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Put a Bird on It

by | Feb 5, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration

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Speaking of overdone trends, I had to laugh at this video!

And being from Portland myself, this was particularly funny to me.

Of course, I love birds in moderation. I do however have a recurring nightmare about birds pecking my eyes out.

Disclaimer: I have not seen the TV show promoted in this video and I am not endorsing its content. Although I can tell you from what I’ve seen in clips so far, its portrayal of Portland seems pretty right on to me.


  1. Mandy

    That IS hilarious! It does seem like we’ve all taken the bird thing a bit too far. I love the one’s I’ve got, but won’t be adding many more.

  2. Beth

    Hilarious! Loved this ;).

  3. sue

    Ha! we’re moving to Portland this summer so I’ve been catching some of the episodes. Thoroughly enjoying it, yet wondering what I’m getting myself into….hmmnn..a fun, lively, interesting life, it looks like ;)

    • Melissa

      Oh yes, I love Portland!!!

  4. Pam

    I recently moved from Portland and think this show hits the nail on the head! Hilarious!!

    Have a great day.

  5. FairfieldHouse


    Thank you for the smile! I think I saw that tutorial on some linky party! hehehe

    Your Friend,

  6. Minnesotamom

    I will admit to having a few birds. But I liked them, and I bought them 7-10 years ago, when I was among the few, the proud, the bold, the bird-likers. I was also pairing blue and brown before it was popular (still like it!), and now it’s considered passe. Ah well. I’m over it. :)

    • Melissa

      Me too! I’ve had birds forever!! Bird statues, bird prints, bird plates…I guess they’ve just reached their full impact and now they are fair game to be made fun of lol.

  7. Heathahlee

    That was hilarious! I do love birds, but not everything in my house has one on it. : )

    • Melissa

      Good call! Better in moderation, huh?!

  8. debi

    My daughter lived in Portland and thinks this show is hilarious representation!!!

  9. bridget {bake at 350}

    *raises hand* I’m looking at my little turquoise bird perched on my mantle. :)

  10. Brook

    So funny! I admit to putting a few birds on things…in moderation!

  11. Glenda Childers

    I think I will “put a bird” on all this snow.


    • christie

      I’ve been wondering where we’ll take the phrase “put a bird on it.” I’ve been pondering the possibilities, and I’m waiting to overhear people talking about it in a restaurant after they ask about the farm their chicken has been raised on.

      • Gina

        Hilarious! Unfortunately that show seems to be pretty spot on-even that conversation about the chickens. And even more unfortunately, I’ve overheard similar conversations in my part of Oregon.

  12. Miss Mustard Seed

    That is so funny! We have gone a little bird crazy, haven’t we?


    This was sooo funny! It has me singing Beyonce’s song “If you like it then you should have put a bird on it…”

    • Phaedra

      Haha! Too funny!

  14. Jess

    So hysterical! Love it!

  15. leanne

    That made me laugh so hard! I love the end. so funny! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Bonnie Mattson

    This is funny, Melissa! I have noticed I have been drawn to birds the last few years and admit I do have maybe a few too many. But like one commenter above said, I think I shall not be adding any more to my collection. Don’t you love how we get molded by the industry, sometimes without even realizing it?? Thanks for the enlightenment and good laugh! B

    • Melissa

      Yes, we sure do! And now we can laugh and move on to antelopes or something. Oh wait, I do see a lot of animal heads now. Guess they are the next birds.

  17. Lora

    So funny! I’ve caught a few of the promo videos for this show and they have made me laugh pretty hard. So that’s really what Portland is like, huh? Hilarious!:) Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I do like birds in moderation, too:)

  18. Cori

    My husband and I were dying when we saw the premiere episode a few weeks back. We live in Vancouver, WA, which of course is right across the river from Portland, so we are Portlanders-by-proxy. “Portland is where young people go to retire…” LOL!

    • Alissa

      I live in Vancouver too! Hubs and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch a whole episode, but we’ve died laughing at the previews.

  19. Embracing Change

    That was funny especially the end – thanks for the morning laugh!

  20. Vee

    Guilty without apology. :D

  21. laxsupermom

    Too funny! Totally guilty of having birds on my mantel, but I love them. Have they been overdone? Probably, but birds=nesting and our homes are our nests.

  22. Roberta

    That was freakin’ hilarious! I’m so over the birds and really never got into them because it always brought back bad memories of the movie “The Birds” with Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren…lots of birds pecking in that one ;) I’m have a new logo/banner designed for my blog and that was the first of my elimination process…all the designed she presented with birds in them…lol Have a great day. Fondly, Roberta

  23. Jojo

    My daughter lives in Portland and I love that there is a city with the motto, “Keep Portland Weird.” I love what I’ve seen of Portlandia too!!! Thanks for sharing…now I’m going out to feed the birds so my house had “a bird on it!”

  24. Kellie

    I have the same nightmare about birds! I guess I should not have watched the classic Hitchcock film at such a young age. :)

    My children love birds, so I do try to embrace the “bird love”.

  25. Cheryl

    Laughing over the video and inching in front of her ceramic birds to hide them from view.


  26. Astrid

    OMG! That was HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing! I do LOVE birds…

    but I love the real thing. I love watching the birds that are outside my window right now. Bird watching is one of my favorite winter activities (helps me get through the winter blahs).

    I used to have a few hand-painted birds on my walls which were quite unique but I painted over them to make my house more grown-up looking. I regret painting over those unique, whimsical birds.

  27. Sandy

    I feel totally out of it, I have not one bird in my whole house!

  28. Lisa Hinkle

    Oh my goodness…funny!!! I like stuff with birds and didn’t really notice I was accumulating (sp?)more and more stuff with birds…I’ve cut way back now :)

  29. Mitzi

    I don’t care for the birds either, but I do love the Pacific Northwest. I love visiting your part of the country.

  30. Kayla

    Hysterical!!! I still love birds though. :)

  31. suzyhomemaker

    i’ve been a “birds and antlers” girl for about 15 years. i must say, it’s nice to have the trends chasing ME for a change.

  32. Karena

    Julia sent me over, just hilarious!

    Come and join my amazing giveaway from Splenderosa!

    Art by Karena

  33. Mrs. C

    Don’t know how I missed this, VERY FUNNY! I love birds, have loved birds, but they are in moderation. I hope, I think. I’ll have to do a bird check and make sure. At least I don’t have any clothing or tote bags w/ birds.

  34. Syndi

    I was just telling my husband about how trends become oversaturated and then quickly tumble out of favor. I gave Owls as an example. Just today we saw one on a baby’s shirt, on an old man’s Tee shirt, and 3 facebook posts. It happens with all quirky fads. The bottom line is surround yourself with things that bring you joy, whether or not they are trendy. But beware of chasing after the latest trend just to make yourself seem hip & cool, you will be spending lots of money and left with lots of junk to get rid of to make room for the next ‘gotta have it’ item!


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