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Sweet Dreams:
Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom

by | Sep 30, 2009 | Bedrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Sweet Dreams: <br> Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom
My husband and I don’t get to go away too often over night. While staying at a quaint B&B always sounds romantic and fun, it just isn’t in our budget outside of a special anniversary. And with kids, getting away is definitely more of a challenge. One thing that has always been important to us is that we create a haven from the world right in our own home.

We decided early on in our marriage that most of the time, we’d rather spend $200 on something lovely for our home than spend $200 for one night away. Not to say we don’t like to get away, but we like to balance time away with creating a wonderful life right under our own roof! Since  we value our marriage and want to make sure that we “get away” from it all at times, we pay special attention to filling our home and especially our bedroom with special things that give us the Bed & Breakfast feel every day.

How can you get the look of a charming
Bed & Breakfast in your own bedroom?

1. Grab & Box Technique.

Let’s start at the beginning. If your room is overrun by toys, electronics and piles of laundry, it most certainly won’t feel like a bed & breakfast! That is pretty obvious, no clutter allowed! But if you have trouble keeping your room clutter free, here is my realistic suggestion (which you may have heard me talk about before!) for a quick solution: at the end of the day, right before dinner if you can manage it, do the grab & box technique.

Take a big box or laundry basket and gather up all the stray stuff that has made its way to your room and set it “somewhere else.” While you will still have the basket to deal with later, at least your room will feel clean and ready to unwind in at the end of a long day! I would prefer to have my room perfect and clutter free at all times, but at the very least it should be tidy when we want to retreat there in the evening!

2. Cleanliness.

Next, focus on cleaning. Who would go to a Bed & Breakfast if they choked on dust every time they entered the room? Even if you have animals, like we do, you can at least try to keep the dog hair off your bedding. We would never let Winston lay directly on our bed. Way too icky of a thought for me! We have a dog blanket to put out if he wants to be on the bed (my husband lets him up there, I would never do that!). When we want a clean bed, we whisk off his blanket! Keeping a room free of dust isn’t easy, but running a quick rag over your nightstands and lamps and vacuuming the room will go a long way to making things feel more like a B&B.

Sweet Dreams: <br> Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom

3. Quality.

One thing I feel is a must for obtaining the B&B feel is quality bedding. I do not like scratchy sheets. Fluffy pillows and good quality sheets on my bed are important to that B&B ambience. I have mentioned this before but I only have one set of sheets! I know that must sound terrible to those of you who love having options, but I just have one quality set. Not expensive, but just good quality! Better one quality set than a bunch of cheap sheets!

4. Layers of warmth.

When I picture a quaint B&B, I picture layers of warmth. Curtains with bamboo shades or shutters underneath. Big pillow shams and decorator pillows on the bed. Pretty bedskirts and a cozy throw over a chair. A fireplace, candles or glowing lampshades. The feeling of a warm nest is essential to that B&B feeling, especially in the fall! I love the chill in the air when I have a cozy bedroom to curl up in!

5. Peace & Quiet.

A B&B ambience requires peace & quiet. Lots of fabric and rugs will make you feel like you can settle in for a peaceful night. Without enough softness, a bedroom feels loud and uncomfortable. A TV can be questionable to me, seeing and hearing a TV ruins the whole ambience of my B&B ideal. I’d like to see piles of books on the nightstands instead! If a TV is a part of the mix, I would at least like it to be hidden or inconspicuous. A TV can be fine in a bedroom as long as its purpose is to enjoy an occasional movie and not the evening news or sporting event. But that is just me.

Sweet Dreams: <br> Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom

6. Indulge your senses.

Think about the scent of the room, the feel of the fabrics, the surrounding sounds and the beautiful colors of the room. Your impression of the room when you walk in is greatly affected by the senses, so pay special attention to making the room appealing on all levels. I love a really good smelling linen spray to freshen up sheets and give the whole room a delicious scent. Think about the colors you use and what mood you are trying to create. Try to add as many textures to the room as you can. Add glass for visual sparkle and blankets for pulling up around you.

7. Pack your bags!

I like the idea of staying in a B&B every night. More often than not though during the fall and winter, I am falling asleep in my flannel pjs and warm socks. Not exactly a romantic look. But if you really want to play up the feeling of a special night away, pack a bag of special overnight clothes! Most of us think more about what we wear out to dinner than we do about what we wear to bed. Surprise your husband some night by opening a suitcase packed with something other than your cartoon faced tee shirt! That would really add to the B&B ambience now, wouldn’t it?

8. Breakfast in bed ambience.

For the longest time I have wanted a breakfast in bed tray. The last one I had I ended up giving to a friend. Keep your eyes peeled for one at a garage sale or discount store. If you are planning a special “B&B night” with your hubby, you could set out some muffins and big coffee mugs on a tray, and set your coffee pot to turn on in the morning so you’ll wake up to the scent of coffee wafting through the air! Just like a B&B!

9. Make it a true getaway!

In order to capture the true essence of a B&B, I am probably one of those rare people who would rather not have many family photos in my room. Not because I don’t love my kids or parents or nieces and nephews or great grandparents, but because I try to conjure up the feeling of a true getaway in my bedroom. Where would I go that I would see 30 pairs of eyes staring at me in the darkness when I was relaxing in bed?

I like my family photos in the hallway where I can smile back at them every time I walk by. Again, that might just be me. I try to select artwork and accessories that remind me of true getaways in my life. I like to have pencil art from places my husband and I have been!

Sweet Dreams: <br> Creating a B&B in Your Own Bedroom
from my old house

10. Lock the door.

I know I am getting all controversial by saying I don’t want too many family photos in my bedroom and now I am going to tell you I like to have a lock on my door to keep my kids out. Here is my thought…you cannot have a true getaway if you are going to allow your door to be open all evening long. Even if you are just enjoying a good book you deserve a place in your home where you can enjoy a few moments of peace away from the hustle and bustle of your home.

If you do not have a lock, I would encourage you to teach your kids about knocking on doors and waiting until you have been invited in before entering. And even better, if you have kids old enough to read, make a sign for your door that reminds them that you are having a few moments to yourself. I know that isn’t really an option when kids are tiny, but once they enter grade school you can definitely expect them to respect your privacy for a short while each day. It is important for your sanity, so don’t feel guilty about having your own B&B escape right in your own home!

What would your dream B&B look like?


The Inn at Perry Cabin, [from their website] “a luxurious manor house resort and spa, is located in the Victorian resort town of St. Michaels on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Steeped in history, this colonial mansion exudes calm and elegance, the perfect hideaway.” Don’t you wish your home could be described like that!? I’d definitely stay at this resort if I could! It looks positively dreamy!


  1. Robin All Things Heart and Home

    Really my ideal would change with every season. Right now: warm pumpkin oranges, brick reds, browns on the bed. In scrumptious layers. A fireplace, which we’re blessed to have in the bedroom. A quiet weekend with nothing to do but lounge!
    Enjoy your Wednesday~
    All Things Heart and Home
    .-= Robin All Things Heart and Home´s last blog ..~Autumn Nesting with Heirloom Pumpkins~ =-.

  2. Christina

    I have been dying to transform our bedroom into a romantic, relaxing getaway. Right now, it’s just a place we sleep at night, and that’s it. So depressing! When I think about what I would like for my bedroom, I picture light, relaxing colors, such as blue and white, with flowing curtains that let in the breeze.
    .-= Christina´s last blog ..Online Resources for Fall Activities =-.

  3. leslie

    Pick a relaxing color scheme… Ours is a deep plum- love it.
    Glad to get a chance to win such a great pillow- My husband can never find one he likes- maybe this is the one… :)
    .-= leslie´s last blog ..zoo =-.

  4. Marjorie

    When we were travelling in Britain we stayed at many cozy B&Bs and one thing we loved was that almost every room had a supply of tea, two cups, and an electric tea kettle. When we got home I found an inexpensive kettle that fit neatly in a drawer, a decorative tray, cups and saucers and basket to hold special teas for an afternoon in room treat. Guests love it and it would be nice in a bedroom as well.
    .-= Marjorie´s last blog ..Ootheca =-.

  5. Jennifer Clause

    My ideal would be to have a bedroom stimulated all the senses…sights that make you think of memories that you and your husband shared, smells that relax you, hearing music that you love, having a comfy chair to read, knit or just sit and think with soft afghans to wrap up in and nothing to do!

    Love to win the pillow….

  6. Lindsey O.

    The little extra touches at some B&B’s or getaway places, like slippers and a robe and chocolates are what make it so inviting and relaxing so I think those things should be readily available in bedrooms! Well maybe we can’t all have chocolate on our bedside tables…. :) Also there isn’t all that junk everywhere at a B&B. Vanities, nightstands and dressers should have minimal items on them. Stuff can be put away in closets or bathrooms or drawers. No need to have to stare at it all! I think a truly relaxing bedroom is one where there aren’t tvs, phones or laptops. We had the tv out of our room for a while and we got better sleep than we ever have before! I don’t recall why my husband brought it back in… :)

  7. Annie

    I am trying to keep our bedroom as a haven too. So, I have warm colors, yummy plush pillows and a great big bed. I agree with your photo rule too with one exception. I have posted pics of hubby and me captured when we were kissing or dancing. Just romantic photos of us to remind us that we are a couple first and mom and dad later!
    .-= Annie @ astonesthrowfrominsanity´s last blog ..There is Tall Man =-.

  8. Thirkellgirl

    We’ve never had a tv in our bedroom (although the older we get, falling asleep in bed watching tv instead of on the sofa sounds better and better…lol) and we do have candles everywhere. The glow of tealights in pretty mercury-glass holders instantly romanticizes the room. And I am fanatical about keeping clutter out of our bedroom. Our room is tiny, only 10X10, but it’s a very classy looking space, with well-polished woods and glittering mirrors in pretty frames.

  9. Emily

    It would have hardwood floors, a high bed with lots of fluffy white linens… and definitely a fireplace.
    .-= Emily @ Little Home´s last blog ..Food Thoughts =-.

  10. Tracy

    It would have wonderful smelling candles, luxurious bedding, maybe a chandelier on a dimmer, good things to read, a carafe of something to drink on the bedside table and chocolates are never a bad idea.

  11. suzanne

    I need to work harder at making our bedroom special…and start with uncluttering. Thanks for the inspiration. I think a vase of flowers is nice, too. Mostly clean, comfy, with a few special touches and I would love to move the tv out……

    .-= suzanne´s last blog ..Chubby Hubby Cookies…….worth the effort!! =-.

  12. Natalie

    What excellent tips, thanks!
    I like your ideas about layering textures and using shams and bed skirts to dress up your room. I’ve tried that in our Master and it makes all the difference in the world!
    My dream bedroom would be HUGE and have a section with a fireplace and a loveseat for the hubs and I to cuddle up on together on a chilly fall evening :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    .-= Natalie´s last blog ..Yard Saling =-.

  13. Caroline

    I think seasonal fresh flowers add such peace and calmness to a room.

  14. Astrid

    I’ve been in a few B&B’s lately…and one wasn’t quite the B&B you’re thinking of! LOL! It was more like a motel room…but I appreciated it anyway.

    I think having my bedroom free of clutter is important. I don’t like having toys and junk all over the place. I also painted my room a soothing dark grayish green- it’s far more soothing to my eyes than stark white.

    Another B&B we went to had a beautiful garden & grounds with it with lots of interesting artifacts to look at. It was really rustic but just beautiful.
    .-= Astrid´s last blog ..Sewing Attempt #1: Pillow Cover =-.

  15. Karen

    When I lived in State College, I rented out my room for home football weekends. I removed all personal stuff from the room such as clothes from the dressers. I hung my sheets out on the line to dry. There is nothing in the world like the smell of sheets which have been dried on the clothes line. I always had a vase of fresh flowers. In addition to nice bed linens, I had big fluffy towels in the bath.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD =-.

  16. Pat

    Good morning, Melissa!

    What a beautiful post!

    We are working on a little redo of our master suite. Hopefully, it will have the feel of a B&B, when finished. Lots of light colors. New paint, no more gold walls. Painted furniture and layers of soft fabrics, including a comfy cozy new chair and ottoman. That’s what we are waiting for. When the chair is delivered we should have the room finished. It already feels wonderful, though.

    Hope all is well with you!

  17. Gina

    I’ve been to quite a few B&B in the past years and LOVE them. There is something so special about them and you have given us all the ideas to create this atmosphere at home. I would love to paint our walls first. Right now they are just an off white and there is only one thing on the wall above the bed. I would love to have long flowing curtains, a layered (high) bed, candles, and a nice scent like one of the linen sprays you talked about. I really need to warm up the space. Thanks for all the ideas Melissa.

  18. Adrienne S

    We have been married 14 years and this was the year I decided to do our bedroom. We have never decorated our bedroom. I have slowly been adding colors and layers and pillows. Lot so pillows. IT is amazing what a calm,cohesive bedroom can do to a relationship!

  19. Lori

    My husband and I are both avid readers, and had stacks of books-in-waiting by our beds. Recently, I purchased two inexpensive open baskets to sit by each side of the bed to contain the books. It looks much more inviting, a mini-library for each of us!
    Thanks for these ideas and all your inspirational posts!

  20. Layla

    Now you’ve REALLY got me itchin’ to start working on our Master Bedroom! Would you believe there’s a concrete floor in there right now!? Oh, and it’s got yellow and white paint splattered all over it….yeah, let’s just say the room has a Looooong way to go. :-)

    .-= Layla´s last blog ..Savoie Faire Photography Giveaway! =-.

  21. The Blushing Hostess

    Fabulous. If only I could lock the door – can you do one for wives whose husbands are always deployed on on their own with toddlers in new places :)) I love the serenity of the blues in that first space.
    .-= The Blushing Hostess´s last blog ..San Lori Reader Giveaway for Blushing Followers =-.

  22. rachel

    ooh- i love nice linens! i signed up for the newsletter, and the pillows & linens sound wonderful.
    we are in the process of renovating a home to move into, so i get to set up my own b&b from scratch! right now the room is a completely blank slate- not even the windows are trimmed. i’m picturing a soothing blue-green color on the walls- light enough to feel cool & airy during the day, but rich enough to have some depth by lamplight (or candlelight!) at night. our linens are white & cream, and i’m hoping (dreaming) about a cozy sitting area at one end with a table for books & cups of coffee, wine… we’ll see! i’ll be posting during & after pics on my blog… we’re very much in the DURING phase right now!
    thanks for this giveaway- i’m glad i know about this company now!
    .-= rachel´s last blog ..big things happening! =-.

  23. Catherine

    My personal B & B would be in those yummy pale blue and yellow colors you have in that first photo. I would need a thick mattress with lost of feather pillows and warm snuggly covers. A beautiful view from the windows would be nice too!
    .-= Catherine´s last blog ..Going Away Party! =-.

  24. Denise

    You know that this post was just for me, right? But I am so stuck right now with where to go with our new bedroom… but know that I want a retreat for us. One of the main things I want to do is have a seating area where I can read. Thanks for the giveaway…I am going away and will be back on the 14th…I will be in touch about those stripes we were talking about!

  25. Stephanie

    My idea of creating a retreat in my bedroom was to make it look completely different than the rest of my home. Then it really does feel like a giveaway. My home is decorated in rich, autumnal colors, red, gold, brown, orange, green. Very warm & cozy.
    My bedroom however is completely different and is decorated in very light aqua and white with accents of rattan. I love it. It’s like being at the spa.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Children of the Corn =-.

  26. Farmwife

    I like earthy, warm tones in the bedroom. The kind of colors that make you want to curl up and nest.

    I also like the idea of putting a big comfy chair or loveseat in the bedroom so you can have somewhere to sit and curl up with a good book (or laptop :))
    .-= Farmwife´s last blog ..Snow! =-.

  27. Ann

    I would have a high bed with lots of neutral colored sheets and ruffles galore! Also many many many candles and a deep dark purple on the walls.
    Would love a fireplace too!
    .-= Ann´s last blog ..I am a winner?!?!? =-.

  28. Teresa

    To get a B&B feel, I would have to move the tv into the armoire (I can do that!), add lots of pillows (I can also do that!) and construct a cozy fireplace (not gonna happen!)

  29. Emily

    are you kidding me? that first photo made my heart stop. swoon.

    i can’t wait until our master bedroom is done and i have a bedroom big enough for a big cozy chair.

    i’ll be coming back to these for inspiration.
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Carefree =-.

  30. Kim

    Melissa is so right. The bedroom is the very last room people seem to decorate, when it should be one of the first. Parents especially need a place to retreat to. I like to add a small table and chairs to a bedroom so you can enjoy tea, write or read. If you forgo freestanding storage for a great closet organizer, you can usually find the room!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..What is Your Definition of Beautiful Living? =-.

  31. Donna

    I’m in the process of redoing our sons bedroom. He has his own apartment near the college he attends and I am itching to take down all the high school stuff on his walls and put on a fresh coat of paint. I sure could use this new pillow. I think it would be a lovely new addition to my makeover. Thanks for having a site that inspires others to see the beauty that lies hidden in our homes.
    .-= Donna ´s last blog ..San Francisco, Here I Come! =-.

  32. Sara Lang

    I like to have lots of candles so that it feels relaxing and like a real retreat. Since you can usually pick them up cheaply at target or ikea, they’re a splurge that doesn’t take much out of my budget

  33. Mama Goose

    What wonderful inspiration! I have been wanting to transform our bedroom and now I’m excited! I really want to create a cozy nook for reading and relaxing, and of course, a bed you never want to get out of!

  34. Melinda

    Love the pics. Chocolate and flowers speak to me. And I don’t mind family pics in my bedroom. Cozy is the key
    .-= Melinda´s last blog ..h1n1 anyone? =-.

  35. Paula

    I love B & B’s – my hubby planned our honeymoon and surprised me with a wonderful stay in an old Victorian home that was absolutely incredible! I love the idea of recreating that atmosphere in the home.

    I totally agree with you concerning the TV and family photos – I thought I was the only one who could “feel the eyes”. I chose to have a beautiful bookcase in place of a TV cabinet. We also have a wicker glider rocker & ottoman with lovely cushions that provide a place to read and escape. I had custom bedding & window treatments sewn by a dear friend – it’s been 9 1/2 years and I still smile when I make my bed. I’m thinking next anniversary would be a great time to replace the bedding and find something new!

  36. Mary

    Cozy comfy throw, some fruit or delicate munchies, a loveseat or chairs (we went to a B&B one time and all there was in the room to sit on was the bed!) – We have lots of guest thru our home as we are in ministry and I make rice or barley warming bags and have them in each of the rooms with instructions on how to warm them in the microwave (we even have put a microwave upstairs for convenience) .
    It is located in a hall pantry area and I am wanting to make a small tea coffee station there also.

    .-= Mary´s last blog ..A Complete Bedroom Redo – Furniture too- for only $10.00!! =-.

  37. Brandi A. Newman

    I just bought my first condo, and my bedroom was the first room I decorated, and as of now, its the only one. I knew exactly what I wanted in my retreat—lavender walls, white curtains, no television, accents of white and soothing green, and a candaleir–and even though the rest of my house is still a mess and I’m still trying to figure out what to do in my other rooms, I know my bedrooms is restful and calming.

    And I love the pillow!

  38. Sara

    Great Ideas! thanks, I do have a few more things to do to make the room retreat worthy!

  39. Deanna

    I like to have the feeling of a B&B in our bedroom as well! I have let it get a bit too crowded with stuff, so I am off to declutter!

    The one thing I would add if I could would be a fireplace! How awesome would that be?
    .-= Deanna´s last blog ..Make New Friends, But Keep The Old…. =-.

  40. sondra

    I would love softer lighting, layers of drapery, lush carpeting, tuns of soft pillows, space for a couple of comfy chairs for reading, vanilla candles, soft cotton quilts and bedding, and my cricket sounds of a summer night!

  41. heidi

    put some fresh flowers in the room, that would be nice!!
    .-= heidi´s last blog ..more clips =-.

  42. Gina

    I love all these ideas! It seems like we’re pretty like minded-a lock on the door is a must and we prefer no pictures in our room either. And yep-it’s pretty important to “pack your bags!” I love that suggestion and I think it’s something that kind of gets neglected in the day to day lives of many married couples.

    Now, I’m thinking I better go grab a box and get to work up there!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..How to Convert Cabinets to Open Shelving =-.

  43. Laura

    I SO agree abot the family pictures. NONE in our bedroom. Instead, lots of art that we love. My major rule in the bedroom is to find the right color scheme to be visually attractive but not too stimulating. We have a beautiful sagey-grayish-green color that we picked out together and we both love it.

    Great article!

  44. Carla

    Soft, soothing colors….not the brighter colors that are in the rest of my house, mixed with lots of plush bedding, candles and soft lamp light plus some good spa stuff to treat yourself to a little moment of luxury when you get a chance!

  45. Kathy

    Love the pillow giveaway ~ hubby and I can fight over it! I redid our master bedroom a few years ago and I love it. My goal was to make it stress-free and relaxing and I feel that I accomplished that. I have only 3 pictures out in the bedroom and 2 of them are of me and hubby. I have kept any decorative accessories to a minimum which helps add to that relaxing, B&B feeling. We also have a lock on our door AND our kids were always taught to knock and get an okay before entering a bedroom. Our kids actually made us a door knob hanger for us to put on our door.

    My ideal for the B&B feeling is a lot like what you’ve said already ~ I like a lot of pillows on our bed when it’s made up; I like to have a throw in there at the end of the bed; we have an upholstered chair to sit in; and really, just not having a lot of stuff out makes it a simple, uncluttered, relaxing room to be in.

  46. Gina

    Would love to use some of these goodies in my bedroom!

  47. Sandy

    One of the things that mean B&B are flowers. Fresh flowers, just a few. not a large bouquet which can be overwhelming. Lovely and makes the room feel special.

  48. Emily-Sarah


    When I was the publisher & editor of a regional B&B magazine, I visited many B&B inns. It had a lasting effect on me — and you’re right: the “trick” with transforming your whole home (well, maybe minus the full-out child-centered areas!) into one that exudes the B&B atmosphere doesn’t necessarily have to involve lots of new things and a budget. Of course that’s helpful (!), but some of the core loveliness of a B&B comes by way of its ATMOSPHERE AND ATTITUDE alone — ie., using the good china on yourself instead of saving it for rare special occasions.

    We often have “B&B possibilities” in our own drawers, cupboards, and closets. B&B Inns receive accolades for wonderful charm, hospitality, ambiance. And as true as that is, inns also should receive kudos for helping instill in us a sense of living life fully, graciously, making EVERY day a special occasion (by using the good dishes regularly; by drinking coffee from a cup sometimes instead of a mug). Soothing music and a restful (clean, tidy) atmosphere do wonders for any home. And a simple yet planned presentation of food, collectibles or attitude makes a tremendous difference in one’s sense of living.

  49. Angela

    I’ve seen some houses with a small refrigerator tucked away with drinks and snacks. That might be nice.

  50. Susan

    Creating my ideal B&B bedroom at home is actually on the calendar for this fall…we will soon be moving everything out of our room and patching and painting, redoing the wood floor, starting over with new bedding and window treatments. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear by Max Lucado =-.

  51. amybee

    Airy, sunny, uncluttered with a view of the mountains.

  52. Karen B

    These are such great suggestions, Melissa. I’m out of town at the moment, but will definitely work on this when I get home. I need to declutter my magazine pile. That’s number 1 priority. I have beautiful linens and NO TV. I think I’ll work on the scents, maybe lit candles. I think it’s very important to have good lighting by the bed. We read in bed before the lights are turned out. It’s amazing how much easier I fall asleep that way. I’m loving all the great suggestions from everyone. Great post, as usual.
    .-= Karen B´s last blog ..A Tribute =-.

  53. Vickie

    Candles and soft throws – and chocolate is great always!

  54. Megan

    I would have to add fresh flowers. They add so much luxury to a room for just a few bucks and a trip to the grocery store! Pink peonies are my favorite.

  55. Kim

    A comfy chair with a soft throw is a must.

  56. teresa

    Love your ideas- If I could have a cool ocean breeze coming through the window that would be enough- but alas, I dream.

  57. Andrea

    Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone on the “no pictures of the kiddos, etcetera” in the bedroom bandwagon. My husband and I are parents of a blended family with five children between us…we had many “discussions” about this topic in the beginning (as well as sleeping with the door closed). In the end, he conceded on both counts. I just feel very strongly that our bedroom should be about “just” us. We have given the rest of the house over to the kids…we deserve a special spot that is all our own!
    .-= Andrea´s last blog ..We interrupt the regularly scheduled post for….a FABULOUS giveaway! =-.

  58. Lorrie

    I laughed out loud at the “30 pairs of eyes staring at me in the darkness.” So, so true. I find an uncluttered space so much more restful than a cluttered one. At least every week I make sure all the surfaces are cleared off and dusted. Magazines and books tend to migrate back quickly, but regular clearing keeps them in check.

    It’s getting cooler now, and I’m about ready to switch the bedroom to its winter garb – a darker duvet cover and darker pillow shams and covers. My ideal room would have a fireplace in it. I love the idea of lying in bed watching flames flicker. So romantic. For now, I make do with candles.


  59. Marla

    Melissa, to create a B&B atmosphere in our bedroom I enjoy clean windows to see through. Through those beautiful shining sparkling panes the view is a peaceful and lush English garden across a small expanse of neatly trimmed and edged green lawn. As the windows are opened you can feel the light breeze, the fragrance wafting in of delicate mock orange, lilac, and lavender (can you tell my fav scents?) The windows are graced with lightly billowing sheer white curtains that create a picture frame for the beauty just outside our door. In the evening we walk outside to a sweet private little patio, on it sits a love seat glider. We sit, gently swinging, gazing up at the stars, sharing in awe at the wonder of God’s grace and creation. Taking a few precious moments…in the midst of a chaotic world…to rest in His peace.

    Hope your evening is filled with His loveliness!

  60. Jenny

    I think soothing colors on the wall is a great way to make your room feel like a B&B. I chose an ice, “barely there” blue and love it! Thanks for the giveaway!
    .-= Jenny @ L.O.T.s of Love´s last blog ..Well Dressed =-.

  61. suzanne

    I think fresh flowers would create a different atmosphere in our bedroom, and so would a fireplace. A small patio just outside where you could eat breakfast would be really nice.

    But really, what would make the biggest difference in our room would be for me to DUST IT!!

  62. Briana Ethington

    I would create a tranquill atmosphere with soothing colors on the walls, and soft comfy bedding. I like the idea of always keeping the room cleaned and free from clutter, definately need to work on that one!

  63. Adrienne

    Our master bedroom does need a lot of work to become more B&B like, and along the same lines as some of the things you listed, I really want to add a nice fluffy rug to our room. We have hardwood floors, and it would be so nice to have a soft rug to place our feet on when we get out of bed!

  64. V. Higgins

    I would make sure that there is lots of natural light throughout the day, natural light and candlelight are the most flattering and relaxing. Love sheer white curtains to achieve this while still having some privacy. ^_^
    .-= V. Higgins´s last blog ..Aching to Be Found: Part 1 =-.

  65. Mary

    I too have tried to create a calm and peaceful place to retreat to in my master bedroom. I agree, no family photos and no clutter! One thing I do want to improve upon is my bedding. I am thinking with cooler weather getting closer and closer I need to upgrade to a big fluffy comforter and lots of pretty pillows!
    .-= Mary´s last blog ..Wedding Wednesday! =-.

  66. Carla

    Adding a little deck or patio with an entrance into the bedroom from outside through a french door………….ahhhhh…..perfect spot for a B&B breakfast of juice and cinnamon rolls on a pretty day!!

  67. flybabymom

    Ahh–for my room to be like a b&b I’d need paint, a comfy chair, nice bedside tables with pretty lamps & flowers, a pretty quilt and a comfy headboard I could lean against to read in bed. Baby step at a time…

  68. thatgirlblogs

    I think the room should smell good — I’m partial to vanilla. I use scented vanilla candles or just a little scented oil. Lavendar would also be great.

  69. Elziabeth

    Love your tips. It is great to be reminded to make our bedrooms our own special B&B. Whether you share the room or not. I especially like great linens, from sheets to cuddly blankets and throws. Lots of fluffy pillows. Our room is really close to having this feel, we just need a pair of comfy chairs. We have the space in front of our bow window, with a great table but still no chairs.

  70. Lisa

    Candles! Or clear lights during the holidays.
    Different throws to match the seasons.
    A small antique dish with great chocolates and mints on it.
    A CD you’ve made with favorite love songs.
    A simple book to read together.
    Go be a guest in your own guest bedroom for a different atmosphere.
    In the winter piles blankets on the floor in front of the fireplace (or an air mattress) and enjoy the glow.
    Have a balcony? We love to put a long canvas sheet around the railings early in summer~ it makes for a private area. We put an air mattress out there and then we can go out and cool off under the moon and stars. In late early fall we go out in the afternoon and enjoy the gentle warmth of the sun.
    You can make monkey bread with frozen Rhodes rolls, put them in the oven and program it for the morning. Same with a bread machine- the aroma of freshly baked whole wheat bread…yum.
    Thanks for a great post!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Home Sweet Home =-.

  71. Lisa

    PS. The only photos we have in our room are of the two of us in different places- B&B’s, the mountains in fall, the beach…romantic times and places!
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Home Sweet Home =-.

  72. Angela Kerr

    I love this post. It is perfect. I would like to add that I love the look of candlelight. Provides a nice, romantic glow. Also, don’t forget a small bouquet of flowers.
    .-= Angela Kerr´s last blog ..Pretty, Pretty Notebook =-.

  73. Meredith

    Candles, soft lighting (lamps…never use the overhead light), fluffy comforters, soft throws, a beautiful rug on the floor, and lots of books and magazines…these are all part of my everyday B&B!

  74. Judy

    What wonderful ideas! I think I will surprise my husband one weekend with these. I will probably add a mini-coffee maker to the master bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, so we don’t even have to venture out for our first cup in the morning!

  75. Gina

    I think a comfy chair or two if you have room is perfect for reading in a bedroom. I need to work on mine definitely! ;D

  76. Beverly

    Great post, Melissa.

    I love spraying my sheets with lavender water. It treats me to that luxurious scent when I turn the coverlet back each evening.
    .-= Beverly´s last blog ..What’s My Question Wednesday =-.

  77. black eyed susans kitchen

    For my 50th birthday, we transformed our bedroom into a Shutters By the Sea look. For years, our bedroom was dark and cluttered. It is now light and breezy, shutters on the windows,and soft comfortable linens without fuss. The TV is hidden away in a big white armoire, and the room is serene and lovely. We love to have our morning coffee in bed, read the newspaper, and chat. As far as a lock on the door, when our children were little, they learned to knock. By the time they were teenagers, they knew that it would be bad manners not to knock, and expected us to knock when their doors were closed as well.
    ♥, Susan
    .-= black eyed susans kitchen´s last blog ..CRABS BELONG IN THE OCEAN =-.

  78. Karen

    I love this post. I’m in the process of coming up with a folder of decorating ideas for our bedroom. I love the B&B idea. I don’t care for family pictures in the bedroom either, but I do like your idea of pictures or sketches from places we’ve been together. My DH and I make it a habit to get away once or twice a year. Nothing fancy, sometimes just a cabin in the mountains or I’ll tag along on a business trip and we extend it to the weekend. What a great idea, to include mementos from these special times in the decorating.
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..A Sunday Drive =-.

  79. Roz

    What a lovely idea to turn your bedroom into a retreat. For me first I need to de-clutter. Next hang the landscape paintings that are leaning against the walls. Create some flowing window treatments to coordinate with my bedding. I could also use a few more pillows so my bed looks fancier when made. Find a nice comfortable sitting chair that’s not too big and I’m done.

  80. Christi E.

    I think that lamps make a huge difference in creating a relaxing atmosphere. Decluttering is a big help too!
    .-= Christi E.´s last blog ..An Update =-.

  81. Bethany

    I agree with the first post – my dream B&B would change with the seasons. . . warm and cozy in the winter with more layering, and cool and springy and a little more sparse in the spring/summer.
    .-= Bethany´s last blog ..a book that makes me happy (and a happy picture) =-.

  82. heather

    I am reading your post in my bedroom right now, next to my pile of laundry. Thank you for this post. I will get to cleaning and folding right away. My suggestion to my self is to get rid of the ironing board in my room. That is definitely not a B&B feel.

  83. Jocelyn Stott

    Wow – that pillow looks awesome. I would say that my ideal B&B room would be cozy and comfortable, with fresh and clean design. I would want big, comfortable furniture with a little wine chiller in one corner. Ahhhh – I am going to dream about that all day :)
    .-= Jocelyn Stott´s last blog ..Back in the Zone =-.

  84. Chie

    That’s an awesome idea.

    As we have a little house, I can’t decorate our bedroom as I would love to do. Although many who saw the bedroom is romantic. A white w/ lime & olive green touch. We feel so contented anyway.

    For us, our bedroom is our heaven. So simple yet so solemn. That’s what we love. No tv, no mirrors, these things are a BIG NO NO for me. The only pictures hang here is our wedding photo taken 1989 and a lil photo of mine in hubby’s side and his lil photo on my side.

    Kids photos are on my powder table right outside the bedroom.

    ENjoy nesting falls in every way.
    .-= Chie´s last blog ..A chilly day! Autumn really is here to stay =-.

  85. Janell Beals

    What a wonderful post! I adore my bedroom, it is a retreat…just last night, with the cooler weather arriving, I spent my evening in this room. Perfect when the house is quiet and I need a warm toasty spot to hang out in.
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..Moving On To The Surrounding Areas… =-.

  86. Kiley

    My dream bedroom would be clean, crumb and pet hair free and lots of white. I think that looks fresh and clean.

  87. gretchen

    One thing for me that is necessary, is that the room can be totally darkened. Having that little sliver of light find it’s way through the draps and hit you in the eye can ruin the best of dreams….

  88. Amanda

    One thing that I believe makes a bedroom like a B&B is lots of layering on the bed. I love soft sheets followed by a light blanket, followed by a quilt, then I have a duvet folded half way and another blanket folded across the foot of the bed. Now if I can just get a fireplace in there somewhere. Oh well- A girl can dream.

  89. Cheri

    Love your suggestions! A fireplace, if someone has the option, would be a great idea. Also, on a table near the sitting area, a tray with a decanter of sherry and a couple of glasses. The B&B we stayed at for our anniversary had this, and it was a very special touch that made for a romantic evening. And finally, matching indulgent, cozy beautiful robes would add to the pampered B&B feel.

  90. Jen

    wow those room pictures make me want to get working on my room! I have a big cozy bed and great sheets…I think my downfall is the clutter. I have trouble keeping it clean! Too much stuff. I think I need a big purge!
    .-= Jen @ After The Alter´s last blog ..Learning On Other People’s Kids =-.

  91. Melissa

    I am in the process of redoing my master bedroom. My colors are neutral; browns and creams. Lots of pillows on the bed and monogrammed sheets etc. New lamps on the bedside tables and a stack of great books. Antique silver pieces. I am trying to remove the clutter and kids stuff that seems to reside in there!! I have the paint and the sheets just need the get up and go!!! And a couple days off….
    .-= Melissa´s last blog ..Apple Cider Syrup =-.

  92. Corinne

    Great ideas! I need to update up our window valances and sweep and dust a bit more often! :) A new coat of paint would be good too. Candles, lots of candles ! I do love the antique hope chest (given to me by my grandparents) sitting at the foot of our bed, and the antique chair we had recovered. I occassionaly plop down in it to read, enjoying a few moments away from all other activity in the house.

  93. Beth

    I love good quality sheets & no clutter! Thanks for all the ideas you posted.

  94. Amber

    Goodness! The only other thing I could think of would be to make sure that all of these ideas (or many of them) flow into the master bathroom as well. It truly is a wonderful ‘retreat’ to have the entire Master Suite set up in such a relaxing environment such as this! …Not that I would know, of course! ;-) I’d say that we personally are only about 60% there.

    Oh, and it’s really not fair to win only one luxurious pillow now, is it? Hubbies and wives will be fighting over that. OR maybe it will help them get closer by causing them to SHARE the one good $85 pillow! =-D
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..Just Whip It. [Whip it GOOD] =-.

  95. Laura

    When I think of bed and breakfasts, I think of old-fashioned accents. Dark wood tones, with simple, old-fashioned prints for the bed. And I’ll allow the anachronism of Very Very Fluffy bedding.

    Good lighting is important. So is a fresh smell — not from a spray, but from leaving the windows open a while so the room can air out. If it’s too cold for much of that, I would use natural scents like orange or cinnamon, and not go too overboard with that.

    Either way, I prefer my retreats to be at home… even at nice bed-and-breakfasts or hotels, there’s still the ick factor of sleeping under covers that aren’t necessarily washed after every guest. (Even though the sheets obviously are.) I could never settle down in those beds as easily as my own. There’s just no comparison.

    That luxuriously fluffy pillow would make the comparison even more one-sided. :-D

  96. Laura

    My B&B dream mostly involves privacy! No matter how pretty and relaxing a B&B feels, if the host is intrusive or there are overly chatty guests, it can spoil the whole experience for me. So I guess that’s a big advantage of recreating the B&B mood at home!

  97. Sylvia

    For me I think a bed with lots of layers – pillows, cozy duvet, throw – gives a bedroom a B&B feel. Mind you I think it would have to have many of the other ideas you posted as well.

  98. cheryl

    Our bedroom right now is not what we want for a relaxing retreat that’s for sure, but we are slowly working on it. I have been to a couple of B & B’s and one of the best things about them is the coziness of the room created by a fire in the fireplace and luxourious bedding. The bedding is always fluffy: down comforter and a down mattress cover. Warm tones are what we are goint to go for in our home, rusty reds and browns with some latte creams. That pillow looks so comfortable! Much better than mine right now.

  99. Rebecca

    I enjoy a room that is light and bright! Makes me feel like life is more de-cluttered and full of simplicity.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  100. Carrie

    I think soothing colors is so important too. I’d love to feel like I am at the beach without having to schlep out there. :)
    .-= Carrie´s last blog ..Morning on the Farm =-.

  101. Wendy

    My luxury is crisp white bedding, layers of whites……my color comes in with fresh cut flowers. This screams B&B for me. If the maid(me) could get a handle on the dust I would be well on my way for a great room.

    Anyhow, I have pillow envy…..crossing my fingers I will have envy no more.

  102. Marilyn

    Soft light using lamps, stacks of books, a basket of knitting, and always linen spray on the pillows…HEAVEN!

  103. MaryT.

    It has to be the bedding–a soft pillow top mattress, a warm and cozy comforter and clean, crisp high thread count sheets.

  104. annie

    I loved the comfortable bath with whirlpools. Our bedroom is not even big enough to call a normal bedroom, rather than master. It does have a bathroom nearby, and that was what made us determine it was for us. Someday, I want to add a room and make the window into a sliding glass door, then have a jacuzzi in it. But I can see that will never happen in our lifetime, so I think I will work on decluttering and adding some new beautiful carpet. I love sewing beautiful quilts, and we do have some very nice sheets and pillows. Thanks for your blog, I love reading it.
    .-= annie´s last blog ..WIP 18 Sep 2009 =-.

  105. Elizabeth

    Oooh, love this post and all the lovely pictures. The only other thing that I would add to your suggestions would be scent and music. Lovely, soft background music is a must. And I would specify that a different kind of music to play in the evening than in the day. I always choose up beat music for energy during the day. But in the evening, I like soft, romantic, calming violin, piano, harp or guitar music. It helps me to switch gears.

    Also, a little more about scent. Really good, high-quality incense infuses a whole room with non-toxic (unlike some plug-ins out there) odor that is very inviting and scrumptious.

    Oh, what a difference these two things can make.

    God bless,
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Outdoor Wednesday and a Treat! =-.

  106. The Lady

    I totally agree! Lock on the door and no TV (too bad my husband doesn’t agree about the whole tv thing :( anyhow, what I totally love to do is also put fresh flowers in the room – makes it all the more special feeling.
    .-= The Lady´s last blog ..Go sign up! =-.

  107. Kara

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    I love all of your suggestions. The only other things I can think of are scented candles, and some good quality chocolates left on the pillows. :)
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Fleur de Lis Love =-.

  108. Mrs. Dunbar

    For a B&B staycation I would get some fancy choclates along with some champagne and set that out nicely on a tray in our bedroom. Even if we didn’t eat the chocolate it would be nice to look at nicely wrapped boxes with a sweet surprise inside.
    .-= Mrs. Dunbar´s last blog ..And the winners are… =-.

  109. Claudia

    The lock is KEY :) (cute huh?) It teaches children, respect for our (and their) private moments.

    When I first introduced privacy to my kids they were just entering kindergarden, when i would ask them FIRST if they needed a private moment to “calm” down… they understood when I then said grown ups need that private time too.

    Great — no, wait– wonderful post!! One every family should read and try for.

    If you get a chance please stop by and say hi!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥
    .-= [email protected]´s last blog ..Autumn- Canyon Colors =-.

  110. Robin Mayfield

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m in the midst of creating my new bedroom post-divorce and a new pillow would fit the bill nicely.

  111. Amy

    I love #10! As I was reading your list, I was thinking… I hope there is something on here like send kids to a friend’s house. ha! I really need several boxes to get rid of my clutter that has appeared lately. Arg!

    I usually just focus on one room when wanting to get into the B&B feel. With 2 small kids, cleaning the entire house takes too much time. The bedroom is the main room I focus on and a fluffy pillow and feather bed is a must!
    .-= Amy @ Living Locurto´s last blog ..Fun News =-.

  112. Philicia Martin

    I love my bedroom’s color and lovely bed and linens. A great new pillow would be wonderful! : )
    ~ Philicia

  113. Kristen

    Love your ideas! On a very basic level, my suggestion is to keep closet door(s) closed whenever possible. It takes 5 seconds and then you’re not bombarded by visual clutter.Thanks.

  114. Patricia

    I love to have fresh flowers in a vase on our nightstands as often as I can during the summer, or as often as I can afford during the winter (which is very long in Cleveland, Ohio). Also, I have 2 small, softly lit lamps that I like to use instead of the big lamps on nightstands (unless I am reading.) I also like a lot of pillows on my bed !!!

  115. Alyce

    Oh Melissa,
    Our 10 year anniversary is coming up and my husband just booked us a long weekend, at I hope a B&B…we looked at several options and that was top on the list because we love them. But I am waiting until we pull up to the “place” before I will know where we are staying! You have created a wonderful in home B & B here. I don’t know that I can think of anything else to add. Soft music is always nice. My bedroom is small because of our oversized furniture, so its hard to have a sitting area, etc. One this is for sure though, keep the bedroom clean and clutter free. No one wants to be romantic under a pile of clutter! I’d love to win this pillow…We have gone through a few Sam’s club pillows..that just flatten in no time…we wake up w/ our necks and backs pretty uncomfortable.
    .-= Alyce´s last blog ..Maple-Drizzled Apple Muffins =-.

  116. Carla

    Coziness!! Down comforter, soft clean scented sheets, soft lighting, lots of books and magazines and unique hand lotions, oh and of course candles!!

  117. Stephnaie Reeves

    When I want to recreate that B&B experience, I always put an arrangement of fresh flowers on the nightstand and set out a nicely folded copy of the newspaper (not a regular thing in our house!)

  118. janice

    What a relief to read someone else’s views on family photos and EYES in the bedroom! I only have photos of my husband and me, and of the kids as babies… sleeping.

    We also removed the TV, but it’s really easy to use the laptop for cosy DVD’s or programmes we’ve missed on BBC iPlayer.

    What a wonderful post this is! I loved the photos, but most of all, I really resonated with the whole concept of capturing what makes us feel refreshed when we go on holiday as well as focusing on those elements that say values, refreshed spirits and comfort.

    My favourite photo was the french windows opening onto a wee table. I’d like to do that to ours, but can’t for security reasons. The room’s at the back of the house and we’re overlooked and have a lane nearby. I’d be scared of forgetting to close and lock them.
    .-= janice | Sharing the Journey´s last blog ..Berries and Birds =-.

  119. Diane Pierce

    I agree – no TV in the bedroom. A chair for sitting and reading would be nice. I love to sit and stare at a beautiful made bed. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  120. Diane Pierce

    I signed up for the sheet boutique newsletter.

  121. meg duerksen

    amen to locking the door. i can’t tell you how many times my husband and i are enjoying ourselves in our room when the door gets banged into….it’s locked and they try to come running in to a locked door.
    it’s very important to lock your door.

    i love all these ideas.
    we put a dimmer switch on all our lights.
    it really sets the mood. and that is an easy fix.
    and it’s nice to adjust your eyes in the morning too. :)

    i wish i had new sheets right now.
    and that pillow rocks!
    .-= meg duerksen´s last blog ..this is BIG! =-.

  122. Karen Miles

    Oh, the bedroom pictures are so beautiful. (I come to your site several times a week just to look at the pics. So lovely.)
    Thanks for the giveaway (the pillow would definitely be a B&B addition to our room)! One of my favorite bedroom things is something you don’t find in most B&Bs — sheets that have been line dried. So fresh and clean. I also love open windows, even in the dead of winter (okay, here in IA I just crack them in the winter months).

  123. Tracy P

    I’m lovin this b&b retreat plan. I’m working on it but my bedroom still needs some more tlc to make it more relaxing! I agree with you about keeping the photos in the hallway, don’t need those eyes watching me sleep!
    .-= Tracy P´s last blog .."Fall-ing" behind =-.

  124. Cherri Engle

    I have created a ‘retreat’ in our bedroom. I wanted a haven to come to where everything was right in the world even if just in this room for just a short period of time. I also have no ‘family’ photos in our room. The only personal photos in our room are of us on our honeymoon or a particular photo that my husband loves of me that he wanted onhis bedside table, things like that. Our colors are neutrals (light brown and chocolate brown) with beige and sage green. It totally has that serene feeling in there. I have been looking for some great pillows. thanks for letting us know about these.
    .-= Cherri Engle´s last blog ..‘Nesting’ Around My House =-.

  125. Kim Swales

    Another thing I like is soft music……Usually the only music in our bedroom is that alarm going off in the morning so some relaxing music once in a while really changes the feel. I am heeding your advice and going to work on making our master more of a retreat. We moved in our house last year and have spent more time and $ on fixing up the public areas but I never feel special in our bedroom. It is nice but now complete. We deserve for it to be beautiful too! I was just contemplating a new pillow last night…so I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one:)
    .-= Kim Swales´s last blog ..Kate sings in Hebrew! =-.

  126. The Crazy Suburban Mom

    Oh ack, you caught me on this one. Ive broken every rule I think. And to make my room a sanctuary I first have to start thinking of it as one…instead of the place to throw things, the place no ones sees.
    .-= The Crazy Suburban Mom´s last blog ..Whole Lotta Vintage Shakin’ Going On Today! =-.

  127. Maureen

    Soft lighting from lamps rather than overhead and also some candles (lit) in the room and/or the bathroom. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  128. Lisa

    Thank you for the giveaway! count me in <3

    Wow! This post is one of my all-time favorite blog posts I’ve read so far!! I am in love with this concept. I am so excited that I want to rush into my room and take the steps to make it a B & B getaway. Thank you so very much for this post. I am bookmarking it and will let you know when I have my final peaceful results.
    .-= Lisa´s last blog ..Color It Pretty =-.

  129. Beckie

    Pillows! And not the kind you throw on the floor when you get in bed. I think that fluffly, feather pillows to cuddle up with are a must. – Beckie

  130. Carla

    My room right now is a 2nd living area since its the only other tv in the house and with 8 people in the house thats allot of people for the one public t.v. I do believe in a locked door however I swear they hear it lock and all come running :) I have my one set of good sheets also . I can’t stand cheap sheets either.
    I am not much of a bed and breakfast fan per say I like more privacy so we are more guest house or cabin people. But I love fluffy inviting beds. feather bed toppers, down pillows, lots of pillows , nice sheets, down comforters. I love to sink into a bed.
    I love the idea of dimmer switch on the over head light . we do have lamps but even that is too bright sometimes. we have to use our closet light and adjust the amount of light by how much we leave the door open. …… that is pitiful isn’t it.
    Love the photos on here.
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..New Bathroom Finally! =-.

  131. Sylvia

    I agree totally about the layers! Nothing says B&B to me like the pillows and the quilts and just the warmth. It’s a must have for a master bedroom!
    sylviarj at yahoo dot com

  132. Elizabeth

    Cast another vote for luxury bedding in layers. Ahhhh – I love a great feather bed, with layers of sheets, blankets and a great comforter!

    We will ignore the fact that I slept on my unmade bed – right on the mattress with a thin blanket over me – last night because I was to tired to remake it after washing the sheets.

  133. Jill

    One thing that would add to a B&B bedroom is a beautiful chandiler! Our ceiling fan just broke {thanks to a 5 year old that was bored with his nap and chucked his blankie onto the blade :-( } so I mentioned fixing it to my hubby OR getting the new chandilier!! I will have to show him this post! I think the extra-special, packed nightie idea will surely win him over :-)

    Love your blog!

  134. Richella

    You are exactly the right person to say these things, Melissa, and you said them beautifully! Your ideas are great ones.

    Sometimes we get so busy in our various jobs that we forget about our very important job of being the love of our husband’s life. Your suggestions here will help all of us keep that special role uppermost in our minds.

    So many times you combine beauty and grace with down-to-earth REALNESS. It’s one of the things I really appreciate about you. Thank you!
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..Autumn inspiration =-.

  135. Carrie

    I would add more windows for breezy napping, a door that opened right to the beach and lots of white and light blues.

  136. Diann

    This is the hardest room for me to keep tidy and pleasant. And I know it should not be this hard. Our current space is so tight that we had to take ur computer desk, computer and all other office supplies (we work from home) and put it in our bedroom. When your bedroom is also your home office, it just never seems to be romantic or a retreat.
    I am trying like crazy to work to this. I would love any suggestios anyone has!
    .-= Diann @ The thifty Groove´s last blog ..Shortcuts =-.

  137. Esther

    While I love colour in my bedroom, they’re soft blues and greens and I love layers of soft furnishings, pillow and quilts etc. And amen to the no TV, locks on doors and no family photos.

    I also think it’s important to not have a cluttered dresser, especially not keeping out toiletries and makeup and the like on display. Just a kerosene lamp and a few candles on a vintage embroidered runner.

    I’d love my husband to not keep his gym bag out and his books scattered all over his bedside table, but if that’s the least of my worries, I’m not doing to bad.

  138. Jenna

    I love having a white noise machine in my room! The ocean or rain sounds block out noise from whatever is going on in the rest of the house.

  139. Irene

    Very useful post Melissa!I am going to post some (with links)over the weekend on my blog.I think we all need that kind of reminder.Thank you lots!

  140. Kristy

    Oh how I love a good pillow!
    The perfect addition to making a room a cozy place is a big overstuffed rocker…perfect for cuddling in with a good book!

  141. Laura Tawney

    Love your blog and the B & B ideas. I think chocolate is a definite must and then candles lit to create a wonderful light.
    Please enter me into your give-a-way! I would love to win the pillow as I think pillows are soooo important in sleep. I’ve been searching for a new pillow and this may just do it!
    Laura T

  142. Mary Jean

    The lock is an absolute MUST! One tip, even if the lock is locked, make sure the door is actually shut all the way tight and cannot still be pushed open….that is all I will say!

    I would love the pillow!
    .-= Mary Jean´s last blog ..Meet Asher =-.

  143. Kathy

    When my husband and I got married, we agreed that if we had enough money to choose between a room full of furniture or a vacation, we would choose the vacation every time. We have gone to Europe or across the US every year for 3 week vacations. Our house is still sparsely populated furniture wise (we do have a dining room table and chairs for the 6 of us to eat together as a family!), and we have no regrets. We remember all of the trips and adventures and know that our kids will too. I don’t think we would have ever felt that way about a living room set! I’m not anti nest – just pro making-memories-on-vacations!

  144. Gay

    This must be my lucky week. I “lucked” onto your blog, which I’ve really enjoyed reading, and “luckily”, you’re having a giveaway of something I’d like to win. Also, luckily, I only need the one pillow, as my precious husband has an old shredded-foam atrocity that he can’t sleep without. (I did sign up for the newsletter, though, just in case.)

    As for getting that B&B feel, my thoughts are with the other commenters – fresh flowers, candles, the right music, dark chocolate, clean, fresh-smelling linens… Excuse me, please, I have to go pack a nightie.

    Thanks for the fun of the giveaway, and the inspiration of the B&B.

  145. Angie

    I need to work on making our bedroom a retreat–especially with nice sheets and bedding! This pillow would be a great start! :-)

  146. Jennifer

    A great, big farmhouse in the middle of nowhere! Huge beds, heavy comforters that weigh you down, and lots of lovely old prints hanging on the walls!

    • Em

      We’ll have to keep in touch. I’m planning on opening a B&B in MI. It probably won’t be for about 10 years, but it will fit all of your qualifications. :)

  147. dymphna

    i would want the softest bed to sink into with a bunch of pillows
    .-= dymphna´s last blog .. =-.

  148. Terri

    The pillow sounds scrumptious. I have always wondered why it is so hard to find one comfortable allowing a great nights sleep. Guess I will have to try some.

    B&B’s seem to inspire soft fabrics, lots of layers, books, soft lighting and a nice cozy chair you can curl up in to read or nod off. I would have a psot of tea and some homemade scones with jam for a light snack. I also would like layered windows and a soft wool rug underfoot. A fireplace is always nice, but not a necessity

  149. Angela

    Mmmmm! I love this! I’ve started thinking this way when I want to decorate–what do I like about vacation, and then I keep my eye on craigslist for something that we can make work. This was how I discovered we would appreciate a sectional sofa. I was right! We sold our sofa and chair, lived for several months without any (didn’t really enjoy that, but it was worth it), and then found a cheap but great quality sectional on craigslist.

    Oh, you asked about bedrooms. My idea of the B&B comfy bedroom is big and fluffy bedding, especially with down pillows and a down comforter. A second fluffy comforter folded at the bottom of the bed. I love a firm matress with a cloud of puffy bedding on top, and like you, a set of high count sheets! :) Our bedroom could use some warmth. I try to keep it spotless without too much decor.

  150. Angela

    I have a suggestion for Dian. We once had a tv in our bedroom and happily got rid of that distraction. If your home office needs a new spot, could you repurpose another room for that even if it means giving up something else? For example, if there are children not sharing rooms, would they be able to try sharing? Or is there room for a small desk in the kitchen or living room? This may mean getting smaller office furniture (sell yours and get used if you’d like). I love the idea of an armoire. If you must keep it in your bedroom, I’d get one and close it up faithfully at the end of the workday. Stain or paint it a color you love so it will be beautiful furniture to you. Armoires are seen in B&Bs! :)

  151. Lani

    You covered most of the things that come to my mind when thinking about feeling (simply) pampered. The feeling of clean layers of bedding, pillows, candles… bliss. I would also love to have fresh flowers, maybe a few petals or even a pile of them on the bed and truffles…mmmnn

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