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Medical Emergencies
& Other Random Blogging Tidbits

by | Jul 18, 2009 | Authentic Living

Medical Emergencies <br>& Other Random Blogging Tidbits

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T hose of you on Twitter and Facebook (add me! may have already heard bits and pieces about my unplanned emergency (and life-threatening!) surgery a couple of days ago! Thank you for all the well wishes, concern and prayers. I am starting my road to recovery and all will be fine. No worries, I won’t mess up the front page of my blog with stories of blood and gore and turn The Inspired Room into the chronicles of my surgery.

But for those inquiring minds who would like to know more, you’ll be able to follow along with all sorts of personal ups and downs via another new channel at The Inspired Room. INSPIRED! will be a collection of personal anecdotes, behind the scenes stories, and other randomness right here with a click of a button, anytime you’d like to read more.

Like our new DIY channel, INSPIRED! will be separate from the main front page of the blog but still accessible right here for any one is interested. For instance, I’ll use that INSPIRED! channel to post the crazy story of the past week as well as other behind the scenes topics of life as randomness pops into my head. I think it will be really useful and fun to have. Just keep your eyes peeled here for the new buttons linking you to the new categories which will appear in the side bar very soon.

Blogging coberetly (ha, yes, that is how I spelled it — drug induced typo, of course) on oxycodone is a bit difficult if not downright impossible, so if none of this makes sense, it will soon enough. The Inspired Room will  continue on as usual, but keep your eye out for all the new fun behind the scenes posts, DIY ideas and fantabulous stuff coming soon! First up will be the life threatening tale of my week, stay tuned! Right now, I’m dozing off.


  1. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. Glad to know you’re home and I hope you have a speedy and full recovery! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Decorating in White Elegance

  2. Richella

    Oh, bless your heart. “Blogging coberetly on Oxycodone. . . ” I think you meant “coherently,” and the fact that you can come that close to the correct spelling when you’re taking that drug puts you into the amazing category! People in my family who’ve had to take oxycodone in the past year can barely hold their heads up or pronounce their own names. You’re doing great!

    I’m so glad you’re on the mend. Your place here is one of such rest and inspiration. I pray that you’re 100% healed very soon. God bless you!

    Richellas inspiring blog post..Easy summertime treat

    • Melissa

      so funny, i’m leaving that one in there! it is hard to see straight on this stuff! LOL! Hold on to your hats, the next week could be pretty silly around here!

      thanks for the well wishes, xoxo

  3. Lorrie

    Oh Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear about your medical emergency, but very happy that you are on the mend.

    Prayers and blessings,

  4. Debbie

    Melissa, so sorry to hear that you needed emergency surgery! I will pray for a complete healing for you. Even though you’re on pain meds, glad to see you could get to write a post. I look forward to the new channels too.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ To God Be The Glory

  5. Teresa

    Holy cow girl- I go away for a few days, to paint of all things and something like this happens =)
    I hope you are being well taken care of.

  6. janice

    Like Teresa, I’ve had a few days away and haven’t gone near Twitter either so this is the first I’ve heard. I hope you make a full recovery and give yourself plenty of rest and the chance to heal. I’d send a hug, but I don’t know yet what kind of surgery it was! Take care. We need you to brighten our days and our homes!

    janice | Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..Holidaying at Home: The East Neuk of Fife

  7. Julie

    God bless. If it isn’t one thing it’s 5-6 others, but this is just a bit toooooooooooooo much. Please be a good patient so you will heal completly and quickly. May your family be wonderful caregivers. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. Astrid

    I hope you’re okay! I’m not sure why you had to have the surgery but please do allow yourself time to heal. It seems I know more people who push themselves too hard after a surgery and then land themselves right back in the doctor’s office!

    I love reading your blog…silliness and all. ;)

    Astrids inspiring blog post..* Finding a Prince & Feeding the Paupers

  9. TidyMom

    Get lots of rest and get your sweet self better real soon!!
    I can’t wait to her what happened!

    Take Care!

    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..Whooo hooooo!

  10. Hope

    I have not been on twitter or facebook for awhile. I needed to cut back. Went through a little withdrawal at first but my family and time spent with them was more important than twitter time. So with that being said, I had not heard about your surgery. Will be praying.

    Hope @ The Queen Of Res inspiring blog post..Creative Day

  11. Janet

    Sounds like you are on the mend already. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Janets inspiring blog post..Stop, Stop, Stop It!!

  12. Claudia

    Years ago, I used to play Spades (a card game) on line with people all over the world. We had a weekly night that we met, played the game but mostly learned to love and adore one another. One week, one of our favorites didnt show. (oh well, we thought, life happens now and then.)

    Then 2 weeks passed and so on. We found out months later that our dear friend had passed away. I was saddened to the depths, amazed how connected we all had become.

    Loosing a dear friend; one that we referr to daily like you would be so hard. I think all of us in Blog land– need to put some one in charge of posting some sort of note for us should one of these days come.

    I know this is being a bit dramatic, but when I read that you had a medical issue, I really thought how thankful I am that you could come (drug enduced and all) and let us know you are ok.

    We all need an “in case of emergency” blogger …. :)

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

    [email protected] inspiring blog post..Hydrangea

  13. Candace

    (Gasp), you used the word “fantabulous” and I hope that’s how you feel sooner than later! Glad the doctors were able to treat you quickly and hopefully remedy the underlying problem. Isn’t modern medicine amazing? Well, I am off to the most inspiring house – God’s!

    Have a happy week! (I guess that won’t be difficult with those drugs in your system.)


    Candace @ our little lifes inspiring blog post..Count your Blessings, Name them one by one

  14. lylah ledner

    So glad you’re on the mend woman! You’re awfully funny on drugs -not that you weren’t before – but. . . .

    Can’t wait to see what God does through all this as you are even moreso – Inspired!

    Blessings – and I’m carrying you in my heart during these crazy times…truly, I am. Lylah

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..Window Gardening

  15. @TraciKnoppe

    Bless your heart girl! Glad you’re home and on the mend!!

  16. Mary

    From one who has been on the mend for several weeks also just want to encourage you to take it easy- I have been sitting here thinking of all the projects I had planned for these past 3 weeks – it is hard and I am preaching to the choir here- I got out yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks and overdid it and am paying for it today- so take it slow friend ! So glad you will be ok- we need your inspiration and beauty that you bring! Will be praying for you!


    Marys inspiring blog post..I just cannot pass up a great Giveaway! Here’s 4 more!

  17. Shilo

    So sorry to hear about your emergency surgery! I will say a prayer for your recovery and also be asking God to provide for the medical expenses! Blessings…be sure to rest well and recover fully!

    Shilos inspiring blog post..I Should…

  18. Beverly

    Take good care of yourself, dear friend. I will be busy praying for your speedy return to good health.

    I’m intrigued by your upcoming changes.

    Beverlys inspiring blog post..Rock Of Ages

  19. Vee

    Oh dear heavens! I had no idea. This is probably okay as I don’t worry well. I worry too well. Something. Anyway, my dear Melissa, you just slip down into that cozy little world of yours and let everyone take especially good care of you as I know they will. Sending a gentle hug and lots of prayers.

  20. Pearl Maple

    Glad to hear you are on the mend, are’nt we lucky to live in an era with talented doctors that can patch all kinds of things.

    Looking forward to seeing the new blog additions and events.

    Pearl Maples inspiring blog post..Festival of Postcards

  21. Violet

    Melissa, May God bless you and may you recover wonderfully!
    I look forward to reading the ‘Inspired’ posts and be able to keep up with you on a more personal note. Take it easy… rest and relax and heal. xoxo ~ Violet

  22. Deborah Milne

    Melissa I ‘m afraid I’m behind the times as well. So very sorry for your medical emergency/surgery. I am praying too for a speedy & full recovery for you. Take it easy as we will all patiently wait for you. Just be well.
    xxx deb

  23. Kathy

    Oh goodness! So sorry about your emergency but glad you are home now and recovering. I will be praying for a quick recovery and no complications.

    Kathys inspiring blog post..

  24. Tamara

    I’m excited about the new channel but……what happened? Are you alright? Didn’t your mother ever tell you to never use drugs while blogging?! Just kidding :)

    Tamaras inspiring blog post..What a Difference a Recession Makes

  25. Nicky

    God’s best to you as you recuperate. God is indeed good and I’m glad that life-threatening emergency met its match in Him.


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