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A Bathroom Renovation: The Plan {and $100 Home Depot Gift Card!}

by | Jan 23, 2011 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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A Bathroom Renovation: The Plan {and $100 Home Depot Gift Card!}

So it is pretty obvious if you have been hanging out with me for long — I love old charming houses. LOVE!!! I especially am giddy about old house bathrooms and kitchens that have been remodeled but retain the original charming features and style. I’m in love with old fashioned white porcelain sinks, pretty faucets, interesting lighting, classic subway tile, plaster and wood walls and unique ceilings. I’m all about the details.

But, I am learning to appreciate the pace and opportunities in a newer house. It is nice to not have to rush into any project. And it is really nice not to have to tear out electrical wiring in the walls and fix plumbing under the house. That stuff was necessary in an old house, but it was always way more expensive that I ever imagined and worst of all for me, it was NOT FUN to look at.

No one really cares if you have beautiful plumbing under the house that cost you fifty bajillion dollars. No one ever asked to enter the crawl space to see our new water pipes or asked to hang out around our new electrical panel. Well, maybe the men did. But the funnest projects for me in my old houses were always the pretty parts of renovation. Sinks, faucets, tile & fresh paint …. oh my!

My new house is going to be really fun once I get on a roll!

In this house, we can jump right into updating things that we actually LOVE looking at — as time, budget or opportunity allows. Now THAT is my kind of fun!

A Bathroom Renovation: The Plan {and $100 Home Depot Gift Card!}

While my only real expectation for renovation projects this year was to paint the interior of my house, I was recently given the opportunity to do a small bathroom makeover through Home Depot! I’m feeling pretty blessed right now, because this was just the incentive my husband and I needed to tackle a fun renovation of our powder room.

Yes, I know, I just painted that powder room this past spring on a rare impulsive whim where friends graciously offered to help me out and paint with me. A paint makeover did wonders for our powder room and I do think it turned out pretty cute, considering all we did was paint! The cute updated vanity will be given to someone in need.

But now I’m excited to begin our very first real room makeover in this house by updating it with some of my favorite classic details. Because it is the smallest room in our house, I’m hoping we can make a big impact and it will help set the tone for what I want my house to look and feel like.

Home Depot is kicking off a Renew and Redo Event this weekend (it runs through February 23) so I was in Home Depot THREE TIMES exploring all my options! I was in complete heaven. I wandered the aisles dreaming of possibilities. I went online and was amazed at the variety and selection they offer there as well, including some really cute vanities and faucets.

A Bathroom Renovation: The Plan {and $100 Home Depot Gift Card!}

I love that you can update a bathroom with as little as new cabinet hardware, a new faucet, new paint or even expand your project to include new tile or a brand new vanity (they have some cute ones online that I was really tempted by!). Simple and fun updates are so affordable! I have two other bathrooms that will hopefully be getting paint and new cabinet hardware this year too so it was fun to think through all my bathrooms and what I could possibly do in time.

Check out the Home Depot Renew and Redo event and see what might inspire you!

Here is what we found to kick off our new “old house” DIY makeover.

  • A classic white pedestal sink
  • New classic faucet
  • White subway tile
  • Wood paneling & Paint

SQUEEEEE!!! Ah. I’m going to feel more at home here REALLY soon. That is all I’m gonna tell you for now.

I’ll be getting this bathroom renovation project underway once I’m back from Blissdom next week! It should be fun — it has been awhile since my hubby and I have tackled more than painting a room, so this could be humorous. We’ll see.


To help one lucky reader get started on a little project of your own, Home Depot is offering a $100 gift card to one of my readers! HOW AWESOME is that, we could redo our bathrooms at the same time!!? All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post!

Tell me what updates you would like to make to your bathroom (or about your favorite bathroom updates) and if you are scared for me knowing I’m going to be tiling something. I know. It is kind of scary.

“The Home Depot works with bloggers such as myself to conduct product reviews. They do not tell bloggers what to say about their products or how to say it. The Home Depot fundamentally believes that people should be free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot often provides product – free of charge – to bloggers for review as they did for this post. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.”


  1. M

    I would love to put a new vanity and change out the hardware in our master bathroom!

  2. Amy

    Tiling scares me to death! I can’t wait to see what you do.

    I have a few ideas in mind for my little hollywood bathroom…now just finding time to finish it. I’d like to paint my mirrors and my cabinets, you know…a weekend, lol.

  3. Kathy

    hmmm, my bathroom could use some new tile on the floor, but what I’d really like to use the gift card for is to work on my yucky basement laundry room. =)
    kathy k.

  4. Kristine

    We have been waiting and waiting to start tiling our bathroom floor too–would LOVE to win this!

  5. Weedwacker

    We would put in new tub surround, replace the toilet and repaint. It’s a little bathroom, but that would be a big change.

  6. Sherri

    I love classic bathroom designs! We have painted all our bathrooms and replaced the light fixtures, but our master bath is in desperate need of new faucets – Home Depot to the rescue?

  7. Emily at Peach and Pearl

    I kid you not, I had Home Depot’s website open in one tab and Google Reader open in another when your post came through!! This was meant to be (fingers crossed, anyway!) The bathroom update I’m looking at right now is not terribly exciting in a designer sense, but will be terribly exciting in an I-don’t-have-to-go-to-the-laundromat-anymore sense: we are looking at buying our first washer and dryer, and I love the options at Home Depot. A $100 gift card would get us off to a great start!!

    Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

  8. Rebecca

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I really want to tile and paint my downstairs bathroom. It’s a half bath with a pedestal sink. It’s an adorable little room… It just needs some love!

    I could also use some storage baskets for a little cabinet that we’re planning on building! =)

  9. Amanda

    OH MY GOODNESS–what DOESN’T my bathroom need? With the scary green peeling floor, the gross old cabinet, walls that are pitted and terrible after a wallpaper removal disaster, a cracked tub AND NO PLACE TO HANG MY ROBE!!!

    This would be a dream! To have $100 to start over again!

  10. Claudia

    oh my gosh, that would be awesome, we need to redo our bathroom because of flooring issues – can’t wait to see yours!

  11. Jennifer

    I love Home Depot! The biggest need in my bathrooms is paint. I also have one bathroom that has a huge crack in the tile grout, so we have to figure out what to do with that. My kitchen faucet is the fixture I would love to change–it is UGLY–it is off-white. I would love to have brushed nickel because it would be prettier and easier to clean.

  12. Pine Tree Home

    I jumped on the HD bandwagon this weekend and came home with one of their vanities. I am still in the decision making phase, but am so exciting to give my little room a boost and make it special.

  13. Mrs. H.

    Updating our master bathroom is the first project on our list of things we’d like to change in the house we bought 6 months ago. It will be our first real home renovation project to tackle. A Home Depot gift card would come in handy! :-)

  14. Michele

    We were just in Home Depot this weekend. I can already think of several ways I would put $100 to good use. I also love the charm of older homes. That’s my goal if we get to build a new home…to make it feel old! Sounds kind of silly but that’s the goal :)

  15. Katie M.

    OOOH, my bathroom(s) need sooo much. New tile, new floor (in one), new sinks. A Home Depot gift card would be the perfect jump start on our bathroom projects =]

  16. Joy D

    We need a new vanity like crazy!!!

  17. Ali

    We are in the midst of remodeling our master bathroom right now! Yikes! Up next for us is tile and paint! $100 would sure help! :)

  18. Kayduh

    We are finishing up a bathroom renovation for some not-so-handy friends. We did white subway tile with grey grout for the shower! Next up is adding a bathroom and bedroom to our attic.

  19. Jenna

    Tiling scares me…but I would love to attempt a snazzy blacksplash in my bedroom ensuite! It’s in desperate need of a revamp!!

  20. Christina

    What updates would I like to make to my bathroom? Where do I start? LOL Seriously…we are renting but can make all the improvements we want. Our bathroom is so tiny! I’d love to replace the medicine cabinet over the sink, paint, redo the floor and repair the tiles in the shower that have fallen off, and replace the vanity, since whoever painted the bathroom last got it covered in white paint. Oh and my toilet cover is broken, as well as the toilet paper holder! I’d spend far more than $100! :) :)

  21. Leilani

    I’d love to see tile and new paint in my bathroom. Good luck with your project!

  22. SJN

    I found a great vanity at Home Goods (sorry Home Depot) and started my bathroom renovation this weekend. I did get my paint at Home Depot! I love a new project… visit me and read all about it!

  23. Hope E.

    Well, i just finished painting our main bathroom … after 3 (yes THREE) weeks of peeling wallpaper during naps and after bedtime. It was terrible — but is now done! I took a sledge hammer to the 60’s sink. Now I just need to get a new sink — that is definitely #1 on my list (I probably shoulda thought of that BEFORE the sledge hammer). New lighting would be a dream, too! I could make $100 go a Loooooooong way! :)

  24. gail

    ohhh, I want to do board & batten in my bathroom! It’s probably my next project, but FREE would be great! I love home depot! I’m there all the time.
    good luck tiling!

  25. Kenna

    We are in a 1970s home that has great bones. The bathroom is not horrible (it doesn’t scream 70s like so many I know) however there are some great things we could do to spruce it up. We’re still looking at which direction we might go. I can spend $100 at HD EASILY!!!

  26. stevie

    we will be tackling our bathroom in the next couple of months and this gift card would be a blessing.

  27. Kathy Britton

    I would love to get a new toilet for the kids bathroom. I would love to get one with a powerful flush that saves water.

  28. Deidre

    I need to replace the hollywood light fixture in the master bath and strip the wallpaper so I can paint. Boy, it will make a world of difference!!

  29. Arianne

    Well considering my bathroom has been gutted for 21 1/2 months….but whos counting? I already have it spent either on flooring or wood for shelves or new hardware for the shower and sink!! You’ll do fine on the tiling!!

  30. Susan

    I would replace the tile and cabinet in my bathroom. With a few more accessory chanegs I think it would breathe new life in my small bathrrom.

  31. Susan

    I just started working on my bathroom. I already primed and painted (with Home Depot Bear paint), but it needs more TLC. It currently has plastic pink and gray tiles on the wall. Yikes! New tile, new vanity, new light fixture. And, yes, I’m a little scared for you, but you can do it!

  32. Liz

    Oh! I *love* subway tiles in bathrooms and kitchens! They’re so fantastic looking.

    I’d install new flooring in my bathroom and give it a good coat of paint. It’s Greek inspired so something blue and bold.

  33. Laura

    We have a lovely charming old place, and there isn’t much I’d change about our bathroom, with two exceptions. The height of our shower is horrible. It has this cute little arch but it’s so short that I have to crouch to get under the shower rod, and I’m only 5’3″! I have no idea what can be done about it though. We also have a gorgeous pedestal sink, but no counter space. We currently have a small bookcase in there for storage, but that may not work out well in the future. It’s the only bathroom we have, and we’re expecting a tiny one this summer. Maybe getting a cabinet with doors would do the trick. =)

  34. Carolynn F

    Shoulder height bead-board in white to add some character to a tiny bathroom.

  35. Carrie

    My bathroom has been half renovated for half a month right now due to the fact the fact that I can not find floor tile that is in my budget that I actually like! Also, the walls are bare because I need some sort of inspiration. I keep thinking I will see something that I could buy or make but so far no luck. I am really looking forward to seeing what you do for I just love your style!

  36. Sara

    I won’t say no to that opportunity! With $100 gift card from HD, I’d work on my guest bathroom. It’s been painted, new wall fixtures (towel rack, toilet paper holder, etc) put in, and a new mirror. But what it DESPERATELY needs is a sink/vanity makeover. I’m thinking of priming and painting the cabinet and putting in a new counterop (it’s uber tiny) with a new faucet. Or, maybe, just maybe (!), a beautiful pedestal sink in it’s place. That’d be heavenly!

  37. Jo

    Our house is only 3 years old, so none of the bathrooms have anything seriously wrong with them, except that they all need about 10 extra square feet of storage space! Which I can’t fix anyway. So what each bathroom needs is new, more sensible and beautiful hardware, paint, and storage. In our half-bathroom on the main floor, I’d remove the pedestal sink and add a vanity for the storage. Then I can get my cleaning supplies out of the equally-tiny back entry!

    Good luck renovating your bathroom. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  38. Shannon

    I really want to do some wainscoting in my kids bathroom and this would definitely help out!

  39. Sharon

    We have renovated two bathrooms, a laundry room and a kitchen. We still have one bathroom to go, but seem to be stuck. A gift card would help get the decorating juices flowing again. And believe me, that bathroom needs everything!

  40. Kim D

    I would love to redo all of my bathrooms really. I love subway tile. All baths need new vanities and the list goes on. Can’t wait to see your redo:)

  41. Lynelle

    Well, we rent so no bathroom redo for me… sadness. But if I could I would rip it all out and start from scratch, our bathroom is about 40 years old and is showing it’s age big time.

    I do have a few other DIY projects on my mind to tackle though, so a Home Depot gift card would sure come in handy for all the tools I’ll need to buy!

  42. Joyce

    I would just like to paint the walls and the cabinet. Maybe add some new hardware and an up-to-date light fixture. And when I’m in dreamland…a little board and batten would be nice.

  43. Katie

    We just moved into a new-to-us house and have a bathroom that could desperately use some remodeling! While the cream colored ceramic that covers the floors and most of the walls is liveable, the beat up vanity, medicine cabinet and over the toilet storage is not. And don’t even get me started on the light ficture!

  44. SnoWhite

    We were just talking about updating our bathroom!! We’d re-tile the shower and update the linoleum floor!

  45. Melissa Dawn Renfro

    Wow, I have some seriously 70’s bathroom issues that I have been waiting to fix. I have WOOD around the base of my toilet. WOOD! ….and I have 5 boys, yuck. I would do anything to replace it with some decent tile, and the medicine cabinets that serve as the only mirrors, and…

  46. Jenny

    Oh my goodness…I would like to update my powder room with the very pedestial sink in your post! I guess great minds and all…oh, and I want to put in a new tile floor, too!

  47. Amber B.

    We’ve been updating our master bath slowly over time as we have the cash. We’ve stalled out though and need to change out the shower door (it’s that 80’s shiny gold brass) and we need a new vanity. The $100 would be nice towards that!! :-)

  48. Kristina

    That’s awesome! Love the inspiration you give us :)

    Please enter me.


  49. Kristen

    I love how changing out the hardware can change the whole look of a room. Good luck with the tiling! I am excited to see how it all turns out! More inspiration for all of us!

  50. oneshabbychick

    Oh, one of my original 1950’s bathrooms really needs help! It has cream and blue tiles.. ugh. Hard to work with. I would love to start doing something with it!

  51. jen

    That is awesome!! I would love to redo my bathroom in subway tiles and seafoam green paint. I can just imagine it – lol!

    I shared it on my FB page and twitter :)


  52. Carrie

    Good luck with your bathroom remodel! My husband and I moved to a new city/state about 6 months ago. We purchased an older home in a beautiful neighborhood, but the home needs a lot of love! We have been working on our hall bath since we moved in (weekend warriors). It was a complete gut job and we now have most of the tile in. I’ve been searching high and low for reasonably priced, quality sink faucets. Needless to say, $100 from HD would help purchase those faucets!

  53. Jana

    I am planning on redoing several pieces of furniture so this would be perfect for me!! :)

  54. roryjean

    We just gutted and remodeled our bathroom. I am pretty happy with it- we only spent $1000 bucks thanks to us getting most of the supplies from contractors on craigslist and doing all of the tiling/painting/etc. ourselves. We were forced to remodel because there was a rotten joist under our bathroom that needed replacing. The only thing I would love to change is the toilet- we got a used one from family and it is really short and gets plugged all the time. I would love one of those fancy tall toilets.

  55. Christy

    I would love to replace the vanity in our master bathroom! The top is stained, courtesy of the previous owner who spilled iodine on it.

  56. Melanie G

    We desperately need to retile our shower!!

  57. Julie

    Thanks, Melissa! I’d love to be entered!

  58. mombrud

    I would love to frame the mirrors in my bathrooms. Or maybe put up a tile backsplash and around under my cabinets in the kitchen. Or… maybe some lumber to build a farmhouse table for the deck. Or change out the faucets in my master bath to bronze to match the rest of the bathroom. Or….

  59. Jessica hall

    I would love to get new hardware and a faucet for my guest bath!

  60. Megan

    The first thing I would do is re-paint! My bathroom is a god awful DARK Almost black purple that was sponged on top of white with a walmart plastic bag. Bad thing… my bathroom has NO window therefore it is a very very dark space. I would repaint a lighter color get a new shower curtain maybe add a back splash to my sink. Oh the ideas!

  61. Loribeth

    $100 would be a huge help in fixing up our bathroom. I want to replace the sink, counter top, and faucet. We have such a tiny little bathroom, that even those small changes will make a huge difference!

  62. Melissa C.

    We tiled our bathroom about a month before my baby boy was born. We wanted to replace the faucet fixtures, but haven’t been able to set aside the money. He is almost two now, and we have yet to replace the fixtures. This $100 Home Depot gift would enable us to do so:)

  63. Jen

    I’d love to change the faucet and add some color. We still haven’t painted the walls!

  64. Lori

    Don’t be afraid of tiling. It’s fun and I’ve already tiled our shower floor, shower walls, bathroom floor and wall! My husband made a vanity and concrete counter and what we need now is a new light fixture. It will put the finishing touch on the master bath!

  65. Sherry

    The original owners seemed to have run out of money by the time they got to the master bathroom. There are wonderful upgrades through out our home but the bathroom is really, really basic. I would love to add tile around the tub and between the vanity top and the mirrors. Right now there is just sheetrock. The one piece vanity/sink has a crack and I am wanting to replace the top with solid surfacing. Crown molding would also go a long way to adding character.

  66. Lisa

    I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic tilin’ machine! I would love to change everything about my bathrooms. Downstairs half bath had (hehehe, demoed it last week on a snowday) brown wallpaper, toilet and sink, really bad lighting and shag carpeting. Upstairs is even worse–although the tub/sink/toilet are black. Seriously. Worst bathrooms ever. I swooooon over pedestal sinks, white toilets/tubs/sinks….ahhhh. A Home Depot card would totally help…. :)

  67. laura

    i want a new toilet. so glamourous.

  68. Kelly Prater

    Your blog entry today is just the kick in the pants I needed to finally get serious about the masterbath! There is carpet in there…gads…but not for long! Home Depot here I come!

  69. Michael - Innkeeper

    i adore subway tiles. especially those green glass ones. i’ll have those as my kitchen backsplash some day. a guy can dream.

    thanks so much for an amazing giveaway. i’m excited just to enter!


  70. Melissa

    My kids bathroom needs a fresh look. Paint and moulding around the mirror and some waynes scoting. This would so come in handy!!

  71. Kaye

    My boys’ bathroom needs a complete overhaul. We’re going to have to tear it down to the studs and start from scratch. Huge project!!!

  72. Jennie

    We moved into fixer home about 6 months ago and the next project on our list is our master bathroom. This sure would help out. Love the subway tile and pedestal sink look also.

  73. Holly

    WOW I am redoing my my bathroom so a gift card to Home Depot would be AWESOME!!

  74. Laura

    I would use the gift card for new sink faucets in our master bath. I’m embarrassed to say the we have turned off the hot water in both sinks for 3 months now b/c they are both leaking.

  75. Krysta N.

    New paint, new shower-head, and if we were really ambitious – a small vanity instead of the pedestal sink. My kingdom for some storage…

  76. April

    My powder room needs a serious makeover. It’s right next to my beautiful kitchen, which makes it look even worse… I would so love to paint, replace the builder grade mirror, and add a new brushed nickel faucet!

  77. Rebecca K

    Our entire main bath needs to be gutted and remodeled (eventually!). I’m looking forward to putting in a nice big soaker tub and some gorgeous tiling!

  78. Rebecca

    I am in desperate need of a new vanity to get rid of my old pink sinks. I’m not scared at all about you tiling. I think you will do great. good luck!

  79. Sheila

    I would paint the walls, put borders around the mirror, new lighting and new faucets.

  80. Reginia B

    We are saving up to put a shower in our main bath. For almost 9 years we have had an authentic horse trough as our tub. It is cool looking but I am sooo ready for a shower :)

  81. Roxanna Morgan

    I have been doing updates to my bathroom in stages. Yes, I would definately love to pull out the tub surround & install tile but it just is not in my budget. My final & last project is replacing the shower & tub fixtures. I recently replaced the vanity fixture to oil rubbed bronze so the Home Depot win would be a blessing. I could finally call this project “done”. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

    [email protected]

  82. Jaime

    What great timing! We are working on a redo of a powder room as well…..among many other updates. A new vanity/faucet/mirror are a must, along with a fresh coat of paint.

  83. kathy

    Wow…what doesn’t our vintage bathroom need? It is currently our only bathroom, tiny and the wallpaper was taken down, but due to indecision, nothing more has taken place…YIKES! We could use the $100 for new paint, new bead-board, new….

    I have great confidence in your ability to tile your bathroom. It truly isn’t as difficult as it might seem. My husband and I tiled a kitchen floor, dining area, entry and long hallway in a home we purchased as a rental. Since the home was older, the biggest challenge was an uneven floor, but since your home is new, hopefully the floor will be level. Best of luck- I know you’ll do great and it will look wonderful. Ps…tiling does take a bit of math, so double-checking the math and then doing a pre-layout is good.

  84. christine

    I need a new bathroom sink…ours is chipped =O(

  85. Gloria K

    My daughter just got married so I’m redoing her bedroom and bath into a guest room. Paint and mirror are done in the bathroom, but I need some accessories!

  86. Gretchen Leake

    We need storage and new faucets!!

  87. Julie

    I’m in the middle of making bathroom updates myself. They’ll involve paint, tile, new faucets, and new light fixtures. I’m so ready to see the changes!

  88. sheri

    Gosh – where to start?? The shower needs to be re-grouted and caulked, I need to either buy new vanities or repair the vanity counter. The sinks need new drain stoppers and the vanity cabinet needs to be painted or replaced. I’m tired just typing this.

  89. Andrea

    My cultured marbled vanity is in serious need of a change! That would be the first thing I’d replace =)

  90. Lisa

    I am working on re-doing our guest bath- slowly but surely :) so far we’ve painted, replaced the sink fixture and updated the decor but we’d love to redo the flooring and light fixture as well!

  91. Marisa

    I would rip out all the slate tile in my shower and replace it with something NOT porous. Seriously, who lines the shower walls with porous tiles?

    So excited to see your new bathroom!

  92. Jess

    I know I would totally update our guest bath. It has some pretty bad flooring, and is in desperate need of some new paint!

  93. jodi

    I am so ready to update the paint in our “way-too-bright” yellow powder room…and then there’s our master bath that *needs* some bead board…ahh the possibilities!

  94. Whitney Miller

    I just painted my bathroom this weekend and wished that I could afford to put some new tile down or paint the cabinets.

  95. Jenni Carlisle

    I would love this for our bathroom redo! We pretty much need to do everything, but desperately need to replace the Master vanity. True story: Received a Gift Card for Christmas for this very project when the drywall ceiling of our garage promptly caved in and took every penny of our bathroom redo moola…sad say.

  96. Heather E Transue

    I would love to update my flooring and do a custom frame for my mirror!

  97. Julie

    We have a couple of groovy late 60’s bathrooms that are screaming for attention! First order of business- new mirrors!

  98. Anne

    I would love to buy a new toilet. The one that we bought when we built our house was a small seater?? didnt know there was a difference…and we didnt know it! I would also love to repaint, new shower curtain….

  99. Amy

    I would do a frame on my mirror, paint and replace the sinks to start:)

    Good luck with the tile!

  100. Sara Schwabedissen

    I would love to replace our linoleum flooring with some nice tile.

  101. Crystal

    I’d love to do a complete and total reno of our bathroom – but – maybe maybe we’ll just have to start with new faucets. I’m looking forward to seeing your project! Good luck!

  102. Laura

    I’m moving into my first home in a couple of months and could definitely use 100 smackaroos for the bathroom! Love HD!

  103. Amy

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been begging the hubsters for a little bathroom makeover and this gift card would be the perfect nudge to get him to do it. So many things I want to do to the bathroom…repaint, beadboard, new countertop, paint cabs, frame mirror, new faucets and shower head…AND new toilet. Boy that adds up fast! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. Kelley

    Wow, our bathroom could definitely use some work. We have one full bathroom and it is in desperate need of new paint and a new sink and vanity situation. We repainted and did a few renovations in our half bath a few years ago and it looks and feels completely transformed. I would love to do the same upstairs.

  105. cerissa

    I have had my eye on a white four pedestal sink and would love to do wood paneling in our powder room! It desperately needs a makeover! : )

  106. Christa N

    I would definitely start with a new toilet — that would make a giant difference just because the one we have is old and acts cantankerous. I want(plan) to paint a lighter color, and stain the vanity and cabinets darker walnut color. Then I want to replace the light fixture, and possibly the mirror. It’s a constant work in progress.

  107. Misty

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about this weekend! Our bathroom desperately needs an update. The sink and tub are salmon pink and the walls are a mix of seafoam green and jade green tiles…with A LOT of chrome. And by a lot I don’t mean towel bars, I mean every single corner, edge and seam is rimmed in chrome!


    Aside from that, previous owners tried to remove some shower doors and broke out huge chunks of tile in the process. It’s a major eyesore and dangerous for little fingers :(

    I would love to reglaze the tub and sink to white, repair the damaged wall using blue/green hued mosaic tiles and replace all the chrome with “real” trim. Bamboo flooring would be nice too…hmmmmmm….

    Great giveaway!

  108. Jessica Jolly

    Wow! What a generous giveaway.
    My mom and I are currently renovating a new house she just bought and bathrooms are our number one concern right now. We want them to look fantastic, not only for us but also for our future guests!

    Before we move in, though, we have to finish! I would use this giftcard to get some beautiful tiles for the bathroom counters and some new light fixtures. Us girls need some bright light so we can do our makeup! Oh, and a mirror would be on the list too of course.

    Goodluck to everyone!


  109. Nikkidd

    My husband and I are thinking of redoing our bathroom right now and would LOVE a little extra dough from Home Depot to make it all come together!

  110. Emily

    I would love a new faucet for our half bath. It still has the one that came with the house and it is not pretty. It’s the super cheap one with clear plastic knobs. Yuck!

  111. Kari

    My bath is in dire need of a new paint color, updated faucets, new counter top and larger molding around the mirror. Maybe throw in some subway tiles in the redo also!

  112. Kristin Y

    I would love to get new light fixtures and faucets. I would also like to frame out my giant mirrors.

  113. Alayna

    We need to paint our bathroom so bad! Everything in there is very matchy matchy. All tan and light yellow tones. I need some color. A new sink wouldn’t hurt, either:)

  114. The Tiny Homestead

    thanks for the generous offer! I’m crossing my fingers! I would use the $100 to get a new vanity top and faucet- they need to be replaced, like 15 years ago :)

  115. Karen

    I would love to paint my bathroom, and I need a new shower sprayer-head. Mine is leaking right now.

  116. Holly

    Our kids’ bathroom could use some work. It needs a new vanity and faucet, a fresh paint job, a new closet door, and some new towel hooks.

  117. Amy Wolff

    My bathroom is in desperate need of new flooring, new paint, and upgraded faucet.

  118. Sheri Moore

    I would do the one room I still have gutted from buying a foreclosure: My master bathroom. I love taking hot baths every night and taking them in the “kid” bathroom is just not cutting it. Calgon, take me away !

  119. Judy

    Just finished tiling one bathroom – would love the gift card to start the next bath……thanks for the chance.

  120. Juliet in SoCal

    I would love to keep the marble slab tub in our 60+ year old home. But I would love to change the original wall tile–it’s pale blue-ish with a flesh-colored trim detail. Yuk! I would use simple white subway tile with a plain black trim to go with the white and gray-veined marble tub.

  121. christie

    I’d like to get a low flush toilet and add some furniture. Oh and I put a crack in the bowl of my pedestal sink last month. Might like to replace that one day.

  122. Kelly

    We just painted our bathroom in Behr’s Moonlit Pool, a bold teal that I’m a little nervous about. But the bold color is making me want to do some other bold changes in the bathroom! I wondered through Home Depot the other day looking at new mirrors, light fixtures and even some floating shelves above the toilet to display some decor and other bathroom essentials. Maybe I can even talk my hubby into replacing the faucets! Our house is new but it’s contractor-grade and oh-so-boring. 2011 is the year for our house to get a fresh look and a little personality!

  123. Lisa

    I would love to add some color to all three of our bathrooms the white fixtures with builder beige walls is so boring. time to spice them up

  124. Susan

    Our hall bath needs a makeover…new hardware at least!! (ps>> tile scares me, too!)

  125. lynn

    I follow your blog and love it. I would love to put subway tiles around our shower. can’t wait to see your bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win.

  126. Kristina

    I’m looking forward to putting up a beadboard ceiling and ripping out some super dated wallpaper in our master bath! Thanks for the giveaway!

  127. Becky

    My kids/guest bathroom is up for a remodel very soon. The vanity cabinet is still in great shape so it will just be painted. But the plan is to rip out the tub and put in a walk in shower, new vanity top, tile floor and paint the walls. Good luck with your remodel!

  128. Lisa

    I would love to win this giftcard for my parents. They’ve undertaken bathrooms in years past by ripping down the wallpaper and putting up new fixtures. They currently need a new shower head and faucet in their upstairs guest bathroom. This giftcard would be perfect for them! :)

  129. chesley

    my children’s bathroom is also our community bathroom, but i would LOVE to redo it for them & make it more kid friendly!

  130. meg duerksen

    if i had $100 for a bathroom redo….i would have my husband put in new caulk on the shower…get new curtains…new shower curtains…and a few new towels. OR maybe just a new sink since ours is as old as indoor plumbing…not kidding.

  131. Kristen

    Holy awesome is right! My 80’s bathroom could use paint, tile, a decent mirror (old tenants took the mirror!), new faucet, and probably just paint the vanity even though I’d love a new one. All things considered, $100 is just a drop in the bucket, but definitely a nice jump start! Best wishes to you and can’t wait to hear about the remodel!

  132. Carrie

    How exciting! I would spend this on making our guest bathroom look nice. It definitely needs a coat of paint and some decorations on the walls. Right now the walls are white and it looks sterile. :-)

  133. Kristin

    Brass faucets… need I say more?

  134. Eileen

    Oh my goodness…….what update would I NOT like to make in my master bathroom? There’s not a single thing I like about it. Besides the overall layout, the next thing I would do would be to replace the vanity. I need more storage.

  135. Debbie

    My master bathroom is in serious need of a remodel. Our 2011 goal is to tile the floor, change the mirror, add a new vanity, sink, toilet and hardware. It is one of the last rooms we have to finish and The Home Depot has always helped us with our remodels! Great giveaway!

  136. Kristin

    I would love to update out sink and toilet from the 1950s pink and blue to a beautiful white!!!

    Good luck tiling!

  137. Barbara (WA)

    Well, my bathroom has a leak in the ceiling, ack! Both bathrooms are 22 years old and need new fixtures and floors. I would start with the sink in my bathroom – the old enamel one is chipped and rusty.

  138. Rebecca

    I’m jealous that you get to remodel your bathroom. When we bought our house, 14 years ago, our guest bathroom was the first thing that got remodeled (because when we were at the kitchen table signing the documents to buy the house the fan in the bathroom caught fire and dropped to the floor and burned a hole in the flooring! lol…)…
    Well, you know how styles change over 14 years! Needless to say, I’m now ready for a new bathroom. I’d love a new bathtub (clawfoot!) and tile. Don’t worry about your tile job… you’ll do great! ~Becky

  139. beth

    I am in the middle of our bathroom redo. Just finished tiling the tub surround TO THE CEILING!!! Wow, what a job but I am so proud of myself! If I can do it , you can too!
    Still trying to find the perfect light fixture for the vanity , so I could really use that gift card!

  140. Lauren O.

    I want to do our tile, paint, and possibly get a new vanity!

  141. Kathleen

    I just moved into a new place with a bathroom that looks like it stepped out of 1985, complete with shell shaped sinks and carpet (yikes!). If I had a Home Depot card I would start by replacing the sink top and then if there was money left over, get some gorgeous new tile.

  142. Cori

    Wow! What a nice giveaway! Paint would be on my list of purchases. We painted my son’s nursery last year, and what a difference a little color makes! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  143. Lesley

    I am elbow deep in renovation books trying to get some inspiration! Bathrooms are so personal and there are so many lovely styles.

  144. christina

    I would definitely update our shower and probably put new tile throughout, in addition to around the tub. It’s okay now, but there’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a nice big tub and ours could use a little bit of zen!

  145. Momma Rhyne

    Oh my word. I just ripped the entire floor out of my 1916 bathroom. Previous owners had done some bad “remuddling” that I needed to repair. The clawfoot tub wouldn’t fit out the 24″ door, so I had to do half the floor at a time, then move the tub to the other side. What a chore. (See some pics on my blog) Anyway, floors are in and I am dreaming of beadboard and paint and our budget is soo tight, we are living with bare studs for another couple weeks, til more money comes in. I love Home Depot!!

  146. Saundra

    My bathrooms are plain builder sterile bathrooms. Since moving in we havn’t been able to afford any decorating extras. They need a pop of new paint, maybe some board and batten on the walls, a pretty chandelier for the master bath instead of the can lights. Also, the guest bath has formica and I would love to have it tiled. What a great giveaway!!

  147. Collette

    WOWSAS! We will soon be moving into your standard builder-grade casa and I have HUGE plans to customize it and personalize it an unrealisitically tiny time frame! ;)
    I would LOVE to tile and paint and add beadboard in the bathroom! OF COURSE I would love a new light fixture, too, like a sweet chandy! Now if only I had a sweet $100 Home Depot gift card to do it all with….

  148. Tina

    Gold lighting & gold and silver combined faucets. Not gonna lie… It REALLY needs to be updated..

  149. Jodi

    Thank you for the great giveaway! What would I change about my bathroom? Let me describe it’s current state… green sink, swirly gold formica, green toilet, pink floral wallpaper, and… wait for it… pink carpet. So the answer would be EVERYTHING! Lol… thanks again. :)

  150. Ann L

    When we bought this house 5 years ago I thought the reason it had not sold for a year was the ugly master bath. So where do I begin? The only thing that doesn’t need a redo is the pretty terracotta tile floor.

  151. Ana Paula

    Goodness How awesome is this?! I would love to get a new mirror for our bathroom. Ours is just BLAH!!

  152. Shelly

    I think it would be easier to state what I DON’T want to do to my bathroom!! New facets and light fixtures would be top on my list, followed closely by new vanity, then floors, then all new hardware, mirrors…I’ll take it all! :)

  153. Denise

    We just put in a new faucet. I would love to update the light fixture and add trim around the mirror. A new toilet seat would be on the list too.

  154. Rose

    oh no, I’m not scared for you on tiling something. It’s rather fun to me. Like piecing a puzzle together.
    As I said a couple days ago to you or someone, I want to redo our master bath. It hasn’t been redone since we built the house 21 years ago. It has dusty rose wallpaper on the walls in there and I want to get rid of that and paint the walls. Then I’d like to change up all the knobs and hardware on the cabinets as well as replace the sinks in there because the enamel is popping off of them. And I would LOVE a new light fixture as well as an exhaust fan and heater in the ceiling in there to so it will be warmer in the winter time.
    I’m sure there is many more things I’d like to do to it as well but at least that’s a start! :)

  155. MMW

    Oh I need an updated faucet and TP holder and towel rack. That would just about do it! And Home Depot always has great prices – I bet I could do it ALL with the $100 gift card!

    Hurrah, Huzzah, and Squeeeeeeeee!

  156. Sandy

    A master bath makeover is on our to do list. Not sure when we’ll get to it, but I envision a spa theme. I already have the pastel green paint. I want to add tile around the tub and sinks and a bead board back splash. Then white molding around the mirrors and new chrome fixtures. Haven’t decided yet whether to paint the cabinets white or leave them natural wood.

  157. Jen

    If I were remodeling my bathrooms, I would tile the floors or replace my countertops (goodbye laminate). I could really use this giftcard though because my kitchen walls need something to protect them. I have a backsplash, but food still manages to splatter between the backsplash and the cupboards. I would really love some subway tile or something textured to give my kitchen some umpf. It’s in desperate need of umpf. I believe it said that to me the last time I was washing spaghetti sauce splatters off the wall…

  158. Dee

    I would love to replace the broken and hideous cabinets in our bathroom! A larger mirror would be great as well! :)

  159. Rivka

    I would love to retile our bathroom.

  160. Christy

    I could use it for SO many things! But I would probably get some tile and put my husband to work on countertops and a backsplash in the kitchen!

  161. Jaenee

    I want to replace the towel racks in our bathroom with towel hooks; so much more functional for our lifestyle. I’d also like to paint the bathroom walls and put up some shelving.

  162. Paula

    We totally need to redo our bathroom, the caulking around the tub cracked and it leaked and the vinyl flooring separated and buckled alittle around the toliet. The shower door is 30 yrs old and the wallpaper and tile is so outdated. I surely could use a few dollars to help out, after the kitchen redo,(8 months ago) there isn’t much money left to do the bathroom.

    Please, pretty please pick me:)

  163. Lisa Hernandez

    Our bathroom is in serious need of a makeover. We have plans to install floor tile, remove wall tile & redo walls, new sink, new toilet, and get a new mirror and light fixture. I was just at Home Depot earlier today and saw their sale display of bathroom sinks near the registers. Our home is old so there’s plenty of makeover work to be done but a new bathroom would be wonderful!

  164. Jana

    Oh good heavens my bathroom could use a face lift, and since it is tiiiiiny $100 would go a long way!

  165. Margo K

    I would definitely tile behind the bathtub. It’s peach/fleshtone colored tile! Not pretty! Thanks for the opportunity.

  166. Lisa

    I would put in a gorgeous new backsplash! It actually doesn’t look horribly hard either! Seize the project! PS a $100 would be a grand start!

  167. Carissa

    The grout is flaking out from between my tiles – really I just need a new vanity, plus better light fixture and mirror

  168. cjaxon

    Our master bath is the only one that hasn’t been touched in the almost ten years we have lived here. I would love to paint and tile the floors.

  169. Gail

    Sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things”. A Fiberglass shower that looks like it’s plastic. Builder’s grade stuff, must I do something drastic? An old shower curtain with brass colored rings. I need to get rid of these ugly old things!
    Off white formica and sink with a chip. Peel and stick floor tiles with edges that trip. With Home Depot bucks I could buy bathroom blings. Faucets and lighting and other new things!
    Please, Inspired Room and Home Depot, will you hear my plea? My toilet is broken, My vanity’s old. So will you pick me? Pick me!

  170. Christine

    The tile on the floor and walls in my bathroom is black and turquoise, the subfloor underneath the tub is rotted, and we know there’s water damage to some of the drywall behind the shower but don’t know the full extent of it. It needs to be completely redone, but since we’re getting married in April we won’t have the funds to do it for some time.

  171. Susan

    I would replace my leaky faucet for a start

  172. Anya L

    I would definitely put it toward replacing the counter tops–cheap plastic white “marble” there now! :P

  173. Carrie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog….THANKS!

    In my bathroom, I would definitely want to replace the vanity. It’s the old brown wood cabinet with the old brass(ish) knobs and old sink and faucet…would LOVE to cottage it up with a new one!

  174. Danielle Sherman

    We just moved into our house in October and we are slowly trying to renovate room-by-room and make it feel like “home”. Our bathroom is very outdated and UGLY! Before we moved in, we tore down the wall paper and painted it white. When have the money, we want to put in a large stand up shower, a new vanity, tile flooring and a new toilet.

  175. Nikki

    One of the things I love most about our house is the old turquoise tile that is in the downstairs bathroom. The precious owners found some brown wallpaper with blue accents that match perfectly. And, I found a great shower curtain at Belk that goes great with the whole room. I think I would use the Home Depot giftcard to help with storage in the bathroom. There’s a pedestal sink so not much storage in the bathroom which is a problem because it’s the guest bathroom.

  176. Lindsay

    while I love our main bathroom there are two things I would change. The medicine cabinet to a nice framed mirror and the light fixture. Something less dated looking would really complete the room. LOVE this giveaway, I feel like we live at Home Depot some weeks.

  177. Shannah

    Hi Melissa – we’re wanting to replace the countertop, toilet and faucet in our powder room.

  178. kribss

    in all our bathrooms we have either the ugly brass or silver/gold combo faucets. i have carpet- carpet! where the tub + sinks are….

  179. Abby

    I have the same ideas swirling around for my first floor bathroom. I would love to replace the vanity with a pedestal sink and clad the walls with bead board. I keep looking at the out dated light fixture with dreams to change it. It’s on the list, but we just did some other renovations first and are saving up to work on the bathroom. Thanks for the chance to win and thank you for sharing your beautiful life and home!

  180. Courtney

    My hubby just redid our master bath this summer. Rent or borrow a wet saw. He borrowed a friend’s saw and it made such a difference! The tiling went really quickly and he even tiled the bath surround and accented it with some glass block! Its seriously one of my favorite rooms now! But our 1st floor bathroom – yuk – thats where my $100 would be going. thanks!

  181. Alisa D.

    I know this may be considered a design no-no, but I would love to put hardwood floors in my downstairs hall bath. It’s a really small space but I feel like it’s the finishing touch that this bathroom needs (it’s a half bath, no shower in there). I’d also love to add some crown moulding to all the bathrooms.

  182. Laine

    Our master bathroom is still in the middle of being renovated. I would spend some of it to refinish the tub and also for some plumbing. Then I would get new doors for it!

  183. Pat

    I have been living with subfloor only in my bath for 3 years! I ripped up the carpet, and painted the sub flooring with Kilz, but it is so hard to keep clean, and hard on the feet!

  184. Hilary

    I would love new tile and shower fixtures.

  185. Shannon

    I would like to put some tile in my bathroom, too, but I’m a little scared.

  186. Dixie Redmond

    The floor in the boys bathroom is yucky-yucky-yucky-poo. It is 20 year old 1″ tiles where you see more grout than you do tile. And let’s just say I dont’ feel it’s my mission in life to scrub tile grout. I so want that floor OUT of there. But I’m not going to learn to tile. If we replace the floor the toilet also gets replaced. The rest of that room would be a repaint.

  187. Jessi

    Words can’t truly convey the horror that is my bathroom. The lovely, Pepto-pink tiled bathroom is from the ’50s and definitely needs a redo…badly. The wall/shower tiles are pink, and the floor tile is pink and gray. (When we moved here the walls and ceiling were Pepto pink too!) I’ve worked with the little budget I had, and just painted the walls and ceiling, and the ugly wood vanity is now painted black. Toilets and sinks and tub…gray. Blech. And the tub is a teeny-tiny, ‘trailer’ size tub! I’d redo it ALL. I want a new, bigger tub with a surround so I don’t have to scrub tile and grout all the time (I have 1 teenage girl and 3 young boys, so it gets used HARD!)and so I don’t have to feel like I’m in a Pepto bottle every time I’m in the shower, new toilet, new sinks, beadboard paneling half-way up, new floor tile (which I’ve actually had sitting in my basement for almost 5 years now because someone gave us some very nice stuff for free!)… Can you tell I’ve thought about this some???

  188. April Taylor

    I would love to gut my bathroom. I have a tub and shower surround waiting to go in. A new pedestal sink and flooring to replace the carpet would be great.

  189. laxsupermom

    Our bathroom needs to be completely overhauled. The layout is sort of crazy. There are miles of countertop, but the shower is what I refer to as a stand up coffin. It’s seriously the tiniest shower I’ve ever showered in. And I’ve been in the super cheap interior cruise ship rooms. My elbows hit the sides when I shampoo my hair and it’s a good thing that I do yoga, because some serious gymnastics are involved in leg shaving. So when we redo our bathroom it’ll be a total gut job. We’ll tile in a new shower and use a smaller vanity. I’d love to be able to use carrara marble subways to tile the walls of the shower.

    If I won the Home Depot gift certificate, I’d use it in my laundry room. That room only needs a cosmetic overhaul. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Someone’s going to be able to do a lot with it.

  190. Sally

    Oh my, where to begin? Our upstairs bathroom has old indoor/outdoor carpet that HAS to go. The wallpaper is peeling a bit – so I’d like to strip that & paint, the exhaust fan needs to be replaced, and new fixtures? Well, that would just be icing on the cake. Thanks for the chance to win Melissa!

  191. Arlene

    I have a fairly new house so the updates I would like to make in my bathroom would be some organizational updates. Put some pullouts inside the cabinet, maybe spruce up with new towels and shower curtain. I have an empty spot over my bathtub that could use some art work. I applaud you for taking on tiling. I have never done it but I have regrouted tile in another home I had and it was a chore but well worth it when it was all done. It really brightened up the old tile. Good luck with your project…looking forward to seeing the results.

  192. Gailanne

    We would love a new sink and vanity in our bedroom bath…thanks, and stay blessed!

  193. Tomasina

    Was just at the Home Depot yesterday. I fell in love with a cute little bathroom sink that is part of the renew and redo event. Our first floor powder room fell victim to one of our seven boys. The sink is missing the side veneer and the out dated wallpaper is peeling or gets picked at. no one will confess. Ha. Oh and my 3yr old likes to draw roller coasters on every wall. He so proud. Good luck everyone.

  194. K

    This is great, thinking about retiling the bathroom and this 100$ would certainly help!

  195. Melissa S

    I NEED to remove the crazy wall paper (cira 1980) that is starting to peel as well as replace the “wall or mirrors”. Oh, did I mention that I need a new bathroom fan – mine squeals when you turn it on! L.O.V.E this giveaway – thanks!

  196. Haley

    When we were getting ready to move in to our 1914 bungalow we replaced the guts of our plumbing–galvanized out, Pex in. We also did a pretty significant renovation–swapping our tiny bathroom into an adjacent tiny bedroom and making the former tiny bathroom a closet. Old houses in our town frequently have a single toilet hooked up in the basement. We call it the random basement toilet. We’d replace the vintage random basement toilet with a shiny new one.

  197. Meg

    I would update paint, vanity and mirrors! We have all builder grade – booorrrring!!

  198. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Man, what a great giveaway! I wouldn’t use it on any inside projects, but would instead use it to buy the wood for raised garden beds outside.

    Your bathroom will be just wonderful – can’t wait to see it!

  199. Betsy C.

    Oooh! That $100 would tile my bathroom floor, re-grout my kitchen floor, buy one sheet of beadboard paneling for my backsplash and a quart of paint! Just what I need!!! Of course I’m scared to tile…and scared for you too!

  200. Leigh F.

    I would love to add bead board to my bathroom walls and paint!

  201. Julie

    Oy! My 1980s bathroom could really use a new vanity/sink, toilet, shower, and tile. Right now they are all BROWN. Help us help our house!

  202. Leanne


    Our bathroom has been half-completed for at LEAST 4 years. We had a leak and my husband decided to tear out the walls (up to the shower). He attempted to fix the plumbing on a weekend, and $500 later (overtime, you know), we had brand new plumbing but no sink or toilet. He finally got those installed and even managed to put cement board up on half the walls. Yes, half. Up to the shower, half the bathroom is halfway completed. Backer board, subway tiles (that are halfway grouted) and cement board that has been haphazardly taped and mudded, but nothing else.

    He just won’t finish it. We don’t have the money to hire a professional (that bid came in around $3k) and I am going to go crazy if we don’t get it done this year. All we need is 3 more sheets of cement board and a weekend to tear out the walls around the tub and put new ones up & tile.

    Maybe handing him some Home Depot cash will make it happen???

  203. Lori

    We have to eventually gut our bathroom and start over! But that isn’t in the budget anytime soon, so this gift card would allow me to at least get rid of the old builder-installed row of ugly huge light bulbs and get something fresh!

  204. Emily

    That is so exciting Melissa!!! I can’t wait to see!

    Can you believe that here I am like not even a month after being done with our house and I am *dying* to paint our entire main living area a whole new soothing color? I’d buy a few gallons of paint and be one happy gal. I think it’s safe to say I like change :)

  205. Leslie M

    I’m planning a complete remodel of my son’s bathroom, I’m looking some ideas inspiration right now, and definetely the Home Depot $100 would be a huge help!

  206. Megan

    I love HD! My friends tease me because I’m there literally every other day :) I would definitely update the faucets in the bathroom to some cute!!

  207. Kellie

    Our powder rooms could end up looking very similar. I already have a nice pedestal sink, but it needs a new faucet. And the eggplant color paint has to go! I would love some beadboard paneling like I had in a previous powder room.

  208. Aili

    All my bathrooms need a redo! This weekend I made an unplanned visit to The Tile Shop on a whim. Oh, my. I had taken my 2 year old in with me and even she was impressed.

  209. liz

    I could definitely use that. I have a 3rd floor bathroom that is really in need of a little TLC. A new faucet, towel bar, medicine cabinet, etc – and a whole lot of fabric. That’s what I have planned – $100 would definitely help. Thanks for the chance. liz

  210. Lynn B.

    We have one bathroom that all 6 of us use, it is well worn after 11 years. It has the ugly builders tub surround and the builder grade cabinet is water worn. I would love to update the whole room and a gift card might give my handyman a little encouragement! Thanks!

  211. Sarah

    I’d love to replace all the lighting in our bathrooms.

  212. Kathleen

    With $100 gift card we would work on building a bathroom in our basement. It’s already plumbed but we need the fixtures! I love subway tile, it’s so much fun to shop and dream of what might be!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  213. Maggy

    The two things I’d LOVE to have in my bathroom renovation are wainscotting and a classic cabinet to house the bathroom sink (the kind that looks like a piece of furniture). And I desperately need a new toilet .. mine has been leaking for over a year!

    Can’t wait to see photos of your bath redo; love ALL your choices!

  214. Emily

    We would work on the floor of our basement bathroom! Thanks for the opportunity.

  215. Amanda

    Our bathroom could use some new paint, new faucets, and new flooring. $100 sure would get us started!

  216. Sharon

    We started adding onto our house in 2006…and still working on it as we have the time and money. We have a new bathroom that has the toilet and shower…but it needs everything else. I’m planning on using an old farm table to drop a sink into and $100 would help get things going! Thanks for the chance!


  217. Stephanie

    You can do it!!! My husband and I just tiled our firplace surround with those tiny glass tiles. Sooo pretty. I am thinking I would wallpaper our powder room for a redo.

  218. Nicole

    We have 3 bathrooms that are all in need of the same things to make them over: cabinets, sinks/countertops and faucets, and mirrors. Winning this would get the main floor bathroom off to a great start!

    We did a remodel in our old house with a friend doing the bulk of the work since he knew much more about it than we did, but we learned a LOT! Here’s the before and after:

  219. Kim J.

    My bathroom is crying as I write this. Tiles are popping up off the floor and one drawer on my vanity has fallen off and can’t be repaired. please..fix me…

  220. Deanna

    A new vanity-ours is from ’82, faux wood and a tan “fern-y” surface. Sigh…

  221. Judy

    I’d like to reglaze the tub.

  222. Chris

    Red sponge paint from the previous owner. Need I say more? ;)

  223. Nanci

    I want to replace the tile in my bathtub shower surround and would love to have the tub replaced too….dream on…..

  224. Geriann

    We just moved into our house- our powder room has this horrible wallpaper so I would love to rip it down and do subway tiling 1/2 up the wall and finish with a really nice wallpaper on the upper half. Wishing…

  225. Joyce - Quilted Nest

    We wanna try our hand at tiling too! I’m not scared for you – but I am for us :)

  226. Mary

    My hubby would love the gift card for Valentine’s Day!

  227. Bebe

    My whole master bath needs to be redone…everything in it is outdated or broken!

  228. Elle

    I’d like to update the floor in my bathroom. Thanks for doing this giveaway.

  229. Robyn

    We just bought a house–one that I’m not in love with (yet) but it has potential. $100 would go a long way to helping it feel like home! Plus, we have to re-tile the bathroom floor, and I’m hoping to put in a tile shower…
    Thanks for some beautiful design ideas!

  230. Sharon

    I live in a parsonage built in 1940. I would use it to redo the bathroom. Nasty swine colored tile covers the wall from shoulder height to the floor. The vanity was a homemade invention that was not thought out very well: I can’t even change the hardware to update it because the bathroom door comes within millimeters of the vanity and the knob that is there now… well it had to be “adjusted” to make it fit. The tub is swine colored tile as well except for down at the bottom where the faucet is. There is a checkerboard pattern of swine and white because someone long ago needed to “fix” something and must not have had enough “swine” to fix the gaping hole they made. The place where the shower “fixture” comes out of the wall is surrounded by a gaping hole so that the plumbing is in plain view. (wonder what kind of mold lives inside the wall there)The sad excuse for a medicine cabinet/3 panel mirror is only about 2 inches deep and all three “shelves” in it sag so much that stuff falls out of the cabinet.
    Think this sounds scary… you should see my kitchen.
    Oh and I’m the one with the “delightful” longhorn steer staring at me out of my fireplace mantel.
    I am thankful for the home provided… but there is so much I would love to do to it. $$$ from Home Depot could help out.

  231. sharee morris

    We just finished doing some updates in our master bath…it is amazing what a new light fixture and new tile can do! I would love to be able to make some of those same improvements to our daughter’s bathroom!

  232. keely

    My husband decided that 2 weeks before our son was born was the perfect time for starting a bathroom reno. 2 YEARS later, we still have mostly-torn down wallpaper and are 6 weeks away from the birth of our daughter.
    We could use professional help. :)

  233. cathy

    I recently converted an old butcher block island into a candy apple green vanity – turned out great! Always looking to redo more in the house though :)

  234. Adrienne Shuron

    Definately I would frame out the builders mirrors with molding and add new faucets. I also want to paint the vanity. I keep checking out all the renovation projects online and driving my husband crazy!

  235. Amy in PA

    We’re planning on gutting & redoing our hall bathroom this spring – as soon as the tax refund check comes through :-) It’s the only bathroom left that’s original to our 1990 house (husband redid the others prior to meeting me!) so it’s long overdue for a makeover that will involve subway tile, a beautiful tan floor (I like your diagonal wood in the powder room) & hopefully a $100 Home Depot giftcard!

  236. Lisa

    Our master bath is in desperate need of a facelift. It currently features peach walls and flooring as well as some sweet eighties brass & chrome lighting, towel racks, and faucet. The vanity is new but the counter is old, cracked and chipped. It’s just delightful! Thanks so much for the chance at this awesome giveaway. I think you are going to find a new calling with tiling and can’t wait to see the results!

  237. Delia

    I would love to replace the cabinets with drawer style cabinets. This would help get us started!

  238. Rana

    I would love to get rid of the ugly peach tile in our bathroom and update the whole room. Two sinks would be great too. And a shower that doesn’t leak. Great give away!

  239. sandra mosolgo

    We painted our powder room but installed a sink that is way too big, I would love to replace it with a smaller one.
    sandra m

  240. Tracy Scorse

    After raising 6 (yes I said six) teeangers, our upstairs bathrooms are in DESPERATE need of makeovers! They scream help anytime one of them comes back home :)

  241. kelly

    Currently our family of five lives in a little bungalow with only one bathroom. When we discovered recently that we are expecting TWINS we decided to finish our basement so we can have more bedrooms, which also means we’re finally going to have a second bathroom. I’m leaning towards a white and teal cottage-style bathroom, with a few playful accents like polka dots and a rubber ducky… But I will probably change my mind several times before the project begins!

  242. Dawn Camp

    For our bathroom, I would just love new towels. :)

    What I really need is new towel racks and better storage options in the two other bathrooms.

  243. Naomi

    Our master bathroom has the horrible 80’s mauve wallpaper in it. Everywhere. Even the outlet/switch covers. I’d LOVE to get that taken down and paint it something much nicer. And that’d just be the tip of the iceberg on that room. LOL

  244. Sarah

    Our home is circa 1964… You can use your imagination ;) I would LOVE to rip out the giant counter and cabinet in our powder room downstairs and replace with a pedestal sink. I have already replaced the lighting and mirrors, but would love to feel like the room is bigger by getting rid of that cabinet. Spring makeovers are already calling my name!! ;)

  245. Amy

    Our bathroom is so on the list for a re-do. Our house was built in 1928, but all that remains of our bathroom’s original charm is a beautiful tile floor. We want to tear down the horrible, mildew-stained wallpaper, put some beadboard on the ceiling (for a cottage-y look), replace the bathtub/shower (with a clawfoot tub? We can dream.)And we want to take out an ugly vanity and put in a pedestal sink. So fun to imagine and plan! And what a fun giveaway!

  246. Mary Beth

    This would be so wonderful! I need a new sink top and faucet…. I can make due with the other fixtures so this would be a small update that will make a big difference.

  247. Amanda W

    I would love to do a bathroom overhaul, but realistically I would LOVE to get rid of our builders grade mirror… that would mean a new mirror, new lighting, new paint and I know that my husband would like a new faucet.

    I hope the tiling goes great… it makes me nervous but after 20 home improvement shows I think I would ponder taking it on… maybe

  248. malissa

    I’d love to tile the guest bath

  249. Stephanie

    We are buying a new house, so I have long list of re-do possibilities. Will be hard to choose just one! But getting the guest powder room down would probably be the easiest. :)

  250. Stephanie Renner

    I would LOVE to replace the linoleum floor in our bathroom with ceramic tile!!

  251. Lyndi

    Our basement bathroom is still needing finished. I have been looking at fun pedestal sinks etc for that space. A gift card would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  252. Michele Laramay

    Well, to tell you the truth, we started our own little bathroom makeover, but could use a bit of cash to complete it. So…please could you tell Mr. Random to pick my name? Thanks so very, very much!

  253. Angie

    I want to lay down tile on the floor, replacing the old vinyl, new paint and beadboard too:)

  254. Kate

    Love the faucet you chose! Two of my bathrooms are in desperate need of help. I’d probably tackle the powder room that people see first. PEACH toilet and sink, and blue and cream floor and wallpaper!!! LOVELY, eh?

  255. Melissa

    Our house is definitely powder room challenged. The first thing I would change in both my bathrooms is to install a window. This girl needs natural light. Then it’s on to the hideous chipped counter top, the cracked tub and….

  256. melissa

    We are in the midst of attempting to buy a house and there are MANY places that money could go – let’s just say lots of updates are going to be needed!!!

  257. Roxanne

    Hi there,
    I am a recently divorced single mom that had to move from a big beautiful house to a small and outdated condo. I read your blog everyday to help me pace myself as I fix it up to be as beautiful ( or even better) than my former place. Right now I am updating my powder room, too. I painted the dark and dingy vanity a light creme and I am currently stenciling a wallpaper stencil on the walls… But the harvest gold sink needs to go! I would love to win the Home Depot gift card so that I can really finish this project and not have to look at that sink ever again!!!

  258. Heather N

    We just moved into a new construction home, but it was a builder’s spec house so we did not get to pick ANYTHING – not the colors, the fixtures, etc. All of the faucets are low-end and are HORRIBLE. The bathroom facuets are especially awful. If you don’t turn them off at the exact correct angle, they still stream or drip – sometimes so slowly that you don’t notice until later. What a waste of water! Having these faucets that need exact precision does not work very well when you have a 4 year old in the house. I KNOW what I would do with a Home Depot certificate. I would put it toward replacing one of those awful faucets with one that is both functional (i.e., works well!) AND stylish. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  259. gingela5

    I would love to repaint and get a new faucet!

  260. Sharon

    I have been wanting to convert our half bath downstairs to a full bath with a corner shower. The toilet and sink are in good shape but we’d need to bump over the wall a few feet. The Home Depot gift card would sure get me motivated to get started.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    I love your blog!!

    [email protected]

  261. Gale

    I’m acutally in the middle of a bathroom remodel right now.

  262. Amber

    We tackled our worst offending bathroom last year. It had a pink cast iron tub, maroon tile, a soffet that came down over the tub so you felt like you were in a coffin, an almond toilet, and a 24″ tall vanity with faux marble shell sink. Ghastly. We used the Urban Decay square glass tiles from Home Depot as our inspiration, and the bathroom now is gorgeous. Our next project is going to be a lot more work though – we want to add a shower to the 1/2 bath in our room, which means taking out part of the closet, moving the sink and toilet, and re-dry-walling, tiling, painting, etc. Should be a lot of fun!

  263. Cassie W.

    The first thing I would do in my half-bath is rip out the builder box vanity and buy something with some charm! Add in a bowl sink w/a beautiful faucet & some damask wallpaper and you have my dream for that room!

  264. Sarah

    Oh I cannot wait to update our downstairs bathroom. Right now it works as is and it serves as our diaper changing station as well….but when the kids are past that stage… out! EVERYTHING is coming out and the mid-90s will be gone!!!

  265. Lisa Porter

    How exciting for you!! There are a number of projects I would love to tackle in my own bathrooms. I would love to remove the 4 inch white tile that surrounds the bathtub and replace that. I would love to tile the floors. I would love to replace my vanity with an antique dresser. Lots to think about!
    Have fun with your project- looking forward to seeing the finished results!

  266. Bethany

    We moved into our house in the fall and haven’t done anything yet. Well, actually I started to take down the wallpaper in our downstairs powder room. It has turned into a long project, interrupted by the holidays. Once all the glue is off, I can’t wait to paint it. It’s a depressing shade of gray and has shiny brass fixtures. I would love to make it more country…maybe wainscoting and definitely a much happier color.

  267. Erin

    My master bath is so builder basic…it needs help!

  268. Jennemmy

    Already so many comments! I already have the bathroom remodel list ready. Our daughter’s share a very small bathroom and tween daughters find it hard to share one sink. Our plan is to beadboard the walls to make the space look brighter (and hopefully bigger) A oversized sink that can accommodate 2 faucets yet still fit in to a smaller cabinet base. Also white, with lots of drawers for hair thingies and jewelry and toothbrushes and girly accoutrement. New white tile on the floor and above the shower/tub. Which is currently a terrible piggy pink. We have someone schedule to come in and refinish as the tub is cast iron and would require too much money and time to move! Voila!

  269. Melissa

    Our shower needs some extreme help. A lot of the tile is buckling in and my husband has tried to seal the leaking around the faucet with silicone sealer but it still leaks. We also have a window in the shower that I would like removed and install a exhaust fan instead.
    Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration you give.

  270. beth

    my master bath needs major help – new mirror, vanity, flooring and shower. how i would love to do that!

  271. Jennifer

    We would love to update our bathroom. Everything got at least paint since we have moved in… but I haven’t touched the bathroom yet! It needs a complete makeover! :)

  272. Laura Wifler

    Your bathroom sounds so much like mine! We have a white pedestal sink, white subway tiles and some pretty sweet, but classic faucets! I’m head over heels for my subway tiles – by far my favorite component of the bathroom! Thanks for the giveaway!

  273. Pat

    We have a 3/4 master bath that I so want to fix up. Our double vanity is that off white with the sandy pink faux marble and the sink on one side is rough and about to peel. The cabinet is the traditional oak cabinet. The bottom and the exposed side look a little worn. The worst part though is the previous owners painted the walls pink to try to match the vanity too and it doesn’t… absolutely the wrong color. The shower is a sliding glass door and one of the handles always falls off. The flooring and the shower are that 4″ white tile. When we moved in a little over a year ago I scrubbed and scrubbed the tile floor.. grout stained. I have experience with this previously, but the product I used can’t be purchased anymore. The floor and the shower could use new grout. The shower doors are worn and show the hard water. Again when we moved in I tried everything, but the stains were just set in. I am told that it is etched probably. Our toilet seat was replaced because when we moved in it was that spongy plastic kind. Ugh!. I have not been motivated to paint the walls without replacing the vanity top because I don’s want to match. I want a spa feeling light blues, aqua, whites. I want a double white vanity, 2 separate single framed white mirrored medicine cabinets (his and hers) and possibly a white and grey marble top. I want the sinks to be separate and not part of the vanity top probably white in color. I am still working on my ideal flooring and tile for the shower. Whew! Love your blog! Good luck too!


  274. Elizabeth R.

    My boys share a bathroom that is, well what you would expect a bathroom to be that three boys share. It has not been updated since the late 70’s. Ugghh! The fixtures are simply gross. They need to find a nice home in a dump somewhere. Help Me! Thank you.

  275. Sharon

    Love where you are going with your powder room….

    Would love to do some updates in one of our bathrooms!

  276. Melanie

    We had adding on to our home right now and I would love to be able to do some cute finish work as that is all on me. It was be great to pick some cute light fixtures and paint.

  277. Laura

    What updates wouldn’t I like to make? Ha ha!! We have tile that is about to fall off – which would be great to replace. Also would be great to replace our tub/shower insert. And the sink is just….well, old!

  278. Amy B

    Would love to trade our vinyl wall tub/shower insert for real tile!
    Thanks for a great giveaway =D

  279. maggie’s a scary word. I really need to redo the tile in my bathroomand just the thought of removing the old tile is petrifying! I do have a pedestal sink I love and beadboard on a couple of the walls..but that tile has to go! You go first, Melissa! :)

  280. Hanna

    I would love to create a spa-like feel for our bathroom w/ new vanity and mirror and updated wall color.

  281. Shauntelle

    Because I live in a rental, I can’t do major renovations in my bathroom, but I’d love to paint and get a new lighting fixture. Maybe even convince our landlord to let me add molding around the big 80’s style mirror. I can’t wait to see your new look Melissa! I love the idea of beadboard, though it doesn’t work with our modern style. :)

  282. Karen

    Lucky you! Our guest bath is in desperate need of a renovation and it isn’t in the cards this year, but if and when some extra $$$ come our way we need to replace tub, toilet and vanity. Extra adornments would include new lighting, even wall sconces. I figure I have lots of time to dream and plan and your re-do will undoubtedly give me some great ideas.:-)

  283. Jessie C.

    We plan to replace the bathtub and faucets, thank you.

  284. Jackie

    I just moved into my new house (well new to me) :) and everything in the bathrooms (4 of them) is builder grade-BORING stuff! Can’t wait to make it “ME” this would help convince hubby to let me start. LOL!

  285. DawnJoy

    I have the cabinets with laminate on them. I want to change out the doors and drawer fronts, peel the laminate off the pine base woodwork, and paint all of it a nice soft white. I also want to paint the walls above the 70’s tile (that I really so love) the same soft white. Then frame in the super huge mirror and add better shelves over the toilet. I really want to find a replacement seat to match the 70’s toilet color. Changing the vanity top wouldn’t hurt either. I think I’ve gone over the $100 budget though. HeeHee. – Dawn

  286. Jonna Randleman

    Subway tiles are definitely something I would like my husband to get on board with! I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  287. Allison Schultz

    I would love a granite countertop in our master bath!

  288. anna

    I love clean lines and subway tile…your bathroom will look fabulous! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  289. Jennifer

    Oh how exciting!! I would also redo my powder room. It currently has no excitement. I would replace the vanity and toilet. I would also add some tile and new lighting. It is so much fun to dream about new projects, however, it always seems so hard to start. This would provide the needed motivation.

  290. karen

    I adored -LOVED- the bathroom we did in our previous house: BIG soaking tub, white subway tile, and lots of carrera marble. Hands down, it was the bathroom of my dreams.

    That said, I could dig a different look in this new (old) house. Maybe CONCRETE countertops,… lots of natural materials… wood… ? I’m still working on the vision in my head. ; )

  291. Jen

    Our upstairs bath *NEEDS* subway tile and a new pedastal sink! :)

  292. Diane

    I want to start with a new shower door…ugh. I would then move on to new sink faucet, commode…and on and on…so much I would like to do, and the gift card would definitely give me a boost.

  293. grammyswm

    I want to redo our guest bathroom, from 1972, that has that beigy-yellowy tile surrounding the tub. Do I rip it out and start over? Do I let paint make the majic? I just can’t decide.

    RE: tiling–yes, you can do it!

  294. Ashley

    A differnt color paint.

  295. Amy C.

    Our master bath has zero style. It’s been needing new fixtures and a paint job for about the last 5 years now.
    I love the home depot. I always want to repaint or rip something up everytime I go in there.

  296. Rachel Chadwick

    Our fuse boxes are located above the tub in our guest bathroom, making it impossible to have a shower in there. We need to move the boxes so we can install a shower.

  297. Kim Rowland

    I’d like to update our bathroom counter tops and would love a new shower door.

    [email protected]

  298. patty wilson

    Our house is 5 years old but the entry way light fixture is hideous! I would love to change it.

  299. Sue

    We recently bought a new “old” house and it has 2 bathrooms in desperate need of renovation. Anything to help would be greatly appreciated!!

  300. Amanda

    I’d love to add some hardware on the cabinets and some updated light fixtures in our master bath, although my husband wouldn’t mind replacing the toilet for something more…powerful. Either way, we could put a Home Depot gift card to good use!

  301. Carol Sanders

    Well, I have one bathroom that is completely non-functional! Half of the walls are torn out (i.e. extreme drywall holes)…half of the flooring is gone…toilet needs replacing! Hoping for the blessing of the HD $100! :)

  302. Theresa

    Melissa, thanks for the post! We updated are bathroom a few years ago, now we are exploring updating our kitchen. Thanks for the information on HomeDepot and the chance to win the $100 to get started!

  303. Jenni

    my bathrooms are in pretty good shape, but I’d love to redo the backsplash in my kitchen….$100 at HD would certainly help!

  304. Susan

    When I painted the bathrooms in our house, I pulled out all of the towel bars and toilet paper holders. I patched and painted but never replaced them because I couldn’t commit to a new finish. THAT WAS 7 YEARS AGO!

    I would love to pick out those things and perhaps a new faucet and light fixture in our powder room so our friends stop teasing me about the lack of a toilet paper holder!

  305. Amber

    We just moved into our new home about a month ago, and I love our master bathroom. But it *desperately* needs a new mirror! Just having a large framed mirror above our sinks will dramatically improve the look of the whole space. Fingers crossed, and hope I win!!

  306. AmandaG

    How great! We are moving in to a new house soon, and I’m sure something will need to be done and this gift card would sure come in handy!

  307. Raquel

    We need to change our lighting and hardware.

  308. Tana Hendricks

    I would love to re-tile our bathroom shower, but am deathly afraid to do it! Maybe Home Depot could help out!

  309. Ellen

    Our home was built in 1812 so we are “bathroom challenged”.
    I would love to put a bathroom in one of our small bedrooms so our guests don’t have to go downstairs to use the bathroom like they do now!A gift card from Home Depot would give us a start on my dream bathroom!

  310. Nicole

    How fantastic! We have a been in our house for 2 years and I would LOVE to update our mirrors and give the bathroom some tile for an upscale look.

  311. Allyson

    Our bathroom currently has a faux marble finish on the walls, an orange ceiling, and chipping yellow linoleum tiles…we would love to get started refinishing this bathroom disaster and would be tackling the scary process of tiling by ourselves too!

  312. Jessia Tenberge

    We just moved into our 1951 home and are currently remodeling the kitchen and next is our bathroom. It is classic black and white tile with avacado green accessories (permanent accessories because they are tiled into the wall)and has a toothpick style pedestal sink. I picture all white subway tile with brushed nickle accessories with small silver tiles making an appearance in the shower tiliing and with 2 pendant lights hanging down to give it a vintage feel! In the words of The Everly Brothers “dream dream dream.”

  313. Rebecca

    most of the fixtures in the bathrooms are the original from 1970 when the house was built. We would like to put in new sinks and put them in cabinets to give more storage to the small bathrooms….. we have started pricing at HD and are looking forward to getting started!

  314. Lisa Hinkle

    The bathroom my family shares has a hideous insert tub/shower with a knob that’s falling apart, vinyl floor and ugly laminate counter top sink…I would loooooove to have my hubby get started on renovating it to a cottage style bathroom!!

  315. Rachael

    We’re in the process of updating the guest bath so this would really help in there. New window treatments, paint, mirror and sink are needed! But the horrible masterbath, may just steal the giftcard if I win…it seriously has a orange, with wood grain(!?), countertop that needs replaced ASAP.

  316. Catherine

    I would love to do beadboard in our small bathroom or replace some tile. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  317. Mary

    Such perfect timing! My husband and I were in home depot all weekend picking out new carpet and paint for our living room. We got so excited that we decided to do our kitchen too!

  318. jenna

    I want to replace our old shower door with a frame less style.

  319. Franki Parde

    Baathroom wallpaper is peeling….that is not appealing….HOME DEPOT to the rescue (hopefully.) [email protected]

  320. Sarah

    My bathroom needs a paint job badly! It is flourecent yellow with forest green trim everywhere, it is quite small also so maybe the past owner was trying to make it larger but it really just hurts my eyes.

  321. katy

    If I just so happen to be the winner, I would replace the faucet in our blue/white (tile circa ’64) bathroom, replace the faucets and shower head in the shower and if I had money leftover I’d buy paint for the walls…maybe a creamy coffee mocha color. :)

  322. Gina

    First thing I would do is remove the peel and stick flooring that someone used to cover the tile (and from the pieces of that peel and stick junk that are missing, the tile was nice!) and then REPAINT! The walls are a DARK grey…all the trim and tile are white, and the hardware.. gold. NOT a good color combo!!

  323. corrie

    We would love to win the Home Depot gift card to paint our bathrooms! It’s amazing what a little change in color can do.

  324. Laura

    Oh I was just there on Friday looking at the fabulous bathroom items they have! We have to redo 2 bathrooms in an old house that we just bought. On a seriously tight budget! I’m going to be spending a lot of time at Home Depot this year!

  325. sarah

    oh, i do wish it is me…my upstairs guest bath desperately needs a new light fixture to take away those ugly movie style globes, and it needs a new mirror too. one in a nice frame…to replace the ugly “just stuck on the wall” one we have up there now. how clean and fresh it would feel to have it done. i have a hubby who is great at lights and hanging things!!

  326. Mary Joy

    I love it!!! You are so right! The old houses need all the “yucky” works in order to makeover rooms.

    I love what you picked out! And how wonderful that Home Depot is working with you to share some makeover pleasure with us!

    We live in a rental house but I would love to repaint the bathroom and put in pretty storage…I know our landlord likes nice new additions!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  327. Meredith

    My upstairs guest bathroom is classic basic-builder. A Home Depot gift card could go far giving the room a little character – a frame for the mirror, new light fixtures, paint.

  328. EMILIE

    I have just started remolding by bath room — and I have purchased several items from Home Depot. I could really use the $100 gift card — I have vistied both Home Depot and Lowes factilities and I have to note that Home Depot was much more helpful.

  329. Karin

    Oh, what a great opportunity! I have a long list of projects, the problem will be in deciding which to choose! Thanks for the chance!

  330. Micayla

    I would SO love some new tile and a new sink. And no, I am not scared for you to tile at all! You can do it!

  331. Elle

    I’d love some help with the master bath. Only one side of that ugly shower door will open! What an opportunity!

  332. Christie

    Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! I would love to win this prize so I can change the light fixture in our bathroom. It is seriously dated and looks like something that could have been in the Brady Bunch house. LOL :-)

  333. Tom S.

    First thing is I need to get a house, then we will work on getting it fixed up. This year is looking good though!

  334. Susan

    The upstairs bathroom is actually what is next on my to do list. My daughter is getting married in May and we’re going to have a lot of guests. I’d love to replace the cupboard top. Right now it’s white tile with a mauve stripe (can you tell we build in the early 90’s? ;o) But since it is not a standard size, I’d need to order. And the sink is chipping and rusting. And we put up shower doors that have a mirror on one door – it looks like a fun house mirror. Not something you want to look at your body in. A $100 gift card would certainly help me get started on redoing that bathroom.

  335. Cassie At Primitive & Proper

    we bought the best retro styled black and white hex tiles from home depot last year and redid our one full bath. i would LOVE to get the same tile for our tiny about 2 sq feet master half bath!

  336. mary

    Spent the weekend with Home Depot myself! I am totally redoing a bath from the sub-floor up to the ceiling. I could really use a giftcard for tile, fixtures, paint, tubs, showers……

  337. Andrea

    Our main bathroom needs alot of help but the changes we can do can’t be structural so changing faucets etc is perfect. I wish I could gut the thing but we are just renting.

  338. Nike

    I’m remodeling my home this year with a budget of NOTHING! $100 could do awesome, awesome things. First stop … lumber to rough in a new pantry!

  339. rhonda

    You can do it!!! Tiling is actually very do-able!! I’ve done two kitchen floors, a bath floor, two kitchen backsplashes…just stay way from the tiny one-inch tile…the grouting (and cleanup) is killer!

    And I would change out our baby blue counter tops in our bath…lovely, no…?!

  340. Andrea

    I think a bathroom remodel would definitely call for tearing out and replacing our seaweed green tile that covers three quarters of the room! I love the look of pedestal sinks too!

  341. cassandralouise

    I would certainly paint, replace the smallest mirror ever, new shower curtains, along with a new hand towel bar, and towel bars!

  342. musette

    I really am ready for a change in our main bathroom. Now! It has carpeting and that just has to go. Also the shower has lost it’s protective coating and now looks dismal. I hate carpet in the bathroom because it means my husband has to ask any male guests to use the downstairs bathroom. Home Depot is a fun place to hang out. Hope I win.

  343. Pearle

    I have a home built in 1960 that has a “pink everywhere” bathroom. Pink tile half way up on every wall, up to nearly the ceiling around the tub area, pink tile on the vanity top, and pink patterned floor tiles. Thankfully the tub and toilet are white! I go back and forth on how much of the pink to get rid of: somewhere between all and nothing! At the very least, I’d love to replace the vanity top and sink so the $100 would get me seriously moving in that direction.

    Love your blog and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  344. Angela

    I need a complete redo of my bath! Shower first.. can’t wait.

  345. Chris

    We have been slowly redoing our bathroom as money becomes available. We are trying to exchange all of our shiny fixtures for oil rubbed bronzed versions… it’s a long process!

  346. Denise Woodall

    I have big plans for the master bathroom in the house we just bought. Everything is builder grade so I want to update the bathroom and give it a more custom look. Changes on my list of things to do-

    1. Paint/refinish the white vanity
    2. Replace huge tacky mirror with 2 nicer ones
    3. Replace marble top with granite
    4. Change out light fixtures and faucets
    5. Tile the ugly vinyl floor!
    6. Maybe even hang a chandelier?!

    A Home Depot gift card would be a great way to jump start this project!

  347. Sarah

    I know what you mean about a old house needing lots of work. A dozen years ago we bought one and had to do lots of updating. The bathrooms got new vanities, showers, etc. But after all these years, they do need painted and new light fixtures and mirrors/medicine cabinets would be nice, too.

  348. Mary Friedrich

    I’ve been reading for a while and have never commented. I’ll keep it simple. Pick me, please. ;) I’m getting ready to do the half bath in my 117 year old farm house. I’d already found the tile I want at Home Depot so I was going anyway, but $100 off would be great! While i’m here I just I should mention that I love the blog. It has really inspired me to make my house my unique home.

  349. Cassandra Frear

    We renovated an 1896 home. One of the projects I was proudest of was a tidy guest bathroom on the main floor. We put in a retro-inspired toilet and pedestal sink. I re-plastered the walls (which were wavy and covered with horrid wallpaper) and painted them a very pale gray-green and added white trim. We had light marble with gray veins put in for the floor.

    Really, it was transformed and I was so happy with it. And it cost us very little to do.

  350. Rebekah

    I would like to repaint my half bath!

  351. Nikki B. from Ohio

    We are in the middle of a master bathroom remodel. Taking down the Victorian perfume bottle wall paper, installing ceramic tile, a couple of new cabinets…the works! Would LOVE a gift card to HD. They have great stuff to choose from!

  352. Gloria

    I love the pedestal sink. It would look great in our second bath. We are moving across country and are downsizing from a 2800 sq foot 1870s farmhouse that we’ve renovated over 28 years to a 1500 sq foot ranch built in 1966. We don’t want to take 28 years to fix up the new house. Both the baths and the kitchen are in desperate need of updating. All are small spaces, so we need to pick appropriately sized fixtures. We’ll be spending a small fortune at Home Depot and that gift card sure would help.

  353. Marmel

    I would so love to get rid of my blue toilet! Love your powder room!

  354. Emily

    Our craftsman style house is almost 100 years old and we are excited to tackle the bathroom this year. We plan to make it flow with the charm of this old house with the subway tiles and (hopefully) the hex tile floors. A $100 start would be awesome as this will be a complete gut job. :)

  355. Cindy

    Paint and tile for the floor would be great in my bathroom.

  356. Jennifer

    I have refinished all of the cabinet hardware in my bathrooms….all 89 knobs. I would love love love to have new sink fixtures, so please pick me. I also want to sand and refinish the towel racks and tissue holders however until i have new fixtures, that it pointless. Thanks so much for being so “inspiring”!!!

  357. Michelle

    For a long time I have wanted to update my powder room with new paint, a new light fixture and a new mirror (I have a yucky builder-grade mirror and its so not cute). Thanks for the chance to win!

  358. c

    My master bath need a complete makeover…that would get me started!


  359. Pam

    This is the first time I have ever written a comment to a blog. I couldn’t help but to respond. You and I are alike in that it takes me so long to decide, but once I have a plan, I’m ready to start now! My daughters/ guest bathroom needs help. My daughter has moved out and I want to make a bathroom redo that has the “wow” factor. I, too, love the classic style. So $100 from HD would really help me get started!

  360. Stacy Felling

    I am just getting ready to re-paint and update my son’s old bedroom as he has just graduated from college and is away at paramedic school. I have very mixed emotions about this, however it truly does need to be re-painted. The existing room has wonderful details such as wainscoting and crown molding, so really a new paint job and some new flooring would do nicely. Thank you for your amazing blog full of inspiration!!! I enjoy reading it daily!!!!

  361. Kari

    YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! Love it, love your idea board so far…just redid our bathroom w/ the classic white pedestal sinks as well! They are FAB!! Have LOTS more reno to do in our house…yay for Home Depot gift cards!!!! :) Thanks so much!!!

  362. Erin

    I am actually starting a complete bathroom remodel in two weeks and this would help out tons!!!! I could do some serious damage with that gift card. Paint, new hardware, a nice light fixture. Oh….I could put it towards the showerhead that I REALLY want.

    Thanks for sharing all of your ideas with us!


  363. Wendi

    I cannot stand the builder basic lights that came with our home (and our home was 10 years old when we bought it). I would love to replace them with something more chic (and not so blaring in the wee morning hours). Then next would come replacing the faucets and towel holders. All stuff I could easily get done on my own. Okay, I would need the help of my handy Dad for the faucets. He would loooooove to replace faucets for me again in another house. :)

  364. Courtney

    I have big plans for my bathroom. i am hoping to put up a wood treatment on the walls…replace the tile and well anything else my husband will let me do!!

  365. Monica Bowles

    I would love to update counter tops, mirrors and light fixtures.

  366. Jessica M.

    I say tile away and enjoy the results:) We moved into our new house this fall and the bathrooms definitely need more personality! Maybe some new medicine cabinets and lights.Oh, and paint! They are still shamefully builders’ white. I did paint the bedrooms:)

  367. Dee

    Both our bathrooms need updating. They’re stuck in the 60’s with the original tile. We’ve replaced faucets over the years (several times), painted and replaced floors, but it’s time again.

  368. baltimoremom

    What a great giveaway! I think we go to Home Depot at least once a week! For our bathroom (it’s still the original sea green sink, toilet and tub with lavender tiles on the walls), I would love to replace the ugly forest green and black tile floor. Maybe just a simple white tile to offset the other odd colors we have to live with for now!

  369. Shelly F

    I am so glad I found your blog and I just love your ideas. We are just starting to remodel our 1930 craftsman that is full of archways and tiny doorways with built in corner cabinets and such. Home Depot is where we get most of our materials. Saving the bathroom for last but can’t wait to get that white pedestal sink in there! LOVE IT!

  370. Shawna

    I would love to redo our master bath…old and ugly. Happy for you.

  371. Rachel

    We need a new bath/shower very badly. Our has several cracks and it’s looking very dingy. It has just been at the bottom of the list for a while. Some day we hope to renovate!

  372. Shaina

    We are planning to gut and completely re-do our master bathroom this spring. We are going to bump out a wall into the bedroom, go from single to double sinks and expand the shower!

  373. Marla Payne

    We are in SERIOUS need of a powder room re-do! It screams early nineties with all of the shiny brass everywhere!! Love your blog…thanks for a great chance to win a Home Depot gift card!!

  374. Els

    Thank you for hosting this great give a way! So much to do..and as most previous posters….too much to do, not enough money! :)

  375. StephanieD

    Well, my mom generously bought me the Anthropologie Flamenco shower curtain (in greens and aquas) so we are planning a refresh and renew around that. Our bathroom is a rental and currently very sloppily painted a dark brown…in a tiny windowless bathroom, it’s like a dungeon. So: paint, beadboard wallpaper about 2/3 up the wall, chair rail ledge about that. Paint existing 1980’s vanity, buy new cheapest cottagey faucets we can find, new towel rack, wall art, accessories, would love to cover the ceiling with beadboard and trim. The bathroom is so tiny, we’ll probably be able to replace the yucky 1980s linoleum cheaply also.

  376. Nora Atwell

    oh $100.00 gift card from home depot would be soooo niiice…we remodeled our bathroom thinking we would be selling our home and spent less money, installed cheap tub and vinyl walls and they’re awful…I’ll have to replace if we decide to sell, it would be embarassing if we didn’t. thank you! :))

  377. Allison

    I actually started planning our second bathroom renovations this weekend. We need to rip the carpet out of the bathroom (ick!) and I would LOVE to do something with the vanity as well, but what to do is still being decided!

  378. Amanda Barnett

    I would love to put up tile. Good luck on your renovation. I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.

  379. Vickie White

    Oh, how I would LOVE to remodel my bathroom!! The first thing I’d do is change the toilet, sinks and bathtub!! Hideous PINK!! YES, I said PINK! And our guest bathroom is turquoise! UGH! My in-laws built this home in 1965 and that must have been a popular color! I’d much prefer white fixtures and then add any color in paint and accessories. But, I’m sure this would take more than $100!! Hey, but I think it’d be a GREAT start! :) Oh, I’m feeling lucky today!

  380. Betsy

    I have so many bathroom ideas. I want to tile the floor in our master bathroom and put radiant heat under it. I want remove the vanity from our downstairs powder room and replace it with a pedestal sink. And I really want to completely encase the bathroom used by my 4 sons in boy-proof tile ;)

  381. Judy

    I would love to do a mini makeover to our master bathroom. It’s small, but a new vanity with fancy top would do wonders.

  382. Roberta

    We tiled our bathroom and kitchen backsplashes last year and LOVE it…we used white, ceramic subway tiles with a small band of black for an accent. It looks like a black ribbon detail…ohh la la I’d love to replace the bathroom sink faucet with an updated one since the one that is there is a plain, contractors one…it works but is not very pretty ;)

  383. ChelseaVP

    We need to re-do our guest bathroom (mostly the shower/tub), the shower in there is like old pink tiles that are literally falling off the wall and we would LOVE to redo it with some pretty white tile :)

  384. Crystal S.

    I would love to redo my cabinets. They are currently oak colored but i would prefer a darker wood like cherry.

  385. Michelle

    We are actually knee deep in a bathroom renovation in our 130 year old home, so a gift card to our “second home”, Home Depot would really come in handy! The bathroom is completely gutted, so we need everything!

  386. Gail Smith

    My little 1930’s house was pretty much gutted and redone when we bought it in 2006, HOWEVER…the “house-flipper” seems to have tried to get by a bit too cheaply. The charming brass faucet handles are stained an unremovable green, the sink and tub have lost their finish and the floor is a about 1970’s circa vinyl tiles. I do have a good tub surround and tho the toilet wobbles, it IS funcional. I’ve been champing at the bit to try my hand (and dear hubby’s) at putting in a new sink and faucet, so $100 from Home Depot would be fantastic.
    Luckily, my dear little cottage has GREAT bones and it’s integrity remains intact. So many friends’ first words when they entered were-“This house is SOOOO you!” and it is. It’s my cute little grammy cottage.
    Good luck with your remodel–you’re an ispiration for this 60 year old grandma!

  387. Leigh Anne

    Oh….the things I wanna do to my bath. We’ve been discussing the MAJOR renovation. Tear out old shower & tub, tile in new shower, turn 1 sink vanity into 2 sinks, new mirror, lighting, flooring, paint….the list never ends. This gift card would help as every little bit does :) Excited to hear about your makeover!

  388. Stephanie Hill

    My new house has 2 bathrooms. I’ve already replaced the medicine cabinet and light fixture in one, and now it only needs some paint and curtains. The other bathroom, however, has a truly ugly wallpaper border that needs to be removed, and fake tile screwed into the walls. That bathroom needs painting, a new medicine cabinet, and a new sink or vanity.

  389. Jennifer

    We really, I mean really, need to tile our main bathroom floor. It should have been done when we renovated the house but we ran out of money. So $100 would REALLY help!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  390. Sara S.

    Oh, I could really use that! I’ve been wanting to redo my bathroom. I would refinish my cabinet black and paint the walls grey. I also want to put a little beadboard on the side of the cabinet.

  391. seriously a homemaker

    Yes! I am planning a bathroom Makeover too! Tile paint, new curved shower rod, wainscoting? Lets do it together!

  392. Dana

    Well, let’s start with the toilet innards that really need to be replaced. Blech. Not that anyone sees them, but it’s expensive to have a leaky seal.

    The plastic “tub surround”…doesn’t anymore. The adhesive that was used wasn’t strong enough (or caulked well enough or something) and it’s coming off at the corners.

    Then there’s vintage the tub toggle thing. Well, where one should be. There’s just a hole. We need to find the right sized faceplate to cover it up. (I’m just glad we don’t have toddlers – they’d be sticking little army men and legos in there for sure!)

    The handles? Like the vintage reproductions a lot, but they are stripped, so they spin…and it’s difficult to get hot water going…or stop it when you need to!

    What do I *like* about my bathroom? The vintage floor tile. After that? Not a lot else. lol.

    Oh, how I could use a gift card to Home Depot! :)

  393. Holly F.

    First of all, patch the walls and PAINT! I just ripped down some nice bright blue wallpaper that was covered in elk. (Yes, you read that right, blue and elk. Together.) It would actually be nice to replace the strange bright blue swirly countertop also. So far, I’ve been trying to work with it with mediocre results.

  394. Missy June

    I would so LOVE to caulk and re-tile around the tub, upgrade the counter and all the faucets. I love the subway tile!

  395. Madison C.B.

    My bathroom is cirqa 1960, 1970, 1980….you get the picture. The tile, that is not only on the floor, but also on the walls, in the shower, and on the countertop is a FABULOUS mushroom pink color and has a beautiful inset of a gold **Bedazzled** bead molding. If the tile wasn’t pretty enough, the tub and sink are a stunning canary yellow. To top all of this off…the wallpaper is Pink, Orange, and Yellow Geometric LARGE scaled print with blocks full of small and large circles. We have done what we can afford to make the room better on a newlywed budget (new paint on the cabinets, a white shower curtain to tone the room down, etc…) but to say I NEED a $100 gift card to Home Depot, is an understatement. I would love to gut the entire room and start fresh…if I had a giftcard, maybe I could get my hubby’s little hiney in gear to start the reno so I don’t have to listen to “Saturday Night Fever” every time I shower. =)

  396. Heather

    I would love to give my bathrooms a fresh coat of paint for spring!

  397. V. Higgins

    I live in an apartment but I would love to get a new showerhead with a filter since that’s something we could take with us when we move ^_^ I love painting our spaces so I can’t wait to have a house!

  398. Mary

    Perfect timing! I have a bathroom that needs help.

  399. Madison C.B.

    I’m not sure why it says my comment is awaiting moderation….I promise I’m not a hacker!! I just need a gift card haha!

  400. Ashley

    This post is quite timely for me! My husband dropped a ceramic toothbrush holder in our white pedestal sink (only a few years old) and it took a big chunk out of the sink! AND it is our one and only bathroom in our 1950 farmhouse. Since we already have to replace the sink, we figured we might as well just do the bathroom make-over we have been talking about doing for a while.

  401. Kim D.

    I’ve been planning to replace the tile in my bathroom for awhile now, not sure when yet. We replaced some tile that was coming up in one of our rentals, so at least we have some practice under our belt before tackling our own bathroom. It would be nice to have a new vanity with some cabinet space and drawers and replace the pedestal sink. Thanks for the chance and good luck to you with your tile project. The hardest part is keeping the tile level, you can do it.

  402. Michelle

    Hi Melissa,

    I purchased everything except the countertops from Home Depot for my guest bath remodel. They do have a great selection and I really love my guest bath now. I still need to do my master bath — new sinks, faucets, toilet, mirrors, flooring, pocket door and countertops.


  403. Glenda Childers

    Our bathroom could use a new floor.

    What fun you have ahead of you – Blissdom AND a bathroom remodel.


  404. T Carter

    I would love to have a $100 gift card. We are in the middle of updating our bathroom in an old victorian home. It has been a long project but almost finished. But, still a few things to purchase….

  405. Carolyn

    Both of my bathrooms (1 half bath and 1 full) need new sinks and new light fixtures. We have bought one set of lights, but have not installed them yet. They actually need a lot of work. I have lots of ideas, just haven’t started on them yet.

  406. Kimmie S

    I would love to redo our downstairs bathroom. It is so plain and needs a good towel rack. $100 to home depot would be awesome

  407. Laura

    I was so stunned when I saw this, I had to comment! For the last month my hub and I have been gathering price quotes to fix our bathroom, which includes subway tile to replace the horrible 1970’s tile, most of which is cracked. We want to add a creamy white painted beadboard that offsets a warm chocolate colored wall, a new vanity, lighting, and framing around the mirror. We had already finished putting tile floor down, but ran into budget problems and had to stop. I would love to share our experiences with you, and a gift card would go a very long way!

  408. Alice Adams

    I would like to redo our main bathroom. I need to strip the wallpaper! I have always loved bead board in a bathroom so I want that in mine. Good luck on your redo!

  409. Crystal

    Oh how I would love to spruce up half bathroom. It’s my least favorite bathroom in the house and of course the one open to the public and my clients. I HATE it with a vengeance :( It would be so fun to be able to give it a face lift! And hey, it might just even lift my frown to a smile!

  410. Michelle

    Where would I begin with home redesign projects. . . . We bought a 100 year old home that someone tried to remodel modern, which took away all of the existing character of the house. My bathroom needs to have the tiling that they did over the entire bathroom pulled down and I’d love to put up bead board and replace the fixtures. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  411. Dawn S.

    We updated our bathroom last spring, but still want to paint the tub and shower and buy plantation shutters. I love when the door is open and we can see all the changes. It still makes me smile!

  412. Micha

    I loove your bathroom! There’s othing that can beat that classic vintage design s- crisp and fresh! We’ll be closing on our 95 y/o historic home this week and I can’t think of where to begin with all the projects, ideas and love we want to pour into our new old home. That gift card sure would come in handy though :o)

  413. Lisa D.

    Our only fully functional bathroom is tiny, and dark red… with coral tiles. (cringe!) I’d start with painting it a lighter color… and then investigate how to tile a shower. Pick me!

  414. StaciM

    We’d LOVE a pedastal sink, fresh paint, new mirror and lighting in our powder room. Plus a splash of artwork!

  415. Cynthia

    I really want to do some beadboard in our guest bathroom. I’m looking for a beachy theme to go along with the beautiful original tile floor & blue bathtub. Not a big enough budget to replace the tub which is in perfect shape and nice and deep. It’s just blue.

  416. Ro

    My little renovation would also take me to the bathroom. We have two full baths and both are wall-to-wall tiled. The master bath is tiled in a not too offensive tan color and really, I don’t notice it much. But the kids’ bath is tiled in…are you ready for this?…SWINE colored tiles!!! So I would love to rip out those tiles and replace with bead board.

  417. Katie Seest

    Our master bath has an enormous mirror that I cannot keep clean and that has no charm whatsoever. I’d love to take that and the hideous silver bar light that is above the mirror, and find something classic and charming.

  418. KatieBee

    We need to get going on our 1940’s peach and rust master bathroom. Everything is original (except the toilet)down to the peach porcelain bathtub and sink. Would love to update it, keeping the character of the house, but in more neutral colors!

  419. allison

    I would love to update our hardware and I have bare windows that could use to dressing charm. Also VANITY LIGHTS!!! I have NONE!

  420. Bri

    Gee, what DON’T I want to change about my bathroom? The tub needs to be reglazed or replaced, the 55 year old white with gold veining tile is way past its prime, there was a leak in the tub plumbing that I’m sure caused some rot in the wall and in the subfloor… It’s a long list and basically amounts to gutting the bathroom. $100 isn’t going to get me there, but it’d be a wonderful start!

  421. Shannon

    We’d love to remove the existing tile (that goes halfway up the walls and is a cinnamon colour) and beadboard or white tile and do a new tub and surround. Not too much! Lol. Good luck with your redo…I bet it’ll turn out f-a-b!

  422. Kenna

    I would love to redo our guest bath. It is sooooo boring, but there is nothing wrong with it either, so the money goes else where. I would put in a pedestal sink, paint, and find a mirror and faucet with character!!! Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

  423. Spring

    Oh my! Our 100 yr old fixer upper has 1 1/2 baths that BOTH need help! We have so far replaced both toilets and sinks (the 1/2 bath had an olive green sink and a robin’s egg blue toilet!! I am NOT JOKING!) but they need lighting, and wall help. The bath/shower might actually need new walls- they are made of a particle board type thing with a “water-proof” coating that is warping. And seriously, have you ever seen FORMICA walls? Yup- got that too!

  424. Anna

    Wow, what an awesome giveaway! We have been in our home 3 years, and haven’t done anything to it: at. all. I would jump into our guest/kids/hall bathroom. Starting with Kilz and tiles where water damage has already caused the builder paint to peel and expose the poor tape job beneath, I’d move to a fun color of paint to liven up the little space. A new faucet, hand towel ring, toilet paper holder, and light fixture (all replacing the current yawners) would give the room a fresh and pretty feel!

  425. Jessie

    I would LOVE to tile our bathroom, frame out our builder grade mirror with some crown molding, and tile our shower. BIG dreams:)

  426. Jennifer

    I would definitely get some more current and charming lighting. We current have eighties style strips of round bulbs in the master and kids bath. And after that, new shower organizer thing (for shampoo and such).

    Good luck with the tiling. I would love to try that someday, but I would surely be intimidated!

  427. Angie

    Our house was built over 30 years ago, and it has pretty much everything from the original “build”. If we were to change stuff in the bathrooms, it would definitely be the mirrors, the sinks (the whole vanity), and the towel holders. I think the toilets are pretty updated, but the sinks need an overhaul!

  428. KimH

    Not everyone does, but I love redoing my house
    What Im needing in my bathroom right now is a good place to put towels, hand towels, & washrags.. The current system works but its getting old & ugly. Gonna have to find something soon.

    Have fun with your project!!

  429. Irene

    We plan on redoing our entire bathroom. I am very much into the cottage, old country look, not modern at all. Beadboard, bronze fixtures, tin ceiling panels – these are my favorite things.

  430. Lisa Hartz

    We would love to get rid of our huge mirror above the sinks and the lovely movie star lights above the aforementioned huge mirror! I hope we win!

  431. Jennifer B.

    I am actually working on updating our bathroom right now! I would love to replace the tub/shower (which has taped-over holes in it from the previous owner), do a white subway tile in the shower, redo the cracked tile floor, and change out the mirror. With our budget, all we can do right now is paint the current vanity and replace the hardware.

  432. ElaineDavis

    I just saw some photos of bathrooms with BEADBOARD TILE…whoa…felt my heart start beating faster : ) It’s on my “dream list” now!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  433. Kayla

    Unfortunately we are renters and cannot make overhaul changes on our bathroom. But there is plenty that could be done! New sink, light fixtures, PAINT! Someday we’ll have our own place. :)

  434. jackie

    Our first bathroom that needs to be re-done would be to strip wallpaper, and paint, possibly some beadboard. We could use a new sink, and countertop, with some updates on the existing cabinet. That is our plan. We are going through the house and updating several things so a $100 gift card would be helpful at this point. I would love to win! Jackie

  435. Ashley Daily

    My bathroom is so depressing. ANYTHING would make it better. I’m thinking new brushed nickel hardware, new linens (although HD doesn’t sell those), new shower, new PAINT (white is clean but so so SO boring with NO color accents to speak of),and Beadboard on anything that will hold still long enough.

  436. Faith

    My old marble topped vanity has cracked around the drain and become discolored. The cabinet it sits on is just old and outdated. I’d love to have a new pedestal sink like the one on your post. Regarding your new tile project-no, I’m not really scared for you because I know you can do it! (: Looking forward to seeing the gorgeous results.

  437. Dana

    our master bathroom is in need of help, i am ready to stop saying to myself every morning if only i had more space getting ready in the morning would be so much more fun!

  438. Lisa Perry

    I live in one of those cute old houses that needs new plumbing! We only have 1 1/2 baths, and the one with the bath already has the pretty pedestal sink, bead board and decent tile. The half bath however has no charm! We’d love to do an update on it…maybe we could both fit in there at the same time with a few changes.

  439. Pat

    I would love to get rid of my built-in tub and replace it with a free standing one. It looked impressive when we bought our house, but it’s not very functional.

  440. Kathy

    I would do my boy’s bathroom. It has one of those huge builder mirrors. I’d start there. They have a nice double sink, but the vanity could use a paint job. Oh, the things I could do…

  441. Laura

    We have one bathroom in our 1938 Tudor home. Great house! Crazy original Halloween bathroom tile. We’ve got the salmon and black square, shiny tile halfway up the walls and in the large, square shower/tub. And salmon and lavender small square tiles on the floor. Did I mention, I feel about salmon the way you feel about swine?!

    Shower/tub size is fantastic, pedestal sink was refinished about 5 years ago and it’s looking terrific. There is a good deal of storage and a brand new window. We installed high-end fixtures at the time of the sink refinish. So really, our bathroom just needs new tile and a new, frameless glass shower door to transport us from Halloween bathroom to Hallelujah bathroom! Thanks.

  442. teresa

    I love love love old bathrooms…right now I have two that we “made” in 1920…so yes a gift card would be fabulous.
    Happy Day

  443. Fabulous Finds Studio

    I need new light fixtures badly! Love the pedestal sink! I had that faucet in the Powder Bathroom at my last house..loved it!

  444. Cheri in the Lone Star State

    We are on our third bathroom remodel of three bathrooms since we moved into a 1970s ranch 3 years ago. The first bathroom is cottage-y with white wainscotting and light blue paint. The second is slate and warm wood with a slight Japanese look. This last bathroom…well we are still deciding. We have the shower tiled (white 4″ tile with two rows of subway tile in the middle), but I’d like a more modern look for the rest of this one. We’ve done all the work ourselves and will do this one as well. I love doing bathrooms!

  445. Shannon

    I JUST ripped out all the tile on my bathroom floor along with the toilet and subflooring; i wanted new tile and a new toilet so bad that I just ripped it out to help with the convincing ;)

  446. Onita

    bathroom re-do’s are fun (and a bit scary, lol) we started ours a year ago…. hmmm. it is mostly done so actually this gift card could finally give me the kick in the rear-end to finish it! :)

  447. Vickie

    Our bath needs new light fixtures, new faucets, framing around the mirror, etc. So much we could do with the gift card!!!

  448. Katherine

    If I could do anything new with our bathroom, I would add more shelving/storage. It’s tiny, but there’s room over the toilet for something. We live in an apartment, so we’re kind of limited as to what we could add. I’d love to try though!

  449. Gina

    We bought my parents house that my dad built when I was in kindergarten in the late 60’s. It still has the original countertop, flooring, and tub. We’ve stripped wallpaper, replaced mirrors, sinks, fixtures, lights, and toilet. We painted the tub with bathtub paint, but it is flaking off in chunks!!! The terrible blue color is showing through the nice white paint. It would be nice to put the money towards a new bathtub, since it is the bathroom that our guests see when they visit. We are trying to figure out how to turn this one bathroom into two bathrooms. A master bath and a powder room for guests.

  450. Allison

    My master bath is in need of a complete update/remodel. First thing I’d love to do is replace the fiberglass shower and tub.

  451. mary b

    I started to redo my guest bath, and am progressing as money allows.
    So far I have painted the walls and I changed up my white cabinets by painting them black.
    Now I really need to replace the yucky vinyl floor and hopefully spring for a new toilet and sink…so I can get rid of the hideous yellow fixtures!!

  452. Allison

    I would love to paint my bathroom and get new fixtures…well, at least a new towel rack that stays on the wall (our current towel rack falls off randomly and it can be rather frustrating!) and a new faucet (the previous owner’s of our house didn’t know how to clean very well and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get all the grime out of the little crevices on the faucet).

  453. kelly

    We’ve been in our house only 3 years but there are already so many things I’d do differently. My kids’ bathroom has a really awful cabinet sink base. I like the storage, hate the look of the unit. I really, REALLY want a new style (preferably in white as I think it will hide their foamy toothpaste drips better – when do kids grow out of that?!?!)

  454. Jen

    Our basement/guest room bathroom needs some serious help. The vanity and light fixture are the WORST. Like, triple-mirrored, ugly, wooden, medicine cabinet. Highlighted by a giant, bulbous, 80’s row of light bulbs above it. It’s awful. I sure would love $100 to kick-start the husband into making it beautiful!!

  455. The Lazy Dazy

    We have the “old”-ish house. 1950’s. Have blue tile in a bathroom…tile walls, a little more than halfway up, and the shower all the way to the ceiling. I can’t decide whether to leave that tile or not. Is it cool? Should I work with it or get it “the heck outta dodge”?

    I don’t know, yet, but that room needs attention…I do know that!

    Thanks for the give away and congrats on the fun project op!

  456. Machele

    I would replace the light (it is 80’s retro!) in my master bath!! I would also fix the back base board in our hall bath.The fake lovely wood is peeling hee hee ;)

  457. Amber Schwarz

    I love my white subway tiled bathroom. Its so classic and beautiful. i would like to update my vanity. It is light wood and looks odd in my white bathroom. All of the wood work in my 120 year old house is a darker wood and it just doesnt fit in!

  458. Corinne Kurzmann

    I really like my guest bath and would like to update the master bath!..I would replace my sink cabinet and my shower head!!

  459. lisa

    We are trying to redo one of our two bathrooms. The house is really old and the tiles are falling off the shower/bath. That gift card would buy a new tub or toilet that is so needed. I know, not very romantic or exciting but it’s what we really need!

  460. Jennifer

    I would love to change the light fixture, mirror and paint my master bathroom.

  461. Amanda May

    We are already in the middle of a bathroom renovation…and are standing still. We have one of *those* old homes…it’s not pretty to look at, or think about. If I had a $100 gift card to Home Depot I would purchase the fixtures for our shower and sink. Thank you The Inspird Room & Home Depot!

  462. Shelly

    I have so many projects…this little box is too small to list all of them! painting, rebuilding our garage with a playroom upstairs that would include a new bathroom!

    don’t be worried about tiling. It’s SO easy. I rented a wet saw from HD and had a blast. I re-tiled my fireplace. You will love the project, once you get in the groove.

    thanks for the give-away!

  463. kathy

    I would love to change out my plain walls for Bead Board—-also a new over the sink light fixture would be wonderful………….;}

  464. Deb Martell

    So glad you’re including tiling..need to know how to do that :) We desperately need to do our powder room….old, old, old wallpaper, ugly light fixture, ugly pedestal sink, ugly oak cabinet on the wall, ect. Look forward to seeing what I know will be an inspiring project!!

  465. Tara G.

    I would love to give this to my parents and have them update the hall bath that has been the same since 1984!!!

  466. kelly

    I would love to get some nice rugs, curtains (building cornice boards) and new light fixtures.

  467. Suzanna

    I would love to replace the floor and baseboard in two of my bathrooms. Thanks for offering the giveaway and I can’t wait to see pictures of your bathroom as it progresses!

  468. karen28412

    Our house was built in the 1970’s and our bathrooms are very small. We are trying to find ways to redo our guest bath and give it an updated, as well as a more spacious, look.

    Love your website and all the inspiration it brings.

  469. Maren

    I’d love to put beadboard paneling in my powder room.

  470. Crystal Faulk

    My girls’ bathroom is in dire need of a redo. Everything in it is outdated.I would love to redo the floors, get a new toilet, do something with the bathtub. We are trying to do little bits here and there. I recently got a new (to me) sink and vanity which was a big improvement.:)

  471. Dana

    I would love to change the vanity in our bathroom. The sink and surrounding vanity are so small that there is hardly room for a soap dispenser. Would be wonderful to have one with a little more space!!

  472. christy Burrows

    would love to update my bathroom!!

  473. Caroline

    We live in a home built in 1925. Lots of charm, but lots of work! Our half bath has pink tile ,a vinyl floor and an odd vanity. We’ve upgraded the medicine cabinet and removed all the floral, brass accessories but I would love to put a pedestal sink in there, tile the floor and figure our hat to do with the pink tile. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tile – except that it’s so PINK. A HD gift card would give us the jump start that we need!

  474. Vivian

    Oh those subway tiles makes me tingle. Boy, $100 could do a lot of damage, er repairs. :)

  475. Jennifer

    I would love to repaint and purchase a new light fixture for my bathroom. I am just beginning to take advantage of the many blogs out there for inspiring home decorating ideas. I have an older home and I really could use the help! Thanks!

  476. Montee Wellman

    I would like new faucets/fixtures in my hall bath. I have already painted it and the cabinets to look a little French Country. Now I just need to get those old fixtures outta there! Thank you!

  477. Mary

    We just sold our home and closing this week on our new one. Many renovations to be done…here are a few: Completely repainting the interior of the house, new lighting through out, 3 bathrooms to update, refinishing the kitchen cabinets and new counter tops (hopefully w/Granite), and building a patio. I’m exhausted just typing this, but also very excited. Hoping that the interior work can be all completed in 6 weeks!
    Sure could use the gift card.

  478. Mindy Bruce

    This comes at the PERFECT TIMING because we are just now thinking of ways to improve our guest bathroom! I already painted, but we have so many other things we want to do like get new countertops, and flooring, and possibly do something fun like mouldings and beadboard on the ceiling. I could really use this giftcard to help me make this room a spa-like place!

  479. Mary Gene Atwood

    Ahhhh the bathroom…new tub/shower enclosure…previous owners didn’t have a water softener, which we added, but the rust stains are disgusting…looks so dirty!!!

  480. Nicole Burdick

    My master bathroom is the original from 1960. It is 6’x10′-tiny! My husband and I have to schedule our time in there because we cannot both fit even just to brush our teeth! Sadly, the grout in between the 4″x4″ black ceramic tile is growing mold…and disgusting me!…I go thru a lot of bleach:). Our master closet is the same size and next door, so we could extend and double the size and move the closet to the other side of the bedroom…I keep pushing for the renovation, but my hubby is weary…we recently finished a kitchen overhaul which included high stress and deep pockets-ugh…but it was well worth it! I know a home depot gift card would be a nudge in the right remodel direction for the hubby!:)

  481. Tamrah T.

    Well, I have this bathroom and a large gardentub that needs improved integrity and character…that would be a good starting off point. Thank you for the chance to make it happen a little sooner.

  482. Leah Marie

    Since I went home at lunchtime to find a leak under my bathroom sink, I am pretty sure that will be what I am working on.

  483. Kim

    Hi have a small bathroom with an old tub that really should be gutted! But, if we could just get a new sink and cabinet in there….I’d be very happy!

  484. jackie s

    we are buying a house and completely gutting it out.. $100 gift card to home depot would be awesome!

  485. Marin D

    My master bath needs some help. LOL. We could use some shelving and a new shower head. Someday I would like to redo the cabinets and mirrors and lighting but that is far off in the future!

  486. Lauren

    we are in dire need of a downstairs bath makeover. it hasn’t been touched in TEN years! That’s a whole decade, not even new paint. We are keeping the changes simple, just fixtures, lighting & morror (and of course, new paint!). And i am going to beadboard the heck out of it, for instant charm. $100 from Home Depot would be perfect.

  487. Hallie E

    Our bathroom is definitely our next project! We have the old green plastic tile on our walls. As if that weren’t bad enough, they have been painted over and the paint is chipping and peeling off, as well and numerous tiles themselves are getting loose and a few have fallen off the wall. Along with gaping holes in the plaster ceiling, we are in desperate need of some new work!

  488. Monique

    We have an older home and would love to replace the bathroom fixtures, purchase a new medicine cabinet and lights, followed by painting.

    Thanks for this giveaway!

  489. Colleen

    I’d love to be able to replace my vanity…

  490. Wendy Gleaves

    I live with my mother-in-law. However, we have our own bathroom and I would love to surprise her with a redo. I would love to change out the faucet. It has a short faucet that comes pretty standard in most houses. I would also love to repaint and add some tile above the tub. It is a one piece tub and it has about 2 feet of drywall above it. The paint is beginning to peel at the edge of the tub because of the moisture. I think a couple rows of tile would make a huge difference.

  491. Heather

    My husband and I were just talking about the DIRE need to retile his shower. It’s older and the caulking is cracking and beginning to leave black mold in places! No amount of scrubbing or no solution (that I have found) seems to do the trick. Help this mom of 4 great kids and wife of 1 wonderful man keep her home safe! Thanks!

  492. Regina

    I would update my lighting fixtures and faucets.

  493. April in CT

    I’d love to do something with the flooring!

  494. Bree

    Everything needs updated! Our house was built in the 1970s’ you can only imagine what it looks like! We could use the $100 and then some ha!

  495. KO

    Oh where do I begin? I would love to redo our shower, but the budget does not allow it, so I am looking to paint a new color, and put in some new lighting.

  496. Sandy

    I would be more than happy with one of your “almost afters.” Some fresh paint and new accessories would do the trick!

  497. Joy

    I was just talking to my DH this morning about a mini redo for our bathroom!! Paint, faucets & a new curved shower rod are definitely on my list.

  498. Shannon

    Our downstairs bathroom is just hideous! I painted the walls a fun purple and the fixtures black to make it feel like less of a dungeon, but it’s in dire need of a complete rip-out-and-start-over-from-scratch reno!

  499. Courtney M

    Thanks for the giveaway! Mama needs a new toilet & sink!

  500. Jennifer from WI

    Our main bathroom is tiled in 1960’s turquoise :-( I don’t mind it around the bath and shower, but I HATE it on the vanity. Maybe in another 10 years the color will come back into style, but it is so hard to decorate around it, never mind finding towels and shower curtains to co-ordinate. It is definitely the room I walk into and cringe. I would love an “all white” bathroom and then I could choose my own “pop” colors.

  501. Amanda

    We really need to replace our bathtub and surround. It was never installed correctly and I think its just plain old and gross.

  502. Raquel

    Last year I planned on remodeling my powder room and took the wall paper down, removed wood paneling from 1978, and then left it all that way for lack of inspiration, time and money. I hope to get it all done this year with God’s help and my husband’s, hopefully!

  503. jenny

    My twin boys are growing out of the “victorian” bathroom they inherited. So many toothbrushes with superheros and hair gels and boy stuff!! Would love to get a vanity with some storage space !!!!

  504. Sara DeMay

    I would really love to tile and paint my children’s bathroom!

  505. emily

    My bathroom is next on my to-do list … just way too boring builder basics in there. I’ll take some subway tile, a few new light fixtures, some paint, drawer & cabinet hardware … $100 to H.D. would be amazing!

  506. erica

    the bathroom? where do i start?! no more wallpaper, a new tub and nicely tiled shower, goodbye medicine cabinets, hello new vanity!

  507. Amanda

    Our upstairs bath is shared by my husband and I and our two little girls. It is also TINY. It’s sorely in need of a makeover. New paint, new tub/shower, new vanity, new lighting and new flooring. Yeah…it’s pretty bad. :s

    Love the idea of subway tiles, Melissa. Your bath will be wonderful!

  508. Kari

    We live in an older home. It’s about 65 years old. We just redid our main bathroom last year. We replaced the tub, put new flooring in, purchased a really cute 6ft tall white cabinet for storage, painted, bought a fresh white shower curtain and rug. However, our porcelain sink just recently developed a hairline crack in it so I’d love to replace it too. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win! Every little bit helps when you’re raising 4 small children.

  509. Susan

    For the past few month every time I walk into our bathroom I want to tear out the current vanity/mirror/box lights. They are the cheap wood-like material and so boxy and standard. I want a really homey feel in there and right now I feel like I’m in a cheap motel bathroom!!! And it’s the only one on the house!!! *pity party over*. I can’t wait to see how your re-do turns out!!

  510. Cheri

    Our powder room has been painted, but I would LOVE to replace the vanity with something a little cuter. I’d prefer to do a pedestal sink, actually, but it is nice to have a little storage in there.

  511. leslie

    I would LOVE to change out the vanity in our bathroom! we have two broken drawers and one of those sinks with gold swirls!!

  512. Jill

    I just redid my lower bathroom 2 years ago. But I would LOVE to make a second floor bathroom since the bedrooms are all up there. I have a walk-in closet right above the main bathroom that could SO easily be converted.

    MY TIP for you would be, make sure you have an good alternate place to shower and use the toilet. There’s nothing more annoying than having to from the second floor alllll the way down to the basement (we have basement toilets in Milwaukee) in the middle of the night without completely waking yourself up or whapping into something.

  513. Pam Ballard

    Thanks for the chance to win…

  514. Heathahlee

    If you could see my master bathroom you’d know how much I need to win this giveaway! HA! It had this horrible, mid ’90’s paper on the walls and one day I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I started ripping. And then had to stop…yeah…that was over two years ago. I’ve been living with ripped wallpaper walls for that long! I’ve wanted to redo my bathroom back there for soooooo long! I’d get a new vanity, and a new shelf for over the toilet. It’s a really small bathroom (actually a half-bath), and just a few new things would go a LONG way!

  515. Heidi

    Our one and only full bath gets used hard by our family of 5 kids!! We would LOVE to paint and put in a new tile floor:)
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  516. Kara

    I just finished doing a cheapo update of my master bathroom, but I really would LOVE to gut the whole thing and move things around. I’m talking about a redo that removes all of the walls and relocates the plumbing. I want a big shower, and to redo all of the wall and floor tile!

    You can do tiling…it’s not as bad as it seems! Once you get going, you’ll do fine! Good luck!

  517. Stacey A

    Well…a bathroom renovation was on my mind for the future but we were forced into it because of a newly found water main leak below said bathroom. Soooo we are knee deep in repairing the leak and afterwards I will begin an attempt to recreate this bathroom on a severe budget. I love the bold color but the serenity the bathroom has as well.

  518. Sarah M.

    Oh my goodness the things I could do with a $100 Home Depot gift card!!!! At the top of the list would be to replace the cheap and ugly looking faucet I have in the upstairs bathroom and powder room. And a little paint never hurt either. :)

  519. Paige

    I need to rip everything out and just start over…it’s that bad!

  520. Kelly Ann

    Oooooh fun! I’d love to add bead board, new mirrors, and new light fixtures!

  521. Erica W.

    I just bought a house that needs a lot more of these Home Depot cards!

  522. ann

    I’d love to update the faucet as money was tight when we did our small bath years ago. I’d like a clasic one.


  523. Jan Stephenson

    We have started a reno in our front bathroom that has been haulted due to lack of funds. It is such an eyesore and a pain to always try to keep the door closed so I don’t have to look at it. Would love a $100 gift card to help me out!!! Love your blog!

  524. Jessica

    I would LOVE to tile our bathroom, replace the vanity and get a new showerhead!

  525. Kristen

    I’m a newlywed and with the wedding over I’ve been tackling the task of updating our home. My husband and I have been talking about re-doing our bathroom forever. We live in an older home (1920’s) with a modest sized bathroom shared by the bedrooms. We currently have a tiny pedestal sink that causes us be in each others way a bit too often. We’d love to put in a larger sink with a vanity and update our broken medicine cabinet as well!

  526. shanna

    Wow- we are FINALLY getting down to getting our house closer to the land of the living! It has been about 9 years and we have finally put walls up in the bathroom (and other areas) and I am on pins and needles!! Things I would love to do in the bathroom: by far- paint it! Possibly put of bead board around it, I was thinking a pretty shade of yellow with white bead board and of course white trim. Many other things need to be done that are more costly such as a new medicine cabinet and other cabinet for more bathroom goodies. I can’t wait to see the end results of my bathroom and yours too!! Oh, we also need to lay down tile- have a concrete floor for now. Thanks :)

  527. marty

    Ooooooh! That gift card would really help me finish up our hall/guest bath. Have done what I could with paint, rug, new mirror, art work… but the lighting is truly old and ugly! Or maybe it just makes anyone seen in that light appear old and ugly! Need for it to go awaaaaaay!

  528. Lauren Davison

    Vanity, hardware, faucet. You name it, I would love to change it! ;) It hasn’t been a high priority, so it hasn’t gotten done. A gift card would give us the perfect excuse!

  529. Darcy

    My house is brand new so I am fairly content with my bathrooms (all three are basically the same)…but my backyard could use some help, there isn’t a plant/shrub/tree in the entire place…

  530. Wanda Saurer

    I’d love to win a $100 home depot gift card. We plan to redo our bathroom this summer. Our present bathtub is fiberglass and had something dropped on it, resulting in a small hole. The glass shower doors are nearly 20 years old and, since we have hard water, are very cloudy and etched. It seems that once they reach a certain age, it is nearly impossible to clean them. We would also like to replace the flooring and tile the walls. I love browsing in Home Depot to see what is available.

    I don’t believe you need to fear tiling or redoing a bathroom. Desire is most of the battle, and you have won your previous “wars” in redecorating!

  531. Alexandra

    If I won the 100 bucks
    I would feel I was in luck…
    I’d put some cabinets where there’s none,
    I’d add some fixtures, make it fun.
    A bathroom should be quite relaxing,
    but when it’s gross, it can be taxing,
    So please pick me to win the loot,
    Fixing my bathroom would be such a hoot!!!

  532. Beth C.

    Little downstairs bathroom – I want to paint, tile, and replace the pedestal sink with one that has a bit more space on top. Everything falls off! Oh, and get a cabinet, since there is absolutely NO storage (or space) in there!

  533. Liz

    Oh man! I would replace my vanity, medicine cabinet, lighting. With $100, I can’t replace my wonky corner shower, but it would be a start!

  534. Rebekah Steele

    Sometime I feel the whole house needs a makeover. The house is over 25 yrs old and has never had a good upkeep job, just patching. So my porch rails are split, my kitchen is tired, my fire place is one of the ugliest gray bricked jobs I have ever seen. I think the only room not needing help is my master bath, which we just madeover to my joy in blues, browns, and grey/coffee colors. I LOVE it. Have fun, and I think you can anything you set your mind to.

  535. Charity

    Last year our master bath got a TOTAL redo. It wasn’t in the plans, but a slow water leak made it a necessity. I especially love my new glass front shower…and my pretty ORB fixtures. You’ll do great on the tile, I’m sure!

  536. Marixa

    My master bathroom could use a couple of things: a new countertop the old one is circa 1979! And a new shower stall, it leaks! Oh and maybe a new toilet…. Ok, I think it needs more help than I thought!

  537. Brooke Phillips

    Ohhhh, how I would love to replace the ’70s faucets and put some paneling up in my kid’s bathroom! New paint on the cabinets would be dreamy too!

  538. Amy D

    I would love to gut out the old cabinets that are molding (eww gross I know) and put in a dark wood with maybe a marble top vanity. I would also like to get rid of the PINK yep I said pink carpet and put down tiles. I think i want to paint a sea glass color. Something to pull it out of the 80’s and make it a serene and tranquil escape.

  539. Lisa B.

    I have 2 bathrooms that need help. One is painted the pink color that used to be on all Barbie Doll packaging, and the other is tiny, needs different lighting, etc.

  540. Arlene

    It isn’t a project about fixtures or flooring or even paint. I am hoping to add a glass door to the space so get some natural light into the dark windowless space. Once there is some natural light in there, I will probably see the other faults more clearly.

  541. Natasha

    I would love to do a mini-update in my master bath. Change the faucets, paint, new towel bars and the like. Right now it has these horrible acrylic knobs that I am itching to get rid of.

  542. Shelly

    Wow. I’m pretty sure you were spying on me. I have the SAME pedestal sink in the bathroom I remodeled last summer . . . along with white beadboard and subway tile. Hmmmm. :)

    Now, that said, there are still two more bathrooms in my house that need to be completely gutted. Can you say UG-LY?!

  543. gboll

    Just so happens, our bathroom is our next project…to be hired out. ;) I would like beadboard, a new vanity, two mirrors and a new shower door. It’ll have to wait till after our daughter’s wedding this summer though. =P

  544. Abby

    Good luck on your bathroom re-do. That will be so much fun stamping your mark on it.

    We “kinda” finished building our house 18 months ago, and being we did this ourselves there is still a lot of details that need to be finished. I would use the gift card to finish the tiling around our jetted tub. The plywood deck just isn’t cutting it. (:

  545. Kat Ward

    I AM scared for you!!…but courage is when you push past the fear, right? So…be strong and courageous! It will turn out just the way it should. :)

    Our kids’ bathroom (5 kids) was torn apart right before my husband entered into a long-term medical nightmare (long story).
    My inspiration pics are still in my notebooks…I still love them and take a peek every once in awhile for a quick daydream fix.

    Beadboard, clawfoot tub(we have one in the barn waiting that we paid $25 for.), oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, and a sweet, pastel-ly, greenish-blue paint color STILL give me a small thrill when I see them all together…I will keep dreaming!

  546. Ashley

    I check your blog everyday. I love your style! Especially your English home. Thanks for the giveaway (and home depot too-love them). I’m itching to put some personality into our powder bath. It’s so builder and “blah.” I don’t feel like it reflects any of our personality. I would love to convert an old dresser into a sink, but need a new faucet and sink. I’d love some cabinets above the toilet, and BEADBOARD on the walls. And some new towel rings (2- one at regular height, and one down lower for my kiddos). Thanks for the chance!!! And good luck tiling, I’m sure it will turn out great.

  547. Carol Ann

    I would LOVE to replace my bathroom fixtures. They are almost as old as me (not really, but this is where I would start!)

  548. Meliss S

    Main bath: We had a bathroom re=do about two years ago, but- the toilet paper holder has fallen off the wall (read: pulled off by a toddler), and one of the towel rings is broken.
    Master bath: (more like small closet off the master) – broken sink and broken medicine cabinet and O.L.D. light fixture.

    sure could use some help!….

  549. Stephanie

    I just did a little update on my kitchen before I do a full on renovation next year. But I would love to fix my 2nd bathroom. It needs a new shower and sink and some nice tiles.

  550. Debbie

    I, too, LOVE old bathrooms. Well…old homes in general, but very much the bathrooms! My current ones, however, leave MUCH to be desired! New tile and fresh paint would be on the top of the list for each of the two baths. And new toilet seats. : )

  551. terri oconnor

    House built in 1972. Number of kids put through college 4 with one to go. Hours spent trying to make said bathroom look OK….more than I’d like to count.


  552. Leslie R

    Where would I start in my bathroom?! We live in the house I grew up in and we didn’t remodel the bathroom when we moved in four years ago. So, I would say first off – change out the hardware that is original to the house! Then, let’s get a new potty…and new tile in the shower…and new cabinets…and take down the floral wallpaper…the list goes on and on!

  553. Sara

    Oh, I would love so much to redo our master bath, starting from the walls up! It needs new paint, new flooring, a new (non-deadly slippery) tub and shower surround and a new vanity. The toiler is white and new, so it can stay! Oh, the possibilities! :)

  554. Sara

    D’oh! That should be “toilet” not “toiler”.

  555. Heidi Milton

    OMG, What a blast!! Ooo, I’d be scared by the tile, too, but that’s exactly what my 25 year old bathroom needs. Yep: 25 years old. Because it’s neutral and in fairly good condition, it’s the final fronteir in my home as far as renovating goes. But I would be thrilled to win $100 to get the party started.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Melissa! Can’t wait to see what you do in your own powder room!

  556. Bronwyn

    Oh…wouldn’t subway tile be so fun in my bathroom?!?

  557. Lori

    Scary to think I’d love to join my master bath and my hall bath and put a big ole’ footed bath in the middle of it. However that would leave my children without a bath of their own…..but they’re 5, 3, 1 so they wouldn’t really care about a bathroom right now, right? Anyhow, I would love to at least update my bathtub to a footed bath…..and rehab an old dresser to house my faucet and sink…..oh the ideas!!!!

  558. Cheryl

    I can’t wait to see how your powder room turns out! I love the old fixtures myself and especially pedestal sinks and subway tile:) I would love to redo our master bath but that such a big project that I would have to put that on hold for our guest bath. A brand new vanity with pretty oiled bronze hardware would set a big smile on our faces for sure. Thanks to you and the Home Depot for the opportunity to win the $100 gift card.

  559. KINDALL

    I have one of those old charming houses, but I could really do without the pink tile that goes 3/4 the way up the walls through out the whole bathroom. trust me- its not pretty!

  560. Jennifer M

    Ooo…your powder room sounds gorgeous already! How exciting! You’ll do great with tiling, I’m sure. They make it look so easy on HGTV…

    I’d tackle some of the brassy fixtures in my master bathroom if I won. I’ve chosen to be content with them, but if given a gift card-out they’d go!

  561. Jenn

    Oh dear me…our master bathroom is in DIRE need of a redo. Dire need. There is one window, with duct tape stretched horizontally across it, where my husband broke it a few years ago with the ladder on a stormy night to fix a roof leak, but that’s another story. Two of the three sockets in the only light fixture in the room work. There is no electrical outlet, which means blow drying and flat ironing in the hall in front of a tiny mirror. There is wire hanging out the top of one wall, from an old broken fixture that was an electrical hazard. The medicine cabinet is missing, so we screwed up a small sheet of plywood over the hole in the wall – which also means there’s no mirror over the sink. The tile is half yellow and half blue – as in the floors and wall are yellow as well as half the trim around the shower opening, but the other half of the trim is blue, along with the actual shower. Oh, and the sheetrock is beyond repair from our vain attempts to strip the awful floral paper that used to adorn the unprimed walls. It’s so, so bad. I could really put that gift card to use!

  562. Megan

    I live in an apartment so although I would love to redo the tile in our little bathroom I probably shouldn’t. But new paint is possible and new hardware would make a big difference. I might even switch out the faucet (I could always swtch it back before we move). There are so many beautiful options.

    P.S. I absolutely adore old homes and farmhouse/cottage style too!

  563. Julie

    We live in an older ranch style house (built in 1963) that we moved to the country. Yes, I said that correctly, we moved our house to some land in the country and have been working on updating it since the day we moved in. We have 4 small children so it has been a very slow process to say the least but it has been fun. Our bathroom has not been touched much except that we did rip up the carpet that was in there and laid down some tile. I love to think of the possibilities of what we could do with it. I would love to update the shower tile and the facets. paint the existing vanity and put new hardware. I could totally see a vintage chandelier in there too. It is fun to dream. :)

  564. kathy

    I’d love to change out the sink and tile in our bathroom. The tile is PINK!

  565. Melissa H

    I’d love to make a few updates to my apartment bathroom.. mostly with some kind of frames for the wall, and decorative pedestals/stands. I’d also love to paint the walls!

  566. Billie

    Paint! Paint! Paint! Home Depot would see me coming with paint chips galore if I won this generous gift card. Thanks!

  567. Sara T

    I want to tile around my HUGE UGLY bathtub!!!

  568. Kristi

    I’d love to redo our entire bathroom — all three of them. They’re stuck in 1968. They’re not retro, they’re yuck-o. One is powder-puff blue, one is harvest gold, and the half-bath is avocado green. Just about everything in all three need to be updated, but I’d start with a medicine cabinet. Boy, I miss one of those now that I don’t have one!

  569. mary m

    I would like to remove the tub and put in a walk-in shower.We’re at retirement age and need to do some renovations to our 60’s ranch I would love to try tiling too. I know you can do it.

  570. Minnesotamom

    Oooh oooh! Pick me! :)

    We just bought an older home–one that’s old enough to need the re-wiring and the fixing upping, but not old enough to have any character. I would spend the $100 on a new toilet for the upstairs bathroom. It is teeny tiny, and considering it is the main bathroom of the house, I think my family and guests would like to feel as if they won’t break the biffy when they sit down. Haha!

  571. Angie

    Our downstairs bathroom is a bath/laundry combo. The hubby put in a folding counter for me and it is a blank slate. I would love to remove the outdated vanity counter top and put in matching counters. Ahhh, to dream.

  572. Christine

    oh please let it be me. We could so use this. I’m in the mist of a bathroom update. I still have find the right faucet for our soaking tub in brushed nickel. Thanks for the opportunity

  573. Ann Marie

    Where do I begin? Our bathroom is the one room in our house that has not been shown any love. The only thing stopping us is having the funds.

    Our house was built in 1937 and not much has been done to it since. Rusty, leaking faucets, blinding light fixtures, toilet that shakes the house as it flushes. The walls are old plaster and were stamped to look like tile, the owner before us sanded them down and left the room as it was, exposed layers of paint and a plastery MESS!

    I’d wainscot up to shoulder height, and get a new vanity with the $100. Other than that we need to paint, patch, tile, and pretty much gut the whole thing. I’ve been waiting to redo this bathroom and show it the love it deserves, it’s begging you for some help! ;)

  574. Mina

    I desperately need to give my bathroom a facelift. The wall color is obnoxious bright blue and we’ve had over 2 years to paint it since we moved in! Maybe this would be the push I need!

  575. Lisa Rowell

    The previous owner thought that country blue was the perfect color to paint the bead board in the bathroom. So, we would like to paint it white, paint the oak cabinets white, and switch out the wooden towel holders.

  576. Leanne

    bead board and paint, and pegs or hooks for the kids’ towels.

  577. Jacque

    Ooooh I can’t wait to see what you will be doing. I’ve got a newer house, but I still love to play and add character ;)

  578. Abby

    This gift card would be awesome! In our bathroom we would love to: paint the walls, paint the vanity, and do new floors.

  579. Kelsee

    Well, I have two bathrooms that need some help. Both need new light fixtures, but our master bathroom is more like a closet. It’s so small, has a shower stall, a toilet and a sink. That’s it. So I would want to put a pedestal sink in instead of the corner unit we have now, change the medicine cabinet and paint it a light color. It also doesn’t have a window in it! WHAT?! So I would want to put just a little vent window in it. Something to bring in some light and let the steam out. Now, $100 would not do all of that for me, but I could get a lot done with that. Lol -Kelsee

  580. Kathy

    I have 3 bathrooms that need to be redone- but I am opting to do my teenage son’s/guest bathroom first. Mostly just cosmetic work; paint, maybe new floor, faucet, counter top and some accessories. This $100 would be a great start! Thanks for the chance to win.

  581. courtney

    oh this is my kind of giveaway. With a 115+ year old house, HD and me are old friends!

    I so need to update our downstairs bathroom. We so need a tile shower. Now its like a plastic port-a-potty shower stall. YUCK!

  582. Vicki K

    I have 2 1/2 baths to choose from – they all need some serious updating. Can’t wait to see your tiling results!

  583. aunt pippy

    Aaagh! Bathrooms! We currently have ours ripped out because we found mold (that the previous owners had painted over!). We have installed a new shower…but that’s it. So each day I shower and clean up in my bathroom with studded walls, old vanity, nasty fixtures, etc. We had some unforseen illness this summer which put us back both is the labor and cash department. I would love a $100 Home Depot card! …Happy remodeling to you, too!

  584. Tatiana Sciancalepore

    Oh my, if I could re-do anything in my bathroom it would be the tiles. They’re old and beige. Very “blah.” $100 would put a real dent in that kind of project.

  585. Janis Hill

    How exciting! I know you are gonna love, love, love your ‘new’ bathroom!

  586. Kim Woods

    I definitely need to do something with our powder bath on our main floor….very 80s. Love the white subway tile you posted!

  587. cailan

    My powder room just happens to be about top on my list of NEEDS MAJOR ATTENTION. Would esp. be helped by a new light fixture. A new counter top, mirror and paint wouldn’t hurt either. :)

  588. Laura Zarrin

    I have a powder room that needs a makeover. Hoping I win!

  589. April

    My house is in the “still a pile of dirt phase” -we break ground in February, but I would love love love to use this gift card to buy a pretty/unique vanity and get rid of the ugly standard white cabinets they are planning to put in my guest bath or maybe even some wainscot paneling to give it a more “spa like” feel!

  590. crystal

    We had water damage to our bathroom, and the shower needs to be replaced, but since it wasn’t damaged, we got no ins. money for it. it is over 20 yrs old and looks it’s age..and then some

  591. Em D

    I want new cabinets in my bathroom, or at least painted… and doors. It’s the original blah oakish stuff from when the house was first built. Tiling in all its forms scares me.

  592. Jackie

    Wow…I love shopping Home Depot and would probably get some nice paint and start in on my bathroom walls!

  593. amy b.

    I desperately need to tile our shower surround!

  594. Marilyn Holeman

    Oh! We could sure use some help in our main (and only!) bathroom. We need new fixtures for the bathtub, and could put the money to good use. And no, I’m not scared for you that you’ll be tiling–we have utter confidence in you, Melissa! :-)

  595. judy

    I would love new tile,vessel sink, and faucet in my bathroom.

  596. Cathy Lane

    My powder room is scheduled for paint (it currently sports the green and cream strips I painted years ago – now so over it). It has a cheap vanity but paint, new doors and an updated faucet will do. Oh, and I cracked the toilet tank top (glued with gorilla glue) when the septic overflowed and the clean up included taking out the toilet. With a new toilet I guess this will be a complete gut job. Can’t wait! :)

  597. Vanessa

    I would love to have a few dollars to put towards a new sink and vanity!! We just bought our first home and it needs quite a bit of love — as new homeowners and a one income family this would be ever so helpful!!!

  598. Camille

    My husband and I are about to buy our first house, so we’ll be remodeling 3 bathrooms. So many possibilities!

  599. Jessica F

    I would love to rip out our old bath tub and replace it with a claw foot. And add a chandalier!!

  600. Amy N

    I need to replace the horrible gold faucet in our hall bath!

  601. Alicia in Allen

    We need new faucets. It would be great to win – thanks!

  602. Brandi

    Oh… many projects, not sure where to start! Our bathroom is in some serious need of TLC. The whole shower walls, bathtub, faucets and floor are on our agenda. We (or really I) have been procrastinating on what to do, I am a bit scared of committment but think I finally decided I love me some white subway tile! Love your blog and enjoy it so much! Thanks for all the inspriation!

  603. Linh C

    I’d like to do something with the builder-installed mirrors in the master bath. The sides are pitted (I guess) from moisture getting behind it. I know my hubby won’t replace the mirrors, but maybe I can add moldings or something to frame the mirrors.

  604. Scoti Domeij

    I want to re-ceramic tile my downstairs shower and floor.

  605. Becky

    My upstairs bath really needs a new floor. The one in there is stained and is coming up off the floor due to poor workmanship. The rest of the room is on it’s way to being done but the floor needs the most help.

    I really like your blog…thanks for sharing all your decorating knowledge!

  606. Amy

    I would love to update our bathroom with new faucets and light fixtures and maybe even a new mirror!

  607. lil

    We are in the middle of a bathroom redo and need to enclose the new tub, get crown molding for the ceiling, and get trim for the window. (Because the window curves, I think we need to see if there is a fake wood trim that will curve around the window)

  608. Teri

    This year, hopefully soon, we are redoing our downstairs bathroom. There will be new paint, a new pedestal sink, a new faucet, a tile backsplash, and possibly a new light fixture.

  609. Bee

    Currently we only have a walk-in shower. My husband and I would love to either tear it out (it’s fiberglass) and do a nicer, tile one, or do a deep tub/shower combination. Dream dream dream!

  610. Lisa

    I think bathrooms are a great place to start renovations/makeovers…they are small and visitors tend to not have high expectations for them!

    I would love to work on doing a makeover on our bathroom lighting and accessories(towel racks, TP holder). Simple things to change, but they can make a big difference! Good luck on your renovation!

  611. Gerri

    Mirrors my yucky plain old mirrors need moulding!!!!

  612. jane

    I would definitely begin with a new counter top in my master bathroom. I know you will do a great job tiling. My husband and I have done several tiling projects and we learn as we go and I am very proud of each one we have completed. Have fun with your new bathroom adventure!

  613. Mindy

    I have been dying to paint my bathroom, bathroom cabinets, frame out the mirror and replace the light fixtures! So gracious of Home Depot to give this away!

  614. angela

    i wish i could send you a photo of my bathroom, it is not just bad, it’s horrible! $100 would go a long way to replace my cracked sinks! xo

  615. Emily Mancini

    A new floor! Our sheet vinyl (yuck) is pealing up, begging for an update! Would love to put in the white honeycomb tile to compliment our 1915’s cottage.

  616. bridget {bake at 350}

    Oh, we are in the very beginning stages of re-doing our son’s bath/guest bath…..I’d LOVE to put up beadboard!