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Inspired Holidays {Day 12}:: A Delicious Discussion of Fall Scents {DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles}

by | Oct 12, 2011 | 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Christmas, Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Holiday DIY, Holiday Entertaining, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining, Thanksgiving

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Inspired Holidays {Day 12}:: A Delicious Discussion of Fall Scents {DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles}DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles – Stories A to Z

Can we pause for just a moment today to talk about Fall and holiday scents? Because it is honestly one of my favorite parts of the season. When my daughter Courtney and I go shopping, one of our our favorite things to do is SNIFF candles. One by one, we SNIFF ’em really loud and give our commentary on the scents as we go. Favorite way to spend our free time. We are weird like that.

I just love the scent of fall.

And I love the smell of Christmas.

I want my home to smell yummy like vanilla and cinnamon when I walk in the door.

I love the smell of baked goods like pumpkin and spice cakes.

I adore the scent of a wood burning fire in the fireplace.

I love to smell my gingerbread latte almost as much as I like drinking it.

I like to sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg on top of my whipped cream. .

One of my favorite holiday drinks is simmering hot spiced cranberry cider on the stove with cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange slices because of how amazing it makes the house smell. Yes, soon I’ll post the recipe I use, because it is SO good.

We usually buy real Christmas trees so we can smell the fragrance of the tree throughout the house.

I’m really inspired by the scents of fall and the holidays.

So let’s share favorite holiday scents in the comments, shall we? What are your favorite fall or holiday candles and ways to scent your home? Do you have a candle warmer? Tell me what candles I should look for or what scent I should get for my candle warmer!

DIY Cinnamon Stick candles are a simple way to make your regular candles a little more festive!  See the link and photo above for the DIY from Beth at of A to Z!

Inspired Holidays {Day 12}:: A Delicious Discussion of Fall Scents {DIY Cinnamon Stick Candles}

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The rest of the 31 Day Participants! You all are doing A-MAH-ZING work!


  1. Jojo

    If speaking of candle scents, evergreen and cinnamon wins hands down during the holiday season. The rest of the year, lavender.

  2. Heather

    For Thanksgiving, there is nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie or apple cider simmering on the stove. But Christmas, it’s all pine and citrusy smells that make my heart beat faster.

  3. Allison Egan

    So pretty! what a great idea. I love the smell of cinnamon too – yum!!!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  4. Fairfield House


    I love the scent {and taste} of cranberries, apples, pumpkins, cinnamon! We also use fresh cut trees and real pine wreaths and garland on the staircase at Christmas. Let’s not forget the wonderful aroma of Christmas cookies baking.

    Your Friend,

  5. Imperfect

    During September, October and November I burn Yankee Candle’s Harvest candles through out my house. The scent brings such vivid memories of family and home for me. On December 1 all of them get switched out for Sparking Cinnamon. And we get real trees for the scent, too!

  6. diane

    Pine…all I have to do is smell a pine candle and I am immediately transported back to childhood Christmases. And bayberry…my mother burned a bayberry candle in the kitchen sink all day on Christmas Day (some sort of good luck tradition borrowed from the Pilgrims, I think)

  7. Amy

    My favorite candle right now is salted caramel. Yum!

    Also, this time of year, I do what my parents always did to make the house smell good: throw apple peels and cores in a saucepan with a little water, cinnamon, and vanilla and let it simmer away all day. You can replace the water when it gets low, turn it off and cover it when you go to bed, and start again in the morning. It makes the house smell so wonderful!

    • Melissa

      Oh, salted caramel candle huh? I’ll have to look for that. Not sure I’ve seen or smelled one yet! :-)

  8. StephanieB (KickAssWife)

    Wood burning in a fireplace is one of my favorite smells. I have lots of ones I like, but the most important thing is that it makes me feel warm and cozy!

  9. kelly

    I definitely need to go shopping for some yummy smelling candles now!

  10. Tammara

    I love the scents from Colonial Candles – here’s their Fall-Holiday Line – just lovely!

    Love the Fall, love your 31 Days Series!

  11. Missy June

    I like the pumpkin spices and apple scents for fall and more pine and cinnamon at Christmastime.

  12. Lynda

    I love the scent of cinnamon also, but this candle arrangement is not safe at all.

  13. Miranda

    The best smelling fall candle I have ever bought is Leaves at bath and body works.

  14. Laura

    I just got the Scentsy “Pumpkin Marshmellow” scent! OMG! It is amazing. When my husband got home from work he immediatley went into the kitchen to see what I was baking with a fork in hand…

    It will make your mouth water!

  15. Julie

    I am going to try these cinnamon stick candles. Cinnamon and pumpkin are my favorite holiday scents…and flavors.

  16. RosieK

    Ooh, I’m going to make some pumpkin Pie-less this very afternoon, just for the scent–okay, and it’s tasty too. (Pie-less is what I call pumpkin pie filling baked without the crust and with leaner ingredients, on occasion.) I prefer fruity scents (cranberry/orange, i.e.) because vanilla, etc. can really push my Craving button. There’ll be plenty of time for home-baked yummies in a few weeks. In the meantime I can get them by the slice at any number of cafes, no?

  17. JoAnn

    I’ve always been a fan of Yankee Candles…Autumn Leaves &/or Harvest for Fall.

    However, I’ve just found my new best friend, candle friend:)that is! I’ve been trying to find a good soy candle because they are not as toxic from what I gather…and I finally found a winner! The brand is called Root, they are a blend of soy and beeswax. I just bought 2 votives just to try and I’m in love!! Unfortunately I pulled the plastic wrappers off and threw them out and I’m not sure of the names. Yeah, I do smart things like that:(
    I think the Fall one is called Mulled Cider (something with cider) and the fruity one is Tangerine/lemongrass…I think! Great smell, long lasting & healthier! YAY!

  18. Holly

    I love cinnamon scents around Christmas (Trapp Sexy Cinnamon this year I think) and pine, we usually have a fake tree but I definitely want some scents to go with this year. and Pumpkin/Caramel/Apple type scents in the fall…..

    We have a wonderful candle store here called Cypress Bridge ( which makes the yummyist candles ever!

    Scents definitely transport us!

    (I’m having issues with my rss feed so here’s my latest post:

  19. Carolyn

    I love the apple and pumpkin scents in the fall too. I think my favorite one of all time, though, is the cotton linen from Yankee Candle. It smells like freshly cleaned towels which puts me in a good mood any time of year.

  20. Rachel

    I love the Fall Festival candle from Yankee Candle Co. for fall, and the Christmas Eve scent as well. I don’t care for evergreen scents, or pine, but give me something that smells of carbohydrates, and you have me hooked! I also like YCC’s Cinnamon Stick and Sugar Cookie scents. The rest of the year I like some florals (no lavenduer!) and citrus smells….

  21. Glenda Childers

    I am a little boring in the candle category. Most scents give me a headache. But . . . vanilla is good and my favorite.


  22. carol

    I adore burning holiday candles. Ladies, please try the new holiday scents at Pier 1. Winterberry, applecrisp, and holiday forest. All are wonderful. The reed diffusers smell awesome too. There also is a candle shop nearby my home, They are soy candles, made right in there factory behind the store. They have many many scents. Im burning a caramel pumpkin right now. YUMMY!!! Swan Creek Candle is the name of the company. Happy fall to all. Carol

  23. Susie

    I love all the scents you mentioned especially pumpkin and cinnamon–love to walk in and have the house smell as though there are cinnamon rolls or pumpkin pies in the oven! I love cranberry and apple as well…the list goes on and on. I absolutely love this time of year–can’t wait for our first fire in the stove and the smell of leaves burning outside. Looking forward to your recipe for hot spiced cranberry cider! Ahhhhhh…..fall!

  24. Richella at Imparting Grace

    The smell of fall? Definitely the smell of yummy things baking. Just made another batch of pumpkin bread today…mmmm. Maybe it’s because it’s so hot here in the summer that I don’t bake much–the cooler fall temps make me want to turn on the oven and go to town!

  25. Emilie

    My favourite all time candle scent which is pretty much amazing all year round is the Vanilla-Caramel candle from Glasshouse. Heavenly.

  26. Kristen

    Pumpkin…vanilla…pumpkin and vanilla. Oh, I love the scents of Fall, too! I’m looking forward to your simmering recipe.

  27. Karla

    This post has inspired me to go shopping for some new autumn scented candles…and possibly even to bake something spicy and apple-y! Scent is such an important part of any experience. I’ll be watching for that spicy cranberry cider recipe! Mmmmmmmmm….

  28. Andrea

    Those cinnamon stick candles are fabulous! I can almost smell them… so warm and inviting!

  29. Beth

    Thanks for the shout out Melissa!

  30. Katie

    Definitely pick up a Mulled Cider Candle from Wal-Mart!!! I absolutely LOVE it and the best part is that it only costs $5 when a Yankee candle that size is $20+.

  31. Kathryn

    The smell of both Ginger and Cinnamon sooth the soul and the tastes of both (separately) sooth the stomach.

  32. Jessi

    Ooh, pumpkin marshmallow sounds incredible! I’m usually not a fan of cinnamon, pumpkin, or spicy candles because they are a little heavy to me. I love the smell of firewood. Is there a firewood scented candle??

  33. Maureen

    I love to smell the candles in the stores too! My holiday favs are cinnamon apple, sugar cookie and pine. I have to make these cinnamon candles…so cute!

  34. Sunny

    So my oldest son and I sniff too!! Just tonight we were at the Wally World sniffing and Febreze has a line of limited edition candles that smell divine. “Falling Leaves, Cinnamon Rolls and Home, and something like Cozy Vanilla” they also have coordinating plug in deals and room spray, which I like so that my home smells good even when I am not actively burning candles.

  35. April

    MMMMMMM Yummy cinnamon. One of the most delightful Christmas scents, that I found out by accident, is the smell of burning pine cones. Ideally, it’s nice to pop one into a wood burning fireplace. In my case, I was having a big Christmas party and had placed some pine cones too close to a set of candles… need I say more. The scent was lovely, though.

    For Thanksgiving, I love the smell of apple pies and pumpkin bread baking mixed in with the aroma of roasting turkey. Yum-yum-yummy! Just can’t go wrong with that combo :)

  36. Debbie

    Hey Melissa, if the truth be known I am probably a candle hoarder! Buwahaha…I just love the ‘smell’ of a candle burning with a lovely aroma wafting its way over to me! Yummy for the nose….it’s nose candy! Hahaha
    Lovin’ your posts.

    • Melissa

      Thanks Debbie!! I’m loving reading all of people’s favorite scents!! I can almost smell ’em!

  37. Dana

    I love the smell of nice cinnamon candles. We usually have a few candles burning in the fall and winter. Sometimes it’s green apple, sometimes vanilla or cinnamon.

    Occasionally the house needs even more of a pick-me-up. In a small sauce pan I put a few cups of water, a cinnamon stick and maybe a clove and let it simmer on the stove.

    There are a few downsides. First, it makes every hungry fro fresh pastry. Second, it will stain your pot, so I have an old one I use.

    Each year I toss out my old spice and get new ones. So, this is a way of using up last years remaining cinnamon.

    I should do that tonight – thanks for the reminder.

  38. julie

    i love the bath and body works fall scents; i buy the wallflowers for my home and the little candles for work; the ‘autumn’ scent and ‘leaves’ scent are amazing!

  39. Liz

    My sister in law sells scentsy products and I put in the Hazelnut Latte bar into my warmer today. It has been wonderful. Puts you right in the mood for fall. :)


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