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Where Women Create {giveaway}

by | Nov 2, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, giveaways

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Where Women Create {giveaway}

Where Women Create




I love looking at creative spaces, so is it any surprise that I adore this magazine?!
This publication is a must for all of us who are inspired through creativity.

To enter to win your own copy, simply leave a comment on this post
describing your dream creative space! TWO lucky winners from The Inspired Room will each receive one copy of the 2012 Where Women Create Magazine!!

Creative women love to pay attention to the details of their work spaces… making sure that they surround themselves with visually stimulating inspiration and unique organizational systems.

Where Women Create invites you into the creative spaces of the most extraordinary women of our time. Through stunning photography and inspirational stories, each issue of this quarterly magazine will nourish souls and motivate creative processes.

Where Women Create {giveaway}
The winter issue of Where Women Create is sure to inspire, engage, and astonish with new artist studios and organizational ideas! Featured in this issue are Angie Cook of Knobstoppers, Kristin Alber of Found, Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo, Stephanie Blank of Blankety Blank Designs, and even Sarah Champier, who was the personal florist to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales for 11 years. Also, featured in a brand-new column, “The Men Who Make It,” is Drew Emborsky, the Crochet Dude!
Where Women Create {giveaway}
You can purchase this magazine on the newsstands or order online. You can also visit Where Women Create on their website, facebook or twitter.

Describe for me in the comments a dream creative space that would inspire YOU! One entry per person. Two winners will win one magazine each!

Disclosure. I was not paid to share this giveaway, although I was provided a copy of the magazine! YaHOOO!!! Hope you win!


  1. Rebecca

    I am trying to create my own space here at home. This sounds absolutely perfect for me. I do a lot of writing at home as I try to grow my blog and my side business and feel like I need my “studio” space to inspire me. Awesome work you do here at this site. I love following it.

  2. Jennifer

    I dream of a light spilled room with vintage
    furnishings….to be used for painting, drawing and other

  3. Mystica

    I am trying to create a space for reading here in my home! it is not getting done however.

  4. Su

    Love that magazine. . .always flip thru it when I am in AC Moore. Would love to win a copy. My creative space is downstairs. . .with turquoise walls and pink furniture. Art all over the walls. Lots of shelves for my supplies. I do wish it had windows for natural light. But you know what, I have a hard time keeping it clean. .it is so cluttered. . 1/2 done projects all over the place that it tends to drain me instead of inspire me. . .I need to learn how to clean up. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  5. Tania

    My dream creative space… my current home is not big enough, so my fantasy space would be a big separate room, painted white with big windows looking out over a gorgeous garden and letting lots of light in. Plenty of working and storage space, plenty of space to lay the quilts out that I’m working on, and with a small, simple kitchen area and some comfy chairs out on some decking to enjoy a cup of tea in the sunshine, especially with friends.

  6. Jennifer

    My dream space would be a space to myself, not shared with the kids (and their clutter). It would have my work surface facing out a window. It would be uber organized. It would have hard wood or tiled floors, great lighting for working after dark, and it would be sound dampening so I can sew at night without it keeping hubby awake. =D

  7. Mimi

    I love Where Women Create! My space would be full of natural light. It would incorporate a lot of re-purposed furniture painted in light distressed colors. There would be lots of storage for my floral design and craft books. A huge wood table in the center with large drawers where I could keep basic supplies handy. There would also be a big armoire full of labeled containers holding ribbon, embellishments, stamps and decorative scissors and such. A map storage unit to hold my papers and a comfy chair near the window with a small table on the side with a small vase of a rose or peony. Oh yeah, and beautiful jars of embellishments and things to inspire me. Guess I’ve be thinking about this for a while.

  8. karen

    Love this magazine-so inspiring! My dream work space would be one that was large and sunny and organized.

  9. Sallie

    I would LOVE to have a room where I could leave projects out on a worktable until they were finished, keep my sewing machine out instead of putting it in the closet. It would have shelves for craft supplies and beautiful storage baskets, a writing desk, a cozy spot for tea and reading, and it would be filled with beautiful sights, smells, and sounds!

  10. Julie

    Oh man! I am just about to begin an office makeover….my dream space would have lots of natural light, efficient but beautiful storage, and just the right colors to inspire without distracting me.

  11. {darlene}

    oooh, melissa! this looks great!
    I would be inspired by 1. some quiet :) 2. a neutral background with unexpected splashes of color 3. a streak of glam…. like a mongolian lamb pillow and some orange laquer.

    so glad to know about this magazine.

  12. Camille

    A dream Creative space? I have a workroom in my shop, a sewing room in my house, but the only problem is that I need someone to come in and reorganize it all, so that when i am creating, that I can find all my tools and magazines and ideas and….notes from design shows and the list goes on…creative people tend to create in a big flurry and then hate the dreaded task of putting it all away!

  13. Brenda Clemons

    My ideal workspace should be one filled with color. An idea factory with a generous supply of tools and reference materials.

    I too find the continued mess hard to deal with. Each day adds new resources and ideas, but to catalog and retrieve them, let alone have all supplies immediately available is my challenge.

    Thanks for the opportunity to learn more.

  14. Joan

    Oh, I LOVE this magazine too. I have a “dream” studio and one day I hope to see it come to reality. In the meantime, this magazine helps me dream!

  15. Kelly

    The space of my dreams is bright and airy, with work-friendly luxuries too numerous to mention. What it doesn’t boast are harsh fluorescent lighting or wet-basement stink. …it’s the little things, really ;-)

    Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity!

    Success, Kelly

  16. Heather

    I would love to have a space for sewing and painting – bright and airy, open to the outside, with a work table at one end for all my needlework crafts and and easel at the other. Probably a light butter yellow with white cabinetry to store things in – and a big white table for my sewing machine.
    I haven’t seen this magazine in Canada, so would love to get my hands on a copy.

  17. Connie

    After 42 years of marriage and 32 years in our farmhouse home, my husband and I have purchased a very nice but used mobile home. It has cathedral ceilings and “lots of storage space”, something I was sorely missing! I have repainted every room and we are getting new carpet but most of the furnishings will be what we already have because (1) I can’t part with some of them and (2) we can’t afford all new furnishings. I have fallen in love with the color black and I am planning to accessorize with it and also paint a few pieces of furniture with black also.

    I will have a bedroom that I plan to devote to my sewing and my decorating magazines and my fun, creative “stuff”.
    I have fallen in love with the color.

    This process has left me with sore muscles and some nights I didn’t think I would make it to bed, but I have a renewed energy and new passion for my home. Oh, by the way, I am an Adult Services Librarian so my days are full also!

    Would love to win this but I am just so glad to have found your website!!

  18. Hisloverevealed

    My dream space consists of a slate blue walls, a white couch loaded with patterned blue, gray & tan pillows. A large white desk w/ lots of compartments for pens & such. Black and white pictures of the people I love & admire would be scattered throughout & there would be continuous classical music playing for inspiration.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  19. Toni K

    I do have my own space, but I wish it were bigger. I also wish it had more light, and more storage of course :) But I love the warm green celery green color and warm brown trim.

  20. Vee

    Women’s Work Spaces have always intrigued me and I also love to see them. Right now, my work space dream is to be organized. My space, and I do have one now, is absolute mayhem. Ugh.

  21. deezie

    I love that magazine and I love your blog!!!
    I do have a room in my house that is all mine for crafting but if can have my dream space it would be a level added to our house going up of course because we are so close to the ocean and I would have ocean views and of course my dream space would have tons of big windows, I love natural light when I am working on my seaglass designs. Hope I win
    have a great day

  22. Doris

    A smallish, cozy, warm room with a window to let in natural light and so I can look out at nature. Plenty of drawers or cubbies to keep “stuff” organized.

  23. Cara

    My dream space would be turning our 4th level into my crafting space. Currently everything is stuffed into Rubbermaid bins which isn’t very inspiring, lol!!

  24. kathy foster

    I love this magazine and find it so inspiring. I would love to have a large room -maybe over a garage (need the garage first!) where I can have designated areas for different crafts and a comfy reading chaise by a window. The areas I need are for knitting/crochet, embroidery and needlepoint (organize all thread and floss), sewing for my daughter and I to do together and another area for paper supplies for the kids school projects. Although this would be my space, I would welcome my two children (10 & 13)to enter and be creative with me! My daughter just turned 13 and asked for a sewing machine for her birthday!

  25. Cindy

    Love the magazine! I’ve already purchased a copy and am saving it for some down time this weekend. :)
    What would make my creative space my dream space would be more windows for natural light and inspiring views.

  26. Natalie

    I love this magazine.. it inspires me everytime I read it. My current craft room is a sunroom with lots of windows. I would love to have beautiful lace curtains and a great view. Custom shelving and a great desk with lots of storage. Love your blog and hope to win!

  27. Sherri

    Love, love LOVE this magazine …… inspires me to continue to struggle to create my very own creative space from the clutter I now have. It’s overwhelming at times but part of the “process”.

  28. Carolyn Maves

    I would love a space with a table, that I could leave uncompleted sewing or scrapbooking projects. Also a soft comfy chair with a good light to read or crochet in the evening.

  29. Mandy L.

    I would love a space that is just mine for all my crafting. Right now I just do it where ever there is room available. And I would totally decorate just to suit me.

  30. Mary Frederick

    I would love a large bright room, painted white. I would like built in cabinets all around the room for storage. there would be a window looking out into the garden for inspiration. In the center of the room would be a worktable with built in cabinets and drawers for storage. the top of the worktable would be granite or some other impervious material, so that I could spill anything on it and it would just wipe off. The cabinets would be cherry with a pretty trim and run floor to ceiling. the granite would be a light color, so as not to compete with the colorful things I am working on. the room would be split into work areas; sewing, paper crafting, painting. it is my dream!

  31. Carol Stephens

    My dream space would be my “Atelier”. French word that can describe your dream room. Books on bookshelf in front of vintage doctors desk (one side of the room),lovely pull down vintage light over the desk. Other side of the room would be a TV a couple of comfy chairs with footstools, a sewing table is positioned in between the chairs. It serves to function as table and hideaway for needlepoint, tarot cards, needles and thread. Chair lamp hovers closely over one of the chairs with a puffy french shade. In front of the large window facing the hills is a small round bistrot table and 2 director chairs. Great for morning coffee. French tapistry on the wall.

  32. Lynn

    I love this magazine! I buy it every time it comes out as a special treat to myself! thanks for the opportunity-I hope I win!

  33. Kellie

    I love this publication, but it always seems out of my budget.

  34. Mary Beth

    My dream space would be somewhere close to the family. Right now my craft area is downstairs in the gameroom which NOBODY uses but me. I would love to be upstairs off of the family room/kitchen…it’s also much warmer upstairs…I freeze in the winter down in my area.

  35. Brenda

    I am in the process of turning a bedroom into a creative space for myself. I am motivated by bright colors and love big open windows. I like being close to nature. I really look forward to viewing this blog everyday. It really “inspires” me!

  36. hanna

    would love to win, the spaces look very inspiring

  37. Dot Estabrooke

    God only knows I need all the help I can get…organization for my craft room and this magazine is the greatest publication….now being a bit selfish, I hope I win…tee hee! Sincerely, good luck to everyone..

  38. sarah

    I think my dream space would be colorful, quiet full of things I just love. I want it so that noone else goes in there and takes my stuff and warm. I want to have a comfy place to sit down and a hard table to work on.AND it must be super organized to find all the stuff that I need to get to

  39. Amber

    I love seeing the spaces of creative women as well. They are so inspiring, and make me want to create. My dream creative space is a small renovated shed or cottage in the backyard that I can fill with all of my pretty things. A functional little space of my own, where I can meet with clients in privacy from my crazy home, or listen to my kids play in the yard as I work, is my dream. It’s on the wish list for our next home.

  40. Diane

    I LOVE that magazine. It’s ooooooozes creativity! And I confess that I have been reading it on my free reading visit to the bookstore – oops.
    My dream space/studio would have at least one wall of windows…but 3 if possible…with a beautiful view of nature and a door to the outside where I have beautiful gardens. Still dreaming…there would be gorgeous natural and painted desks, work tables, shelving, and organized storage. And comfortable cozy chairs and stools for sitting and working and dreaming. Plus a sink for crafting. Since I would be surrounded by so much of God’s gorgeous creation I think the decor would be very simple aside from books and treasures on display. This must be a pretty big room…to have all of that…and plenty of space to have friends come over to “play” and hang out as well.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and for the escape to such a pleasant dream for a few moments. Tell us about your dream space, Melissa!

  41. Linda Cates

    My dream creative space is a quilting/office space with built in’s in my basement. I want it girly and pretty.

  42. Jenn Cascell

    I love that magazine! Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Lisa

    I would love even corner of a room with a table that I could spread out projects on, maybe hang a huge bulletin board with inspirations above! A space that I don’t have to clear off when it’s time for dinner :) Heavenly!!! This magazine sounds wonderful Melissa!

  44. Cheryl Andes

    My dream creating space would be filled with all things and people I love, creating right along side of me.

  45. Sandy

    My dream workspot would have display storage so nothing is hidden, a Flat multi purposing work area and comfy reading area.

  46. Maria

    I dream my dream space every night. It is an attic studio with a skylight, a portal to the sun and moon muses. My space
    would echo Marcel Duchamp’s “readymades”, the original green man, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose. My walls will be
    full of my wreaths waiting each day to have a gift of found objects place on them. In front of each wall of wreaths will be a table the length of the wall. In the center of the room will be a big chair to visit each table and create my special wreaths. The wreath diva dreams this dream and The Inspired Room realizes this dream.

  47. Monika

    Would love a place all my own, but big enough for my girls when they are feeling crafty too!

  48. S

    I am already blessed enough to have a dream scrapbooking studio – but I am always on the look-out for new storage ideas. My stash seems to grow and grow, so I need more creative ways to keep things both handy and hidden – so that I’m not distracted but still don’t forget to use what I have.

  49. Whitney

    WOW…any of those rooms would be amazing. I would need alot of white furniture and plenty of organized space. I’d like a spot for my sewing machine and a big work table. A big imac would be nice too…while we’re dreaming! :) I’d also want a big bulletin board for inspirations and ideas. My desk I would love to be made out of two saw horses and an old door..I have the perfect one picked out. Also, there should be big overstuffed chairs to relax/read in. Oh yeah, and I need lots of windows and natural light! Now if only I could make this happen!

  50. Ann Marie Robalik

    I love Where Women Create and I would love to win a copy too!!! My space is a continual work in progress. I am always changing something – the furniture arrangement the storage options the colors etc etc etc!!!!

  51. maria

    Wow! It would be so wonderful to be inspired to create a place of my own!! Thanks for the inspiration and Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Carol

      It is a marvelous magazine – just read my first issue last week…….innovative, inspiring and fun.

  52. maria

    Wow! It would be so wonderful to be inspired to create a place of my own!! Thanks for the inspiration and Thanks for the opportunity!

  53. Pam

    I am drawn to bright saturated colors and alot of visual interest. However, my personal work space would be the opposite of that with clean simple lines and soft relaxing colors. As much as I love “loud” I know that I do my best work when my distractions are more limited.

  54. Sharmin

    My dream creative space has yet to be created. I would love a lounge style room with a cosy reading nook, desk, and an inspiration board…a velvet couch and comfortable chair…a place to write, collage, and play my saxophone. I’d like it to have a cosy, yet vibrant, Moroccan vibe with fuschsia, magenta, red, and purple. Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  55. Cyndy

    My perfect space would be in a re-done old attic, in an old southern mansion. White walls, a huge picture window, and lots and lots of table space!

  56. Tana Hendricks

    I am lucky enough to have my dream creative space. My husband converted a room last year for me and it is wonderful. I am very thankful for it. Now just to get a warm comfy chair and ottoman to put my feet up and read a good long book!

  57. Maureen

    i would love a room that has shelves for yarn and a nook to put knitting accessories and it would be like a rustic log cabin with an American influence. Cozy

  58. Marie Valum

    looks like a great magazine! I would love to read and put to use! Thanks!

  59. Ranelle F

    My dream creative space would include a nice wooden desk for my laptop and also a space for sewing… and a cozy nook for reading! Is that too much to ask? ;)

  60. Donna

    I am beginning a new addition to my home where I will be adding a 14′ x 20′ space. My plan is to include space for a longarm machine too. This magazine will help me to do that so it looks happy, inspiring and makes it a lovely place to do my work. perfect retreat…..that’s the goal! Donna Avila

  61. Paula Whalen

    I have a very small space at home that I dream of making into a lovely creative studio. Right now it has become a home office and dumping ground for all those items that need to find a home. I really need someone to come in with a objective point of view to help me unload what I don’t need. Really sort my stuff out! Then the creative work can begin as I try to define who i am and what I need.
    Wish me luck!

  62. Rosie Klahn

    My ideal is not that dissimilar from the loft/industrial nod on the magazine cover. Mine would reference the attic where Jo March writes in the 1949 version of “Little Women” and the rooms at Auberge du Vieux-Port in Montreal. In other words, heavily textured walls–stone, brick, etc., rustic woods and a view to water would be nice

  63. Claudia

    My dream creative space would be large enough to have a good-sized work table and four walls lined with storage cabinets. There would be lots of natural light flooding in from windows and it would have an easy-to-clean floor and work surfaces. There would be plenty of electrical outlets and good lighting for working at night. A bonus would be if there was a view of my garden and a new sewing machine!

  64. Shelly

    I too love Where Women Create and am inspired with each issue. My dream creative space would have 3 of 4 oversized bulletin boards so that I could pin up all the images that inspire me. It would also be coloful and have a lounging nook so I could read magazines, day dream and write in my creative journal. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  65. Jewel

    My dream creative space would be a dedicated room with lots of natural light. I would love to have a big project table in the center of the room with lots of built-ins for storage. I would use vintage locker baskets for storing scrapbook items and baskets for other creative projects like knitting, jewelry making and sewing. Thanks for a chance to win this fabulous magazine!

  66. Karen Beth

    My dream creative space would be my attic finished out and left almost completely bare so I could spread out on the floor all my supplies and clean up to do yoga when I wanted to. Plenty of light too, of course. Ahhh…. sweet bliss!

    msred5 at gmail dot com

  67. Coastal Femme

    My creative space would have at least two windows to let in lots of natural ligt, shelves of books, an over stuffed chair and a repurposed piece of furniture for a desk.

  68. allison

    how beautiful:) My creative space would have a deep chair, next to a fire place, beautiful pictures along the wall, and a table type desk in the middle of the room to allow me to spread out my ideas.

  69. TerryBMc

    I have been staring at an empty basement room that is brightly painted (chartreuse) and has astroturf carpeting. That is NOT my ideal working space. I want to warm it up with a dark, rich paint color… carpet with something soft/plush, build-in storage… maybe have a little fireplace/heater so I can make the room toasty without heating the whole house, and then a wonderfully comfy chair for when I’m not doing desk work.

  70. Tiffini

    just flipped through this yesterday while at Target…:) LOVE LOVE perusing all of the beauty found inside

  71. Jeannine

    Iould love a little writing desk in my bedroom with a slipcovered parsons chair. I’d sit there and pour out my thoughts into a beautifully bound book. On the wall above the desk would be framed photos of the inspiring people and places I love.

  72. Kathy

    My dream space would be organized, uplifting, calming and free from distractions. But, as a mother of 6 – that is not likely to happen for many years.

  73. Lynda

    I would love to have a large studio with enough room for all of my fabric cabinets, new sewing cabinets for my sewing machines, room for my cutting station and ironing area. I would love to have a sitting area, bookcases, office desk and station, and room for a display wall for putting up art quilts as I work. I want it neat and organized.

  74. Wendi

    I don’t have my creative space yet. We’re moving in November and I’m going to finally have a yoga room. I can’t wait to design that “creative space” and I’m hoping that it’ll help inspire me to make my house a creative space!!

    I want to paint the room a light teal color and then use bright accent pillows with yellow, orange, and purple. I want a futon and heavy wood furniture to ground the crazy colors. I’m thinking heavy wood and jewel tones! Something that you can’t help but be happy in

  75. Sandy A

    I would create a bright and airy space for my craft room. No window coverings to let in the light.The paint would be yellow. I would use locker baskets and built in cabinets for storage. Open shelves for all my pretties. A big work table to spread out on. A desk for writing and my laptop. And a big overstuffed chair to sit and drink coffee and dream of all I will create!

  76. Tara

    I have never heard of this magazine. I am going to get it! I would love a space right out of the pottery barn magazine. I would a little more color though! Thanks for sharing!!

  77. Jennifer Rutledge

    I would love to win this! I am creating a photography office / studio later this year in our new home and have ideas, but would love to be inspired further. Thanks for this giveaway :)

  78. Jessica

    I am a graphic designer and sometimes I have my “design block” days, so I would love a space that inspires me everyday. I love the open airy feeling with dark wood tones, clean lines, and a few pops of color and old world feel!

  79. Janet

    My creative space has to have light…I love windows, especially if there’s a good view for inspiration…and storage space….Oh I’d so love to win a copy of Where Women Create! Thanks for the chance.

  80. Kasi

    My dream creative space is a large white room with a wall of windows, plenty of cabinet storage, work tables, and lots of pink and turquoise and silver decor. And NO INTERRUPTIONS to play!

  81. Crystal

    It would be a place where the sun streams in, the colors are amazing earth tones and everything has a space of its own (and I can find it easily!). Thanks for sharing – I love looking at other’s spaces.

  82. Melissa

    The only thing I ask about my own creative space is that it is labeled as such. My “creative space” tends to fill other roles besides its intention, which often times leads to counter-productivity.

  83. Anne

    One of my favorite things to see on blogs is the creative spaces and places of creative people! It is so inspiring! Thanks for the giveaway! Anne

  84. Misty

    Cozy, warm, and heavenly inspired. Mountains outside the window would be ideal, but where home is, no such mountains exist. There would be lamps, organization to the max, books, paper ( because I still write on paper too), music, a coffee cup and the aroma of something beautiful! Not to forget the fireplace, pictures, love notes from my hubby, and fresh flowers. O that I could say in such a place all day….

    Ps I have never heard of this Magazine but would love to be addicted to such a Space!

  85. Tracy O

    I would love a warm inviting space with a big comfy chair a desk fir scrapbooking and lots of organization & storage. Fun artwork on the walls would be great too

  86. Sonya

    I have my dream studio but I need to make it prettier! It will happen! I would love to get a chaise lounge instead of a chair so I can rest my head inbetween crafts! :) And I want a chandelier. I want to keep it soft muted colors because I would with so many colors and patterns that it kind of rests my brain.
    I love seeing other people’s studios-so inspiring! Thank you for the chance to win!



  88. Lorrie

    My dream creative space would be filled with light. Lots of closed storage as well as a big wall of open shelving for the pretty things.

    Oh, and it would always be tidy and I would ALWAYS find what I needed immediately. Sigh.

  89. Diane

    Great ins.I would like a space filled with windows, creating light and attmosphere, I want organization but in a cute industrial way. I would love a map metal organizer to organize my papers. A comfy chair and ottoman and all my favorite picture.
    [email protected]

  90. Mary Weldon

    I would love to redo my attic…

  91. Grace

    I would love lots of counter space for making my projects and tons of open shelving to display my supplies. The magazine looks very inspirational!

  92. teresa

    Having a cute little backyard space made from reclaimed old windows and doors would be a dream space-

  93. mary

    I have a file full of inspiration pictures for my creative space someday. Pretty storage in vintage colors – open shelving from old cupboards full of my vintage fabrics…oh I have it all in my mind just so- now to someday make it a reality!

  94. Teresa

    My dream creative space would have to be magic…I “need” to see what I have, yet would really like to have the clean lines of closed drawers and doors. It would need a space for a comfy chair and ottoman, a small table with two chairs to share tea with a friend, and would have amazing light coming in from outside (no basement space for me!). It would also have perfectly placed outlets…I hate “cord” discord!

  95. Liliana

    Mi espacio ideal para crear es uno lleno de colores alegres,con muchas cajas para guardar todo y una gran mesa para coser .
    ¡Eso es el paraíso!
    Un beso desde España

  96. Sarah Nutter

    My creative space would definitely be an old attic, fully loaded w/ an antique desk where I can write, and a comfy chair with a lamp by the window where I can read and be inspired. Sigh.

  97. julienne

    I would love a roomy and airy space. By roomy, I mean clean and organized. It would have windows that let the sunshine in, some of my favorite things, greenery outside, and earth colors.
    Also something like a hobbit’s room =)

  98. sharon

    Love this magazine. Others’ inspirational spaces always inspire me for sure.

    For me? Large windows looking out on water/trees/flowers/ etc…eclectic mix of furnishings…color…music… my “stuff” organized and easily accessible… a place for other creative types to join me in the creative process…. Sweet :)!

    Can’t wait to see the new issue!

  99. Kellie

    My creative space, which is also our homeschool room is getting a mini-makeover this winter, so I’d love get some more inspiration. Since we already use the room, I can say natural light is a must.

  100. Tonya Howard

    My dream creative space would be more than the 3X 6 ft. windowless closet I currently occupy. My dream (if money were no option) would be to finish the attic space above my garage. Pop the roof for more head room, install salvaged barn wood floors with all of their lovely patina (sealed with a satin urethane for easy clean up), have windows facing south, skylights for maximum light. Install french doors on the east exposure leading out to diminutive balcony that overlooks my yard, gardens and creek, with room enough for a chair and small table to enjoy a coup of tea while resting form all the creative hard work I would do within the space.

    As for color–I envision zonescooler colors gradiating to warmer colers as the orientation of room changes from a west to east exposure. Shades water, earth and sky–after all mother nature is a prolific artist.

    Organization is a must! Lots of bookcases to hold my many books and reference materials. Cubbies for bins. Shelves for storage boxes. Also some peg, bulletin and magnetic boards. A must for inspirations boards.

    From the center beam I would install 3 fabulous and funky chandeliers salvaged from local thrift stores. After all what girl doesn’t want a chandelier?! A super comfy chair and ottoman with a good reading light, when I need to research and find inspration. Several large work tables (1 standard height and 1 bar height).

    Of course it would be outfitted with AC for the sweltering humid summer days and a nice little pot-belly would stove for those frigind winter days. And a mini fridge because a girl can’t be bothered to schlepp ALLLL the way down the stairs and in the house when she is on a creative roll.

    Light, bright and beautiful…Can’t you just picture it?

  101. Kristin

    I’d love to have a contemplative space where I could pray, meditate, study the Bible, think and reflect! I’d use soft hues– spa blues, ivory, maybe crewel curtains and a cozy armchair, maybe an upholstered ottoman, potted plants in unusual artisan pots!

  102. susie c.

    my creative space would be colorful, inspiring, and awesome – lots of cool storage for EVERYTHING, where i could find anything i needed! artwork from other artists i admire, a huge inspiration board, and windows a must, to get inspiration from nature as well. aw…one day maybe… :)

  103. Kim

    my dream~space would be an upstairs attic, full of light and old stuff, and have lotsa room to spread out, wooden floors, marble countertops to work on, and the one most important thing would be my great~grand~mother’s sewing machine…

  104. April

    My ideal craft room would have plenty of cabinets and counters like a kitchen, with a giant worktable so both my girls and I have somewhere to work on projects together. I have to have plenty of storage to keep my organized, and natural lighting would be ideal!

  105. Shae

    Looks like a great book!

  106. Ruby L

    Huge open space with lots of windows and tons of shelves and storage. An workspace for the computer, a photography studio, and an section for painting.

  107. Anna K.

    I adore this publication!!

    I have a creative space, although it is on the tiny side. It’s all mine, though, and I am always on the lookout for inspiration and storage ideas.

    Thanks for hosting this can giveaway!

  108. Diane Amick

    I have a 14′ x 14′ workroom with two windows….but I would love an even larger space. Currently I’m working on: needlepoint Christmas stockings, Reupholstered bench using husband’s fairly well used neckties, Christmas tree skirt (from neckties), clutch purses (3 from neckties again), a Dicasso (my name/Picasso) painting for my mother. I have a 4′ x 8′ cutting table my hubby made 14 years ago that I can’t live without. Would love to have separate workspaces for sewing, painting, crafting, gift wrapping, flower arranging….just haven’t figured out how to make that work in the space I have.

  109. Brittany

    My dream space would have enough counter space where I could leave my sewing machine and Cricut out. It would have lots of cabinet space underneath and with a combination of open shelving and cabinets above. In addition to my space, it would have room for my kids’ to craft and create as well… but that would be on the other side of the room from my space ;)

  110. kelly

    My ideal creative space would have a great big island in the center with a stool to sit at. The walls would be lined with pretty, functional storage. Oh…and windows…I would definitely want some natural light. And My dream space would also come with some spare time so that I could actually use it, lol!

  111. Michelle Smiles

    I have a little nook in my bedroom that I dream of making my creative space. A nice surface to work on, lots of cubbies, shelves, and drawers for putting it all away. A comfy chair with nice lighting. A pretty rug. And knowing it is all mine and my children would say out.



  112. kalanicut

    My dream space would have flat space, drawers, cupboards & basket space for sewing machine,ironing board, cutting table, etc., paper crafting with all my tools & paper close at hand, computer work space and photo booth for little shoots, a wall near each station for inspiration boards, lots of windows and a little spot to sit, breathe, read & drink a cup o’ tea. Sounds divine!

  113. Lisa

    I can’t imagine a more wonderful room to design than your own creative space. Mine would be a renovated barn with lots windows and skylights. I would have a great big wood table to spread out my canvases paints and brushes on, a wonderful large french wood easel, music, and a teapot.

  114. Robin

    Lots of light and room to spread out…and it would be ALL MINE!!

  115. Melani

    My creative space would have lots of work space and would be full of inspiration! It would be an area where I could retreat to and experiment. Where I could allow my ideas to flourish and come alive!

  116. Cyndi

    I just need lots of light and a lot more room than I have now!

  117. Julie C

    A large closet with pocket doors where I could spread out projects and then close off the doors when I needed to get back to my 7 kids.

  118. Darlene

    I wish my creative space was twice the size so that I could fit in my laptop, sewing machine, and a large work table. Oh, and I need more storage room too.

    The icing on the cake would be a chandelier hung in the middle of my room.

    Love the magazine Where Women Create. Thanks for offering this prize.

  119. Rachel Lynn

    My dream creative space is cozy and inviting like a living room, with a large work area for even the biggest of my projects. It also would have a wall of built-in selves over cabinets to house my endless amount of books, as well as supplies, probably with a cozy window seat in the middle. While I’m at it, I’d throw in some clean and elegant organizing bins to keep everything I’m working on from taking over such a nice space!

  120. Cindi

    My dream creative space would be in a place where I could see the beauty of nature all year around. It would be comfy, but big enough to easily store my supplies neatly and easy
    to find! There would be a large desk with a comfortable
    chair to sit in and lots of storage…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  121. Niffer

    My space would be light and airy with french doors going out to a patio and garden with lots of beautiful flowers and colors. I’d like a big desk with lots of workspace and a cozy cushy chair to curl up in a read and imagine. One wall would be a combination of glass to use as a whiteboard and pinboard to collect all the images and trinkets that inspire me. Ah… such wishful dreaming! :)

  122. Amy Grace

    My best creative space has some clean lines that provide scope for the imagination. Lots of well-labeled drawers or cabinets with their contents out of sight. Can’t work in cluttered space. The visible things have to be items I love–family photos, seasonal colors. I love changing the whole feel of my desk by changing the FABRIC on its surface, which I cover with a thick sheet of clear plastic to protect the surface and also allow for easy cleanup.

  123. Rosella

    My dream creative space would be our barn (especially the grainery room) with steps going to this upper room from outside. A large window looking out toward the farm house and the evening sunsets. The room would have a large table to working on, an area for the potting wheel, a potbelly stove for some heat in the winter, a little sink with running water for rinsing brushes, storage shelves, and a coffee maker. I would decorate the walls with quilt wall hangings and antiques – oh what fun this would be!

    Thanks for letting me dream a little :)!!

  124. Donna

    I love this magazine. I want a space that is so wonderfully organized and colorful that just walking into the room makes me more creative! If the urge to paint or quilt or draw hits me… I want everything right at hand to start work on it. (And I would love an army of elves to keep it neat and organized!)

  125. Hailey

    I dream of a bright, open space with great views and lots of natural light! A big corner desk with lots of drawer/shelving storage so I can keep the table top clear for projects. A unique antique armoire where I can stash fabric, gift wrapping supplies, jars of buttons/beads, etc…. also, a great crystal chandelier in the center of the room to provide an elegant touch so the space feels like part of the rest of the house. :)

  126. Lauren

    I would love a tall center island where i could spread out all my projects and a big closet to tuck away all the supplies!

  127. Erin Rizzo

    Well, there are two versions, a fantasy and reality. There’s not enough space or time in the day to describe the fantasy, so, reality it is. A simple long wooden farm table that would have a computer and work essentials. A turquoise bookcase with baskets full off office supplies and crafting supplies. Would love to get a silhouette, to try all kind of things. for now, that would do, but only for now.

  128. jenni

    i love my creative space, it is just too cluttered…and i keep moving things around…and adding to many…crafty things..;)and end up…having to clear..the work space first..i love the pictures i see on the web of women create..never seen one as we have to x7 for the price of the magazine…in South African rand…so here is hoping..

  129. Rebecca C

    I am a writer and a year ago let a dear friend move in. So he and I are learning to share space and I am trying to convert the office into a studio where I can write and be at peace. I suffer from anxiety and I need my studio space to comfort me and provide me a space to create.

  130. Kristin M

    My creative space would be a bright, open space with tons of storage that would hide all the odds and ends that seem to come with bouts of cretivity. I would have everything I needed all organized and put away… most importantly it would be a kid free zone! A girl can dream!! Just flipped through this magazine on a Barnes and Nobel run.. I am always inspired after looking at it!

  131. Faith

    My dream space would have a cutting table that would be wide enough to hold a roll of drapery fabric.

  132. Cyn Tut

    My dream space is above the house where I can spread out my supplies and hear myself think.

  133. Stephanie Hanes

    My DREAM is to have a room all to myself with a table big enough for cutting fabric, a crafting area, an actual sewing table, and a scrapbooking area. Now, if only I had a million dollars. ;)

  134. Marla

    My inspiring dream space, I dream of:
    A nook between my kitchen and family room, with lots of windows and natural light. A fire crackles in the fireplace as we look out upon the peaceful backyard.
    Below and along the windowed wall is a full-length counter/desk area with 3 cabinet pedestals below. There is space for my sewing machine, computer, and a study desk there for my child.
    Near the fireplace a comfy overstuffed chair awaits, just for snuggling to read and to dream our dreams.
    We smell cider steaming on the stove as worship music plays in the background. The sunbeams stream in through the window panes in the afternoon and our school day comes to a close.
    As we place books upon the bookcase across the room we can begin to smell dinner cooking in the oven nearby…
    And so I dream…

  135. Cheree

    My dream space would have EVERYTHING at my fingertips, everything displayed in beautiful storage containers so I wouldn’t forget that I had this or that I was going to make that. I would have a sound system set up so that I could listen to beautiful music (especially while machine quilting!). Speaking of machine quilting, it’d have to be big enough to house a long-arm. And windows–lots of windows to look out at nature and be inspired! Most importantly, I would be able to see!!! My sewing room has such poor lighting!

  136. Dana

    Just now creating a space for the whole family to create in. I want lots of light, natural and otherwise. Counter space galore is a must and a great stereo system for great tunes to work by. Bright colours and a place for everything!

  137. Laurie

    I love that publication, too! I dream of a space about the size of a 2 car garage, with a large worktable in the middle and storage all around. It must have lots of windows, maybe a skylight, too. And it must include a comfy chair or loveseat for me to sit in while I read magazines or blogs for inspiration.

  138. Robin Loftis

    My dream space would include the old world charm of brick with a spa-like feel with lots of natural light. I love old wood floors and spa-like colors of blue-green. If this dream space were a kitchen, it would definately include granite countertops and tall natural colored cabinets.

  139. Nerina

    My creative space involves two visions combined. One side would be soft aquas and white, pristine and full of tons of shelves and massive organization with a huge working table and every imaginable crafting tool necessary to do any craft at any moment, every thing in its place just waiting for the call….the other side of the room would be colorful, primary colors and deep fall hues. Oversized comfy couches overflowing with pillows and fabrics just everywhere. Subdued lighting with a light over my immediate work, full of a creative frenzy and imagination…that is all! Love Jo Packham…she rocks!

  140. Carolyn

    My dream space would have lots of white cabinets and shelves and warm colors throughout the room. There would be a place for everything and while it would seem organized it would also have enough quirk and fun in it to mirror the creativity I like.

  141. shelly n

    I’d love a room in my house (similar to Edie’s featured on nesting place recently) that has plenty of shelves for books, a spot for my desk, a worktable for me and the kids, reading chairs . . . good lighting . . . and sure, I wouldn’t even mind if my laundry stuff was there too. Ahhh . . . I think we’d hang out there all day!

  142. Mary Beth Hunt

    I’m a PILER, so I’d love a space with shelving up the wazoo that I could pile everything on!

  143. JenM

    I would love a light and airy room with plenty of counter space and a big table or island in the middle of the room to spread out my projects on.

  144. Margaret

    However big or small the space would need to have a large window overlooking a beautiful garden (or ideally mountains) and letting in a lot of natural light.

  145. Bethany Black

    I would love a whole room just for my creative endeavours, filled with pretty storage for fabric, craft items, and my scrapbooks. I would love it to have antique and rustic furnishings. I would also love to be surrounded with beautiful art made by my artist friends, and also some old family pics I would love to show off, of my family in the 1800s. All in all, I would be inspired by mostly muted colors, a rustic, but pretty, antique look. And of course lots of table room would come in handy!

  146. Patty

    My room would have plenty of storage for organization and a place to store holiday decorations NEATLY. A very large workspace with baskets on shelves to keep my crafts out of the way and a computer handy so if I want to surf for ideas I have it at my fingertips. Oh, and plenty of lighting, too. The room I use now has terrible lighting and my eyes get stressed way too easily. Ah, dream room is RIGHT:)

  147. Carol Ann Backus

    My studio loft overlooks the lagoon and gives me the feeling of being in a tree house – it’s filled with easels, a drafting table where I do my watercolors, a long table for my collages, and the desk for writing and drawing in my journals. It is my little piece of heaven!

  148. jessica w.

    I would love have a room where I can keep my sewing machine and serger out without having to constantly put it away! Or an office mixed with craft room. There are so many decor options,but i always choose lots of white, open and airy with lots of organizational room.

  149. Esther Glick

    just a :)room by myself & isn’t in our basement!

  150. marieDee

    LARGE,open and airy room with lots of storage and work surfaces with lockable wheels so that they can be reconfigured depending on the task (or my whim). Lots of natural light (I guess east and north-facing windows). An inspiring view would be nice. It has to be high, second floor at least, and have an adjoining outdoor deck area. For decor: neutral walls (but not white), off-white woodwork, blue/white or black/white ticking and some pops of red for energy!

  151. Arlene Selser

    I am in the process of moving and have decided on a basement space for my Creative Room. There is a great West facing window. It’s warm and dry and I can imagine the accoustics will be perfect for playing music. I plan on surrounding myself with storage options and have a flat surface on the west wall for painting and crafts and a flat surface on the east wall for working with fiber arts. I see myself surrounded with color and inspiration……

  152. se7en

    Wow this looks so interesting… I would love a space to create… right now that is the kitchen table with little hands always ready to help… My dream space would be a table anywhere that I didn’t have to pack everything up for meals!!!

  153. Sandy

    Lots of windows, light. Quiet would be wonderful! Soft color on the walls, a comfy chair and my teapot.

  154. Jeannine B.

    My dream space for creating would be a place where I could spread out and not feel cramped or overwhelmed by all of the stuff. I guess that means it would be really, really organized!

  155. Susan

    What a great idea for a magazine. I’d love to have my own creative space.

  156. Ashley

    My dream creative space would be my living room. The layout is a little funky and I have really been having a hard time getting it to look amazing. LOVE the fireplace, but it takes up a whole wall. Open concept is great, but again, I lost a wall. Would love to get this space PERFECT!

  157. Michelle

    I LOVE that there is a publication for this! Well, for now, my dream creative space would be NOT jammed in my living room (as it is right now in our small apartment). I love a view and plenty of windows for natural light and fresh air. I love having plenty of desk space to spread out and lots of organizational systems since I like to know where everything is. Elements of fun should be present, things to inspire creative thought. I always thought rocking chairs might be a great way to think. It just needs to be light, fun, organized, and comfortable for me.

  158. Marilyn

    My creative space would have lots of cabinets, a table to work on, and lots of windows for natural light to pour into. I would also like a couple of chairs to sit and contemplate my projects, and a wall of bookshelves to hold all of the creative magazines I have.

  159. Anne Szabo

    What a cool magazine. Where can I get one?

  160. Kay taylor

    I have always wanted to have a studio in my house. We are in the process of building a new home on farmland and I dream of a space with plenty of light and visually stimulating things that stir my creative soul!

  161. jennybc

    I have a nice size closet in my basement that I would love to re-do into a creative space. I already has a lot of shelving but I would like to make it pretty and have my sewing machine set up, a place to write, etc. Looks like I could get some great ideas from the magazine.

  162. Mary

    I dream of a library, scrapbook and genealogy working space. Bookcases, cabinets and table tops to spread out on with a couple of comfy chairs.

  163. Melissa R.

    Eoublewide center table with stools perimeter lined with counters and bookcases and cupboards and a desk consol!!$

  164. lisa

    large space. many windows. high tables. book shelves. music. and warms smiles!

  165. Jennifer

    I need an uncluttered, calm space.

  166. gretchen nation

    i am lucky to have a room that at least houses the majority of my art supplies, but end up working more than not in our den at the desk. We’re currently on the hunt for something old and wonderful for this room to coral the supplies that both I and my mister use daily.

  167. Jessica

    Oh I would love any help with anything but my craft/office (I don’t have an office…that is the problem) space needs to get off my counter!

  168. Robin Walston


  169. Shelley Harris

    In my dream space there would be a place for everything and I would be able to see it. It would be organized beautifully! Thanks for this chance!

  170. Adventures in Dressmaking

    How wonderful and cool!! Looks like a great book. I would love a craft and computer space with closed storage for everything plus some wall space to hang some art!

  171. Malinda

    This would be perfect timing as I am currently creating my own work space. Would love some more ideas!

  172. die, adjust or migrate

    I would love to one day own a garage that I can set up with my studio. I imagine french doors, lots of light and space to create to my heart’s content!

  173. Jill P

    Every woman needs a space, right? I’m a homeschooling mom in desperate need of my own space (my ottoman is my laptop desk currently)…I’d love to write and create and watch my kids create! I’m turning 40 in December and feeling that crunch in life to have a moment to reflect. I love to decorate & express–but need an inspiration…a starting point. Thanks for the chance to imagine it!

  174. Christie

    I would love to turn our game room area into a workspace. As winter comes on, I have to bring small furniture into our living room and dinning room in order to refinish them. It takes forever to get the heaters in the game room to warm the room up and it is so gloomy out there that I hate going out there. I do sewing, embrodering and just about anything that comes to mind as a hobby in the summer because it is bright and sunny. Winter is the hardest for me because I don’t have a room to insprire me that is bright and cheerful.

  175. Christie

    I would love to turn our game room area into a workspace. As winter comes on, I have to bring small furniture into our living room and dinning room in order to refinish them. It takes forever to get the heaters in the game room to warm the room up and it is so gloomy out there that I hate going out there. I do sewing, embrodering and just about anything that comes to mind as a hobby in the summer because it is bright and sunny. Winter is the hardest for me because I don’t have a room to insprire me that is bright and cheerful.

  176. Michelle

    i’m extremely lucky to have my very own craft room.. all to myself.. designed just the way i want it (ongoing changes)… messy and cozy and fun… but the truth is.. after a year of having my own space, i miss my family. i could quilt 24/7 but find myself feeling secluded. a co-mingled space would be pretty awesome.

  177. Maureen

    My dream space would be bright…lots of windows. Lots of space to spread out in. Lots of storage so I can be organized and see all that I have to create with. And must have a cozy chair to sit and read WWC and other mags so I can get inspired. :)

  178. kristin m

    My dream space is just NEAT! I am lucky enough to have an entire room as a crafting space. I am really good at making messes. I just cannot keep a surface clean for anything!

  179. MelodyJ

    I want a craft room that feels more like a craft studio. I would decorate in vibrant colors. Put things from different eras and cultures to inspire.


  180. Cyndia Montgomery

    My current creative workspace is in my basement, but it’s not optimal. My DREAM space is one with loads of light looking out onto my garden. My garden is my inspiration. I need loads of cubbies, places to store my fabrics and bobs and bits. And a lock on the door to keep out my hubby, who tends to overflow his stuff into mine!

  181. Polly

    I have an entire bedroom that I use for my quilting passion. Problem is, it’s become a pit! Armed w/ideas from your blog and some elbow grease, I’m determined to make it a true space of inspiration and beauty. Excuse me while I go start stripping wall paper. Sure could use that magazine! Thanks.

  182. Wendi

    Oh how I love this magazine. I remember the premiere issue that my husband brought home for me. My dream creative space would be my own creative building, that is all mine. Nothing extravagant, just like a pool house size building in my back yard, air conditioned as I live in AZ, super organized with a place for everything, great lighting, and lots of character, and a place for someone else to be able to create right next to me as well. Cozy, comfy, and inspiring. A place to escape to, create, and get energized, a place to get caught up on my scrapbooking, and have a fun stash of cards and gifts for others. And of course a chandelier. :)

  183. la petite maison

    My dream creative space would have lots of visible storage for my various craft hobbies, as well as a large desk to lay out my current projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. Leigh Ann

    My dream creative space would be very Pottery Barn…lots of white storage…a huge white island type tall workspace with lots of cubbyholes on the bottom and tons of space on the top to spread everything out…craft, sew, wrap presents, etc.

  185. Kaye Love

    My dual purpose office/ craft room is so cluttered and need of revamping. I know there will be lovely ideas in this issue, as there has been in past issues. Organization and a warm colored space are on my list of objectives. Thanks. Kaye

  186. Melinda Grest

    Wow. These spaces are truely inspiring and have re-invented what it means to have creative space. My fantasy space would be one that represents what is important to me in a beautiful, organized way that anyone who enters it is immediately connected to my work . As I reach 50 I am beginning to look towards being part of change that I feel strongly about (environment and education/children) this space would represent those efforts through the environment in some way. I need to “see” what I am working on so you might see art work by children or photographs of natural spaces. A board that holds announcements of upcoming events or possible ideas. Books by those that have carved a path for me and my efforts. It would also have lots of texture, color, non-traditional furniture,(mostly re-purposed) and would be part of my home that invites people to know more.

  187. Vicki Harwood

    My dreamspace would be plenty of room and storage with alot of wall space for a design wall and samples of other peoples and my own work. I see so many interesting ideas in this magazine – I’m sure I will never have the room to implement every idea I would like to use – but maybe just be able to take a few of the best. Great magazine, thanks for the opportunity.

  188. Salma

    Thank you for this giveaway!
    My dream creative space would be a place for design and make bags,
    Looks like a great book,

  189. SouthernScraps

    Twice the size of the current room, with separate space and storage for sewing, and lots of light!

  190. Corey Bishop

    I have a sitting room off of our master bedroom for all of my painting “Stuff”. (The previous owners made a 4 bedroom a 3 with sitting room. Dumb move.) I would love to be able to close the door to my work space! As it is now, I don’t want to see a big mess before I go to sleep. I end up not painting because the idea of cleaning up bums me out. The light is beautiful. The space is so close to what I need….just so very far away as well.

  191. Michele

    My space would have a huge window looking outside to a wooded area with lots of pretty birds flying around. The space itself would be bright full of light. All my sewing, crafting, creative items around me. I could also do my freelancing work there too!!!

  192. Dana

    This is something I really need to work on.

    There is a space I have in mind – but it means cleaning out years worth of storage that I never use. I know that sounds simple. But, I feel like I need to look through it before tossing it. And, just thinking about it stops me cold.

    But…a nice peaceful spot – retreat, really – would be so comforting :)

  193. shelley.

    My dream creative space would be my studio. I’m an illustrator who does architectural illustrations and children’s book art. Right now I work on the floor in the family room or at the kitchen table. I’d love a dedicated place designed to inspire… maybe someday. =)

  194. Rachel

    I am going to be designing and decorating my workspace in the next couple weeks! My cousin and his girlfriend were living in our basement for a couple months and now I will have a whole bedroom to design for me. My dream space is mostly about organization to store and easily use all of my materials and information. Space is also important so that I have enough room to do what I want! Even if I don’t win I will definitely have to check out the magazine.

  195. Shirley B.

    I am working now on a room that will be for sewing/crafting AND will have to be used as a guest room. I just want to be able to use my sewing machine without cleaning off the dining room table ;-)

  196. Angela

    Love WWC mag – so inspiring and lots of great creating spaces!

  197. Ema

    My dream space….
    Lots of natural light, a jewelry making station, a bead making station, a metal working area and a sewing area. All in a warm, cozy and bright surroundings. Beautiful inspiring quotes and art work on the walls. Now if I just had the money to make it happen.

  198. Guia L

    My dream creative space would be similar to Heather Bailey’s. Full of refurbished vintage furniture in fun, inspiring colors. :-)

  199. Heidi Meyer

    My dream space would be one that has ample display areas to enjoy artful treasures from family and friends which always inspires me and brings me joy. Storage using vintage finds or vintage inspired clever creations to hold all of my supplies. The containers themselves with personal touches and details. Something to organize my two favorite things – fabric and paper (both vintage and new). Thank you for hosting a giveaway and producing such a wonderful publication!

  200. Kristyn Grewell

    Since my daughter recently left for college I now have my own space. So far I’m just occupying it. I haven’t yet transformed it into anything more than a desk and some shelves. That’s why I need this issue! Help!

  201. Kelly Weik

    My ideal creative space would include exposed brick walls, lots of shelves and niches, full length mirrors, a bay window, lots of great natural light, a fireplace, a beautiful chandelier, a great surround sound stereo system, a cozy couch, wood floors with lots of area rugs, and lots of different table tops and desks to spread my work out on.

  202. Donna Welch

    My dream creative space would have to be in my walk-out basement. I would have french doors that would open up to my backyard where I would have a nice place to sit and dream and think of what I want to create as I sip on a cup of coffee. Inside my dream creative space would be my craft room. I would have walls filled with spaces to hold supplies or show items I want to display. I would have plenty of areas to sit at a table to lay things out to do. I would have two comfy chairs in my dream creative space to sit snuggly in to browse through books, magazines or to simply relax in. I would have various lighting throughout my space with plenty of windows for natural lighting. I would have to include a small refrigerator for snacks and drinks since my kids would be right by my side crafting with me or playing. I would like to have a play area just for them to spread out their toys and play while being in the same area with me. I would have soft music playing in the background as well as a tv for the days I want to watch tv as I craft. I would hope I have quilts out, calming pictures on the wall and a board full of ideas. Books for interest and magazines for ideas. I would have the cutiest curtains on each window. I would have an area for scrapbooking, painting, floral arrangements, sculpting, crocheting, sewing,soap and candle making. What more could a dream creative space be other than amazing!!

  203. Alicia Humphrey

    My dream space would have to consist of comfortable furniture, a lot of natural fibers, and pops of fun and bright colors. I love using magazines to create so there would have to be a lot of those lying around. Also there would have to be a lot of flat space to work on.

  204. Kelly Robison

    My dream space would be a rustic looking studio surrounded by a lush colorful flower garden and a stream running past it. It would have lots of windows for sunlight and fresh air. It would also have a cozy fireplace for those chilly days/nights. I would use vintage finds for my storage and work areas.

  205. Ann

    My dream creative space… out of reach of my kids.. bright, quiet room where I can leave out my projects and not worry about them being disturbed!

  206. Yvonne Higgins

    Ten years ago we had to close our scrapbook store in town and I moved all my supplies and inventory home. Now add that to all the fabric I have collected over the years for quilting and all my basic crafting supplies along with my many many tubs of holiday decorating items and I have enough “stuff” to fill 2 guest rooms. I would love a room big enough to hold it all and still be able to work in there on projects. Now I have a craft storage room and do crafts in the front room and sewing projects in the kitchen.

  207. Stephanie Medley-Rath

    Right now I would settle for table space that is counter height. I like to stand when crafting and I do not have a workspace conducive to that. I suppose my dream space is the space in our future home. We are not going to stay in our house so will not invest in creating the space here. I also want good lighting and lots of windows. I’d love my view to allow me to watch the sunrise (I’m an early riser). I want cabinets so that I can hide away the stuff that needs stored out of the way and open shelves for everything in current use. I love a space large enough to invite others to create with me, too. I don’t ask for much, do I?

  208. Cheryl W.

    Still developing my dream creative space in my head. It will have lots of storage for sure.

  209. Gina

    I would love good lighting, lot’s of counter space and more cabinets. But I think if I could have anything, it would be a free standing studio. One that did not have a ringing telephone, laundry waiting to be folded, or dishes waiting to be washed. Just give me a space to work in, a bathroom and a refrigerator. Ahhh, that would be heaven :)

  210. CWS

    My dream creative space would be a place where friends and family could gather for special occasions. It would be a building with large and small spaces to have small intimate dinners or HUGE receptions and parties! My creative inspiration comes with each client and their desire to connect have more than just another dinner party. My goal is to always “Make a Forever Memory” :)

  211. erica K

    I’m currently building a new craft room, and there are so many amazing ideas out there, that I would need to have 20 rooms just to use them all. It’s so hard to focus! :)

  212. Heather

    My ideal space would have TONS of shelf space, preferably open, so that I can see what I have. I also like lots of small drawers, for stowing supplies, found objects, embellishments, etc. – usually by theme, but sometimes by material type. I would like to have natural light, but insulation from temperature extremes (right now, my craft room windows leak a bit so the room temp changes a lot – ugh). I would also like an L-shaped desk area (1 side to work and 1 side to lay out items/ keep often-used items handy). And space for a friend (or 3) to visit and work would be great, too! I have a craft room that has grown over time, right now. DH has done some really cool stuff, but it is not what I would do if I had a clean slate, now.

  213. Sherri

    Lots of natural light, blue and white decor, a comfy chair, and space for inspirational pics :)

  214. Julie Bledsoe

    My space would be the one I’m putting together now. I’m making it happen. When I go into my little space of creative heaven I feel at peace and inspired. This area bleongs to me and only me. I’ve followed no rules. Only what I like goes into this space. Of course I’m on a tight budget, so it has came together slowly. Done most of the work myslef.
    I’m so proud of my home art studio.

  215. Tracy Ross

    I am a collage artist so my dream is lots of space and places to be organized. I live in a teeny basement apartment and my art supplies are stuck in every available space. A large table where I could spread things out….ahh the dream. Space, organization and light. Ahhh the dream!

  216. Jessica

    I recently found out about this magazine and have wanted to pick it up.

    My dream space would include candles, coziness and plenty of space to hide the clutter :-)

    thanks for the giveaway!

  217. Carrie

    My dream space would be a small cottage on our land, with lots of windows for natural light. It would be very country with lots of bookshelves and antique furniture for storage. Plus it would have a front porch with a rocking chair. :)

  218. Lisa Hopkins

    My favorite creative space would have to be on our screened in porch with my laptop, and a cup of hot tea.

  219. Leisha Roberts

    I would love to win Where Women Create! My creative space needs to be cozy with good lighting and lots of storage and counter space! A great view from the window wouldn’t hurt either!

  220. Krys72599

    I’ve started on my creative space, but right now it’s just blah. Hubby is less than enthused by my love for all things chabby and chic, but when he’s not looking, the room will include lots of shelves, fabrics, buckets and baskets and bins, a LARGE counter-height workspace with a couple of stools, a permanent counterspace for my cutting machines and my laptop, and lots of my own work out on display… Of course, I have a lot of work to do, but I’m having fun planning and starting…

  221. Castle Swanson

    I sew, quilt, scrapbook, make notecards, and any other fun crafty thing that can be used as decoration or given as a gift. So, my dream space would have lots of natural lighting, lots of table space, and plenty of storage. I’m not as concerned about the actual look (though I love the old farmhouse look, like Grandma might have been there). I’m more excited at the idea of having a place where I can leave projects out to work on them as time allows, and not have to put them away to clean off the kitchen table for dinner. That kind of place would encourage lots more creative time.

  222. Melissa H.

    My dream space would have unique vintage pieces.. a large window.. and be bright and airy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. Debbie

    Large room with LOTS of natural light and fresh air! Lots of workspace, both for standing and sitting to work, and lots of storage space. Comfortable furniture. Good computer and printer on an antique desk (maybe rolltop?). Life is great!

  224. Amy Riggins

    Because i live in a 30 year old single wide moble home, i basically have no space what so ever, so my dream space , being realistic, would be a metal building outside , like a storage building , complete with windows and a little front porch, inside i would have work benches and lots of storage cabinets that you could see everything that resides in each of them, complete with a stereo system, and small fridge, cause i would spend most of my time living in there , creating and day dreaming about all the things i could repurpose and make into my own jewelry , or jewelry to give to friends.

  225. Nikki Austin

    I dream of a space with windows galore. Both a desk and high counter would be great. Clean, crisp, light, bright, airy, neat and tidy, warm and cozy. I would be able to hang up projects in progress in view and enjoy them while they “sit on the back burner”, and my supplies would be organized and tucked away. I like rearrange my decor every time I dust, so I would have closed storage for my things till it’s their turn again. I have to have a bulletin board for my collage of inspirations!

  226. Rose

    I have also started on my creative space. Mine would be plenty of windows because I love the outdoors. It would have lots of shelves to organize each and everything. A table for each sewing machine and all the things I would need to be creative. I sew and do crafts and do some florist stuff and all sorts of other things. I love to work with my hands.

  227. Alex

    You walk in and instantly see a handsome corkboard eclectically strewn with inspiration pictures, some scraps of fabric, and tools hanging on the side. Pot calipers and trimming tools of various sizes. A stack of technique books on a small shelf. Further into the space would be tidy shelves stacked with tightly wrapped clay. Next to them a wedging table and some buckets. In the back there is a sink for washing up. But Then, there by the window, the pottery wheel. Perfect, with just enough traces of clay to be well-loved, but still well kept and tidy. This would be my pottery studio!

  228. Julie

    We are working on my ideal space right now…as we are finishing up our basement family room.

    New sheetrock and paneling is up on one wall…block walls and floor are waiting for a coat of bright colored paint.

    Fireplace in the family room will finally be getting finished up…and am hoping to add a huge sewing/cutting table along with some shelving units.

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  229. Carol J

    …lots of windows, sunshine, nicely organized, and something sweet & salty munchies.

  230. Lydia L


  231. Sharon Reed

    My dream space is a room surounded by windows over looking the beach, with wooden floors and a wall of shelves and lots of movable drawers/bench spaces that can be moved around as needed, lots olf natural light and bright walls to reflect the natural light.

  232. Maria Mingo

    I’m married and blessed with two beautiful boys so ANY space I could call my own would be amazing. It would be my quiet retreat, my personal nook and creative outlet. The one piece that would be a must would be a leather club chair and ottoman so that I could leisurely read and come up with the most creative ideas. Of course I’d have inspiration items and craft items neatly organized or at least semi-organized. But it would be my space if not to create…to just be.

  233. Marija Vujcic

    Oh my…where do I begin!?
    – It would be a big room, with LOTS of natural light and with exit to patio or balcony, with a great (inspirational, comforting, relaxing) view!
    – one whole wall would be shelving (fabric etc. storage) and that shelving would have sliding doors with mounted foam boards (covered in white felt or flannel), so they would double as design walls
    – BIG center table for cutting and larger ironing surface on one side (smart storage underneath it all)
    -sewing machine cabinet next to it and small ironing place right next to it
    – enough space for the long-arm (or mid-arm) quilting machine
    -big desk in one corner – for drawing, sketching, computer work (preferably next to the window with that great view
    – big inspiration board on one wall – to pin all kinds of stuff!
    – comfy, over-sized chair (with ottoman)close to one of the windows (for daydreaming of course!)
    – small food station (coffee/tea maker, water, snacks)
    – good lights everywhere, good sound system for music
    – all the colors I like would be everywhere
    – oh and big dog bed for my Alaskan Malamute Marley, medium one for our rescued mix Rocky and small one for Marko the cat!
    Thanks for these great moments of day-dreaming!!

  234. Mary

    My dream creative space would be a big clean, open, organized kitchen. I love to cook so I really wish I had a bigger kitchen that wasn’t closed off. le sighhh.

  235. Tammy

    My dream creative space would be a big open space with white or cream walls; lots of accessories for color– splashes of blues, greens, taupes, specks of browns, oranges, yellows! I would have hardwood floors; a big stainless steel table or two (restaurant grade) on wheels so I could move where it suits me; in the center of this space I would like a long wooden farmhouse table for added creative space for my kids and friends to join me; I envision this space to be very eclectic with old world, farm house, shabby chic, mid-century, and bits of primitive things inside it! I would have tons of shelving space to house my sewing machine,books and crafting materials. Finally, a view of a big barn and the sound of the ocean!

  236. Pearl Maple

    My ideal creative space would be bathed in sunslight and great views of the outdoors, even if it was just a patch of the skyline, nature provides beautiful inspiration

  237. Heather S

    I’m very thankful for the studio/loft I have in my backyard. It’s my dream creative space!

  238. Jannette

    Oh wow, this is fun. Since I live in a small town home with a family of six, I can surly dream. My dream would be a large balcony with a swinging couch (I’v always wanted to sit with hubby on one of those to look at the stars or planes fly by)and the couch would have cozy brown and dark green throw blankies in case we get cold. I would add a couple of soft couch pillows (cranberry red) and since I love gardening, I would have my favorite greenery, such as a couple of palms in big enough pots so they can grow tall enough to see from down below. And a couple of vines to grow over the side of my balcony. Maybe jasmine. I love little coffee tables to set some of my favorite devotionals and of course my Bible for morning get away’s, along with an olive green table cloth on each table ( which would not be the same decretive table) a cheap dollar tree picture fram with my family a blue vase with a pretty flower. I love carnations. A thermometer, a bird feeder for those times I want the kids to sit with me aand watch humming birds. I also love folk art, and have always wanted to paint a wooden patio chair, you know the ones that look like a picked fence on top? I would paint them like a teal or olive green, adding some floral designs. I would end up painting the pots that the plants are in with cool marker pot designs. And because I love painting on little pieces of wood, I would have all my favorite scriptures, or blessed quotes hanging around. Oh and how can I forget a couple of umbrellas? If they have them in dark red, or beige, I would set up a couple of those to block the sun during the day, and to hang Christmas lights on at night. Oh and how can I forget a couple of wind chimes. I love the bamboo ones, but also the real big ones which I love to touch at the stores. It would be a toss up. I would set up some light pink see through curtains at the door way to the balcony. Oh and how could I forget a rocking chair from the thrift store. They have them all the time. A home made wooden foot stool with a home made colorful pillow. Who says you can’t have a rocking chair and a swing so that the whole family or friends can sit and all rock together? Maybe a small wicker chair at the doorway just incase you have an outer vert that needs a spot. I would love for this big space for a big family, for some good company, and for some special times with hubby, and kids. Oops, I forgot my solar radio. Gotta have my favorite worship music in the back round. My husband says to add a chess board.

  239. Paula

    What this wonderful magazine does for me is gives me such inspiration for my own creative space…I have a hard time giving myself ‘permission’ to just do ‘creative stuff’ that feeds my soul! I long for this..and these wonderful gifted people you explore in your magazine gives me the hope and inspiration I am looking for! Thank you so much

  240. Stephanie

    My ideal work space would be in a room all to itself (not a small corner of my living room or the dining room table). It would be light, airy, with a wonderful view from the window, and perfectly and beautifully organized. I’d have room to set up an easel for when I feel like paining, and a cutting table to cut out patterns/fabric when I feel like sewing.

  241. Vickie

    I would love to turn a closet into an office and have room for my journals, writing things and laptop. Would love to use beadboard for the walls and have a wall lamp with open shelving. Have several bookmarked online and dream!

  242. EMILIE


  243. Julie

    Lots of natural light from beautifully big windows. A comfy place to sit (swing?!). Lots of bookshelves with lovely storage pieces. Sound proof walls.

  244. Dana

    I have run a busy Etsy shop from home so this is perfect! My dream space would have lots of light and windows, would be on my property but separate enough for me to not hear my kids screaming :), would have lots of shelves and surfaces and would come music, tv, computer ready.

  245. Kate

    My dream space would be filled with magic and plenty of storage for the all my collections and rotations of objects for display. Industrial chic containers, shelves and wall storage, mixed with whimsy and colors gone wild. Woman meets little girl. Nature meets nurture. Life lived big!!!!

  246. Cheryl Weltha

    My dream work space would have lots of natural light and tons of storage! It would be easy on the feet so I could get lots of work done! Thanks for asking!

  247. Melinda W

    My dream creative space would be open and airy, with lots of natural light in the day and excellent lighting at night. It would be colorful and fun and full of things that make me smile :)

  248. efi

    oh! such a great giveaway!!!!!!!!!!

  249. Renee Johnson

    My fantasy is to convert my unfinished basement into my workshop for illustrating and writing children’s stories. I would have a large table for painting and a workstation for my computer. Photographs and drawings would cover the walls to stimulate my creativity. The other part of the room would contain a sitting area with sofa and overstuffed chairs for relaxing.

  250. Jean

    My ideal space would be similar to the one like Rebecca’s from above..super organized…all re-purposed items…love her desk!

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