The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

You might as well pour yourself a cup of coffee and get comfy because I have A LOT of fun stuff to show you today! First, I made a new friend! Of course, I make friends almost every day thanks to the wonders of blogging. But this particular new friend got my attention by writing me the sweetest email.

Sometimes in blogworld it is hard to really get to know people because of HOW MANY people are out there. Especially when you have been blogging as long as I have and feel like you have like 6 million friends. Keep in mind that means it is also possible to get about 6 million emails a day.

When this particular new friend Jessica reached out to me in an email awhile back, we totally hit it off right away. For starters, she and her hubby had unfinished, half painted walls just like I had for many months — we knew right then and there, we are kindred spirits!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

While I had amazing girlfriends come help me finish painting, Jessica (who you can see above is RIDICULOUSLY adorable) had Nate Berkus help her. But, you know, whatever. Maybe she didn’t have girlfriends, I don’t know. But somehow she ended up with help from Nate!!! {HOLY COW!} More on how that all happened and the results of it later in this post!

Anyway, Jessica and I emailed back and forth quite a bit. Even though I could have liked her just because she knows Nate Berkus, she has become a friend because she is just a real sweetheart all on her own. I love helping people who are motivated, creative and inspired to do the hard work to achieve their dreams. Jessica and her husband Cody are one hardworking couple! More on that later.

So after getting to know her and feeling fairly confident that Jessica was NOT a scary killer I decided it would be fun to introduce her to you. Because, that is what blogging is all about. We share our friends (the nice ones, not the scary ones).

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Not only did Nate Berkus help her make over her bedroom, but you might be interested to know how it all started: MARTHA STEWART coordinated her wedding and she got married in front of 6 million viewers ON THE TODAY SHOW! If you watch The Today show, you might have watched her wedding like I did! Incredible!!

You can see clips from the entire wedding extravaganza on The Today Show.

And you can find wedding pics on Martha Stewart Wedding.

I don’t know any one else who has had their wedding coordinated by Martha, but obviously ” a good thing” tends to lead to other “good things” and that is what brings us to the story about her Nate Berkus bedroom!

Cody and Jessica are a young couple just starting out in life, working and going to school. But like many young couples, they were still using their college apartment furniture when they moved into their first home.

When the Today Show called and invited them to apply for a makeover on a room in their home (ha, which doesn’t happen every day to most of us but when you are in tight with Martha, ANYTHING can happen), they jumped at the chance! Smart couple, eh?

I’m thrilled to have Jess here as my guest today and she is going to tell you the behind the scenes scoop of her bedroom makeover!

This is so fun, so grab that cup of coffee and enjoy the tour to follow!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Please welcome my new friend, Jess!!


The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Guest Post By Jessica Helgeson of Reclaimed Marketplace

We have always tried to have the house squeaky clean and prepared for who ever may come through the door.

We tried to be prepared…but how do you really prepare for THIS?!

After sending in our application to The Today Show for the room makeover, we waited and waited. Several weeks went by and we never heard a word. Of course our every thought was about the room makeover wondering what a ‘room makeover’ meant. Was there a designer involved? By week three we were starting to think we weren’t the couple they had chosen. Until we received a phone call one afternoon saying we were!!

The next day Lowes came out to do measurements of the room. No one would speak a word. We were dying from excitement asking what the plans were, who is involved? No one ever said a word for weeks. Boxes started arriving at our door step! It was the most amazing feeling coming home after work and seeing stacks of gigantic boxes filled with secret goodies that someone had been shopping for with you in mind!

Although several weeks went by before they started the physical project, hints had a been made by the producer that a “secret designer” was hard at work!

Next thing we knew we had been kicked out of the room. We stayed in the extra bedroom of our home. In between work and school we heard nothing but jack hammers and saws. I think it was at about this point we finally realized this makeover was more than a new comforter and towels

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Once our room makeover got under way, the room was taped off with caution tape and a lock was put on the door so we couldn’t do any late night peeking!

Toward the end of the makeover we finally got to meet who was behind this amazing gift! We were told to be at the house at a certain time to answer the door. When we answered the door Nate Berkus was there! He was so sweet and immediately gave us hugs. I couldn’t resist and planted a kiss on his cheek. He is adorable!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

We couldn’t believe how blessed we were! He spoke the sweetest words about following us on the Today Show and checking out our new business online, Reclaimed Marketplace, which he loved! We couldn’t believe how humble and genuine he was. He came on into the house and started pointing out all sorts of things around the home that he liked.

He immediately noticed and loved a picture frame Cody had made in the hall way out of reclaimed barn wood. It is two long pieces of wood with four floating glass pieces between. (We later made Nate, as well as his PR girl Erin, one as a thank you gift.) I was thrilled when he noticed my collection of orange Le Creuset pans. He said he collects the red.

The morning of the reveal we got to the house around 3:30 am. Remember the reveal is live NY time! In front of the house was a white truck with a gigantic satellite on top to broadcast the live footage. Our house was lit up like a Christmas tree! When we got to our home; which suddenly didn’t even seem like ours, it was already filled with camera men, a hair and makeup artist, and producers from both Nate’s team as well as TODAY.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

We did several live shots (these are the shots where you smile and wave at the camera as they announce what’s coming up next) before the room was revealed. Right before they took us into our new bedroom we had to put on our blind folds. Nate led us blindly into the new room. When we stepped in we immediately could feel the hard wood floors under our feet! Cody and I were shaking with excitement! When we took off our blind folds we saw the most amazing room that couldn’t possibly be ours!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The carpet had been ripped out and beautiful hardwood floors had been laid. There were two gorgeous matching rugs laid on to. There was one huge rug under our bed and one in the new office area. Nate said he used the floor and the rugs to tie the two rooms together.

We were so happy to see Nate had chosen to keep our antique bed. Our bed carries with it a wonderful timeline. It was my grandfathers, and his brothers, matching twin brass beds. So these beds were in my great grandparent’s home. They were in my house growing up, and now in mine and Cody’s room.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

If you push two twin beds together you can create a King size bed by simply placing a King size mattress on top of the two twin frames and box springs. Nate gave the beds new life with crisp white sheets and rich in texture bedding.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

He placed a giant canopy over the head board of the bed to make it look more substantial. He used a ticking strip fabric which I think adds to the antique feel. He chose not to put a bedskirt on the bed which looks so great with the new hard word floors. This also really shows off the casters on the brass bed, which he mimics on the sitting chair to the left.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

We were stunned when we turned to our right and saw the office area! It is gorgeous!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

The walls are covered in a warm, mustard yellow grass cloth.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

There are his-and-hers desks. The counter tops are carrera marble, which sticks with the vintage theme but still keeps it very clean and chic I think.

The cabinetry is custom Kraft Maid cabinets. As the story goes they were made for us on the East coast in 5 days, and then sent on an airplane to be here in time for the reveal. I guess anything is possible if you are a team of TODAY and Nate Berkus!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

One of my favorite things is a table floating in the middle of the room with a light fixture over it. It creates interest in the room. Behind the table Nate layered one of his signature mirrors on top of a Wisteria twin headboard! The mixture of reclaimed wood pieces with metallic is amazing! I wish you could all come over to see it!

In the evening time the room glistens. Literally! Throughout the room Nate placed his signature candles. They are on a timer and are battery operated, but you would never guess by looking at them. They even smell good. Every night they come on around 6:30 pm. They stay on until we fall asleep. They are such an inexpensive luxury that makes every evening feel so special and you never have to worry about blowing them out!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

One other thing I wish you all could see is how hard Nate and his team worked to incorporate special things into our room. Although it does scare me to think about Nate and the team digging through our not so organized cupboards and closets, we luckily had anticipated this! They included photos our family, wedding invitations, and books on architecture and design.

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Speaking of books here is a funny story. After Nate and the crew left, our family sat in astonishment for some time ooing and awing over the new room. My mom, who is very design oriented noticed something. She noticed that one of the books Nate had stacked on our book shelf was upside down. She laughed and said ‘that’s so funny, I wouldn’t have thought he would miss that.’

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Being Mom, she had to go over and flip it the right direction. The next day, the contractor who worked with Nate through the project came over to pick a few things up. He looked up at the book shelf smiling and told us we moved something Nate didn’t want changed. Apparently, Nate had purposely left the book upside down and everyone the morning of the makeover kept coming over and trying to fix it. But he insisted it stay that way! Nothing is supposed to be too perfect!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

After the makeover we took some pictures and visited for a bit. We talked to Nate about how he got started and he shared some fun stories about him and Oprah. Even though it was only 8:00 am at this point it felt like noon. We had all been up for hours. We said our goodbyes and Nate and his team blew a kiss as they hopped into their black town car which was waiting out in front of our house (I’m sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on by this point!)

It was sad to see them go. It is always so hard have these wonderful people come into your life on a whim and then for it to be over. Although, mom thinks she heard Nate tell his team, ‘maybe we should come back when Jess and Cody have a baby to do a nursery…’ hmmmmm. Always good to dream!

Here is the video of our story and the bedroom makeover REVEAL!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Nate came to redo our master bedroom as an intro to his new show starting September 13th 2010 on NBC! Wahooooooo!!!

PS. The products and colors used in this room are listed here!


{it is melissa here, again!} Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!

Jess, thanks for sharing your GORGEOUS bedroom with us and all the behind the scenes with Nate Berkus! Such a cool story, I love how he mixed all the unique materials. It completely inspired me to stretch outside my design box, once again!

The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

So, friends, I want you all to know that Jess and her husband Cody have started an amazing new online business many of us will be interested in called Reclaimed Marketplace.

Reclaimed Marketplace is a place to buy and sell all things eco-friendly. It is a marketplace to group artists, collectors, and fabricators together to help receive the traffic and marketing they need. What makes Reclaimed Marketplace different from other Marketplaces is that it is not simply a listing site. Reclaimed Marketplace lets the artist grow into their own personal business with a fully customizable site that does not have the Reclaimed Marketplace branding on it.

It is FREE for 10 days. I encourage you to check out Jessica’s blog post today talking about her shop and support this sweet young couple as they follow their dreams! I am not affiliated with them and I don’t receive any money to promote them, I’m just a friend sharing about friends! I love the concept and will definitely have to post more about their site another time. They already have some great businesses (like FOUND!) signed up that I am really excited about, so be sure to check them out!The Inside Scoop: A Martha Stewart Wedding and Nate Berkus to the Rescue!

Lastly, Jess is such a sweetheart she wants to offer you all a wonderful GIVEAWAY!

Be a dear and go visit her blog for a lovely Letter Press giveaway!

While you are there, please WELCOME her to BLOGWORLD!


  1. What a sweet story! I enjoy watching Nate work or do interviews. He definitely comes across as a wonderful person. It is nice to hear that those who meet him in person find that to be true.

    I think you have made a wonderful new friend, Melissa. Thank you for sharing this story.

    Becky K.

  2. I thought they looked familiar. What a great story for such a great couple. The room is beautiful but then again, everything Nate does is wonderful. What a special treat. Thanks for sharing your new friend with us.

  3. WOW!! What a cute couple! I’m so glad they can come home to a lovely place now that Nate has helped.

  4. Franki Parde says

    What a “fairy tale” come true for them. I know they “will live happily every after.” OMG! Nate Berkus!

  5. What a lovely story. Their bedroom is amazing.

  6. Such an amazing story. They seem like such a nice couple and well deserving of their good fortune.

  7. Thank you for introducing us to your new friend! What an amazing story! The room is absolutely gorgeous! How fun it must have been for boxes and boxes to be arriving at your door full of surprises that you have to wait to see! I love how they used their old family twin beds for a king bed… that is a fantastic tip… and so beautiful.

    Looking at all the photos… I wonder how they painted the ceiling so perfectly? I know, strange question, but I always seem to get ‘lines’ that stay behind. Theirs looks wonderful! :)

    Thank you Jessica for sharing this story and sharing all these gorgeous photos!

    • This was such a treat for me to GET to share!! About getting the lines so straight; the trick is a really good paint brush! I asked! Haha. The other tip is to not use painters tape. If you use the tape you will depend on it too much. The paint always seeps under it! Just run your really good brush free-handed. It will almost glide in a straight line!

  8. Melaniesd says

    OMG! They are such a cute couple! One can tell that they are so in love and so appreciated the makeover. All the best to them.

  9. WOW – they’ve had some pretty amazing opportunities as they’re starting their life together! The bedroom looks just divine – I’m a HUGE fan of Nates work!

  10. How super fun….the bedroom looks fabulous….love the deep colors.
    Thanks for sharing with us….Melissa I think you have the “best-est” blog friends. =}

  11. I wondered why they looked familiar. I remember watching that piece on the Today Show and melting when I saw those rooms. I’m trying to hold on to bits and pieces of that makeover as insipiration for rooms in our own home someday. Can’t wait to read Jessica’s blog and look around the marketplace!

  12. Wow. Nice. Thanks for sharing this.

    It does strike me, though, that it’s too bad the Today show didn’t spread the wealth around a little bit. They got a wedding and a Nate-designed room. Think how many people would have loved one or the other!

    It’s no critique on this sweet couple. It’s more a thought about the Today show.

  13. I looooove Nate! He’s such a fun designer. I can’t wait for his new show to air. He did a great job with the bedroom. A fun read!

  14. First of all I love reading your blog daily!! But today I was pleasantly surprised to find a familiar face. I met Jessica a few years ago when I was working in a local scrapbook store. She asked for help making a thank you card….for MARTHA STEWART! Oh my goodness! She began to share her amazing wedding story. How fun! The best part was how adorable she was. She was sweet, polite and very grateful for all the things people had done to help her. That was refreshing.
    It was so nice to read about her new adventure! Congrats to the happy couple!

  15. What wonderful luck that couple has!! I’m sure their business will be a hit!!

  16. Oh how cool!!!! You never know who you will meet in blogland!!! Thank you so much for sharing her story with us!!! How awesome!!!! Woo Hoo for them!!! What a neat couple and what a super special new business!!! :-)

  17. Melissa,
    Jessica is one of my best girlfriends. When she told me she was being a guest on The Inspired Room I was thrilled. I read you religiously, storing all your great ideas! This was a fantastic post. Their room is absolutely stunning! I wish I had a Nate! Such a lucky couple with a fairy tale story. I’m excited to see where they go from here.

  18. Such a fun article Melissa!! Loved it! Jess seems like a fun, sweet girl, and also maybe a fellow Oregonian???

    That bedroom is LOVELY!!! And the office is to die for! OK and I really liked the doggie too…… :o)

    Have a great day Melissa!

  19. Beautiful – really beautiful. This was a great post and I love NATE!

  20. I TOTALLY watched their wedding season and loved how adorable and genuine they were!!!

    And what an INCREDIBLE room renovation!!! I love EVERY SINGLE THING about it…including the upside down book! : )

    • THANK YOU to you and EVERYONE who has said such wonderful comments! Cody and I have read all of these as they have come in and feel so blessed to be in a circle of such sweet people like yourselves. Thank you for reading our story and giving us fabulous support in our marriage and our new business! -xoxo Jess

  21. The best part of blogging is the wonderful people you meet. Thanks for sharing your new friend and the wonderful story!

  22. Ok, not only is that couple totally adorable, but they got the loveliest room makeover! Their bedroom turned out beautifully, Nate Berkus is a favorite of mine, I always love seeing his designs!! I love the juxtaposition of the metallic ottoman with the rougher wood of the dresser. The grasscloth walls are divine, but WAIT — What is this about Nate’s signature candles that are battery operated on a timer? What is this? I totally want some of those! Someone, please let me know how to get some of these candles!
    Thanks for sharing this with us, I loved reading this!

  23. seriouslyahomemaker says

    oh my, i could just eat those two right up! they are beyond adorable.

    and room aside, i’d like to have her shoes.



  24. Melissa,
    What a great article (and blog in general) you have!

    Reclaimed is an awesome idea and will definitely find success!

    As a neighbor and friend of Jess and Cody since they moved in almost 3 years ago, I can let you all know 2 important things. First, the Nate bedroom is even more breathtaking in person! The texture of the wall paper in contrast to the paint and furnishings doesn’t come through well in pictures, even the wonderful ones here. Second, Jess and Cody are just as humble, nice, genuine, and loving as they appear everywhere! They have life more figured out than almost everyone else. It would be easy to think that people that seem that nice, can’t really be THAT nice, but they truly are. We are so blessed to be in their lives! They are truly an inspiration (even to people twice their age)!

    Best Wishes,


  25. I agree, the internet enables us to make great friend. I fiend you story inspiring and calming, because I don’t feel odd any longer that I am too, have some unpainted walls, and I am supposed to “play with paint. Maybe the Nate will take pity on me. If not, your story inspired me to get these walls finished. Thanks for sharing such enlightening and refreshing story.

    Heidi plays with paints

  26. Wow I’m incredibly jealous! What a fabulous room. I love the mix of rustic and sophisticated that Nate put together. And I love that antique bed…what a great heirloom!

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    Julie xo

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  31. What a fun couple, and such a great story! I am excited to check out all of their links.

  32. I just found this makeover today on your blog and it is so inspiring. I’ve recently become a fan of Nate’s show and have been recording and watching everyday on my DVR.
    Thanks for the great DIY ideas on your blog. It’s motivating me to do more work on my home, which has been a 2 year long process of home improvement.
    Keep the ideas coming!

  33. Wow, the luckiest couple in the world! What I wouldn’t give to have Nate in my bedroom…decorating it of course!! I loved the story – thanks for sharing it :-)

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