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Something Brand New
on The Inspired Room!

by | Jul 9, 2009 | blogging, Creative Inspiration & Projects

Something Brand New <br>on The Inspired Room!
O k, super duper excited about this! This has been in the dreaming stage for quite awhile now, but this week I finally got things underway to make my new idea possible! I think will be a fun and helpful new addition to all home-lovers like us. So what is this new idea?

I *should* wait to tell you about it until I have all the buttons set up and things looking pretty, but I thought I’d tell ya anyway in case you want to be a part of it from day one. It will be a slow work in progressso bear with me. I’m impulsive — I announce things and then I create them. Gah.

Here is the scoop, The Inspired Room will feature several channels (i.e. categories) dedicated to the various aspects of creating a beautiful life and home on a budget.  No, it won’t be a magazine and my main blog format is not really changing at all. And NONE of this is visible yet, ALL WILL BE REVEALED SOON!

The front page will still my my same old blog and content, just like it has always been, just with more specific channels available if you would like to check them out.

There will be subscription options in case you do not want to subscribe to all of the categories.  Or, you can get it all. Whatever strikes your fancy. More on those options later. No need to worry, if you don’t want all the new features this blog can stay pretty much the same for you. It will all make sense soon enough!

Now, here is the best part. YOU can be a part of this in more ways than just reading and being inspired by these new channels. YOU can be a guest contributor!  I have always enjoyed supporting and introducing other women through my blog by including guest posts and this will just give me more opportunities to share your awesomeness and introduce readers to YOU.

One of the first channels I am starting up is The Inspired Room DIY channel. I will be accepting guest posts from readers who have a helpful DIY home decorating or remodeling tip, idea or tutorial to share. You do not have to have a blog to be a contributor! I will continue to contribute my own ideas and tips as well.

Something Brand New <br>on The Inspired Room!

So how do YOU contribute?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. For now, I have set up an email address for DIY posts. Please DO NOT send them to any other email address except for this one. DIY [dot] inspired [at] gmail [dot] com.

2. Simply attach clear DIY (do it yourself, as opposed to hiring someone else or buying something ready made!) photos (please make them 500 pixels wide) and send your DIY tips in article form within the body of the email. Be sure to let me know how you want me to identify you in the byline of the article (i.e. post submitted by Melissa from The Inspired Room or post submitted by Melissa Michaels). You can give me a link to your blog or site if you want to. I will give you credit and link back.

Posts can funny or serious in tone, whatever is your own natural style. You can send them anytime, starting now.

If you have already blogged about your DIY tips (that is fine), give me the permalink(s) directly to where you shared your tips on your own blog and I can find them there to create your guest post. You can send lots of them if you want, there is not a limit.

3. You MUST state in the email that I have permission to share the tips and the photos in your guest post. You will be credited. If your DIY tips are approved, your post will be published in the DIY channel and that channel will be linked from my main blog. I cannot guarantee I will use every submission or WHEN they will be posted — posts are approved and published at my discretion. These are guest posts and not paid posts at this time.

Posts or ideas don’t have to be magazine worthy, this is all about REAL LIFE DIY. Just keep posts and images in general good quality and taste and please proof read your submission! I don’t have time for a lot of editing!

So, go ahead and send in your posts or links anytime and then watch The Inspired Room for our new channels to start emerging! Yeah, I am totally making this up as I go along so pardon the dust as things get going! He heh, I am a crazy blogger.

PS. For those of you who wanted to subscribe to be able to see the secret codes for giveaways but do not have a blog reader, did you know you can subscribe by email? All you have to do is click here! Easy peasy! I cracked up over your emails trying to find that code…we’ll do more subscriber-only fun stuff in the future! Watch for it! And watch for the new channels and how to subscribe to them, coming in the near future!

Thanks for listening to my new idea and I hope you’ll be my guest very soon!

Confused? Feel free to ask questions and we can figure this out. Or, just sit back and wait for it all to be revealed!

creative space photo inspiration: Country Living


  1. Julia

    Wow, Melissa, you are so ambitious! Looking forward to seeing these new channels and what you do with them.

    P.S. No “Beautiful Life” party today?

    • Melissa

      Ha, Julia, coming from you who started a whole separate blog, I feel like I am a SLACKER!!! :-)

      Beautiful Life post coming, accidentally got this out first.

    • Melissa

      Thanks Kara, me too (can’t wait to see it myself, ha)!

    • Melissa

      Thanks AnNicole! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! I think it will be fun to share the DIY ideas. Blogland is brilliant.

    • Melissa

      thank you cristin!

  2. Julie

    I don’t really have anything to contribute to DIY, but love the sounds of all that you have planned, and I thought you had it perfect as it is. :) Many Thanks.

    • Melissa

      Aw, thanks Julie. I think it will be fun!

  3. Sara

    this is fabulous! TONS of diy in one spot :)

    Sara @ Be Still and Knows inspiring blog portraits

  4. Arleen

    Hi Melissa. Sounds interesting, and what fun to make an announcement that’s been in the works for so long! ~Arleen

    Arleen @ Seasons for All at Homes inspiring blog post..Decorating in Shabby Chic

  5. Angela

    I am so interested in seeing how this new idea will work — I would love to participate! Thanks for all of your wonderful ideas.

    Angela @ ImagineCozys inspiring blog post..A Clock Makes a Great Accessory

  6. nel

    Congratulations Melissa, how exciting! It sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to see all the great contributions that I’m sure will come rushing in. Good luck!!

  7. janice

    What a great idea! Too early in the day for me to figure out what to send in, but it’ll be fun figuring it out. Great to see you using the threaded comments, too – they’ll work really well over here!

    janice | Sharing the Journeys inspiring blog post..How to Breathe Life Into Your Writing

  8. Chele

    I will definitely be there to support it! Don’t know about giving any ideas. I’m not good like that. But these kind of things keep me inspired to try! Thank you! It sounds like so much fun!!! :)

    Cheles inspiring blog post..Thirsty Thursday – Gentleness

  9. TidyMom

    Melissa this sounds like SO much fun!! I can’t wait to see!!
    Have a fantastic weekend!


    TidyMoms inspiring blog post..Last day of "12"

  10. Gina

    Hi Melissa!

    I blog a tutorial on DIY projects at least twice a week (and sometimes more) so I can’t wait to see other people’s projects and ideas. I’m sooooo excited for you & for all your readers!

    Many hugs,

    Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottages inspiring blog post..Hooked on stenciling

  11. Shabby chic furniture

    Good luck with all your new ideas!

  12. jodi

    so excited to see this! I need all the decor DIY help I can get! :)

    jodis inspiring blog post..WFMW – Read More

  13. Katie

    This is awesome, Melissa! I just found your blog and I can’t wait to see all these DIY posts! Love it!!

    Katies inspiring blog post..Inspired by…

  14. Puna

    Exciting! hmmm….I wonder if I can apply to be a guest blogger. I’ll have to think of something…

    Punas inspiring blog post..I’m Hooked on Boat Houses

  15. Janet

    Fun! I can ‘t wait. Need to work on some new DIY stuff.

    Janets inspiring blog post..Fallen Princesses

  16. Candace

    Whoo-hooo! You’re excitement is contagious! Can’t wait for all the fun to start – thanks for providing us with so much “realness.”

  17. teresa

    You are one creative lady! How totally fun. It will be fantastic to come to one site and find tons of DIY ideas!
    Oh, Happy Day!

    teresas inspiring blog post..Sensible Chic

  18. Sarah Bradford-Burton

    Hi Melissa,
    What a cool idea! I just found out about your DIY budget idea, and I came here to share what I am doing over the next few weeks myself. It’s a budget-type blog party creating an outdoor garden room with a tent or gazebo -ish structure. Hope you get a chance to check it out.
    I will definitely send you some of my latest projects! How fun is that. I love sharing, that’s what blogging is all about right?
    I’m still working on my article for Blissful Home, as I get a bit distracted with my blog.
    Hope you get a chance to join my party…sounds like you’re awfully busy!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  19. DebbieW

    My dear Melissa,

    You, my friend, are a DYNAMO!!! Do you get a chance to sleep, or is your mind constantly thinking up new ideas? I just LOVE how you get an idea and then you run with it. That is the only way that we can ever be successful!

    Best of luck with your latest project!

    Love you,

    DebbieWs inspiring blog post..Solitude/Loneliness

  20. Amanda

    I may have missed this part, but how long are you accpeting emails for this? I have sseveral projects that are *alomst done… but I need a little time! :)

    [email protected]

    God bless!

    Amandas inspiring blog post..An Heirloom For Audrey

  21. muralimanohar

    Okay, this is going to be AWESOME!! Though, it’s not like I already don’t have a MILLION different tutorials already to try “someday”….but you can never have too much inspiration, can ya!? :p

    muralimanohars inspiring blog post..Pictures and Words…

  22. Kathy

    You are always improving The Inspired Room! I love coming to see what great new ideas or inspirations you are offering:>)

    Kathys inspiring blog post..While the cat’s away

  23. Alyce

    Melissa, what a fantastic idea. I am looking forward to it. I am not as creative and crafty as I’d like to be, so I guess I shouldn’t contribute. I do like to “steal” ideas though. I am working on a table skirt in my utility room..can’t wait to get it done. I loved the post you had on the porch, I believe it was your friends. I had a little white table on my front porch between 2 white chairs, so last night I painted the table a pistachio green. Its pretty, but I need some work on my spray painting skills. Getting ready to make a “room” for the kids on the side of the porch too! Keep the ideas coming..they’re great!

    Alyces inspiring blog post..Squash Fritters



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