Favorites

  5. Beautiful clever idea!

  6. What a great idea!!

    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..Lush Silky Underwear & Dayspring Dishes

  7. I always love a good storage idea! :)

  8. Great idea for storage!!

    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests inspiring blog post..Creating a Welcoming Home for Spring!

  9. Fabulous! I love creative storage ideas. I might have to try this out sometime soon.

    Kristens inspiring blog post..A Haircut

  10. We’ve done this for years & love it. No one ever knows.

    duchesss inspiring blog post..Kentucky Derby Time

  11. That would be oh, so much better than my wobbly wooden leg
    tables that are always crooked or getting knocked over by the cats and dogs.

    Becky K.s inspiring blog post..If It Has Peanut Butter…

  12. Yes, my mother has been using old drums for this purpose and covering them with a tablecloth. I think the fabric makes all the difference AND the use of an actual table top of glass or wood as this one shows AND a container the correct height. Wonderful solution for those out-of-season clothes!

    Vees inspiring blog post..National Day of Prayer

  13. What a smart idea!

    Christis inspiring blog post..project procrastinators party

  14. i love it!

    Mois inspiring blog post..Moving…on.

  15. You can never have enough storage- great idea

  16. Oh dang! That’s brilliant!

    I have a metal trash can with Elmo painted on the sides. The kids are over Elmo but this would be a great use for it!


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  17. Gorgeous! I absolutely love it :)

    Angie @ The Creative Mamas inspiring blog post..Shabby Chic – distress for less.

  18. I love that idea! Of course that the picture shows red, black and yellow even makes me love it more!

  19. Wow! Thank you so much. The 20 happy things post was just what I needed to read and write about this week.

    Jen@ourdailybigtops inspiring blog post..where’s mom? (10 of 52)

  20. Genius! I love this idea, now if I could only remember where I stash my out of season items. That’s the tricky part!

    Ginas inspiring blog post..Works For Me Wednesday: Frabric Softener Alternative

  21. Oh, I love love love this idea! I’m wondering if you could use rectangular tubs or even tall laundry baskets if you were gonna put blankets in there… hhmmm… Thanks!

    Julies inspiring blog post..Well, I’m still here!

  22. Where do you get the wooden top? Would one of those tables with the screw-in legs work?

    • Melissa says

      You could use the top from one of those particle board tables! Those are useless underneath, I am loving the idea of the storage instead of those wobbly criss crossed panels underneath.

      I think you can also have a board cut just for this purpose.

  23. As an owner of a small home, who knows the importance of making everything functional, I think this is a FABULOUS idea!! Thanks for sharing!

    jennykates inspiring blog post..Thursday Thankfuls

  24. I LOVE this for my guest room! What a great idea….and thank YOU for sharing this! Pinky

    • Melissa says

      You are welcome, I am absolutely going to do this in our guest room because I never know where to put the SLEEPING BAGS! They take up too much room in a closet. Now I know where to put them!

  25. Wow, I think Oscar the Grouch would love this innovative new idea for a bedside storage table! You think?

  26. Over-the-top Brainy!! However, I take my antihistamine at bedtime (because it makes me sleepy) and you know sure as anything, I’d get up during the night to use the bathroom (in my drugged state), catch my big toe on the fabric and I’d bring the whole thing crashing down. lol

    Have a beautiful weekend, Melissa. Blessings… Polly

    Pollys inspiring blog post..Cottage Garage Sale

  27. Well, now that’s creative! I’m going to try to remember that for the future.


    Shannon @ Silver Trappingss inspiring blog post..

  28. Happy Mothers Day, Melissa!!

    Pats inspiring blog post..~A Tiny Break and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie~

  29. Hi there Jen
    First time here and have loved paging through. This is just pure genius, what an idea and we are always wanting space but more importantly storage, its funny this is something we never have enough of. Great blog hope to visit again soon

  30. Handy Mandy says

    How ironic to see this here. Just today I was searching for teen boy room ideas. I saw a great room with an urban city theme. There was one of these cans used as a laundry hamper! I love the look of it not covered (for a teens room). Instead of a luandy basket I could use it as a bed side table. But what about the handle on the lid? Maybe they unscrew! How cute to add a piece of glass on top too? Then I could put extra blankets in at as well. ;)

  31. I typed my address wrong above.

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