My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!

My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!

A few months ago I was just minding my own business when I was contacted by Cottages & Bungalows magazine. I KNOW! I can’t believe it either! They really liked my Christmas mantel, MY super easy Christmas mantel! (from a previous year — and no, that is not it on the cover, but I love that one!!) and wanted to know if they could feature it in their 2011 Christmas magazine! Yahoo! Of course, I thought about it for about negative 5 seconds and said um, YES? I love that magazine.

Only problem was, and of course, with me there HAD TO BE A GLITCH, my computer happened to be DEAD. D-E-A-D as in it needed-an-overnight-stay-at-the-Genius-bar kind of dead. And those pictures were taken two cameras ago and not on my backup drive! Nice! I’m so good at this. I had some copies of a few of the pictures, but there weren’t the best ones I had. My big moment and I was fumbling! But, they were oh-so-gracious and understanding and good with editing it, so it was all fine.My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!

Yesterday I remembered about the issue and ran, well, drove, to my neighborhood Lowe’s to see if it was there. And lo and behold, they had four copies left! I bought ’em all, of course.

When I set up that Christmas mantel, it took me just a few minutes to put together using things I already had. I am so pleased that both and Cottages & Bungalows have featured it! In spite of the challenges of blog world, there have been some surreal moments like this when you see your house featured in fancy places. I don’t take those moments for granted!

Look mom! My mantel is in a magazine! {jumping up and down!}

This has now motivated me even more to get going on my holiday preparations! I’ve got a project that has been in “I’m thinking about it” phase for about six months. It involves a new mantel  … so I’m definitely getting inspired to finish it up before the holidays. This pic is a little dark and blurry, but here is a sneak peek for ya…

My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!Thanks again, all you lovely blog readers (yes, even you quiet-as-a-mouse-lurkers) for your support here at The Inspired Room and for your comments on the post yesterday…you are the best!

Announcing the two winners of the Where Women Create Winter 2012 Magazine Giveaway! Congrats! Tiffini and Kristyn, you have both been notified by email!

My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!

My Christmas Mantel in Cottages & Bungalows Magazine!
So, fess up.

Are you excited to get a jump on Christmas decorating or are you waiting until after Thanksgiving (in the US!)?


  1. You should be so proud, and to think, you were just decorating for yourself…the key must be to love what you do and the rewards come in many ways. You deserve this! Can’t wait to see what you do this year. With my new house, we finally have a mantel and since we move in days before christmas, I am planning something super simple and fun now!

    • Oh, THANK YOU Annie! So true! I was just decorating my mantel, not trying to get in a magazine!! I love when those unexpected things happen! Looking forward to seeing your new mantel!

    • Donna Barker says

      I just wanted to say congratulations. That is a great honor. Most of us only dream about being in an actual publication, and here you are. I get excited if a client likes a color I pick for them! This would certainly be a dream come true.

      • Donna Barker says

        Oh and by the way. I am also fighting the want to put things up early! I work currently retail. We are completely set up for christmas. Lots of people complaining about how early it is. But I say, why wait, it costs so much money ad time…why not enjoy it a litte bit longer!!!

  2. I am always excited about Christmas…but I hold off, mostly, until after Thanksgiving! Whew! It’s hard work!

    Congratulations on your mantle in the magazine!

  3. Congrats!!!! I am fighting putting up Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving!!! The boxes are out, and I am planning though :))

  4. Congrats Melissa! How exciting and I LOooooVe that mantle too! I get overwhelmed with Christmas decorations and always wait until after Thanksgiving. I haven’t even decorated for Thanksgiving, come to think of it!

  5. Oh that was a beautiful mantel! Of course, they wanted it. And I’m grinning here reading this knowing full well that you did say, “Look, Mom!…” So cool.

  6. I just really began thinking about how I’m going to decorate yesterday and will start as soon as I finish putting the house back in order form moving! I can’t wait!
    And yeah for you! congrats! I bet it’s so much fun to see your picture in a magazine! How fun and a perfect early Christmas present!


  7. First of all, congratulations on being a “published” designer. Your ideas are always so refreshing, I’m not surprised to see your work in magazines.

    Secondly, I can’t wait to get the Christmas decorating started. But I usually wait until the first week of December to start putting things out. I don’t want to get tired of it before the big day.

  8. so very awesome for you! congrats sweet friend! well deserved :)

  9. Kudos to you! You are such a humble person when it comes to your blog, I LOVE seeing these things happening to you!!!!

  10. Congrats on being published! I will start Christmas decorating Thanksgiving weekend. . .can’t wait!


  11. Awesomesauce!

    Now if I only had a mantel to pretty up.

    Well done girl!

    I am looking forward to Christmas decorating. Our home is filled with Joy in every place. Love it.

  12. Wow, Melissa, that’s so cool! I flipped through that magazine at Lowe’s just yesterday but didn’t see your mantel or I would have bought it. Darn. It’s really lovely–congrats! :)

    My daughter has been listening to her Taylor Swift Christmas CD lately and it’s really getting me in the holiday mood. Can’t wait to see what this “new mantel” idea of yours is!

  13. Congratulations, Melissa!
    It’s a lovely mantel.

    I’m mostly looking to get our embroidered Christmas stockings out – they’re co colorful. But, I’ll wait a while more.

  14. Hi Melissa, I’m jumping up and down for you. So exciting and well deserved. I’ll have to peek at that magazine, may suit me to a “T”. I actually measured my mantel this morning. I would like to do something with white lights. I’m not sure what as of the moment, maybe I’ll just wait for all of you to give me a clue. Happy creating!

  15. Franki Parde says

    It was one of my fav’s “way back when!” franki

  16. Congrats, so excited for you! I have company coming 12-2 so I’ll be decorating Thanksgiving weekend OR EARLIER. Yikes! Plus we’ll be gone for Christmas so this will be an interesting year to see if I pare down b/c we’ll be gone or go whole hog for the grandkids coming to visit early. I’m tired just thinking about it.

  17. Congratulations!!! How exciting!

  18. Congratulations! You SO deserve this. You inspire me all the time. IT’s nice that an even wider audience will get to be inspired as well.

  19. Amanda Carver says


  20. Yay! Congratulations! It’s a beautiful mantel. I love the colors. And how excited to see your home in a magazine. I like to celebrate one holiday at a time so I’m still on Thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about my Christmas decorating. I love the inspiration I get from others creativity, like yours.

  21. Yay Melissa, this is wonderful. How exciting for you! I would have bought all the copies too. Can’t wait to go out and buy one myself! Yipee…so happy for you! Think of all you went through with trying to sell your old house, and the journey to the home you are in now and all the goodness that the Holidays will bring with it!
    Yahoo for you!

  22. Congrats! I love your blog. I haven’t thought about Christmas much. I’m too focused on surviving Thanksgiving and our home remodel.

  23. Oh Melissa! That is fabulous!!! I’m sooooo happy for you. Isn’t God good to bless in ways we don’t think or imagine? And isn’t it amazing how a blessing like this “lifts us up as on eagle wings”….you are soaring….

  24. wow! This is so exciting… congrats! I picked up this magazine just yesterday and haven’t even had a chance to look at it!

  25. congrats on making the magazine! your mantle definitely deserved a place of honour in there.

    and one of the highlights of living in canada – thanksgiving is over early and we can start christmas planning right after halloween! i’ve been thinking about it for a while and am starting to execute my plans for the holidays little by little. i like to make the christmas season drag out as long as possible.

  26. Congratulations on your magazine spread – you are decidedly cool and I love that you were so proud to share with your Mother! I would be the same way. Did you gain any of your decorating sensibilities from her?

    Yes, I’m thinking about Christmas decor. I like a generally homey-feel with lots of natural accents spiced up with a hit of pure glamour here and there!

  27. Awesome!!! Love it! Congrats on the feature!

  28. Woo Hoo! I am SO happy for you! I loved that mantel! And what a great magazine…Congratulations! I love that you were decorating it for yourself and this unexpected blessing was showered upon you and your family. Your mantel is now famous 2x’s over!!! Yay! :D

    Great job and thanks for telling us about it! I’ll have to check it out the next time we hit Lowe’s!!

  29. Very pretty mantle. I don’t have one, but have a big shelf in the living room that I always try to fancy up.
    My son’s birthday is December 4th. I always take it one occasion at a time and want his birthday to feel special so I never decorate for Christmas before the 5th of December!

  30. My mantel needs a total makeover and you’ve inspired me to get going on it. Congrats on the feature!

  31. Congrats to you! It’s very pretty. What an honor:)

    I am enjoying your site!

    I’m new to this world and having a great time seeing all the wonderful ideas out there!

  32. That’s so awesome you were featured in this mag and on, just by doing your thing. Love that! And your mantel is gorgeous by the way. I love that you said you used what you had. I have been embracing that because I don’t have the $ to run out and get new stuff, so I’ve been into shopping my house to see what I can use in different ways. Love that your blog always has great ideas!

  33. Congratultions! You should be so proud :)I started a major overhaul of my family room in hopes of having it done by the end of the month for xmas decorating Thanksgiving weekend :) I LOVE CHristmas!

  34. Congratulations…that is so wonderful! I am going magazine hunting soon. You do lots of work on this blog and you deserve it! ;D

  35. kelly in georgia says

    Hey Melissa, LOVED your mantle in the issue! It looked great! And I was VERY excited to see that issue too. My house was in there, photographed by the Lettered Cottage folks (and I bought 4 copies of the issue too!) I have been listening to Christmas music for a month now…but haven’t even thought about decorating for it yet this year…wish I had photographed all the rooms last year to make it easier this year. Dummy me!

    • Wow, that is so cool!!!! Your house is gorgeous and how fun to have it styled and photographed by The Lettered Cottage, that must have been a dream!!! Congrats!!

  36. Congratulations, Melissa.
    I’m waiting until the first Sunday in Advent to start my decorating. Guess I’d better figure out just when that is!

  37. Congratulations! I will have to look for that issue. Yes I’m in the Christmas mood, at least the reviewing and planning stages. Our Thanksgiving was in October, so I’ve posted a few Christmas related posts already.

  38. Congratulations. I remember when you posted that mantel – I loved the soft creams and greens. Even better that you put it together in a flash with things around the house.

  39. I am absolutely, positively a “no Christmas until after Thanksgiving” person. No Christmas music and certainly no Christmas decorations. I like to give each holiday their own time.

  40. how exciting! pretty neat to walk up and know a little piece of your home is in a magazine! i love when things like that happen! have a super day! susan

  41. Congratulations Melissa! I’m so happy for you. What a dream! You have so much to share with so many! You deserve it.

  42. Awesome!!! That is super exciting and of course your mantel is gorgeous!

    I have never ever decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving (due to my mom’s voice in my head). But this year I am starting early so I won’t be rushed and so I can enjoy the holidays. Mom will just have to deal with it when I host Thanksgiving in my home with Christmas decor. ;)

    Congrats, again!!! Sharing happiness with you!

  43. Congrats Melissa!
    What an honor, you must feel so fulfilled!
    You are an inspiration to me to keep working towards my own goals!

  44. How exciting for you! Congratulations!!! I am excited about Christmas decorating as well, but just as excited about Thanksgiving! I had a Holiday Open House just last weekend and decorated a front porch for the show! So I am itching for Christmas decorating. But please visit my blog and read my new post about decorating for the Thanksgiving table! Love your blog as always!

  45. Can’t wait to pick up Cottages and Bungalows (I still miss Cottage Living…)! Congrats! I am absolutely waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas and I am savoring every day with pumpkins, bittersweet ans fall decor in my home. So wonderful that every season brings pleasant change!

  46. I am SO excited for you!! That is just so awesome! What a deserving mantel. :)

  47. I am SOOOO glad I am not the only one who starts preparing for Christmas November 1st! I skip right over Thanksgiving. Love your ideas and congratulations.
    XO from Atlanta, GA.

  48. Melissa, I love your mantel in the Cottage & Bungalows Holiday Issue. Such beautiful colors, just stunning! Congratulations. ps. It’s always such a treat to visit your blog, you always inspire me. xo Lidy

  49. You just saved me from losing $6! I bought this magazine yesterday at the grocery store before I saw this post, but somehow it didn’t come home with me. Out of sight, out of mind — at least until I read this post, and I said to myself, “Hey, I bought that! Where is it?” So I called the store and they have been holding it, waiting for the mystery purchaser to call. So thank you, and I can’t wait to read about your mantel. :)

  50. Congrats, you really “do” mantels well, I’ll be on the lookout for the magazine. No Christmas decorating till after the Thanksgiving weekend, that holiday has been getting short shrift in recent years, it’s a nice break that needs to be savored before the rush of December. And then I’ll start gradually filling in with the Christmas/winter decor (and hope the snowy cold won’t be here for long….)!

  51. Melissa, I am thrilled for you! I’ll be buying a copy tomorrow…congrats and well deserved.

  52. Congratulations on having your mantel featured in the magazine – that’s a wonderful achievement.

    I always wait until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas.

  53. oh my gosh! That is so awesome!! how exciting for you!! and yes that mantle is beautiful and totally deserved being in that magazine. Now Im off to the store to go pick up a copy!

  54. Marilyn Holeman says

    Congratulations, Melissa!

  55. Whoo, hoo! Congrats, Melissa! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. There are going to be a lot of mantels decorated Melissa style this Christmas!

  56. No offense to the other mantel owner, but they should have put yours on the cover! I’ll bet they’d sell more magazines. It’s a much more modern take on the cottage look….lovely!

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