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Vintage Sea Life Prints {Etsy to The Rescue!}

by | Mar 16, 2012 | Coastal, Decorating Inspiration, My Home Office

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Vintage Sea Life Prints {Etsy to The Rescue!}

Vintage Art Prints

I’ve been looking for vintage prints of various sea life pretty much, well, forever. I stumbled upon this Vintage By The Shore Etsy Shop this week and was delighted to find some lovely and fun vintage sea prints! Oh happy day!

Vintage Sea Life Prints {Etsy to The Rescue!}

I’m not positive yet where I’m going to put them. But I bought six of them anyway (they aren’t all pictured here) and figured they’ll go somewhere.

My office, powder room (which is going to be repainted), family room or rooms yet to be worked on perhaps? We’ll see.

Vintage Sea Life Prints {Etsy to The Rescue!}

I thought the colors were so pretty. I imagine all six together, in a grouping. Yes, a gallery wall of vintage sea life!

Vintage Sea Life Prints {Etsy to The Rescue!}


It is always a happy day when you find something you’ve been searching for … on Etsy, don’t you think?

What have you found on Etsy lately?

If you like these vintage prints, you can find them (or similar ones) at Vintage By The Shore . Vintage By The Shore is not a sponsor or advertiser of The Inspired Room. Yet. :-) 


  1. Jennifer

    I love them all but the last one is my fav!!! It’s great to find what you’re looking for!

  2. Glenda Childers

    How lovely to have everyday reminder of the sea. Since moving from Seattle to Chicago … I miss being by the ocean. Being on one of the Great Lakes does help.


  3. Susan

    Very pretty! I haven’t done a lot of shopping on Etsy, but I might have to chec this seller out.

  4. mary timmers

    Love the prints. I could SEA them in a powder room. On Etsy lately, I’m stalking Janet Hill Art. Fab!

  5. Heather

    These will be perfect for my newly painted guest bathroom. I was wondering what I was going to put on the walls of this blue and white room – I’m heading over to her shop right now.

  6. Sandra

    Very pretty – I have two shell prints in my home office =).I like the organic feel, that it brings to my work space.

  7. Sonya

    Oh happy day! Last month I posted about my powder bath, and it seems like I’ve been looking forever too for some awesome art. Thanks for sharing, I really love Etsy. They never fail me. Have a great weekend

  8. Ashley

    Those are gorgeous! I have a special fondess for sea life after doing a research course in New Brunswick while completing my undergrad in Zoology.

  9. Gina

    Thanks for sharing. I love these prints!!

  10. Jen

    These are really cute! Lately I’ve found really cute pillow covers for good prices.

  11. Karena

    Melissa I will have to see if there are nay left! Love them!

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    Art by Karena

    • Melissa

      Love that room and the way she hung the prints!!

  12. Deana

    Got the crab print & a shell print. Just what I’ve been looking for!! Now to find some cool vintagey frames!

  13. Mimi

    These are lovely. I especially like the bugs which surprises me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Linda Stoll

    In addition to old sea glass that washes ashore, my favorite vintage sea print is a 1932 watercolor map of Cape Cod, bought for a song at a flea market there a few years ago. It reminds my husband and I where we’ll be headed, sooner or later …

  15. Maya

    These are beautiful!

  16. Bettsi

    My goodness, Melissa! These are SO beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing where they land. Yay for Etsy!

  17. Karen

    Looooove them so much, I just swooped up six myself. I’m a Cali girl living in the PNW, so I love to bring a bit of the ocean into my home. Planning to re-do the basement family room, and use these prints there. I want the room to be more masculine, and these will set the tone for a great vibe. Thanks for passing along the great find!

  18. Sally Lee by the Sea

    Great find! Etsy is full of so many talented artists.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, Melissa.


  19. Karen

    Wow, what a beautiful collection. I love sea related prints and these look antique. I’ll look forward to seeing where you hang them. Thanks for the lead, I bought a bracelet with my granddaughter’s initials on it. Love Etsy.

  20. Jill Flory

    Those prints are lovely! A grouping would be a real statement – love it!

  21. susan

    They are beautiful! I always luck out on ETSY! Pam’s Antiques, Gosh That’s Posh, anything in the vintage listings! Even found a gorgeous ’60’s swing coat in new condition! I have to stay away for periods of time after a spree! :D. Hugs2u, Melissa! -s

  22. Shauna K

    Thank you SO much for posting these!! I think I’ll be purchasing some of my own- perfect for our nautical themed nursery!!! :D
    My favorite recent Etsy find was a variety of wool diaper covers (for cloth diapering)- SO much cheaper than commercial brands, and customizable, and I get to help support a family via Etsy ;) love it!

  23. Debbie

    Hi Melissa, what a wonderful find. I love that. I recently found little vintage style crocheted pot holders that look like little dresses and bloomers…something my grandmother would have used but I ADORE THEM! I was so happy to get them in the mail, hubby snorted that his grandmother had millions of them…and I said well I needed to buy them to carry on the tradition…of sorts! hahaha…
    Have a blessed weekend.

  24. Margie


    You bring true inspiration into my world! My 12 year old son has wanted to be a deep sea diver since….well forever. I just started redecorating his bedroom to reflect his nautical aspirations. Thank you so much for this post! He is going to LOVE the squid and octopus I am ordering for his room! May even get the crabs in memory of his late pets Pearl and Patty.

  25. Beatriz

    This vintage collection is really beautiful, it’s nice to have it at home..

  26. JaneEllen Jones

    I am sure loving those sea life prints too. I’d love to have them in my guest bath or in living room. In high summer I turn the l/r into a beach fantasy room. One can dream can’t one? Now why did we move away from San Diego? Enjoy when you get them hung. Thanks for sharing.


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