Cute Bathroom & Life Threatening Emergency

Cute Bathroom & Life Threatening Emergency

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Having a super cute bathroom has always been on my priority wish list. A couple of houses ago I actually had a bathroom that was very similar to this one, except a different sink. Don’t you LOVE that black sink?  My bathroom was painted that same exact orange and I loved the pop of happy citrus in the room! Pretty cute, huh?

Enough about bathrooms. I really just wanted to stop in and update you as to my whereabouts this week.  As you might have seen on Facebook if you follow me there, my middle daughter had to have an emergency appendectomy this week.

It was pretty scary (I do not like the sight of an ambulance driving one of my children to the hospital for a life-threatening surgery, eh hem). Anyway, she is on the mend, praise God, and I hope to have her home by the end of the week, just in time for her 20th birthday! YAHOO! Thank you to all of you on Facebook who prayed for her and sent us good thoughts.

Stay tuned, I do have a couple of posts going out this week. But mostly, I’m far away from my computer hanging out with a sweet girl in a giant hospital gown and big red socks doing laps around the hospital.


  1. Oh that is such a sweet and lively bathroom…

    Love the black sink and orange wall.

  2. That is so scary. I hope your daughter mends quickly. I love that sink and the bright orange.

  3. I’m so glad she is ok. I saw your facebook post that she was sick but missed the rest. That would be very scary.

  4. So glad to hear your daughter is okay, Melissa. I had to have an emergency appendectomy myself about 3 years ago {thinking I had a stomach virus for 24 hours}. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anybody. My first trip in an ambulance and not something I really wanted but I had no other choice. I’m sure they’ve told you, or will tell you, that she needs to walk around every so often during the day to not get “air” in her stomach, which causes some discomfort. Thankfully, they do these things laproscopically now. You’d never know I had my appendix out.

  5. I am so glad to hear that your daughter is ok. That is scary! I don’t even like it when my child has a cut, let alone an emergency surgery. Scary stuff. Enjoy your time with your daughter and I am so glad she is ok!!!

  6. I can imagine how stressful that was! Glad to hear she is doing great. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  7. Melissa,
    All of me best wishes to you, your daughter, and your family. I am so glad to hear she is on the mend. Thank you, too, for including my kitchen on your room tour.

  8. Hi Melissa,
    Scary. I’m happy to hear she’s on the mend. Wish her the best from sunny California and wish her a happy 20th.
    Love the bathroom and since we’re finally re-doing our guest bath I’m interested in all things bathroom right now.

  9. Yikes! Hoping she has a happy bday (mine is this weekend, too)!!

  10. Melissa, so glad your daughter is doing well! Doing laps around the hospital, eh? (smile) Guess your daughter is ready to go home and that’s a blessing.

  11. yes! that bathroom is SUPER cute.
    Oh goodness, I am SO glad your daughter is on the mend. My oldest had an emergency Appendectomy when he was 3!!! How scary it was.
    May she have a blessed and happy birthday!

  12. Pretty bathroom. My daughters’ bathroom is called Mango Tango! Very similar.

    I am so glad your daughter is on the mend! My daughter had to have her appendix out when she was 12 – it was so unexpected. Now it is a memory in our family history!


  13. Love the bathroom, hate the appendicitis!

  14. Rejoicing with you that your dear daughter is out of the woods and on the mend!

    And the bath…
    My friend has a bath painted that same color and it makes me happy every time I go in there. Are you thinking about doing that again in your current house?

  15. My 12 yo son had his appendix removed last summer.
    It’s amazing how quickly they recover and bounce back.
    Hope your daughter is doing well this morning.

  16. I agree with your Praises to God…so glad your sweet girl is doing better and I will be praying she is home for her birthday. : )

  17. I’m hoping your daughter has a speedy recovery!

  18. Oh I’m sorry about your daughter and glad that she’s all right. Didn’t you just go through this yourself a year ago or so? Good heavens! Enough.

    Yes, a fashionable bathroom with the pop of orange and the grounding black. Very nice.

    Take care now…

  19. Bless you and your sweet girl, Melissa. Glad all is well.

  20. Hi Melissa,

    So glad things turned out well with your daughter. Went threw that with my youngest son. Very scarey.


  21. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  22. I’m so glad your daughter is doing well, I’m sure it sent your whole world into a spin. Love the sink love & the orange walls, do you think it is a vintage sink?

  23. We always say around here “Family First”. You guys take care of yourselves, and your sweet girl. We’ll still be here. ;o)

    Love you much Michaels Family!!

  24. Melissa, I’m so sorry about your scare this week and so thankful all is well now. Bless you and your sweet daughter. Prayers for a super fast recovery!

  25. I’m so sorry to hear about your scare last week but I’m so glad your daughter is fine! :)


  26. How scary! I can only imagine… Glad she is recovering well!:)

  27. Glad she is doing better….hugs.

  28. Oh, I did enjoy the cute bathroom photo!
    More importantly, wishing your daughter a speedy recovery– so happy to hear she is doing well!

  29. I’m so glad she is doing better, Melissa. Ambulances and children are never a good thing. I’m just glad she is okay. And I still cannot believe that you are the mother of a 20 year old. My goodness, you don’t look a day over 30.

    much love…


  30. Holding her&All of You up in prayer-it’s a family heartbreak for sure when you are so close. Hoping for the bday u want,too! :) gotta love those designer gowns(not) but atta girl! for doing laps. Best thing to prevent adhesions&strengthen the muscles protecting the owie. Since I look like a tic tac toe board, I have not so fond memories,but it *is* a step (haha) to a quicker recup! All good wishes for many blessings-s

  31. Grateful to hear your daughter will soon be home. I join your other friends in praying for a complete recovery.


  32. Jennifer Ketchum says

    What a scary situation for you and your daughter to have to endure. I was the exact same age when my appendix almost burst. It seems like this young adult age group seems to be a popular time for your appendix to decide to stop doing it’s job! Now that I have 2 daughters of my own I drive myself crazy everytime they get the stomach flu or complain of strange belly pain, wondering if they might need surgery! It’s not right, but once you have experienced this type of scare you are forever changed. Best of luck for a speedy recovery…

  33. Im so glad she is going better. When my 3yr old had his- I was a mess. I just could not imagine them doing such a grown-up surgery on his little body. But apparently the younger they are the quicker the recovery (or maybe they just told me that to calm me) either way he did great and was up in running in about a weeks time. *hugs* praying for a quick recovery and some rest for you!

  34. Wow! I am so glad that she is doing better. Warm wishes and hope for a quick and complete recovery.

  35. I’m glad your daughter is on the road to recovery. How scary!

    That bathroom is pretty!

  36. We went through an emergency appendectomy when our daughter was nine. Hers had ruptured and infection had set in. Very scary. Thank God she’s okay now. We might have lost her if we’d waited another day. Glad you daughter came through, too.

  37. Oh, my gosh, I am so glad she is OK!

  38. tile flooring ideas says

    The bathroom in the picture is truly magnificent.!!I like the black sink but I think color blue would be more cute and cool.Nice flooring.

  39. I’m glad you daughter is okay. How is she now? The black sink just goes well with the overall look of the bathroom. The orange paint? I love it!

  40. Is this a smaller bathtub than the usual size? I am in need of a smaller bathtub for my remodel. Where did you buy and ballpark price? Thanks!

  41. Jolene Wright says

    What is on the wall you can not see? Is it like the wall with the sink?

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