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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

by | Oct 27, 2010 | 31 Days of Autumn Bliss, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

I can’t think of many things more fun than a free $100 shopping spree! That is my kind of prize. So when the awesome people (and my sponsors) at DaySpring said they’d like to offer one of you $100 credit to shop at DaySpring, of course I was excited for you!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

I am really in love with their products.

By the way, that thing that looks like a scratch just below the bowl on my buffet in the photo above? I just went to look at it and it wiped off. That was DUST, people. Why can’t I remember to DUST before I take pictures? OK. MOVING ON.

DaySpring and their Ever Grateful Collection are solely responsible for actually making me start to feel bored with my white dishes. Now I want to collect warm, happy colorful and meaningful dishes as well.

Their products are absolutely beautiful! It is like Christmas when I get something new from them.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

I also love how the dishes mix and match. They work well with others and you can mix them in with what you already have.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

The bowls are fun because they have inspiring words and pretty designs on the inside! A happy surprise!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

I love that tray my hurricanes (I talked about them yesterday, and you can find them at DaySpring right here!!) are now sitting in.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

It is the most useful tray ever. From serving to pulling together books and magazines to being a part of a centerpiece, I use it all the time.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

It is beautiful just sitting there, even with nothing in it!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

And then of course, I’ve sung the praises of the “grateful” dry erase board. I just LOVE it! And it is on sale in October!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

My kids used this board to leave me a sweet message on it while I was away last week. Sigh. You cannot put a price tag on that. Warms my heart.

So many things from this collection that I enjoy, I really love the serving platter, too!

Now, in case you are getting to the end of this thinking you don’t need dishes or dry erase boards or trays…let me assure you there are amazing products beyond what I’ve shown! What about Christmas shopping, ladies? Dayspring does not disappoint, no matter what you are looking for! Check out the incourage products too!

To enter, leave just one comment sharing what you would buy from DaySpring with a $100 shopping spree!

Winner will be chosen November 1! I hope YOU win!!

Talking about this giveaway on Twitter or Facebook or begging me to pick you may or may not increase your chances of winning. {I kid!}

For the entire series links, click the 31 Days Button below!

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 28}: Grateful for a $100 Shopping Spree

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This giveaway is now closed!


  1. Lisa Appelo

    What wonderful products! I love the dry erase board, but might have to spring for one of their large celebration platters. :o)

    Just recently found your blog and I love it.

  2. Michaela

    I’m sure LOTS of people have said this, but I am totally in love with your Thanks/Giving Hurricanes and what you did with them. I would start there on my little spree. :)

  3. Kathleen Grace

    Wow, what a generous prize! Sign me up for a chance. And by the way, the fact you have dust just makes me like you more:>)

  4. Lindsey

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all their dinnerware! And the Jesus is the Gift line is neat also!

  5. Teresa

    I would get the Ever Grateful memo board and the Giving Thanks glass hurricanes!

  6. Michaela

    Or, I mean, lots of people WILL say this….since I’m the first and I didn’t realize it! Har!

  7. Crystal

    Wow. I don’t know. That pitcher is gorgeous, but i’m thinking I might be a little practical and buy some Christmas ornaments. We like to use ornaments on our tree that point us to Christ, and that’s not quite as easy as it sounds. It’s getting easier to find them, and Dayspring has some beautiful ones!

  8. Mary B

    That memo board would be perfect in my kitchen. My poor walls are bare even though we’ve lived here almost a year!

  9. melissa

    I would buy the grateful dry erase board.

  10. Tonya Lynn

    I would love to get the serving tray that you showed above. I have been looking for one for awhile but alas none that I have been able to find (that are nice and long lasting) are in the college student budget.

  11. Alyssa

    I love the grateful dry erase board, perfect for my house!

  12. Jackie

    I love those bowls…what a great opportunity to win some fun products…thanks!

  13. Tana Hendricks

    I would love to buy some of their dishes and bowls!

  14. michelle

    DaySpring’s products are beautiful, and so are their people! It was so great to meet them & get to know some of them at Relevant. I would get their dishes, no doubt. I’ve been eyeballing them for quite a while. Thanks for the chance to win! It was great meeting you, too!

  15. Leslie

    I’d probably have to get a few of those dishes for me – and I love their jewelry collections for gifts….family, friends and my wonderful Sunday School class of teenage girls!

  16. Kristin F.

    Love the white serving bowl and the memo board!

  17. Linda

    Love almost everything! I think the book crops are great- I love amazing grace…

  18. Jacqueline Presley

    I would buy something to display scripture in our home.

  19. Jennifer

    I liked the wooden silverware caddy. It would make it easy to leave the sliverware ready to go for the next meal. Also anything from the “ever grateful” range would be a reminder each day to be grateful for all the blessings God has given us.

  20. Deb H

    I would LOVE the Ever Grateful Memo Board….I’ve been eyeing it for some time now. I have the perfect place for it! I’d also pick up some Christmas gifts for family….and think I’d treat myself to those Giving Thanks Hurricanes too. I love the Dayspring products – I’ve never been disappointed with anything I have received from them & their customer service is outstanding! Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  21. elizabeth

    What would I buy? How about all of the above!

  22. Karen Nevill

    The first thing I would buy would be “Giving Thanks – Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes” Love these!

  23. sabriena

    I love the hurricanes as well but I think I would get the Ever Grateful Honey Mug. It’s gorgeous!

  24. Lisa

    I love all the dishes too! Last year my mother did most of her Christmas shopping for the girls on DaySpring. I like the “Abide in Him” wall art and the Icthus wallhanging also…guess I could spend that $100 about 10-20 times over!! :)

  25. MaryEllen

    I love the dishes with thankfulness & gratitude for a theme, so I would pick some of those — also the tray — and cards to even things out. I love Dayspring. It is a ministry through things of beauty…… lifting one’s eyes to our Creator and Inspiration, the Lord Jesus.

  26. beth cochran

    I love the memo board, and the book crop signs.
    We just started a business, so money is really tight this year.
    I think I would be using the $$ for Christmas Gifts though!

  27. Kim

    Christmas gifts!

  28. Katy

    Beautiful! I would buy several of the pitchers to give out at Christmas!

  29. Kristina Haskett

    I am in LOVE with the green serving bowl with the writing on the inside of it! What a perfect gift for someone!

  30. Pam Hofer

    Love the ‘Grateful’ dry erase board, will add to my christmas list!! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Leticia

    Love all the products… Its hard to find christian message products. I like the walligraphy.

  32. Cathy K

    Love all of it!! If I won I would use the money to buy gifts for my sisters for Christmas they are strong ladies of faith and would love and appreciate anything I picked out for them from DaySpring!! If there was anything left over I would buy the dry erase board for myself! Love it!!! So count me in, please!!!

  33. Lauren Davison

    How to choose!? Seriously. I love those cute dishes, and that tray! Fabulous. And I like the Giving Thanks glass Hurricanes set. Oh the things I would buy… :)

  34. Kristen

    What a generous giveaway! I have to say that the By Grace Alone necklace and the Ever Grateful serving bowl are a few of my favorites!

  35. Debbie

    I would totally get the tray or some of their dishes. I’ve been eyeing both for abit. Love all their products.

  36. Tammara

    I would definately buy a set of bowls and the dry erase board. I love looking at these products and would quickly become addicted I think!

  37. kelly

    I only enter to win when I really really really think I’d love what’s being given away… and I am SO thinking I’d be thrilled to win this one! :) I think I’d go for the “ever grateful” dinnerware. It’s just beautiful! :)

  38. Joyce Fodor

    I would definitely choose some tableware to enhance my fellowship table in my women’s ministries work. How special it would be to share these beautiful pieces with my inner city ladies as we learn about Him and His love. They would become our special conversation pieces. Can see it now, tonight’s dessert served in our grateful tray/server is ……

  39. anna

    I too love most everything at Dayspring! With $100, I would splurge on some of the same dishes you featured, and perhaps the ‘Bless Our Nest’ framed art! We are waiting to close on our first home, so it’s hard not to decorate in my head! :)

  40. Angela

    I love that board! And the tray would be used much at our house :)

  41. mombrud

    I couldn’t find it one the website but I have always loved that tray you have shown a couple of time. I would love one of those!

  42. Jen D.

    I love the Lazy Susan that they have. It is so beautiful. I would also want to get one of their beautiful serving bowls from the Grateful Collection. What a fabulous give away.

  43. Jeri

    What a nice give-away. I have been looking at the serving pieces from the Ever Grateful collection – that is where I would start. And a special Christmas ornament for my grandchildren.

  44. Cindi

    The entire line of “Ever Grateful” items are lovely! My sister and her husband have been dealing with their grand-daughter’s life threatening illness, since April…..Just two weeks ago, two tumors were found that caused all of her problems in the spring! She should now make a full recovery. Praise God! I would love to surprise my sister and brother-
    in-law with pieces from the Every Grateful Line. I know they are
    eternally grateful for Cait’s recovery…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  45. Lee Ann

    I LOVE that Grateful Dry Erase Board and have the perfect spot for it in my kitchen where we would all pass it to remind us to be grateful many times a day! I’ve seen many dry erase boards but this one is beautiful.

    Thanks and crossing my fingers to hopefully win!
    Lee Ann

  46. Muthering Heights

    I would start myself on this collection…I LOVE it! :)

  47. Ellie

    I saw a plaque of theirs with our family scripture “I will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore” I would definitely get that! fun stuff!!!!

  48. Katie M

    What a great site! Thanks for introducing it to me!

    With $100 I would buy the Grace tile sign and then buy some Christmas Ornaments.

  49. Kristina

    I love the “Vine and Branches” sign! And I’d still have some leftover to buy a few Christmas gifts! :)

  50. Mary

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I would have a hard time choosing something as they have so many great things!! I do love the “In all thy Ways” Vinyl. We are trying to find things for our clothing pantry walls and I think having scripture all around as people come in would be so awesome to share His Truth in a subtle way.

    bee blessed

  51. Lisa

    L.O.V.E. the dry erase board. I’d definitely get that – and probably at least one more for a Christmas gift. Great give-away!

  52. Linda

    These are beautiful! I love the white board and the dishes. You’re right they mix and match beautifully. I would love to mix and match up a full set!

  53. Sarah

    I would have to get one of those grateful dry erase tiles!! Gorgeous. $100 will buy a lot at DaySpring, too, which is awesome.

  54. Paula

    Okay, I pretty much want everything you’ve shown, dry erase board, dishes, yep, all of it!!! Beautiful styling, love the colors, and the quotations, of course.

  55. Pinky

    Oh how I love that tray, and I think I would get some of the beautiful dishes (since I am a professed dishaholic:):) Great giveaway!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

  56. tammi

    Ooo love it all I would take the tree of life pendant as well as the dry erase board .I love this blog I find so much inspiration everyday

  57. Jonana

    I was going to browse their website to pick something to comment about but saw that metal wall hanging Ichthys and it was all over.

  58. Brandy Afterthoughts

    What a great prize!

    I’m pretty sure I’d start by buying a nice nativity set…and then use whatever was left (if there was something left) to buy some fall decor.

  59. Dee

    Their products are so beautiful – I’ve seen them on Nester’s blog too and I enter every giveaway – maybe this will be the one I win! I would definitely buy the Giving Thanks hurricanes with the gift certificate and probably the Nativity Hurricane Trio too – both are so pretty and would be a beautiful way to remind my family of what is important!

  60. Beth

    Ohh! I just found your blog thanks to twitter and @blessedlife2. I think I shall be a regular! And as I am an avid dish collector, this would be a great giveaway to win!

  61. Beth

    Ohh! I just found your blog thanks to twitter and @blessedlife2. I think I shall be a regular! And as I am an avid dish collector, this would be a great giveaway to win!

  62. Paula

    LOVE the hand crafted Grace Tile Set! I especially like the way the “A” is a dove…

  63. Kourtney

    On August 30th half of our home flooded because of a second floor toilet malfunction. I found your amazing website in the journey of remodeling our nest. Thank you SO much for blessing my family with your gifts.

    Amazingly, the exact same thing happened to my dear friend Sheree on Saturday afternoon.

    If I win the Dayspring gift certificate, I will use it to purchase the message board and give it to Sheree to encourage her through her process of repairing her home.

  64. elizabeth

    dust and all…love it!

  65. Kristin Y

    The kids Christmas things are so cute. I really like the Advent calendar.

  66. flybabymom

    Ah–the dry erase board, the hurricanes, and the tray. Love them!

  67. Mrs. June Fuentes

    You mean I can only choose one? Hmmm….VERY hard. Since I don’t have room on my walls for the big beautiful eraser board perhaps the tray?

    Many blessings….

  68. Mrs. June Fuentes

    You mean I can only choose one? Hmmm….VERY hard. Since I don’t have room on my walls for the big beautiful eraser board perhaps the tray?!

    Many blessings….

  69. Lisa M.

    Honestly-I’m having a hard time deciding what I would pick-probably something from the Ever Grateful collection! Sure hope I will win this giveaway! What a great early 50th birthday gift this would be for me!!

  70. Susan

    My favorite is the Hanging Tile set…the one that says TRUST. Because I want to be reminded that I should trust in the Lord with all my heart.

  71. Melissa S

    the memo board and Nativity candle

  72. Nmg

    Definatelt that dry erase board !

  73. Sol

    Hi Melissa!
    I don’t think I’ve said a formal hi so here it is, hi!
    I have been really appreciative of your 31 Days series, it takes allows me to think creatively of how to decorate my apartment and enjoy autumn while on a college budget. :)

    If I won the $100 shopping spree (I really hope I do!) I would start with a reminder of God’s heart for me (God’s Heart for You necklace) and then get a few things for our apartment!

  74. Robin

    Wow. I think I’d have to start with that gorgeous white message board. As a newer faithful follower of your blog, I’d feel like even one item like that could bring in some warmth to my home- Melissa inspired- a baby step in the right direction! Then I’d be pretty excited to start Christmas shopping for some special girlfriends in the jewelry department- baby step #2, begin early preparation for the holidays. Thanks for your inspiration!

  75. Caren Drink

    I would get a statement piece or two. They have such amazing things with beautiful messages….


  76. KO

    I would buy ANYTHING from here- I love it all!

  77. jen

    I love those beautiful footed bowls in the Ever Grateful collection! I don’t think I’d get whole place-settings, but I’d definitely go for at least six of those bowls in taupe…

  78. Karen

    How do I pick just one?? So many lovely things…

  79. Mrs. H

    Probably the Ever Grateful Memo Board for our home, and some presents for other friends and family.

  80. Angie

    I believe that I would be happy with anything from the Ever Grateful line. Everything is so beautiful!!!

  81. Julie Downing

    I would love to get matching pitchers for me and my sisters (I have 4!) so that we could all think and pray for each other when we use them. These items are so inspiring – what a great giveaway!

  82. Rebekah

    I would start with the Giving Thanks hurricanes. I fell in love with them after your post the other day! I would follow those up with some Ever Grateful bowls to remind us each morning to have hearts of gratitude for God’s abundant blessings. Also, in looking around the Dayspring site just now I stumbled upon the colorful Love is Patient sculpture. Love it! I would love to have one in our home and I plan to order several as gifts for future weddings. So many great things…thanks for the fun give away opportunity!

  83. Mary

    Everything is so beautiful!! How to choose? I know I would get items to beautify my home… the dishes, the linens, the hurricanes, the linens… or ???????? Also I must say how much I’ve enjoyed the 31 days of Autumn Bliss. I just discovered this blog and had gone back and read all 31 days and loved every entry and all the comments too.

  84. TheDevineHome

    I love the dry erase board! But I would give it to my sister who is going thru a rough time right now. I think it would make her day to have something come in the mail that wasn’t a bill!

  85. Jenni Carlisle

    I love the Lisa Leonard pieces in the (in)courage shop! I think I would select two…one for me and one for my sister!

  86. Pamela

    We just moved into a rental that is quite hideous in appearance so i would LOVE to get some home decor. Maybe walligraphy vinyl lettering. I’m sure I would find something that would make our new place feel more like a home. :)

  87. Stephanie C.

    What beautiful items – I love everything. I think I would definitely want to the Wasabi 4 piece place settings. It’s such a beautiful set. What a wonderful giveaway. Thank you.

  88. teresa

    Oh Melissa!
    I adore these sweet pieces filled with gratitude!
    I know what you mean about the WHITE dishes!
    It really is limiting!
    I am in LOVE with your hurricanes filled with rocks and leaves and a candle! Love it!
    ANd can I come and snuggle up on that SOFA!
    That sofa is HEAVENLY!
    And that blue table…I’m in LOVE!
    I know your home is LOVELY! xo
    Just like you! xo

  89. Donna S

    I love the dinnerware, the hurricane lamps, the wall art and we really need a Nativity – and I love Dayspring’s… oh who can just pick one thing?!?!

  90. Lynn M

    I think I’d have to start collecting the Wasabi place settings, the “grateful” pitcher, and the dry erase board w/easel. But everything is so elegant. I love it all.

  91. connie

    I love the dishes with scripture and words to encourage…I would splurge on those knowing that they would continue to bless my family and I! Thanks for the giveaway! ~C

  92. Patti Goins

    Hmmmm….just dreaming about what I would pick is almost as fun as winning! Well, not exactly. Ha. I love surrounding my family and guests with encouraging and meaningful words, so the Ever Grateful collection certainly caught my eye! I think that’s what I would pick.

    On another note, who won the Home Goods gift cards from your last giveaway?

  93. Wendi

    WOW! What a wonderful shopping spree. Let’s see, a new tote bag, some new outdoor decor, a canvas print or three, God’s Goodness – Wood Pedestal, or the Give Thanks – Wooden Caddy. Just too much cuteness and beauty to pick from. :)

  94. Casey

    Love the memo board, but would probably buy Christmas ornaments for my 5 sons, 5 daughters-in-law, and 10 grandchildren! There are just so many beautiful things to choose from.

  95. Cheri

    I love the dry erase board. I’m always leaving notes for myself. I need all the help I can get to be more organized & what a gorgeous way to do so.

  96. Jess

    I’d start with a walligraphy, a large “ever grateful” pitcher and serving bowl and a Julie Chen wall art plaque (still can’t decide which one!)

  97. Caitlin

    Oooh YES! Please!!
    I love the ever grateful coffee mug – what a sweet reminder every time I have a cup!

  98. Lady Dorothy

    I *think* I’d start with the 5 tile set spelling out GRACE. Too much loveliness!

  99. Kelly

    I love the white board! And with Christmas coming- I think I would get some for my sisters too!

  100. Patty Slack

    I’d have to choose the Life to the Full dishes for a dear friend :-)

  101. Adriane

    The Ever Grateful line is gorgeous. It would take hours for me to decide, there are so many choices. I too love the carved tray. Thank you for the giveaway.

  102. Sandra Moore

    The dry erase board. Definitely. Dishes would be next.

  103. Patricia Torres

    Oh.. I like that board.. lovely!

  104. Nicole Henley

    I feel strange saying this about a giveaway when I am so blessed..but this just seems to come at the right time. Whether I win or not, this contest, this blog and this website feel so inspring. Thank you! What would I buy with $100?
    “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young (For Meggo)
    “Rain On Me” by Holley Gerth (For Me)
    Precious Ones Plush Collection – “Psalm 23” Lamb (For BFFs Jeni, Robin and Mel)
    And then probably a little cute, loving, inspirational thing for me again.
    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  105. Mary

    The hurricane is beautiful; and at this point, it might be what I would go for. But all Dayspring’s things are wonderful, so who knows?!!

  106. Karen

    The white marker board would be perfect in my home! thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to Dayspring!

  107. Kate

    Hmmm, that is tough, so many things to choose from. I think it would be a toss up between the dry erease board and the hurricanes. I love your idea with the leaves. So pretty!

  108. Melissa Newell

    Love their products. Viewing them at Relevant was a treat…this “spree” is even sweeter! I would use the $ 100 to purchase the Metal Wall Hanging – Large Ichthys (Ichthus, Icthus) number 24866. Being On Sale right now it would be $ 99.99! I need something large, and this is, on my dinning room wall where we all gather daily. It’s the perfect color and witness to friends who visit. Oh I hope I am picked…please please please Lord, I would love this for our home.

  109. Hoosier at Heart

    I would have to say that the jewelry by Lisa Leonard is my favorite. What a beautiful site. Thanks

  110. Jessica Harvey

    Oh my goodness, I love their stuff. Just off the top of my head I love the dry erase board, the vinyl wall sayings, the hurricane lamps, the give thanks wooden caddy, the signs, and i love the God’s plan for you necklace. Oh… I hope I win….

  111. Lindsay

    I love the “Jesus is the Gift” yard decor! I’d probably get one of the large ones and several of the small ones as Christmas gifts. Thanks for the chance!

  112. Rhonda

    Love the blog, you are so talented, I would get the tray!

  113. Charla

    What beautiful items you are sharing. I love the “God’s Heart for You” necklaces. They would make special gifts for two special friends.

    Thanks for sharing.

  114. Lindsay

    I really like the ever grateful pitcher and the life collection’s blue serving dish.

  115. Arielle

    WOW, that serving ware is amazing! I love the taupe place settings, the colour is just so fall! I think it would look great with honey mugs and bowls. And I’m a little in love with the wooden caddy…

  116. Michelle

    I haven’t seen anything on their website I don’t want! I do love the Ever Grateful cake stand…and the Glory and Peace Nativity set…and the Peace on Earth Advent calendar…um, yes, would just have to get it all!

  117. autumn

    I love everything!! I would start with the memoboard and the hurricane glasses. I also love the vinyl signs!!!

  118. Julie

    After looking at their site, I think it would be easier to say what I would not choose, rather than what I would choose. Dayspring truly has gorgeous things. I think I would choose several of their gifts – to have on hand for birthdays and hostess gifts and nudges from the Lord for people who need encouragement or hope. Thank you for the chance to win, Melissa. I love visiting your site and know several others who do too.

  119. Katy

    DaySpring’s merchandise is beautiful!!! I would definitely buy the dry erase board so I can leave love notes for my hubby to find…

  120. Tina Piper

    I would definately go Christmas shopping for my mom:)

  121. Arlene

    I love Dayspring products as well. I exclusively use their line of ecards for sending hope and inspiration to my email family and friends.

  122. Anne

    Love the bowls and the tray! Love that there is a short message on the merchandise.

  123. Annelise

    Love, love ,love the nativity huricaines, what a beautiful touch to a mantel. Great site.

  124. stef

    Wow the Ever Grateful collection is by far my favourite…by the way I did not notice the dust ;) the collection stole the show. Never win these draw but I am “Ever grateful for the gift of HOPE” :)

  125. Kathy

    I thought there was a lot of items mentioned in your post until I got to the end and you mentioned Christmas shopping! That doubles the choices to pick from! I would most likely get the God’s Goodness Wood Pedestal or the tray you’ve shown above.

  126. margitta

    Love the Ever Grateful collection! And most of the other DaySpring stuff!

  127. Ellen Moore

    I went right to clearance and found some lovely mugs. We host a small group and are looking to replace some chipped mugs-perfect, except there are so many to choose from. I would add a serving plate, some ornaments, and probably something for a couple getting married soon. (I think I might have to add to the $100. but it would be money well spent.) Such beautiful things, so hard to choose.

  128. Jessica

    I am hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in several years this year. The Giving Thanks Hurricanes would look just as nice on my table as they do on yours! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  129. Amanda

    I would be EVER GRATEFUL to spend the money on those plates and mugs from the Ever Grateful collection–I ADORE that collection!

  130. Monica

    Hi Melissa,

    It was so nice to meet you at Relevant! I loved seeing your sweet spirit in person.

    I’ve long been a Dayspring fan, but I fell in love with the people behind Dayspring this past weekend. Their hearts were such a blessing to me. I have the Giving Thanks hurricanes and have enjoyed using those all this past year!

    I’d love to start collecting some of the dishes – those are so beautiful and reminders of a great message as well!

    Blessings on your day,

  131. Kristen

    I was going to say I would get the dry erase board if I won (I LOVE IT), but since it’s on sale I might just buy it for myself…so then I would have to figure out something else to do if I won :)

  132. JN

    Would definitely be a great place to shop for gifts! Love the dry erase products and the serving bowls!

  133. Becky

    I would buy anything from the Life is full collections, LOVE!

  134. Shannah

    Hi Melissa! Fun giveaway! I would use my $100 gc to get the Large Ichthys metal wall hanging. Too pretty!

  135. Debbie Formento

    I can think of so many messages that would be perfect on the Dayspring message board. Of course, so many homemade treats that would be perfect served on one of the Dayspring platters. Oh, how $100 shopping spree would be so much fun to shop!
    Add my name to your hat pretty please.
    ♥ one vintage hag

  136. Missy K

    Oh, goodness, one is hard to choose– for myself, I would love the serving bowl or the wooden tray. And then I’d do a little gift shopping– such lovely things!

  137. Kim J.

    I would really love to have the dry erase board. It is beautifule

  138. Tammy

    Do I need the dishes? No. Do I want the dishes? A million times yes. Great giveaway!

  139. Michelle F

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!! I adore the always blessed, ever grateful plate…and the giving thanks hurricanes….and the tray….and the message board…!!! :) Really, just about all the great goodness DaySpring comes up with!!

  140. Leigh F.

    I would love to have the tray. It is beautiful. I really love all the products.

  141. Luxurious Life

    I browsed the sight, there is an oval cake platter I would get, if I were to win, and I choose another option from their serving pieces. Thanks for the post!!

  142. leigh ann

    I love it all….especially the advent calender and the message board!
    lar90tcc at yahoo dot com

  143. Sonya B

    I love, love, love Dayspring and look at their stuff often. I have recently been looking at the tray you have as well as the “Jesus is the gift” items. Any of the stuff in that particular line would be my next purchase.

  144. Barbara C

    I’ve long coveted the Fish metal wall sculpture (and when I clicked over to Dayspring, it was featured on the home page, so it must be a sign : ), but now that I’ve been introduced to the “grateful” plate, I think I would have to pick that. Great blog, and great giveaway; thank you!

  145. Eleanor

    I have been wanting one of those signs for a while and could really use some bowls for my family.

  146. Doris

    Love the dishes. Actually, I love so many of their products!

  147. Tracey

    I would snatch up the Ever Grateful cake stand first….and then move on to some book crops or trays, oh my! I love free Dayspring, thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  148. bridget {bake at 350}

    I LOVE that pitcher in your top photo! I would normally go for their brightly colored products, but there is something about that pitcher….

  149. kathy

    I love all of their products! The ones I like best are the warm honey/mustard tones – the dishes would fit in perfectly in our kitchen. And the messages are wonderful!

  150. Lori

    If I won, I would immediately purchase the Nativity Hurricane trio. I LOVE it and have looked at it for about 2 years (ever since I first heard about Dayspring). It just isn’t in the budget. So hopefully they will continue to carry them until I can make it happen! Lovely dishes too by the way.

  151. Ruth

    I’d have no problem using up the $100 credit at Dayspring! All of the Ever Grateful collection would be tops on my list and the Lisa Leonard “by grace alone necklace” would be a close second.

  152. Kathy

    wow, awesome giveaway!!! i love so many of their products … maybe I would choose something from the incourage shop – if those items count – like posy pins from the Pleated Poppy and a necklace from Lisa Leonard. two things I’ve been drooling over for months! =)

    kathy k.

  153. Sharon

    I Love all of their products, but I think I would choose either the pitcher or cake stand. Love the colors, the sayings….everything! I host Thanksgiving for about 50-65 family members and friends, so I could use any and all of it!

    [email protected]

  154. Julie

    Wow – so many great things to choose from on their website. But I think I’d buy this: God’s Heart for You – Sterling Silver Necklace and give it to my daughter who’s away at college to let her know that she’s truly cherished every day.

  155. lcdenley

    I would buy the “Grateful” plates for my sweet mom…they are her life motto! She has struggled with chronic back/body pain for fifteen years and now has a morphine pump inside her body, constantly pumping meds in! She has continued to be so grateful for the little things in life, to serve others, and to never let anyone know how she hurts. I know it would lift her spirits :)

  156. Sheri

    I love the dry erase board….heading over now to check it out!!! i really enjoy your blog and have loved your 31 days series….will there also be series for Thanksgiving and Christmas, also???? (hint) lol I hope I am the winner!!! thank you for entering me…

  157. Gina Grainger

    I LOVE that dry erase board, I would simply have to have one of those!

  158. Allison

    I would buy the white dry erase board! My husband and I just bought a new house and we have a really long (and blank) wall in our kitchen that needs something…the white dry erase board would be perfect!

  159. Kate

    I’d get the Joshua 24 verse wall decal (my husband loves that verse & it’d be perfect in our foyer), plus a few of the 6″ bowls or silveware caddy. I’m glad I’ve found this company – what great gift ideas!

  160. Imperfect

    I always like Dayspring’s products. That pitcher in the first picture is beautiful. But if I had $100, I think I would probably get a book crop for our mantle and something lovely to decorate for Christmas.

  161. Melissa S

    I have been “eye-ing” their website for a while now and I don’t know that there is anything I wouldn’t love to have in my home! Some of the things on my wish list include: Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio, Heart Filled with Hope – Bird Wall or Garden Decor (yes, I know it’s just almost winter in MN), Life to the Full – Colorful Kitchen & Tableware Collection or any of Jeanne Winters prints…they are so ADORABLE!

  162. dolce Divine

    There’s too much pretty things, I can’t choose just one!!! I’d love to have the Ever Grateful Memo Board and some pieces of the dishes collection!!

  163. CHERI

    Wow. What a wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE this! You have sold me on the dry erase board, tray and platters, etc. I’m definitely going to check out the site too! I’ve never browsed their site, just only seen what is displayed at my local Christian book store. Thanks!

  164. Hannah

    Wow! I love Dayspring. I have had my eyes on the Nativity hurricane trio as well as several dinnerware items from the Life to the Full collection. So inspiring! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  165. Michelle

    I would like to throw away all of my dishes and have the ENTIRE set of Ever Grateful dishes!! Pick me please! :+)

  166. Jennifer Ott

    I’ve been eyeing the Nativity candle holders since last year, so I’d have to get those!

  167. Sherilan

    I love so many things they have to offer. I would probably pick some jewelry for Christmas gifts.

  168. Desseray

    If i won the dayspring giveaway, i would definitely get the apron, tea towels, and wooden caddy to start with! Love the “wasabi” colored dishes. Thanks:)

  169. Becky Crews

    I just love their Colorful Devotions line. And I would DEFINITELY get the John 3:16 Heart and Globe – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. I saw it at Lifeway, and it is gorgeous!

  170. Amy B

    I’d love to get the adult Thankful apron, a beautiful bowl and some of the Walligraphy.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  171. Laura

    I love the Ever Grateful – Memo Board with Easel! Great gift!!

  172. Ellen

    I would have to get the white board in your photo. Lovely.

  173. tracey

    Really like your bowl and pitcher. There is something so encouraging knowing He has left us His word to give hope and light.

  174. Danielle M.

    Oooooh!! I love this series of Dayspring’s! I see it on (in)Courage and Nester’s sites, too.

    I would get the green bowl. I was literally looking at bowls over the weekend on a long drive from Ohio to NC. There is this great place to stop in WV that has pottery and Fiesta ware. I *almost* got the green Fiesta bowl, but held back. This green bowl would be so much better!!


  175. momof5

    Too many choices! I think I would chose something that encourages my heart when I see it each day.

  176. Bevy

    It’s all good!! I love that dry erase board. Beautiful.

    I just wanted you to know – how blessed I am to have been following you and the other 31 Day gals for these past few weeks.

  177. Tracy

    L O V E the pitcher and the lovely inscriptions on all the pieces!
    What fun for Christmas shopping!!

  178. Kimberly Renee

    Sweet! I love Dayspring! I would love those Hurricanes you have or the Grace tile set or pretty much anything on their site. I just connected that you and Nester and (in)courage are all connected with Dayspring. genius. I know. :)

  179. kari

    Love, love, LOVE this line. I think I may “need” a few of the taupe place setting. Plus I’m already looking ahead to the colorful spring/summer Life 6″ blue bowl. Thanks for showing us this great site!

  180. Jody

    I would choose the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio first. Now that my children are past the Santa stage, I think it is important the reinforce the reason we have Christmas. My home was once a parsonage, I think it is fitting. I also LOVE the Ever Grateful collection. I too am a white dishes kinda gal but these would mix beautifully. P.S. I am grateful for your blog. I feel like I’m stopping in at a friends home who always makes you feel welcome but still has a little dust so you also feel comfortable!

  181. Jessica Enlow

    Wow! What a hard decision! I love the Giving Thanks Hurricanes and I have always wanted to try the Vinyl Wall Lettering….but the Ever Grateful dinnerware in Taupe is absolutly beautiful. I hope I win!

  182. Kristi Reneau

    Love this! I would definitely buy pieces from the Life to the Full Collection. What a wonderful opportunity…thank you for sharing : )


  183. Sandra

    I love the wall art! In fact, while looking at the site I found a piece on sale from $99 to $29.99 plus free shipping! I’d love to have $100 to find more.

  184. Teresa McGuire

    The tray like the one on your coffee table would be nice to have, plus one to give. Thanks! Teresa : )

  185. Mindi

    $100? Awesome! Definitely the wooden caddy and perhaps the God’s goodness wooden pedestal. Great items.

  186. Nikki

    I would stock up on fun Christmas gifts for children – great stocking stuffers and gifts for godchildren!

  187. Kellie

    Oh! I would buy Christmas gifts for the amazing moms and teachers in my life!!!!!!

  188. Shelli

    Hmm… it’s so hard to choose. There are so many beautiful things! I think I’d go with the Giving Thanks Hurricanes and the Wooden Serving Tray.

  189. Spring

    I would definitely be looking at the dry erase boards and the trays… love love ’em!

  190. Deborah

    I would choose the dishware or the jewelry or something for christmas gifts or……..Thenk you for this wonderful giveaway!

    • Deborah

      That should be thank you for the wonderful giveaway. Its early here.

  191. Tracie

    I have been working hard to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in my life this past year. I love the entire collection and what it represents! What WOULDN’T I buy from DaySpring with $100? Everything is lovely on so many levels.

  192. Stephanie

    These would make such great gifts!

  193. Christen

    I love the Life placesettings – I would probably get two! I also love the Tree of Life Pendant. The Ever Grateful line is fantastic as well – so much to choose from!!!

  194. Julia Fortenberry

    I love their dishes!!

  195. Elizabeth Smith

    I love several of their dish collections… and the wall art/canvases… and so many other things! I could do a lot with $100!!

  196. Jodie Reimink

    I’d love the grateful dry erase board and some pretty tan serving bowls…love their stuff. Thanks–

  197. Cindy

    I could really use that beautiful tray for my coffee table!

  198. heather

    I’ve had my eye on the Ever Grateful dishes for awhile now… that $100 would come in handy helping to decorate my new house! Or for Christmas gifts since we’re short on cash due to said new house ;)

  199. Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

    I adore the “God’s Heart for You” necklace. Oh, and maybe a lovely serving platter for my collection, too!

  200. Elizabeth

    I would love one of the Bless Our Nest canvases! Also really like the book crops, a stack of those would be lovely on my mantel!

  201. Rosemarie O'Hare

    While it would be hard to choose something for myself on DaySpring’s beautiful website, I have no trouble choosing the hand carved wood Nativity set for my daughter and her new husband to put in their new home. My daughter and I had a very special nativity in our home when she was growing up and we unfortunately lost it in a flood in our home. Because I don’t have our nativity to pass on to her, I planned on buying her one for their first Christmas. Thanks for highlighting this site!

  202. Melodye

    I would love anything in the Forever Grateful collection!

    I am grateful to the person who pointed me toward The Inspired Room, which I *love*! I think I’ll settle in with a cup of tea, maybe browse some back entries while I’m here. :) And to be sure, I’ll be back for frequent visits…I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world through your eyes. ~ Melodye

  203. Lisa

    I just bought the large platter for Thanksgiving this year. I would love to add other Ever Grateful pieces to the set . . . and the tray. It is beautiful and would be useful!

  204. Yanick


    But if I were to win I would buy 3 Book Crop Signs. One in Trust in the Lord, Amazing Grace – Book Crop 19″ Sign, and the Be Grateful for Kindness… for Jesus – Book Crop 23″ Sign! Then I was stack them!

  205. Cathy

    I’ve loved seeing the Dayspring products through your blog pictures, but narrowing it down to my favorites on their site was a tad difficult. I love it all! But if I had $100 to spend, these items would be my picks:

    Giving Thanks – Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes
    Jesus is the Gift – Metal Table Top or Yard Decor
    Day & Night – Psalm 42:8 Shadow Box

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  206. Judy

    I am an “older” gal homemaker but a newcomer to all you wonderfully talented and inspirational young ladies and your blogs and so thankful to all of you. I enjoy each and everyone of you! Dayspring is a new discovery too thanks to Melissa and her Inspired Room and after drooling at all the beautiful merchandise, my choice (very difficult I might add) would be the garden bird bath bowl and stand, so beautiful and expressive for God’s little winged creatures.

  207. tiffani

    Wow, beautiful things!! Love the dry erase board, love the tray, love it all!! Love following your blog.

  208. Marilyn

    I would begin with a starter of the Greatful Dinnerware, probably the bowl. These are beautiful!

  209. Diana

    A journal, cards, gifts for my daughters… The list goes on and on!

  210. Stacey

    I would buy the hurricanes, in a heartbeat.

  211. katie r

    I love the Giving Thanks hurricanes…and there are so many cute Christmas things on their site!!

  212. Merritt

    I don’t know that I’d be able to pick just one thing, but I’ve been drooling over the “By Grace Alone” necklace. I know I should probably be looking at home decor (I could use some more accessories!), but there’s something about that necklace that just speaks to me! Thankfully, I’d have some money left over from $100, so I could look at some of the Ever Grateful items as well. Awesome giveaway! :P

  213. Cecelia

    Dayspring is one of my fav. places to shop. I am encouraged just going in there. People always notice things I buy from there, so I guess that’s a way of sharing Christ!! Love your ideas!! Your the best….Thanks!!

  214. Deidre

    I love their dishes so much! I would love to win so that I could use it for Christmas for my Mom and Mom-in-law.

  215. Shelley

    That beautiful dry erase board is screaming my name! How smart of Dayspring to make it, as my dad would have said, with “Umph!” instead of “uggh.” It’s so often the little details that make us smile! Thanks for your daily stream of inspiration – you bring joy!

  216. Michele Laramay

    I LOVE the tray and really all of the grateful line is just so beautiful. Oh, how exciting it would be to win this gift card!

  217. Jeni C

    So many great things to choose from. I love the message board and the fun colorful devotional plaques.

  218. Holly S.

    What wouldn’t I buy would be the question! I love their stuff. I would probably go with a tray, and I love the hurricanes you showed yesterday. Nice to have little reminders around the house to always glorify our God!

  219. V. Higgins

    I don’t think there’s much that DaySpring offers that I don’t want ;-) I’ve been drooling over those hurricanes since they came out, I love the tray and the white board, and the grateful dish series is gorgeous (even though it doesn’t ‘go’ with my kitchen). *crosses fingers* I never win, please let my Irish luck go in my favor for once! ^_^

  220. Maggie

    I first the Nativity Hurricane Trio on here a couple of years ago and have liked it since then. I would love to get that…one for me and one for a gift. :)

  221. Kim w.

    I have had my eye on the large metal Ichthys. It is beautiful!

  222. Jenn

    I would love the dry erase board…as a teacher turned stay at home mom, I miss my dry erase board!

  223. Rachael

    I would pick anything from the ever greatful collection, I love it all!

  224. Julie

    Dishes, dishes, and more dishes. I’ve always had a thing for dishes!

  225. Sallie Baker

    Love their stuff, too! Loved the wooden caddy for silverware,
    and the Great is Thy Faithfulness sign….and that was just on the first page! Would love shopping….what a nice give away!

  226. Courtney

    I was just thinking yesterday about how much I would love that tray! Everytime you post pictures, I get a little jealous. :) So, I would certainly get that!

  227. Vee

    Dayspring has so many items to choose from now. I still use them exclusively for e-cards and for many years have used them for Christmas cards because of the true Christmas message. These dishes are beautiful and that tray…ohhh so wonderful.

  228. SimplyLKJ

    The pieces are all wonderful…I especially love all the sayings, a gentle reminder each day to be Thankful.

  229. Lindsay

    Love the message board!!!

  230. Darlene

    I was just stopping by to say HI, and it was so wonderful to meet you at Relevant! {Who knew it was an awesome giveaway day???} I just loved everything that God revealed to us… and convicted me of. The whole experience was a huge blessing; especially meeting likeminded bloggers who want to glorify the Lord!

    anywho. I would totally do my Christmas shopping! But if I had to pick for me, I just love that necklace by m’lis with the gorgeous wings.

    It was a joy to meet you. See you in blogland!

  231. Allison

    I’d already fallen in love with your beautiful tray before today, but these dishes *WOW*, I love them!!! I’d love to buy the mix and match dishes and the bowls, but I loved the pitcher, too. I can’t make up my mind. Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for the opportunity.

  232. Michelle

    I’ve been looking at the Nativity hurricane’s since I found them last Christmas — I love tucking Nativity scenes all over my house!

  233. Deanna

    I really like all the products you have shown in this post….I love the tray, and the whiteboard, especially!

    But then there’s Christmas product, too….

    I’m off to rethink this!!!!


  234. gina

    Wow, so many beautiful things! There are LOADS I’d like to choose if given the chance, but what stood out the most was the red Christmas dish and apron collection, with Jesus written on the beautiful mug and plates! My kinda design :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  235. Linda

    I hadn’t seen this new collection! I would start with the Ever grateful apron and table runner, then move on the the serving pieces.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Linda @ Linda’s Lunacy

  236. Kristi G

    Let’s see…

    I get $100.

    I’ll spend $35 on “God’s Heart for You” (Rhodium because it’s cheaper so I can get more!!!!), $30 on the “Metal Wall Hanging – Cross” (I’ve got the spot picked out in the living room for it already!) and that leaves me with another $35. $25 to the “Ever Grateful – Memo Board with Easel” and $11 for the “Ever Grateful – 10″ Taupe Vase” to go with it. That’s $1 over. Not too shabby!!!! :)

    Please send that to Kristi at …..


  237. Lori

    I too love Daysprings dishes and am especially enamored with the bowl you’re showing. Lovely!

  238. Robin

    What a generous giveaway! If I had $100 to spend, I would buy the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio for myself–the silhouettes, the flicker of candlelight–what a beautiful set! I would also like to get the “Be Still and Know…” mug with the bird on it for my sister, who is really struggling through a rough time right now. I love the comfort of that verse, and the bird would be a constant reminder of who she got it from! (She has always given me the nickname “Birdie” since my name is Robin!) Thanks again for this fun giveaway!

  239. Amanda

    So many inspiring pieces from Dayspring that I’d just love to add to my home…. a few favs: Nativity Hurricane Candle Holders, the Life Collection Apron and of course anything from the Pleated Poppy ;)

  240. Megan L

    I’m leaning towards the “GRACE”5 tile set plus some Christmas presents. But I’m also really loving that large metal wall hanging (ichthus) featured on the front page of the shop.

  241. Rachel

    What an awesome giveaway!! I created quite the list of “wanted” items in the Relevant lounge! I’m sure I could find a “few” things to get with $100!!! =)

  242. Katie99

    Love the tray, dishes, Nativity hurricane, jewelry…need I say more!

  243. shaka

    I love the give thanks wooden caddy!


  244. Tara

    Wow- they have some great pieces! I would choose the Memo Board w/ Easel, the Wasabi Trivet, the Give Thanks Wood Caddy and the Ever Grateful Adult Apron. Please pick me, please, please, please! :-) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  245. Cheri

    I loved this artwork. I AM Burning Bush – Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print
    I am craving art for my house and I love love the message in that picture. Thank you!

  246. Rachel Randoloh

    I just came here from Rachelle Gardner’s blog (via Mary DeMuth’s guest post). I’ve been looking for some good design blogs since we just bought a house and I LOVE your style.

    I have an author friend who is getting married next week who writes and speaks on gratitude after surviving cancer twice. Whether I win this challenge or not, I just found her wedding gift!

  247. Cindi Himple

    I love that memo board….have been looking for one for my kitchen and didn’t realize I could get a cute one….so much better than just ordinary ones. I also love the give thanks wooden caddy. Whenever we have people over for a simple buffet meal, I never know what to do with the silverware….this caddy would be a great solution. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  248. Jessica

    I would love to have the Metal Wall Hanging – Large Ichthys. It’s beautiful!!!

  249. Emily

    What a great giveaway! And just in time for something new for the holidays! If I were to win, I would have to get those “Give Thanks” hurricane candle holders. I think they are such a beautiful reminder of being grateful! And it doesn’t hurt that you can turn them around for Thanksgiving! I would also choose something for my best friend who has a birthday right after Christmas. She has a new home and is enjoying decorating it. She would love some of Dayspring’s beautiful items in her home!

  250. Missy S

    I love the Ever Grateful Collection! What would I do with a generous $100 gift certificate? Our christian school is celebrating its 100th anniversary and probably pick something special to put on the Harvest Festival auction the middle of November (and purchase a little somethin’ for myself). God has blessed our school and it would be great to be able to bless the auction with something special from DaySpring! Sooo…PICK ME!!! ;)
    thanks for the great giveaway!

  251. Brenda Cantwell

    I like to have things in my home that inspire or remind me to keep my focus on Him. I think I would choose the Ichthys wall hanging to put above my kitchen sink.

  252. Toini

    Wow.. I am loving the ever grateful items too! What an awesome website to purchase Christmas gifts. I will be adding this site to my Favorites for online shopping. Thanks for the giveaway!

  253. Rachel Schumacher

    What beautiful things!! I really love that dry erase board, and I have a thing for bowls so I love that one too. I’m off to go check out their site!

  254. Eileen

    Oh my, I love everything they offer. I know it sounds hokey, but it’s true, I can’t find a thing I don’t Love!

  255. Melanie Dorsey

    I like the dry erase board.

  256. Kelsey

    I would get the Wasabi 11″ dinner plates from the Ever Grateful collection. Some pieces in my current dinnerware are chipped and I’d love some new ones.

  257. Jenny

    I like the ever grateful apron and white board easel. Thanks for the great contests!

  258. Jess

    That is a lovely giveaway! I was just thinking that I need to keep an eye out for some kind of tray…So I think I would choose that. I also LOVE the dishes and the cake plate is nice too. Do I have to decide now? ;)

  259. Whitney

    Wow! $100! I would love to havesomething from the ever grateful collection. I loved it all from the small vase to the wasabi plate. I think I would definitely pick up the serving bowl, as well.

  260. Amanda

    It would be hard to choose just one, but i think i NEED the dry erase board

  261. Casey

    The Ever Grateful collection is both beautiful and inspiring! Their pieces would make wonderful Christmas gifts for the women in my family, and I wouldn’t mind a piece or two for myself. =) Thanks for sharing!

  262. Jenni

    I would probably buy a nativity set…..

  263. jenbc

    I LOVE the dishes and the message board. So many things that set the tone for hospitality and a warm home! FuN GiVeAwAy!

  264. April

    The first thing I would buy would be the nativity hurricane set if that’s available. I have loved it since last Christmas, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend the money on it. After that, I might pick up some presents or one of the Lisa Leonard necklaces–they’re so pretty!

  265. Kerry

    I would buy a couple birthday presents for a friend. Birthday and housewarming presents. Oooh!! I just remembered she’s moving into a new house and I need a gift!! She would LOVE these platters. Or that tray. It’s all so very up her alley and I love the sayings written around them. Thanks for pointing this out!

  266. Marci

    LOVE the dry erase board and any of the bowls. I have this thing for bowls..I know..kind weird. lol!

  267. Sarah

    I would buy a large platter to use at family meals. Thanks for the giveaway!

  268. Margaret K.

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love to get one of the hanging tile sets or the dry erase board.Thanks for the chance to win.
    Margaret K.

  269. Sarah

    I would buy a large platter to use during family dinners together. Thanks!

  270. Lou Ann

    I think my selection might be the tray, the hurricanes and the ‘give thanks’ wooden box.
    Thank YOU for hosting!

  271. Michele Heath

    I would most definitely go for the dishes/bowls! Thanks for the chance : )

  272. lisa

    the dry erase board would be just perfect in my back entry!!!

  273. Karen

    I love the message board. That would definitely be first on my list if I were to win! I love the serving tray & the beautiful bowls! So much to choose from. Thanks for this opportunity!

  274. Loni

    Just ONE thing?!?!?! LOL! Ohhh . . . I want to start out with the platter. Perfect for Thanksgiving. I’ve seen their products on some other blogs. LOVE it! Thank you for this great offer!

  275. Rachel

    I would love, love, love to win this!! I have wanted to buy some of these products from Dayspring for a long time but they are just OOMB (out of my budget) right now {unfortunately so :sad: }. Please pick me!!

  276. Debra

    I would buy place settings from the Ever Crateful collection. It’s my favorite, but I do love all of it!

    • Debra

      oops, Grateful, I meant Grateful!

  277. Tracie B

    I think the serving tray is beautiful. I also found a “Give Thanks” wooden caddy that would be wonderful to have. And last, but not least, a Sheltered in the Most High book sign. I love this store! Thank you for hosting this give away.

  278. Rachel Olsen

    I would so totally buy this dishware you’ve featured! I too have plain white (but pretty) dishes and would love to have these to switch things up. I don’t have any china or any other dishware so I would even use these for Thanksgiving dinner – and Christmas too!

    Off to drool, I mean read, over your other posts ~ Rachel

  279. verlan day

    I like the tray, but think I would add pieces I don’t have to my Willow Tree Nativity set.

  280. Lindsay

    Wow, I love the thankful dry erase board and those dishes are so pretty!

  281. Mari Kozlowski

    I’d buy a gift for my mother, something lovely for her to use when having a friend over for a meal; she loves to cook and bake and entertain, but she hasn’t bought herself any new dishes in just about forever. I’d love to give her a really gorgeous gift that has an uplifting tone.

  282. Lori

    I would definitely buy the table and serving ware pieces. They are beautiful! I love the inspiring inscriptions – they are perfect!
    Thank you for your wonderful blog…I look forward to it everyday! Your heart for Jesus shines through!

  283. Lisa Porter

    What a beautiful site! I love the trio hurricane lamp with the Nativity~ and the lovely grateful tray that you have. Thanks for the chance!

  284. Shelia

    Gratitude and God’s faithfulness have really been pressed upon my heart this year. My husband’s company moved to Georgia just as our youngest started college. We’re reminded daily of God’s provision and faithfulness. I would love serving pieces to remind us of His promises of provision and how grateful we are for His unchanging faithfulness.

  285. Deb A.

    I would love anything in the Forever Grateful collection!

    Thank you for the opportunity!!

  286. Christine Trebendis

    Wow, So many wonderful things!! Love the tray & dry erase board.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  287. Sheila

    So many nice things. I love the Life Collection – 4 Piece Place Setting though and I could get 2 sets with the $100 one for me and another set for my husband. ;)

  288. ElaineDavis

    I’ve been wanting a vinyl wall phrase for my entryway. Maybe I would put part of the money toward that : )
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  289. baltimoremom

    Really liking the Ever Grateful collection. Also really like the wooden serving tray you have. So hard to choose!

  290. Nancy

    I would like to have a huge stock of individual cards always on hand – it is always a priviledge to “reach out” to someone – daily we all need encouragement, enlightenment, comfort.

  291. Mary Joy

    Oh wow! What a wonderful generous giveaway! I would have to start with the nativity hurricane candle holders…and then maybe…the giving thanks tray or the bowls or plates…or….LOL Its SO hard to decide!

    Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa!


    Mary Joy

  292. Ro

    I love the jewelry, especially the scripture bangle bracelets. But, I would make sure to pick something up for my mother too!

  293. Erin H.

    I would buy all kinds of goodies to decorate out first home!

  294. Erin

    I would love to begin collecting from the forever grateful collection! they are just beautiful, what a wonderful addition to the table!

  295. Brittany

    I’d stock up on some of their bowls. Perfect for my oatmeal on a cold day… Whenever it will decide to get warm here in FL. And I think I’d also get a dry erase board for leaving sweet messages to my hubby :)

  296. Kristin A.

    I LOVE the gratitude dry erase board! i would buy a few for Christmas gifts.

  297. Sharon

    Wow. with so many comments I am sure to not win. However, I am totally taken with the Ever Grateful collection. I laughed when you said they made you want to give up your white dishes, ME TOO!!! love the pitcher and the wood tray and the hurricane glasses, and the cake stand and the footed bowls. It is all so beautiful. I love the inside of the yellow coffee cup, to remind us every time we sip that we have the gift of hope to hang on to. God is so good.
    As a fellow pastor’s wife and blogger, it was a joy to meet you at the Relevant conference.

  298. Tara

    I would absolutely love anything out of the Forever Grateful Collection. I love having things around our home that remind me of the most important gift I will ever receive, His grace.

    Your blog inspires me everyday! I can’t wait to see what you blog next!

  299. Doreen

    Ooooh! I’ve been eyeing the silver bangles with bible verses on them. They would make the perfect Christmas gift for my teenage neices.

  300. Alexandra

    I love looking at all the stuff at Dayspring… but I mostly love the wall art. They have such lovely texts, and versatile wood-block thingummies.

  301. Mary Feagley

    I love all the Jeanne Winters prints…very pop art and cool!

  302. Terri

    I would start by purchasing the hurricane glasses and then start my Christmas shopping for 3 daughters. The $100 would give me a nice start and I would pay for the rest!

  303. Jenni Warner

    I love eveything I see. How fun would it be to win. I read your blog every day. Thank you for your service to us blog landers.

  304. Jane

    I absolutely love the dry erase board and all of the dishes! It would definitely take time for me to decide what I would purchase. I also can’t wait everyday to look at The Inspired Room!

  305. Lynette

    I would buy a few pieces of the Ever Grateful serving dishes! I love them!

  306. Adrienne

    I love what DaySpring offers – have for a long time. I’m not sure what I would choose if I win but it won’t take me long to decide. Perhaps I should start with the Grateful collection, seeing how it goes along with my theme – and my blog name! Thanks for sharing this wonderful give-away with us.

  307. Lisa Ridgley

    There is some beautiful stuff here, but my favorite has to be Ever Grateful – 4 Piece Wasabi Place Setting. It’s simply stunning!

  308. Nana K

    I’m a brand new reader (4 days) and thoroughly enjoying it. I also had no idea that Dayspring had so many things available, other than the items I see in my local Christian store. I have had a child divorce, a parent who broke a hip and was out of the home for 2 months, the other parent pass away suddenly, my husband lost his job in April and still looking, and more all in the span of 6 months. I would use it to buy the thanksgiving hurricanes, the ever grateful dry erase tray, and by grace alone necklace, to remind myself and my family of just how truly blessed we are by the Lord! I look forward to following your entries; love the autumn bliss series. :)

  309. Jen

    I’d buy some serving dishes, as I have been trying to make it a point to eat dinner at the table together more often than not.

  310. Joanie

    I just found your site as you were starting this “Grace” period, and I love both yours and “Chatting at the Sky”. I have so many new ideas and verses going up around my home – thank you so much!!
    If I won, I think the serving tray would be my choice – with an almost three year old and a five month old, things are pretty laid back right now, and it would be great for serving friends in our living room while the kids play on the floor. :)

  311. Michelle

    I know that the first thing I would want is the bird mug that says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Love that saying!

  312. Emily

    I would for sure get the Willow Tree Nativity set. I have been wanting it for some time now, but it just never seems to be in the budget. I have such warm memories of learning about the Christmas Story from my parents with their nativity set, I’d love to have that same opportunity with my daughter.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  313. Deb Martell

    Would definitely have to do some Ever Graterful place settings to replace CHIPPED dishes!!

  314. Mary DeMuth

    All my kids know I’m weak in the knees when it comes to dishes. I’d splurge on dishes, dishes, dishes.

  315. Michelle R

    Going to the DaySpring site takes me back to the days when I worked in a Christian Bookstore. I love their products. Glad you didn’t say what one item would you buy! I love items like the large metal Ichthys wall hanging. I have always wanted the Willow Tree Nativity set; just the fam. not the whole scene. The sprout Posy Pin Collection is cute too. I think the Book Crop Signs are precious and would make great gifts.
    Thanks for sharing and taking me back!

  316. Betts

    Just when I think this blog is inspiring enough….you make me view tempting eye candy~~~dishes, a wonderful festive looking table, and family have always been what it takes to have a wonderful thanksgiving. I would have to say~~~I would pick the hurricanes these are simply gorgeous and would be a reminder of just how lucky I am to be gathered at that table with family and friends. Lighting these lovely candles would be the finishing touch to a festive meaningful thanksgiving. I l-o-v-e these!!!!

  317. denise

    I’d buy the “we believe in grace” sign, the Lisa Leonard grace necklace, the dry erase board, the ever grateful taupe dishes…so many great things to choose from!! Nice giveaway!!

  318. Lori

    I am in love with the Ever Grateful Large Platter!

  319. c

    Everything is beautiful, i would love one of the bowls…..

    thank you for the opportunity!


    • Betty Marschner

      I would like anything with scripture written on it! I have Bible verses on pictures, plaques, most everything in my house as the people of God were directed long ago. “Write My Words on the signposts of your houses”. When the Words of God are inscripted on our walls they will find a way into our hearts.

  320. Laura M.

    I’d love to buy some Christmas decor! I really wanted to buy one of their nativity sets last year and just kept procrastinating (hoping it would go on sale!)… but I would love to use a $100 shopping spree towards that!

  321. ChelseaVP

    what a great site! A few of my favorites would be the colorful kitchen and table ware collection, I could use some new bowls in the kitchen :) And that Give Thanks Wooden Caddy is awesome, that would definitely be bought!!

  322. Tera

    Oh, I SOOO want to win!!! I would love to have a Book Crop or two, the Memo Board with easel and the Nativity Hurricanes. Please pick me and thank you so much for the opportunity!

  323. Gwen

    Thanks for a great giveaway….Would love to have some of these items to serve as a reminder to be grateful not just at Thanksgiving.

  324. Angie

    PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE pick me! I would love you forever and ever! LOL!! ;)

  325. Diana

    I love these dishes! I host Thanksgiving at my home for both sides of the family since I was married in 2008. I would be so happy to set these Ever Grateful dishes on the table for my family and others. I have used Dayspring cards and calendars, but I had not idea about all of these other wonderful things.

    Pick me!!

  326. Joy

    They are so pretty! Would love to win the shopping spree :) Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  327. Rebekah

    Oh, I would love a nativity set. This will be our first married Christmas (hubby and I got married in January) and I am excited to start new Christmas traditions as a family!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  328. MaryT.

    This is a beautiful collection of tableware. And a perfect reminder to be thankful!!! I would love to have a set of the ever grateful plates for my Thanksgiving dinner.

  329. Heidi

    So hard to choose- I think I would buy the Wonderful Grace serving tray or the God’s goodness wooden pedestal. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  330. Vickie

    Oh, the grateful dry eraser board – it’s a beauty, as is the piece on your coffee table – so much beauty!

  331. Cindy Rippe

    LOVE this collection! Fits my decorating style perfectly and the warm neutral colors with beautiful words can be adapted to fit all seasons and holidays!

  332. Leigh

    I love the artwork. I’d have to chose one somehow.

  333. Kristi Stephens

    I have been eying some nativity hurricanes on their site since last year!! :) I’d LOVE to go spend some mulah on their site! :)

  334. Susie Davis

    4 ‘grateful’ dry erase boards: One for each of my 3 sisters … and one for me. :)

  335. Ronnell

    REALLY nice stuff! I love the memo board and also love Chirstmas, so maybe a goody for the Christmas Season. My luck is nonexistant, but it doesn’t hurt a girl to dream! MAybe this will change my luck to win such a great prize for such lovely and functional accessories. PICK ME! (subtle hint)

  336. Rose in Ohio (

    I really like the “Giving Thanks” glass hurricanes!

  337. jackie s

    I would buy a few things from Life to the Full collection and the ever grateful vase, AND the shadow in his wings key chain. [email protected]

  338. Laura Snyder

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Thankful for His grace” bowl. So amazing and it would fit right in with my antique bowl collection!

  339. Abbie

    I would have to get the “Jesus loves me” plaque for my little girl’s room. It’s her favorite song! And I’d love to have some pieces from the Evergrateful collection for myself. I love that serving bowl!

  340. Halley

    I am IN LOVE with the “Tree to the Cross” Christmas cards and art. love love love it.

  341. Taryn

    Anything?! I would love to buy that platter for sure, and the hurricanes, but you never know- something totally different might strike me if I ever won.

  342. LouAnn

    I love the Grateful Dry Erase Board – I also would love a plaque with the Josh 24:15 verse on it, but it’s sold out right now! Maybe they’ll have another one soon!

  343. Kristen

    I’m pretty sure I would buy that amazing tray you have- I love it. And I really tried to convince my husband to paint something the amazing blue of you coffee table- he wouldn’t go for it. Someday I will.

  344. m

    I would love to win this

  345. Tricia

    I would probably buy some jewelry for christmas gifts, but I might change my mind. Too many great choices.

  346. Emily

    There are a few things that catch my eye that I would love to buy, but there’s so much to choose from, I’d have to browse for awhile to narrow it down!

  347. Shannon

    I would love to get “The Lord is the STRENTH of my life” walligraphy vinyl lettering… my husband and I have been going through some tough times, and it is exactly what I want everyone to know about us! I’m also absolutely in love with the Give Thanks wooden caddy!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  348. Leah Peck

    I am in love with the GRACE 5 tile set. So pretty. So meaningful. And I pretty much need the “Be Still and Know” sign hanging on forehead every morning!

  349. Sherri S

    I would LOVE that tray. I love using them and the sayings are perfect. Bowls? Yes, Please! Thanks so much for showing off their wares and for the giveaway.

  350. Melinda

    DISHES AND DISHES…can’t have too many

  351. Cheri

    So many great options. I love the tray you have and also the PEACE tiles. Thanks!

  352. Amy C

    Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  353. Kristen

    I actually spent a lot of time on their website the other day. I could get quite a few Christmas gifts there! I would love the dry erase board for myself and some of the Ever Grateful dishes/serving pieces for my mom. My sister would enjoy the serving tray or the dry erase board herself. Lots of neat ideas!

  354. Jackie Klayman

    I would definitely get the dishes or the tray…love all of it. Makes me want to chunk my dishes and get a new set too! :)
    Hmmm…my bday and christmas are coming- it would make it easy on the hubby :)

  355. Sara

    I would definitely like to get the “grateful” dry erase board. LOVE it!!! I am grateful for this giveaway… God bless you!

  356. Chels R.

    I think your blog is so beautiful and I’ve never seen this website before so I’ll be bookmarking it :)

    If I had to choose, I think I would love the The Grace-5 tile set. My daughter’s name is Grace and I think it would be beautiful in her room. Or the Ever Grateful Serving Platter/cake pedestal. So many beautiful things!!

  357. Laurie D

    Love the dry erase board and the warm dishes! Love products that have words on them. New reader and new to Dayspring!

  358. Jenna Hilgers

    I really like the ‘Ever Grateful’ collection and would probably get a few items from that.

  359. Christin

    I have totally fallen in love with DaySpring – even MORESO after Relevant because the people of (in)courage have really shown value to community and not just dollar signs. They totally proved themselves this weekend and I’m trying to “sell” my husband on it, too! LOL (I really want to do in home parties, but we’ll see!)

    Anyways, I totally agree with you, Melissa. I LOVE the Ever Grateful Collection for several reasons. Besides all of the above that you listed, I am on a journey to fight for joy (and eventually not have to because it will always be there). Ann Voskamp has shared over and over again how joy begins with gratitude. ‘Nuff said. :) I would love these pieces to grace my home.
    Right now, all my dishes are mismatch. What a gift it would be, truly, for my family. :) And not that we care about mismatch dishes, lol. But what a beauty it would be to dress up our table once in a while.

  360. Erica

    I LOVE DaySpring!! I would love to win the $100 shopping spree!! Monday, my hubby and I are moving into our very own place for the first time and I would love to decorate it with one of the beautiful canvases from DaySpring!! Although, I can’t promise that I won’t change my mind to one of the amazing vases… or plates… or serving platters… haha I love everything! :)

  361. Gailanne

    I hate to sound like a copycat, but I truely am in love with the Ever Grateful dishes…
    I’ve learned how Gratitude can open your eyes, and change your life forever…so my hats off to DaySpring for these beautiful reminders!

    DaySpring brings so many blessings into our life, and I’m thankful for the way they affect our hearts.

  362. Raegan

    I love the carved wood serving tray you show all the time. Its so versatile. I also want the Abide in him wall decor because my walls are seriously bare right now.

  363. Amy A.

    I would get the “Table Top Nativity – Wood Carved Finish”! It is beautiful!

  364. Kenna

    I love the wooden tray and caddy. I think they would be my first choices, but there are so many beautiful items! Thanks for the shot at a great giveaway!

  365. myrnie

    So hard to choose :) I love the “walligraphy” and I still love the nativity hurricanes!

  366. Megan

    I’m loving the whole ever grateful dish set! So pretty !

  367. Barbara

    I love all the DaySpring goodies…..but I would love to have the dry erase message board♥

  368. Lisa D.

    I’d buy Christmas ornaments in a heart beat!

  369. Marla

    Well, first let me say:
    Melissa, we as your readers are grateful for you!
    Your dedication and commitment to the Lord are evident. Even Dayspring recognizes your love of our Lord! We are blessed to regularly benefit from your wisdom and heart. Thank you!

    Thank you to both Melissa and Dayspring for offering this generous giveaway!
    For me, the dry erase board, for my in-love’s, who recently moved into senior living and appreciate ‘visible reminders’. Definitely NOT ‘clutter’, it will be useful, and is such a classic.
    The leaders of our church community group are always caring for others, so at least 3 of the dishes & 2 tray/platters will be ideal to (secretly – Shhhh!) leave on their doorstep with goodies and a ‘love’ note tucked inside. Doesn’t everyone love surprises and appreciation?!!

  370. Teresa Neal

    I would have to start with the “grateful” dry erase.

  371. Holly

    I do love the tray…but then again, I love everything I’ve seen from Dayspring. I’d probably take a long time to decide which lovely things to buy if I won. :-)

  372. Kristi

    Probably some decor – like the “Live courageously in the arms of grace” Book Crop, “Bless this Food” wall art, etc. Thanks!

  373. Sharon Gibson

    I would buy the dry erase board to encourage gratitude and the tray and the bowls and maybe a plate. Beautiful and important to focus on what you can be grateful for every day!

  374. Katherine

    Ohhh…I love it! If i won, I would love to ge the dry erase board. I might just go get it even if I don’t win.

  375. Lauri Thomas

    I would have to pick the Wonderful Grace – Carved Wooden Serving Tray – I love it!

  376. Brigette

    First of I love your website. If I would win I want the Dry Erase Board. It wil be fun each day to leave positive notes to my family. :)

  377. Judy

    I would purchase to start the Bless Our Nest framed print.

  378. Julie Shuttlesworth

    Wow! Such great stuff! It would be hard to decide, but I really like that message board you have. So loverly!

  379. gina

    I’m loving the “grateful” dry erase board as well! Thanks for sharing this beautiful shop with us.

  380. Alana

    I think I would get the Ever Grateful Series Memo Board, Trivet and Cake Stand PLUS the Give Thanks wooden caddy. That would be soooo awesome!

  381. Teresa S

    I think I would get a few pleated poppy things, and then a grouping of Jeanne Winters prints. What a great giveaway!

  382. Ronnie

    Wow! I’ve been married for 23yrs – and I’m just really digging into trying to make our home beautiful – not just functional. I would love just about anything from the Dayspring collections! I happened upon this ( ) painting of Mary and baby Jesus and have fallen in LOVE!

  383. Kathy

    I would love to win. They do have beautiful dishes. My dishes are all white so everything goes with them. I also love their notecards for sending little encouraging thoughts by mail.

  384. Shelly

    The platter. I have such a thing for platters. Can’t get enough of them!

  385. Alana Jeffries

    I would start with the dry erase board – so pretty and functional. Then I would move on to dishes – I love love dishes!! Thanks.

  386. jan udlock

    Oh my, I would buy the Ever Grateful taupe dinner plates or the pitcher. But maybe I would buy $100 worth of greeting cards. I think it’s so important to reach out to friends with cards. I cherish getting cards in the mail and the Lord always seems to know when I need it.

    Love, love, love your blog.

  387. Julie

    I would love to purchase the “grateful” dry erase board! It is beautiful.

  388. Dianne

    LOVE the dishes. And the tray. AND the dry erase board. Love everything Dayspring has. I would love to win even if it was a less than $100 gift card.

  389. Sally

    This is a beautiful collection of the Ever Grateful.. I would be “grateful” to receive or purchase the Metal Wall Hanging .. beautiful piece..

  390. Dee

    What wouldn’t I buy?!?!! Everything is so beautiful! I would buy home decor for me! Things for my granddaughter! Christmas presents for my Mom! I know that I would have to come up with money of my own when I got done! :)

  391. sarah

    I LOVE this!!! I desperately need something to hang on my walls besides family pictures (they have their place…but that is about all I have right now!) Thanks for the chance to win this….and PLEEEEEASE pick me! :) How is that for begging?? :)

  392. Tara McClenahan

    I love the Julie Chen plaques!

  393. Sarah

    I love everything! I would get the glass hurricanes, and the bowls!

  394. Annie

    I would do some Christmas shopping for those in my life who already seem to have EVERYTHING! :0) Plus, something pretty for me too!

  395. erica

    I think my mom might need a Christmas gift from here this year! Love the “Peace on Earth” and all of the “Ever Grateful” collection.

  396. Manja V

    Just lost my younger brother to cancer. He left a wife and four young children. I would definitely purchase something for my sister-in-law. A wall plaque with inspiration,etc. Thanks, Manja V

  397. Danita

    I would get some of the Walligraphy Vinyl Lettering and the serving tray. They have so much beautiful stuff.

  398. Emily

    I love the hurricanes….and that extra $ would go so well for gifts of all sorts!

  399. Ambrer French

    I agree – the tray is beautiful. I’d definitely get that. Um, I’m not super familiar with all of DaySpring’s products but I’d love to have the opportunity to look through the site :-)

  400. Sangeetha

    My husband is Christian and I am not. So for him I would buy the Bless This Home 3 tile set for our new home. After having done my duty as a dutiful wife (wink wink) I would buy myself one of their big beautiful bowls.

  401. Nan

    I love dishes so it would probably be the Ever Grateful set…seems to be a hit with everyone!

  402. Leah

    Gosh, how do you choose?? I’d start with dishes and continue from there. Great place to do Christmas shopping!

  403. Fiona's Mosaic

    I would definitely get the “Grateful” dry erase board (it would get used a LOT around here), and I do love the hurricanes! VERY cool!! But I think I would get something first for my oldest daughter’s hope chest….. ;o)

  404. Carol Ann

    Oh, the tray…definitely the tray!

  405. Scoti Domeij

    Love the God’s Heart for You sterling silver necklaces.

  406. Debbie

    I love the canvas artwork they sell. I saw many of them up close at the Relevant conference and would love to use the $100 towards one or more. This is what I am eyeing but in the larger size.

  407. Angie

    I love the Ever Grateful Pitcher, the Ever Grateful Platter and the Ever Grateful Table Runner. I would most likely get those if I win.

  408. Anna

    I would get a journal for recording all the cute and memorable things me 3,2, and 1 year olds are saying.

    And I would use the leftover for Christmas gifts, like the adorably happy childrens apron. I really love the hanging PEACE tiles, too.

  409. Lizzette

    I would get the Ever Grateful memo board with easel and Ever Grateful place settings.

  410. jules

    I would love to decorate my thanksgiving table with all the pretty decorations from dayspring…. please pick me.

  411. Lydia Fairclough

    I am so excited to learn that DaySpring has a website. Love, love, love! If i won, i would get fruit of the Spirit wall art, metal cross, table runner and tea towels.

  412. Jenny

    Beautiful things! I would definitely choose the Give Thanks hurricanes – love those! a few Christmas ornaments and items for kids and a few things from the Seeds of Joy collection and i could see getting a few gifts from the Life to the Full collection – love this collection- colors are wonderful!

  413. michelle

    I would buy the grateful collection. What beautiful reminders of His goodness!

  414. Marge Heck

    They are all so truly amazing and beautiful! I think it would have to be some of the beautiful plates so I could put something yummy on them and bless someone with food for their body and food for their soul! And then also the cards as everyone needs some encouragement along the way and if there was any amount left over I’d choose a bracelet as that is a beautiful way to witness! Thank You Day Spring for all your beautiful products! And THANK YOU Melissa for your great inspiration!

  415. Jacque

    Oh, the Ever Grateful Dinnerware. The plates and bowls are so warm, inviting, and just perfect!

  416. Naomi

    I would get a calendar for my Dad for Christmas and the vases you posted. LOVE them. :D

  417. Larissa S.

    First, I will HAVE to be a copycat and grab up those Giving Thanks hurricanes. I was considering that purchase after your post yesterday. I am in love!
    I also love the Christmas tree holder, a beautiful way to present my cards!

  418. Brandy E.

    I love the dishes. Fantastic for Thanksgiving, and the rest of the year too. :)

  419. kate

    I’m been drooling over the dry erase board thing since I saw it on Ann Voskamp’s blog a few weeks ago…
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  420. MichelleH

    Oh, what a fun giveaway. I would choose the grateful vase, memo board, and the Thanks Giving hurricanes.

  421. Becky K.

    Thanks for the great giveaway! It would be so hard to choose…but don’t worry, I’d be up for the task! The tray, the dry erase board, and a piece of jewelry would definitley be on my list. :) Love it all!

  422. Stacey

    I have long admired the tray and would love to own one.

  423. Stacy

    God’s Goodness wooden pedestal. It would like nice at home, but I could also take it to Sunday School on Sunday’s to put things in and use as a prop- 2nd graders love props.

  424. soraya casillas

    I think I’d pick the dry erase board, perfect for Thanksgiving. But it’d be hard to choose, with so many beautiful and meaningful things to pick from!

  425. Emily

    The tray!

  426. Joanna

    I would get the glass hurricanes. LOVE!

  427. amy b.

    I’m a sucker for any dinnerware – it’s a weakness.

  428. Paula R.

    Beautiful! I really like the Ever Grateful serving bowl.

  429. Lila Ferraro

    They are all lovely. I think I’d choose the pitcher. I can already imagine it in my buffet! Love it!
    Lila Ferraro

  430. Tara G.

    I would love a few serving pieces; I didn’t bring a lot with me overseas and could use a few more as we’re entertaining more than I thought we would.

  431. Mel's World with Melissa Mashburn

    Holy smokes batman…where to begin where to begin…there are so many amazing things on my personal Christmas “wish list” from the DaySpring store that it would just start to make a dent in it with the $100…woohoo! From book crops to wall decor to the vinyl clings for the wall, even to the dinnerwear (Life to the Full)…so many fabulous choices! Count me in…thanks for the chance! <3 Mel

  432. Holly

    Oh, lovely! I would buy art for my girls’ room…or maybe for my room. :-)

  433. Tracy Johnson

    Hmmmm….lots of great stuff here!! I would first choose the Thanks and giving hurricanes…..then the tray …then the Grateful memo board. I love those dishes, too!


  434. Monika

    I would choose an assortment of the Life to the Full dishes. So colorful and happy!

  435. Michele

    I have the cake stand (like what is shown in your top photo) from Relevant, and I’d love to add the coordinating pitcher. I also love the tray.. oh, and their wall art… :) I think I could really have fun with a shopping spree! :)


  436. Susan

    I would clean out the Colorful Kitchen Collection! : )

  437. Ann

    I want the lovely set of pictures of a tree, one during each season. I think they’d look fabulous above my dresser in the entryway and could be changed out each season. Really love em.

  438. Missy June

    Oh yes, Pick me! me! me! I so need new dishes and have lovingly admired these all year! Thank you for your inspiration.

  439. andrea

    Ooooh…I’d definitely buy some of the dishes from their grateful collection. Love those!

  440. Lorrie Palmer

    I would buy more inspirational cards so I could continue to send out weekly encouragement to those in need.

  441. Suzanna

    I would get the tray or the jewelry. I love them both. Thanks for the giveaway.

  442. Thea

    Love the New Ever Grateful Placemats & Runner.

  443. Kerry

    I would so get that dry erase board…or maybe that tray…on second thought I really like the dishes, especially the bowls. Decisions! Decisions!

  444. Melissa

    I love the dry erase board…or maybe a tray. So many great things to choose from!

  445. Kristen

    I would take those pretty hurricanes!

  446. Abbie

    I would start with the wooden serving tray – so many things I could use it for! And then I’d look for mugs or pitchers to give as gifts to girlfriends and sis-in-laws for Christmas!

  447. April in CT

    I’d start with the Give Thanks Wooden Caddy for myself then I’d do a little gift shopping with the rest.

  448. Christy

    I’ve been so encouraged by your series! Thank you for taking the time to inspire us all to look for the beauty in everyday things.

    I just spent 20 min on the Dayspring website adding to my Christmas list. $100 would be a great start! I’d purchase the Memo Board, the vase that is currently on sale for $12, and put the rest toward 6 place settings of those gorgeous dishes.

  449. Vicki

    hand-carved wooden wall plaque…did you see it? BEAUTIFUL and dishes of course….I’m like my Mamaw in that you can never have enough pretty dishes!!! HOPE IT IS ME THAT WINS!!!!

  450. Athina

    Definitely the Give Thanks – Wooden Caddy, the Wonderful Grace – Carved Wooden Serving Tray and the Ever Grateful – Memo Board with Easel… :)

  451. Alissa

    I would get the By Grace Alone necklace, and I would get a custom sign with a quote from Donald Miller that a dear friend gave me at a really difficult point in my life. It reads “But what song will you sing when your soul gets set free? I think it will be something true and beautiful.”

  452. Pam Hofmann

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would pick the tray and the ever grateful pitcher and/or serving platter. Not sure how that all adds up but those are my favorites.

  453. sona bran

    A christmas decoration for my DIL

  454. Rona

    I would love one of the trays. It would have a home on our ottamon.

  455. Vanessa

    I love the memo board!

  456. bek

    I love the hurricanes with the tray. I currently don’t have a table centerpiece, so those might be my choice if I won.

  457. Julie C

    Some beautiful dishes!!! Oh that pitcher is beautiful!

  458. Soraya

    Oh I just love their stuff. I think I’d choose a selection of the ever grateful table and serving ware for myself, but I noticed one of the canvas prints would be perfect for my daughters room. I’m going to show it to her this afternoon.

  459. Stephanie

    Kitchen plates, bowls, and matching aprons for the kids and me! And that door bell…How cool is that? Thanks for the opportunity to spruce up my home!

  460. Margo

    WOW!! Such beautiful pieces! I would definitely choose the grateful dry erase board… my husband always leaves a little note for me )on a used envelope)before he leaves for work in the morning, which I love! Just think how useful and sweet it would be for him to write his love for me on the erase board!

  461. pat allen

    Did some shopping there this morning and got 15% off using the promotional code 15gifts! Promotional code expires on 31 Oct. Yay, 3 more people knocked off my xmas list!

  462. Judy

    I love the vinyl letters for the wall. Oh, and I have such a hard time resisting dishes of any kind. The ones Dayspring offers are awesome.

  463. pamela

    I would love to have 3 of the plates to put in the plate rack in my kitchen. They are so lovely and inspirational. I also love the message board, to leave little love notes and quotes to my family!

  464. Sharyl

    I would love just about anything from Day Spring….what a gorgeous site and I am planning on referring friends there for ideas for Christmas.

    I would probably choose a bowl or a tray. But the board is a great idea–with 4 children this would be great for all of us. Thank you for the opportunity.

  465. Krista Thomas

    With the $100 shopping spree I would want to buy any kind of serving tray/platter/ bowl. My husband and I are very young and we always used that card when going to family gatherings to bring store bought food. Now that we are getting a little older and have a son, we are put in the “adult” categorie and feel like it we need to make something from home to bring to family gatherings. The only problem with that, is we have to find something to bring it in. Currently, whenever we bring something homemade, I run to my moms and borrow a pretty bowl or platter from her. It would be great to have a few things at home like this!

  466. Gina

    I would get that dry erase board for starters. It would be so fun just to be able to browse knowing that I had money to spend on pretties.

  467. Margi Deeks

    The memo board! I love to rehearse God’s blessings. What a great addition to the home. I love my chalk board but I like this write-on classic look too.

    Lots of unique decorations! A shout out to DaySpring!

  468. kimn


  469. Jessica F

    I would totally get the dry erase board! It is so much cuter than anything I have seen before!

  470. Jessica

    I’d probably get the book crops. Those were some of my favorites from the (in)courage room at Relevant.

  471. AbbyLeigh

    I saw so many things I would love for myself, my mom, my mother-in-law, my neighbor. EVERYONE!

    If I had to pick one thing it would be the beautiful big vases/hurricanes!


  472. Kathy

    I would have to go for some of the pendants. Both my daughter and I are into necklaces lately. See many possible Christmas gifts there!

  473. Heather

    I love the wooden caddy and the hurricanes as you featured.

  474. Shawna

    I would get the hurricanes and some dishes.

  475. Holly

    I would really love the Wonderful Grace Serving Tray! Beautiful!


  476. Cabogirl

    I would but my mom something for Christmas since the Christmas fund is beyond tight this year. She helps me and my 3 girls more than any mother/grandmother should while showing them amazing love and she deserves something special.

  477. Elizabeth S.

    I love their bowls so that is where I would start but there are so many wonderful things to choose from that I am not sure where I would get next. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  478. llwheeler

    I love all their stuff. I’d probably replinish my card supply then buy my children some Christian jewelry. Fun!!!!!

  479. Brennon

    I would get the tray, wooden silverware caddy, daily bread promise box and the memo board. I love this stuff and have never seen this site before!

  480. Kathy

    I like the Christmas books for kids. What a great way (and colorful!) to teach your children about the Lord and His incarnate Son.

  481. Crafty Mom

    I’ m Loveing the dry erase board, its so cute. However I would love to use that gift to buy a gift for Christmas.

  482. Kathi

    Where to start??? I love the hurricanes. I would love to be able to get some for my mom and sister. They would love them. Dayspring has the most beautiful gifts!

  483. Cori

    I love the dry erase wall board. But, how do you choose there are so many wonderful items.

  484. Hannah

    Hmmm … Life to the Full dessert plates (we’re always running out with guests), hurricanes, and maybe a serving dish. So many great choices!

  485. Kristin K

    I love DaySpring! They have so many beautiful things! I wouldn’t know where to begin! I did like the bud vase and the pitcher. But it’s all so nice! I would love to fill my home with their products!

  486. Lesley

    The dry erase wall board would have a spot in my kitchen and I would get either the ever grateful dinner plates or the giving thanks hurricanes for my dining room. Of course, I also liked the engraved silver platter…..

  487. Sally Bradley

    Hm, I might go with the white board, but I like the idea of using it for Christmas gifts too.

  488. Susan F.

    I love Christmas so holiday items would be on my Must Buy list.

  489. Vicki Potter

    A $100 gift certificate is such a fantastic prize and would go so far on the Dayspring website. I would love the Giving Thanks Hurricanes, and the White Tabletop Cross, and have been searching for a way to incorporate the “As for me and my household” Scripture into my decor…..the Me and My House Walligraphy is the perfect way to do just that! Thanks so much for the great giveaway, and the great blog!

  490. Amanda

    Ohh… so many beautiful things! I would love the “ever grateful” dry erase board… and one of everything from the Pleated Poppy! :) Or maybe the “by grace alone” necklace!

  491. Kim

    I would love to get the Wonderful Grace – Carved Wooden Serving Tray. It is beautiful and would look great on the new serving cabinet I just had built in my kitchen. I love the DaySpring collections.

  492. Alison

    I love, love, LOVE the Ever Grateful Collection from Dayspring. I have started a Christmas shopping list already and plan to buy 2 platters for my mother and mother-in-law. Plus I have a few wish-list items of my own. My “everyday” dishes are Juliska’s Berry Thread and these two collections will be BEAUTIFUL mixed together!

  493. Marilyn Holeman

    Thanks for sharing these Melissa! I’m thinking they’d make wonderful wedding and/or Christmas gifts. I really like the hurricanes and the Wonderful Grace tray.


  494. Crystal

    I love that whiteboard – it would be perfect beside our front door :) Thanks for sharing!

  495. linsea

    I really love the nativity tea lite set! There are so many beautiful items that I can think of making great gifts!

  496. Anne

    I would buy some more of their ever grateful collection Love that stuff!

  497. Julie Brazelton

    First I shared on facebook :” An amazing site and a chance to win free project:) Amen to that!” and linked to your page

    It was so much fun window shopping and pretending I had $100:) This is what I came up with:
    1. Give Thanks wooden caddy: 22.99
    2. Decorative Silver engraved tray 39.99
    3. Ever Grateful memo board/eraser 24.99
    = $87.97 with with tax and shipping I should be really close or a bit over:)

    Thanks you so much for this opportunity:)

    God Bless, Julie Brazelton

  498. Angela

    I like the Ever Gratful memo board with easel – what a great way to remember to be thankful!

  499. Ann Voskamp

    I don’t know if it’s okay for me to slip in here, Melissa? :) But to say that I love this collection is an understatement! :) With a family of eight, I’d really love to have another 8 dessert plates and I don’t have any of the dessert bowls…
    And I never dust before I take photos either :)

    I LOVE your easel, Melissa … love your heart.

    All’s grace,

  500. Carrie

    The Thanksgiving and Christmas decor…thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  501. Bekah S

    O dear! I would get the Wings of the Dawn block, and the By Grace Alone Lisa Leonard necklace.

  502. Sandy

    WoW! How fun. I love, love, love the white board, but I also love, love, love the nativity hurricane candle trio and the tree to cross print…and and and…. Thank you!

  503. Jan Burks

    I would love to have the “ever grateful” dry erase board. They have so many pretty things!!! It is hard to decide.

  504. Angie W.

    I would get the grateful Dry erase board – always thinking of things I’d love to write look at – and it reminds me to be thankful – thanks for telling about these products – and I hope I win!

    <3 Angie

  505. April

    Me, me, pick me! I would probably get something from the Ever Grateful collection for my mother for Christmas and I would also find something from that collection for my daughter in college to remind her on a daily basis how truely blessed we are!

  506. angie

    I love DaySpring’s assorted card collections. I have 2 plate racks in my dining room. Since looking at their plates with WORDS on them, I just have to have them. I’ve seen those hurricanes other places–they are so versatile.

  507. Jimi

    I really like the Ichthys wall hanging. Our home was broken into last year and we haven’t been able to replace our wallhangings. That one would be perfect! (I also like the white board). :)

  508. Vanessa

    Oh la la! A $100 shopping spree would be such a treat – being new home owners, I have many visions of making things beautiful but few resources :) I would adore the Grateful Dry Erase board.

  509. Priscilla

    Oh, what choices! I think I’d have to go for the Life to the Full tableware — especially the red, black, and white pieces. The bright colors and uplifting messages would always make us smile and remember our blessings.

    I’ll never be able to buy them for myself, but winning would be WONDERFUL! Thanks for the fun of wishing!

  510. Alexandra

    That dry erase board is really cute too!

  511. Leanne

    I would have to get a tray for sure. I’ve been loving trays right now!

  512. sarah howe

    Well, the 5-tile “‘grace” set is hands down, my favorite! “GRACE” has been the theme of my father’s church here in Tennessee, hits my heart big time!

  513. Jo Barnhill

    There are many things that I would like for myself (like the dishes and I love the tray) but I would use the money to buy Christmas gifs for my girlfriends!!! I have a small group of friends that get together each week and they would love if all!!

  514. Mgladhill

    I love the dishes!!

  515. bashtree

    Ooooh I love the nativity hurricanes and tealight holders! I also lovvvve the book crops!

  516. Valerie


  517. stephanie donaghe

    since the Holidays are near approaching I find my mind wandering towards items for the season. I love the “Jesus is the Gift” metal decor! The “God’s Heart For You” necklaces would make fabulous gifts for my girls.

  518. Janna C.

    I LOVE their nativity hurricane candle trio. I’ve been eying it since last holiday season, so I’d want to get that if I won.

  519. Linda

    I’m very excited to see the beautiful Dayspring home items. I had noticed the dry erase board in Melissa’s previous posts and wondered where I could get it. Exciting products!

  520. Lisa

    I just love the Ever Grateful line! I would have to get the cake stand and serving bowl, and some dessert plates, and…ha,ha – $100 would go real fast! Love Dayspring stuff!! Great giveaway!

  521. Mystica

    I would like the tray or the cakestand!

  522. Colleen

    I sure like the Life Collection dinnerware…

  523. Denise

    I Love the whole collection! But that dry erase board would look great in my new kitchen.

  524. Linda R.

    I like a lot of the Life to the Full collection, and the Ever Grateful Line too. I would be oh so grateful to win!

  525. maggie

    I love the ‘Giving Thanks’ hurricanes. That would be my pick if I was buying for myself. I’d probably spend the $ on gifts, though!

  526. Connie

    I would get the All Things THru Christ and Phillipians Peace wrapped canvas art with my $100 gift certificate. I’ve enjoyed your 31 Days series. Thanks for making it a must read each day!


  527. Nichole L.

    I’m not sure what I would buy exactly but am planning to get my mom’s Christmas gift(s) from DaySpring (haven’t narrowed it down yet though). They have so many great pieces that I know she’d love.

  528. Pat S.

    I would love to win and if I did, this is what I’d purchase!
    Metal Wall Hanging – Large Ichthys

    Thank you and Day Spring for the opportunity.

  529. Peggy Nagy

    They have so many wonderful things that I desire but I do love the grateful dry erase board as I work on being more thankful. I also love the grateful pitcher… I really like the whole set… anyway dreaming.

  530. Bronwyn

    The Platter, the Pitcher, and the Trivet, in wasabi, as a gift for my mother in law…it’s been such a hard year to see God’s goodness through devastating health changes. I think she would love this (of course I do too!).

  531. Debbi Dutton

    Hi Melissa ~ I am new to your blog and am really enjoying it. I love the dry erase board, but I also love the “Giving Thanks” hurricanes. (I had already seen those on my friend Monica’s website.) There are so many pretty things to choose from!

  532. Kaira

    I think I would buy one of the Show Offs from Relevant – for some reason they aren’t all showing up on the website. I’d also but the By Grace Alone jewelry set.

  533. Michelle

    I’m not sure what I would buy, everything looks so good.
    I do like the Decorative Silver Engraved Tray – Philippians 4:8, Rustic Metal Collection – Cross Doorbell, and the His Way – Decorative Candleholder.

  534. Nicole

    So many lovelies to choose from. How can I choose one?! ;) I would definitely pick something for baking. I love to bake and entertain! What an amazing giveaway.

    Thank You,

  535. Kelly Hollstrom

    I would get a set of dishes! I am in need of some colored ones too…and I also LOVE the dry erase board!

  536. Lindsay

    LOVE the ever grateful dry erase board. Too hard to choose!!

  537. Leslie

    Ooooohhhh! I LOVE thos dishes and so would my grandmother! I would most definitely do some Christmas shopping with this! Thanks for the chance to dream about it!

  538. Josee

    I would buy christmas gifts for my family (and maybe a necklace for myself!) I love DaySpring!

  539. Tara

    I fell in love with the Show Offs we saw at Relevant. If I won, I’d get one or two of those.

  540. BarbaraNJ

    Every thing looks so nice but I just love the Ever Grateful items.

  541. Mary Smither

    Yes! Yes! I love it all!

  542. Andrea Cseh

    oh that tray that you have in your house….hands down :)

  543. Andrea Cseh

    oh that tray that you have in your house….hands down :)

  544. cathy

    i love the “always thankful, ever grateful” plate!

  545. Lynette

    A pitcher would be great (Life Collection – Large Pitcher) and I’d stock up on journals and notebooks. Fun giveaway!

  546. Jennifer M

    I adore that serving tray! I’d love to win! I’ve been thinking about changing out my dishes. I think I’d go nuts with a shopping spree! Thanks for all the amazing posts.

  547. Diane

    Oh hard choice! But….this year I have been learning so much about healing and having a heart of praise and thanksgiving….even when my husband has been without work for 15 months. I think it would be a blessing to have the Thankful dry erase board…upon which to write verses that have prompted my heart to thankfulness and moments of blessing to treasure and remember. That would be sooo special! Thanks Melissa!!

  548. Camille

    Wow… love their stuff and although I do not have any pieces my self YET bc I just found them last month we got my sister n law a couple of plates and she loves them… I would get it all but I think my first piece would be the tray for sure… love love it… and then a place setting. Looking forward to Nov. 1st.

  549. Shannon

    I would absolutely order the Giving Thanks hurricanes…I have admired them for so long but I always hesitate when it comes to buying decorative items for the house. I always seem to tell myself that it’s not a necessary item…Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  550. Heathahlee

    Oh. My. Goodness. There is just too much to choose from. I would love, love, love to have the God with Us Nativity Set in the Blessings Direct catalog…that may not be exactly what I was supposed to choose from but ever since Relevant I can’t get it off my mind! ; )

    I also would love ANYTHING from the Ever Grateful line…particularly the Large Pitcher. : )

  551. Lisa

    I would definitely buy the dry erase board…it is wonderful!

  552. Kathy

    For sure I would by the white dry erase board – it is so elegant and useful. Also I would probably buy lovely things for my daughters for Christmas.

  553. C Wells

    I would love to be blessed with something from the Ever Grateful Collection.

  554. Cathy

    I’d love to have the tray, and the whiteboard, and the hurricanes, and the……

  555. Melinda

    I love the Give Thanks wood caddy and the By Grace Alone Lisa Leonard necklace!

  556. Candace

    We’re about to move into a new home, and I would love to have a couple of the customized wooden plaques with some of my favorite verses!

  557. Melanie

    I love the dry erase board and I love the grateful collection.
    Pick me, pick me!!
    thehooksfam at yahoo dot com

  558. Jody

    Well, I popped over to Dayspring yesterday to scope out the Giving Thanks hurricanes so those would be on my list. I like some of the jewelry and I’d also stock up on some cards, I think. First…..I’d want to browse everything to decide.

    Thanks for sharing your special Dayspring things with us.


  559. Hannah Roorda

    I’d have a hard time deciding between pieces from Life to the Full and Ever Grateful!

  560. Veronica H

    Oh my! What wouldn’t I like to purchase! Since I am working on decorating my new house with my new husband, I would like the dry errase board to write messages on :)

  561. Christy

    I think I will start with some Ever Grateful dishes and add to my wish list most everything they carry. Love it.

  562. Kristi

    I would love to have the Family and Marriage Bible also love the inspirational quotes and plaques

  563. kelly

    Wow what a great giveaway! I think I would use it to jumpstart Christmas…first with cards and then with gifts…maybe the beautiful Nativity trio…or the Lisa Leonard jewelry…there are just too many goodies to choose from!

  564. Alexandra

    The wooden tray is gorgeous.

  565. Andi

    I love the whiteboard….or just about anything else!!

  566. Dawn S.

    I think I would start with the cake stand or the Ever Grateful serving bowl. I love when reading the message of these beautiful things that DaySpring carries reminds me of Him and His promises.

  567. Shelley Davis

    I would love to have the beautiful memo board that you got, the heart necklace and some gorgeous cards to send to friends. What a wonderful give away!

  568. Handy Man, Crafty Woman

    What nice looking projects! (I forget to dust before I take blog photos, too, sometimes! How embarrassing!) lol

  569. Crystal

    I would definitely have to get one of those bowls and a tray. Beautiful stuff!!

  570. Marilyn

    I love the Ever Grateful dinnerware! I hadn’t seen this website before – perfect gifts for my sister-in-law and sister!

  571. jeannie

    Oh my goodness! Such gorgeous items! I would probably choose the serving tray like yours but I could easily pick so many other things! Thanks for the give away :)

  572. Gina

    I just love the Nativity hurricane trio. The Redeemed necklace is awesome too! :) It would be hard to choose. ;)

  573. Laree

    I love those giving thanks huricanes. great stuff!

  574. Heather

    I would get the message board and some dishes!

  575. Amanda

    I definitely want the Nativity Trio Hurricane set and there are so many other things I could get with the balance. So many nice things!

  576. Monica P.

    I love the tray and the Studio SDG Hanging Tile Sets (‘Bless This Home’ is my favorite, they are all gorgeous!), and the white dry erase board and the ‘By Grace Alone’ necklace… Beautiful, all!! I’d so love to have either one of these things…

    Monica P.

    • Monica P.

      I meant any of these things.

  577. Jeanette

    Something to hang on my wall. Maybe a Bless this Nest print.

  578. Sarah S.

    I love their vinyl lettering! Would definetly be getting some of that!

  579. Cyndi Spivey

    I cannot believe their are soooo many comments but I’m still leaving a comment, who knows I could get lucky! I would like to buy one of everything. I love it all!!

  580. J. Conder

    I would love to have the dry erase board to display in the upstairs hallway of our home. Growing up my mother had a huge mirror in the hallway with dry erase markers in a basket nearby. She asked that each of us six kids to leave “something kind” to each of our siblings at least once a week. Reading kind words from one another was uplifting at times and corny at other times, but what mattered is that someone that loved us took the time to be nice. I would like to replicate my mother’s idea with the dry erase board. And besides, it is just LOVELY!

  581. Katie R

    I’m passionately loving the “watch for His wonders” pillow with the multi colored leaves in greens and purples. Although, I wouldn’t say no to those giving thanks hurricanes!

  582. Beth C.

    The dishes! I’m looking for a neat set that coordinates with almost everything…

  583. Alison

    Those dishes are beautiful! I would definitely get some if I won.

  584. Laura

    That is a great giveaway!! I’d love to “have to” spend $100. ;)

  585. Rita

    I would really love the nativity hurricanes and I’m loving the “show offs” canvases. Than-you for the great giveaway! I could use a win!

  586. Michele Cook

    Oh I would have to choose the Nativity Hurricane Candle holder Trio or Christmas Story Willow Tree Nativity. There are so many nice things to choose from it would be difficult.

  587. Elizabeth

    Beautiful! I’ve had my eye on the Nativity Hurricane Candle Trio for quite awhile. I also love the Give Thanks Hurricane. Thank you.

  588. Sher

    I fell in love with the Thanks Giving Hurricane centerpieces on your Fall table and then spent the next few hours on the Dayspring site making up my wish list for Christmas! (Sounds much better than another DVD!) :) I love the idea of us being a more grateful and gracious people. To be reminded through everyday ware and specialty pieces of our need to be grateful to God and His many blessings is invaluable. Words are so very special, I suppose because Jesus Is THE Word! Thanks for an opportunity to spread more words of gratitude around our homes!
    Be Blessed!

  589. Tasha

    I would love to get the life collection pitcher and the nativity hurricanes for my mom.

    Thanks for the entry in the giveaway.

    Lovin’ the 31 days series.


  590. Laurel

    I love the grateful dry-erase board (and the rest of the collection!). I’d also enjoy doing some Christmas shopping.

  591. Susan Tornga

    I just discovered your blog through Mary DeMuth. If Day Spring charged $100 for their catalogue, that’s what I’d buy. It’s like looking at a coffee table book on decorating! But, since I can do that for free, I’d buy my publisher, Lee Emory of Trebleheart Books, something. She’s recovering from a serious surgery/illness, yet has maintained contact with all of her writers, and, most important, her commitment to God.

  592. jeri

    wow! what a great giveaway! i absolutely love the ever grateful collection and the exclusive jewelry of lisa leonard!
    have really enjoyed the 31 days series!

  593. Renee Holden


  594. Renee Holden

    Dayspring is one of my very favorite sites, I would have a blast spending a $100 on all my friends for Christmas, you have amazing inspirational products that I just love. Thanks, Renee

  595. ellen p.

    I’ve admired the sterling silver bangle scripture bracelets for a bit now. So, that’s my answer!

  596. Jayne

    I like the Ever Grateful Table and Serving Ware Collection!

  597. Paula W.

    Oooooh, I love the dry erase board and God’s Goodness wood pedastal!!

  598. Linda Spencer

    Definitely the “thankfulness” dishes. I love those!

  599. Charmin

    Easy! I would buy the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio. I’ve been drooling over that since I first saw it two or three years ago.

  600. Stephanie

    oh boy! Christmas shopping!!

  601. becky

    I LOVE the “May your cup overflow” print and the coffee mugs. LOVE!


  602. JWebb

    I love all their products! But would love to have a complete set of those dishes! My current dishes are all white and simple but the Dayspring set speaks to me!

  603. Lori

    I think I’d go with some pieces of the ever Grateful collection, and give them as gifts to family. And keep one for myself, of course.

  604. michele m fry

    love it all, thanks for the chance to win. I would love to have a bowl with something fun on the bottom. Also wonder what they will have for Chrsistmas again this year, love to add something new to my Christmas collection too :]

  605. Christie

    I mentioned your fantastic giveaway on my Twitter page!


    I would totally use this prize towards a set of the ever grateful dishes. I absolutely adore them. Fingers crossed. ;-)

    Good luck to everyone and Happy Halloween!

  606. Martine

    I would buy By Grace Alone Necklace and the Nativity Hurricane Candle Holder Trio. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

    gfmom3 at gmail dot com

  607. Dana

    I love the” Let there be thankfulness to God” dry erase board!! Beautiful!!

  608. Margie

    The grateful dry erase board. Love it!

  609. Suzanne (Crunchy green Mom)

    I really like the Give Thanks wooden silverware caddy.

    We have dinner at the table most nights of the week and this would be a great way for the kids to get the silverware to the table without getting it gross. With 6 kids, that’s a ton of silverware!

  610. Joy

    I would have to decide between the fall dishes and the wall tile collections. I especially love the TRUST wall tiles. It was fun to window shop.

  611. Samantha

    That dry erase board would look really nice on my dining room wall! I’m also anxious to see what they have for Christmas. I would love to win a g.c.!

  612. corey

    I would get the serving tray and the thankful white board.

  613. Laura

    Love the serving bowl & platter……& the message board!

  614. Nicole

    I LOVE the dry erase board with the Ephesians verse:)

  615. Ina

    I’m loving that dry erase board, and I’m also eyeing a blue serving dish on their website!

  616. susan

    Ooooh,Melissa…I’ve been following all you 31-day-lilies ;) and have not only laughed&cried with all of you,but learned so much. I may be a little battered&broken but my heart&head still work! Talk about lifting one’s spirit…and woowee, I could go “broker” :D @Dayspring. I fell abso-tively in love with th Evergrateful cake pedestal (not just4cakes y’know), and the InCourage tile sets. I have a space to love every one. But the picture I have in my head? The “grace” tile set over my folks’ first table in my dining room (for Emily), the cake pedestal loaded with always-lit white pillars (yes! 10/28? “remodeling…”), set on the EverGrateful table runner (for you&all the 31-joys!). Thank you for lifting my heart&spirit every day. A season of “treats” for sure. -s-

  617. pamelajane

    Seriously! I’d love to set my Thanksgiving buffet with the Ever Grateful serving platter, bowl, and cake plate. Just the right color and message!

  618. Corrine Rothfus

    What a delightful idea – to offer a chance to win a $100 shopping spree – from a wonderful, inspiring place! I’ve been loving the different pictures of the Giving Thanks – Set of 2 Glass Hurricanes, and the Ever Grateful – Memo Board with Easel. That would still leave enough for several of the Words for the Heart – Christian Ornament (with Faith – Galatians 2:20, Hope – Romans 15:13, Love – Romans 5:5, Joy – Nehemiah 8:10, Peace – John 14:27); I’d love to get those for my mother, 2 daughters and 2 remaining sisters (one sister is already in heaven, where Jesus is a much better decorator than any of us!).
    God bless – and Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season!
    Corrine R :)

  619. Sherry

    Melissa, What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Ever Grateful line and I would choose the cake stand or the dry erase board.
    xoxo, Sherry.

  620. Carmen Goddard

    I love love love the dry ease board – I love it all – Carmen Goddard

  621. LC

    It’s so hard to narrow it down’ I think I’d get that beautiful bowl, the dry-erase board, the set of thanksgiving hurricanes, one of the book crop signs, the purpose-driven life calendar, the Jesus is the gift Christmas set…

  622. Danielle Thayer

    What a difficult decision!!!! I really like so much of it but the hanging tiles caught my eye. I haven’t seen anything like that. And I love the scripture on everything.

  623. Robin

    I LOVE that tray since I first saw it and wishing someone would just hand me a bunch of money saying–“here, go buy something you don’t need with this!” So that would be the first thing “got” for sure. Love the Ever Grateful collection too. Need to remember gratefulness more around here. Thanks!

  624. rachel c

    I’d buy those dishes! They were awesome!

  625. Melissa

    I’d probably do some Christmas shopping with it. I know my mother in law would love the pretty plates.

  626. Lisa Perry

    I would love the dry erase board to display weekly scripture memory verses!

  627. Jaime Brown

    I would def. buy some new serving bowls. But I also love love the hanging tiles! Those are super cute!!!

  628. Jennifer

    I think I would get one of their nativity sets, hard to decide which – that’s something I’ve been wanting for years!

  629. tabitha

    i would love to have the wooden caddy, serving bowl, hangin tiles, and the thanksgiving hurricanes! :)

  630. anne

    The Be Still print
    the Give Thanks wooden caddy
    the Giving Thanks hurricanes
    : )

  631. cheryl denbow

    i would probably spend it all on their paper products cause i can never get enough of them :) then i wouldn’t have to be makin’ a decision about dishes, etc., cause how could you possibly choose?

  632. Roberta

    So hard to decide…I love the custome signs/plaques and the dishes…but I should be thinking of others for Christmas ;) Would love to win and have such a touch job…lol Thanks Melissa for the great giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  633. Lori T.

    So many choices, but new dishes would be wonderful!

  634. Rachel

    I would love to win this! Hopefully I didn’t already comment…and I don’t really want to look through all 600+ comments to find out….
    Dayspring really has some beautiful things.

    • Rachel

      Eek! I didn’t even read the directions!! I would probably buy a place setting (or more). I really love those!

  635. judy

    I would love the “Grateful” dry erase board. My husband and I are going through some difficult times right now and I think it would be great to leave each other “love notes”, words of encouragement or special scripture verses on the board.

  636. Daja

    Oh, I would LOVE the dry erase board! Perfect in my old-fashioned kitchen!

  637. Gladys

    oh I how pretty are the gratefulness series!
    I’ll so buy those one

    love, love, love your blog dear.

  638. melanie

    I would also love the dry erase board!! You can never have enough love notes around the house!!

  639. Melissa

    DaySpring has so many beutiful items! But I love the dishes you showed in your blog!!