{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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I love a cute, romantic or otherwise charming garden shed that could easily be used as a little summer house (a garden structure used for relaxation in warm weather) in the backyard! I’m not sure why I love them so much, but I just do. I have been dreaming of a little garden escape in my own backyard for quite some time.

Since we have a new house without trees or much landscaping, I’m in need of ideas for camouflaging the view of our neighbors. While trees will definitely be in the plans over the next few years, I’m also thinking about a garden shed. Not only would it be practical for garden storage or a dreamy backyard escape, but it could offer privacy and give our yard a little more structure.

Here is a round up of some pretty summer house inspired garden sheds! From yard tool storage to a backyard guest room, check out these out and tell me your favorites.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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This bedroom shed is awesome, can you imagine waking up in a room like that? It would be like a vacation in your backyard!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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Or what about this one? Open the double red doors and voila, your guest room awaits!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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This would be a dream! Yard and garden tools organized and at the ready for potting plants and other outdoor projects, all in a prettied up shed with a chandelier? Yes, please!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!
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I die. That garden shed above? Impossibly adorable. Can you just picture having a garden party with THAT in your backyard? I dare say that would be quite awesome.
{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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OK, this little white shed above and below is the perfect dreamy romantic backyard getaway.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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Good night, moon. I’d sleep in the shed every night and never complain.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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This is a sweet little shed. My girls would have loved that as a play house!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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That shed is basically a guest house in your backyard. Actually, I could live there. Forget the main house.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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And this little backyard gem? Perfect little escape from the heat of the summer sun.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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I’m thinking I could get used to a morning quiet time with a cup of tea in this backyard church er, shed? Sigh.

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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Oh, this open and airy lattice shed is so adorable! I love that it would let the breeze and light filter through, making it the perfect place to garden on a beautiful summer day!

{Summer House} Garden Sheds & Backyard Retreats!

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And this little shed is like a backyard destination, the perfect retreat for being creative with art, painting, gardening or flower arranging! I cannot imagine a more charming way to fill an unused corner of my backyard!

How about you? What would you use a charming backyard summer house escape for, if your garden shed dreams came true?


  1. I love them ALL!

  2. These are so well done. We transformed our shed into a “pool” house and I’m still working on the inside. I use it as an office space and as a party room when we have family and friends over. It’s great to keep the food indoors and all in one place right by the pool.

  3. I love these shed ideas. For me, living in upstate New York, a bed in the shed is not all too practical.But definitely lining the shed with shelfs and neat hanging baskets with supplies is wonderful and space saving. I have to say I just came across your site and LOVE it.

    Asia – capecoddreams.wordpress.com

  4. So beautiful! I live in the Ft. Worth area, and I’m afraid my garden shed would probably be shared with spiders, fire ants, geckos, and lizards! Every year when I go to get the Christmas decorations out of the shed, I disrupt the life of 2 or 3 geckos. We (the geckos and I) try not to holler too much with surprise! But maybe I will dream a little…

  5. wow! I can’t imagine any better garden sheds! I live in CA.. something like this will be just beautiful in my garden :/

  6. Angelika Rauth says

    Amazing! and can you believe that before I saw this post, I really had no idea people had this awesome of garden sheds? Well, now I do. Some of those are just impossibly awesome. I would kill to have a “guest shed” or something like that! My favorites are the two towards the beginning of the post. The one with double red doors and the one with a freakin’ woodstove and brick floor in the guest room?! Adorable! If that was my friend I’d beg her to let me come stay the night.. a LOT!

  7. Oh my… I love them all!! I would love a sweet little “retreat” like any one of those!! Happy Monday:)

  8. i see these every year in magazines, and I’m always so shed jealous. lol. I’d love to create a secret dollhouse escape for my daughter. All pretty whites, and beautiful colorful china to play tea party. I just think that would be such a great memory. I’d also love a place to call my own. A place to work on projects, but also just curl up and read magazines or books. What a fun little dream to daydream about = )

  9. All the sheds are great, but the church shed is my favorite!

  10. These are great, many of them are beautiful. Enjoyed the post very much.


  11. So inspiring!! I am completely on hold with the dreamiest potting shed. We have a 200 yr old spring house in our back yard that currently houses TONS of fun plastic toys, haha! But that season, which I DO NOT want to pass quickly, will pass none the less – and then: cuteroo potting shed for mommy. Good thing we have fun spaces like this to console ourselves – grow baby plants intead of babies :(
    You can see my future potting shed here, when you are internet perusing: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/1102411/list/Houzz-Tour–Historic-Fieldstone-Home-in-Pennsylvania

    Hugs to you today, my friend. Thanks for the everflowing inspiration!

  12. These “sheds” are absolutely CHARMING…what terrific selections you have garnered!! These are all “day dreamers.” franki

  13. I have been in love with the Gothic “church – er shed” for some time. I have it pinned and sometimes I visit it on my Pinterest board….and dream. I’m pretty smitten with the white shed turned bedroom with the semi Gothic windows, too. What a cozy spot. Until you get to build your own little backyard hideaway, it sure is fun to dream, isn’t it?

  14. Love these! They’re so pretty, and I could see grabbing windows from a salvage yard to make one of these pretty little cottage style sheds a reality. Thanks for sharing.

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the little church. All the white paint and stain. Little spaces condense our lives into very manageable refreshing little nooks. I’d love to create a counseling office out of one of these!

  16. I think you just made me covet :)

    i love it. i want the guest room and my studio in one shed! {{swoon}}

  17. Pure magic! Your emails make me happy everyday!!!
    I wanted to spend Mother’s day doing what I like… so I spent 12 hours working on my property… and the boys made their own dinner.
    Now that you mention it….both my garden sheds are pretty boring…. will have to fix that!

  18. I actually have a little garden shed. It used to be the neighbors wash shed from long ago. It’s “my” little place. It is yellow with a white picket fence. I love it. Everyone should have one.

  19. I literally drooled looking at those pics. Outdoor living envy is the worst.:)

  20. PS I have always wanted a little sweet guest house.

  21. Kimberley Moore says

    These “sheds” are amazing. But you could have problems getting your grown kids to move out if you had these kinds of accommodations on site. lol.

  22. That lattice shed is my favorite. Would that be less expensive to build….I have no idea. Love it though!

  23. We have a fairly large shed (but they’re never big enough) in which we keep garden and pool equipment. I often think I’d love to move it all out and move myself in!

  24. How about picking up that shingled one with the stone steps and just plopping it down in my backyard? It would go with the house and the stone retaining wall we have. Perfection! (I loved all of them, but that one just stole my heart.)

  25. Really….my heart melted a little more with each scroll down. Now it’s all puddly and ready to go sit in one of those spaces with a book and some tea.

    I am relaxing just thinking about it. Ahhhh….. Lisa~

  26. What a fabulous bunch of pictures! They all would be the perfect place to spend a lot of time. Overnight? If there’s plumbing!

  27. I just posted the picture of the stone “shed” on my Facebook last week, I love the garden shed too, especially the cute little guest rooms. They are the perfect touch to make your yard complete.

  28. Oooh, I absolutely LOVE the idea of having a guest room or even a little reading retreat in one of those pretty sheds! Perfection!

  29. All of those styles are soooo charming! How I would love to have a little place like that to go and create or relax. My husband wants to plant those super-fast growing trees across the back of our fenced yard so that we have some privacy. We live in a development and our view from the back is the side of our neighbor’s house. That sense of privacy would be divine!

  30. omg….i love them all! I would probably use it for a craft workshop but the ones as guest quarters or romantic retreats are so fabulous! And I do garden so maybe I need three!

  31. I have a lot of those inpiration pictures for an area I’d like to put a garden shed or craft shed…I have a shelf at the back of the house I use now but it is always a mess…wish I had a door to close it up when i’m in planting mode. great pictures I have several of those on my pinterest and I did a post last summer on it..happy summer to you..

  32. So glad you posted these pics of pretty sheds. I want a bedroom shed with a metal roof to be able to listen to the rain. It wouls also be a great spare room, if it had a little heat. In Mississippi, I would be able to use it all but maybe 1 month, Jan, out of the entire year. I love the bedroom with the fireplace shed. My favorite.. so homey.

  33. cheryl gurden says

    I love them all. I have a garden shed out by our pond and love to have my morning coffee out there listening to nature.

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