A Place of Your Own

A Place of Your Own

As “keepers of the home,” we give and sacrifice for our families 24/7. We make sure our kids have room to play and our families have clean clothes and nutritious food to eat. We volunteer, we clean, we host holidays and birthday parties — we work hard!

One thing that is very important to me is that you all know your value and your worth. I want you all to experience happiness and contentment right where you are. You deserve to create a little special place in your home to call your own. A place to take a deep breath, a place to be reminded of all that is good in your life, and a place that makes you smile! Whether you have a whole room to yourself, a little corner, a wall, or even a shelf or a chair, take some time to make it special!

Please welcome my special blogging friend and guest today, Kim from Daisy Cottage. Daisy Cottage is the kind of home that makes you smile. I have invited Kim to share her “special place” in Daisy Cottage to inspire us!

{this was originally posted in April 2009}

Welcome Kim!

A Place of Your Own

Thank you so much Melissa for the honor of having the opportunity to share one of my favorite spots in Daisy Cottage with your readers – my office and its’ view of the living room.

A Place of Your Own

I love being in here, as it is where I blog, write, read, dream, and enjoy visiting other beautiful bloggers, such as yourself. It is my little room to simply be or to gain inspiration from my books, magazines, and the sweet tokens of friendship that I’ve been blessed to receive from my sister bloggers and readers. It is a happy place and very dear to me.A Place of Your Own

My wish for ALL keepers of the home, is that they not only fill every corner of their nests with the colors and things that they love and that truly makes their heart sing, but I hope that they, too, claim their own special spot in their homes just for them.

A Place of Your Own

I would like to encourage them to surround themselves with whatever inspires them and reaffirms to them that they are special and unique, not only to their families but to our world. Because they ARE. All homemakers have SO much to give and are precious, one-of-a-kind souls — definitely worthy of having their own little space to call their own.

Do you have a special corner to call you own?
Tell us about it in the comments, or dream about what it would be like!

All images used by permission: Kim @ Daisy Cottage
See how she finds beauty every day!
Thank you for sharing with us today, Kim!


  1. I am still dreaming of that space. One day….
    although I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and love being creative there with meals and candlemaking.

    Becky K.

  2. Fortunately, our guest bedroom is big enough for my desk where I write. It’s a little cramped, but I love it! After school, the kids often flop on the bed and do homework while I work, so it’s nice to share the space together.

  3. My space is in my sunroom…..and i love.love it.
    I really think it’s important that we all have our little space
    and we can call it our own.
    I think i will get off the sofa now and head to my special space.

  4. I finished out the bonus room awhile back and made it my workroom. I love it, lime walls, black and white check floor. You’ve inspired me! I think I’ll make a few pics and share with my blog friends.
    Carol in GA

  5. That’s so beautiful. I can’t seem to keep a beautiful space carved out. I’m not good at keeping it beautiful! But I’ll keep trying.

  6. Love all the great color in her space…fabulous! I don’t have one spot that I think of as just mine… perhaps since I’m a empty nester it seems like its all my special spot….if that makes since.
    But it would be nice to have a special place just set aside to do as I please with…..not to worry what my HD thought about it,
    Thanks for sharing Kim with us today

  7. I have my own little “space” but this are looks so beautiful and happy!

  8. There aren’t many benefits to being a single mother, but one is that I get my own room! I love to retreat there each day (and sometimes stolen minutes during the day) to read, dream, write and renew. Yes, it is often ‘invaded’ by my three little ones, but it remains my territory and I love it!

  9. All I can say is I want to see more. :)
    I am catching glimpses like that daisy art work above the fire place and the black toile. These are colors I love here and I can tell that Kim and I have the same style and share a love for a happy, carefree, casual look with bright cheerful colors. I am heading over to The Cottage right now.

  10. I don’t have a spot yet…I posted about this last week and have been trying to carve out my spot…For now, it is my Saloon Gameroom…where I hang out with my kids! Hugs, Meme

  11. I do have a little corner that is mine. But, it’s not how I want it!! I used to have the whole formal living room to be my sewing craft room, but realized the space really needed to be shared with the rest of the family since our home is on the small side for the five of us. Now, that I’ve pared down to a corner, I can’t seem to get organized. Okay, Okay, I get distracted by wanting to create once I try and get organized. :)

  12. I am currently working on my studio. I am a photographer, so my space can get junky with props, flowers, backdrops, etc. But one thing I did not too long ago was buy some great wicker furniture for props (they photograph so well), but it’s also set up out there (using the wicker) so I can just go out there and kick back.

    I still have a lot to do since other family member sometimes stash their junk out there. But they have all been informed that it’s out of there. My hubby even volunteered to help me paint…. :o)

    So it’s in progress, but it’s going to be great when it’s done!

  13. My husband has been encouraging me to do this. Right now I have all of my stuff/goodies in piles in a corner…and I blog in our recliner in the living room. I am going to start working on creating my special space this week. Thanks for the great pictures to get inspired. And for the affirming words to remind me of how important it is for me to do and that it is NOT being selfish…I needed that!

  14. BTW…stop in and see m client’s home…:) http://thescreamingmeme.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-homeokaya-clients-home.html

    Hugs, Meme

  15. I love the Daisy Cottage! It’s such a happy place!

    As Missy June said, the one benefit to being a single mom is I have my own room that is completely mine! I retreat there every night to unwind from the day before I fall off to sleep. :)

  16. As soon as I saw your first picture, I thought of Kim {as a follower of her blog and having just read a post the red and yellow were fresh in my head}! I love her space and one of the things I like about Kim’s house is that she has a continuity of “her colors” throughout. I don’t know that I have a dedicated space that I go to all the time; sometimes I sit at the desk in my living room with my laptop {of course, the battery is acting up and that’s where the power cord is, so that’s a practical reason}; I was enjoying my creative space in my garage until the heat and humidity kept me from that; I do enjoy our little den where we watch TV and visit, but I am often found on my butt in that room and I’m hoping to turn that around. I guess I have a few places that I feel are my own in my house.

  17. I love, love, love the yellow house. It’s so cute and cheery!

  18. In addition to reading “the inspired room,” the “Daisy Cottage” is another blog that I enjoy reading. Kim’s house is beautifully decorated. Can’t help but smile when I read her posts and look at her pics. Kim’s house is a reflection of her…beautiful inside and out.

  19. Currently, I don’t have a special corner. That might just be something I need to create to help forge some new habits this Fall.

    The Daisy Cottage is cheerful, welcoming, inspiring, and comfortable. That’s a nice place to call your own. Thanks.

  20. Reading your post, I have decided to have a place of my own that represents who I am real before the end of the year. Thanks for the inspiration !

  21. I re-did a room last year to be my sitting room. I included lots of pink and splurged on some comfy chairs. It had a nice big window with a nice view of the garden. I ended up moving my daughter’s computer into the room and she sort of took over. She moved in all her papers and junk. Now the room is messy and not a peaceful place. My daughter is leaving for university this week. After she leaves, one of my first chores is to clean up that room and make it mine again.

  22. oh i love kim. :)
    everything is always so happy on her site.

  23. Even here in our little Love Shack both my husband and I have carved out our personal spaces that both inspire us and encourage us. The Love Shack is less that 700 sq.ft. and we both work from home and love it! I just linked up to this blog party if you’d like to take a peek ;)

  24. I’ve been following Daisy and she’s got a great little spot! Nice of you to share it on here. One day, I hope to have my dream home…

  25. *Woopsies – I meant to say “Kim,” not Daisy! Sheesh, I need to go to bed.

  26. I am blessed to have a great little room that is all mine. It is my scrapbook/computer/TV room. I love it! It is full of pretty things that inspire me.

  27. With 10 kids, I share my room with our 4 youngest. What I would give for a teeny tiny space of my own!

  28. I am getting my space early this week – we are playing musical rooms at our house. I am so excited that I found this website – its been so fun getting so inspired! Looking forward to having my own craft space so I can spend time scrapbooking/painting ! Can’t wait to decorate! Woo hoo!!

  29. I have to combine my space with my business space. Each always compete with each other. I took over my living room and dining room, much to my family’s dismay. This is a small house. In this multi-purpose room is everything I love, and every obligation I have. The two conflict and make me so nervous. I’d love to be able to tie them together with some type of organization. I always ask myself how to achieve this. It is overwhelming. Do I use color or organization methods. I’ve tried both. Wish I could blend these two worlds with harmony. :(


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