31 Days: Autumn Bliss Series

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Welcome to my fall series, 31 Days of Autumn Bliss.

What is this series about?

I look at Autumn as a season of embracing the life I always dreamed I would have as a homemaker. Do I have to have the perfect life or home I dreamed of back in the day in order to be content right now? Of course not. I have a life worth being grateful for every day. But do I embrace it? Do I savor it? Or am I saving that contended life for some other season? (when I buy that new house, when I have more money to decorate, when I don’t have to work or when I have more time to stay home and enjoy my life?)

Autumn is a time for me to create a sense of peace and contentment RIGHT NOW with my home and my life.

Autumn is a time to slow down and embrace the home and life we have.


Find my autumn manifesto here, in my all new 2011 Fall Series!!!

Enjoy the 31 Days of Autumn Bliss 2010!

31 Days: Autumn Bliss Series

Day 1: Entering the Season of Autumn

Day 2: 12 Tips for a Welcoming Entry

Day 3: The Secret to a Clutter Free Room

Day 4: Bringing Cozy Back

Day 5: Layering Rugs Over Carpet

Day 6: Curtains

Day 7: Clever Extra Storage

Day 8: Mom Caves

Day 9: Thankful Pause

Day 10: A Fall Drive By

Day 11: An Autumn Room

Day 12: Bedrooms

Day 13: It isn’t about the money

Day 14: Unifying

Day 15: Good Enough

Day 16: Chic Pumpkins

Day 17: Drive By: Queen Anne Hill

Day 18: Refrigerator Chalkboard Frame

Day 19: Inspiring Ideas and Fall Projects

Day 20: Get Cozy With Knits

Day 21: Blissful Moments

Day 22: The Heart of the Home

Day 23: Pantry & Kitchen Organization

Day 24: Sunday Drive By

Day 25: A Touch of Autumn Craftiness

Day 26: A Fall Table

Day 27: Quick Fall Centerpiece

Day 28: DaySpring Ideas & Giveaway

Day 29: Doing What You Love

Day 30 & 31: It’s Your Turn!