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I’d love to take a nap here right now.

by | Sep 22, 2010 | Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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I'd love to take a nap here right now.

Southern Living 2010 Lousiana Idea House

Oh yes. That couch makes me want to take a nap! All velvet and cozy?  Perfect for naps. This time of year I start thinking of trading in my white slipcovers in for brown velvet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more than one set of slipcovers? One for fall and one for summer? I would totally get into that. Anyone out there who has different sets for different seasons?

So in case you missed it, the cozy, curl up on a velvet couch with a good book near a warm crackling fire season is OFFICIALLY HERE!!!

Don’t tell me it is still 90 degrees where you are. I don’t care. Don’t be a party pooper.

You cannot mock me any more because TODAY REALLY IS the First Day of Fall. For real. I’m not making that up. I cannot wait until October 1st! Get ready!

I'd love to take a nap here right now.


  1. Emily

    Hey it IS still 90 degrees here. But I am no longer a party pooper. It is officially autumn – I am on board. Love you.


    • Melissa

      Finally! :-)

      • Emily

        I am even planning a fall craft for my girl and her friend to do during a playdate friday. I know!! Gasp!! :)

        • Melissa

          Whoa, don’t go crazy now! :-)

  2. jen

    Beautiful!! I am dying to get my sectional slip covered!! My mom has two beautiful couches with white canvas slip covers for the summer and red chenille slip covers for the winter. They really change the way the room looks. depending on the season!


    • Melissa

      So love that idea. Someday I’m gonna do that.

  3. Denise

    I am ready for the fall season, for more time to read a book and curl up and take a nap. Now I just need the velvet couch. Gonna have to work on that one? I look forward to the October party and I am definitely not a party pooper!

    Happy Decorating!

  4. elissa, ebb & flow

    i’m with you! bring on fall. give me some leather boots, some good books and a brown velvet couch. i’ll fight you for it! a nap sounds heavenly right about now!

  5. Pinky

    I have been ready for Fall for 2 weeks! I LOVE FALL! It was 90 here in Pa. today but I DON’T CARE!!!!! It IS Fall. Love that couch. Wish I had ONE set of slips for my couch let alone 2:):) XO, Pinky

  6. Mary Jean

    My MIL has white canvas and red canvas. She loves every time she gets to switch them. We currently have boring brown micro fiber. I refer to it as a disposable couch. It was bought 2 years ago cheap with the idea it would be kicked to the curb after 2 boys destroyed and then maybe we could get a new nice couch, or another disposable. One day I will have my own cozy high end just for ME…and maybe a dog!

  7. Paula

    I live near Memphis… it was 99 on Monday, but only 95 today. For real! I’m not a party pooper – I’m ready for Fall!!!

  8. Karena

    Finally even though it still warms up in the afternoon!
    I am ready for cozying up with with a good book by the fire!

    Art by Karena

  9. Stephanie

    Well I am going to hop on the bandwagon even if we don’t really get a fall here in San Diego, I am going to pretend and start fall decorating because it is now official.

    • Melissa

      Yes! Way to be in the fall spirit, love that! :-)

  10. Samantha

    So it’s actually closer to 100 degrees here in West Texas but with all y’alls awesome decor ideas, I jumped on board and bought some stuff tonight! Hope to start getting some of it up soon so we can maybe start to feel the fall spirit (even if we are losing pounds in sweat every day)!!

    Love your blog!

    • Melissa

      Thank you!! :-)

      100 degrees? {faints}

  11. laura

    it’s hot here too but i am SOOO ready for fall! bring it on – and let the decorating begin! :)

  12. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    My husband has been insisting that Fall doesn’t arrive until the Equinox, so I’m relieved that Autumn is finally here!

  13. laney

    ..i love my cozy velvet sofa in front of my stone fireplace…even if it is still 95 degrees in atlanta…it is fall in my mind…and those beautiful north ga mountains are already calling my name…apples…cider…roasted peanuts… silly and fun corn mazes …and pumpkins …all under a beautiful blue soon- to- be october sky…all this and heaven too…

  14. nanci

    I am so grateful to live in Oklahoma where we get all 4 seasons. Yes it may still be hot here but I know I have fall colors, pumpkins, and a warm and cozy fire to look forward to. Need to get my fall decor boxes down from the attic this weekend. Can’t wait!

  15. Tracey

    Ahhh velvet. Ahhhh fall. Welcome :)

  16. Jacque

    Does it count that I’ve got four slipcovers for the same couch and none of them are just right? Nope, didn’t think so. LOL.

    Hooray for Fall!!!

  17. Jen

    I’m so excited! We moved across Canada to an old farmhouse with a woodstove. We tested it out the other and it was lovely. Love this time of year!

  18. Imperfect

    Yes, fall is here! Now we only need to ditch this 90 degree weather. And I have to say that I’ve never looked forward to October like I do this year. Can’t wait to read what everyone has to share!

  19. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Yay!!! for Fall – my favorite time of year. It is still hot here, but I don’t care; I start my Fall decorating on Sept. 1 (although I’ll really kick it in to high gear now that it’s OFFICIAL).

    Can’t wait ’til October!

  20. Erin

    Mmmmmm…..brown velvet!! Yes, I would love to be able to throw a brown velvet slipcover on the sectional for fall!! I have no slipcovers and don’t really decorate for each season…but I’ve thought I would love to be able to do that!!

    I’m so happy it’s finally fall!!! Where having record highs in Indy today though….so I REALLY can’t wait until it starts to FEEL like fall! :) I’m planning to start my Halloween decorating this weekend…bring on the chill in the air! ;)

  21. Angela

    I love, love, love fall. That’s why my hubby and I got married in the fall. I’ve been making it fall in my house in the beginning of the month. However, it is hot here! Yes, here in PA it is still hot. So much so I still my a/c on. But that’s not stopping me. I’ve been making my favorite fall treats to enjoy too. Did I mention I love fall?!
    Well I do! :D

  22. Sarah Howe

    Tryin to decide how to turn a green living room into a fall oasis! Perhaps you could spost some simple fall decorating ideas?!


    Sarah Howe

  23. Lindsey

    So happy to have little pumpkins around my house. :) I love fall and personally I’m boycotting the mid 90 degree days we’re having. I simply choose not to participate in this heat and want to pretend it’s cool and brisk out. I might even go so far to wear sweaters and jeans,:) I’ll see if that mind over matter things works with temperature!

    I’m looking forward to your posts next month! I LOVE fall. :)

  24. Rachael

    Wow I’m super excited about your 31 days of fall… I’m going to be doing a “Frightful 13 Days to Halloween” countdown featuring Halloween themed projects (I will be sure to send links your way).

    PS: I could totally get into two sets of slipcovers.

  25. Lauren

    The truth is it’s still in the 90s here (Indianapolis) and despite the fact that most of the foliage is brown (from being burnt by the sun due to lack of rain), I can’t seem to get in the mood for fall yet. I’m working to appreciate what has been given to me today, not what I’m hoping for in the future. So, we’ll be running through the sprinkler tonight and enjoying our summery weather.

    However, I hope all you fall fanatics enjoy that it’s official now. :)

  26. Tiffany

    We totally have brown couches. Now to make it look oh so..Fallish. Love Fall. The weather is crisp and beautiful today. I love it!!!!!!!

  27. Brooke

    I too am SO ready for autumn but it will be 95 again here today (and tomorrow). This weather and the light bring back memories of high school and uniforms with plaid skirts and WOOL blazers. Oh how I resented Indian summer…and still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, temperature, DROP!!!

  28. Fiona's Mosaic

    I DO think it wold be wonderful to have two sets of slipcovers!!! In fact some day that is one of my goals……… be able to dress my house for spring, and for fall.

    I’m am being dragged into fall kicking and screaming. I DO enjoy fall, but I have a really hard time enjoying winter because the cold makes my joints hurt. And it makes me kind of look askance at fall because it’s winter’s predecessor. LOL Silly I know….

    So I will be looking for all the good that fall has to offer. :o)

  29. Vee

    I’m really looking forward to this, Melissa. You have a way of making Blogdom even more fun!

  30. Luxurious Life

    I have a deep carmel color velvet couch, the fabric is great to nap on summer or fall; so soft on the skin!!!

  31. Karen

    Hooray! Autumn is here—sadly our weather has decided to heat up…isn’t that always the way. Oh well, I still love fall and a few degrees can’t dampen my spirit. I’m looking forward to 31 days of Autumn Bliss.

  32. heather ritchie

    I am so happy about the official start of fall as well. Since you have white slipcovers maybe you could answer a few of the questions on my blog from Tuesday? I really want them but need to be sure it will be the right thing to do. I’m SO excited about your 31 days of autumn bliss…what do you have up your sleeve? Have a great day!


  33. Just B

    I love this time of year! So looking foward to 31 Days of Autumn Bliss…I can never get enough Fall. In the midst of my Fall decorating, I’m completely re-doing my living room, new drapes, new paint and furniture. Debating if slipcovered furniture is the way to go. That brown velvet couch is lovely, and the color would fit right into my new palette. Hmmm, maybe velvet is the way to go? :)

  34. designHer Momma

    I am so ready for Fall. Even if it was 95 degrees out today in Indy…

  35. Kristin

    Oh, Autumn, the most delicious season! The colored leaves, softer light, cooler temps, the food, the celebrations…! ~K

  36. teresa

    I’ve always thought it would be great to have several different set of slip covers…maybe next year =)
    Happy Day

  37. FortyNotOut

    I love Autumn and I just know that if I had a log fire, I would be sleeping in front of it all the time… and never get anything done! x

  38. Jenni

    I’ve heard that velvet actually looks better over time the more you beat it up. I’ll have to look into it one day once my little sticky-fingered boys get a little more predictable with messes and such. But chocolate velvet really does sound deliciously cozy.

  39. sprittibee

    I’d love ANYTHING in brown velvet. ;)

  40. Mel

    Velvet is the ultimate fall/winter fabric….can you imagine a snowy day with that lovely velvet couch and a warm, cozy blanket? Throw in a cup of hot chocolate and a long movie….(sigh).

  41. Mary Joy

    That couch is so yummy!!! Yaaaawwwwnnnn…I am ready for some great snuggle time and a nice snooze. I love the velvet…maybe a nice deep green/olive? Someday…but in the meantime…I love my couch that I just got last spring. It is blending in perfectly with Autumn and Winter coming yay!!!

  42. Maria

    Fall is the best time of the year!!! I live in the high desert in So. Calif but you would never know it ! When you walk up to our door and enter into our home you would see fall decor !!! And…yesterday I received the new brown slipcovers I ordered for our “normally flax” couches! boy did it change the look in our fam room!! My hubby and boys just love our “new fall couches” (I think it’s because they hide their sins! lol!) So two sets it is…and so glad I did!!
    Thanks for your lovely inspiration!!

  43. gretchen

    I totally agree with you… that sofa looks like the perfect place to curl up with a book and let the world disappear for a while.

  44. Glenda Childers

    I just returned from a trip and was able to help my sister put up her fall decorations. It is always fun to see things with new eyes. I love decorating with another person and their beautiful things.

    So looking forward to 31 days.



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