A Ruffled “Gussy” $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

Hi there! This is Gussy, and I looooove sewing ruffles on accessories.

My husband and I live in Minneapolis, and last Christmas I remember seeing the downtown Macy’s department store display window decorated with ruffles. Oh, how my heart skipped a beat! Ruffles are like air to me, I need them in my life. Need, need, need.

I dream of expanding my line of ruffled pretties, but I also fear that once I start adding ruffles to new categories I won’t be able to stop. Funny, but oh-so true. So for now I’ll dream through the success of others ;]

Every once in a while I save photos or projects I see that have been ruffle-ized. And — yeow! — I’d like to share with you my top 10 collection of stored favorites that inspire me ~

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

[photo credits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

Sew pretty!


Back to me :]

November 2010 is an exciting time for two reasons —

    1. Two years ago I started sewing, and
    2. Six months ago I quit my day job to sew full-time.

Will you celebrate with me?

I’d like to gift one reader of The Inspired Room $75 shop credit to my shop.

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway
A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

A Ruffled "Gussy" $75 Shop Credit Giveaway

Take a look at what you could choose from ~ tote bags, laptop bags, wristlets, zipped pouches {various sizes} — and lately, headbands!

To enter ~

Visit my shop and share which item is your favorite

For additional entries {please leave a comment for each} ~

    * Follow me on Twitter
    * Sign up for my newsletter {a promo code will be emailed to you once you sign up}
    * Subscribe to my blog

Good luck!


The giveaways are now closed! Winners will be announced soon!

Don’t forget to enter The Vintage Pearl $75 gift certificate giveaway and the Dayspring Carved Wooden Tray giveaway (one winner per 100 entries so you have a better chance of winning!!)


  1. Good thing I am up this early.

  2. I love this work by the way the ruffled pillows.

  3. I would choose 4 of the Christmas stockings! If I am the first comment please give the coffe Giftcard to someone else because I live in Germany and don’t recall seeing the gift cards in the starbucks over here. Thanks!

  4. I love the tablecloth and necklace!

  5. I follow Gussy on Twitter.

  6. I subscribe to the newsletter.

  7. I like the citrus polka dot zippered pouch and need a ruffled headband – any color!

  8. The Gray & yellow floral wristlet/clutch is adorable! Thanks for the chance.

  9. Ohh, the pillows are soo adorable.

  10. I love the Christmas stockings and the little strawberry purse for my granddaughter. Thank-you for the giveaway!

  11. Ashley Borden says

    I would choose the Tweet zippered pouch for moi & some headbands for my niece.

  12. Ashley Borden says

    Following you on Twitter!


  13. LoveFeast Vacay Bag~~absolute favorite, must have Gussy bag! Thank you for the giveaway, Melissa.

  14. April Taylor says

    I like the Damask totes, now to decide on a color for the ruffle.

  15. I love your stockings!

  16. Ashley Borden says

    Signed up for the newsletter! Your stuff is awesome and I’m happy to have discovered your shop this morning!

  17. Ellen Moore says

    I want the LoveFeast tote bag in mustard. I could easily carry my knitting in it. I also like the small bags, in which I would put some special tea bags. I don’t usually like the tea in restaurants, and it would be nice to have my own tea with me.

  18. Ellen Moore says

    I am a follower of your blog.

  19. Ellen Moore says

    I receive your newsletter.

  20. Can’t go past those ruffled cushions !

  21. O la la! Lovely, sweet, and girly in the best way!

  22. Such cute stuff. I would have to get a few of the green floral zipped pouches for gifts! Thanks..

  23. I would choose the tote bag…how fun to bring that to work!

  24. Rose in Ohio says

    Those sweet little ruffled and zippered pouches would make excellent stocking stuffers or teacher gifts!

    And, Gussy, this must be perfect snowing—er, I mean sewing weather in Minneapolis!

  25. I would choose the damask tote! :D

  26. Rose in Ohio says

    I’m following you on twitter, too.

  27. following on twitter….

  28. Rose in Ohio says

    ….and I just signed up for your newsletter.

  29. Tote bags!

  30. and receiving the newsletter ^_^

  31. michele m fry says

    Love love the necklaces, would love a tote bag or even a pillow, it’a all so pretty and who doesn’t love a ruffle????

  32. michele m fry says

    Just signed up for the newsletter too :]

  33. I love the orange plaid and polka dot wristlet and cosmetic bag. I would also love any of the Christmas Stockings…they are adorable!! I’m amazed by the talent of others. Thanks for the giveaway…choose me!!!!:) I just love your site and look forward to it each time!!

  34. I would choose one of the damask tote/diaper bags! New baby coming in February :)

  35. I subscribe to your blog in GR.

  36. I heart the vacay tote and the teal/green polka dot zipper pouch!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. subscribed to the blog

  38. as for a fav item… I love the diaper bag!! First things first though, my daughter would love heart bag …

  39. Oh, i love it all, but my fave would be the small zippered pouch with the houndstooth and pink!! Super cute!

  40. i already follow you on twitter (itsjustlisa)

  41. subscribed to the newsletter

  42. and you are already in my google reader!!

  43. Hi! I just entered via The Nester giveaway too – it was fun to meet both you and Melissa at Relevant! I’d jump at a new laptop bag and love all the ruffly goodness!
    Thank you!

  44. I’m also a Gussy newsletter subscriber!

  45. love the ruffled pillows in the pics – I would have to buy a gussy girl bag & also a headband or two & maybe a bag for me later :) adore your stuff!!

  46. The ruffle stockings are my absolute fav! Love Them!!

  47. Overwhelmed by the choices! I signed up for the newsletter, and am now following on twitter, and I loved the headbands, tableclothes, laptop covers, etc, etc, etc, :) wonderful fun!

  48. Oh, I love those damask tote bags. They are so fun!

  49. Oh I love the LOVE FEAST bags!! I like all three color options. I like everything I looked at….all those ruffles!

  50. I’m a newsletter subscriber!!

  51. I’m subscribing to Gussy’s blog,too!

  52. My fav would have to be the damask diaper/tote!

  53. Love the ruffles!!

  54. I love Gussy! I really want a laptop case with a sweet ruffle :)

  55. I subscribe to Gussy, too. I love her blog! And her cute dog Bauer ;)

  56. I like the totes, but I can’t decide which one I like best. Maybe the damask with a green ruffle…I can’t decide! I also love the stockings, but we all have handmade stockings already!

  57. I subscribed to the newsletter!

  58. I love the damask totes! So fun and girly!

  59. I loved the stockings. New Christmas stockings for the family have been on my to-do list for 3 years now – and I just haven’t gotten around to it.

  60. Annette Taylor says

    Love the stockings!!

  61. Annette Taylor says

    subscribe to your blog

  62. I adore the gray and yellow clutch. I am in the process of finishing my bedroom in those colors [plus a little light teal] and so every time I see the combination I get excited.

  63. So after I read your post about sewing full time and fulfilling your dream [things I have been struggling with alot lately] I can’t help but subscribe!
    I am wishing you all the luck in the world for continued success.

  64. Oo! LOVED the totes!

  65. Elizabeth Smith says

    I love her totes ( and everything else!!!)

  66. I love your store! So pretty.
    I am going to be a first time grandma any day now and would love my grand baby (it’s a girl) to have one of your lovely baby blankets.

  67. I love both the baby blanket and the laptop bag!


  68. Michele Laramay says

    I love the Christmas stockings. Love, love!

  69. I love everything! One of my faves is the Peppermint Dot Makeup Bag. :)

  70. I have a tote fetish :(
    Seriously, those are beautiful–hope I win!!

  71. Probably the Christmas Stockings. They’re adorable!

  72. I love the damask tote/diaper bag, but the headbands are all so cute, too.

  73. Love the tote bag with the green or pink ruffle ;)

  74. I love all the zipped pouches, but the stockings are adorable too…so hard to choose!

  75. Love the damask ruffled diaper bag… LOVE IT! And the ruffled Christmas stockings… how could I choose?

  76. I signed up for your newsletter!

  77. I love the Tweet in B&W pouch and the Love feast vacation totes!

  78. I would choose the Damask Diaper Bag with the choice of colored ruffle! Such a cute shop! Love everything.

  79. I follow you on Twitter! twitter.com/amycornwell

  80. I follow Gussy on Twitter @mammamoiselle

  81. I signed up for the newsletter

  82. Subscribe to the blog via Google Reader

  83. I love your Christmas stockings!

  84. the Blue bell in pink zipped pouch, small! :)

  85. I also subscribe to your blog.:)

  86. Love this round up of ruffly goodness! And love the stockings in your shop. I would also LOVE to win! Thank you!

  87. I adore the ruffled laptop bag in black and white damask and chartreuse (for my daughter :)

  88. Wow. Hard to narrow it down. I’ve always liked your stuff, but I really love the polka dot zip pouches & wristlets. With 3 little girls in this house, I could use that $75!

  89. I follow you on Twitter (fabulousfinds)

  90. I subscribe to your website

  91. I subscribe to your blog via Google reader

  92. A laptop bag, definitely!

  93. Yes I follow Gussy on Twitter now…Maggie is such a cutie patotie ;)

  94. Already a newsletter subscriber of Gussy…have been for a while now.

  95. I love the lap top bag!

  96. And I follow you on Twitter from @heartforhim

  97. Already a blog subscriber as well ;)

  98. Twitter follower!

  99. My favorite item is the Damask Tote…too cute!

  100. Love anything Harringbone!

  101. love the stockings!

  102. Am following your blog, as well!

  103. I want the stockings….soooo pretty!

  104. I love love love Gussy’s stuff! I would have said wristlets are my favorite, but then the stockings came out. FUN!

  105. I would love something for my sunglasses. I’m hoping the med zip bag will fit some glasses!

  106. I subscribed through email!

  107. And I follow you on Twitter!

  108. I now follow you on twitter!

  109. And I receive your emails! Wow, I feel like a stalker. :)

  110. Having 2 little girls, my favorite items are the stockings (so sophisticated and pretty, something they can really grow with each year) and the headbands. Very fun! Happy 6 mths of full-time sewing!

  111. I like the wristlet, the pouch and the stocking. I NEED a cute girly stocking. I have one husband and four sons. We need ruffles in this house!
    I added your blog to my reader AND am now following you on twitter. LOVE it.

  112. I LOVE Gussy! :) My pick would be the LoveFeast vacay tote bag + pouch.

  113. I really like the damask laptop bags and the zippered pouches! Stockings are great,too!!

  114. I follow Gussy’s blog. :)

  115. I love love love the Gussy Tote/Diaper Bag! I have had my heart set on one for a while now!

  116. I am loving the peppermint dots wristlet clutch!

  117. I follow Gussy on Twitter

  118. I receive the Gussy newsletter.

  119. and I subscribe to her blog!

  120. The tote/diaper bag is gorgeous!

  121. I’m in love with the b&w houndstooth zipped pouches! Thanks for the chance!


  122. I love the stockings and the vacay tote!

  123. Since I finally splurged and got your fab damask laptop bag before Relevant, I think one of the ruffled zipper bags and the headbands are next on my list! ;) I {heart} Gussy! :)

  124. I subscribe via Google Reader

  125. I follow Gussy on Twitter already!

  126. Right now my favorite item is your headbands made with the red gingham checks…or anything made with the red gingham checks really!!


  127. Already signed up for newsletter too!

  128. I follow the Gussy blog!!


  129. Of course, already subscribed to the blog too! ;)

  130. I subscribe to your blog!

  131. I follow Gussy on twitter.

  132. I love the Damask laptop bag :)

  133. I love the little girl’s purses – and my daughter would too! Thanks for sharing

  134. I just subscribed to your newsletter!

  135. I love the wristlets! How cute!!

  136. I subscribed to Gussy on Google Reader.

  137. Following you on twitter! :)

  138. I signed up for the newsletter!

  139. subscribed to newsletter :)

  140. subscribed to blog :)

  141. I follow you on twitter, too!

  142. How beautiful! I adore the Gussy Laptop Bag…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  143. I love the damask tote bag with red ruffle for myself and any of the wristlets for my tween daughter! She would actually love everything on here – especially the headbands!

  144. I follow Gussy Sews on Twitter…
    Thanks very much!

  145. I love all the stockings. Every. Single. One. And the Blue Bell Wristlet.

  146. I love GussySews’ things! It is hard to choose a favorite but for today I think it would be the gray and yellow floral wristlet.

  147. I am an email subscriber of yours!
    Merci, Cindi

  148. Oh with $75 it would make a very nice Christmas for my daughter, I would get the beautiful doll blanket in hot pink and then some headbands.

  149. Also, I follow your RSS feed via my Google Reader
    Many thanks to you!

  150. I signed up for Gussy’s email newsletter.

  151. Nancy Cornwell says

    I Love the spearmint dot headband!

  152. I would love to have one of those cute laptop bags.

  153. I’d love to have stockings! Or the laptop bag. Can’t decide, but I don’t really have to decide (unless I win, of course).

  154. I follow Gussy on Twitter

  155. I’m following you on twitter.


  156. I subscribed!

  157. I love the makeup bags!!

  158. Love the Peppermint dot headband! It would fit perfectly with what I’m planning to wear for Christmas.

  159. I signed up for your newsletter.

  160. Followed on Twitter… cute name. Looking forward to your cheerful tweets!

  161. aaaaand there’s the newsletter. I just can’t wait for more ruffles in my life! :)

  162. And your feed should soon be delivered to my Google Reader. Hooray!

  163. I follow Gussy on Twitter! I especially love hearing updates on Bauer :’)

  164. I just subscribed to Gussy’s newsletter!

    Welcome to the Gussy Newsletter!

    You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter.

  165. I love Gussy’s new line of stockings….I would also love to have any of her bags!

  166. I love the damask totes … I also love the baby blankets. Can’t decide!!:)

  167. Gussy is now at the top of my Google Reader!

  168. April in CT says

    I love, love the damask tote bag! I have no idea what color ruffle I’d choose because they’re all so darned CUTE!!

  169. I follow you on twitter!

  170. April in CT says

    I follow your blog! :)

  171. I get your newsletter too :)

  172. AND I subscribe to your RSS feed!

  173. Love the stockings; the diaper bag/tote is an essential; and the little zippered purses are sweet!

  174. I love your stockings!!!!

  175. I signed up for the newsletter!

  176. I LOVE the stockings!

  177. I subscribed to your blog!

  178. Oh, I’d love me a Gussy laptop bag!

  179. yes! I follow Gussy on twitter @celeste_w

  180. and, I’m already receiving the Gussy newsletter :)

  181. and! I subscribe to the Gussy blog!

  182. Maggie!! Yippee!! You know I love everything you make but I really really really want a laptop bag or the Vaca Bag! I also adore the stockings and have this grand idea to use it as a wreath on our door… is that weird or awesome… I’m thinking awesome!

  183. I follow **stalk** you on twitter!

  184. I subscribe to your blog!

  185. I want a new make- up bag, those are so girly and cute!

  186. I love the Damask tote/diaper bag with the green ruffle.

  187. Carmen Erickson says

    I love the Damask tote/diaper bag- darling!!

  188. I love the totes!

  189. Carmen Erickson says

    and…I subscribed to Gussy’s blog with Google reader!

  190. Carmen Erickson says

    ….and I signed up for the newsletter!

  191. Hi! I would choose the damask tote with a green ruffle. I have a busy little toddler and am always looking for fun new bags. The stockings are pretty cute too!!

  192. I’m a huge fan of Gussy! I am loving the houndstooth anything. Houndstooth is my favorite pattern!

  193. Would LOVE to win a tote bag – I’m with you, RUFFLES ON EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE! :))))

  194. Subscribed to your newsletter! :)

  195. Stockings!! Love them!!!

  196. I’m a ruffle girl, too….and one of these days, I WILL buy one of your laptop bags. they make me swoon!

  197. I would choose the LoveFeast vacay tote or stockings…

  198. Love Gussy!! :)
    I am really wanting one of those stockings….

  199. I follow you on Twitter @mdmerenghi

  200. I subscribe to your newsletter

  201. I subscribe to your blog!! I’m a faithful reader. ;)

  202. I am so excited by your shop,how inspiring! What glorious work.
    I find the tote/diaper bag especially lovely.

    • Hey :)
      I cannot get my info to load correctly…
      E-mail: settheclocktozerobaby@gmail
      Web: CelebrateDiversity.etsy.com

  203. I love the zippered bags. I could think of ways to use several of them!

  204. Would love some new stockings for this season!

  205. Hey Gussy! Love the tote bags!

  206. I’m a subscriber too :)

  207. I would love a wristlet (Green floral wristlet/clutch looks nice!) and Christmas stockings!

  208. I didn’t realize there was a newsletter! :-)

  209. Yes, I’m a twitter follower. Tweet, tweet!

  210. I love the tote bag! :)

  211. I follow gussy on twitter

  212. I love the damask laptop bags – so chic! I run my own company and am often lugging my laptop around with me everywhere, would be perfect to have it in a fun bag that’s pretty to look at!

  213. Oh I NEED one of the zippered bags. It’s important. And a headband because maybe cute accessories will give me the balls to cut my hair off.

  214. I just love the vacay tote bag + pouch (especially in sea green with green floral ruffle).

  215. Stocking!!! My son is 6 and he still doesn’t have one! Not sure how we have survived without this. I think I give him mine every year. I also love the love feast bag and the baby blankets. So fun!

  216. And I am a twitter follower!

  217. And I just signed up for your newsletter

  218. Love, Love, Love the black & cream tote with the hot pink ruffle!

  219. Following on twitter.

  220. I love the Damask tote/diaper bag with the orange ruffle!

  221. Love, love, love the black & cream tote with the hot pink ruffle!

    The Vintage Pearl $75 gift certificate giveaway!

  222. LOVE the laptop tote!

  223. I love, love, LOVE the laptop bag! :)

  224. Just became a follower on Twitter!

  225. Signed up for your newsletter!

  226. And I’m now a subscriber to the blog! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  227. Christy Sattler says

    You have shown me the beauty of ruffles! LOVE the damask tote bag with accent color. Blue would be my choice. Your products are so cheerful!

  228. Love all of this! The ruffles are great! I would love a tote bag, pouch, all the beautiful ruffles and colors are breathtaking!

  229. I would love a tote bag! I need some Gussy in my life

  230. Love the tote bags and stockings. Super fun!

  231. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  232. I’m a long time follower of your blog!

  233. I have a little girl who would love the headbands, and I love the makeup pouch!

  234. I subscribe to Gussy’s blog.

  235. My favorite is the large tote – I would choose the lilac accent color – LOVE IT!

  236. My mouth literally fell open when I saw the Christmas Stockings. They are (seriously) THE cutest stockings I’ve ever seen. No…seriously!

  237. blog subscriber :)

  238. I adore the baby blankets, The pillows pictured are my favorites though. Love them!! Fingers are crossed!

    Art by Karena

  239. I follow Gussy on twitter @funkyfaithgirl

  240. I already receive the Newsletter

  241. I subscribe to Gussy’s blog

  242. I like the stockings!! They are so cute.

  243. oh may what a lovely site and giveaway- the Damask laptop bag in chartruse would be divine =)
    Happy Day

  244. I follow you on Twitter @FifthStreetMama

  245. I love the stockings!!

  246. how could i possibly begin to pick a favorite? i love it all!!!!

  247. I just signed up for your newsletter!

  248. I really love the LoveFeast vacay tote bag + pouch

  249. Now I am a subscriber to your blog :)

  250. Love your tote bag!

  251. This is awesome! Love your headbands.

  252. I follow you on twitter!

  253. I subscrive via google reader!

  254. I don’t know how to choose a favorite, but my latest obsession is houndstooth, so I’d have to go for anything made of that, but I absolutely adore the damask the laptop back. I NEED one of those!

  255. I love the Ruffled Gussy shop!! It was hard to pick to just one. LOL I had my eye on the red makeup bag. Very cute!

  256. I follow on Twitter!

  257. I’m a newsletter subscriber!

  258. And I subscribe!

  259. I love the LoveFeast Vaca Tote Bag, that would definitely be what I would choose. It’s lovely!
    Thank you,

  260. I follow on Twitter!

  261. I love the Gussy tote/diaper bag!

  262. I subscribe!
    Dreaming of a LoveFeast Vaca Tote Bag

    Thank You,

  263. I love the stockings!

  264. Newsletter is in the inbox!
    Thank you,

  265. I signed up for your newsletter!

  266. I really love the Gussy Laptop bags!!

  267. Already follow the Gussy blog! :)

  268. I absolutely love the Christmas Stockings!! So cute, colorful, and unique! I would be so excited to get those!!

  269. Oh! I would love one of the totes- they are all so pretty!!!

  270. I do love those headbands…and with 4 little girls, I have plenty of heads to put them on!

  271. I love the baby blanket in grape. The yellow pillow shown on this page – I must have!

  272. I really need a laptop case, but I am really loving your Christmas stockings.

  273. I love your shop! I would definitely choose one of your totes.

  274. I am following on Twitter.

  275. I signed up for your newsletter.

  276. I am a subscriber to your blog. I love ruffles also!

  277. I love the diaper/tote bag!

  278. I love, love, love the ruffled tablecloth. How femine and romantic. And the throw pillows are just the perfect touch.

  279. Cyndi Spivey says

    I would love the Christmas stockings!

  280. Gotta love those Christmas Stockings!

  281. Cyndi Spivey says

    I follow you on twitter.

  282. Cyndi Spivey says

    I signed up for your newsletter!

  283. Cyndi Spivey says

    I subscribed to your blog!

  284. love the ruffle necklace! and those pillows!

  285. I love the spearmint green makeup bag.

  286. I follow Gussy on Twitter.

  287. I follow her blog.

  288. Oh my the tote…! It looks perfectly cheerful, and i adore the lap top bag too. So pretty!

  289. Signed up for the news letter ! :)

  290. Signed up for your blog…!

  291. Susan Spiers says

    I am a Twitter follower!

  292. Susan Spiers says

    I am a newsletter subscriber!

  293. Susan Spiers says

    I am a blog subscriber-& I luv your ruffled pillow!

  294. I love the green floral zippered pouch! I love the contrast in the colors.

  295. I would love some stockings! So cute!

  296. the christmas stockings for sure! i have wanted new ones forever! :)

  297. Love the damask tote bag!

  298. I subscribed to Gussy’s blog.

  299. oh my gosh, someone who loves ruffles as much as i do!! yeay!! if i had to choose, i’d say my fave item at your store is either the ruffled laptop bag or the damask tote! [way too hard to choose… i really want to win the giveaway except then i would have to pick between the two incredible items and that may prove to be too difficult!]

  300. I love the damask tote

  301. signed up for newsletter

  302. subscribed to blog

  303. p.s. I am now a blog follower with Google Reader… & i love the post on 10 fun + economical packaging ideas! [waiting for my promo code with the newsletter sign up]

  304. I signed up for the newsletter, but haven’t received a response. It’s not in my junk mail;)

  305. following on Twitter!

  306. love the laptop bag.

  307. I love the ruffled laptop bags. so cute.

  308. I LOVE all the holiday touches you’ve created. There are just too many to find just one!

  309. Jenny Hester says

    A girl can never have too many ruffles!

  310. i liek the lovefest vacay bag

  311. I love the Gray & Yellow Floral Wristlet/Clutch!

  312. I follow Gussy on Twitter!

  313. i’m a blog follower :)

  314. So incredibly cute! I love.love the stockings!

  315. I signed up for your newsletter!

  316. I love the Christmas stockings and tote bag!

  317. I subscribed to your blog!

  318. Christmas stockings are gorgeous

  319. Oh my goodness! I’m shopping for sweet stocking for Christmas to start using for my girls this year, and these are perfect! I can see them on my mantel now…

  320. LOVE the totes, LOVE the wristlets and makeup pouches!!!! :D Thanks!!!

  321. I subscribed to the blog!

  322. I love the stockings!!

  323. I signed up for the newsletter

  324. Damask tote/diaper bag with pink ruffle.

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  325. I adore the Gussy Stockings! =)

  326. Jennifer Hayes says

    Oh My Goodness. That ruffled tablecloth is gorgeous!!!

  327. I LOVE the yellow ruffle pillow! :)

  328. Love the totes and Christmas stockings!

  329. I subscribed to Gussy’s newsletter.

  330. I love the headbands! I think my daughter would just love those!

  331. I would have to say I love those stockings. My daughter would love those Girl Zipper purses – soooooo adorable!!

  332. I love all things Gussy! My first choice would be the tote bag.

  333. Love the Lovefeast vacay tote!

  334. I signed up for the newsletter.

  335. signed up for blog

  336. I love those Christmas stockings! Heading over to look some more. :-)

  337. I love the damask laptop bag! Gorgeous!

  338. Definitely the damask tote. The hard part would be choosing a ruffle color…I’m thinking chartreuse…

  339. I really like the Damask tote bag! Sweet.

  340. I love the “LoveFeast vacay tote bag + pouch” – the fabric is perfect!

  341. Signed up for the newsletter

  342. Love your tote bag!!

  343. I like the Tweet in *b&w* zipped pouch, such a cute print.

  344. Jessica Young says

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    P.S. Just last week I signed up for your blog and all. Oh well!

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