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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 8}: <br>Mom Caves
House Beautiful

When the weather turns a little blustery I love getting all cozy inside my own little nest, AHHHHH I love fall. Having a comfortable chair, an ottoman for my feet and a lamp on a table with a stack of books is HEAVENLY!! Throw in a fireplace and I would never want to leave that spot!

I do have my blogging corner where I can nestle up by the fireplace, and also my little green pull down desk in my kitchen, but I’d love to have a whole room to call my own! Is that asking too much?

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 8}: <br>Mom Caves

I’m still wanting to create that special home office where I can bring together all the things I love in my own space, or as HomeGoods calls it, a Mom Cave. I love that top photo with the red and white striped curtains, I’d be totally happy with that room.

I think it is important to have a favorite chair, a corner, or if you are really lucky, a whole room where your soul can breathe. Moms (and women) do so much for others, sometimes we need to give the gift of a space all to our ourselves. Even if you can only carve out enough room for an inspiration board, it can give you a little lift every time you see it. We need that nurturing space to recharge — to be able to give again!

Do you have a special place in your home, a place that is fully your own?

I have to drive three hours to get to HomeGoods, but I’m going to be making a trip to Portland as soon as I possibly can to buy some new lamps and accessories for my own “Mom Cave.” I’m so excited!!

Dream a little…what would your special Mom Cave be like (or if you have one, what is it like?)?

This weekend I’m giving away FOUR $50 HomeGoods cards, one card to each random winner. All you have to do to enter is comment on THIS post telling me about your dream Mom Cave! Giveaway ends on Tuesday October 12 at 10AM PST.

HomeGoods is holding a giveaway right now for a $5,000 gift card and a personal design consultation by designer Elaine Griffin for a Mom Cave of your own, now that would be pretty awesome to win so be sure and enter at HomeGoods for that prize!


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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 8}: <br>Mom Caves

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  1. Angie

    My dream ‘mom cave’ would actually be a scrapbook area. It would have a cozy chair (white) and ottoman with a soft throw and a small lamp/table nearby to look through books, place a glass of wine, and curl up for a nap. Everything would be organized and decorated perfectly! No kids or pets would be allowed in this small area that is MINE!!! ahhh, it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?!?

  2. Robin

    It would have a big, comfy chair and a HUGE flat area to work. Plus, it would have tons and tons of organized storage space!

  3. Leigh Anne

    I’m not sure there is enough room in this comment space to describe my perfect Mom Cave. But, it would include a counter height area for crafting & pattern cutting, a comfy chair & my sewing machine. It would also have lots of baskets/bins/shelves to organize all my things. And if I could throw in a fireplace, cozy chair & blanket……dreams! :)

  4. this blessed nest

    my cave is my craft room, which you posted here before. ;) i would love some sort of buffet/hutch to store fabric in & i would love to some how fit a cozy chair in there as well. it’s a small cave with an a-frame ceiling, but i am thankful for it. i would also love more lamps & overhead lighting as well.

    thanks for the chance to win.
    happy weekend!

  5. myrnie

    Hmm….comfy chair, huge window with lots of light for reading, book shelves, lots of notepads for making lists…..sounds wonderful :)

  6. Tiffany

    My dream mom cave would be a lightly painted pink room with a luscious arm chair to sit on for reading by the window, a desk for blogging and scrapbooking. I want an inspiration board full of my favorite things as well as photos of my beautiful family. I so desire a Mom Cave.

  7. Molly

    A dream Mom cave?! It would have to be a cozy nook with a wide window seat and books and lots a pretty fabric and soft lights. mmm. (and hot chocolate too!)

  8. Sandy

    I was lucky enough to be able to design my own “Mom Cave”. I chose my favorite color, green and repainted my desk and shelves white. I love having my own place to blog and just relax. The only thing that would make it better is a large picture window looking out over a lush green garden.

  9. mandiegirl

    Oh- a huge bathroom with a nice bath tub, a fireplace, & a BIG tv. Oh, candles are good, too. :)

  10. Angela

    A cozy chair with a soft throw, a big bookcase filled with books, a big desk I can blog, sew, and craft at. Lots of pink, fresh flowers, and vintage french decor. Oh and an ocean view would be nice.

    Not that I’ve thought about it :)

  11. Loren

    My dream Mom Cave would have a big comfy chair with a cozy blanket on it for reading, a desk for my laptop and cute desk accessories. Bookcases or some great storage to hold magazines, books, pictures, etc. A large window with a great view would top it off!

  12. Grace

    I would love a room that had a desk and a crafting area with built-in shelves all organized with pretty boxes lined up along them.

  13. Eliza

    First of all, I LOVE that scrabble tile idea in the second picture! It’s beautiful & inspiring.

    My dream mom cave would have a fireplace, a beautiful wooden desk, a very comfy armchair, and about 50 bookcases to hold all my things! There would be photographs throughout and a speaker system to play music. Beautiful curtains are a must! And definitely a soft rug for my feet. I would use my mom cave to organize, edit, and print my photos as well as craft & create!

  14. Bambi Pro

    My dream mom cave would be a room of my own not connected to the house. Maybe a room with air/heat in the backyard. Beach theme would be wonderful.

  15. Emily

    My cave would have a magical doorway that would suck away all my feelings of responsibility and obligation! I have a small room of my own where I stash craft and office supplies, though it’s not cozy yet (working on it)–but the hardest thing to do is to actually retreat into it to get things done for myself! There’s always a toilet to scrub, meal to cook, errand to run…you know the drill!

  16. Maryann

    My dream mom cave would have a big cozy chair with a few fluffy pillows and a throw. I’d need a work desk for my projects, lots of shelves and storage containers to hold all my crafts, fabrics and paints! And of course some cute accessories will be needed to fill in the shelves :) Everything would magically stay cleaned and organized and somewhere, coming from the corner of the room all my favorite songs would play… awe to dream!

  17. Jenni Hunt

    wow… I really had to think about what I would want my dream mom cave to be like… The only think I’m sure of is that I would need it to be simple. A cozy chair and ottoman to snuggle up in, a fire place, LOTS of natural light… bookshelves for photos and books… and a super cool table to sit at and work on my laptop… what a nice thing to dream about ;-) Thanks for bringing this up!

  18. Tami Cooper

    Oh, a quiet corner with a comfy chair and great lighting (pretty too) ~ far away from the kitchen and homework area. Sigh….

  19. Cori

    Well, I have a nice big sitting area in our master bedroom that has nothing in it. It is just begging to be a mom cave area! I’d love to add a big cozy chair and lamp in the corner, in front of the bookcases. Add my laptop to listen to pandora and a cup of coffee, and that would be a perfect area to reflect at the beginning of the day before my little boy wakes up.

  20. Cara

    My Mom Cave would be a greenhouse/potting shed where I could start seeds, overwinter plants, read seed catalogs and dream about next summers garden…probably a comfy chair and teapot as well!

  21. AmyE

    If I were to have a mom cave it would have an area for scrapbooking, a comfy chair and a tv …and maybe some soundproof walls, as well.

  22. Christine Yokley

    Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head with this one! Every woman should have her own little space! My daughter recently left for college. As soon as I returned from moving her into her dorm, I pushed her bed aside and made my little corner! My scrapbook nook, sewing center, whatever I want on my little corner of the world!!!!

  23. Sherry

    Hi Melissa, My dream mom cave would have a cozy fireplace and a window seat where I could curl up with a book. The walls would be bead board and the floor covered in a large sisal rug. One wall would hold an antique floor to ceiling bookcase full of decorating books and magazines. A beautiful crystal chandelier would hang in the center of the room and two beautiful bergere chairs would flank the fireplace.
    xo, Sherry

  24. emily

    I’m thinking lots of natural light, lots of plants, cozy chairs, a soft rug, a fireplace and a huge bookshelf full of books. Would a lock on the door be pushing it? :)

  25. Sarah

    My mom cave is my home office, although it isn’t very peaceful because someone is always wanting me to fix them a snack, find their shoe, take them to the potty, etc etc.

    How about a mom island instead? With a mom helicopter for easy access?

  26. Diane

    I am soooo enjoying your 31 days series. Thoughtful, creative, inspiring. Thank YOU!

    My DREAM space (I am not a mom….though I did foster a teenager through drug rehab for a year….and have led hundreds of kids in ministry…that has been God’s blessing to me.) or woman’s cave is not a cave at all. It would be a room with windows on 2 sides….and a garden to look out upon….and a french door through which I can enjoy the breezes and pass through to stroll the garden. It would include a countertop underneath one set of windows for crafting whatever my heart desires. There would be a desk for writing, a chair for meditating and dreaming and a hassock for stretching my legs. A table in the middle of the room covered with a colorful tablecloth and chairs for cocoa and conversation. And there would be an entire wall of drawers and cabinets – some with open shelves, glass doors…and in various sizes to display and hide all my treasures. And of course this room would be filled with my favorite baskets….busily keeping everything organized. I could go on and on…..but it’s a pleasant beginning…don’t you think?

  27. judy

    I have a sunny bedroom in the back corner of my house that my husband uses as an office. But, he only uses half of the room I’d like to take the other half. put a comfy chair in the corner windows, a little round table with a long tablecloth and beautiful lamp and room enough for a book and a cup of coffee. I’d like to take the back wall and get a fab vintage desk and chair with room to write, store some favorite books and keep my collection of stationery and pens. Of course, next to that, I would have a vintage desk or table to hold my computer, printer, etc. All of the fabrics and upholstery would be beautifully vintage and soft. A-h-h-h-h-….

  28. Wanda

    My dream mom cave would be a red leather chair like I sat in with my Grandfather when I was little. Big, soft pillows and and kerosene lamp on an antique table. love your blog! :-)

  29. Candice S

    My dream mom cave would have my wonderful desk for my laptop and a funky chair to go with. I’d have plenty to storage, perhaps a whole wall built in, with files, places for my couponing stuff, art supplies, room for all my camera gear, a chair and a half and ottoman, a comfy throw, windows on 2 sides and french doors to the rest of the house. Oh and NO toys (the doors will help with that)!

  30. Marisa

    What an amazing giveaway! HomeGoods is my dream space, but I wouldn’t get any work done. :)

    In my home, I would love a loft area overlooking the family/play room, so I can keep an eye on the kids while I work. It would be soft, soothing in blues and greens, textural with lots of woven items. A big, counter-height work table next to an extra-wide arm chair to curl up with my laptop. Ahh.

    (If I win the giveaway, I’ll meet you at the Portland HomeGoods and treat you to a YoCream!) :)

  31. Christin

    Comfortable with plenty of sweet smelling candles! I’m really not too picky but it has to be relaxing, not too busy. Some nice, framed scriptures would be nice, along with inspiring quotes. A vase of fresh, sweet smelling flowers.

  32. Anu

    My mom cave would be a comfy chair, a rustic fireplace, a delightful book and a cup of coffee!! I am working on it….ofourse some flowers and some family pictures would make it perfect!!!

  33. Juliet in SoCal

    I would love to work on a sewing room with lots of tabletop space for working on quilt projects.

  34. Becky K.

    I think our souls would be at rest in a very similar place! I would love a comfy overstuffed chair to curl up in next to a crazkling fireplace with a cozy afghan close at hand. A aged wooden desk to write stories, blog, and pen notes to friends. A tall bookshelf for all my favorites, other creative storage and organizational pieces, AND a big trunk so I can throw everything in when I don’t feel like being organized. Add a couple pictures of my boys, a bright window with a beautiful view of rolling green hills, and a steaming cup of vanilla chai and I’m set! That’s not too much to ask, is it? :)

    But since I don’t even have a single square foot of a mommy cave, I think I may try to do your idea of at least a bullitin board just for me.

  35. Angie

    My ideal “mom cave” would be a nice cozy room, with a big, over-stuffed chair where I can nap, read, or surf or do digital scrapbooking on my laptop. It would have a fireplace with a huge mantel, filled with candles. There would be a bookcase full of my favorite books, fiction and non-fiction. There would be a little table holding my favorite snack and drink. There would be a window next to my chair, where I could daydream, while looking outside at the trees and birds. The walls would be painted in a soft sage green, to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

  36. Tiffany

    My mom cave would have a big flat surface for crafts, sewing, and wrapping gifts. LOTS of organized storage. A comfy chair and ottoman for reading books. A HUGE framed and upholstered bulletin board for all the ideas I rip out of magazines. Something sparkly. Maybe a few sparkly things. I could go on and on, I’m having so much fun! Oh yah and a LOCK – to get hubby and the kids out!

  37. cheri

    i actually have a mom cave…literally. it’s a small room in our basement…no windows, cement floor. it’s a little creepy…but it’s all mine!! lol and it’s in major need of some organization and decorations. soon….

  38. Lisa

    As a homeschool mom of four (three boys and a girl), I often crave for moments alone in a sort of “mom cave”. I take time each evening after dinner, bedtimes, and homeschool prep to just rest and read in the bedroom or relax in the tub. I think what I would ultimately love is a mommy daughter place where we can take special time away from the boys to read, craft, sew, and just rest together with a cup of tea and special treats. I would love to have a cute craft table, a sewing machine, a large glass door cabinet (with fabric curtains) to store our material and notions and crafting papers and supplies. Maybe some fabric and paper craft books that would inspire us and many books on color and art. I could definitely see us retreating to this room for our mom/daughter devotionals. And also cozy chairs with blankets next to a table with a lamp and a large window in the room that looks out upon a beautiful vista. Really dreaming here – maybe a small vintage chandelier would be soooo fun! Of course, I would love some time to myself sometimes, but opportunities to just be with my daughter and give her my full attention are so precious as the days just go too quickly .

  39. kari

    My “mom cave” would be a scrapbooking/craft room. It would be a large room with plenty of organizers and shelves. It would have large windows to provide plenty of sunshine. A comfy chair for when I need to take a break with a good book. Soundproof walls, so I can actually concentrate and not hear my kids fighting. :) It would also have to have an espresso machine…I can’t love without my caffeine and I love the smell of making coffee. I think there would have to be a lock on the door, too. My kids love to scrapbook (or what they call scrapbooking) I really don’t think they’d stay out of this room, it would be their new hang out if there wasn’t a lock. :)

    I still have not been to Home Goods, can you believe it?! I can’t wait to go and it has been on my “to do” list for months!!! I’m sure I’ll fall in love with half of the stuff there!

  40. kendra

    I have been envisioning such a room for years! I just need three things: a love seat with blankets for napping and reading, a huge desk where I can set up my sewing machine permanently, and enough floor space to roll out my yoga mat without having to move anything out of the way. I’d spend many hours in this room with a cup of hot tea.

  41. Ashley W

    My dream ‘Mom Cave’ would be a room overlooking the water… a lake, ocean, or river. This room would definitely have a cozy window seat for gazing at the waves or reading a wonderful book. My ‘Mom Cave’ would also have lots and lots and lots of bookshelves for my collection of books, and it would also have a wood burning fireplace to warm up the space in the middle of winter or on a crisp fall day! Not to mention a couple of chairs for friends who I’ll share stories, books, and drinks with… ahhh. :)

  42. Debbie

    I love all the ideas everyone is sharing! My mom-cave would be a combination craft/scrapbooking room/Library! I love to craft and I love to read! It would be a room lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves and one of those library ladders that slides along the shelves…dark woods…rich carpets…big window with a view of a garden & water feature…and of course a big desk/work area and lots of storage! Oh, and a fireplace flanked by two comfy chairs….heavenly!

  43. Carin

    I kind of do have a mum cave, the studio/office, but it’s a work in progress and not very restful yet.

    My dream mum cave would have soft and dreamy colours (on walls and furniture), a large window overlooking the garden, a comfy chair with a little table with a cute lamp, some books, etc nearby, a cute storage unit full of baskets holding all my art and craft supplies, a cute work table or two, and candles, photographs, etc to really engage and energise me.

  44. KO

    I would love to have my own comfortable chair..and a desk…and a great smelling candle…and comfy pillows…

  45. Lisa

    My mom cave would have a projection of myself on the outside of the door telling my kids that I was having some “Privacy Time – Come Back Later”. Also, a top-quality lock would be nice :-)! Inside, I would love walls hung with inspirational framed photos of ideas for different spaces pulled from magazines, online etc. Say one wall of pictures of gorgeous gardens, one of the newest design ideas, one for great kids’ spaces and maybe even one of scrumptious foods to inspire me to cook! And of course several different velvet chaises that I could lounge in to face whichever direction in which I was lacking said inspiration. Flattering lighting and no mirrors (contradiction in terms?), soft rugs in which to wiggle bare toes, and throws to snuggle up and read a book for just 5 minutes, please!!!

  46. amy allen

    My dream mom cave would have a overstuffed chair and a half so that I could curl up and read a book or fall asleep. My choice. It would be big enough so that one of my children could snuggle on it with me and we could read together. (children are allowed in my Mom cave) It would either be in the attic part of an old victorian and it would look over the back garden or a the upper level of a cottage overlooking Narragansett Bay. There would be a lovely gigantic desk ready for blogging, wrapping gifts what have you. A shelf of first printings of my favorite books. And it would feel like Anne Shirley herself could stop by for a visit at any moment.


  47. Beth

    My dream “Mom cave” would be a sunny little room with a fat cozy chair in the corner with an ottoman to rest my feet on. It would also have a big desk large enough for projects with a hutch with space for lots of baskets and organization. What fun to think about!

  48. Ashley L.

    I’m working on my “Mom Cave” right now! It’s painted Tiffany blue, and I’m adding black, white, and gray accents. I’m trying to do it on the cheap, so this gift card would be awesome! :)

  49. Bekki

    I have a “Mom Cave”, my husband had the space built for my scrapbook room when we designed the house. I am currently adding french doors since it is off the Master bedroom and I don’t want to disturd my husbands sleep. The only thing lacking in the space is a cozy chair, it’s such a small room and full of photos, mementos and supplies. :)

  50. Jessie C.

    My dream Mom Cave would be-
    A very comfy sofa chair, stylist clean design coffee table and lamp. large bookshelves full of good reads!

  51. ERica

    I just moved into a house where I have a cave. So I am currently looking for inspiration. I want it to have a craft table, a place where a kid or two could sit and talk to me, or a friend. My computer and a huge bookshelf. I want it all.

  52. Lisa

    Right now I’ve commandeered a guest room as my mom cave. It was just a hodge podge that was being consumed by all of the unused crafting supplies. I recently painted it a gorgeous melon color and all of the furniture is now white (some originally white, and some that I painted). It has a daybed (perfect for reading or napping!), long corner desk that covers about one and half walls so there’s lots of space to work or craft or sew, and a big bookshelf. I love it, but wish that it had a bit more storage space and that it wasn’t so far from the “life” of the house. When I’m in there, I feel totally disconnected which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. But, hey, I’m not complaining – I love my revamped space, and since I’ve made the changes I spend so much more time up there and have really been getting a lot of projects finished! YAY!

    Would love to win the gift card because I need a good lamp in there. :-)

  53. Amy Kirsch

    My mom cave: A beautiful en suite room… no, make it a guest cottage, but really it’s for me…. fluffy king size bed, fireplace, sitting area with cushy couch and leather club chair with ottoman, reading lamps, lots of pillows, candles, art, photos, bookcases (but not TOO cluttered – tastefully decorated!), window seat, big windows with breathtaking view, big spa-like bathroom (also with a view). I would curl up in front of the fire with a good book and a blanket, take in the view and the peace… Oh, forgot the mini-bar area with fancy espresso machine (so I can have a cocktail or a latte when I get the urge). Hmmm, did I remember everything?

    • Amy Kirsch

      Oops, stupid me – if you post my comment, could you leave my last name off? Rookie mistake. Thank you!

  54. Cindy Stout

    A room full of natural light, with a view of my flower and vegetable garden. Lots of space for a large counter-height work table, a small desk for my computer, a super-comfy loveseat, and a lamp and table. A large wall strictly for organizing supplies, with lots of shelves and drawers. And if I really want to dream, an adjacent kitchen, for testing recipes and working on special food projects.

  55. Bronwyn

    A cozy attic room for writing, with a view out to a pond. (Ocean would be great, but there does happen to be a pond in our neighborhood, so this isn’t impossible). Pretty curtains, cute computer desk (is that possible?), big table for sewing when it strikes me. Storage for supplies and a place to hide gifts.

  56. Roberta

    Well here in the Love Shack there really is no room for a space of my own but shortly after moving here we decided to give up the dinning space because we never used it and I set up a desk for my studio for me to create and store my things for sewing, art journaling and for what ever else inspires me at the moment. We have an attic that I’d love to finish and turn into a hide-away loft for my studio space…someday :)

  57. Cindy

    A big, comfy armchair and ottoman.

  58. jenny

    my dream room for the mom cave would have a door with a lock on it. simple and sweet!

  59. Peggy

    I am still trying to create a little mom cave for myself. The only room I have right now if my dining room which I would like to redecorate for a room for me to relax in.

  60. Sophie

    Funnily enough I do actually have a Mom Cave already! But its a complete tip and its not the kind of place I love to sit with a good book. Its my sewing room, a long thin sunroom with a big desk that I can do all my crafty bits in… I love having somewhere I can escape to but how delightful it would be if it were a little more than a functional room and (at the moment) a dumping ground for all of the family’s awkward bits and bobs.

  61. Tanvi

    Lots of windows. Those industrial looking shelves filled with boxes and baskets of my fabrics, various craft project supplies, and books. A big desk made out of reclaimed wood for my laptop and work area.

  62. machelle anderson

    My dream mom cave would include a lock so no one could mess it up and perfectly cordinated office supplies and book shelves. I am very mismatched right now.

  63. Natalia

    I’m not a mom yet and am already in my own little “cave” at work about 9 hours every day. It would be nice if I had a window, a couple of fun lamps, and lots and lots of books!

  64. Michelle

    Oh to have a Mom Cave! Mine would have one of those gorgeous counter-height craft tables…and a cozy area for reading…and LOTS of storage…and a TV for Project Runway and Nate…hmmm, I need a whole house for this!

  65. Lindsay

    Since this is a dream mom cave, mine would have to be pink with some beautiful funky lamps, a fabulous chandelier, plush cozy throws, and fantastic pillows that never get thrown to the floor by my sweet kiddos.


    I’ve got two spaces in mind for my ‘mom cave’- one being my laundry/craft area and the other a large 3rd floor guest room. Both spaces are screaming out for a freshening up and at the same time neither are terribly convenient. But at any rate, I imagine a well organized space that is light and bright – a place I actually enjoy being!

  67. Laura Weaver

    I am lucky enough to have a studio and am office, now I just need some design direction….we’ll see!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  68. nanci

    I do have a cave and so does my DH. We call mine the cavette! It’s a sitting room off the master BR. I have my long coveted chaise lounge, a small drop leaf desk, small recliner and my celtic harp. I love my room and consider myself very blessed to have it. I sure wish we had Home Goods here in Oklahoma. That’s all I ever hear about it the blogs. :(

  69. Valarie

    My cave would have floor to ceiling bookshelves with one of those rolling library ladders. Also a huge, soft chair with an ottoman in some amazing fabric, a fireplace, music system, hardwood floor, and french doors so I can see the kids but also lock them out!

  70. angie

    I have claimed the dining room as my Mom Cave. There are several changes I would make OR turn in back into a dining room if I had a small cozy room with a big comfy chair, a fireplace (it could be electric, I just like the ambience), plenty of beautiful storage pieces like a buffet, armoire, chests, a small little kitchen area for coffee, hot tea, small fridge for goodies, ahhhhh…I’ve got to stop…this is tempting me to run down to our basement with hammer and nails in hand to build my room!! Thanks for your wonderful blog and for the chance to win the Home Goods gift card!

  71. Tammy

    With 3 kids and a husband who take up every inch of the house, it’s time for my cave. My oldest is off to college so I’d like to use part of her room to carve out my own space. Light and comfy are the two things which come to mind. Love HomeGoods!

  72. Hailey Johnston

    My Mom cave would be a room to craft, create, sew, etc etc. AND I wouldn’t have to clean up my mess every time I had to leave it. I would just shut the door and return when I had the time. Of course it would be beautifully decorated too! Homegoods is a place I visit often and know I would definitely find some beauties to decorate my mom cave!

  73. Tiffany

    I would need a couch or at least two chairs so I’d have room for chats with family members or friends. I’d need storage/file systems for papers and a desk or something for my lap for my laptop and for writing notes. I’d also like to include a hot pot, tea basket or box, a french press, and some mugs, so a small counter would be nice. Of course, I do take cream in my tea and coffee, so a small fridge would be nice too — but now I am getting carried away!

  74. Julie

    My dream mom cave would have all my crafts neatly organized, a huge table, cozy chair, some great fabrics & a really cute chandelier. I’d love to win!

  75. Jessi

    I can’t even imagine having that kind of space in my tiny, little, packed-to-the-gills house, which is home to 4 kiddos, hubby & myself. But IF I did, I would want a nice flat table that could serve as a workspace or double as a tea table, should I want to invite someone in to my space. I’d like a multi-cubed shelf where I could put a mix of books, baskets filled with all my random stuff that could be sufficiently hidden away, and then some ‘pretties’ mixed in with all that functionality. I want 2 tufted chairs, and a few pretty lamps, and pillows…. Oh, and a cup full of really COOL pens…because I have a ‘thing’ for cool pens. And windows. I love windows too…

  76. Jody

    My ‘mom cave’ is my craft room, which I’ve earned by sending my 3 children out into the grown up world. One of the perks of an “empty nest”! It’s not perfect, but it’s mine and a work in progress. I want to work on the storage area.

  77. Denise

    My “mom cave” would not be cavelike! I want lots of natural light streaming in with a counter height work table for stamping and cutting quilts and patterns, and scrap booking. I’d love it painted purple with chalkboards and artwork and cork boards on the walls. A fireplace would be wonderful as well as a cozy chaise for cuddling up to look at inspiritonal books and magazines, a laptop for checking the inspired room and other inspiring blogs, and a new sewing/embroidery machine would be exciting. Of course, I can’t forget great storage, but I’d like then creative kind – an antique card catalogue and other vintage pieces repurposed for my stuff. Throw in a super fun craft cutting machine…I think I’d be set!!!!

  78. Leigh

    I have been so impressed with your Oct series. I just recently found your blog and have been so inspired. I don’t have a one single decorating/organzing gene in my body but I hope to learn and gain inspiration from your blog. I guess my ideal “mom cave” would be a nice flat desk in a bright sun-filled room. I see light blue clors with some green in there. I cute little desk and an area to store all my stuff and some fresth seasonal flowers. Some shelfs running up the wall to help me stay organized.

  79. Ellen

    I have a room I’d love to turn into a mom cave. Just need to paint the walls, the built in cabinets/bookcases. (Why did builders every think that wood stained in an orangey-yellow stain was attractive?) Rip up that carpet, paint the concrete, put in a pair of comfy chairs. Hmmm, I’m beginning to envision it…

  80. Covered Porches

    Yellow Paint, A huge window, and an overstuffed chair will definitely be involved. I’m a quilter and I daydream about having a bay of old mail cubbie holes to store fabric and a armoire with the paint pealling off to hold my other weakness dishes. I can picture an antique drafting table levelled high enough to cut fabric and radio to only play my favorite songs and I sew or read the day away…..with the window open…..

  81. Imperfect

    I’m not sure it could be called Mom cave, since I have no children yet. Still, it would be wonderful to have a comfy chair and a desk and a bookshelf or something next to a fireplace or big window. Just a little space to sit, read, write and relax on occasion. I’m so glad HomeGoods is recognizing moms this way!

  82. Kim

    My dream “Mom Cave” would be a room off of the kitchen. It would include a place for sewing / crafts, a pantry, computer area and a place for laundry. Or maybe not the laundry! Since, I’m in the kitchen so much of the time, it would be nice to have my “own place” real close to all the action!

  83. Lisa

    A comfortable chair, dim lighting, noise maker (or soft music), a nice, small table/storage unit for my books and pens. I’d like coffee colored walls (my husband is stuck on the Malted Milk shade) and some nice curtains to tie it all together. Oh, windows I love natural light. Just sit and BE!

  84. Kathy

    Oh yes, I’d like one, too, please! : ) I used to say I’d like a home office, then last year I started saying home office/creative space. I still feel the same way this year, but I would like it to be a room that is not shared with a guestroom. It wouldn’t have to be big either. Enough to hold my interior decorating business things and be able to sit and do a little creating or reading or blogging. Love that top picture, too!

  85. Julie

    Oooh a mom cave – what a brilliant idea! Mine would have a big comfy chair that I could curl up in – plus an ottoman at just the right height + a table for fashion, design, and trashy gossipy magazines (we’re talking indulgence here, right), a lamp for good lighting, and a lovely glass jar full of coconut M&M’s. :-)

  86. Josee Telfer

    My mom cave would have the most soft, plush fabrics – maybe a cashmere throw…a chaise lounge and a chandelier with lots of sparkle and crystal and bling. It would be a place just for me to read, relax and spend some quiet time with God. There would also be a gorgeous claw foot soaking tub with a built in sound system…wow I’m dreaming! Thanks for the question … it’s nice to dream!

  87. Tracy O

    Don’t be jealous, but I actually have a space to call my own. really, don’t be jealous because eventhough that space is supposed to be my scrapbook/craft/writing whatever I want area it is overcome with everything in the house that doesn’t have a home, spare this and that and general clutter. This room is my dream room but I just can’t make it work. I would love a cozy chair to cuddle up in or have the kids cuddle in to watch a movie while I create, or organization, or just a place to breath. I can say I have the paint on the walls and the window treatments up…but that is about as far as it has come.

  88. Sarah

    I have to travel an hour to get to HomeGoods so I understand!
    My dream room would be filled with items that hold special memories–all displayed with shades of white/off-white/tan in the background. I would definitely need a big table to allow for my sewing machine to be out all of the time, plus a big window for me to look out of. Soft lighting and a comfy chair would complete it!

  89. Patti Goins

    Although I don’t have an actual Mom Cave at the moment, I have elements of a Mom Cave in several rooms. I have a favorite chair and ottoman in my family room that I love to sit in for my quiet times – I recently recovered the chair in a beautiful red print and it makes me happy every time I walk by! I created a little Tea Room parlor in another room, where I can pamper my friends or someone in need with beauty and refreshment for their souls. I love that room. Then there’s my upstairs office – although now a room full of boxes, I am envisioning a functional space with an organized desk, a gift wrapping nook, a little library corner with classy bookcases, a chaise lounge and cozy reading light – all decorated beautifully, of course! I am so grateful for just discovering your blog last week – I absolutely love it! Your ideas truly DO inspire me to “live authentically” – thank you! You are a “Titus 2” woman, in more ways than you imagine!

  90. Leaha

    My dream cave would be pure white with hints of blue, a giant comfy chair, fireplace, and lots of windows……….
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Trish

    My Mom-cave would be a beautiful – and I mean beautiful – room wih a pretty rug and curtains and no dust and no spider webs and no dirty laundry. Only nice clean surfaces without piles of paper. A few pillows and a comfy comfy comfy chair!

  92. Kimberly

    Well, a nice desk to put my laptop on or to write, plus a comfortable chair to curl up in. My favorite books stacked next to the chair, recent photos of my family on the wall….plus those old black and white photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents that mean so much to me…a couple of religious icons. My favorite quotes taped up on the wall.

  93. Blaire Bingham

    I would definitely have a space for my sewing machine, and organization for all of my fabrics. It would also be nice to separate my crafting supplies from sewing supplies. Sometimes my double sided tape gets a little cozy with sewing thread…not good;)

  94. Christie

    My mom cave would have a big, overstuffed chair, a desk with lots of compartments, an endless supply of iced tea and a lock.

  95. Samantha

    My “mom cave” is actually our living room. No one else seems to use it but me, except lately I have seen my daughter sneak in there and curl up on the sofa with a book. I love it because it is still open to the rest of the house, but it is still tucked away. It is very floral (but not in a granny way) and I have the best view in the house from the room overlooking a large green space where the neighborhood kids play. The sofa is great to curl up on underneath a blanket with a good book and a cup of tea. Of course, a gift card to Homegoods would make the space even better!

  96. Meand3boyz

    I live with my husband and our two boys, hence the name. Sometimes my whole house feels like a mancave – football helmets, soccer cleats, footballs, soccer balls, rocks, sticks, etc. seem have a special place in all of my rooms. I long for a room with white, airy curtains, a desk painted aqua that has been distressed, a perfect lamp with a white drum shade, a soft rug under my feet, a big, comfy chair that is slipcovered in WHITE, the radio playing music that is not on the current top twenty, pictures of my 3 boys hanging in beautiful frames that match and are hung artfully and vase filled with Nester’s hydrangeas.
    No I don’t think about this often!
    Thanks for your 31 days series, I look forward to reading it every morning.

  97. Alison

    We recently moved into a much smaller house, which meant no more “Mom Cave” for me. BUT, I have been working on one corner of our living room and the desk area in our bedroom, trying to create two small spaces where I can relax and create.

  98. Donna S

    My current “mom cave” is my office/sunroom. I love it, however if I could have my DREAM mom cave it would be a little different.

    1. It would have doors (to keep out the wee intruders so mommy can be alone!)
    2. It would have my own personal Barista to make me a latte whenever the need arises
    3. It would be warm and bright, not cold like my current mom-cave in which I have to wear a snuggie to not freeze!
    4. It would have a LOCK ;)

  99. Cara

    it would have room to work, room for a kid or three to play (because they are always in my business) and places to organize all my craft stuff.

  100. Lori

    My mom cave would be a whole room that would include beautifully organized space for reading and relaxing. It would have a beautiful view of the ocean and a fireplace.

  101. Andrea

    I LOVE Home Goods! My mom cave would include a nice white comfy chair with a cozy blanket and colorful pillows. A desk close by with some pretty amazing organizational supplies. Basically, a place to read, think, and write in peace.

  102. Donna

    My cave is a work in progress. I just moved into my new home and I earmarked the smallest bedroom as mine… all mine! I plan to have a large work table for quilting and sewing. I have a desk set up for computer work (my freelance jobs) and a wall of storage for art books, collectibles and art supplies. I am trying to find some way to fit a little painting easel in a well-lit corner. A little room with a lot of functions.

  103. Haven

    My “Mom Cave” would be filled with things that I love to create with like fabric, scrapbook paper, and an idea board. I would have a control center for my family, and have enough room to leave my sewing machine out, as well as a place for me to blog. The colors would be very calming and peaceful.

  104. Jenn

    Oooo…a wing back chair, an ottoman, a side table for my cup of coffee, a lamp for good reading, a BIG table for my sewing, a beautiful rug…a place to put everything – computer & accessories, sewing stuff, crafting stuff, etc. LOVELY!

  105. Vicki

    What a great idea!

  106. Rona

    Right now I would so love my own home office, for work. I would have a loveseat, fabric bulletin boards, chalkboard and a flat screen TV!

  107. Betsy

    Most importantly, my mom cave would be soundproof. Then I’d want a sewing area, a huge cutting table, a big comfy chair and lots of shelves stocked with fabric and yarn.

  108. Sara

    When I let my mind run wild about what I would really want, it seems I would need a small house to contain it and not just a room. I’ll list everything anyway. A sewing area with fabric storage, thread organization and a place for embellishments and other notions. A place for a yoga mat with a mirror, tv and speakers in the ceiling for mood music. A desk with my laptop, printer and space for writing correspondence. I’d also need a large table space to do paper crafts, scrapbook, cardmaking, etc. :)

  109. Laura

    My dream Mom Cave space is warm and cozy- I would have a big comfy chaise lounge with a great throw and lamp and amazing side table. It would be a great place to read and blog!

  110. Kathy

    My dream Mom cave would be a huge, organized scrapbook room! I had a small room for a while, but then I felt I was being selfish b/c in order for me to have that room my daughters had to share a bedroom. So I packed all my supplies onto IKEA shelves in the basement and gave each daughter her own room. ;)
    kathy k.

  111. TracyS

    A mom cave? Why didn’t I think of that?!! Mine would have 2 overstuffed, oversized smooshy chairs…my favorite desk…yummy GIRLY fabric…a beautiful soft rug…do I need anything more? Oh, and it must be organized!! Clutter makes me anxious!!

  112. Amber B.

    My dream momcave would be a cozy room lined with bookshelves, with a comfy couch or chaise lounge where I could lay and read for hours. I’d probably paint the walls chocolate brown. And add a warm blanket to snuggle up in on the chaise. :-) No kids or husbands allowed!

  113. Miss Wisabus

    I’m not a mama yet, but I do have a cave! It’s my study. I have this weird little love seat that everyone hates (but I love it!) and wall to wall book shelves, other than the one that is covered in windows. I go hide out in there whenever I can and enjoy a good book. Definitely “my” place.

  114. Jackie

    My perfect “mom cave” would be crisp and clean. No kids toys in sight! A large flat surface where I can spread out whatever project I am currently obsessing over. A counter height area, where I could stand to do projects if needed. A whole wall of shelves or cabinets where I could stash all of my (MANY) craft supplies. And of course some display area where I could proudly display my lovelies (is that a word? lol). And HUGE black and white pictures of my children, because they are my inspiration!

  115. Eileen

    I am actually in the planning process of my “mom cave”! yay, I am so excited! We are transforming our back storage room that right now is just a place to stash junk. My plan is to have light walls with aqua, tan and maybe a few red accents. Cozy chair is a must too :)

    Sorry that your closest HomeGoods is so far away from you. I had never heard of HomeGoods until we moved to Wilmington, NC and now it’s my very favorite store!

  116. shelley.

    I don’t have space for one, but if I ever do…I’d love a wall of all my favorite books with a sliding ladder. Lots of windows. And lots of texture. A place where I could throw in some girly details and fabrics in an otherwise modern room…

  117. Astrid

    My ideal Mom Cave? Hmmm….I have a space in mind. It’d be a room with doors that can close, a comfy chair, a space to put my drink, a cozy blanket to curl up with, books to read, lamps for nice lighting, and lidded baskets (as you mentioned in an earlier post) to keep all visual clutter out of sight (that would distract me and I wouldn’t be able to relax!). I’d like a visually warming space…something that looks more like a library (I’ve always being surrounded by trusty, favorite books).

  118. Shelly

    I don’t have a mom cave, but I do have a beautiful bedroom with the MOST cozy chair in the corner. It has a great light overhead so I can work. I really don’t need a mom cave because I have that lovely little corner.

  119. Kathy

    My Mom Cave would have lots of books, I table/desk for crafting and note writing (I love to send cards!). It would be beautifully decorated with a great spot to share a pot of tea with a friend or two. Lovely!

  120. Beth C

    I would have a rather varied room (or even a converted shed in the backyard… that is my real dream). A room with built-in bookcases, my easel for painting, my sewing machine, all my other creative things: jewelry making supplies, markers, coloured pencils, canvases, brushes, alllll my paints, a backdrop to set up some photos… with fresh flowers and plants throughout. My old ships bell on the outside to let me know someone is coming in for a visit.

    p.s. I love… Love… Love homegoods.

  121. Jenn

    I am so lucky to have my very own “craft cave.” It was actually a gift from my husband a few Christmas’ ago. My mother and I were shopping in the city for the weekend and when I came home he had removed all his DJ equipment from our spare bedroom and replaced it with counter height table tops and an entire wall of the modular scrapbooking storage units from Michaels. There was even a big red ribbon on the door! It was truly one of the sweetest things he has ever done for me, not just getting the ideal craft room, but the selflessness of putting aside his own hobby for my own.

  122. L

    My “mom cave” would have sunlight, sunlight, sunlight! And is it wrong to ask for tons of sound insulation and a gigantic lock on the door? :)

  123. Kristie

    My Mom Cave would be a huge craft room for my sewing, crafting and scapbooking. Now everything in closets to be brought out when I have the time. Pick me, I love Home Goods!!

  124. Kristen

    My dream mom cave would have to include a cozy place to sit, relax, and make plans to turn my dreams into reality. It would also need a big work space with lots of light. Add to that some fun pillows, a fabulous inspiration board, and a little “fluff” just for me. I love this idea and I’m thinking my loft may need a new identity, with a spot just for me.

    • Jane

      First of all, I love that you live in the Northwest! (We just moved to Illinois from Gig Harbor, WA…) My dream “mom-cave” would be a sunroom looking out to Mt. Rainer with a fireplace, comfy chair, books and a little fountain of trickling water. The color aqua would be there somewhere.

  125. Stephanie Reams

    I have a tiny mom cave filled with hand-me-downs. One piece of furniture in it is truly mine–a small file cabinet waiting for a face lift. The walls are still painted from my youngest son’s years in this room as a bedroom before he got to big to move around in it!!! I would love to win a gift certificate to get some accessories just for me in that room. I would also love to paint it a cheery color and have maybe a chaise in there, a chandelier and a great rug! I want it to be a room I can relax in, have quiet time in, do Bible study and school work in, craft in…too much to ask for a 8×8 room (about!)??? Ha!

  126. Cathy

    I would have a large window seat where I could read and look out on an English Cottage-inspired garden.

  127. Hannah

    Mine would have plenty of books, good light for reading, and room for crafting — a big table, shelving for supplies, etc.

  128. Sharon

    I don’t have a spot of my own but it’s fun to dream! Mine would have a white slip-covered wing back chair, a big table for my desk, my own computer (how I dream!), a soft rug underfoot, a little side table for my cup of coffee and pictures of my loved ones on my gallery wall. What fun to dream!

  129. heather

    A window seat for sure. A big cushy daybed type window seat maybe. With lots of bookshelves. And a big grandfather clock that chimes gently and soothingly. And along those lines, is there any way this room could be equipped with extra TIME to read all the books I want??

  130. Rachael

    My dream would be to have a big sun room with a hammock, and a place to paint… I would hang my art all over the walls, listen only to my favorite music… ahhh a girl can dream :+)

  131. Debbie Ridgeway

    I dream of that spot!!!I have such small house, that I have not yet carved out that spot. I do have baskets of my comfort stuff and books, that I just take with me wherever I want to nest down and work on some projects or just snuggle up and read. But someday, with all of the inspirations of you ladies in blogland, I will get that space to call my own!!! Thank you all for such wonderful ideas and creativity and for sharing it!! When I do get that spot, I will have a deep, comfy chair and lots of light!

  132. Joanna

    My mom cave……natural light, a comfy chair, a bunch of pillows in hues of cream, terra cotta & robins egg blue, a cozy blanket…..add in a a basket full of my favorite books and that spells Aaahhhhhh

  133. Jennemmy

    My mom cave is filled with streaming sunshine and a cozy chair that takes advantage of the light. There is a little table for a cup of tea or coffee and wraparound bookshelves, loaded with books to the ceiling. I would paint the ceiling haint blue so it feels like summer year round.

  134. Tabitha

    My ideal “mom cave” would be a place with lots of natural light. It would be an area where I could sew and craft without worry of the little ones running away with my supplies. :) This little area would also house a desk for a family command center and bill paying. Everything would be organized and easy to find. I would love to use a vintage floral theme and display all my favorite junkin’ treasures!! :)

  135. Shauntelle

    We don’t have space for me to have a mom cave, but if we did, I would decorate it very girly– I’m thinking pink and black like pictures of the old French couture design rooms. I’d have a big black craft table and a dress mannequin and all types of ribbons and fabrics stored artfully to help inspire me. And an old typewriter and maybe a framed map of Paris… And definitely a comfortable chaise or daybed all done out with a cloud of pillows, with a beautiful wicker basket full of magazines and journals handy nearby, so I could day dream and write. Totally opposite of the modern and man friendly way I normally decorate!

    If you get a chance Melissa, I’d love if you could stop by and see my new site– I moved to a private hosting service and did a little redecorating! :)

  136. Amanda

    I would want a nice comfy chair in front of a cozy fireplace so I could relax with a good book and warm cup of coffee!

  137. Barbara

    Oh, I SO need a mom cave (even though I’m a grandmom!)!! It would be painted butter yellow, have a comfy blue chair and ottoman for reading and a big white desk for all my work. Good storage, of course, more file drawers, pictures of all my children and grandchildren and a gas fireplace (with a remote!). Most important probably would be the big windows overlooking my dream garden full of blue and white hydrangeas, pink peonies and lush ferns!

  138. JWebb

    I am blessed enough to have a space for a mom cave but it is just a dumping ground right now. It is a scrapbook room/craft room/closet. I would love for it to always be organized so I could quickly find things and go there to retreat. Scrapbooking is my therapy and I very rarely get to do it.

  139. Carie T

    I think my mom cave would have ot have floor-to-ceiling windows into the playroom where the children are, so that I would feel comfortable in my nook alone!

  140. Sue

    Lots of good ideas so far! My mom cave would definitely have four walls and a door. It would have a big, soft chair and a bookcase to hold all of my favorites. In one corner would be a small refrigerator and a place to store the chocolate. That should do it!

  141. Emily

    Ever since I moved to the South, I’ve loved HomeGoods! Would LOVE to win. If I did, I would continue prettifying my desk in our “study” — it’s in dire need of a lovely lamp and some beautiful organizational boxes and file folders. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  142. Anita

    I would love a space to keep my sewing machine out so I would be encouraged to use it more often. A nice cushy chair to chill out in and lots of natural light.

    Love your green hutch!!

  143. Molly

    I have never heard of “mom cave”- but I like it. It puts a smile on my face thinking of all the possibilies that I could create.

  144. Meredith

    My dream mom cave would have a big chair and a half or a love seat with a matching ottoman, a conveniently placed side table with a pretty lamp and a place to hold my book and a drink. I would like a well-organized closet to hold my crafting supplies and gift wrapping stuff. I want a small table so my daughter could join me occasionally. A big bookshelf for my books, magazines, and other mom stuff. Maybe even a small TV so I could watch HGTV and Food Network without being interrupted. Is that asking too much??

  145. Kathleen

    My Mom cave would be a little shed attached to house in the back yard that would have electricity so I could use power tools and my sewing machine. It would have an area for potting plants, painting, and refinishing furniture. It would have windows to let bright light in and curtains to close and cozy up in. A large chair in corner to sit and embroider, read or escape!

  146. Kristen

    We recently sold our home and are in the process of building a new one. On the house plan we chose there was a very small office drawn in right off the kitchen. I asked if we could move a wall and include the laundry area in this office (cleverly claiming this space as Mine – My Very Own Mom Cave!) I can “hide” in my office to do laundry! (or read fabulous blogs like this one!) I am still in the early stages but I plan to paint it a nice apple green with white accents. Something bright and cheery…

  147. Kim w.

    Mine would be an extension of my bedroom with a pretty chair and table for reading and getting away. I would Add curtains and pillows and soft girl touches.

  148. Abbie

    My dream “mom cave” would have a tufted upholstered chair, comfy throw, side table and fabulous lamp where I could sit and read, blog, or dream up new decorating ideas.

  149. Danielle M.

    oooooooooooh, Homegoods! I love that store, and know exactly what I would put the gift card towards: some blue chairs they have there which I have been drooling over! I have been working on making my bedroom my cave, and all that is missing is a good chair!

  150. Su

    I have a space. . .turquiose walls, hot pink bookshelves, pretty art on the wall. . .all to nourish my soul and give me a place to create. However, it sucks the life out of me because of the mess. . too many supplies. . .I need help organizing it all. Plus the kids and their friends love that room. . a room full of art and craft supplies. .. so they come in and make even more mess. . .

    I would love to win $50 to Home Goods. . .thanks for the opportunity!!

  151. Michelle

    Just a little corner with a comfy-cozy chair and an ottoman with a cup of hot tea and book within easy reach. A little soft music playing in the background and the sounds of my kids playing (happily) in the next room. Heaven!

  152. Janet Hopkins

    I actually just finished my dream room about a week ago….but I still need to finish accessorizing. Is it really ever finished though? :) I have a huge island that is two dressers back to back with granite on top…a perfect workspace, I love it alot!

  153. Amanda

    Cozy and warm with a big comfy chair for reading.

  154. Jennifer

    Ohhh, I picture a room with lots of natural light, a gigantic 4 sided desk in the middle so I can either have lots of projects going on at once or a place for the kiddos to do their thing with me. A cozy window seat to snuggle up with said kiddos, tons of organized and labeled storage so I can access what I want at a moment’s notice, an awesome tv with lots of good things on the dvr, a place to create, read, be inspired but where all feel welcome and wonderful.

  155. Houston

    My dream Mom Cave would be similar to the one pictured above, it’s so beautifully simple and gives space for you to just be and breathe!

  156. linda

    I am so in agreement w/ you about the stack of cozy books and a fire…ahhh…bliss!
    For that reason my MomCave would have to include a fireplace for those late, cold nights sewing and crafting!! xo

  157. Margaret

    I have what is supposed to be “My room”, its the sunroom, however, I rarely get to enjoy it for “me”. I love the big windows all the way around but would love to find a way to make it more cozy at the same time.

  158. Ashley S

    My special place would have lots of light, a comfy chair and lamps, and be away from the tv. A cozy place to read!

  159. D'Rae

    great books and a comfy place to sit. a nice table near by to set a cup of coffe on and a warm blanket to keep my feet warm. A place to sit and dream and be creative.

  160. Terry

    I DO have my own Mom cave! PTL! When my oldest son moved out several years ago, I took over his small 9×12 bedroom. It is still a work in progress and I still haven’t decided on a wall color, but here are a few things I’ve done so far:
    *Bought an old dresser (painted black and distressed) at a thrift store to use as a desk.
    *Took down the bi-fold closet doors and replaced them with a pair of curtains that were once in my living room. Then I turned the closet into an office storage space by using it to house our 2-drawer file cabinet and multiple hanging file storage bins.
    *Turned my son’s twin bed into a day bed, and it has become home for a favorite quilt my mother made years ago.
    *Gathered all my books together on an old child’s bookcase my husband’s grandfather made. It has several layers of paint, including red and pink, and I plan to add another. :-)

    I love my Mom space, especially now that my youngest son has graduated from college and is living back at home while working part-time and looking for a job. It is a wonderful retreat where I spend my morning quiet times, balance the budget, write letters and thank-you notes, etc. I miss my son, but I love my Mom space! :-)

  161. Carolyn

    The best Mom Cave to me would have a chaise lounge where I could put my feet up, when I want to read or use my laptop, a large desk where I could craft and a beautiful window to inspire me. It would have plenty of shelves and baskets for storage, and everything would be decorated in a worn French style. . . . Thanks for inspiring me to dream this morning!

  162. Susan

    I do have a room of my own, but it seems like its becoming a catch all for everyone else’s junk. It needs a makeover for sure…I’d love a comfy chair in there too

  163. Denise

    My special place would be a sunroom off my kitchen that had great lighting, a brick fireplace on the outside wall and overstuffed chairs flanked on either side. I’d have a white desk for my blogging spot. Accents of pillows and accessories from HomeGoods would be in yellow and red. I love the Shabby Chic look and HomeGoods knows how to deliver my style!

  164. Jenna

    My ‘mom cave’ would be a place to relax and read, a space for crafting, and a place for surfing the web. Oh how I love Home Goods stores!

  165. elz

    My dream mom cave? Hmmm- a large, colorful space with a huge closet for crafting supplies, a wall for a massive inspiration board, plenty of my best photographs hanging. A large cutting and crafting table for projects with an adjoining work table. A comfy chair and ottoman for reading and relaxing and a tv to keep me company while I am busy. And, since it is my dream, a nice little veranda or covered porch that is attached through french doors with a porch swing or rocker. That’s a nice dream.

  166. jenidi

    A place to sew and scrapbook. Enough sajd. I would love a big table that never had to be cleared for meals or homework!

  167. Meredith

    I would love to have a BIG work surface, a comfy chair and ottoman, a bookshelf with all of my favorite books, a place to sew, a place to craft all wrapped up in a deliciously decorated room…that’s not too much to ask is it? Thanks for a great giveaway!

  168. Sara Matthews

    Woman Cave? How about Girl Grotto. I’d love to have a door that I could shut. Right now I’m in the breakfast room and I have the only door to the yard, garage and kitchen all going through my area. I’m basically living in the crossroads of three major interstates. So yeah, doors would be perfect. I’d also love lots of windows. For pretty things I am really digging lamps at the moment. I would love to have a few lovely lamps to set the mood in my Girl Grotto. I would also love a new stylish office chair with a pretty bold print. Otherwise I love my Girl Grotto.

  169. Heather

    My “Mom Cave” is just a dream right now. When I can finally start on my “Mom Cave”, I have visions of lots of fabric, a comfy chair to read in, a desk area for my crafting and super plush rug. And best of all, organization!

  170. Megan L

    The key elements in my dream mom cave: big windows, a chaise with a gorgeous lamp and a soft throw and a lot of books nearby, a charming desk, a large work area “island” with cute storage baskets, french doors onto a patio…

  171. bek

    When my oldest leaves the nest, I will take her room as my office. That probably won’t be for a couple years yet (she’s 21), but I am already making plans. I’m in no hurry for her to go, but I do look forward to my “Mom Cave.” Right now, my “space” is kind of scattered all over the house…desk in the living room, cross-stitching in the family room, books in the bedroom…you get the picture…lol.

  172. Cheri

    I have a scrapbooking area off of the living area in our basement that I would call my mom cave. Although I would love if there was roomfor a soft armchair to curl up in and enough wall space for an inspiration board… But I love having my own space… It’s delightful!

  173. Melinda

    My mom cave would be vintage, grandma’s porch style.

  174. Tiffany Hernandez

    My dream mom cave would be pretty, organized and fun! A place to relax, sew, craft and just dream. I have just started working on my own space. I’m moving furniture in and out. Painting a desk my favorite shade of blue. Looking at fabric for curtains and hoping I can find accessories that make it say “Tiffany”. I love the process and can’t wait to see it take shape!

  175. Lesley

    I’d be happy with a comfortable spot to read and write, a window to look out of, a soft throw, and a beautiful little table to keep a mug of hot chocolate in the winter and a glass of lemonade in the summer.

  176. Rhoda

    I love my little office nook, my own special place to call my own. Just redid it with lime green paint & that pretty wallpapered wall & it it now perfect in my eyes. It houses my office space, plus a bulletin board & bookcase to hold all my books and family pics. And it’s small too at 6’x9′, but plenty big enough for an office. Love it!

  177. Faith

    I would love to have an organized, colorful workspace for my cottage business of sewing home decor. Even though my dream space would be for work purposes, I love my work and find much contentment through the whirring sound of a sewing machine and the creation of beautiful items for my and others homes.

  178. jan udlock

    Mom Cave: I would want a beautiful old desk in front of a window. A fireplace in the winter and huge windows that I could open in the summer. Pink would be the main color with splashes of lime green. Fresh flowers all year round.

    How fun is this to read eveyone’s heart’s desire.
    Thank you.

  179. Laura

    While I don’t have human kids, my Mom Cave is inhabited daily by my four kitty children and me. I painted the walls Tiffany box blue, and have white and red toile on the queen-size guest — (scratch that — pun intended!) — cat bed. I write from an antique desk my Dad’s family brought with them when the immigrated from Europe before WWII
    (the only large item they brought that didn’t fit in a suitcase). I’ve got all the things around me that inspire fearlessness. Upon reading your post, it feels right that my “office” shall now be known as my “Authenticity Grotto”….thanks for contributing to the evolution of my personal Mom Cave.

  180. Ro

    3 hours to get to Homegoods!?!? Oh, you poor thing! In New England, you’re never more than 15 minutes away from a Homegoods/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx…thankfully!

    I don’t have a Mom Cave…I used to have something like it once, but that was before I had three kids. I used to have a “parlor”…I loved my parlor. It was so beautiful. Blue-gray walls with white wainscotting, two windows with fancy tassled window treatments, tufted chairs and a dreamy couch. I could stare at that room for hours…my idea of eye candy!!! But, today my parlor is a playroom :(

  181. Nicole R.

    Oh how I would adore a Mom cave! It would have plenty of organized space for all my hobbies and of course a safe little play spot for my little man. And of course my own TV. :)

  182. Beth

    I would love to turn my home office into my Mom cave. I would have lots of space for my scrapbooking, and a nice comfy cahair where I could snuggle in and read.

  183. JanMarie

    A Mom Cave……a retreat…how wonderful!!! I would love a room with built in bookshelves, an overstuffed chair & ottoman, table with a cozy lamp, a desk/table to blog and work with my photography at, shelving to organize my fabric & scrapbooking supplies. I’d love a corner for my easel so I could paint and a counter or table to sew / scrapbook at.
    This beautiful room would have a warm cottage feel with yellow being the main color!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win :) You truly are an inspiration to me!

  184. cathy

    Ok, so I am not a mom. :( But I still need a cave. So I think I’ll call it my creativity cave. And it’s almost finished. Just needs a comfy chair. (The only room in my old (new) house that is close to done.) It’s my office and I love it.

  185. Jess

    Wow! What a nice giveaway! Thanks! My mom cave would be soundproof ha ha :) It would be a lovely shade of yellow, or maybe a nice blue…I’d have to consult Martha for the paint color. I would need a crafting area for paints, needle felting supplies, my sewing machine…lots of cute storage baskets. I like your idea of a comfortable chair…maybe a cozy corner with a warm throw and a stack of books and magazines. It might need a practical corner for kids crafts, because the reality is I wouldn’t get to use my mom cave if the kids couldn’t be sufficiently occupied ;)

  186. zoomama

    Ahhhh… the thoughts of having my own cave…. It would include a very expensive coffee/espresso machine, a big comfy chair with my grandma’s homemade afgan that she made my husband and I, and lots of beautiful things that STAY organized because noone else would be allowed to touch anything. :0)

  187. Mary

    A few years back we were looking at converting a duplex back into a single family home. I was going to take the second kitchen as my “mom cave”. I could do crafts, sewing, and have a sink to do stained glass work again (I miss that!). I would also move out all the appliances and make room for bookcases and a comfy chair.

  188. Erika

    Ditto to making my cave soundproof :)

    Clutter stresses me out so I would try and keep it simple with just the essentials. An over-sized chair with ottoman and side table with a great lamp for reading. Huge bookshelf – I’ve always wanted a “library” but this might be the closest I’ll ever get. Table for scrapbooking. Possibly a desk for my laptop but sometimes I think I’d be nice to have a room with no computer to escape. It would need to have a big window with a nice view.

  189. Amy B

    My mom cave would have a wall lined with bookshelves, a big comfy chair and a half with a fleecy throw. A nice, organized desk area, and tons of storage!
    What a great giveaway! =)

  190. Sabrina

    We’ve just moved into a new house and I am working on my own “mom cave”. Right now it’s a sunny room with a chunky brown chair and a cabinet with all of my knitting supplies displayed/stored inside. Unfortunately, it will also be the guest room and the place where the dog sleeps and, eventually, a baby room…so, I need to make it my perfect getaway and still work around those elements. I don’t have any grandiose ideas, just some pretty curtains and maybe a cozy rug and another shelf for storage.

  191. Paula

    I also adore Homegoods and saw their post on the Mom cave, thought the idea was long overdue! I plan to clean out (no easy task) our spare bedroom and decorate with some of my favorites – couch, chair, armoire or desk. I hope to do work here and lots of relaxing. And maybe my goal will motivate me to get cleaning!!! The walls of this room are already painted a soothing green so it is time to start thinking redecorating…

  192. Virginia

    Oooh my perfect mom cave would be where I could escape to a nice clean, non-toy zone after the kiddos go to bed every night and sit and scrapbook toy heart’s content.

  193. Collette

    I’d love a mom cave…we have just begun thinking of doing a little finishing work in our unfinished basement. There is a little room down there that is already mostly finished; needs carpet, paint, LOTS of TLC and of course, ALL of the finishing touches that would make it even resemble an area I could create in. I have dreamed of beginning my own blog and an etsy store, as I am already an avid eBay Seller…I just need that ONE space just for ME and my STUFF. ;) Love you and all you do Melissa!

  194. Lori

    My dream “mom cave” involves a fireplace, bookshelves and a big, comfy chair!

  195. Janis Hill

    What I wonderful dream; a Mom cave.

    I can see it now…a room painted softest yellowish/gold, so it has a warm glow. Two large snugly, comfortable chairs – because girlfriends need a place comfy spot to sit as well. A generous table between the chairs with a beautiful 3-way lamp and room for a tea tray. At the feet of the chairs ottomans with cashmere throws at the ready. What a gorgeous mirror above the fireplace!

    The view from that east facing window is marvelous. No wonder it is framed with an easel on one side and a painters cabinet on the other.

    Look at that book case behind that lovely huge desk. You could use that thing for cutting fabric even! What a wonderful collection of books…

    Wait…what’s that sound I hear? The smoke alarm? Dang, dinner is burnt, the dog is barking at the door where the firemen are coming in…

  196. Dee

    It would have a cozy reading nook, a comfortable computer desk and a great place to make cards!

  197. Laurieb

    My mom cave would be warm like Fall all year round. I can’t get enough of the earthy pallette. It definitely would have an comfy chair and a beautiful lamp. Right now my mom cave is my very own storage room. No one is allowed in there except me. It’s a great room and I love it!

  198. Jess

    My “mom cave” would be a craft room where I could leave all of my projects out and just shut the door when it was time to stop. It would be dreamy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  199. kathy

    My mom cave would be a sunroom looking out on a field to the west where I could watch the sun set every night. If only…

  200. Carol Schneider

    Considering our house is 110 years old so most of the money went into making it livable and we had to split the master bedroom into two smaller rooms to adopt our foster children, I think that a room is now so far into the future to even consider at this point but if I had one it would have a view of our garden with lots of sunshine and a comfy chair with a desk and a vase of pretty flowers everyday.

  201. Gale

    The “Mom Cave” – what a great idea!! I finally have a room for that and am SLOWLY decorating it – but I’d love a comfy loveseat or chair, an ottoman, GREAT curtains, some fun prints for the walls … throw in a little PINK (can I get an “amen”?!!) My predominantly male household isn’t big on pink like I am!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway and thanks to HomeGoods!! Love that store!!!!!

  202. tara

    my dream cave is just a little corner of the den with my rocking chair, table and lamp and some books!

  203. Kari

    As a mom of three boys I am always looking for my own little space. Cozy is the key word for me…..

  204. Gina in Louisville

    I actually have a room with a small window in the basement. Unfortunately, it is full of unfinished projects and art supplies. Your post inspires me to get down there and fix it up. It could be a great spot for me. My home and life is full of boys and sports. I could use a little toile.

  205. Jessica F

    I would love to have a Mom Cave!!! Especially if it had its own couch and tv!!

  206. Cheri

    Oh, mine would be a four-season porch off the back of our house where I can enjoy the view of the restored wetland, maybe have a gas fireplace that could be on in the winter, some comfy slipcovered chairs for the casual vibe, a daybed for when I want to take a nap–a perfect place for coffee in the morning, books at any time of day, and crocheting in the evening.

  207. Leah Peck

    Have you seen Emily from Jone’s Design’s office? I want her stenciled wall paper and a rocker that is actually stylish. (Can anyone explain to me why rockers/recliners are hideous looking?) In gorgeous calming colors and to-die-for-fabrics.

    A girl can dream, huh?

  208. Shaundra

    When I think of a mom cave, I think of Claire’s mom cave on the Cosby Show. Do you remember that? It was sound proof!! :) I would have lots cozy seating with floppy pillows. Books, music that I love, and a big bright window. Ohhh a fireplace would be nice to, but Im afraid Id never leave if I had one. ;) Ahhhh, but a girl can dream…

  209. Casey

    I have a home office to myself….but it’s full of law books and needs some cozying up so that I want to spend more time there when I’m at home! First things first….a “prettier” desk that’s still functional, and I really need to get curtains up so that the room is a little softer. A few yummy candles won’t hurt either :)

  210. Shay

    I’d love a cozy chair in my cave! I wish i kept my little office more organized, and all these “31 day” posts are inspiring me to do just that!

  211. cindy riley

    My dream get-away spot would be my porch..I would love it to be a 4 season instead of a 3. I would have a comfy chair with ottoman, a perfect reading lamp, a box of chocolates, an unlimited supply of books and my Westie sleeping at my feet. Heaven! [email protected]

  212. Vickie

    I would also like a four season room. I would have a gas fireplace or potbelly stove in it and a big comfy couch made for napping with a couple of overstuffed chairs.

    Right now I have a little chair in the corner of the living room to call my own.

  213. Karen

    Hi Melissa,

    I have a “mom cave” and even though my kids are adults it’s great to have a place you can relax, read and organize your thoughts. Mine could use a makeover but even with things like a faded couch it feels special to sit and put my feet up after a busy day!

  214. Chris Williamson

    My dream cave would be my sunny porch… it’s too cold in the winter, so I need HEAT, plus a laptop, and a little desk area. The cute, I’ve got down pat, it’s about the function for me!

  215. michele m fry

    Would love my own “mom cave”, my dream one would include a big chair to sit and read and journal, a nice floor lamp, ( I have my eye on one from PB) my desk and computer and a HUGE inspiration board with favorite quotes, scriptures and pictures that inspire. Need to figure out how to make this happen :]

  216. Alexandra

    A mom cave? That would be lovely!!! Right now I’d settle for a nice desk, a comfy chair and some pretty bookshelves. But someday….

  217. Pam Hofmann

    I am just starting my Mom Cave. It is a place to sew and craft. I would love to add some bright colors and a fun chair to sit in. Thanks for a great give-away, I love HomeGoods!

  218. amybee

    I’d love a mom cave. Small desk, comfy reading chair, electronics-free zone.

  219. Rose in Ohio (

    I suppose I already have a “mom cave”–at least that’s what the rest of the family says. HOWEVER, it has become a dumping ground for items that have no other home of their own, and so now I can’t even open the door without getting that sinking feeling.

    Perhaps I should get off twitter and go clean it out. You think?

  220. QuatroMama

    This mama of quad boys needs a Mom Cave. Make that a vacation home! =)

    Ocean view, wrap around front porch, and a maid of course.

  221. Julie

    I used to have a Mom Cave. But then my husband changed jobs and started working from home. I love having him around, but my cave had to become his office. I think it’s time to find me a new place to relax and create!

  222. Sondra

    I would LOVE an entire room dedicated to laundry, crafts and a nook to relax and hide from my 2 boys (soon to be 3 boys in January.) I am a bit outnumbered in my home and need some girl time once in awhile:)

  223. Kari

    I would love just a cute little reading nook to call my OWN…LOVE LOVE HomeGoods, it’s my latest addiction!!! Thanks!!! :D

  224. Amanda

    I share a home office with my husband who gets his decorating style from Home Depot (think laminate shelves going up an entire wall and clip on work lights as illumination). But I have a beautiful trestle desk and a turquoise slipper chair that are all mine (from Homegoods…on clearance…thankyouverymuch)

  225. luludesigns

    Right now I’m totally loving getting up in the morning, getting that first cup of coffee, going into the living room, lighting a fire and sitting in the closest chair to read a book or just sit and think or look around and appreciate all that is there.

  226. Katy

    I have a little nook on my bedroom that has my cute little desk and some shelves and my computer. I LOVE IT!! I would love to add a little couch and another desk for my sewing machine. My poor husband doesn’t even know that I’m taking it over!!

  227. Gina

    I love me some Home Goods! My mom cave would have a comfy chair, a fireplace and an endless supply of coffee-and a door with a lock! ;)

  228. teresa

    Oh too dream….my Mom cave what have a fireplace….big comfy chair….fabulous art and a vintage table….

  229. Erica

    Well since my hubby and I don’t have children yet, mine would be a wife cave :) We currently live with his sister and her hubby in his parents home and our bedroom is my wife cave! We are moving into our own place November 1st and I would love to carve a special spot in that home to be my wife cave. It would have pieces of art and books and a big comfy chair :) oh and a pretty table for my ipod so I could listen to music!

  230. katie

    What a fun idea! I have 4 boys, so a little space full of all things girly would be my ideal mom cave!

  231. Kate

    I would LOVE to have a really cute, organized craft room…

  232. Patti

    My dream mom cave would have lots of windows!

  233. Kim Fahrni

    Wow…my OWN room… what a concept!! I think it would be totally craft friendly but also a comfy place I could read in peace.

  234. Eileen

    I am not a mom yet, but someday I would love a sun porch with wicker furniture and a big fluffy rug.

  235. Judy

    No mom cave in this house yet…but if I had one there would be a lock on the door so no one could disturb my projects, a space to work, lots of sun and a radio to play the music I like.

  236. Jenny

    I’m more interested in spending time in a comfortable room my whole family can enjoy, but I truly wouldn’t mind having an organized craft room. That would be my mom cave–a place where I could have all my supplies set up, a big fold-out table to cut fabric, everything organized in bins and drawers and on a pegboard, with a place to put my iPod and play inspiring music. We do have a craft room but it is a big mess as we throw things in it when we clean out other rooms. It is pretty far back on the list of rooms to get cleaned up, because no one ever sees it.

  237. Lindsey

    Um, it wouldn’t be a CAVE that’s for sure! :)

    I’d love a place that I could walk into and feel rested and comfortable. Being a mom, I’d of course need it to be a place the kids can come into and hang out, too, with me. I’d love a large table to sew on, a comfy chair to read in and lots of sunlight. Oh, and if could stay clean that’d be a HUGE plus. :)

  238. Hailey

    My mom cave would be an organized (purged + decluttered) office/craft room. With clean lines, some eye candy, pops of color + a large cozy chair that I could relax in (or cuddle with my kiddos) every once in a while. I guess I should get off my butt + start working on it!

  239. Jill

    Right now, my mom cave is one wall of my master bedroom. It has my desk (an antique vanity from my grandmother), a nice lamp and a comfy leather chair where, in theory, I could curl up with a book and drink coffee. I wish I could have a whole room but this is pretty sweet. I have a great view of my backyard full of really big,old trees. There is a lock on my door but soundproofing would be nice.
    Since it is part of my bedroom, some attractive storage solutions for papers and files would be a great way to make the whole room feel more restful at bedtime.

  240. Lisa Hartz

    I’d love to win that gift certificate to Homegoods. It’s my all time fav store!!! I’d buy a cozy chair and ottoman to curl up in next to my fireplace while I go through all my fav blogs gathering ideas for my next project!

  241. Angee C.

    I think my Mom cave would be 95% white with a few splashes of color. I see rooms like that in magazines but it would be completely unpractical with a small child in the house. If it had a door and could be completely my own space then it might be feasible. : )

  242. Jennifer

    Ooooo, gift cards are so fun! I have never been to “Home Goods”. I don’t even know if there is one in our area, but it looks great! The term “Mom Cave” makes me laugh, because my hubby thinks the entire basement is his “man cave”. I did carve away a corner in our office for my scrapbooking stuff. I have taken over half the laundry room for my sewing stuff, so I can’t complain at all. But some day I dream about having a whole room to myself for all my crafting.

  243. {lauren}

    I don’t have an actual mom “cave”….I guess I’d call it my mom “hall” since that is where my desk is. But if I did have a whole room all to myself, I’d definitely take my inspiration from Emily @ jones design company’s office. Actually, if I could have her whole house with a big bow on top for Christmas I’d be a very happy lady:)

  244. Karen

    I’d love to make a small room in my daylight basement into a “mom cave.”

  245. Louisiana Tara

    My husband is in seminary right now, therefore we live in a 2 bedroom seminary apartment. A “Mom Cave” is a distance dream! :) BUT, if I could make it happen, I would want it to have a dual personality. One one side, cozy chairs and ottomans and side tables and lamps. A giant bookshelf stuffed with my favorite books. A big TV in the corner with my favorite shows and movies on the shelf (or an Apple TV where everything could be downloaded – I’m not picky!). :) Then on the other side, long white tables where I could sew, scrap, do whatever I pleased! Built-in cabinets and shelves for all my materials. And long windows that let in tons of natural light. Wow, can you tell I’ve been cooped up in 900 square feet for too long? :)

  246. Michele

    Well, mine really isn’t a cave. It’s a vintage light turquoise-distressed painted little desk with clear glass knobs right by our front door in our living room. I have my sewing and craft supplies (and sewing machine) there (and hung on the wall). That’s where I do much of my typing, correspondence, Bible study, and crafting. (I guess I’ll just pretend its a cave!) :)

    I’ve never been to a HomeGoods… they sound fun! I’m a 2 hr drive from Portland, so I guess that makes me fairly close to you! :) Maybe you should start up a HomeGoods carpool. (hehe) :) Looking forward to seeing you at Relevant!


  247. Katie

    After years of wishing for one, I finally have a mom cave. It’s my craft room and although it was originally supposed to be half for me and half for my husband’s computer stuff, I’ve taken over. It’s been painted and furnished, now I just need some cute curtains, lighting and pretties to decorate it with. :D

  248. annie

    Oooh I would love to have an organized little space in our house called a Mom Cave…..all the crafts,fabric, paint,paper and photos would be there. Pandora would be playing my favorite playlist. A big chair to read in, bulletin board filled with inspiring pics….the list goes on and on! Thanks for all the inspiration you have created for me on your website!

  249. Meredith

    I’ll take a Home Goods card!! I used to have a mom cave (I called it a sewing/craft room) but I had to downsize myself to make room for kiddos. I downsized to a closet and really, I feel so liberated. It was fun to have a place to always sew and craft and whatever but because I could close the door, it never got all the way picked up. Projects left out. On top of projects. Supplies, remnants, etc. It was a nightmare. Once I went to craft stuff in a closet with a desk level shelf to keep my sewing machine always set up, then it was a lot better. I pared down what I was keeping and evaluated what I really used. So now when stuff comes out it has to go back in or else no one eats on the table or at the bar. I just found it didn’t work for me. As much as I drool over awesome craft spaces…

  250. lunzy

    we just moved, again…. so really just a cozy, tidy area without a single box in sight would work for me at this point! ;)

  251. Jamie

    Mine is a little different. I would redo our master bathroom as my own. I am a mom of 2 preschoolers so taking a bath, shower, or spending more than 2 min doing my hair and makeup is a luxury. I would love an inspired place to take care of myself, relax, and get prepared to face the world.

  252. Casey

    I would love to have a place of my own that was comfortable, organized and a great place to read a book or watch a movie.

  253. Jessica W.

    Since there are no extra rooms in the house, I would love to enclose the side porch into a sunroom. 2 big comfy chairs and ottomans (one for me and one for my daughter or friend), a pretty chandelier in the center, a table for my bible, teapot and candle, basket full of books and magazines, a wall of black and white pictures of my family, and a scrapbook table in the corner if I get creative :)
    mommyofLandT at sbcglobal dot net

  254. Dana

    I’d love to have a small office off my bedroom or kitchen connected by french doors. It would have floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves on one wall. It would have a pretty antique painted desk for my laptop. It would have my favorite comfy sofa with some beautifully shaped lamps sitting on tables on either side. I’d decorate with my favorite art and framed portraits of my 4 kids.

  255. Page

    Can I enter for my mom? If there’s anyone in the world that deserves a place of her own, it’s her. She’s spent her entire life making her husband and her kids comfortable…I would love to see her with a retreat of her own!

  256. Cindy

    I have a wonderful sewing room, with a TV, computer, all my creative stuff and decorated just for me! I love it!!

  257. erica

    I have a couple “nooks” now, but I’d love a space that is clutter-free, near a window with a view, with a LARGE desk or table with plenty of drawers to store all of that crafty stuff. Clean, crisp, white linen with a pitcher of flowers. Hmm, I might be getting inspired!

  258. Tammy S.

    I have a mom cave…I just need to spruce it up a bit!

  259. Stephanie

    I’m not technically a “real” mom … though you’d be hard-pressed to convince my two kitties that I’m not their momma. :)

    I work full-time by day and am a full-time student by night. I moved into a tiny little triplex (only three rooms) by the beach a couple of months ago, but haven’t had time to finish unpacking – let alone decorate. I graduate in December (after 22 years in college!), and my #1 goal after graduation is to finish unpacking and make my whole little place a cozy little single girl’s cave of vintage beachy goodness … with one little work area dedicated especially to all thinks girly that I LOVE, but wouldn’t want to do to the entire place.

  260. Nan

    We have a “loft” area that is due for a makeover. Something light and airy with big comfy chairs and a place to put my feet up would be devine!

  261. Missy June

    I’m a single mother, so in a sense my own bedroom is my ‘mom cave.’ I’m making do with a super skinny budget but in my dreams it has lush draperies, custom bedding and awesome technology. I’m really thankful for the idea to make my space a “mom” cave! I already ‘hide-out’ there from time to time, perhaps I would never leave!

  262. Ronnell

    Oh man, mom cave is a winner! My mom cave is in the process of being converted to a family movie room and a new mom cave is going iton the large storage room in my basement. It is going to be great! The only thing I need is more time to oranganize it. My dreaam room would have a big TV in it and a comfy soft chair to rest and read in.

  263. Heather Kendrick

    My dream would be a room where I could cozy it up and hide from my husband and kids after a long day of being a mom and wife.

  264. Traci Major

    I have a craft/stamp room now, and I love to just hang out in it and create or read, or blog…but it needs a lot more cozy and some decluttering would definitely help!! I’d love to convert the closet into streamlined shelves with nooks and labels for everything! Also a large pegboard to hang crafting items, I saw a framed one on Martha Stewart and thought that would be perfect!! Have no idea how to do that, though! Curtains, a little coffee nook, a rug and small table with storage…a girl can dream!

  265. Anna K.

    I’m so blessed to have a little studio in our home where I can create my art. Sure it’s about the size of a walk-in closet, but it’s all mine! It’s a work in progress since I’m always searching for better ways to use every precious inch of space. I love the freedom of having a space all my own. ;o)

  266. Kathy

    I am blessed with a huge room my daughters call “the sewing stadium”. It is, in fact, too big. What a struggle to find a warm, cozy spot! I need some fresh curtains, another rug, and a comfy chair. I’m thankful for my retreat. Now to find some time to enjoy it.

  267. Susan F.

    I’m with you….books, a comfy chair, a good lamp and a fireplace. Add my pug dog on my lap and I’m in heaven.

  268. Darcy

    A mom cave? I like the sound of that.

    So, can HG gift cards be used at TJMaxx or Marshalls? Aren’t some of those the same parent company?

    We don’t have a HomeGoods here in Des Moines – although I’d love one! But we do have both TJ Maxx and Marshalls and I’m fans of both.

  269. shaka

    whoa this would be so helpful, i move into my new house tomorrow and don’t have any decor for it!
    anyway mine would be a big cozy chaze lounge, a heavy throw, and blackout curtains, i love my naps heh

  270. Connie

    I’d love a space with a comfy chair with an ottoman, a view of something pretty outside.


  271. Beth Weeks

    YES!!! a mom cave would be perfect!!! and……Home Goods is my absolute most favorite store!! Pick me…pleeeeaaassseee!!!

  272. Susan

    My ideal momcave would be pristine white and cozy with plenty of beautiful yet practical storage for my research. Also plenty of counter surface to work on!

  273. Brenda Marsh

    Ahhh, a Mom Cave, that room that says No. Boys. Allowed.

    Where everything is soft and comfortable and dry-clean-only, and everything smells like Mrs Meyer’s Lemon Verbena… Ahhhhhhh….

  274. Jenny

    An antique-looking light colored writing desk. And a pretty lamp or a small chandelier. Our bedroom is in the basement so it’s like a cave to me and I HATE it. I want light and airy! So my little nook will have to be in my kitchen or my living room. I really don’t want much. Just a nook. :) Thanks for the chance!

  275. Anna

    Exactly what you described…a comfy chair with an ottoman for my feet, a lamp and some great books….sounds so wonderful…why don’t we all have Mom Caves?

  276. Darcy

    My mom cave would have a cozy spot for reading. One of those overstuffed double chairs that do not look overstuffed or double would be nice. There would be quiet…a pot of earl gray tea…lots of books…a small desk to hold my own laptop …you know, the one that no one else can touch so that I can keep the desktop how I want it. There would be color and light everywhere, and the dog in his non smelly best, would be at my feet.

  277. Janice

    My dream cave would include huge windows with plantation shutters, hardwood floors, bookcase, crafting table and storage. Might as well throw in that comfy couch with blankets and a tea bar while we are at it.

  278. Gina

    Hmmm, dream mom cave…sunshine pouring in, creamy white walls, comfy white chair and ottamon, my two dogs…I could go on and on. ;)

  279. Marilyn

    My dream cave includes lots of windows, a comfy upholstered chair, and organized storage for my yarn/needles/pattern stash. And lots of shelves for my books, and a great task lamp.

  280. Amy Hargrove

    My Idea of a Mom Cave is anywhere there is freshly vacumned carpet and a yummy smelling candle!

  281. Michelle

    We just recently moved and have a spare bedroom that has become a junk room. I dream of turning it into my “mom cave”. In my dream, once I get this room just how I want it, it will inspire me to start back doing all the things I don’t have time to do anymore…like write poetry and scrapbooking. I would write the cookbook I always wanted to or start a blog. I would put inspiring quotes on the walls and paint it the brightest color I can find, and have a daybed with lots of pillows in bold prints . I wouldn’t have to consult my husband on whether or not he liked my plans either! Wow, what a dream.

  282. Jody

    I have a Mom Chair of my own that is a cozy place to sit and read, but I do not have a Mom Cave, unless you consider my “workshop” where I like to sew. I guess it is. It is far from “decorated,” but eventually, I’d like it to be pretty and well organized. Little by little it might evolve. You give me inspiration to think about that.

    Thank you for entering my name in your generous give-away.


  283. Shalene

    My dream mom cave would have French doors opening onto a balcony overlooking green space. It would have some antique inspired furnishings in French gray, with curtains and upholstery in flax linen accented by pale pinks. Lots of books and a place to read and write too!

  284. Leigh

    The one thing I would love to not have in my mom cave is kids. . .enough said! Hee hee

  285. danamc

    Well, money is tight, so we are focusing on things like buying a dresser we need, but I’ll play :)

    My cave would have a rustic table as a desk. A heavy wood chair with a big cushion and padding on back. Bright big windows with heavy rich colored curtains so if for some reason I wanted to close them and have some quiet time, I could.

    That’s mine in a nutshell. I would love dark rustic wood, heavy rich drapes, and cushy pillows. Oh, to dream… :)

  286. Chelsea

    With four kids in the house,I would love to have my own QUIET space to be alone! Everything would have a place, but it would be filled with treasures that I love. It would be light and airy during the day, but made to be warm and cozy at night. I would have a comfy place to relax and read, as well as a big chunky table waiting for me to spread out my finds and create. I would certainly have shades of turquoise in my room’s color palette…it makes me happy.

  287. Leanne

    My ideal “mom cave” would be a quiet spot in my own bedroom, where I would have a couple of comfy chairs a side table, and ottoman. A nice nook to read.

  288. Hannah Avery

    Right now I have a comfy chair with my laptop plugged in, and my magazines in the corner. This is in our living room. I really enjoy it. If I ever have a bigger house with the possibility, my dream “mom cave” would have an oversized comfy chair and ottoman, my laptop, windows, big bookshelf with all my favorite books, and photo albums, and throw blankets.

  289. Doreen

    My “mom cave” would have to be carved out of our family room. Put up a set of walls around our washer-dryer to create a laundry room, so I don’t have to listen to the washer and dryer when I read anymore. Then, in the corner, in the space that’s left on that side of the family room, add a big shabby-chic chair facing the fireplace, and a queen anne side table. A sexy lamp on built in shelves that wrap the corner would give me some writing space. Velvet curtains could frame the the window and be placed on either side of the entry to close in my nook from the rest of the family room.

  290. Traci

    I would love a space of my own, I have a guest bedroom that is crying out for some love and to be transformed into a mom cave I can even see the tourquoise and red color in my mind….I could move my sewing machine up from the cold dark basement…. a hanging lamp maybe? a chair? oh the possiblities are endless.

  291. Beth P

    Wow! I don’t even know what I’d want because I’ve never really thought about it. But what a great giveaway! Would love to win.

  292. Lari

    My dream mom cave would have a comfy lounging chair and cozy quilts for napping and stacks of new books to read. And a lock on the door! ;-)

  293. Dawn

    I would love to have 1 room all to myself! A place to work on my crafts and read. It would be organized and functional with a place for everything.It would also be very feminine with lavender and sage green and bright and cheerful with lots of natural light. Oh I can just picture it right now :)

  294. Jeannie

    I have been dreaming of turning my office into an office/craft room for myself. I have it all sketched out and ready to start (as soon as we have the extra money) :) I want antique yellow walls, a white built in desk all along one wall. Part of the desk is for my computer, part is to leave my sewing machine out (I even drew in a sillouette machine and serger that I don’t have yet). I want white shelves all along the wall up to the ceiling for my books, pictures, boxes of my supplies and a peg board in the middle to hang my ribbons, scissors, a calendar and other random items on. I have part of the desk raised to make cutting fabric easier and I have an ironing board that hides away in a cabinet :). I spent a good part of a day dreaming about my own space and have my sketch on my desk to keep me motivated. Thanks for the chance to enter!!!

  295. Charity

    Oooh, my mom cave would have beautiful storage, comfy seating (like a lovely tailored sofa, lots of natural lighting and great artwork.

  296. Darlene

    Oh wow. I just love the thought of this!!
    So easy to think of ideas.
    A place for all of my oil paints and painting. A reading nook. A desk. Fabulous lighting. Bright colors. Idea bulletin boards. And photos of the very loved ones I am trying to escape from!!!!

  297. Becky Mullowney

    My own room…with french doors looking out over a garden…and just like you, a fireplace would be awesome!

  298. Stacey

    Love that , “Mom Cave”, pretty sure they would find me there, too! But I would love to have my comfy chair and a half in there, with a table for my laptop. I’d like a ‘girl’ computer chair with a white or printed slip cover on it. I’d add a cozy throw, great pictures of my family and friends. Maybe a small chair for those little visitors to come in and have some special chat time with me from time to time. I’d also add my ipod with speakers to listen to music in the morning during my quiet time.

  299. Evie

    My ideal mom cave would be a kid-free zone. I would love a whole wall of bookcases for books and trinkets and photos. A comfy chair with an ottoman is a must…soft and chenille with lots of pillows and a cashmere throw. A window for some natural light would be nice, and definitely a room with a view. I’m not picky – I’ll settle for water or mountains or woods. All the colors would be neutral and warm.

  300. Sarah Knudsen

    I already have sort of a “mom cave” (we call it the work room!) but it’s going to take some $$$ to make I how I truly want. I know that Homegoods gift card would come in handy.

  301. Jessica

    Oh my goodness, I would SO love a mom cave! Heck, I would even love a mom closet! :) I would have a chaise lounger, a lamp, a small table for reading or blogging. I would have to have a table for all my projects, and a storage space for all the stuff. I guess I can’t fit that all into a closet! :) Now I’m going to see who I can kick out of their room! No, I kid…I kid. lol

  302. April in CT

    My space would be an area I could dedicate just to my crafting! Right now I use the dining room as that space and having to get out and then put away all my crafting items is a huge PAIN. One day I hope to have my very own room dedicated just to my scrap booking, crafting and card making madness!

  303. Anne

    WOW.. I just found your blog via Twitter and I LOVE IT!! My dream is to have a home of my own. My Dad passed away in 2007 so we have been living with my Mom so she is not alone. So for now I thanking the Lord for where we are. I would absolutely love to have a Mom Cave… Wow.. that just sounds like the perfect place to create for myself while we are staying with her… I need that desperately as I have 4 teenagers (ages 14, 17, 18 & 19) who keep me on the run. I love finding “my time” to be able to spend time in God’s Word and blog…. what an inspiration. I think I will look for such a place for myself ….my own “Mom Cave”… thanks for the inspiration. If I win the card…it would be put to good use. I’ll be back again… your blog is so inspiring.

  304. Soraya

    I have a space of my own, but it’s mostly filled with castoffs and clutter of others.
    I would love to empty it out and have a custom built desk, new computer, gorgeous curtains and lamps to make it homey…Maybe a nice chair and a large supply closet…

  305. Scooper

    We’re dreaming, right? Cushy chair with ottoman for reading and dozing and sipping. A not-too-huge flat screen TV for watching movies and HGTV. A long table for crafting and scrapbooking {and situated so I can see the TV.} A perfectly organized cabinet for all of my crafting supplies. Lots of natural light. My favorite colors and decor. Oh, and a fireplace. That’s not asking too much is it? {You can throw in a mini-fridge while you’re at it.}

  306. Jen E

    I would love to have a room for all my books / crafts / projects – and a place to pretty up in any style I want! Most of all – it must have a door, so I can shut out the outside noises / distractions. :) Someday!

  307. Kaye Weaver

    I would really love to have a Homegoods giftcard for my daughter. She has the perfect place for a “Mom Cave” and she so deserves one. Not only is she busy raising three kids, but, she is a labor and delivery nurse so not only is she taking care of her own kids, but, she’s taking care of others newborns! On top of everything else, she is very involved with her children’s activities- namely volunteer duties with the high school band that her boys are in. She deserves a break and a “Mom Cave” would be the perfect place for that!

  308. ElaineDavis

    As long as the good weather holds, my “mom-cave” is on the little porch outside our laundry door (picture sunshine, a chair, a lobster trap from Prince Edward Island, and a pumpkin for fall). I spend about 15 minutes there each afternoon doing my devotions before my son arrives home from school on the bus.

  309. Becca

    My “Mom Cave” would have a comfy chair and a fantastic blanket with a side table for my coffee and the books I’m currently reading. I would have floor to ceiling book shelves for the rest of the books and the walls would be adorned with beautiful things, pictures of my family, inspirational lyrics and my memory verses.

  310. Candace

    My mom cave would be a cutesy organization area for ALL of my crafting/crocheting items! I would be happy with a large closet! lol

  311. the domestic fringe

    I would love a room with a white couch, a giant old table for a desk, pops of color in lamps and pillows, long billowy drapes, and a lock on the door. Of course I also need a window with an awesome view, so I can lay on the couch and daydream. :-)

    Sounds good to me!

  312. Jamie R.

    I would LOVE to have a Mom Cave! With a new baby boy due any time now and a 16 month old to chase around, I would LOVE to have a place of my own with a comfy chair, my lap top, and a stack of books to read. HomeGoods could definitely help me spiff up a spot for myself!

  313. Marsheela

    I’d love to have a scrapbooking room!!!

  314. Mae

    Every time I go into Homegoods to browse around, I daydream about having a room to myself! I love seeing the unique pieces they have. Rich colors, soft furnishings for a relaxing reading spot, gentle lighting…*sigh*

  315. Holly

    My dream “mom cave” would be one that is clean! I have a room of my own, a home office/craft room (although my five year old has recently laid claim to the desk). Unfortunately, we moved in almost six months ago, and that is the one room of the house that is still not unpacked and organized. It’s getting there, though!

  316. Sonya B

    My “mom cave” would be a place that would be all about me and the things that I love. A comfy chair for reading or snuggling under a blanket. I would be able to listen to my classical music without any complaints from the kids. It would be very cozy and comfy in all the colors that are soothing for me and inviting for anyone who I let in. A place for me to relax and unwind and reconnect with myself.

  317. Jean

    My mom cave would be my dream kitchen…its where the family gathers and I would love to gut my kitchen and redo it! It would be Mom “heaven” to me…more cabinets, counterspace and an island…someday maybe:)

  318. Elizabeth

    My mom cave would be very “English cottage.” Lots of chintz on a big overstuffed chair. A pretty lamp. Places to sew and craft. Lots of bookcases for all of my books. A table for some tea.

  319. Pinky

    I do have my own space, it is a SMALL desk in our guest room but it IS all mine! I ahve my own computer, just today got a new flatscreen monitor! I LOOOOVE your pull down desk!!!!!!!!! I am going to look for something like that, I just have a table here:( XO, Pinky

  320. I want a mom cave!

    I need to revamp my mom cave. I really think that
    a wine cellar sounds like a GREAT mom cave…

  321. mindy

    We are in the process of finishing a basement, and I’ll have a little craft space down there with a spot for my sewing machine and all of that good stuff, but I haven’t even thought of how to make it pretty yet, I’m just excited to have a space soon!

  322. Tracie in NJ

    It would be spa bathroom with a soaking tub, fireplace and bookshelves. And it would exist outside of the time-space continuum so I’d never have to leave it!

  323. Rebecca

    My Mom cave would be more about time free from responsibilities more than stuff. But I could definitely use lamps and things from HGs around the house!!! :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  324. Bernice

    Oh, to dream… would have a big snuggly comfy chair and a place to put my feet up – a cute little table to put my steamy hot mug of coffee or tea, or other beverage (hehe!) and a big ol’ “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door!

  325. Lindsay

    Pretty much what you described…a big, comfortable, down-filled chair and ottoman…a beautiful desk with all MY stuff…a fireplace…and a latte.

  326. Brittany

    It’s so funny you wrote about this because my husband and I were just having this discussion the other day. Right now it doesn’t seem logical to buy a formal dining room set when we have a perfectly functional eating space off our kitchen. My mind started soaring with ideas to turn what is suppose to be a formal dining room into my own “mom cave” or project room where I could write, do crafts/projects, have my own space. Unfortunately, the hubs just wants to keep the room empty to use it as a dining space one day… I’m hoping that perspective will change, and I can have a space. :)

  327. Linda from Georgia

    I’m in my cave right now. Unfortunately, there isn’t a horizontal space that is not piled high. Not my idea of cozy and inviting. I’d love a make over! Just need 8 hours of uninterrupted intense focus to organize. Then about a week to redecorate. I could use some Home Goods help.

  328. Alison

    I spy with my little eye my Mom Cave. Actually the closet in the spare bedroom. Already equipped with retro wallpaper, in need of some TLC and organizing from Home Goods. Keeping my Fingers Crossed.

  329. Megan

    Hello! I’m loving all your autumn help! Unfortunately I don’t have a place for a “Getaway” mom-cave so I just soak up every second I get at my desk. It’s my own little place to create and design and I love spending time there.

  330. Renee A

    My mom cave has a pretty desk, computer, lamp & family photo – with a pile of stuff that doesn’t belong :( and a chair that is MOST uncomfortable – actually, it’s a beautiful antique that has never been reupholstered, which means I’m sitting on a slab of plywood covered in fabric… So a Home Goods gift card would either go to a paper organizer / in-box, or towards a comfy, slipcovered (maybe) parsons chair for my desk! My behind would so appreciate it :)

  331. Courtney

    my dream would be a little room with 9 foot ceiling and big old shelves built in all the way to the ceiling. Cute locker wire baskets and blues/yellow/cremey colors to it. MOST importantly a door to lock!

  332. Joanna

    I don’t have a mom cave right now…but I actually think the best one would be a small. That way my mess wouldn’t get too big. Have you seen the sweet backyard cottages? that would be the perfect mom cave.

  333. Susan

    My dream mom cave would be my craft and music room. I plan on making the nursery in our home into that when our babies are grown. I’ll use the built in shelving and desk that now serves as a changing table as my craft table, and the rest of the (small) room will have a music stand and space for my instruments. The boys will not be allowed in. :)

  334. Jennifer

    My current “Mom Cave” is a corner of our bedroom where I keep my sewing supplies, but we are moving soon to a house with a bonus room over the garage that will be MY room. It has nice built-in cabinets, but yucky carpet and wallpaper that will need to go. I want to replace the flooring with a cushy resilient tile that will absorb noise and be easy to sweep pins and fabric scraps off of. The walls will be lavender. I would like to add a comfy chair or daybed for reading/dreaming, a floor lamp, and a radio. Redoing this room is low on the priority list, but one can dream, yes?! (To be fair, my husband is also getting a small workshop space in the garage, too.)

  335. Leah Rixmann

    My mom cave includes a cozy chair, a blanket, some furry slippers and a pile of books. A fireplace would also be wonderful. Sounds a lot like yours :-).

  336. Megan

    My dream mom cave would have storage for all the crafting and decorating fabric I’ve accumulated. A nice big table where I can work on projects. A cozy little corner with a comfy reading chair where I can sit down and unwind. And of course finished off with a beautiful chandilier taking center stage…. oh and at least one wall would be in chalkboard paint!

  337. Erma Kelso`

    Since I live alone, I actually have a Mom cave in the den and also in my bedroom where my computer is. In the den, I sit or lay there at night and read and watch TV.
    In the bedroom where the computer is, I have a desk and files and this is where I read all the good stuff, do my email and pay my bills. I would love to win the gift card as I love Home Goods products.

  338. Jennifer

    My dream mom cave would have a comfortable sewing chair and lots of spaces do to display fabric. Most importantly good lighting. Surround sound stereo so I could drowned out the television.

  339. Angela in MI

    I have so many ideas swimming around in my head of the dream craft room with big book cases and tons of ‘found objects’ to hold all of my things…but honestly I would love even just a tiny corner to call my own – a no ‘boy’ zone with a cozy chair and a stack of books!

  340. Tammy Garbarino

    I am enjoying your Autumn Bliss posts and would love to win a gift card–my heart could use a little bolstering–thanks.

  341. Mitzi

    I love the “Mom Cave” idea! If I could dream up my own mom cave, I would have two oversized comfortable chairs, a desk with lots of great organizational units to create an office space, a cabinet to house my sewing machine and crafts, and a big window with some fun window treatments. Also, a few beanbags and a small flat screen TV.

  342. Christy

    Love your blog! Thanks for the inspiration:). My “Mom Cave” would be cozy, yet large enough for a comfy chaise lounge type chair, a fire place, a jacuzzi and a wonderful view out a large window. One can only dream.

  343. Emily

    My VERY own Mom Cave? Oh my… I’d die and go to heaven! Definitely a beachy/shabby chic-y feel with a comfy chair, reading lamp, bookshelves and a large work/craft area. That’d be great. I don’t think I’d require that much. Just a place of my own would suffice!

  344. Jessica Merrill

    A mom cave would be anywhere where I could have all of my sewing supplies and fabric that I could just stare at. Also i would love to have a chaise lounge where I could take cap naps! OH, and also have an espresso machine!!

  345. Amy

    I currently have about 4 feet of wall space in our bedroom for my sewing machine. I would love a room with tons of shelving to store and display all my fabrics.

  346. Dawn

    My “mom cave” would have a rocking chair (upholstered and comfortable) and music. I would love to just sit in there and rock and sing praise songs. I used to have a rocking chair in our living room, but there just wasn’t room for it in our “new” house (8 years ago). I miss my old friend and my quiet moments of restoration with my Savior. I would also include some yummy scented candles…and some books because I love to read. It would be free of clutter that would distract me and would be filled with the color navy blue (because it’s my favorite). Ah…a space of my own…someday…to everything there is a season, right?

  347. Melissa

    Oh how I would love to have one!!! Right know my space is a corner of our eat in kitchen. I would love a room with huge windows and a comfortable chair, bookcases, and a huge desk for a new laptop and plenty of space for my crafting!

  348. Juliann

    I would be happy with any place with a lock on the door. :0)

  349. jenbc

    we finished a room last year that i love…since my husband and i both love it, i wouldn’t call it the woman cave but it is cozy and my favorite place in the house. it has a wall of bookcases and two chairs (the room is small) and two small tables with great lamps. we took a long time and splurged on getting one chair recovered with an ottoman and a great rug. it’s the place i like best to meet with jesus in the morning. there is no tv allowed….peaceful. now, onto the rest of the house.

  350. Suzanna Hartman

    My Mom cave would have lots of windows and pale blues, whites, and tans. I would have a rocking chair there (maybe wicker) and a pretty farmhouse type table. I would also love this place to be where I could take photos as well with natural light. Oh to dream.

  351. deezie

    Hi there
    Love your blog!
    I do have a Mom Cave. I do however need some lighting from Home Goods for my Mom Cave:) well I would take just about anything from Home Goods. Love that store.
    Right now my Mom Cave is a crafting space and I love it. I just bought a Zebra rug for that room. Fun right
    Hope I win
    [email protected]

  352. Danielle

    Even though I’m not a mom yet, I will be soon. I have a perfect little nook that could be a mom cave. A little space to breath and recollect those thoughts and refocus is very important. And a comfy atmosphere certainly helps! I don’t have much, but my dream space would have a comfy elegant chair and a functional organization area. Billowing, inviting curtains and a bookcase full of books to inspire me to be a better wife, mom, and person.

  353. stacy

    I would loooove a Mom Cave. I already have a chair and ottoman that would be great to bring to the cave. I would use my cave fo blogging, reading and journaling. For that, I would want a soft throw, some realxing candles, a soft light and a stereo playing soft music. Oh, if I close my eyes I can picture it, ahhh. :)

  354. Cynthia J

    I would love a Momcave. Living with 2 boys and my husband makes it hard to have a place of my own. My husband has his shop and the kids each have a room. Seems like everything I “own” is actually shared.
    My momcave would have a cozy chair and ottoman, a little table for my current reads along with a lovely little lamp. There would be chairs for visitors or other moms so we could “escape” the husbands and kids after dinner is done. Perhaps a desk to write at and work on my laptop.
    Really I think the most important thing for me is just a place where I can close the door on the outside world for even just 10 minutes to relax and enjoy my tea cups, my books and whatever else suits my fancy at the moment.

  355. Andrea Cseh

    I kind of have a “Mom Cave” but it’s a.) the place that gets all the crap we need to stick “somewhere”, especially if we are having company and b.) it never really got decorated in the first place. I am happy to have it but right this moment I am sitting on 2 inches of the edge of my husband’s old office depot desk chair as the rest of the chair is filled with crap we had to get off the kitchen counters! I have to walk through piles on the floor to get to that chair too! $50 from Home Goods could certainly make it better!

  356. Amy

    I would love to win! HomeGoods is awesome!

  357. Stephanie

    My Mom Cave would have a place for reading, probably a chaise of some sort, lots of gorgeous fabrics and baskets, and a space for creating…sewing, design ideas, and oh! A great corner with lots of natural light for taking photos.

  358. Whitney

    A Mom Cave…. what a fantastic idea! Mine would be a little pocket of the world just for me, complete with a plushy, comfy chair that you just sink into. Bookshelves galore, filled with every book I have ever wanted to read and walls covered in beautiful art and photographs that mean something to me.
    Ah, bliss.

  359. Marilyn Holeman

    Hmm. My dream Mom Cave would be a room all my own with lots of bookshelves and storage, a cozy chair with good light, lots of windows with natural light, and a roaring fireplace It would be neat, uncluttered and peaceful.

  360. gretchen

    good timing! i’ve spent much of the afternoon trying to organize and put together my own space…after moving into this new/old house, about a month ago, it just seemed like the one room i kept putting off because I wanted it to be just right. the thing is, if it’s a workable space, it will be changing all the time…

  361. Sallie Baker

    I am wanting to build a little room on the back of our house….for sewing, scrapbooking, painting, etc….all the little projects that keep the rest of my house so messy! I think it would open up some much needed space in the other parts of the house… well as a place that could stay a mess…and just close the door. LOVE HomeGoods!

  362. Heidi Biggs

    Ideally my mom cave would have a comfy chair and ottoman with a scrumpcious throw to snuggle up in (it is fall afterall). Good lighting is a must so I can read all of the good books housed on the shelves next to the fireplace (why not? we’re dreaming right?). And the colors would be mostly neutral with a hit of orange and aqua. Oh…and the door…it would be locked! :)

  363. Jo dierking

    I would love a jacuzzi for my bathroom. The garden tub, candles, and a book are my normal “mom-cave”.

  364. Casie

    My cave would be filled with design and fashion magazines, and a great chair to snuggle up and read. My favorite color is green, so the room would reflect that. Also I would love to be able to set up my sewing machine so I could create whenever the inspiration arises. HomeGoods is an amazing store, I almost always leave with my hands full of new treasures.

  365. Corrine R

    What a neat idea – have been hearing about ‘man cave’s for years, but only recently about a ‘mom cave’ – probably because of the recent HomeGoods tv ad. :) My ideal ‘mom cave’ would have bookshelves – for reading books and craft books – I love to read, plus also cross-stitch, quilt, sew, crochet… Also a musician, I’d have music handy, even if only a small speaker to plug in my ipod. A desk for sewing & cutting fabric would be great, as well as a nice view and some comfy seating, adjustable lighting – bright for crafting, or gentle for reading or just plain relaxing!

  366. DebC

    My perfect Mom Cave-a cozy chair complete with warm to cover up with, a lamp for reading, a table close by for that cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and my piano. Oh yes – a door with a lock :)

  367. Cindy Broaddus

    I would love to have a “mom cave” dedicated to just me. Sounds heavenly! It would be a place that is quiet, muted in color, and has soft places to sit and relax. I could have my devotional time in there, or paint, or read, or blog, whatever my little heart desires. Yup, a “mom cave” would be just wonderful. :) Thanks for the giveaway! Love HomeGoods!

  368. Annette

    I have a mom cave in the making. My mom cave needs to serve a lot of functions, a place to do my homework, sew, and relax. I work from home so there’s a lot of paper work and computer work associated with that. Okay I need to relax. I could really use some help in putting this room together I know it could be a great space.

  369. Anne

    I have a mom cave and it’s wonderful. Still needs some art and a lamp so I’d be up for the 3 hour drive to HomeGoods. : )

  370. Amy from Austin, TX

    First of all, I LOVE HOMEGOODS! And one is opening in Austin in 3 weeks! I’m so very excited! Now that that’s out of the way…I don’t have a “mom cave”, but if I did, it would look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the rest of my house. The walls would be black (no, I’m not crazy – stick with me here…) and there would be LOTS of fat, scrumptious white trim all around the room. There would be a big giant window overlooking a beautiful forest/mountain area…There would be a fireplace (wood burning) that was covered in iridescent mosaic glass tiles with a big chunky rustic wood mantle. The furniture would be a soft, deep, thick comfy sofa, 2 french bergere chairs – in white linen – the wood would be a driftwood, weathered stain. The ottoman (used as a coffee table) would be round and tufted weathered leather. The side tables would be silver, chrome or mirrored. There would be a pale gray painted antique buffet with beautiful silver candlabras on it and a large round mirror above. There would be lots of colorful abstract art pieces hanging around the room and it would be filled with lots of books – ceiling to floor. The floors would be scored and stained concrete with big fluffy thick rugs over them. I would have a small refrigerator tucked away behind closed doors and access to a powder room. NO ONE would be allowed in here except me! Ahhhh – that would be heaven…Will probably never happen in my lifetime, but a girl can dream! :)

  371. Laura

    My dream-mom-cave would be a little sunroom off our kitchen, filled to overflowing with beautiful plants and “junktiques” I’ve found along the way. And my little antique lady’s rolltop desk (that currently doesn’t have a space to call home). And a few of my sweet baby’s toys scattered about!

  372. judy

    A momcave sounds so wonderful. Mine would have a big soft comfy chair with ottoman, a bookcase full of my favorite books and magazines, my computer and a kitty!!! It would also be a place for all the stuff I buy at HomeGoods. I wonder if the people who work there say,”Is she here again”

  373. Jessica

    My mom cave would have beds for the dogs, a comfy chair for me, books, books and more books!

  374. Cindy

    My ideal Mom nest is a room that houses all my craft stuff in the lcoset and on shelves in matching plastic containers, includes a day bed that can sleep one of my kids when they come to visit and a wall of pictures that make me happy just to look at. The pictures would include some that hung on the walls of the house I grew up in, pictures my Dad painted, a cross stitch rose I made for my Grandma Rose (my middle name is rose) and kitschy pictures such as one of ‘bad food’ that I just get a kick out of. I would also include some if not all of my state plates that I collect. This room will become a reality in January when our new home is completed.

  375. Lyra Fenner

    I would love to have some pretty lighting to read by in mom cave! No babies aloud…at least for an hour a day please!!!

  376. Terri

    My Mom cave would have a wonderful lamp on a table with enough room for me to stack 4 books and a couple magazines, a really good smelling candle. I would get the books from the library, I could forgo the magazines, I have a make do table and HomeGoods is the perfect place for me to get a great candle and lamp for free. Fingers crossed:)

    Thanks for the chance,

  377. Holly

    I have a “Mom Corner” in our bonus room/mostly playroom already. It’s a pretty good set up. Ideally, I’d love my own room with a door I could close to keep curious little fingers out of all of my crafting supplies and projects. But that would take a whole new house! What my “Mom Corner” is missing now is a super comfy chair and ottoman, some high shelving (or maybe cabinets), and a curtain rod to hang the fabulous fabric I got on clearance.

  378. Debi

    I’m inspired, just thinking about the possibilities ~ thanks!

  379. Jen

    Wow…a mom cave…what would that be like??!! I would love to have my own kid free space that would be relaxing and peacful. A corner filled relaxing colors and cozy fabrics….thanks!

  380. Jenny Stewart

    My mom-cave would be comfy and CLEAN! Warm, inviting, and peaceful. Only my stuff would be allowed. My current office is tiny and is the dumping ground for all stuff that has no home! :-)

  381. Peg

    I’ve started mine with hardwood floor painted with red stain, Greek Villa walls…old boxes that my father used to store drill bits, etc….I want an architectural look…..a Home Goods gift card is just what I need to get the creative juices flowing!!! ;0

  382. Sandy

    My dream Mom Cave would be a craft room. A room where I could leave my sewing machine out and my current projects on the table and I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning them up and putting them away. I like to be organized, so there would be a lot of storage space to keep fabrics, etc, labeled and out of sight so my workspace was always clean. I could sew and embroider and feel productive and close the door on the mess when I leave. Ahhhh, if only… a girl can dream right?!

  383. Rachel

    My “mom cave” would be a big cozy swing on a porch with hot tea, a good book, and happy children playing in the yard.

  384. SarahJoy

    I love the idea of a MomCave! I would like my space to be hidden so the kids don’t even know it exsists! I would love a place for blogging in peace and quiet and working on my photography. The colors would be soothing and the walls would be filled with my favorite photos— framed beautifully! Never hurts to dream, right?

  385. Clara S.

    My “Mom Cave” would have lots of big open windows and an office space were all of my stuff could be contained in one space. Also, no one else would be allowed in :)

  386. sondra

    A soft leather chair and ottoman with a table nearby to hold a bright lamp and a coaster for a warm cup of coffee. Also, a large basket full of decorating magazines and a bag of crochet pattern, yarn, and hooks. All located in the family room with HGTV showing on a flatscreen TV and hubby, nearby on the couch reading. AHHHH!

  387. Jennifer

    My mom cave would definitely have a big cushy seat with an ottoman, bookshelves filled with my favorite books, an area for crafting and yoga. I just love HomeGoods. It’s heavenly.

  388. andrea

    well with five kiddos all the space in our home is chuckablock full! but one day…i dream of a room with a wall of windows covered in soft billowy curtains that blow in the breeze, a BIG old beatup farmhouse table to use as a desk and for projects, another wall of bookcases and a cozy down-filled sofa.

  389. jodi

    my ideal spot would be kid/toy free, NEAT spot to have a comfy chair, a good book and space to craft, dream, create…I have a space I can do that in, I just need to make it happen…thanks for the encouragement to do so!


    My mom cave would have a set of speakers that only plays that lovely music they play at any spa where I’ve ever gotten a massage. And maybe there would be a window with a birdfeeder directly outside so I could sit and sip my coffee in the morning (in my comfy bathrobe of course…)

  391. Merritt

    A chair I could just sink into, a cozy blanket to curl up with, with great lighting to read a book…QUIETLY! I don’t even need a whole room, I’d take just a corner. Maybe it’s time I made myself a space…

  392. Renee

    I enjoyed reading the ladies ideas, and while thinking of where I could put my mom cave, I thought the formal dining that isn’t used except to ‘store stuff’ on top of the table, etc. – in fact my son had to ask me what the formal dining room was when I asked him to get something – my description – you know, the room that has all the stuff waiting to be organized – he knew exactly where to go with that. :) I’d put two large comfy chairs with one large ottoman to share, and then baskets to store my books, beading crafts, etc. under a long table – where else to go to customize the room – Homegoods for sure! Love your blog! You are inspiring.

  393. mtk48

    My ideal spot would have a chair in a sunny window with a small table to hold a cup of coffee and a good book. I’d also like an ottoman so I could get very comfortable and put my feet up for a spell. I’d need a shelf with favorite books, pictures and my journal and special pen for recording thoughts and dreams. No phone…no clock…no interruptions!! Just some moments of peace, quiet and thoughtfulness.

  394. Lauren

    Well, I’m not a Mom, but I do have my own room. It’s my closet room, that my husband so graciously said I could have. It’s filled with shoes, clothes, makeup and pretty things.

    Although when we have kids, that will all change… but I suppose it will be worth it :)

  395. melissa stover

    lots of windows, some white furniture and colorful pillows. then some large canvasses of my favorite photographs on the walls.

  396. Nicole Young

    While a cave might indicate a dark, underground space, my ideal mom-only location would be a natural light-filled, water-view spot with a simple, neutral color palate, filled with items usually kept out of most family rooms for fear they’d get dirty or broken. I’m thinking a comfy white slip-covered sofa, linen pillows, blue and green sea glass bottles, billowy white curtains, glass coffee table, seagrass rug, a rustic book shelf filled with the tomes I’ve never gotten to. The room would be an escape to the sea.

  397. Jackie

    My ideal “cave” would be a space to sit, breathe, drink coffee, do my quiet time or just sit still with God. A DIAPER FREE zone :) no pacis, baby toys, diapers, crayons (unless they’re mine) or anything else kid-like. A adult area…..oh love divine- i can ONLY imagine!

    Loving this series..thanks! :)

  398. Arlene

    Ooohh a mom cave , can that be…we are technically empty nesters … I’m sure I could carve out a spot somewhere hmmm….very intriguing…

  399. Lisa

    Can I just say thank you for the inside info that there is a Home Goods in Portland! I had no idea, the 2 hour drive would TOTALLY be worth it! I have so missed having one 10 minutes from my house like it used to be! Thank you, thank you!

  400. Paula Romer

    A Victorian playhouse outside in a charming garden complete with a
    cushy window seat, napping couch, lots of light and a porch swing.
    Pure bliss.

  401. Sheri

    I’d love to have a couple of comfy chairs, an ottoman, and a nice reading lamp in the empty corner of our bedroom where I could relax and enjoy some silence!

  402. Meghan

    I have a space (a corner in a playroom) that is somewhat dedicated to “my” stuff (crafts, sewing machine, etc); however, I have no furniture and no real storage for it all, let alone cute decor. This would be great!

  403. Crystal

    Now that our children are grown and married, I’ve taken one of the bedrooms to create my own space for crafting, sewing and even storing junk! The room needs major help (painting, new rug, more storage stuff) but it’s mine and I am so happy to hang out there
    occasionally. Thanks for sharing – I would love to win.

  404. Denise

    OK, my Mom Cave would, first of all, be in a bright corner of my home with a great view of my (pretend) garden. It would also be a kid-free zone–no crackers, juice, milk, crying, fighting, or toys. It would probably look a lot like the HomeGoods ad with a fuschia chaise lounge with some funky paisley pillows (that I couldn’t decorate with in any other part of the house), a cushy throw, and white shelving to accomodate books, books, books. My MomCave is where I would, most importantly, have my daily quiet time with God to recharge and connect with Him before I start my day.

  405. Allison

    I would love just a small corner of a room, with an oversized chair, warm afghan and floor lamp that illuminates any book I’m holding in warm, calm light. Next to a window, with a small table for my cup of tea. Aaahhhh….

  406. Tina

    a chair or comfy couch would be nice, but ahhh, to have a mom cave all my own? wow. pick me so i can get started creating one!! thanks :)

  407. Sharlene

    A comfy chair, a footstool and a big window looking out on the big world outside–that’s what makes me happy–regardless of the weather out there.

  408. Kristin

    I would love a space all my own, where no kids or hubbys are allowed!!! If I had that it wouldn’t really matter how it was decorated! But seriously, I would love a soft comfy lounger in a cozy room with lots of windows. A big table and lots of supplies for crafting. What a cool idea. :)

  409. Wendi

    My Mom Cave…… a place all organized for scrapbooking and crafting, you know, totally decked out. A comfy couch and chair, with great light, a cozy throw, and a table near by for the books I want to read, or finish reading. A fridge tucked in so I don’t have to leave this place to go get a drink or a snack. A lock on the door so that I can have that time to just myself. A place to share with friends, or family when I want to have some company. No clocks allowed as I just want to be self absorbed in there and not have to worry about how much time has passed, or how little time is left. Oh yes, also my favorite candles so I can enjoy their fragrance while I am enjoying some music playing in the background. Only one requirement, I must visit it every day. :)

  410. Maureen

    I’m thinking of a mom cave where there is a comfy chair, warm blanket, QUIET and coffee always ready!

  411. Mim

    A comfortable place to read…..preferably that’s quiet!

  412. Jess

    Hmmm…… I would have to go with a big comfy chair that I could read in with a simple desk workspace and a good chair so that I could craft, sew, or write. And tons of storage so I could keep all the things I love in there close to me!

  413. Tara

    my dream mom cave is full of color and sunshine and plants and pictures of all the people and things that inspire me….

  414. Jane

    I would be surrounded by bookcases with glass doors, a desk so that I could look out the window, a comfy chair and quilt for reading and a little table to hold my warm drink. I’d have a supply of my favorite pens and notecards for writing notes. The closet would hold my crafting supplies and seasonal decor items.

  415. heidi

    my mom cave would include all things girly. No star wars allowed. No thomas the train allowed. No sport team items allowed.
    Pink, flowery breakable pretties everywhere! White couch and chairs- no sippy cups or beer allowed! of course this would last for 2.2 hours…

  416. Nikki

    We have a room that is currently a den but will one day be my very own room. I’ll have my desk and a desk chair, but would love a chair and ottoman, a side table with lots of pictures of friends and family and plenty of fresh flowers.

  417. Adrienne

    I have a room that is the office and my sewing room/studio. It is a mess right now! In transition or something like that. You have inspired me to get it done! And enjoy spending time there during these Pacific Northwest Fall mornings.

  418. sarah

    Wow…my dream mom cave would have built in shelves/bookcases where I could store everything in pretty baskets–especially my knitting supplies. It would also have some cozy chairs/loveseat and my husband’s messy desk would NOT be part of it :)

  419. Dee

    My dream mom cave would be super organized, incredibly cozy, inspiring and would incorporate all of my favorite pastimes. It would be fashionably up-to-date in decorating circles and would be very flexible allowing for overnights with my little grandbabies.

  420. Christie

    I dream of an organized space where I can create, craft, sew and browse my favorite blogs! I have a small spare room now, but am just having trouble making it that kind of space. I love the photo with the striped red curtains. What an inspiring room to work/craft in!

  421. susanna

    my dream mom cave would be a whole room devoted to books and reading and writing! Comfy chairs, cozy lamps, candles, etc.

  422. Eleanor

    A room to myself with pretty colors, a comfy chair and a closet full of shelves for beautiful fabric. I now share a room with a lot of guitars. However, I am grateful that my sewing is no longer in my bedroom.

  423. Carol

    My Mom Cave needs a sewing machine, room for an ironing board, a comfortable chair to read and write in, a niche for my laptop, lots and lots of natural lighting, a feeling of space and things having a place so they are not cluttered. Oh, and it needs to be in Ohio, not Florida. :P)

  424. Fiona's Mosaic

    My space is my sunporch. It’s also my studio, but I have lots of white wicker. and close beside my wicker lounge is a victorian wicker sewing basket. I usually have classical music going in there too. :o)

    I just need to clean the family stuff out of it, paint it white, we are going to fix the roof, and eventually (when money allows) put in pretty windows and window seats.

    Even though it’s not fixed up yet, I still love it.

  425. Mimi

    I don’t have a mom cave yet, but would love one. Mine would actually be outdoors on an enclosed back porch. There’d be an ornate vintage chandelier with huge crystals. A comfy chair with ottoman in white denim. There’d also be a daybed for long naps in the sun. With tons of pillows and enough room in case my daughter or hubby wanted to join me. There would be a small table with all my favorite magazines, books and of course journals and great pens in a heavy vintage stem glass. And an old armoire with dozens of shelves holding all my crafting supplies. Since I’m a florist there’s be a moon garden full of white peonies, garden roses and hydrangea. Dozens of old photgraphs of family and loved ones…

  426. Melissa

    My dream room would have a beautiful persian rug in blues, golds & reds, a worn in leather chair like Nate’s and there would be no need for a side table because my stack of books would reach that high!

  427. Jennie Lukaszewski

    I don’t have the luxury of a whole room, but i do have my favorite chair and ottoman with cozy blanket and side table with lamp and candles. the chairs holds many memories. I fed and napped with each of my newborns in that very chair, i have heard countless words of encouragement from my Heavenly Father there and I have prayed numerous prayers for my family – all in that favorite chair.

  428. Teresa S

    My perfect mom cave would have a super comfy white chair where I could read my favorite books and my sewing table with all my accesories displayed beautifully. But the thing that I have to have is some fabulous vintage looking window coverings that I could never get away with anywhere else in my shared gender house!

  429. Dana

    Oh that is absolute gorgeous and looks fresh out of a magazine! If my “little corner” looked anything like yours I’d want an entire room as well :). Your blog really inspires me, I love design but I always get so overwhelmed by all of the choices that I just end up giving up, lol.

  430. Mary

    A fireplace would be # l on my list for Cozy Mom Cave!! Great lighting as the ol eyes aren’t what they used to be for projects! A fabulous chair that makes you feel like you are sitting on a cloud plus darling ottoman to put those tired tootsies up is also a must! A space filled with goodies for all those project that is organized so that I don’t have to look through a dozen unmarked boxes to find that piece of burlap I know I have somewhere and someone to come and clean up after my messes and keep everything nice and tidy!

    Oh my this really is too much to ask for a Mom Cave isn’t it!! One can dream!!!


  431. Sylvia

    Oh, I would love to have a comfy chair, soft throw, window with a great view and a large desk with plenty of space on top and a bookshelf. That would be heavenly!

  432. Rachel

    I would really only need a comfy couch and a lamp where I could read, flip through catalogs and nap all by myself. Although a door would probably be nice too!

  433. Natalie

    I don’t have a mom cave but I consider my home my Mom Cave…I love my home and put it together for our family. Sure, in my perfect world I would have a room all to myself with all of my crafty, sewing, stuff. It would be full of color, with fun curtains and a couple of desks or a double desk one for my computer and another for my sewing machine and since we are dreaming it would have another huge workstation to spread out all of my loverly stuff. And some pretty lamps and a cozy chair to read and be inspired! :) Here’s to dreaming and to HOME GOODS!

  434. sue m.

    My “mom cave” would be a room with a huge window and a beautiful view of a flower garden. It would be my craft room. So of course I would want a huge desk, large enough to spread all of my supplies out on. I would also have shelves everwhere for storing all my supplies. Right now they are scattered everywhere. :( I would have to have some wonderful smelling candles in the room also, I’m thinking a pumpkin spice scent. A warm comfy fireplace and a couch with lots of comfy pillows right in front of it. Put a white chocolate micha in my hand while I’m crafting away and it would be PERFECT!

  435. Tracey

    An organized room with space for my sewing machine and crafts, a comfy chair love seat and a great little television and sound system. That’s all I ask for my mom cave :)

  436. Heatherly

    A quiet little spot with proper lighting, a nice cozy chair and some storage for reading and knitting. Some day……

  437. Patty

    My Mom cave would be an overstuffed chair and ottoman, stack of books and laptop and quiet, quiet, and more quiet!

  438. AmberP

    Oh, how I would love to setup a space with a bay window in our guest room With a long table that could be used as a desk or a place to wrap gifts and keep all my wrapping papers and gift bags. And I would tuck my dream glider chair I found at Babies R Us in a corner for reading. Ugh. Make me cry why don’t ya! lol

  439. tiffany

    I would love to have a “mom cave.” My office sits in the dining room in the middle of my house and it could use some pretties to make itmore mine.

  440. Linda L

    I would have a crafting table and all my supplies organized! I would also have a comfy chair in one corner with a table and lamp for a reading corner. Oh and an ottoman to put my feet up for a bit!

  441. kathy dwyer

    I love my loft, it is where I create. I am in the process of changing the black painted pieces to white, so a Home Goods gift certificate would be fab!!!

  442. victoria gladden

    My Mom Cave will have lots of girly things. A place where I can paint my nails and 2 comfy chairs for me and a friend to chit chat and have a glass of wine.. No video games allowed and cell phones LOL

  443. Carrie

    If I had a mom cave, it would have plenty of room for creativity – crafts, sewing, scrapbooking – and comfort – a big comfy chaise chair, throw pillows, and warm blankets. It would be a place where I could keep the things I cherish below a countertop’s height and not have to worry that my 18-month old will destroy them (even if done so innocently). A mom can dream, right?

  444. Erin

    Oh, how I long for a mom cave! I had one for a brief time before we moved our second child into that room. It was pure heaven while it lasted. For now, I share a small corner of our guest room and it suits me just fine but I think you’ve inspired me to jazz it up a bit. There may be a Home Goods run in my future as well!

  445. Tammy

    I would love to have a nice chair to sit and read in and a table to put my coffee on!

  446. heather ritchie

    Since I don’t have children just yet, my dream “Wife Cave” would have the deepest, cushiest sofa you could imagine, a blue desk for computer use and a huge project desk in the middle of the floor that is counter height. It would have inspiration boards, dry erase boards with pretty frames around them and organization galore. I would have a pretty view for inspiration and a coffee maker and station just for that room to keep me going. A fireplace would be a must and I would be surrounded by my favorite accessories like things with birds, clocks, glass cloche’s and lots of texture all over the room.

    Man, now I’m jealous of my dream room! :)


  447. Glenda Childers

    All I would require is a really comfy chair, a great lamp and a place to put my tea cup. Thanks for 31 days.


  448. Tammy

    With 3 little ones under the age of 4 I have a desperate need for a mom cave (not that I would ever get to use it, just knowing I have it might be enough…). I dream of a room that I can go to on a weekend afternoon where I can watch a movie, kick back with a stack of magazines, and just be ALONE, someday…

    Thanks for the giveaway, I am having one to, stop by if you have a minute!

    Best wishes,

  449. Kirstin

    I love Home Goods and am so glad I found it. I don’t really have a place of my own at the moment, but I would love a spot. A pretty desk that faces a window. Plush double chair and ottoman with some blankets, lots of candles…not sure what else.

  450. Blair Weddington

    I heart a mom cave. What a great idea!

  451. Christy

    My dream mom cave would be QUIET! :) I have six girls ages 13, 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2 and lately it seems I can’t find quiet anywhere! I’d have a comfy chair and ottoman, a cushy throw to cuddle up with, a basket full of home dec. magazines and cookbooks, and soft, soothing colors. QUIET! :)

  452. Melanie H.

    Wow, a Mom-cave! Mine would be bright & sunny with all of my craft supplies organized to the hilt! A nice open work space and a cozy corner for putting my feet up, sippin’ some tea & reading a good book/magazine/blog…ah, yes, this is surely a dream because I can hardly remember the last time I had a quiet moment to sit & put my feet up…oh, a door that closes, that would top it off!
    They are opening a new HomeGoods near my house tomorrow, can’t wait!

  453. Megan B

    My mom cave would be a nice cozy chair and tall lamp to knit next to. That would make me the happiest.

  454. Jayne

    I wish I had my own place. Right now my bed is my space…until my husband wants to go to sleep and asks me to clear the bed off.

  455. Lisa from Paint in My Hair

    I am lucky enough to have a dedicated room all to myself (although it is VERY frequently invaded by the other four members of this household)…but decorating-wise, it is the most neglected space in the house, because no one sees it except me. I know I need to change my mentality and recognize that *I’m* the most important set of eyes…and then it needs a ton of organizing and cozy-ing!

  456. Sherri S

    I have my own ‘mom cave’ to a degree. It started out as my ‘inspiration studio’ with all my crafting supplies. Now it’s more a ‘catch all’ room! Ha! I would LOVE a large arm chair in the corner, with a throw blanket and tiny side table. A place to curl up with my laptop or a good book. I’ve always always wanted a chair in the corner of my bedroom (which isn’t really large enough for one) ….so I’ve been on the thrift hunt for a good deal chair. So re-organize my ‘studio’ and add a chair!

  457. laura

    Oh! My best friend hooked me on your blog – we have a deal . . .if one of us wins we are going to fly to the winners’ house and split the prize and have a glorious shopping spree together! Fingers crossed!! We haven’t seen eachother in person in over 5 years!! Oh I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope . . .

    Happiness is a Mom Cave with special visiting hours for loved ones and friends (o:

  458. Cindy

    I would love a place to do all of my jewelry making with organizers, a new lamp and shabby chic accents.

  459. Lindsey

    I don’t have my own “mom cave” but I do have multiple “mom corners” I have a fun chair that I got from La-Z-Boy in a fun eco fabric, a small wedge table that is in our bedroom. I love to just sit there with my feet up on the ottoman and read. Usually done when the kids are taking a bath that I can see from my “mom corner”. And I have my craft area that is in the corner of our great room that has my sewing table and my scrapbooking table. I wish I could have a whole room just to myself….. someday.

  460. Dana Brown

    I have my own room but haven’t had time to convert it to my own ‘mom cave’ – I’d love a huge cozy chair for reading, a large table (those high ones with storage on the sides) for crafting and a fun rug for color. The room is being done in green, orange and pink!

  461. seriouslyahomemaker

    I have recently created a desk-space in our “Front room” that has become my own little slice of mom cave. i needs more artsy touches, but it is mine! i love those red-striped curtains. i don’t have any curtains in this room yet, and i was leaning toward some Nester-esque stripes, but i may have to re-think that now that i see the allure of red vertical stripes.

    thanks for the ideas!


  462. Teri

    I have my “Chick Cave” downstairs in what was the rec room. I’m slowly getting it into shape. It sometimes FEELS like a cave. Only 2 tiny windows on one side, dark paneling, and weird shaped. But it’s MINE! LOL

  463. Rachel

    I would love a cozy little room where I could create and relax. A pretty chandelier, asoft chair, lovely damask fabric, soft rug, pretty lamps and lots of lovely storage!

  464. Jenn Discher

    A mom cave! What a fun idea. Having just become a mom 6 months ago, the concept sounds fabulous to me. While I love my sweet baby girl and being able to stay home with her, there is certainly something to be said for a refuge in which you can unwind, recharge, and soak in some quiet moments. I imagine my mom cave as a cozy corner by a window overlooking a body of water, with an overstuffed velvet armchair and ottoman, soft lighting, a thick blanket, hot cup of coffee or cider, good instrumental or Irishy music playing, and some Tolkien or Lewis to get lost in or a journal to write in.

  465. Tiffany Warbington

    In our new home we actually have a sitting room off of our master bedroom…however, it is currently lacking in coziness! I would love to add a comfy chair and cute lamp…perhaps from Home Goods?!?

  466. Carla

    My dream for years has been to build a huge outdoor canopy type “bed”…. a great spot for reading, dreaming, napping, spending my quiet time with Jesus….. and I might even let my kids in there occasionally for some of these activities.

  467. Cheryl

    Oh, a Mom Cave..Wow, haven’t thought much about it since I figure it’s way down the road for me LOL. But, I’m sure it will involve turquoise and white with a few punches of cranberry. I would love an oversize chair with a table and lamp where I could snuggle deep and read or talk on the phone. I’d also need a desk of some sort to house my craft items and a place to leave my things out so I can come back to them at a later time.

  468. Janelle

    I’m dreaming of a room with lots of windows and walls that are a painted light blue. It would have a table-height counter along one wall with my sewing machine and serger for all kinds of great sewing projects. There would also be a computer and printer that I’d use for digital scrapbooking. All the furniture would be painted either white or some bright cheery color like hot pink or red or green. Boy, this is wishful thinking!

  469. Aileen

    What a fun idea….I live in house full of guys – lots of video games & sports surround me. I try to put little pockets of feminine touches around, but to have a “mom cave” would be wonderful. It would be filled with lots of pretty colors & inspirational words. It would be a pretty spot that even the boys would want to come into! How Fun!!

  470. Anna Sams

    I was talking about a Mom Cave with my husband today! It would probably be somehow attached to the house, even though I like the idea of a separate “house” out back…it would be a sunroom with large windows, creamy overstuffed chair and ottoman, blues and yellows for accessories, and a desk with nooks and crannies to hold ribbon, scrapping materials, photos, glue guns, etc. oh my….

  471. NCJill

    My mom cave would have a mini-fridge/freezer with an ice maker and an endless supply of Diet Dr. Pepper…..

  472. candi r

    Oh, I’d love my own workshop momcave! A place with all my supplies, air conditioning, and a big French provincial velvet couch with down cushioning just for me. Also, a huge vintage barn light hanging with a pulley system…..someday!

  473. annie

    I would have a super comfy oversized chair with a matching ottoman next to a fireplace. Built ins on either side, and a basket with warm blankets beside me. Oh, to have a day in that room with no cleaning to be done, during a daddy/son nap time, and to sit in the quiet and read. Maybe some day!

  474. Barbie

    I got my china hutch at home goods and it was a steal. I’d love to spend more money in that place.

  475. Elli D.

    Oh yes, I do have my own special place at home, too. Who doesn’t? I don’t think everyone actually realizes it, but we all do. And well, I cannot quite imagine life without my big, nice, comfy chair.

  476. Nikki

    I have a worktable set up in the corner of our living room where I can work on a project and leave it out until it’s finished without disrupting the dinner table or homework. I am glad to have this space for my own and would like a good lamp and a more ergonomic (& prettier) chair for it–but that will come in time. I think it is important to furnish and decorate the house so every family member (and guests) feel comfortable and all needs for the things they do are met. I love the idea of the “mom cave” (if not the words) because everybody should have a space of their own–it’s validating.

  477. Vicki

    I would love a big, slouchy down-filled sofa in front on a sunny window overlooking some beautiful natural scene: woods, beach, anything. Oh, and some design mags and yummy chocolates to go with it.

  478. Becky - Clean Mama

    Fall is the best and so is this giveaway!

  479. KellyB

    My dream mom cave would have lots of bookshelves (full of course!) and a big comfy chaise to sit and read. Heaven for sure!

  480. Katie

    I would love one of those chair and a halfs to lounge in (with all my free time!)

  481. bashtree

    My dream mom cave has an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling book shelves, a bay window with a cushioned bench, a fire place, and a small cuddly doggie :)

  482. Cass at That Old House

    Oh a Mom Cave would be wonderful!
    My mother had one — a 12 x 12 former bedroom, with an L-shaped counter for her sewing machine, storage in the form of old pine cupboards, a cozy loveseat, a full length mirror and a dress form, big windows overlooking the yard so she could keep track of her kids. Walls were painted in the palest robins’ egg blue, with crisp white and kelly green accents –milk glass lamps and plates, pillows, etc. Growing up, I thought all Moms had such a place!
    I’d like one now.

  483. Jen

    My dream mom cave is a super comfy chair with soft afghans to grab when it get’s chilly. The chair needs to be in front of a gorgeous window so I can have all of that natural light to read! The rest of the room would be dedicated to crafts!

  484. TAs

    My mom cave would be a little spot in my room where I can close my door for a few moments to take a break from my everyday chaos. Soft, light blues, greens, and browns with dark bronze accents. LOVELY dream! :)

  485. kat

    My mom cave would have a big oversized sectional with an ottoman. I would make it my place to take naps and watch girlie movies!!

  486. Amy A.

    A comfy place to read!

  487. Sharmin

    I would love to have a mom cave! I don’t have one yet, but when I do, it will have a writing desk, a comfy chair with a great reading light, pictures of the ocean, and a place where my saxophone can be out of the case and in its stand, so I can play my music any time I feel inspired.

  488. Emily

    My dream mom cave would have a chair and ottoman to sit in with my macbook (also part of the dream). A wall full of books behind my reading/surfing chair. The other side of the room would have my sewing table and a wall full of fabric so I could learn and create to my heart’s content. Can my mom cave include someone who brings me meals and coffee? Because that would be awesome.

  489. Leslie Pressey

    Home Goods is such an awesome place!!!We have a store about 30 min from my home and I get there every chance I can!!I would say I would love to create a more soothing,relaxing place in my bedroom.I have alot going on and Im sure in need of a comfy throw and maybe a few new pillows!!Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  490. Pamela Hunter

    my mommy cave would be in shades of pink, with a comfy chaise lounge, a nice computer Table that could swing over it for when i need to work (or want to play) beautiful lamps and tables. fun photo art of my family and friends. lots of flowers and girly schtuff.

    thank you for doing such a fun giveaway!
    peace, love & joy!

  491. Tsh

    My Mom Cave: A sewing corner, with all my fabric organized by color. A writing corner, with a cute little desk that overlooks water. A fireplace. A pretty light fixture. A chair and ottoman. And a built-in espresso machine that makes a pumpkin spice latte automatically upon my entrance.

    Fun giveaway, Melissa!

  492. melissa

    First off, thanks for the opportunity to enter. :) Now, as to a Mom Cave (a wonderful idea!), I’d say I’d love a little closet sort of room with a window…it’d need to be small since I’d be less likely to cram it full of stuff. And I’d need a window. An tiny attic room would be ideal. :)

  493. Bev

    My mom cave would be a comfy beach chair overlooking the ocean with a glass of wine a good book ……. oh yea !!!!

  494. Linda

    After our girls moved out, my husband moved his office upstairs (no more “oozing” of his stuff into the dining room!). I transformed his dingy, banged up room (which was a remodeled enclosed porch 32 years ago) into a light, airy, garden-y room, with large windows that look out onto my small, colorful garden, or the snow falling, or the rain pouring down. I have two comfy IKEA couches where I read, have my quiet time, or even sleep under the stars. It was a long wait for my Mom Cave, but worth it.

  495. Jeannine B.

    I have a “mom cave” in our home – but, it is so cluttered with unfinished projects and homeless items, that I don’t feel relaxed even going close to it. My ultimate “mom cave” would be a calm, serene and inviting place to do the things I love most – read, create and relax!

  496. Gabriela Castillo

    I am creating my ‘cave’ right now. Mixing modern pieces with antiques. I am looking for a french antique cabinet to hold my crafts/fabric/beads/findings etc.

  497. Hopeful Homemaker

    Right now it would have a big comfortable chair for reading in, a beautiful quilt, a view of fall leaves outside, and quiet.

  498. Laura

    It would have a big, fluffy chair & ottoman with a white slipcover, lots of pillows & a huge, fuzzy blanket. Ideally the space would be near a window so I could look outside. There would be a small side table next to the chair to place the most recent book I’m reading, plus space for a pumpkin spice latte:). There would be a lamp that could be dimmed, & a basket next to the chair for my knitting supplies. Sounds perfect to me:)!!!!!!!!!

  499. Caitlin

    a mom cave sounds wonderful! mine would have a couple of big comfy chairs – a space to relax with a friend or two should they choose to visit. it would have a workspace and organized storage for all of my unfinished projects. it would have a coffee maker and a mini fridge, and skylights and/or huge windows. it would be decorated to a T (my personal tastes :)) best of all, it would be sound proof!

  500. Sherrie

    The perfect fantasy -world mom cave would have to be a totally luxurious bathroom with a soaker tub, chandelier, and maybe a fireplace. For now, a nice smelling candle, a good book and some bubble bath will do!


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