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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 27}: <br>Quick Fall Centerpiece

Yesterday I shared a Fall table I loved and I realized I had not showed you what is on my table right now, two hurricanes from one of my sponsors, DaySpring! I love them (both Dayspring and the hurricanes!)!

The cool thing about these is you can actually make them say “Giving Thanks” or “Thanks Giving,” so they are appropriate any time of year!

Because I know you are wondering right now, those things floating on the rocks in the bottom of the glass are NOT dead goldfish. They are actually leaves. The photo is kind of distorting the leaves to look like fish. Ha.

31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 27}: <br>Quick Fall Centerpiece

This simple centerpiece or buffet decor is super easy to put together right before dinner or parties. I just filled the base of the glass with small smooth rocks, and thought it was pretty that way, but wanted a wee bit of fall color. So after I filled the jar with water, I added some silk leaves and then floated the candles on top. Light the candles and voila, instant Fall ambience.

I keep all sorts of little bits and pieces of seasons on hand so I can put something like this together quickly. In addition to having various candles (you can find floating candles at Michaels’ craft store), I have leaves, small rocks, nuts, faux berries and fruit, pine cones, sticks, moss and of course decorative balls and ornaments.

As I mentioned back on Day 7 of Autumn Bliss I keep a lot of these seasonal things in zip lock bags in my baskets or a cabinet in my living room. I don’t always think ahead about festive decor (I’m pretty last minute), but I am prepared at a moment’s notice to put something together!

Quick Take Away: Gather up supplies you could use for a simple centerpiece, put them in baggies and store them, along with hurricanes, vases and bowls, in a buffet or cabinet near your dining table. You’ll be much more inclined to set a pretty table for your family or parties if you have the supplies close at hand. Go ahead and do that today! It is a fun project and you’ll thank me the next time you want to set a pretty table.

Do you have little things stashed away that you could use for a quick centerpiece?

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31 Days of Autumn Bliss {Day 27}: <br>Quick Fall Centerpiece

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  1. Molly

    This is too CUTE and simple. POSSIBLY simple enough I could even do. :) I do try to stash various candles in various heights/sizes to throw together a centerpiece.

    It was great hearing you on the panel at Relevant. Fabulous site. :D

    • Melissa

      If I can put this together, ANYONE can!

  2. Modern Gypsy

    I have some small pine cones lying in a box in my craft table – why didn’t I think of floating them in water before? What a cool idea for a centerpiece!!

  3. Annelise

    IT is time to pull out the leaves and berries, thanks for the reminder. I will have to check out dayspring.

  4. Lynn from For Love or Funny

    Funny! I thought the leaves were goldfish! I definitely save seasonal items to use every time I decorate.

  5. SimplyLKJ

    I always keep little seasonal things on hand, especially those kind of things that can easily fill a glass hurricane (such as acorns, miniature pinecones, river rocks leaves for this time of year). I am think that the “Giving Thanks, Thanks Giving” ones could easily be replicated with either vinyl lettters or a paint pen (one a little more permananet than the other). I love the simplicity of it.

  6. Deanna

    There are items I keep from year to year…they get stored downstairs on shelves my husband built for me. I go down there to shop my shelves and bring up seasonal decor. I like to use things in a different way every year. I don’t often have to buy new stuff, just reuse what I have, though I did buy three small twig balls for 99 cents each!

  7. Tracey

    I have tapers in a bunch of different colors (from Trader Joe’s) and when I need something quick I just switch out the tapers to a current season or holiday color–simple.
    I keep them in what we affectionately call the “liquor cabinet” of our eat in kitchen. It’s a small single door armoir~which actually has more coffee, Cuisinart & Kitchen Aid parts than liquor. I should do something about that.

  8. sheri

    The bottom half of our linen closet is dedicated to seasonal decorating.- i have zip locs of shells, sand, candles, chargers, etc.

    My kids think it’s funny and call it ‘mom’s toy closet’. :)

  9. Jess

    Yep! I have some boxes that have different seasonal things in them. I try to pick up things I like at yard sales to be able to use for the next year – I got some great 4th of July bunting this year for almost nothing!! :) Saves on cost and keeps my idea boxes full! :)

  10. Courtney

    These are really pretty. Dayspring has so many lovely items!

  11. Vee

    Yes, I do. The only trouble is that they are here, there, and everywhere. Years ago, I saw Christopher Lowell discussing this very thing and he said to find one place, preferably with shelves, where everything could be stored. It’s been fifteen years and I haven’t done it yet. Course this also means that I am getting closer to doing it, right? Love the idea of silk leaves in the water and the floating candles. It must look lovely in the evening with them lit.

  12. Mary Joy

    I just love how simple things can become something beautiful for our families with just a little effort.

    I also love how you suggest that we create these special touches for our own family not just guests! It is so important for them to feel important too! Great thoughts and great ideas! I am working on adding to my baggies next week as I get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons…thanks again!

  13. kim

    Simple but elegant! I can do that!

  14. House Bella

    My guest room closet has Ziplocs full of battery operated candles, Christmas bulbs, charger plates, etc etc. Basically anything that doesn’t have a place in the current decor!

    I have those same placemats, too. Got mine at TJ Maxx!

  15. Mimi

    I have plenty of things stashed to create beautiful centerpieces, but they ae in bins at the bottom of a closet. Your idea to keep some items handy near the table in small bags is a great idea.

  16. teresa

    I love simple centerpieces…. the text on the side adds warms and charm. Thanks for sharing.
    I so need to get busy…Thanksgiving will be here before I know it.


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