Befores & Afters:
WOW! Budget Makeovers

Befores & Afters: <br>WOW! Budget Makeovers

Whether it is as simple as an updated paint job or an ingenious and clever way to conceal a flaw, I love that you can make a room or window or feature look entirely different and more than acceptable without a big fat wad of cash and an expensive contractor.

I did a lot of these kinds of makeovers (what I call “creative concealments”) at my old house. I was excited to see some great before and after examples over at Country Living (designer, the fabulous Eddie Ross). Let’s take a peek!

Befores & Afters: <br>WOW! Budget Makeovers


There are times when a clean coat of white paint (see my favorite antique white here) is the perfect solution to a dated room or less than stellar design.

Where white may have been considered boring or not very daring in years past, now it is oh-so-chic to have a soft, non jarring backdrop.

Instead of highlighting every unspectacular or dated feature in a room with bold colors and contrasting trim (see above BEFORE photo), blur the dated or less than quality parts of the room into a chic space with one color for trim and walls.

Here Eddie Ross used Decorator’s White from Benjamin Moore and highlighted only the back of the bookshelves with Skylark Song from Benjamin Moore. A very effective choice!

Befores & Afters: <br>WOW! Budget Makeovers

I’ve shown a few other cleverly disguised windows on The Inspired Room, and this is another great example. This window was large and showed off a nice private and green view, but the peak really dated the room.

By simply sheet rocking over the peak inside and putting cedar planks outside, this window was brought into the modern day for only $175. The view and the window was salvaged!

Befores & Afters: <br>WOW! Budget Makeovers

Isn’t it lovely? You’d never guess they didn’t spend a fortune on a new window. Love creative concealments!

And while we are ooh’ing and ahh’ing over the creatively concealed window, check out their new furniture and decor. It made an amazing difference and was all done on a modest budget! Grosgrain ribbon glue gunned to a Homegoods lamp. Blue toile furniture? All three pieces $225, thrift store.

Want to see more? Check out Country Living and Eddie Ross!


  1. gorgeous makeovers!

  2. What a nice improvement!

  3. Wow – Love it!

  4. Allison Walker says


  5. Oh, Eddie makes me squeal with delight! I get to go antiquing with him in September and I just cannot wait! These are wonderful projects.

  6. Love the painted backs on the bookcases!!

  7. Lately I’ve fallen hard for blue and boys called Eddie.

  8. Amazing difference! That yellow was dreadful.

  9. What an amazing transformation… I loved reading it in the magazine and seeing it again here. Love those colors…

  10. I love that furniture! Our thrift stores never have anything that great.

  11. Wow that is some makeover you have featurede
    The place is unrecognisable.

  12. Cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that first room no longer exsists! :) Be well, The Hostess

  13. Funny…I’ve been opposed to white walls for a long time (I felt I was living in a sanitarium) but now I’m warming up to the bright clean look of it. Beautiful transformation!

  14. I also love the transformation. Also wonder what the new white curtains are made of?

  15. Thank you so much for such a sweet post! Great blog!


  16. wow. what a world of difference!!!

  17. I love blue and white at the best of times, but it’s worked really well here. I can tell they went for seaside freshness with the crab cushion, starfish, coral and fireside shell, but it’s the touches of pink that make it sparkle.

  18. I follow Eddie’s blog too and he is terrific! Love this amazing transformation! It is amazing what a simple can of paint can do for a room! Thanks for showing us all that we don’t have to have tons of money to make our homes looks great! Pinky

  19. Amazing! I love things that get the creative juices flowing!

  20. I love love love the new painted bookshelves. Just stunning!

    And the little pops of hot pink against the blue/white?! I could never pull that off, but it totally works.

  21. Benjamin Moore’s Decorator White is my favorite color paint. I used it for all my trim, doors, closet interiors, and for one of my bathrooms. I also used it to paint the walls and cabinets in my small “blue and white” kitchen. It is a white that goes beautifully with blue and other cool colors. It’s a perfect foil to the blue kitchen accessories and antiques that I have collect over the years. I found it too bright for my living room, but I love having it elsewhere in my home.

  22. Ivory Pearl Interiors says

    What a change! It’s so much better now. I love it.

  23. WOW… what a difference some paint can make. Gorgeous!

  24. What a dramatic transformation! Of course, with that yellow paint, you couldn’t have had anything less! Just goes to show that editing, simplifying, and unifying are the keys to good design.

  25. Love the white and blue bookcases. Gorgeous!

  26. What a BEAUTY!! I have always loved blue and white and this room is truly classic. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  27. This post confirms the power of paint and color selection. Gorgeous!

  28. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of pain and new, fresh decor can do to a room. It looks so much more inviting and relaxed.

  29. I’ve been a renter for many years and have grown to love the color white. It’s clean and crisp.

  30. now that we are looking for a new house we see a lot of ‘before’ pictures. browsing at blogs like this make me feel that ‘anything’ is doable, even within a budget.


  31. So inspiring!

  32. Before – Granny
    After – Thoroughly modern and serene.

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