New Tufted Chairs {Home Office Makeover}

New Tufted Chairs {Home Office Makeover}

Hello, tufted girlie chair. My how pretty you look today!

So one of the goals in my home office makeover is to transform it from simply a place to work in to a place to retreat from the rest of the house while working.

My girls and I have a special vision for this space.

The truth is, when my girls are around, we want to be able to escape the craziness of the rest of the house.

We have two male dogs (by the way, thanks to everyone who has asked to see more of Winston! He just had his 17th birthday party so give me a few days and I’ll let you see him in his party hat!) and two human males in our house. The boys outnumber the girls and we want a place to get away and just be girls. Girl music, girl smells, girl talk, and girl calmness.

Need I say more?

New Tufted Chairs {Home Office Makeover}

We basically dreamed of having a special retreat where the girls of the house could shut the door to work in peace, blog and dream without the distractions.

So to complete that vision of an all girl space, we needed girl chairs. Right? You know what I’m talking about. Girl chairs.

Originally the plan was to have someone slipcover a couple of wing backs for me, one for each daughter. But, as tends to happen when you are open to whims and new opportunities, plans change.

About a week ago we came across a friends and family sale at Cost Plus World Market. As we walked through the store, we laid our eyes on these little beauties. They were like little beacons of light, calling our name.

They were the perfect girl accent chairs.






The type of chair where you would feel free to say no dogs and no boys allowed.

The wing backs can still be slipcovered and used in another room when I need them.

We walked around and around these tufted lovelies. We sat on them. We took pictures of them. We admired them. We looked longingly at them. We consulted each other and then we agreed. They were meant to be.

The decision was made.

These were the perfect chairs for our girl office.

New Tufted Chairs {Home Office Makeover}

Hello cute little fabric covered buttons.
Hello cute as a button chairs.
Welcome home.

Did you see my curtains for this office? Find them here!

Chairs: World Market


  1. Oh boy, do I ever love those sweet fabric-covered buttons! What great chairs!!

  2. Those are really really beautiful! I agree – those are the perfect girlie chairs!

  3. Those are too darn cute and perfectly girly. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for your girly office.

    Lesli @

  4. Kim Porter says
  5. I love your chair!! The patterned buttons are just the cutest touch:)

  6. In my office, the trick will be clearing out the space to PUT a girlie chair!

  7. Tufted and a mix of patterns on the buttons…swooon!

  8. We all need a space of our own to get away from the chatter around us – love the fabric covered buttons – it really is a girl chair!!

  9. Oh how I love those chairs. So lovely. I wouldn’t let those boys near them either. We have the opposite problem at my house… husband, 2 sons, 1 male dog, me(michelle), 2 daughters, and 3 female dogs. I’m not sure I’d let any dog near those beautiful chairs. I can’t wait to see your finished office.

  10. Super cute idea….I would love to find a tutorial on how to do those fancy buttons/tufting

    • Terrie from Atlanta, GA says

      Sandra, those tufted buttons are SO, SO very easy to make . . . and to “tuft,” too! It’s actually a little kit that you can buy at any sewing or crafts store: the rounded, stuffed, plain fabric button awaits your personal fabric to cover it. The button’s special back is then pressed on, holding the fabric in place and providing the little hook that gets sewn onto the project. Actual “tufting” requires an item with stuffing (like a pillow); an extra-long, 6″ needle sews through the stuffing ~ Voila! Your new button(s) have created a tufted lovely! Extra-fancy look for very little time and money. xo

  11. oh my. I think I just drooled all over those beautiful fabric buttoned tufted girlie chairs. I’m pinning them. sigh…

  12. Wow, those chairs are to die for! Space to sit in my office and be… that would be a sweet treasure! And to have girls to share it with… PRICELESS.

  13. Very cute, and definitely girly chairs! In our house, we have 2 male humans, and 1 female human. I have a lovely Ektorp chair from Ikea, slip-covered in a pink floral – it’s easy to see who this room belongs to!

  14. Happy Birthday Winston! I’ve been missing him….
    Don’t you just love it when you find something and it’s perfect in every way? I’m sooo happy for you. And those buttons!!!!! They’ll pop even more with your Anthro curtains. I’m so excited to see your room come together.

  15. ooou! Love the colour buttons. So pretty! Now that is an office chair!

  16. Hi Melissa –

    Cute post! I love your girly chairs! They are so cute and unique and everything else you listed. Looks like they are going to become a favorite place to sit.

  17. Nice! I can’t figure a place in our home where it could be sufficiently “safe”.

  18. Melissa,
    Boy, Cost Plus has really stepped up their furniture line. Great find! LOL! My “reading” room provides me the solace I long for in an all male house…that is why I always selected girl doggies. I needed someone who liked chick flicks!

  19. You DONE GOOD!!! The covered buttons are JUST the whimsey that makes you say, “ooohhh, wished I’d thought of that!” Much happiness! franki

  20. Just bought a beautiful french upholstered chair off craigslist a few months back that did wonders for my workspace. It adds such a pretty (not to mention comfortable) element to an office.

  21. Those are adorable chairs!!! I love the buttons, love them! The curtains, the chairs, great choices, can’t wait to see what’s next???

  22. The chairs are gorgeous and incredibly feminine. What a great find. Can’t wait to see what else happens in the girls retreat.

  23. So cute! I love it.

  24. Wow, she sure is a beauty. I can see why they caught your eye and had to come home with you. You would have regretted not getting them.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of Winston, though I do enjoy reading about Jack, too.

  25. They are so cute and adorable. Tres chic!

  26. OOO. I was eyeing those same chairs the other day. I have a chair obsession. I already have more than I need:)

  27. This is a great chair…I might need to get one! I actually do need a desk chair and that is very pretty. Plus, it’s a great chair that you could move into another room when you have more company. Charming buttons! I love that you are creating a girl oasis too.

  28. Perfect….love the buttons….can I copy you? =)

  29. “Girl music, girl smells, girl talk, and girl calmness.”

    Oh, boy–can I come hang out at your house?!?

    Love your chairs! Those covered buttons are just too cute!

  30. no wonder you fell in love with those chairs–they are amazing in their beauty–i just want one special place to call my own–it could be a chair, or a corner–i don’t care too much, just so no one invades it–lol

  31. Love love the style of this chair and the sweet covered buttons just add to the look. They also look very comfy, Kathysue

  32. I totally get the direction you are going for your room – it’s going to have tea and Jane Austen and decorating magazines and only things that are both comfortable and pretty and, of course, flowers. Gorgeous. I think I need one of those rooms too!

  33. maria & Cameron who loves Jack! says

    Beautiful…definitely girlie!! I hope to find something like this for my boudoir some day!! Thanks for inspiring!

  34. JaneEllen Jones says

    wowow those are awesome chairs. Wish we had a Cost Plus here but no such luck. I have an account online with them but shipping chgs. cancel out what I’d like to buy. Ah well, keeps me out of trouble. We used to live in San Diego and boy did I get into trouble there, lol
    Will be looking forward to seeing what you get next. Enjoy

  35. Those covered buttons really are “Cute as a button”!

  36. OMG, I love that chair!! And it’s in the “Erin Cute as a Button” collection. Can’t seem to find the chair on line- can you tell me how much it is? I’ve already pinned the sofa awhile ago, did not know they had a chair too! and i love the bed in that collection.


  37. I adore the fabric covered buttons! A very unexpected pop of color makes it so fun.

  38. When I first saw the picture, I was sure you were going to say you made them somehow. They’re so dear and so perfectly girly!

  39. I’m looking for two chairs just like these! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I’m still catching up on your blog entries, so I had no idea until I googled “Erin Cute-as-a-Button chairs review” that you had bought these chairs that I have been eyeballing for my own study! I’m wondering if you still enjoy them a few years down the road. One thing that concerned me was the height of the seat. It seems that 14 1/2 inches is low. Do you find them to be? These are the most affordable “cute” chairs that I have found so far for my study which I am doing in light colors because my house receives very little natural light and I’m so tired of the dark furniture in the dark house. (Of course, my study receives full sun all day long, all year! But it’s the principle of the thing, right?)

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