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Note to the World: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Authentic Living, blogging

Note to the World: Do As I Say, Not As I Did

Pallet Disaster: What Not to Do

Ok so yesterday I admitted on Twitter that a gust of wind had blown over my pallet garden.

I figured I should bolt it down, but you know, it was probably a fluke gust of wind.

Clearly I am a tempter of fate.

So now I can tell you for sure, no. It wasn’t a fluke gust of wind.

Today, when we heard the crash, bang BOOM, we knew exactly what it was this time. Gah.

We didn’t know whether we should laugh or cry. Poor little pansies.

I’ll spare you all the destruction and mayhem that second freak gust of wind caused.

I think you can see from that photo, it wasn’t pretty.

Learn from my mistakes people. Bolt your pallet gardens down.

If I can save ONE pallet garden from this sad demise it will have been worth going through this twice in 24 hours!

And this concludes my PSA for the day. You are welcome.


  1. Anne

    Don’t feel bad – my pallet fence blew over not once, not twice but THREE times before I secured it to a post. LOL Luckily nothing was hurt…

    • Melissa

      Ha, OK. I don’t feel so bad now.

  2. Glenda Childers

    That is very funny, Melissa. (from our end anyway.)

    I love your lime green patio chair.


  3. Julia

    Oh, no! And it looked so pretty, too. At least the rest of us can learn from it and take heed! :)

  4. Life with Kaishon

    Oh no! Darn it. Hope you have the best of luck reconstructing it! : )

  5. Barbara (WA)

    Oh, so sad! It is so something that would happen to me. I know it will turn out even better after you re-do it.

    • Melissa

      Ha, well yes, it is an opportunity :-)

  6. Pat

    So, you say it was a very distinct ‘crash bang BOOM’?
    and You’d know that sound anywhere?

    Really. Sorry for the trouble, but thanks for the warning– if in the future, my pallet needs to be upright (as in gardening or privacy screening) I’ll be sure to heed your warning, Ma’dam.

    Thanks for the 24 hr– round the clock updates too by the way– Pat

    • Melissa

      Yes, crash bang BOOM. If you hear that, a pallet has fallen somewhere. :-)

  7. Mary Beth

    I’ve lived most of my life tempting fate…at least you learn…I, alas, rarely do. :O

  8. Fairfield House

    If it had to go Crash. Bang. Boom. I’m glad no one was injured in the process.

    Your Friend,

  9. Meg

    Ouch. I just know this would happen to me. Sorry hon. And I agree, it’s an opportunity to make it even better! {As if thats even possible!}

  10. susan

    Aw geez,hon. Am sorry. I used to think I was indestructable. It all hit at once. But for building stuff? I grew up holding tools&participated in a re-roofing@10yo. I attach everything. If I can’t bolt something to a stud, I use big honkin’ anchors. I might add I live in Cleveland OH and back in the suit&heels days almost succumbed to bronchitis while clutching the “walk/dont walk” pole on E9th straight up from LakeErie in 60mph wind gusts,sustained over 25mph. Even tho am about 4mi from the lake,doesnt matter. Winds during “weather” are brutal,summer or winter. Am *so* sorry about your pallet&posies-but I not only recommend bolting,but bracing in direction of strongest “weather” winds. K? Hugz…

  11. Laura

    I like that you admitted it! Mankind is no match for the mighty weather! ;) Still, I think it was a great idea and hope your pansies can brush themselves off and stand proud. ;)

  12. Kim

    I’m totally the kind of person who knows I should do something but skips it because it’s a functional detail and not an aesthetic one. Call this one for the DIY disaster story chest!


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