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Decorating Trends for 2011

by | Feb 4, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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Decorating Trends for 2011

One of the reasons I hate to follow trends is just about the time you start to follow one and think you finally know what is “in” you are actually out.  BUMMER! More significantly, I just like to be unique and do my own thing. I really don’t like the idea of someone else telling me what is in or out.

Decorating Trends for 2011

When I start to see the same types of accessories pop up in everyone’s home, I have to admit I cringe a little bit. Especially if it is pretty obvious it is done to follow a trend. I’d rather fill my house with things I love or that have significance to me, even if they are not on the current “hot list.”

Decorating Trends for 2011

It is hard though, because when you start to see everyone heading in a direction, it is easy to fall in love with the look and want to copy it for yourself. And there really isn’t any thing wrong at all with incorporating some trends into your own style, if you truly love them.

I am happy to see that the trends are moving away from the stark modern look (which I’ve never liked) to a more eclectic style that incorporates some richer and bolder muted colors, more textures, layers, antiques and items collected around the world. It seems like the current trend makes it easier for those of us who have been collecting things over time and through our travels to be somewhat “in” without even trying!

Decorating Trends for 2011

It is easy to get stuck in a rut of what you’ve always done and not really know how to update your look on a budget, even if you wanted to. By being aware of the trends, it is easier to shop and be able to pick out bargains that keep your style current, if that is important to you. You don’t need to shop at the high end shops when you know what to look for in the bargain or thrift shops!

Worn, vintage accessories and frames are also big. I absolutely love brass and worn metals — gilded, antiqued, rubbed — all of it! — Genevieve

I do appreciate seeing things in a new way, so it is worth looking over trends to see how you could use what you already have and see it with fresh eyes! And in some cases, you might already own some of the new trends! You might even think of them as out of date when really, they are back around again and even being used or paired in new ways.

So I guess if you already have something that is in, even though you’ve had it for 20 years, it makes you a trend setter! YES! Next thing you know, you’ll be able to pull out those mom jeans you’ve tossed in the very back of your closet.

Decorating Trends for 2011

Natural materials with organic textures and finishes will become even more popular — think wallpaper, upholstery and drapery in nature-inspired patterns and neutral colors.  — Candice

By being aware of what is out there, you can study what is being done and then shop your own house to update your style. I like to stretch my creative mind a bit to look at what I have in a new way.

Decorating Trends for 2011

I’m happy to see that blond wood floors are in, for instance, is that is what I already have! Yay trendsetting me! My last house had dark floors, which I loved. But here I am in this house with blond wood, and I’m inadvertently IN.

I’ve seen this trend coming for awhile now but haven’t had the heart to say it out loud for fear of revolt — I see people are still ridding themselves of all things brass, but in case you didn’t know, brass is in again. Yes. You can stop spray painting now! Unless of course, you really don’t care about what is “in” and you do actually hate brass. Then spray paint away! And if you see brass at my house, don’t shake your head at me thinking I’m out. I am SO IN.

Brass is the new chrome! — Tommy

The following links and all the images in this post are from Canadian House & Home:

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So, what you do you think about trends? Is it something you prefer to ignore or do you like to look at what is new? Or like me, are you somewhere in the middle between enjoying seeing what is new and yet not not wanting to over think it?

Let’s discuss trends and how you deal with them!

Funny video on decorating trends! Put a bird on it!


  1. Estela

    I love all those pictures!

    I always look as different ideas, when they are trends or not. If I don’t love it, I won’t use it. Even if I just kind of like it, I won’t use it. I’ve made that decorating mistake before and it was a huge waste of money for me.

    My motto, if I love it, I’ll incorporated :)

  2. Theresa

    I just LOVE your blog! I love your tips and the visual. And based on this post, I am totally with you!

    I speak more from clothing fashion trends when I say, I stay away from them. I like to dress more stream-lined and classy and something I can wear longer than a year.

    I love design but, not completely schooled on it (which is why I find your blog so intriguing.) But, in the same way, I too like to go off of a trend but do my own thing. I do like a starting point.

    One of my design pet-peeves is walking into a room that looks like the just bought the entire show floor at the furniture store. No originality.

    Thanks for letting me ramble this morning. This was fun. :)

  3. Lisa

    I try to avoid trends too, or incorporate trendy colors or fabrics in throw pillows or accessory, but it’s so hard to avoid!! I can’t believe brass is back IN – but even still, I don’t think I ever loved it so again – go with what you love right?
    Your posts are always thought-provoking. :) Happy weekend Melissa!

  4. Marcy

    Melissa, I featured your blog today at – I think this is a fun topic.

    I’ve always loved your style and think you do a terrific job of riding the trend waves.

  5. Sallie

    Thank you for your great site, Melissa! I read you every day. I’m not a trend follower, watcher, or pay-attention-to-er–you get my drift! I have lots of furniture and household items that were handcrafted by my dad and my mom’s dad, so trends would only cause me to eliminate a ton of heart-held history. I tend to decorate/organize more from a need basis. I think, what does this room need, or what do we need in here to make things comfortable, cozy, practical, etc. That’s why your style is so appealing, you go with what feels right for your own space, and you make do on a budget. Thank you again for your blog!

  6. Tara G.

    I’m middle of the road or less, I think. We move so often that I just like having classic things that work from house to house.

  7. Pamela Manes

    Yes, agree, following a trend is not the way to go unless you love it. My whole life I have always loved a mix of patterns, the old world, library look and I think I am finally getting closer to that and staying true, even though I occasionally forget my goal!
    Love your site…read often.

  8. Imperfect

    I’m generally a classic person, but I do like to follow trends just to see what’s out there. And every now and then I see something I really like. So I choose to go neutral with big items like furniture, rugs, etc. and incorporate colors and trendy styles through pillows, frames, lamps, curtains and other small items that are easily (and inexpensively) replaced or repurposed.

  9. kasey

    Melissa…you are so right.
    I just love coming here and being inspired by you;-)…even if it means my comment ends up in spam.

  10. Maggie M

    I would definitely say I’m not a “trend follower” per se…if I see something I like, I’ll buy it…sometimes the items are “in” – sometimes their not. I really like to mix it up in my house…there are a lot of different styles/vibes going on – a pro decorator would probably have a stroke…;)
    BUT, I live with what I love and at the end of the day I’m really happy to be in my home.

    Love love love your blog!!!! Completely inspiring!!!! Thank you!

  11. Carolyn

    Brass was the first thing I thought about when I started reading your post, so I laughed when I read further and saw you refer to it. My mother is always getting worked up over everyone getting rid of brass chandeliers and fixtures. She says it’s been around for hundreds of years, it’ll be back around. Guess she’s right!

    The other trend I’m loving right now is grasscloth wallpaper, though I remember my parents removing some from their walls about 10 years ago, because it looked dated. They didn’t realize they were on the cutting edge :)

    Love your blog!

  12. Sandy Blaxland

    I don’t follow trends in home decorating. At my age, I feel it’s like my own personal fashion: I’m too old to wear the newest trends, so I try to wear the classics and add a splash of new here and there with perhaps a scarf or jewellry. That’s the way I decorate: I have a home filled with things that I love, but I can add a new cushion cover or a splash of wall “jewellry” to change things up.

  13. Andrea

    I enjoy trends typically after they aren’t trends anymore! Then you can get the best deals on things you love but everyone else doesn’t want to pay full price for!

    It’s all about what you love. I think trends are a great thing because it keeps us thinking about the way we live, the things we love, and the things we want.

  14. Lori

    Trends have never meant much to me. I like what I like. If I try to be to trendy, it just doesn’t seem to fit and I end up not liking it after a while.

    I think a good classic foundation with a few inexpensive “trendy” things thrown in is just enough for me.

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Angela

    I don’t really think about trends, but I am sure I am influenced by seeing them over and over. I really just go with what I love, but part of me is aware of what is really dated-looking. I have a couple paintings that do look dated, but I just love how I feel when I look at them, so I don’t care!
    I go more by instinct than anything, but that is probably honed by all the photos and mags that I’ve seen. Does that make sense? :-)

  16. Marixa

    I do like to see what is “in” and new in the decorating world, however most of the time I don’t like the look of most of it, I usually buy what I like. I don’t want my look/decor to be dated but I’m not trendy. I like an updated classic look. I don’t like fussy stuff, or when stuff doesn’t look like they should be paired together. But I don’t want matchy-matchy either!

  17. Ban Clothing

    ‘you finally know what is “in” you are actually out’ haha, definitely been there. I fill my house with key pieces I fall in love with and then I edit everything else so that it compliments the things I love. I do like the ‘all white’ or ‘almost all white’ trend though but; by the time I finally get “in” I will actually already to out.

  18. Cotehele

    My sense of style needs help! I am not a trendy decorator, so I am grateful to see so many inspiring things on your blog. Some colors and styles speak to me, and others don’t. It is fun to see some of my old vintage favorites come back into vogue. Thanks for the many insights you share.

  19. Glenda Childers

    Sorry . . . no brass for me! :)


  20. karen

    Great topic…I could go on and on about this… (but I won’t)

    I think I am influenced by trends even though I try not to be. I have a strong sense of I know what I like and I like what I like, trends be darned.

    And it bums me out when what I like becomes trend! I don’t want everyone to like what I like. I’d rather be unique. Forever, I have loved “Industrial Modern” but I didn’t know there was a term for it. Apparently there is a term, and apparently it’s very trendy right now. *sigh* : (

  21. Bethany at Real Housewives of Prince William County

    BEST ADVICE EVER. i hate cringing when I see something i just did or want to do executed in a mag somewhere else. love this post!

  22. Deanna

    I love Candice!

    I have never been one to follow a trend. I like to do what I like. Cozy, comfortable, welcoming. I guess the closest I have come was when cottage came into style, it was already what I had been doing out of budget needs!

  23. ColleenwithMurals&More

    Oh, Lord, I’m getting old, I guess. Brass is back ‘in’??? I thought when I started seeing platform shoes & ‘flower power’ I had lost my mind, but no, history is just repeating itself.
    Same with furnishings, I guess. Earth tones-now, avocado & orange – then. Hmmm.
    I’ve never followed trends, either with home or personal fashion. But I love your post and the points you raise.

  24. FairfieldHouse


    Interesting post and I agree with what you say.
    Unless you live in a cave or on a deserted island one can’t help but take notice of trends. They are spoon fed to us in magazines, blogs, television shows, and all that stores offer. One has to decide who they are, what they like, what they want their home to say. It’s nice to look at what others consider current and perhaps incorporate some pieces but my staple in design are classic, timeless treasures.

    Your Friend,

  25. Erin

    I decorate with what I love. I stay up on the trends, but don’t necessarily adapt them unless they have longetivity. I don’t typically change my decor that much.

    I’ve noticed the brass coming back too. YUCK. Sorry, I just really don’t like brass. And I’ve been noticing the super country look coming back…which is also a bit much for me.

    I fall somewhere in between super country and brass and modern. :)

    • Missy June

      I’ve been noticing that country look, too! It’s cracking me up because my mother’s home was uber-country and that’s how I remember my teen years in the 80’s. I’m hoping to sidestep the dried flower wreaths.

  26. Angela

    Exactly how I feel. Though my decorating confidence and budget are both low so I look to blogs, etc. for ideas and how-tos on inexpensive copies or remaking what I already have. I’m the same way with clothes, mostly because of the desire not to replace items every year because they were too trendy and now they’re ancient history. I tend to go more classic for that reason. In my home, I like having sentimenal things or hand-me-downs around me to evoke fond memories. Plus, the look is unique then. Also, by not following trends and changing frequently, we’re treating mother earth a little more gently – – on both ends – – not demanding new production on the front end and not filling landfills on the back end. Great post.

  27. Shauntelle

    I decorate with the things that I and my family love; that said, I think it can be a nice touch to add small bits of trendy pieces you like to freshen the look of your home. For instance, I wouldn’t redecorate my whole place with “honeysuckle” because it’s the 2011 trend color (anyone else wonder how Pantone managed to name a color “honeysuckle” that isn’t in the yellow or white family?). I might, however, incorporate some honeysuckle pillows in the spring on my sofa… ok, that’s a big “might” but my point is that incorporating small touches of trends can keep a home from looking dated.

    On the other hand, when you decorate everything using a trend… I think that is what leads a room to looking dated. Cause sooner or later, you stop being able to keep up with the trends.

  28. Laura Wifler

    I love this post – I agree, it’s so easy to want to be “on-trend” for the moment, but it’s just plain too expensive to keep up with! I’m still a sucker for wanting to splurge on a trend I really love here and there, but usually that means that even once it goes out of style, I’m still in love with it and happy that I took the plunge.

  29. laney

    …amen! if one’s home reflects the people who live within its walls…it is never out of style…families tend to hang around much longer than trends…

  30. Missy June

    I’m a single mother of three, so home decor is not a top budget item … ahem … is not even an item IN our budget. However, my sister is a designer and incredibly talented. My mother is also great at incorporating style into their home on a pastor’s budget.

    So, I love to keep my eye the trend while doing my best to be content and make the best of what I have. I love to refinish furniture and the history-lover in me is drawn to antique, traditional, classic style. I hope that my home is welcoming, comfortable and functional – a safe haven for my little ones and me.

    I love reading your blog almost everyday!

  31. Lisa

    Trends are just the design world’s way of keeping us spending if you ask me! I have purged most of my brass, but mainly out of personal preference:). I use what I love and what makes my home feel welcoming & comfortable, period. When I make a change it’s because I can afford it and I need a change of scenery. I also don’t follow trends in clothing unless it’s a shape and color that really flatters me…who can afford it?

  32. Claudia

    I so agree. It seems homes I see have become so homogenized, everyone has the same things, the same paint colors, the same accessories.

  33. Kelley

    I get inspiration from lots of places and usually will just like/not like something. My stuff has history. What goes around, comes around but I might not like to remember the phase of life highlighted in brass, or teal and apricot, or country pine hearts. Is that telling my age?

  34. Michelle

    Love this post! I have been noticing a lot of brass too, and while I still hate my brass light fixture, I am kinda loving my borrowed brass tables. And now I can just pretend I knew it was gonna be “in” all along!

  35. My Design

    Great list. We ( do regular – ‘what’s in’ segment – only so that people are aware, but I agree with you – no one needs to start anew each year, when we all have so much great stuff already.

    And, speaking of design – am I the only one who is so thankful that Candice Olsen has grown her hair longer?:) – Champe

  36. Debbie

    I just buys things that I love, that way they will always be in style for me! Sometimes it’s something trendy, but if I love it, I can make it work for the long haul!

  37. Winnie

    I’m also not a trend setter. I basically shop from Ikea, to Target to the local antique stores so I have a mish-mash. I’m so happy about blonde wood being “in” because I bought a home with blonde floors too and absolutely love it!

  38. Fiona's Mosaic

    I have to go with what I love. I’m not a trend person. Beautiful and comfortable, and something that tells a story.

    God bless!

  39. Jo

    Exactly my opinions about trends! And I love brass! Maybe not for doorknobs and hardware, but I have held on to my brass candlesticks.

  40. Monique

    I tend to decorate with what I love. I can’t keep up with all the trends and to do so would require shelling out lots of money just be “in.” I do enjoy seeing how others decorate and try to incorporate what I’d enjoy in my space.

  41. jen campbell

    I love this post! And sooo agree with not following trends. Your house should be your own personal haven not someone elses. The current trend I see everywhere is painting EVERYTHING. While I love the look of painted furniture made to look old, I adore the look of a truly old table complete with knicks, scratches and all. I dont want to make it look old, it already does! But thats just me…thanks for sharing on this!!!

  42. Emily

    In my head, I tend to go back and forth. Some trends I end up really loving and only wish I could copy. Others…not so much. But at the end of the day, the practical side of me (along with the side of me that doesn’t love change) wins and I fall somewhere in the middle. I maybe incorporate a couple of trendy/newer pieces (mostly accents that are easy to change out), but mostly just decorate with classic and comfortable items that reflect “me”…trendy or not.

  43. Cori

    I admit, I used to follow trends. I did the blue and brown thing about three years ago. Then I started realizing my own style, so I ignore trends and go with things that make me feel good. That’s really the point of decorating, after all.

  44. Jody

    I really do like some of the new trends, but I also like some things in my home to “stay the same” so that there might be a sense of a timeless home. Think about touring one of those historical homes. The wall paper, the upholsteries, window coverings and the furniture reflect the period of history. No one says, “How out-of-date,” instead, they appreciate it as it is.


  45. Elen

    I love looking at all things new, but I also know what I like. All I want is for my house to feel like home to me. I tend toward bold color, no matter what is in style at any given time. That’s probably why autumn is my favorite season.

    This blog is addictive. Cheers!

  46. Sandy

    I can really relate when you said about the time you start following a trend, it’s already out. That’s me! It takes awhile for me to “warm up” to a trend and about the time I decide I love it, it has already passed.

    Just like now. I want new end tables for the living room and I’m thinking white or pine. What am I seeing in the stores? Dark wood. That’s what I have and I’m tired of it. I want to lighten up. The good thing about that? There’s always Cragslist.

  47. Nancy L.

    We built our home about three years ago. I was finally getting my dream home at the age of 40. Nobody tells you what to do when you hit 40! I held my ground. Here are my faucets, the handles are fancier scrolls, not knobs. I have two in the downstairs master, one in a guest bath, and two in the upstairs master. I still pinch myself. I also added 8 golden (they look like glazed, carved polished brass) chandeliers. Timeless.

  48. Carmen

    Brass is back in? Well I have this awesome brass lamp that my dad had back in the 90s that I still really like the shape. I guess I can get it back out now. Haha! Seriously though, I am not really that into trends. I like to be “in style” but like you, I cringe when I see everyone doing the exact same things. I normally just go with what I like. If it’s a trend then so be it. :) If it’s not a trend, you see what I mean. :)

  49. bizzy

    Weirdly, I’m all about clothing trends, but not home trends at all. I think, if you read current blogs and look at current pictures and whatever, you sort of absorb a bit of the current look without actually picking out specific trends, but I honestly only notice a ‘trend’ when it’s so ubiquitous and so established that it’s not even trendy anymore. ‘Updating’ decor, to me, means seasonal touches to keep the house reflecting what’s happening outside.

  50. Erin - The Smallest Sparrow

    Great post. So nice to see Tommy’s designs. He makes me smile.

    I’m not a trend follower at all. I just like to fill my home with what I love.

    That said – I really love the trends you’ve shown here.

  51. Gayle

    I feel like even if we try to not be influenced, trends DO influence us! Come now, who would want to hold onto the avocado green appliances? I love everything old and vintage, but just painted the inside my house a mocha color. I suppose that is the “trend” now. With the thick white molding, it is so beautiful and I love it. But it was so much working painting it, I worry that it will look dated before I turn around!

    • Rhonda

      I personally do not think “BOLD” colors never go out; I painted my bedroom mocha(well actually a different name) with white baseboards and it is BEAUTIFUL Its been this color for 7 years. Before anyone around here ever had a red kitchen I was the first… But, it was very hard to paint, 15 years ago. I have used many different paints. But, by far the BEST I have EVER used is AURA by Benjamin Moore. Paint Company’s that paint homes normally use commercial grade and do not let u in on that secret. By the time you use 2-3 coats, primer and everything can by 1 gallon of Aura on an unprimed bare sheet rock. That is NOT advised but my point is this:Aura is pricey, but very worth it, If I had the money I would re-paint all of my bold rooms in Aura….it’s just that good. It goes on like satin and hides all imperfections, and if your painting skills are “weak” like mine, it looks professional.

  52. Minnesotamom

    A good word from Melissa at TIR! I am so with you on this…decorate with what you love and your style will always fit you.

    Me, I hate rams heads and I am not a fan of most brass, so even though I see them everywhere now, I’m not running out to find one. I am so happy to hear your voice of authenticity in the midst of all the clamor for more “stuff.” Thank you!

  53. susan

    Yaaaay, Melissa! I have always wanted my dining rm a dark,cozy “night” color-only shiny. Not just cuz I love light reflecting off dark colors,but y’know they’ll take a scrub&survive. I have two bigdawgs with happy tails and you can tell what height they are on light walls. I have looked at old designer pix & love how daring some were with color. So-i made a $10 purchase I love&carry around room to room at difft times of day for 6mos and found perfect colors for what i’d had in my head for years. The House Beautiful 500+ Colors “bookazine” that was out from maybe Feb ’10 to Aug’10. It has whole sections on “the perfect white”,red,blue,purple or orange, by at least 20 designers per color,varied style genres.Plus sections on “night rooms” like libraries,or “north-facing”&”south-facing”. Anyway,I have always been off-trend. I like what I like–NO more neutrals! So I pick out these “brave” shades like aubergine&turquoise, deep colors.And in Dec/Jan HB? I AM “EUROPEAN”&A “TREND”. Awww,poop. :( Still gonna do it. :)

  54. Anu

    What a great post!! I like this year’s trends…..strangely its so me:-) Especially the brass, vintage accents and souvenirs from around the world.

    Now I can finally say I am trendy without trying to be!!!

  55. Julie

    I’m with you on trends…I dabble, but that’s it b/c I don’t really have time to keep on top of it. I do like to surround myself with things I like and have a general thread of similarity throughout the house so objects/containers can easily be moved from one room to another to give a fresh look.

  56. Marcie

    Trends are fun to watch,,,and if you wait 20 years you can be back in style…it is not too important to me anymore, just a little dabbel in trends. I am like you,,love what is around you.


  57. Amber Pamper

    Girlfriend! I totally agree with you on the trend thing. I hate when I see people’s homes (on blogs) that all look the same!! Blah! There’s no personality in their homes. Everything looks so set up and perfect like no one lives in them. Not to mention when you are perusing through the blogs of people who have the exact same styles they post the same photos of their home EVERY DAY!! How many times can a girl see the same living room?? Sorry. vent time. :)

  58. Tonya

    Wow, it’s like you read my mind! I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately as I try to decide how to reno our house. I don’t like to follow trends – for the reason you say – they change so fast it seems. But I’m having trouble deciding what I like and want. I see colors on blogs like this and I think I love that, but wonder at the same time, do I like it because it looks nice in a picture or do I really like it. What advice would you have for someone who is planning to redo their house in the near future (mostly cosmetic changes but some more permanent as well) – how to choose the colors, furniture, accessories, etc that I really like and know I’ll be happy with for a while (once I do this, it’ll be a few years before I do it again!!). I’ve been trying to find a color swatch or something that says – yes, this is what I’m looking for – but so far have not had any success.

    Great post!

  59. Ann

    I am so glad to hear that brass is coming back in! I have always loved brass candlesticks and could not bring myself to paint them. Also, I love the light white rooms and furniture that I see on other peoples blogs, but I truly love color and contrast. My home is painted mostly a deep camel color with white woodwork. It is perfect for us. There is no reason you can’t have “jewel” tones in a more modern look. I love navy and red and yellow, but I have definitely updated it from the ’90’s.

  60. Diane

    Hi Melissa-

    When you live long enough you see the way trends work and that it is all a cycle of manufacturers producing something new for us to buy. If they didn’t they would be out of business. I have a few brass objects, knobs, etc in my home – I love the gleam they provide to the mix of texture in my rooms – so I am glad to see that I will be “hip” again. There is the old adage that goes something like this – Everything that goes around comes around – it is just tweaked a bit when it resurfaces to the IN status.

    My best- Diane

  61. Tauja Catchings

    Thanks for sharing such these top trends for 2011! It’s always fun to see what the pros are thinking and predicting! It’s even more fun to look around my house & realize that I’ve unknowingly incorporated a lot of these “trends” into our decor!

  62. Lindsey

    i try really hard to NOT to follow trends unless i love them. trends changed constantly so i don’t like to incorporate anything big or real expensive in my home that is very trendy.

    I might have a small accessory or two that i love, but that’s about it. my home has to reflect me, not what others say should be me.

  63. chicmama

    thank you. it is exciting to see the trends coming up! fun to view.

  64. Tracey

    I am dying laughing!!! I will pull those mom jeans out in a heartbeat..oh wait, I still wear mom jeans. HELLO, it’s the ONLY way to avoid a muffin top. Either that or sweat to death in a pair of spanx.

    Trends, yuck. I remember when I was studying interior design (for 1 semester) at Purdue and I learned what eclectic meant. I immediately thought, yep, that’s me.

  65. Abbi

    I enjoyed your post. I haven’t generally worried about what was “in” but rather used what I had or found things that I really loved. But once and a while I have wondered if I should try to be more “in”. This was a good reminder that if I did I might soon by “out” again.

    One particular example I can think of is wood furniture. My husband and I like natural wood (varnished and possibly stained but not painted) but lately I have seen people continually painting their wood furniture and I started thinking about that a little too. My husband quickly vetoed it however and I think I wouldn’t have been happy with it for long if I would have done it either. Painted furniture just isn’t us.

  66. Mary

    As one who works on a very tight budget I have never been pulled in heavily with trends. Some I just laugh at as you know next year they are definitely going to be out. I love a timeless look- one that will survive for ages. I love to give little facelifts here and there to my style but for the most part my style is just- well- my style.

    I do love the fact that blond flooring is back in as,like you, it is though out my older home. Also brass- aged brass is wonderful I think.

    Thanks for the post~

  67. Mary Anne

    Well, what can be said,when our house is curry yellow, eggplant shutters, green trim and red doors, that’s the outside! Red accent walls, tuscanie yellow other walls, red lino, lots of antiques, and mud, yes mud! We live in the country, have chickens,dogs, and gardens, I love it!

  68. laurie

    This is so refreshing. I am right in line with everything you have said. I happen to like a lot of what is happening now, but have liked it for the past decade or so. I have a style I like and am able to “update” it with a few trends, but prefer to buy things that really speak to me and that I will like for many years to come. I think it is important to know why you are choosing the items you bring into your home.

  69. Sarah

    Girl, I am right there with you. I don’t think I have one trendy thing in our house. At least I don’t think I do — I just do what I love.
    I think the trends are just beautiful in homes I see in blogland, I just know as soon as I spend money on it, it’ll be gone.
    The shiny brass though — it’s almost gone from our house and will NEVER EVER be back. Antique brass I don’t mind. Shiny…be gone! :)

  70. Gina

    Ha ha! This is so true – you have to go with what makes your own home YOURS and I happen to like my brass stuff. It’s in great shape and still works, why try to “fix” it? Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to look to magazines and stylists to discover what I love…

  71. Paula Bachelder

    I live in a very small house that was intended to be our “retirement” home. Then our daughter and 3 children moved in with us. I am still trying to figure out how to make this house feel like mine:)! But, rather than trying to make this into a showplace, I am making it as comfortable as possible, while taking into account my need for order and comfort, and COLOR. I am not hip when it comes to design-I have colors that make me happy–my furniture has seen better days, I use pieces for things they were not designed to be–but my favorite thing about my house right now is that it feels warm and friendly and eclectic. I love my cornices covered with authentic African Wax fabric in blacks and golds, my quirky couch, creaky chairs. I hate my dining room at the moment–cramped and awkward, but one of these days it will work.

    When we bought this house, I tried to do something totally different and modern–it just never felt like me–so the new stuff is now in the family room in the basement, and all my old stuff is back upstairs. My daughter hates it–but I love it. As soon as possible, the TV will vacate the living room and it will be that cozy room for conversation and reading.

    My biggest challenge is making a house with no architectural interest, small windows and minimal natural light feel bright and airy and interesting while finding room in this little TRUE cottage for all 6 of us. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement to do what feels right and avoid the pitfalls of trends. I have neither the time nor the money to invest in a temporary trend.

    • Melissa

      Your last line is one that I’ve thought of as well. My time is as valuable to me as money and I don’t really want to do and redo just to keep up with trends. I try to stick to classics and things we really will love for a long time!!

  72. Kelli Ellis

    I often tell my clients looking for the trend, “if you love it, it’s the perfect trend”. I find myself liking and adopting every 3rd trend that rolls around. Do yourself a favor and only take bits and pieces from a trend, keeping in mind your color scheme, and you will save a lot of money! Design Happiness!


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