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Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

by | Jun 25, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining, Summer Decorating

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Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Summer Porch Decorating
{Picnic Basket}


Ilove picnic baskets, do you? They totally say SUMMER to me! I mean, what good is summer if you don’t get to go on a picnic or two? AMEN?

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

I’ve always an obsession over picnic baskets. I”ve used them in my house for years and years as end tables and storage (not to mention for picnics!).

But when I saw THIS sweet picnic basket from DaySpring, I immediately thought about how cute it would be on the porch as the perfect summer accessory! Flowers can and probably will die in the hot summer sun, but a fun colorful picnic basket will last until Jack Frost starts nipping at our noses again. And then when the sun returns you can pull it out to look pretty again next summer!!

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Isn’t this adorable? If you haven’t done anything summery yet as far as porch decor, this picnic basket would be the perfect place to start. And then you can use it to store your summer picnic gear or decor once the season turns to fall.

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Inspiring and encouraging words are printed on the top, which I love. I also really like the gray tones of the lid in contrast with the colorful patchwork on the sides and interior. It is so eye-catching and it is easy to clean too!

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Like most everyone else, I’m also addicted to chalkboards. Winter, spring, summer or fall, inside or outside, this little chalkboard is the perfect way to communicate sweet little messages to your family or guests. You can leave love notes or reminders or welcome messages. We use our chalkboards for proclaiming special events like birthdays and achievements too.

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

I want you to have your own little chalkboard and picnic basket, too! So I asked my friends at DaySpring if you could have the chance to win them so we can be summer twinsies!

So today, just for fun, we are going to give away 10 sets of the picnic basket and chalkboard! YAHOO! That means 10 of you are going to win!

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment here today describing your perfect summer picnic!

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Where would you go and what would you eat on your perfect picnic?

I would like to picnic in a big park by a waterfall at the beach. And I’ll confess my perfect picnic basket food would include Fritos corn chips, strawberry lemonade and brownies. Don’t judge.

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

Giveaway time!
Leave a comment to be entered! Describe your perfect picnic!

Summer Porch Decorating Idea: A Picnic Basket {Summer Giveaway!}

One entry per person. Giveaway ends Saturday June 30. 9PM PST.


Find more of the new adorable and meaningful Redeemed Collection at DaySpring! DaySpring is a sponsor of The Inspired Room and is the sponsor of this giveaway.


  1. katy

    My perfect picnic?
    various cheeses, wine, bread, grapes, and these little italian vanilla cookies we tried on our honeymoon…soooo good! the perfect place? atop a mountain, overlooking the mediterranean

  2. Jojo

    Im so hoping I win! I’m alone this 4th of July and wouldn’t it be festive to pack a picnic to chase away the blues!! It is beautiful!

  3. Sarah

    I live at the beach and my perfect summer picnic is always taking the kids to the beach. We swim and fish and then sit under our giant umbrella and eat!! Our favorites are PB&J, homemade chocolate chip cookies and loads of Grandma UTZ’s potato chips!! I love this basket! It would make a perfect addition to our beach bag!

  4. Stephanie

    Hmmm.. well, brownies, a nice sandwich, an apple, and a diet coke! I would take this down to the beach. Can’t get enough of the beach!

  5. jessica

    Oh so cute! My basket would be filled with all junk food, junk drinks and junk everything! It would break every health rule known to man kind. Hmmm, a bottle of pinot grigio would be nice to :) I would be under any tree in a peaceful spot where nobody could talk to me :) hehe .

  6. Jillian {Her Split Ends}

    First off…i LOVE these baskets…so brilliant. You have now passed on the obsession for picnic baskets…ah thank you ;) I would head to either the beach or sitting next to a river for my picnic…with a nice bottle of wine, brie and red pepper jelly and some nutella {plus a giant spoon}


  7. Beth P

    Yummy brownies, sandwiches, iced tea, & chips! These items are adorable!

  8. lynaeve

    I LOVE this giveaway!!! I want this so bad! My perfect picnic has turkey sandwiches, with fruit and fruit dip.

  9. Lisa Collier

    The perfect summer picnic is having all of my family home and cooking out. We love to share wonderful meals and spend the rest of the time on the front porch watching the kids play. One of our other ways is to take a picnic basket to our local park and fill it with some of my fried chicken and fixings. The grandkids love to play and run around. Any picnic is perfect as long as I have my family around to share it with !

  10. The Respectable Redneck

    Turkey or ham sandwiches, with chips and some pasta salad. OOoh and some cookies for dessert. Ideally this picnic would take place on the beach in Hawaii but I’d settle for a flower covered meadow by a lake/river/creek. :0)

  11. LibbyP

    My favorite picnic would actually be in the Spring (Summer is just really hot in San Antonio) while the wildflowers are blooming. Hubby and I would drive out into the Texas Hill Country, hunting the flowers and stopping to take photos. Finally, we’d make our way to our favorite park for the actual picnic. We’d eat KFC (I’ve never conquered fried chicken in my kitchen) and drink Coca-Cola from glass bottles. We might even sneak in a cuddle while we’re there! Then we’d head back home, spent from our delightful day!

  12. teresa

    If I could go anywhere- France would be awesome….a picnic of warm bread, fruit, and lots of french desserts =)

  13. Laura

    Oh I love the Redeemed Collection! My best picnic would be panini sandwiches, chips, fruit salad and some terrific chocolate treat for dessert. And I’d love to have that picnic at Lake Louise in Banff Canada.

  14. Elisabeth

    What a lovely porch! One of my favorite spots for a picnic is in the mountains near a brook. I love watching my four girls enjoy nature!

    • Elisabeth

      Oh, and we would eat fresh, homemade bread, pesto, fresh mozzerella, grapes, and cookies! And lots of lemonade!!

  15. Paula

    Perfect picinic locations….anywhere near the water, so the beach would work! As far as what food….homemade turkey sandwiches with avocado, watermelon, some sort of chip ,maybe tortilla chips and guacomole….some tropical iced tea and homemade peanut butter cookies for dessert!!!

  16. Jenny M

    My favorite picnic area is a state park near my home. It has a historic village similar to the town in Little House on the Prairie. There is also an old steam train that my boys love to ride on. I use some old fabric decorated with trains for a table cloth. (It’s so cute!) Our picnic includes Sunbutter and Strawberry Jam sandwiches, chips, grapes, ice cold water, and cookies for dessert. The picnic basket you are giving away is so nice — it’s perfect for picnicing or sitting on a porch lookin’ all cute. :) You are surely making some of your readers happy with this give-a-way. Enjoy your basket and chalkboard. :)

  17. Denise

    The perfect picnic would be at a dam near us that overlooks the lake that is surrounded by the East Tennessee mountains. ~Beautiful~ There are picnic tables nearby that allow for a great view of both the water and mountains. Favorite picnic foods are fried chicken, sweet tea and fried apple or peach pies. Yeah, fried everything…I’m southern that way! Wouldn’t they be extra special served in that adorable basket? =) Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Sally

    The perfect picnic is held at our local outdoor summer music venue. We attend a 4th of July concert there every year, and bring our own picnic. Each family brings their own “main” portion of the meal, and then we bring fruits, veggies, snacks, & desserts to share. The meal may vary from year to year, but the family fellowship is the same — and that’s what keeps us going back year after year!

  19. lisa

    My favorite picnic is with family. Whether it’s just sandwiches or a full southern picnic of fried chicken and potato salad, it’s about being together. And, of course brownies and lemonade. We love to go hiking in the mountains and try to escape the heat. We’re at almost 100 degrees this week so all this sounds wonderful! Bring on the lemonade! I’d love to win this Melissa. Beautiful ideas.

  20. Joan McAllister Clapp

    Since moving to Alabama we have found this wonderful park that is completely shaded this time of year, and a real bonus in this heat. I would do some little speciality sandwiches and such and invite my sweet husband to share a special picnic with me. So what, if we are 65!!

  21. nan

    A summer quilt in the orchard, a basket filled with the garden harvest and our children and grandchildren enjoying the company of one another…the perfect picnic!

  22. Stephanie N

    We LOVE to visit the beach, a perfect picnic would have sandwiches, chocolate, strawberries, and fresh squeezed lemonaide!

  23. Sue

    One of my favorite places for a picnic is by a trout stream with a waterfall, across the stream is a bridge with a very old church beside it. My boys would eat, fish & play. Our picnic usually consist of ham sandwiches, chips, fruit & cookies with some lemonade to wash it down.

  24. Dena

    My perfect picnic would include my moms potato salad and ham and cheese sandwiches! Dessert? Strawberries and cream. Iced tea to drink. The perfect place would be Ireland on a hillside by a stream with castle ruins in the background. The only other person on this particular trip would be my wonderful husband of 25 years

  25. Heather Woyak

    The perfect picnic would mean a gorgeous day where the weather is warm but with a easy, cool breeze. Sitting with my hubby while watching our boys run around the park throwing a football or flying kites. We would have salads and sandwiches and a delicious homemade lemonade! :)

  26. Allie

    Perfect picnic would be the kind I remember as a kid.. Some super easy sandwiches –and maybe cookies! Course a bottle of wine never hurts now either!

  27. Rebecca Shiplett

    Oh, a sweet summer picnic sounds so delightful. My plan would be to pack sandwich rolls, veggie sticks, strawberries and grapes in that adorable basket. Then my husband and I would take our sweet granddaughters to a quiet cool spot in a park, spread a blanket and spend some time enjoying each other, singing songs, telling stories and watching the girls play would be a wonderful appetizer to our simple lunch.

  28. Renee

    My perfect summer picnic would be at the beach with “crunchy” sandwiches (filled with sand, haha), hard-boiled eggs, Doritoes, Mr. Pibb, and brownies. Those are the memories of my childhood.

  29. Sue

    My perfect picnic would be on the beach with my family. Chicken salad on croissants, fruit salad, brownie muffins, and some good ole sweet tea! My birthday is July 4th! This would be fun to win!

  30. Paula

    My perfect picnic would be simple — nice wine, crackers and cheese, perhaps some hummus or other spread — good munchies. By the ocean would make it even better!

  31. Abbey

    My dream picnic would be a bottle of Zinfandel, a baguette and a round of brie… how French of me! And I think one of the very best places to have a picnic is in your very own backyard. What a beautiful picnic basket!

  32. LeAnn Caseria

    There is a lake near our home that is perfect for summer picnics. My favorite day is to get one of the sites on the lake shore and bring our little fishing boat. Then the boys can swim while we picnic and we all take turns fishing. It’s a special place for me because both of my older sons were baptized there too.

  33. Stace

    These baskets are beautiful! Oh my goodness, I’m sorry to say it’s been ages since I’ve been on a picnic. But, I would LOVE to go with my husband and our 3 kiddos to a beautiful park – one with lots of beautiful trees and wildflowers and streams – and have a wonderful picnic on a beautiful summer day! (After this heat wave, of course – it was 107 degrees in Kansas today! :()

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  34. Bobbi

    Im loving chalkboards right now!! Great giveaway.
    My perfect picnic would be on a beach in the early morning when the fog is still in. Grapes, some yummy cheeses and crackers and of course a mimosa because it will be before noon. I’ll be on a beach chair with a big floppy beach hat.

  35. Mott

    There is a covered bridge about an hour from our house with picnic tables. We would have brie and fig jam puffs, an assortment of fruit, bread and a bottle of wine.

  36. Wendy

    How fun! My perfect picnic would be at a local park on the Puget Sound with my four fave people–hubby, son and daughters. Perfect food would be bagels with cream cheese spread, fresh raspberries, lemonade and my homemade caramel corn. Okay, now I’m hungry!

  37. Kathy G

    I go on an annual girls week to Ocean Grove NJ. We stay at the Bath Avenue House. The B&B has a large front porch the welcomes us. We all bring goodies and have cocktail hour on the porch. Our favorites are bruchetta,fresh mozzarella,stuffed mushrooms, pizza bread,cheese and crackers, pesto torte
    along with the special cocktail of the year makes for a wonderful picinic.

  38. Linda Harms

    The beach? The mountains? Even though we enjoy both places immensely, our perfect summer picnic would be in the lush, serene city park of our small IOWA community–and with no bugs! Our family would enjoy sandwiches on healthy and hearty breads, salads made using garden bounty, locally grown sweet corn bathed in butter (YUMMY, YUMMY!), some pop and tea–and maybe even a glass of wine or two and brews from a close-by microbrewery. Summertime in Iowa: You gotta love it and give thanks for it!!

  39. Jan

    Ahhhhh Melissa, such a sweet give-away!

    My ideal picnic of course, would NOT include ants or mosquitoes – let me just say that right away! LOL! It would be on a quilt on the sandy beach of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin (my favorite vacation get-away). I’d pack one of my favorite salads, by Bobby Flay – Orzo and Grilled Shrimp Salad with Mustard-Dill Vinaigrette, some Flatbread, Fruit Salad for dessert and plenty of Lemon Water. And, of course, I’d pack china, crystal & silver flatware for 2. And I’d maybe even put something chocolate in the basket, too!

    Thanks for the chance to win!! :)


  40. Cathy

    My ideal picnic is a fruit platter, sandwiches and bbq chips at the beach. Topped off with s’mores by a bonfire!

  41. Beth

    These are beautiful… My perfect picnic would be spent on my grandmothers beautiful vintage quilt, plenty of beautiful sunshine, in a quiet space with my family surrounding me. Lots of yummy sandwiches and salads, the perfect sangria and a big tree to catch a snooze under.

  42. Madison

    My favorite picnics are in my living room. My boyfriend and I will make a joint effort in cooking together and then we will move the coffee table over and have ourselves a little romantic picnic. It’s a little silly but a lot of fun especially when things get a little mundane!

  43. Pat Schultz

    My perfect summer picnic would be the 4th. July, which is my Birthday!!! Being I live on Lake Michigan that would be the location, and of course with family and close friends….. All the old fashion food, Brats,Hamburgers,Hot Dogs, Potato Salad , etc,etc….swim, play volleyball and just enjoy the great company. Love,Love the picnic basket, would pack it full of goodies!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

  44. Joanie

    My perfect picnic would be ham and cheese sandwiches, BBQ chips, pickles, green grapes, cherry pie for dessert, and sparkling lemonade to drink. Thank you, Dayspring!

  45. Shannon H

    My perfect picnic? Homemade sandwiches at our local park.

  46. Peggy Dlugos

    Old quilt layed out on some green grass beneath an beautiful shade tree; my two kids and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  47. Julie

    I love this question as it’s inspired me on a few item’s to take on that picnic. I love pimento cheese on fresh sourdough bread, chips and salsa and lemon bars. Sweet tea to wash it all down. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m a huge fan of picnic basket’s too!

  48. linda suman

    My favorite pinic? With the use of the Beautiful pinic basket I just won from ,presented by Dayspring’s “Redeemed Outdoor Decor Collecton”,the picnic would take place in one of my favorite places,my very own backyard! With my Great Grandmothers quilt spread beneath the strong,mighty Oak tree that so generously shades our yard,I would have packed inside my lovely new basket a cool,refreshing lunch to be enjoyed by my sweet grandson,the love of my life,my husband of 32 years and myself. For starters we would have sweet grapes that pop when you bite them, freshly prepared chicken salad sandwiches on honey- oat bread, cut in fourths, easy for the small hands of our toddler grandson to hold. Also, fresh from the deli,potato salad , sweet watermelon and for drinks,the choice of iced sweet tea or chocolate milk, (a favorite of the little one)!
    With content tummies, we would toss the large bouncy ball that is usually near by in our yard.Afterwards, while “Poppy” and our little one curl up in the hammock for an afternoon nap , I relax on the quilt and enjoy a favorite book. : )

  49. Rebekah S.

    Sitting on picnic quilt with my husband and daughter underneath the stars either listening to a band or seeing a ballet under the stars.

  50. Suzanne T

    My favorite picnics have always been in the backyard with my babies – they made the most messy and tasty sandwiches!

  51. Christine

    So cute!! Ok, in my perfect basket I would pack shrimp sandwiches, fresh berry salad, hummus and crackers, chocolate chip cookies and iced tea :)

  52. Angie

    My perfect picnic would take place at Marblehead Lighthouse, which is about a 45 minute drive from our house. There are rock ledges there along the Lake Erie coast that you can sit on or fish from if you prefer….we could sit and eat our fried chicken and potato salad while the water laps against our toes. There are lots of old trees scattered along the rocks for shade…and lots of people are always there for some people-watching as we sip our iced tea….

  53. Brandi C.

    My perfect picnic would be under the big oak tree next to the pond . We’d have roasted corn, fried catfish, homemade tarter sauce, hush puppies, sweet tea, and hand cranked vanilla ice cream. We’d spend the day fishing and swimming. And the cotton mouths would not be invited!!!

  54. Brenda

    The perfect picnic would be on the coast of Florida on the beautiful beaches of Marco Island. My incredibly sweet husband would be at my side sipping on a cold adult beverage and enjoying the sounds of the ocean. We would be snacking on chips and salsa and listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan.

  55. Saundra

    I love picnics!! My perfect picnic would be on a grassy slope by the water. Water is so calming. Chicken, strawberries, chips & salsa & avocado. Then something chocolate!!

  56. Brandi Bender

    I’d take that picnic basket all the way to Maui. I’d put some diet Dr.Pepper and a bag a Doritos in it, a couple books and some sunscreen. : ]

  57. Dana

    Watermelon, fried chicken tenders, potato salad and pound cake. Can you tell I’m from the South?

  58. Liz O

    My perfect picnic would have to be given to my newly married friends! I had this crazy fun idea of putting together a picnic basket as a gift on their special day… The only problem is that I haven’t found the right basket yet (MONTHS after the big day!!!). That is until NOW. I love this! Full of lemonade, chicken, potato salad, and strawberry shortcake! Yum!

  59. rachael stokes

    My perfect picnic is anywhere with those I love. There are a millon places we could go and a millon things we could eat. What would make it perfect is that my hubby, little six year old boy, and darling sixteen year old daughter were there. The day with them, that is a perfect day indeed. The rest is just gravy!

  60. Kari

    Sometimes in Alaska, we have a September day when the birch are gold and the sun shines down cutting through the chill. We walk higher than the trees and onto the tundra; maybe higher still if someone has already followed this trail. The berries are hidden treasures, blue among their red leaves. Small and sweet and warm. We’ve carried lunch for our three sons: salmon we’ve smoked and some cheddar cheese, some apples and grapes, maybe some chocolate. Milk, not dark.

  61. Emily Clauss

    Definitely a picnic at the beach complete with chicken-salad sandwiches, cut fruit and veggies, red wine and chocolate! :)

  62. John

    This is such a perfect container to bring along a few beers! :)

  63. charli

    My perfect picnic would include hummus and pita bread, tomato & mozzarella sandwiches, fresh berry salad, and the perfect iced coffee.
    And if we’re really dreaming here – it would be in the English countryside (think the set of 2005’s Pride and Prejudice).

  64. Meaningful Nest

    Hmmm…My perfect picnic would be on a beach (since we don’t live anywhere near one) with cheese and grapes and lots of fattening crackers and dips. And oatmeal raisin cookies. To drink, I’ve have the perfect glass of iced tea served by my hubby.

  65. Jen

    My perfect picnic happens at the beach listening to the waves crash with a basket full of chilled apricots, sweet tea, cheese & crackers and a treat of brownies. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  66. Amy in PA

    My perfect summer picnic would be in the park where my husband & I got engaged! The menu would include yummy BLTs with peach iced tea, chips, fruit & cookies for dessert. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  67. Lisa

    The perfect picnic would include fresh pineapple, chocolate, and a good glass of wine.

  68. Anne Marie

    My perfect picnic would be in a wooded area with lots of trees. I would take chicken salad sandwiches, lots of fresh fruit and chocolate chip cookies!

  69. Anne

    I live in England, so probably can’t take part in the draw. I don’t really have a porch, but am planning on building one next year, God willing. I love the colours on this one, and the nice comfy chair. Definitely an idea to include in my porch.
    Picnics on the beach are romantic, but not practical – all the sand in your food. So maybe I’d like to sit in the woods, under a tree in the shade.

  70. Doris Graham

    I would take watermelon, chocolate chips cookies, and turkey sandwiches to Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. Then stay and watch the lazer show after dark!

  71. Karen

    My fave picnic would be the four of us…hubby and kids….to a lovely green place with water…a beach perhaps….on a day that is sunny and breezy with no Japanese beetles (they are every where in these parts right now). We would eat and play and stroll along the beach with each other being silly, giving lots of hugs, and just enjoying the day together.

  72. Julianne

    My perfect picnic would be with my husband in the beautiful woods behind our home!!

  73. Elle

    I would love to have a picnic in the park back in the small town where I grew up.

  74. Betsie

    My perfect picnic would be grilled chicken salad with lots of fruit on the coast of any beach with my hubby!

  75. Lisa

    I would take fried chicken, potato salad and fresh fruit on my picnic, next to a cool, clear lake in the mountains.

  76. Laurel

    That adorable basket looks lovely on your porch!
    My kids and I do picnics in our backyard all summer long. Just an old quilt that belonged to my grandma…PB and J, a bag full of apples and maybe a chocolate chip cookie…or 2 :) Feels like Heaven to me…I just sit and soak it all in…I am so blessed :) Thanks for a “chance”! Laurel

  77. Elaine

    There’s a park on the river. I always choose a table in the shade of large trees where I can see through the limbs to a cove.
    Tarragon chicken salad on croissants, grapes or watermelon, potato salad, chilled water and a homemade cookie or two – snickerdoodles would be my choice today!
    Love the patchwork basket! Thanks for the chance to share!

  78. KristiA

    I would love to picnic in a lush wooded area by a flowing brook. I would enjoy a yummy chicken salad sandwich on croissants, fresh fruit, sweet tea, and something sweet for dessert. It would be perfect to share it with my sweet family…I love picnics!

  79. Deidre

    My Perfect picnic would be up at the Adirondacks with a soft blanket spread wide watching nature unfold at its best and the beautiful scenery as majestic as it is.In my picnic basket would be biscuits with sliced ham off the bone,cold fresh fruit,brownies.and a COLD bottle of Shiraz:)

  80. Jennifer Talley

    My perfect summer day picnic was in the backyard of my daughter’s newly purchased home. It has been a hard year for her and her 2 boys, Blu (3) and Eliott (18 mos). I babysit her boys on Saturdays while she works @ a local resort to support her kids as a single mom (5 other days a week she keeps other children in her home). Her newly purchased home is set up perfectly for her child care business with a huge, wooded, nature filled backyard.) I let the boys choose their own lunch…cheerios, potato chips, bread (no peanut butter), grapes, and a juice box. So healthy, but spool fun! My daughter is a tower of strength and faith as she leads her sons and the other children she cares for and teaches them Godly attributes. Her home as a darling little screened porch that so needs a picnic basket!

  81. jennifer

    My perfect picnic: under a tree at the beach, eating… fried chicken!

  82. Jeanne

    My favorite picnic is in the height of winter. Picture candlelight, a great fire in the fireplace, blanket and pillows in front of the fireplace and a picnic basket filled with wonderful treats like smoked salmon, imported cheese, a great California wine, and smooth, dark chocolate. Add to that a husband you love so much and you have the best picnic in the world.

  83. Kimberley

    That would look soooo pretty on my screened porch! Maybe it will be mine….How nice to spend an afternoon picnicing with my hubby and 3 boys!

  84. Deana

    My perfect picnic would be anywhere with my hubby. We used to picnic a lot when we were engaged & first married BK (before kids). He travels a ton so a picnic together would be heaven…we would have maytag blue cheese, goat cheese with chutney, and this awesome local artisan Brie. A loaf of French bread, a great Cabernet, tarts from the French bakery in town, sparkling water with lime, a big ol quilt, a mason jar with flowers and endless kid free conversation. Ahhhhhh…. So long winded :) got lost in the moment.

  85. susan

    Hi Melissa! how fun! i love to picnic with my family. we usually just head to a local park and enjoy each other’s company! our picnics are simple, sandwiches, fruit, something sweet and lemonade! Hope all is well with you!!

  86. LindaS

    I would think a cool mountainside picnic would be wonderful. Along with a basket of chicken salad and summer fruits and veggies.

  87. Nikki

    I’d love a picnic by a waterfall with bread, cheese, crackers, grapes, wine. My children would love to play in the water and wander around. I can picture it now … thanks!

  88. Suzanne Ellis-Kelly

    family…sunshine…view of the Hudson River…soft breeze…
    soft blanket…lemonade…homemade sandwiches…green salad…something sweet laughter…love…perfection.

  89. Amy Smith

    My favorite picnic is actually a childhood memory of mine. My family would pack up cold salads, chicken and fresh veggies with homemade sun-tea and take our boat to nearby Cockonoe Island in Long Island Sound. We would spend the day swimming, treasure hunting, exploring, digging for clams, and enjoying the sunshine on the rocky beach, and my dad would build a fire and cook dinner. My favorite part of the picnic was dessert, which was always Sara Lee Cupcakes – they came from the frozen aisle, there were 6 to a package, and I always looked forward to having either the chocolate one or the coconut one. I don’t think they make them anymore, but memories of those cupcakes, on a beach all to ourselves, watching the sun set, was magical to me as a little girl!!

  90. Grace

    My favorite summer picnic would be fried chicken(cold), deviled eggs, sweet tea and brownies…all enjoyed with the company of my husband and two sweet little boys, who would undoubtedly go straight for the brownies!:-)

    Blessings, Grace

  91. Cynthia

    My perfect picnic would be with my husband by a lake with a bottle of wine (in the afternoon of course) some nice Italian cheeses and meats and great bread and pasta of some type that I would make. Love the basket.


  92. karen

    My perfect picnic would be with my husband and son on our enclosed porch, during a thunderstorm. The rain drumming on the roof and the pine trees swaying outside the windows, while we play board games under the soft glow of some lanterns. We would eat fried chicken with our fingers and sip strawberry lemonade. We could listen to an eighties chanel on the radio and laugh about what songs we liked.

  93. Neena

    We love to take day trips to the mountains and pack a picnic to enjoy while we are there! We usually make sandwiches and stop at a local farm to pick up fresh produce and goodies to go with it!

  94. tracy

    My perfect picnic would be here at my home on our back patio, with my family and church friends. However, the thing that would make it perfect would be if I planned ahead…this is where I fail. I envision this lovely picnics that look like blog pictures, with cute dishes, labels for the food, people laughing and some really cool drink dispenser with lemons floating in the water……if I could get organized enough, that would be my perfect picnic!

  95. Deb

    Oh how adorable! I love picnics and chalkboards too!
    My picnic would be on New Silver Beach in Falmouth, Cape Cod and my basket you would find a nice baguette, cheese, grapes, some salami, wine, and for dessert, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! Thanks for the chance! (and by the way, I love your little garden there on your front porch!)

  96. Amy B

    Oh how I love picnics and would love to win! We “picnic” everywhere from the backyard to the beach! I would love to pack a picnic lunch of chicken salad on croissants, fresh fruit, and chocolate chip cookies. We would head to the park on a windy day to fly kites and enjoy a lunch outside with my 2 younger boys.

  97. Carmen

    Anytime on Siesta Key Beach (voted Best Beach in the US by Dr. Beach, 2011)
    with just about anything to nibble on, with my best- bud- hubby of 25 years,

  98. Doris Krebs

    Bread, cheese, summer sausage, fresh lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries — anywhere! Even on the back porch. . .

  99. Angie

    My perfect picnic would be by the river in the Smoky Mountains where I grew up. A nice warm summer morning. My mother making sausage and gravy biscuits. We always bring the biscuits baked but she cooks the sausage and makes the gravy at the picnic area. There’s nothing like smelling breakfast cooking in the fresh open air of the mountains. Fresh brewed coffee and a nice ripe cantaloupe. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway. The basket is BEAUTIFUL!!

  100. Amy

    My favorite picnic would include fried chicken, some kind of chocolate pie, and my familiy’s pink salad recipe. It would be a crisp, cool, lazy day without bugs. Thank you for the contest.

  101. Sherry Morris

    I would like to take this picnic basket right off my porch and go anywhere at the spur of the moment, tossing in things as my hubby and I made our way out the door!

  102. Marcia

    Perfect picnic would be some good wine, good cheese and good bread. I need that basket for the porch on my lake house. Just moved in two days ago and it is time to start decorating!

  103. Marla

    My perfect picnic would be spent up in the Smoky Mountain with my family indulging in fresh vegetables, fruit salad, and finger sandwiches all packed in a neat little picnic basket from Dayspring.

  104. Robyn Hill

    Our perfect picnic would be on our boat up
    at Lake Powell.Cruising into Warm Creek Bay and into a sandy cove.Pulling out this great basket ,and sitting on the sunpad to munch away on Cracker Barrel (super sharp cheddar cheese) with some Pepperidge Farm crackers.Add a fruit plate with all of the summer goodies,and a glass of wine to toast away the relaxing day!

  105. Kim

    My perfect picnic would be at the beach with all of my family there playing in the waves and frisbee with the dog!! On the menu: muffuletta sandwich, pasta salad and cousin Kelli’s wicked Oreo brownies!! Wash it down with an Arnold Palmer tea!! Ahhhhhh divine!!!! Only thing that would be better would be packing it in this uber cute picnic basket!!!!!!!

  106. Lori Razzano

    My perfect picnic is something that my family and I try to do every summer. Usually the lunch is just put in a cooler or something very unattractive! We have four children under the age of six, yes I said four! (adopted). So it’s peanut butter and jelly for them! And some fresh fruit of the season. My husband and I will pick up some sandwiches from a market. Then we go to the cities Erie Canal in Rome NY. They have picnic table (one) and for some reason we usually have good luck getting it. We let the kids eat and run around . There is always someone fishing there so they get a kick out of watching them. Then their too loud and the fishermen give us dirty looks, time to go!!! Not too romantic but we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  107. Fran

    I think I have already had the perfect picnic… this summer on the banks of the Thames, London – on a rare balmy day, with my three gorgeous grandchildren on the ridiculously green grass, under the dappled shade, watching boats go by.
    We ate (well, some of us did, not five-month-old Ruthie) chicken mayonnaise sandwiches, mini falaffels and hummous, crunchy carrot and cucumber sticks, giant read juicy strawberries, sesame crackers and cheese, crisps. And then we really wanted some cake, but went home for some instead. A memorable picnic indeed and highly recommended for travelling grandmothers.

  108. Amy R.

    My perfect picnic would take place on a vintage patchwork quilt on the beach with my family. We would eat chicken salad sandwiches, lots of watermelon, and homemade chocolate chip cookies out of this adorable picnic basket!

  109. Wanda

    Perfect picnic? Red Rock Mt. There would be sandwiches and chips. Fruit and cheese. Wine and the cool sounds of water falling.

  110. Leslie

    On a beach…simple food…great cheeses, savory crackers, some fruit…and something chocolate!

  111. Kristine

    My perfect picnic would be a basket full of our favorite yummy stuff from Trader Joes (that i didn’t have to prepare, haha!) and the spot would have to take my family and i back home for a visit to the California coast for a day of some sun, surf, and pure enjoyment on the sand. Thank you for the entry!

  112. Michele Laramay

    My perfect picnic would be grilled chicken salad, crusty bread, and some chocolate alone with my husband. We would be somewhere near water we could take our kayaks out on.

  113. Becky

    My perfect picnic would be at the Lake under a large live oak shade tree…with my family and our two dogs. My favorite picnic foods would be fried chicken, potato salad, large crisp chilled dill pickles, fritos and baked beans. Desert would be homeade toll house chocolate chip cookies….plenty of sweet tea, water and coca cola to go around. Ahhhhhhh! :-)

  114. Staci

    My perfect picnic would be sitting on a secluded beach, it would include chicken salad sandwiches and fruit (grapes or strawberries, so I could feed them to my hubby)

  115. Tracy

    What a lovel picnic basket! I would take it to the beach, filled with chicken salad, fruit & cheeses, ice cold watermelon & blueberries and peach iced tea. What a wonderful day it would be!

  116. Sandy

    I think my picnic will be on Mackinac Island MI. We would go on a long bike ride and find a grassy slope to have sandwiches, fresh vegetables, potato salad, spicy cole slaw and brownies with icing! Then we could bike back to town and have ice cream.

  117. Pam

    My perfect SUMMER picnic takes place at the beach on a perfectly fresh SPRING day! I am from Florida and summers are just plain hot! But before the heat and humidity press in , our state is blessed with a few weeks of amazingly beautiful blue skies and warm breezes. God is good!

  118. Denise DiFalco

    My husband & I love going up to Harbour Beach each Summer. The little cottage we stay at sits right on Lake Huron. Our perfect picnic would consist of tuna fish salad croissants, blueberries and sun made iced tea) while watching the boats go by in The thumb of Michigan~ would also love to bring our Bibles along for a special spiritual meal also

  119. maureen

    There is an open are concert venue near our house. They have some great music acts during the summer and I would love to go there with a picnic basket of tuna salad and fresh fruit and sparking Italian sodas and some dips with fresh cut veggies and then for dessert some lemon squares.

  120. Jessie C.

    Fruit salad by the lake with big trees is perfect

  121. Esther

    a perfect summer picnic is simply walking out the door into my own back yard! :)

  122. fitzwoman

    On the beach, later in the day, with homemade salsa & chips, fruit, chicken salad sandwiches and beer.

  123. Natalie

    My favorite picnic would be by the water, in the evening. Some chicken, pasta salad, fruit and chocolate. And nothing but the sound of the water.

  124. Abby

    My picnic would be on a old antique quilt….in the black hills of South Dakota. We would have packed Strawberry Shortcake in little individual jars. Tiny little finger sandwiches, with a beautiful fruit tray, nuts, cheese. To drink pink Lemonade in mason jars with paper straws….Oh I could go on and on. But remember this is in my dreams…I took my kids on a picnic last week and we ate pb&j, chips out of a baggie and grapes with bottled water to drink…(:

  125. Fairfield House

    My perfect picnic would in a grassy patch under a huge tree. {I live on the beach and know all to well the gritty taste of SAND wiches! } : ) A large blanket would be spread. The picnic basket would hold fried chicken, coleslaw. Apple crumb pie for dessert. Iced tea to wash it all down.
    Your Friend,

  126. Teresa Lee

    My idea of a perfect summer picnic.. A drive to the mountains..find an overlook & spread out a blanket..pack lots of yummy food in that adorable picnic basket & enjoy each others company…

  127. Jeni

    At the park, with the kids, and my husband (who works WAY too much)! Easy PB&J, lemonade slushies and baby food!!

  128. Susanne Cousins

    Never would’ve thought of using a picnic basket to decorate but awesome idea! I’d probably pit kid snacks in it for doubling its use!

  129. Heather

    We like to bring a fancy picnic to concerts and sporting events instead of the traditional tailgate fare. We usually bring a salad, gourmet chips, interesting sandwiches & a yummy dessert.

  130. Debby

    Sitting on a dock surrounded by cool lake water and beautiful sunshine. Grandma Lela’s quilt to sit upon to have her close. (She loved picnics) The basket contains fried chicken, fresh cut vegetables and fruit…and the best jug of sweet ice lemonade you have ever had! Sharing a yummy picnic on a gorgeous day with my family…..priceless!!!! :)

  131. Kathy Gill

    My perfect picnic would include elements of reality and fantasy. I have a great wrap-around porch with bent willow and vintage furniture that are loaded with pillows and cushions made of vintage textiles and tablecloths. I’d have my whole family there, including my oldest two sons and my mom (who are waiting for us in Heaven) and serve, among other things, their favorite treats including blueberries, anise bears and tapioca pudding. And it wouldn’t matter a bit if we had rainy weather or if mosquitoes joined us for the event. :-D

  132. angie

    Fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon and cookies with some sweet tea! that’s how we do here in Texas:) on a HUGE blanket under a big tree for shade. You kick off your flip flops, play some football and fall asleep looking up at the clouds!

  133. Diana JOHANNESEN

    My favorite picnic is going to Ravinia (Chicago). Use my crate and barrel table, vintage tablecloth, and candles. We have avocado pomegranate dip/pita chips, cheese,crackers, and fruit kabobs. Skinny girl cocktail!

    What a great giveaway.

  134. Meredith Owens

    For me, the perfect summer picnic would consist of yummy foods such as sweet and spicy baked chicken, pasta salad, cold sliced watermelon, oatmeal raspberry bars and ice cold bottled Coke all packed in a cute picnic basket! I would spend the afternoon lying on my grandma’s quilt next to the people I love most-my husband, daughter and son. We would fly kites in the breeze atop a grassy hill and end the day watching fireworks!

  135. Cheryl B

    My husband calls it a piccinic. There is a place that we had a picnic which is now a housing addition but everytime we go by there it brings back sweet memories.

  136. Eileen

    If I could picnic once again with my beloved Jack, I would pack his favorite wine, cheese, and crackers, some homemade chocolate cookies, and I would add all my love.

  137. Donna McBroom-Theriot

    When we are traveling, I love picnics with peanut butter and apple jelly. Something about traveling makes me crave this. We also love to make fresh shrimp salad and homemade lemonade (from the lemons on our trees) for picnics.

  138. Jodie

    My favorite picnic is on the the Lake Michigan beach overlooking the boats come in the channel. Beautiful!

  139. margaret

    My perfect summer picnic would be with my family under the weeping willow tree near the creek. Our picnic basket would contain home made chicken salad sandwiches, pb&j, sun tea, and my boy’s favorite summer time snack, watermelon, and ofcourse chocolate chip cookies for me!

  140. Linda Kozik

    On the swim dock on the lake. Hot dogs, loaded Chicago style; sliced Beefsteak tomatoes, green peppers & cucumbers, splashed with a vinegarette; watermelon wedges and homemade chocolate chip cookies. An ice cold Corona with lime.

  141. Crystal

    I would take hubs & our little girl to the lake for a picnic. We’d sit on the beach, eat salads, fried chicken, cole slaw, and brownies. I’d have a big diet Pepsi. We’d dip our toes in the water and people watch. We’d take silly photos and just spend time enjoying our family :)

  142. Tara

    My perfect summer picnic would include a Caprese Salad, White Peach Sangria and some home made ice cream! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  143. Kathy Gill

    My picnic would include elements of reality and fantasy. It would take place on my wrap-around porch with my bent willow furniture cushioned with pillows made of vintage textiles and tablecloths and hanging baskets with red geraniums cascading over to offer a little privacy from my sub-urban neighborhood (reality). I’d have my whole family there, including my two sons and my mom, who are waiting for us in Heaven. I’d serve, among other things, their favorite “treats”, blueberries, anise bears and tapioca pudding. It wouldn’t matter a bit if it rained or if mosquitoes joined us for the day…it would be Heaven-on-earth.

  144. Jennifer

    ahhhhh the pefect picnic!! We would be up in the mountains at our favorite picnic place with my kiddos, husband and my parents. My parents would travel out every year to celebrate the kids birthdays. A special traditon for the last 10 years, though now my father is not able to travel. So of course, the picnic memories are cherished even more!! We would pack up and head west, into the beautiful Rocky Mountains, picnic right by the stream. Egg salad sandwiches, chips, watermelon and a special “sweet Treat”. Really didn’t matter about the food, just the blessing of the family with us!

  145. Missy Kim

    A secluded spot on a rocky beach, fresh tomatoes and strawberries we just picked up at the farmer’s market, cheese, a yummy bread, and home baked chocolate chip cookies.

  146. Lori

    What a fun give away. Dayspring always makes the cutest things.
    Perfect picnic: food of any kind as long as it is shared with my two cute kiddos! :)

  147. Mary S

    The perfect picnic would be to pack turkey sandwiches and head to the mountains with my four little children and husband and watch them explore.

  148. Jeanine

    When I was growing up, we went on lots of picnics because we never went to restaurants! We would almost always have pineapple and mayo sandwiches as well as deviled ham and cream cheese sandwiches. I think I may have to make a run to the store and make these today! Love, love, love the picnic basket and chalkboard!

  149. Anita Gambrell

    My picnic would be at the lake in the Veterans State Park. A nice cold lunch packed in the beautiful picnic basket. I’d have a fruit salad mixed up and chicken salad sandwiches with ice cold raspberry lemonade. Most importantly lots of potato chips! Lol

  150. Holly S.

    My perfect picnic would either be at the bank of the Saluda river or at the beach. We like easy things like PB&J, chips, apples, and a drink.

  151. Randi S

    The perfect picnic would be one where my hubby (who is military and works long, crazy hours) could go…no need to rush off to work, and our family could simply enjoy time together!!

  152. Danielle

    My ideal picnic would be under a giant shade tree with the beach in plain sight, not a bug in sight! The waves would be crashing in and the summer breeze would provide just a hint of coolness. The fresh saltwater air would be wafting in our noses, as we noshed on a vegetable sandwich on fresh baked whole grain bread, a side of pasta salad, and a sinful shortbread cookie for dessert (: Now if only I could find this place!

  153. Eileen Delaney

    The perfect picnic spot would be under a big umbrella on the beach. Sailboats off in the distance. My kids would be playing in the water while I was on a comfy chair with a great book. The meal would be chicken salad, strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels, and Arnold Palmer to drink. Perfect!

  154. Kerry

    Oh, I love that you’ve reminded me to have a picnic this summer! If I could, I’d go back to Chicago to the ultimate picnic location, the Ravinia Music Festival. I’d fill my old and gorgeous picnic basket with good wine, great cheese, crusty bread, some fruit and chocolate and sit under the stars to listen to beautiful music.

  155. Jessica

    With two active boys a dog and an active husband, any picnic needs neat, easy foods! My ideal picnic would be a my favorite meadow at our local State park. We’d have chicken salad sandwiches, fresh fruit skewers, chocolate chip cookies and iced green tea…then back on the bikes!

  156. Kate

    A great picnic for me would be at the beach with friends. Lots of fresh fruit and some yummy sandwiches!

  157. Sylvia

    My perfect summer picnic would be by a lake and I would eat chicken salad, cheese, and fruit.

  158. Deidra

    My perfect summer picnic is to take my kids to Amish country and find a spot with a great view and eat sandwiches, potato salad,chips, ice cold pop and lots of brownies.

  159. Cathy B*****y

    what a sweet giveaway! Love the chalkboard!!! And the picnic is so sweet… makes a statement of faith also.
    My perfect summer picnic would be at the beach, with a beach playground near by so the little ones can run off some energy before heading back home.
    My perfect picnic would be fresh fruit salad- including watermelon; veggie salad (marinated baby cherry tomatoes, mini tri-color peppers, slices of cucumbers, garlic, scallions, red onion); cold grilled or smoked salmon on fave breads; Coconut water-its the most hydrating of all beverages; container filled with fave cheese cubes and crackers of pop chips….and of course, what is a picnic without brownies and cupcakes for dessert!)

  160. Erin

    My husband proposed to me while we were on a picnic. It was sweet, simple and unforgettable :) My perfect picnic would be recreating our lovely proposal. It would be under a big shady tree on a hot North Carolina summer day. We would drink wine and eat crackers, cheese and donut holes :)

  161. Julie

    Don’t have to give this a second thought…my fave picnic would be at the beach on a mild day, under a big umbrella with lots of fresh fruit, cheese, bread and wine! Used to live at the beach and live where it takes over an hour to get my toes in the sand and I miss it! Might have to do this soon…thanks for putting the idea in my head!

  162. sue frazier

    my perfect picnic would be in a clearing in the woods by a little bubbling stream on an old quilt, basket loaded with fresh tomato sandwiches, cracked pepper triscuits and fresh squeezed lemonade! and no gnats or flies in sight! (i live in GA so I could never have an outside picnic minus the bugs!)

  163. Cyndi

    My favorite picnic is at a campground with a beach area with my adult kids and grandchildren. We would pack chicken salad sandwiches, with fruit salad, potato chips and homemade choc chip cookies and brownies! We would have a variety of soft drinks, lemonades and iced tea! Yum!

  164. Deb McKathan

    The perfect picnic spot is anywhere I can share with my grandchildren. Shady, with birds singing and a nice breeze.

  165. Tana Hendricks

    Our perfect picnic would be to take a blanket and go to the ocean. We have local beaches with beautiful walkways and we would take a sub sandwich eat, some chips, fruit and a diet coke. Easy!

  166. carolyn bryant

    My perfect picnic would be on the family farm by the creek. We would have homemade pimento cheese sandwiches and chips. Afterwards we would enjoy a fun time wading in the creek.

  167. Angela

    My perfect picnic would be fancy with girlfriends or sweet and relaxed with my kids!

  168. Tracey

    I would love to pack a big picnic basket full of different kinds of sub sandwiches, potato salad, fresh veggies and fruit, a few bottles of wine, and kidnap my husband and take him to Brown County (Indiana). Oh what a wonderful dream!!!!

  169. Christine

    Ahhh… a summer picnic, maybe next year! Our youngest of three boys does not sit for a moment, but this time next year he’ll be 2 1/2 and I believe we can then stop, sit, eat yummy food, and relax.
    I did buy a beautiful large brown wicker picnic basket (with leather straps) a few weeks ago ($5.00 yard sale find!) It’s been sitting in the basement for that someday…. but you have inspired me Melissa!!! I am going to move this ugly file cabinet / phone table to the basement and use my lovely basket instead. I need something low to the ground and was going to start shopping for a short stool.
    So I’ll need another picnic basket afterall :} My ideal picnic…. Turkey, salami and swiss cheese on a wrap, Cape Cod potato chips, a hot cup of Tea and a brownie. Umm, Umm, good!

  170. Castle Swanson

    The worst part of summer for our kids was getting rained in. So we would have indoor picnics – we’d grill hawaiian kabobs, spread the picnic blanket in the den and watch Swiss Family Robinson. Great memories! Looking forward now to indoor picnics with the grandkids.

  171. Rachel

    A great picnic for me right now would be going to one of the great parks in our region with only my husband (love my 5 kids, but I’m craving quiet) so we could be on a long-overdue date. Great picnic food would be sandwiches of Columbus herb-roasted turkey with chipotle jack cheese on sourdough bread, Kettle chips, fresh berries, monster cookies and some ice cold sodas.

    The basket is so adorable. Love it when decor doubles as storage, too!

  172. Angie Ochoa

    My perfect picnic would be ONLY with my husband (Can you tell I desperately need a date with my hubby????), on a nice, warm, sandy, quiet beach, under a beach umbrella, on a blanket. The food would be sourdough bread with roast beef and Cottswald Cheese and a dab of mayo, some strawberries, and then some delicious chocolate truffles from Pieces of Heaven (a chocolate shop in Carmel, CA).

  173. Sandy B

    My perfect picnic? A simple one of egg salad sandwiches, homemade pickles, grapes and melon balls, lemonade and iced brownies. Yummy!

    I’m from Canada; can I still win? Fingers crossed ’cause it’s such a lovely picnic box.

  174. Marie

    We have family coming from Norway, so I’d pack it up with goodies and show them the beautiful NW!

  175. TuTu T

    Can’t have a picnic without … watermelon, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, diet Coke (and the kids love water!) and Tinkerbell, our doggie! Oh, and don’t forget the chips!

  176. Christine

    My perfect picnic would be anywhere near the water with my family! Those would be the only two things I’d need to make it perfect! And some yummy food, of course!!!

  177. Connie

    My favorite picnic would be on Skyline Drive in our beautiful Shenandoah National Park. We would have baked chicken, pasta salad, fresh sliced tomatoes, dill pickles, watermelon and pound cake with sweet iced tea. We love to pull over and have a picnic on a blanket anywhere on the Drive. But we also use the many lovely picnic area.

    Love that basket!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  178. Erin Rizzo

    Right now my ideal picnic, would be with our friends. we moved last year three hours north and we see each other very rare. I would meet up with them at the beach with our hubbies and our kids, when put together, is 13. We miss them terribly and this would be ideal. To eat, well, we would stuff our selves with chips and salsa, fruit salads, chips and burgers. :)

  179. Susan Denard

    My family and I are about to start working with children in the foster care system who are severely abused and neglected. I would love to go pick up some of them and take them on a special picnic because many of them have probably never done that. I think we’d go to the beach. And we’d pack fried chicken, cucumber sandwiches made with Greek yogurt mixed with dried Italian dressing, broccoli salad (my teenage boys love it!), pasta salad, chips, assorted fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes), brownie bites, cookies, bottled water, sweet tea and Dr. Pepper. I want to take enough food to feed all of the kiddos because some of them aren’t fed well or often. :(

    And I LOVE the picnic basket and chalkboard. I love the Bible verses on them. That’s something that some of the children have probably never read or heard of. Thanks for this great website and doing this give away!

  180. petra

    A perfect picnic would be with family in one of the lush green parks near our home. The weather would be warm, but not humid. No bugs. We’d grill burgers and have a huge potluck with all the sides and desserts.

  181. Carol Walker

    My perfect picnic would be with family in the mountains near a bubbling stream, and watching my grandchildren enjoy the fresh mountain air! And to eat…so many options! But maybe warm hot dogs and hamburgers cooked at the outdoor picnic grill…YUM!

  182. The American Homemaker

    I LOVE picnics! My favorite is egg salad sandwiches with fresh fruit and homemade lemonade in mason jars sitting by a cool stream just relaxing and enjoying the day.

  183. VHiggins

    Hmmm, I just remember a great picnic with my husband (then fiancee) where I grabbed KFC popcorn chicken and had rolls and strawberry lemonade, it was so relaxed and easy. I loved it ^_^

  184. Gloria Dojlido

    My perfect picnic would be on the beach at sunset with my hubby. I know wine would be in the picnic basket and some olives, cheeses and salami. Don’t forget the fresh french bread. YUM!

  185. Tara

    We are creatures of habit, so all of our picnics include tortellini and fresh pesto, triscuits with cheese, hummus, and grapes. Water, sunscreen and bug spray, of course.

  186. Jenny

    Perfect picnic…coming up this summer with the birth of my first grandchild, a little boy! His momma will need a break and we will picnic by the lake!


  187. Joy

    Summer at Dusk.
    Antique quilt.
    Old Red Picnic Hamper.
    Mason Jar Lemonade.
    Cold Fried Chicken & Fluffy Dinner Rolls.
    Strawberries, Blueberries, Peaches.
    Fire Flies & Crickets Chirping.
    Someone Special.

  188. Barbara

    My perfect picnic would take place in my backyard on a vintage quilt. We would drink cucumber water, dine on chicken salad in toasted pita breads with crumbled bacon on top and for dessert some sweet juicy watermelon and assortment of french macaroons.

  189. Pat White

    My perfect picnic would be fried chicken, potato salad and a cold drink by a cool stream or lake with a beautiful mountain view.

  190. Katie

    Perfect picnic is in my own back yard on the trampoline with my four kiddos!

  191. Lisa Mittleman

    A perfect picnic for me would be at the beach with my husband, kids and dogs……turkey and avocado sandwiches on fresh whole grain bread, my Mom’s potato salad, fruit on skewers, and brownies for dessert. The weather would be a perfect 72 and there would be no sand in my food LOL!

  192. Beth R.

    My perfect picnic would be with my husband, somewhere secluded near a lake or a meadow with a brook. We would pack a bottle of wine, fruit, cheese, g.f. crackers and olives. (there used to be a hunk of good bread in this scenario, but alas..) Something sweet for desert… and a comfortable old quilt to whittle away the hours on.

  193. Valerie

    We’re right in the middle of several state parks, so we can go enjoy the beauty any time we want. My perfect picnic would be there, with chicken salad sandwiches, lemonade, and cookies! With my family there having fun with me, of course!

  194. Mrs Mac

    From over the pond, so no chance of a win, but….. there’s a hill in Devon, high up above a small town and farm fields, a magic place that takes some finding. The sound of those below drift up, perhaps someone cutting their grass, or closing a gate. With birdsong and sunshine – that’s our spot with a camp stove so that we can make a pot of fresh tea and with friends, eat fresh crusty bread, some cheese and pickles, a nice salad and grapes to finish. Heaven!

  195. Alice Adams

    Your basket brings back childhood memories of picnics with my parents in the NC mountains! We lived about an hour and half from the mountains so it is something we did alot. Country ham biscuits, fried chicken, tomatoes, cukes,etc. and most of this was homemade by my mama and daddy. I can’t forget her homeade chocolate brownies. We continued this tradition with my daughter and husband. What great memories I have! I would love to have this picnic basket as an addition to my front porch. It brings a smile to my face!

  196. Leigh Anne

    Ham sliders & fruit!

  197. Patricia Crowley

    My perfect Summer picnic is with the family at our local park…kids playing. We would have potatoe salad and fried chicken…with apple pie for dessert!

  198. Susie

    I’d love to just have a nice little picnic next to the river with a few of my closest friends. I love lemon chicken salad (found the recipe on pinterest !) on a croissant and lots of chocolate !! haha

  199. Meredith W.

    A picnic on the beach sounds great! BLTs, chips, fruit, brownies. yummmm

  200. Jennifer

    My perfect picnic would be by the beach eating grapes, cheese, crackers and sipping wine!

  201. Heather

    We live in Buffalo and have a great outdoor Shakespeare theatre that is free all summer. The kids play at the playground then we all eat and watch maybe one act of the play. Sometimes we leave the kids with a sitter and add a bottle of wine to the basket for us and watch the whole play! It’s the perfect place to have a picnic. We love to bring peanut chicken wraps and cheese and crackers and grapes.

  202. Rebecca

    In the mountains with pimento cheese sandwiches, brownies, and strawberry lemonade! :) Love this picnic basket!

  203. Lisa P.

    I would love to picnic near a stream in the woods with wine, cheese, crackers, fruit and chocolate chip cookies.

  204. Courtney

    The ideal picnic is simple. It involves cold cucumber and hummus sammies, pasta salad, peach iced tea and chewy brownies. I grew up in a family that loved to eat outdoors: picnics and BBQs alike. My favorite spot is a quiet spot along the beach, good company and boccee ball! :)

  205. Christine

    I would take my family out of the unrelenting heat of Gilbert (which is near Phoenix, AZ) and go north to the mountains in Payson or Christopher Creek. There are many places off the main roads that are great for enjoying nature with the towering pine trees and grassy meadows with wild flowers to have a picnic. It’s very peaceful and tranquil. I always feel restored when I go up there. I would pack sandwiches, a salad with lots of greens (I’m a vegetarian), fruit salad, cheese and crackers for the others and ice tea.

  206. joanne

    perfect picnic my actually gets a day off from work, call our closest friends, wine, cheese, vegetable pizza, some kind of chocolate, music, a big blanket, doesn’t even matter where the location is (ok near the water) just perfect…………………………………..

  207. Karen

    My perfect picnic is one where I am surrounded by my family and closest friends, nibbling lovingly prepared foods and sipping strong iced tea!

  208. Darlene

    perfect picnic would be me & hubby by a creek or brook with fried chicken, potato salad, lemonaid and peanut butter cookies (my husbands fav).

  209. Kathryn

    My perfect picnic would be in the mountains (redfish lake in Idaho) with my husband and our 2 little boys. We’d have fresh fruit & cheese, chicken salad on croissants, caprese salad and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  210. patty

    How cute! I have an obsession with picnic baskets! Perfect picnic – soft breeze, under the trees and kids all happy! oh, and brownies – everything is better with brownies

  211. Margi

    Raspberry and pecan salad for two on our lovely screened porch. Tucked away for a few hours with hubster…and ending the evening indulging in chocolate cheesecake!

  212. Megan

    My perfect picnic would be one where my husband and I got to go to the beach with our basket of goodies, two chairs and no little ones, even though I do love them very very much. We would sit, talk with out being interupted and relax. We would probably spend the entire time talking about the kids, how cute they are, how much we miss them and how next time we should bring them with us. :O)

  213. VickyC

    In the cool redwoods of Santa Cruz mountains looking across the beautful coast, with a perfect Pinot, fresh veggie sandwich, roasted shrimp, grilled artichokes and olallieberry pie!~

  214. Donna Strom

    My perfect picnic is on my wonderful upstairs deck that is decorated with red chair cushions, lights, a water fountain and radio playing country music in the background. We would have thick, meaty ham & turkey sandwiches, watermelon slices, icy cold lemonade, pickle spears and chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

  215. Solducky

    My kids and husband, a breezy warm day, and great food. Maybe some kite flying, watching a dog catch a frisbee, and everyone in good moods too!

  216. Katy

    My perfect picnic would be with my whole family at a park or beach. We would have lemonade, pop, burgers, hotdogs, chips and dip, cookies, bars and lots of summer salads!

  217. Bettsi

    The best picnics aren’t about the food, but the people. Subway sandwiches on a park bench is a great picnic if you’re with someone you love. Having said that, I would LOVE the opportunity to pack an amazing picnic in that basket and join friends and family at the park!

  218. Jennifer C.

    I would be on the beach eating a turkey sandwich with lots of bacon with Cheetos on the side and homemade lemonade to drink, please!

  219. Tracy Byers

    My perfect picnic includes a locally made jack cheese with jalapenos, GF crackers, in season fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, oh my!), cucumbers from the garden and peach lemonade. For dessert- GF brownies- oh yeah!!

  220. Terry McClung

    Perfect picnic….. Our family together summertime in Sitka, Alaska (weather much cooler than Texas), and we would munch on Ludwig’s clam chowder, Mom’s fried chicken, kale salad, brownies and homemade ice cream. The kids would love it!

    Thanks for the giveaway….blessings

  221. Kristi

    I couldn’t help but remember a surprise visit from my fiance (then my boyfriend) when he took me on a picnic by the Delaware river. My mom even packed special plates in the picnic basket! :) My perfect picnic would be to share one with him again and it would definitely have to include sweet potato chips and chocolate fudge balls!

  222. JoAnn

    Thanks for the chance to win! I like a picnic on the beach on a warm, breezy day with fried chicken and anything else as long as there’s plenty of fried chicken!!

  223. Marilyn

    For a summer picnic, I would be on the grass at the beach under the trees with the whole family. We would have fried chicken, potato salad, corn chips, watermelon and cherries, and iced tea. Dessert would be brownies or chocolate chip cookie bars. Thanks for the giveaway Melissa–and Dayspring!

  224. Kristen

    YOUR picnic sounds perfect! I think I would leave my basket to look pretty at home and join you and steal your perfect food in your perfect setting. :)

  225. Amy Sue

    My perfect picnic would be a repeat of one my husband and I took 20 years ago. We flew in a 4 seater plane to a hidden lake somewhere in the mountains of Alaska. I would pack fresh fruit, rotisserie chicken sandwiches and potato salad.

  226. Jessica Schaffer

    My favorite picnic would be on the farm w/my husband and four kiddos. I would bring fried chicken, potato salad, and corn on the cob (can’t forget the corn, I’m from Iowa!!!) For dessert…I would bring something easy for the kids to eat like scotcheroos or brownies.

    After 10yrs of pinching pennies my husband and I are building a house in the country. There is an old barn and creek where the kids love to play. It’s so peaceful and quiet. A vast difference from our everday lives!

  227. erica r

    a quiet secluded spot in the park, under a nice tree to provide shade. a light breeze, a warm gentle sun like today (76 degrees! perfect!). some wonderful chicken salad sandwiches, cold watermelon, and some iced lemonade. accompanied by my hubs… nothing could be better! :)

  228. Michelle

    My perfect picinic would be at Paradise atop Mt. Rainier! Its pretty up there with lots of trails to waterfalls and picnic tables. We always need to have pringles and twinkies (don’t ask why twinkies!! Not sure but they always end up in the picnic basket!!), ham & cheese sandwiches, grapes and lemonade. Now if only Washington would get some sunshine for the picnics to begin!!

  229. how2home

    This is such an adorable idea for the front porch!
    My “perfect” picnic is just spending time with my family near a lake with NO mosquitos…hate those little buggers ! Great contest!

  230. nancy

    A nice cool day, unlike these 100+ days we are having! Maybe at Hermann Park along with a trip to the zoo with kids & grands. Hubby’s chicken strips, fresh fruit salad, tomatoes, cukes & icy cold tea!

  231. Tonia

    I’d want to picnic with my mom (she passed away 2 years ago and i miss her SO much!) and our dogs in her very favorite spot by the Loyalsock Creek in the Endless Mtns of Pennsylvania – a simply beautiful, quiet area with dappled sunlight and that certain woodsy smell you can never find in a candle (but wish you could!). We’d take along our most favorite lunch of goat cheese, pesto and roasted red pepper sandwiches and just relax while our dogs played in the water, talking and laughing about everything you talk about with your best friend.

  232. stacy watson

    in our yard
    on a blanket
    with the kids
    eating watermelon.strawberries, potato salad and nutella sandwiches for the kids :)

  233. Jayne

    On the lake on a weekday afternoon or evening. I’d pack crispy pan-fried chicken, red potato salad, marinated cucumbers, tortilla chips and jalapeno salsa, washed down with peach iced tea. We’d finish with watermelon and a dip in the lake to wash off! Ahhhhhhhhhhh…

  234. April was in CT now CA

    I would love to have cold fried chicken with the fixin’s (takes me back to my childhood!) and it would be in a beautiful park near a bubbling brook or small creek. No bugs allowed.

  235. Laura

    I can turn any time ….any day…..into a picnic! Just give me my family, a bowl of homemade potato salad, hot dogs and iced tea! Sunshine and a big blue sky..optional!

  236. Nancy K

    On a beach with gentle ocean breezes, sand in my toes and shells in my pockets with no clock to watch. We would be sipping ice cold tea and munching on homemade smoked cheddar crackers with fresh fruit, and crust artisian breads!

  237. Andrea

    My perfect picnic would be on the rocky southern Oregon coast where I went to high school. My family still lives there and I get to see them about every six months. Of course the coast is breath taking, but it would be amazing to spend a afternoon just spending quality time with the people I love. The picnic basket would hold my mom’s no bake cookies, diet Dr. Peppers, sour cream & cheddar chips, and Subway sandwiches. ;)

  238. Monique

    Oh, thank you for this giveaway opportunity! I would actually just picnic in our backyard! Right now it’s under construction. We have stripped it down to just dirt! But within the next few weeks, Lord willing, we will have a new patio, fresh sod, and a gorgeous new garden. My dream picnic would be to lay out a blanket in the new yard and eat fresh pimiento cheese sandwiches, and like you, Fritos & lemonade, but I would add apple pie for desert. :) Oh that would be lovely!

  239. Liz

    I’m Chinese and my hubbster’s Caucasian, and so our 2 little ones being half & half will need a picnic basket that will combine yummy foods from both our cultures (I know ‘gag’ for some people reading…sorry…hehehehe), but most importantly, it appeases all our different palates!! It’s kinda like when Christmas comes along, my mom serves Asian Braised Duck along with Ham & more American & ethnic mixes, which my oh-so-this-is-so-wrong-thinking husband back then had the hardest time understanding. But now, he CRAVES it! LOL! The picnic location will have to meet halfway as well since I am a city girl, and he grew up a boyscout! Oh boy, right? =)

    Location & more:
    A nice, uncrowded, lush, hilly, shady botanical garden/park with lotsa trees that will give the impression like we are in some kinda far away place in the mountains. A beautiful big & soft picnic blanket, ipod music w speakers (gotta have my city music), some art sketch pads and colored pencils (to keep the kids busy and they love to draw), an insect repellant candle of some sort (told you I’m a city girl and can’t stand bugs) & intentionally God-infused gratitude & joy!!!

    Picnic Basket Foods:
    Iced Black Tea (for us) & Iced Mint Tea (for kids)
    Tropical fruit salad
    Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs (hard boiled, cracked and then stewed in soya sauce, tea leaves & Chinese Five Spice & Star Anise…these look wonderfully-beautiful as it tastes) =)
    Rice Balls (filled with almost anything you want)
    Fried Chicken
    Cheese & Crackers
    Homemade Oatmeal Raisin Chewy Cookies

    Yep, that pretty much sums up my favorite eclectic picnic basket for my eclectic family! =)

    Let the summer begin!!

  240. Laurie T

    I would love to picnic at a secluded spot in the woods – right next to a small gurgling stream – where the birds are chirping and the insects buzzing. (just not biting) I would love some hummus with crackers, some smoked gouda cheese, sweet cherries and some homemade lemonade. Brownies for dessert for me too! :) Thanks for the chance to win – I just found your blog and LOVE reading it every day!

  241. Joy

    My favorite picnic basket would have two glasses, a bottle of wine a bar of dark chocolate and a home made crazy quilt to throw on the ground under a tree.

  242. Anne

    A bench at Little Beach on the Oregon Coast. With apples, crackers, cheese, and brownies. Really gooey ones. Now I’m hungry!

  243. Jenne

    MY perfect picnic would be anywhere my family is. I love them so…..

  244. Amy Lehenbauer

    My perfect picnic would be with my family-husband and son. In the pasture with the cows, by the pond on our farm. We would have sandwiches and a great dessert with ice cream.

  245. melle e

    Oh. I’m so easy. My picnic on the 4th to the river to watch the fireworks is the same each summer….
    Fried chicken using my mom’s recipe. I get up at 6am to have it fried and cooled and ready to leave the house by 10am.
    my mom’s potato salad
    a pitcher of lemonade, a pitcher of ice tea
    orange wedges
    watermelon wedges
    a selection of cookies
    and because we stay all day, i pack enough for multiple meals for all of us. LOL!

    and to finish the day, trays of lemon bars and brownies

  246. Pam

    Perfect picnic, a meadow, a quilt, early fall, my kids and hubs, a fire in the fire pit, something savory, something sweet and a mug of hot spiced chai. Although right now watermelon, guacamole and a pitcher of margaritas sounds good too.

  247. Abigail

    A perfect picnic for me would be just me and my husband, simple cold and juicy foods, and a quiet park. We need to do that more often. :)

  248. Allison Hunter

    My perfect summer picnic would be a quiet corner shady spot where my husband and I could whisper sweet nothings in one another’s ears, and feed each other fresh fruit and baked goodies.

  249. TracyDK

    My perfect picnic would be my fiance and son out at the park on a nice (not too hot or too cold) day. I think the perfect food would be fruit and sandwiches and goldfish crackers with some lemonade to drink. :)

    • Jeanna M

      I think my perfect picnic would be my family and I down by the river with tall trees to shade us. I would have a homemade quilt stretchered out for everyone to sit on and maybe a few pillows around. Then I would open my picnic basket and there would be home made chicken salad (in a small lunch bag with ice. Ther would be rolls, butter, coleslaw and individual strawberry shortcakes for everyone. It would be a perfect day.

  250. angela

    ham n cheese sandwichs (that are smished frm being in the loaf bread bag all day) {frm my childhood:)} fried chicken, potatoe salad, cold home baked beans, pound cake and sweet tea . On the lake in our boat after tubing skying and swimming. OR in daunali park on the raindeer moss with hubby and the critters:)!!!

  251. Sarah Bone

    My favorite picnics are on an island in the middle of a lake after a good morning of water skiing. White bread sandwiches, ruffles, and homemade chocolate chip cookies are a must!

  252. jane

    My perfect picnic would be homemade chicken salad sandwiches and fruit anchored out in a cove in our boat at our favorite lake!

  253. Cindy R

    I would sit in the country, under a single tree, with a lunch of fruit and a sandwich in Gods gift of nature and all its beauty! :)

  254. Danielle M.

    Ooooooh! Love this giveaway. Thanks to Dayspring for offering so many. My perfect picnic location would be the beach. My perfect picnic food would be a turkey sammich that I make ahead of time (panini style with pesto and cheese), and kettle chips. Mmmmmm. Yummy.

  255. maria and cameron who loves jack

    That picnic basket is sweet! And the chalkboard so fun!! I would love to fill that basket with some ham & cheese sandwiches, potato chips, water and fruit!! simple fair to spend the day at the beach!! Love it! You have some great ideas for using these – I’d love to do the same!

  256. Sandra Caudle

    I love picnics. On the beach with a glass of wine, sandwich and pasta salad. Good book and chair under the umbrella. HEAVEN!!!!

  257. Judy

    My perfect picnic would be on the beach, no dirty birds trying to steal my food, eating Italian hoagies, drinking lemonade and ending it with lots of chocolate brownies or cookies.

  258. Sally P

    Perfect picnic… really anywhere and anytime with my busy husband and daughters! But my perfect picnic would be up in the Colorado mountains on my sister-in-law’s ranch – definitely God’s country :)

  259. Karen

    My perfect picnic would be on a hillside with my husband overlooking the sea. We’d have sandwiches with a thermos of tea and watch the sun go down

  260. Dianne Callahan

    The perfect picnic – at Lake Silverwood (like when I was growing up) with fried chicken, my mom’s potato salad and chocolate chip cookies!

  261. Liz

    My perfect picnic would be simple, a variety of cheeses, grapes, melon, prosciutto and a great bottle of red wine. We would go to Miller Outdoor Theatre in the evening, lay out a blanket on the hill while listening to the Houston Symphony, eating and star gazing…

    • Liz

      I forgot the dessert…It would be some Baci’s and I don’t mean the chocolate kind…wink, wink!!

  262. Karen

    My perfect picnic would be with the man that I love, our two boys, and our lab-mix Barkley, Along a river, or lake… with a big quilt, bare feet, and some beach chairs. We would eat cold pasta salad, fresh fruit, and lots of dessert!

  263. Brenda

    I love to picnic! I can’t hardly go on a road trip without wanting to have a picnic along the way. I think the perfect picnic would be with my husband under a great shade tree near the river with a homemade quilt, favorite music and a lovely picnic basket. Cheese, crackers, fruit, wine and some great chocolate brownies.

  264. Abby

    Hummus and veggies, pasta salad of course, a sweet and juicy watermelon, plus some sort of special cheese with crackers. And to top it all off, some homemade chocolate chip cookies. I love to picnic in a nice shady grove of trees, with some water nearby.

  265. Teri

    My favorite picnic is at the beach …. under a nice shade tree. Musubi (rice balls), shoyu-chicken, somen (noodles) salad, ice cold watermelon!! Oh and ice cold water!! (I live in Hawaii)

  266. Lauren

    mine would be chicken salad on pretzel bread, sparkling grape juice, some dark chocolate, watermelon, and good company.

  267. Mary-Beth

    Perfect summer picnic = iced tea with lemonade, mozzarella, basil, tomato sandwiches, and watermelon at the local splash pad!

  268. nancy

    My perfect picnic would be fresh collected clams/mussels, cooked on the beach over an open fire, with sourdough bread, fresh lemon, slaw, melted butter and sweet tea! On the beach of course, around sunset. I did it once and would love to do it again!!! :)

  269. Jenny BC

    homemade pimento cheese and black bean hummus with crackers, garden tomatoes and basil, lemonade and for dessert; Georgia peaches and poundcake slices. Give me a field with a mountain view and a tree for sitting under… a little slice of heaven

  270. Marla

    Well, I would choose my ‘most memorable picnic’ spot and the meal that went with –
    in a little ‘loaner’ car at Timberline Lodge.
    In the sweltering summer heat our car had a melted aluminum water pump in Hood River, but the warranty allowed us to get back home to our city with a loaned vehicle (a wee little car). We stopped to enjoy the beauty of Timberline as it truly was on our way home.
    I had borrowed my parents picnic basket. I had made & packed a picnic lunch of Roasted Buttermilk Crunch Chicken, Pimento & Pea Potato Salad, a Raisin Pineapple Sweet Slaw,with iced homemade lemonade. For dessert homemade Beautiful Burgeoning Brownies, with, of course, ice-cold milk in a thermos.
    Needless to say Timberline was cool and refreshing on that hot challenging day. And our food was fabulous!
    It was our first wedding anniversary, poor as church mice, we were ‘frugally’ celebrating it.
    So it wasn’t really the surroundings or the homecooked meal, but rather who I was with.
    Each passing year has made the memory of that day more special. And my DH…well, every moment with him grows more precious through the years!

  271. Vanessa Martinez

    Perfect summer=fresh lemonade & 1/2 iced tea, veggie subs including avocado, strawberry and lemon pie yum!

  272. Irma

    The perfect picnic is a white tablecloth , set with crystal goblets, little floral china plates,silverware, votives flickering in the early summers eve . The setting- a picnic table set by the waters edge of the Niagara River where flows the deep blue water that cascades over the Falls. (miles down the road)
    The menu is a simple curried chicken salad with alfalfa sprouts on croissants, fresh veggies, local artisan cheese,fresh Niagara fruit compote with home baked pastry twists. And a chilled bottle of sparkling white grape juice made right in our wine country.
    It really doesn’t get any better. The drive along the Niagara Parkway is beautiful . Sir Winston Churchill said it was “the best Sunday drive”. You have about 10 miles of historical homes, and newer traditional homes ,with mature maples ,along a winding road that follows the river. Picnic tables are placed here and there to take advantage of
    the river views. Many Sunday drives you will see picnickers sharing a meal at a table. Or on a blanket, sunbathing, picnic wares set to the side.

    • jennifer

      The best picnic ever would be with my best friend, the hubber, accompanied by some vino, cheese, sausage and a warm baguette… Bliss!

  273. Jaynie

    Salad with lots of veggies tucked into pita pockets for the girls and crunchy rolls full of tender roast beef for the boys. Homemade brownies and pink lemonade. We picnic anywhere we plan to spend day trips – the park outside the zoo, the “trunk table” on the way into the amusement park, the beauty of own back yard.

  274. Sandy Morales

    What a sweet day it would be when my one year old grandson would be introduced to a family tradition where four generations of loved ones get together for a picnic. Where? A huge blanket placed under a shady tree near home. Home for us is Brooklyn or Manhattan in NYC, Tenessee and even Alabama.
    The Menu? Arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas a la Puerto Rico cuisine), oven fried chicken, hush puppies, crispy okra, potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and lots of icy cold water. My daughter in law and family have origins all over the globe…so their ideas or contributions to the picnic are making my mouth water just to think of it.
    From my parents to their sweet great-grandbaby boy, we would all love to just be together enjoying God’s blessings.

  275. Ruth Chidley

    Our family of four children know our most memorable picnics have been at the Yuba River down the road about 6 miles from where we now live “again”. We have shared many times about the fun and food we all enjoyed 18 years ago. We are anxious to make new memories with three of our children that still reside here and their 7 children with 2 on the way! Our menu of choice will be tuna sandwiches (made our special way with dill pickles, celery, garlic salt and mayo), potato chips (both regular and BBQ), fresh fruit salad, oatmeal cookies (made with chocolate chips, walnuts and an assortment of cut-up chocolate candy bars) and last but certainly not least Pepsi to drink. We did not allow the kids to drink that much soda except on special times like our picnics. We will miss our oldest child that is a 1st Leutenant in the USAF and resides in Georgia with his wife and three children. We are hoping for a summer visit in the near future so they can be a part of creating new “Yuba River Picnic” memories also!

  276. Kim

    I love a picnic by the beach. I’m kind of old fashioned and just enjoy sandwiches with cold cuts, potato chips and fruit. And lemonade and brownies. Love the picnic basket! :)

  277. Polly

    The best picnic is at the Lake w/family. Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, chips of all kinds, lots of fresh fruit, fun drinks, including coconut water… mmmmm. For dessert, brownies, cookies and lemon bars. Fun summer memories each and every time we do it. Thank you for this opportunity and a GREAT giveaway. God Bless.

  278. Katie McCurdy

    I know this is SUPER unhealthy, but if I was to go on a picnic I’d back turkey and cheese subs (not so bad, right?) with Doritos and double chocolate brownies (haha, yeah, kinda not good for you I know! :-P) But that’s what I’d like to pack :-D

  279. mary

    my best picnic is sitting on a quilt next to a creek off the Natchez Trace Parkay.

  280. Kathy Moody

    My perfect picnic would be sitting by the lake with a cool breeze and a picnic basket loaded with chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and something chocolate!! What an awesome giveaway!! Love the picnic basket!! Thanks for the chance.

  281. Heather

    I love to picnic at our nearby apple ranches.
    We like to bring good bread, salami, cheese and olives.
    We usually have a caramel apple for desert! Would love to
    bring the adorable basket with me next time :)

  282. Wendi

    Summer picnics here in AZ means escaping the heat and heading up to the mountains. I love to go to the Mogollon Rim where we have spectacular views, cooler weather, fresh breezes and a lake. In the picnic basket would be watermelon, some snack sausage, cheese, crackers, pickles, hummus and pita chips, and fresh baked cookies. Actually, most of that was found in the cooler bag 2 days ago for an impromptu Sunday afternoon drive; but my bag was not as cute as this adorable picnic basket. Summer picnics are the best, adorable is even more fun!!!

  283. Beth Duron

    My perfect picnic would be on a really warm day in the shade on a blanket eating lunch/dinner on a blanket with my husband. We would have crusty bread and dip it into olive oil and balsamic vinegar, fresh summer fruit, hummus and sweet bell peppers. We would take a walk and get some ice cream for dessert.

  284. JaneEllen Jones

    My best idea of a picnic would be to go to Highline lake to our favorite spot on north side of the lake. Our daughter and her family would be there, our dog too. We’d have good old bbq’d hot dogs, tater salad, watermelon and lemonade, maybe beer for the guys. We’d float all day and play games on the picnic table, maybe take a nap too.
    Being able to spend time with our daughter/family would be the best part as we hardly ever get to see them.

  285. Katie Brett

    Oh, we just had a picnic at the park in our neighborhood last weekend! What makes a perfect picnic? My two grandchildren, Noah and Charlotte!
    My daughter made yummy goat cheese, pesto, avocado, tomato and spinach sandwiches, potato chips and our family favorite, oatmeal cookies made with butterscotch chips! So yummy! My heart is so heart happy, right now reliving that day!

  286. JoAnn

    Love the basket! I really need one…my perfect place to picnic would be by a clear running creek where you can see the stones on the bottom. Food? hmm many choices but think first choice would be ham and swiss on rye with lettuce and tomatoes and mayo..Chips and iced tea with lemon. Chocolate chip cookies of course. oh add pickles from a jar. Simple fare but so good on a summer day.
    I don’t blog but have you sent to my email. So do follow you.

  287. Jennifer

    My perfect summer picnic would be catered! Is that terrible?

  288. Gina Blank

    Love the picnic basket! My favorite spot for a picnic would be at our local park sitting on a quilt with fried chicken, potato salad and iced tea.

  289. Amy

    Oh my….so many different types of picnic ideas. With my husband, with girlfriends, flashback girlhood picnics. But I have to go with my favorite…….a picnic with my Max ( 3 yrs. and Lila 2 yrs.)! It would have to be at one of our favorite parks….take a bite and then run and play, back for another bite! That is the best part of picnics: no rules apply! Menu to include yummy nutella, fluff, and peanut butter sandwiches. Throw in some bagel chips, slices strawberries, and of course every picnic has to have lemonade. For desert……ice cream at the local parlor on the walk home! Perfect day and perfect picnic shared with my favorite people!

  290. Elizabeth G.

    My perfect picnic would be at the beach. Very early in the morning to watch the sunrise.

  291. Sandra Mosolgo

    Cascades park, Pembroke,Va -in my basket, chicken salad sandwiches on homemade bread,Greek salad,chips and homemade chocolate chip cookies and summer fruits.
    Sandra m

  292. Cindy

    My perfect picnic would be symphony in the park (Forsythe Park) with my late dad making one of his wonderful meals.

  293. Joanne

    the perfect setting for a picnic, with my hubby of 25 years , would be on Seal Cove sand beach on Grand Manan Island in the Bay of Fundy. We both grew up in the tiny village, and played on the beach for hours as children. The sand is smooth and warm, and the sound of the soft waves is the most peaceful sound on earth. We would enjoy a picnic lunch of homemade lobster rolls, Lays plain chips, watermelon, fudgy brownies , and diet Pepsi. Sounds like heaven, maybe we will run for the ferry now………

  294. Carolyn Maves

    A favorite for my hubbie and me is pasta salad, muffins, fresh fruit and lemonade. Load it up in the cooler and head to the local ‘lookout point’. Hey, that sounds like a great idea for the weekend! Thanks.

  295. Jennifer Andersen

    My perfect picnic would be to go to the park on a cooler day. Spread out a blanket and relax. I would pack Little sandwiches ice cold peach tea and Doritos. For desert some homemade chocolate chip cookies. That picnic basket and chalkboard are adorable!

  296. Gen

    My perfect summer picnic would take place in the comfort of my own back yard, under our shade tree, with a view of the mountains. We’d feast on some grilled chicken, broccoli pasta salad, homemade biscuits, banana pudding for dessert, and wash it all down with some sparkling freckled lemonade :)

  297. Hilary

    Picking up Subway, a little fresh fruit and drinks from the cooler. And NO BUGS

  298. Donn

    My husband and I enjoy hiking in the GA mountains. A favorite packed lunch would include pita, hummus, pasta salad, fresh fruit, and cheeses, sub sandwiches and bottled water. Yes, that is a lot of food, but we are hiking! lol

  299. carol jane

    My perfect summer picnic would be on a beautiful beach somewhere, with my family and sweet grand daughter. We would have simple sub style sandwiches. Handmade of course. Lemonade, sparkling water, homemade brownies.! Want to go right now!

  300. Cathy

    My perfect picnic (I saw somebody else doing this) would be on Macinac Island in northern Michigan. It would take place on the back side of the island, in the shade, on the shores of Lake Michigan. We would have a chilled bottle of white wine, crusty bread, cheese and grapes. It looked like fun, and I would love to try it.

  301. Katherine S.

    Oh boy, this is easy, I would love a picnic on a beach here in Northern Minnesota in the summer of course, with my granddaughters. We would have PB&J sandwiches, strawberries and whippy cream, and chocolate malts.

  302. Camille Overmeer

    My perfect Summer Pic-nic would be beside a running creek or Lake Superior. I would wish for no bugs or flies. In my basket would be a Chicken salad, cheesies, freshly made Raspberry Lemonade, and chocolate cake , or a chocolate bar. Not too much to ask for??!!

  303. Edie

    Perfect timing….we are planning a picnic slash family reunion on Sunset Beach in Cape May New Jersey. We all get together and have tons of fun and oh yes watch the sunset. It’s beautiful!

  304. VickyL

    The perfect picnic is on the beach with homemade fried chicken, some greens for a salad and some strawberries for desert. Love the picnic basket….

  305. kathryn bunch

    What a darling basket! I would gather tiny crustless sandwiches wrapped in damp paper towels, a small salad of grape tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, basil, and olive oil, crisp black pepper and sea salt chips, fresh cut up strawberries and bananas, and my home made chocolate cream puffs…yes with real french pastry cream and chocolate ganache. I would kidnap my husband of 42 years (from work) and steal him away to a beautiful spot on the Chespeake Bay for an afternoon of beauty and joy…and delicious food!

  306. Rachel

    My perfect picnin would be by the lake with fried chicken, my grandma’s potato salad, watermelon, and a little chocolate something to finish up. Oh, and a nice pitcher of peach tea.

  307. NebraskaNancy

    I would picnic somewhere near the Anne of Green Gables area. I would have iced tea, delightful tea sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and lemon curd. Oh how I love picnics and tea!

  308. missy june

    My perfect picnic takes place in the mountains by a stream. It would include finger food appetizers and fresh sandwiches, fresh fruit and peach lemonade. It could only be perfect if Mr. Wonderful was there with me – sigh.

  309. Brenda D

    I would love to sit near a meadow filled with scented wildflowers, under the shade of a big old tree. Chicken salad on fresh buns with a summer fruit salad on the side and iced water for the menu. A big old quilt, bare feet, and 75 degrees would make it all perfect. This is my dream of a picnic! (friends and family may be included, but quiet is required)

  310. Donelle

    Perfect Picnic: with my husband and our dog sitting out at Seven Lakes and dining on some cheese, ham salad, and crackers with hand peach pies and strawberries for dessert <3 perfect bliss

  311. Patti McGinnis

    my perfect picnic basket would include fresh strawberries, chicken salad sandwiches with jersey tomatoes, and it would be at the beach at dusk.

  312. Lisa Conforto

    The ideal picnic first begins with the gathering of all the wonderful friends and family.The setting is usally in a roaming green backyard beside a garden of fresh veggies and herbs. We are of Italian so we put together about 5 tables strown with colorful cloth. All the picnic goers prepare there favorite Italian specialties, Aunt Queena will bring her Eggplant parmasiana (too die for), Rosa will prepare her Salami and Cheeses with Uncle Tony’s homemade Roasted Peppers on the side (pure heaven). Aunt June will bring her Homemade Lasagne ,it usually weighs about 10 pounds and thats no lie. We also have a grill going with Italian sausage made by Pa Pa Franjishke. The table will be crowded with goodness including Italian breads and good wine but I can’t say who makes that. Lots of laughs and much eating equalls lots of fun.

  313. TrishMcM

    Our 3 kids, hubby and I, piled into the car, driving the country roads of western Pennsylvania, a sunny, grassy spot near a creekbed, lakeside or atop a hill. Out with the picnic basket with sandwiches, fresh fruit, baked cookies or slice, fruit juice or lemonade…The scene changes, the food changes, but every time another family memory cemented, enjoying lovely countryside (and sometimes cityscapes) all together. A gorgeous picnic basket would provide another impetus!

  314. Suzan G

    My perfect picnic would be in the mountains next to a crisp, clear lake. We’d have lemonade, fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, cole slaw, watermelon and snicker doodles!

  315. Gina

    Perfect picnic for me is with my husband and kids on a huge quilt at the beach on a sunny, summer day under a big umbrella. Homemade chocolate chip cookies and fresh fruit salad and potato chips are favorites (along with icy lemonade), and some hunks of fresh bread for sandwiches.

  316. Brenda

    My perfect picnic would be anywhere my entire (extended) family could gather with us. Growing up we spent each warm weekend in my grandmother’s yard surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. My grandparents are both gone now, but it would be great to carry on the tradition with the new family offshoots. What we eat wouldn’t even matter, so long as we could spend time together like we did growing up, making more memories. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to homemade lemonade, a bottle of wine, fruit, cheese, sandwiches made with Italian bread, Nana’s macaroni salad (yes, we have the recipe), and pickled red beet eggs. Just like old times…..

  317. Harper

    Perfect picnic for me would be in my hometown of Laguna Beach, CA. I would love to watch my kids play in the same way I did as a little girl. It would be near a cove and we would eat cold fried chicken, macaroni salad, and sweet tea!

  318. Nanatana

    A perfect picnic for me would be rocking gently on a houseboat on any lake in British Columbia with my husband of almost 60 years, eating curried chicken salad sandwiches and frozen green grapes and lovely lemon cake for dessert, with iced tea for him and white wine for me. Bliss. It is never too late to store up more memories.

  319. Alle

    Oh, what a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! Crossing all my fingers and toes!

    Favorite Picnic Spot – Might be my backyard (I’m a bit of a homebody), but if I get to go anywhere, we’ll let’s head to Franklin, TN…and some awesomesauce park!

    Favorite Picnic Food – Bruchetta, Cheese, Sweet Iced Tea, and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies…om nom nom!

  320. Dixie Swezey

    Picnics remind me of childhood at the lake. I have been planning a picnic on my back porch to help bring summer to my 88 year old Mother. She planned so many for me. We will have fried chicken and watermelon.

  321. Cheryl Downey

    My perfect picnic would be me and my husband in the woods somewhere. We would eat simple, just sandwiches, chips and fruit. Then just enjoy each other’s company without interruption!

  322. Krista

    My perfect picnic would be on Mackinac Island, in Northern Michigan, and I would be with my husband. I would have pink lemonade, BLT sandwiches, chips and dip, chocolate covered strawberries, and fresh veggies. We would also not be the ones to pack it, carry it around, or clean it up!

  323. Alaine

    Perfect picnic w/ the husband would be at a private park with sandwiches and fresh fruit :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  324. Jesseca

    Big trees. Doesn’t matter where I find the trees, so long as it isn’t too hot. 70’s! My hubby and kiddo and the puppy on a big blanket eating goodies. I’ve always loved the idea of fried chicken on a picnic, but default to sandwiches and cookies and muffins and carrot sticks or whatever else I can think of at the time. So much fun!

  325. HopefulLeigh

    I love going to Centennial Park near my house with friends. A perfect picnic would include chicken salad sandwiches, a spread of cheese, crackers, and veggies, a bottle of wine, and brownies or cupcakes. Or both.

  326. Julie

    My favorite picnics have been rather untraditional: My son and I pack a full lunch on a dreary day and head off to the living room floor with our picnic blanket and basket. We’ve also enjoyed summer picnics in our driveway.

  327. Blessed Mom

    My perfect picnic would also be near a waterfall as long as there are no mosquitos. I love potato salad and deviled eggs. Also brownies would be wonderful.

  328. Robert

    I would take my wife and kids on a picnic on a secluded beach looking out over the ocean. We would buy some KFC and take some homemade cookies and fresh fruit.

  329. Doreen H

    A picnic in a quiet, shady spot in a park would be nice. We would stick with some simple items, like deli sandwiches on crusty French bread, carrot and celery sticks, and some blueberry pie slices!

  330. Denise Wilson

    So hard to decide between a picnic in the mountains or by the ocean… Those are my two favorite places! Maybe some fried chicken, fresh fruit and veggies, strawberry lemonade (homemade, of course…) and some chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies.

    Thank you for the giveaway! (I need to plan a picnic now…)

  331. Jan

    Picnic by the beach, wine and cheese, fruit, crackers and chocolate. Yummy

  332. Gigi Kennedy

    Ooh! Picnics!!!! My favorite!!! Best picnic ever is at the beach. Late late afternoon, not quite sunset but everyone else is gone home & it’s quiets except for the gorgeous waves. Lots of fresh fruit, a cold noodle & veggie salad w a peanut sauce, ina garten’s beach brownies & an ice cold glass of pino grigio. A comfy chair to relax & buckets for the kids to go shell collecting. Gorgeous….a little slice of heaven

  333. Teish

    The perfect picnic is at Frazier Point on the Maine coast! Of course, some will have lobster, but a nice grilled hamburger is my favorite. Oreos are a must, for us and the seagulls! And you have to take extra stale bread because after our picnic we will be popping over to Schoodic Point to enjoy the crashing of the waves on the rocks while we feed more seagulls! :-)

  334. Laura J

    I’d go to a lake (Tahoe, probably) or a beach or some other body of water. Food would include pesto pasta salad, brownies, iced tea, maybe cold fried chicken, and cheeses.

  335. Mary Ellen

    I’ve never had a picnic at the beach, but I woud love that! Early evening with a cool breeze off the ocean. Fresh fruit, boiled shrimp, slaw, lemonade, and some oatmeal raisin cookies with homemade vanilla ice cream! Perfect end to a perfect day at the beach! And I LOVE picnic baskets!

  336. Karen Wiens

    My perfect summer picnic would be to drop off my 3 kids with the rents, ride our bikes down to the Niagara Parkway, sit and watch the boats go by in the river. We would eat cheese, crackers, wine and fruit. Maybe some chocolate for dessert! And we would stay there forever.

  337. Jen

    My husband and I
    A wonderful breeze through the trees
    Crusty bread, tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella
    A nice glass of wine
    Perfect! :)

  338. Shelly

    It’s definitely great to picnic near some type of water! i grew up by lakes galore, but since married, rivers and beaches are more readily available. oh and the food! chicken salad with a ripe-from the garden tomato slice, potato chips, watermelon. chocolate . . . I love the basket and thanks for the giveaway!

  339. Jenny

    Ahhh, a picnic at the beach or in front of some body of water for my kids to jump in between bites of pulled pork sliders and sips of tea or lemonade :)

  340. Debbie Diggs Phillips

    Aaahhhh…. A summer picnic at the Outer Banks, NC, with my sweetheart of 30 years and my wonderfully inspiring 4 young adults.. bliss!!! Of course, we wold have to have freshly caught NC shrimp and potato salad and watermelon! Yum!!!

  341. Carmen

    I prefer the park or a big field where we can sit under a shady tree while eating and have plenty of room to run around and play, fly a kite, etc. My ideal meal would be cold fried chicken, potato salad, watermelon and maybe cookies for dessert.

  342. Carleen

    Favorite picnic is up the canyon on a warm summer evening. Doesn’t even matter if there is a summer thunder storm, as long as there is a cute picnic basket, great food and good company.

  343. DebE

    Anyplace outside that is pretty and relaxing–with a big blanket, sandwiches, cheese, fruit, cukes and some sort of dessert to round out the meal. And of course the company of loved ones:)

  344. Darcy

    My perfect picnic is at the beach, but really I’ll take one anywhere I can get it. I’m hoping this summer to do an evening picnic at our outdoor symphony. I love this little basket you’re featuring. Looks great for picnicking or storing things indoors or out.

  345. Tracey Bartula

    My perfect picnic would be outside under a low hanging tree with a quilt my mother made, a good book, and a basket full of cheese, wine, and bread! With my husband napping right beside me.

  346. Kathryn Lunsford

    My favorite picnic is one from my youth.
    Every summer we went to the grandparents farm in McDade, Texas.
    We loved it! For us there was nothing better than riding bikes all over
    the big town of 300, swimming in the pond, eating watermelon outside and
    drinking Coca Cola from a glass bottle.
    The best treat was always on saturday when the grandparents packed up a lunch
    that must have weighed 10 lbs! Grandma usually fried up the chicken the night before
    and we had homemade bread, jelly, and anything else we convinced her to bring.
    I wish they were still here…I wish we could go on just one more picnic…I know they
    are picnicing in heaven!

  347. Margaret

    We love to take a picnic lunch, doesn’t matter what food,and eat at the lake behind Biltmore House outside of Asheville,NC. One of our favorite places.

  348. Sandra

    Missed the flash sale by an hour – my favorite place for a picnic would be in my backyard in this very special garden area created by my wonderful husband in memory of my beloved mother …

  349. Louise in NE OK

    Looking forward to an Independence Day picnic with a lot of family. Love the different uses you shared and hope I win!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  350. Susanne

    I’d love a simple picnic of sandwiches, watermelon, strawberries, a few vegies and some chips and cookies near a mountain stream or lake and the picnic basket would be wonderful “icing on the cake”! =)

  351. Kathy

    An outdoor concert is always fun, and as long as I have some smoked gouda cheese and some kind of crackers and Snapple peach tea with sandwiches and fruit, I am happy! The smoked gouda cheese and peach tea is a must for my picnics!

  352. Kimberley Moore

    The Perfect Picnic
    The perfect picnic comes with rain
    Out on the porch we’ll eat and then
    We’ll huddle close and hear the drops
    Pounding on the porch’s tops
    And revel in chicken, corn, and tea
    That’s pure picnic exstasy!

  353. Lady Dorothy

    My perfect picnic would be in the park during one of the concerts that happen every Friday evening in the summertime. There would be lots of fresh fruit, yummy sandwiches, salty chips, and brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Sigh.

  354. nancyvalentine

    a lazy day at the reservoir down South–tall pines swaying in the breeze, geese and ducks gliding along the shore waters, and sail boats in the distance–lawn chairs and a handmade quilt for stretching out for a nap in the cool breezes–pimento cheese and chicken salad sandwiches, ham in poppy seed rolls with mustard sauce, fresh strawberries and navel orange sections,stuffed eggs, sea salted chips,lemonade, and thick pieces of chocolate cake–couldn’t get any better, ya’ll.

  355. Jen

    mine always includes a jug of simply raspberry lemonade, other than that we play it by ear, but enjoy store fried chicken, hawaiian rolls and some sort of potato dish or salad.

  356. Tanya

    I’d take my family on a hike to Lake Dillon, Colorado and have our picnic there. I’d make pesto chicken salad, pack red grapes and make brownies. I’m always up for a coke-it’s a treat for me!

  357. Michele

    My perfect picnic would be with my family and friends, enjoying each others company. We would potluck with simple, healthy, kid-friendly and adult-friendly foods and beverages. Nothing fancy…

  358. Jill B.

    A bucket o’ chicken….some fresh veg & dip….homemade cookies….we need more picnics in our life!!! Thanks for the reminder! : )

  359. Marla L

    A nice quiet spot with trees and a stream with fried chicken, rolls, corn on cob & ice tea and strawberries with chocolate.

  360. Carla T.

    A backyard picnic with my grand daughters might just be pbj but it’s the company that counts!

  361. Q

    I’ve always thought it would be fun to have my girlfriends over for a picnic and to have a picnic lunch for each of them packed separately in various containers that I have collected over the years. Some baskets, urns, tiny suitcases, camp cookery, and of course small baskets. Maybe this summer!

  362. mindy

    fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, potato salad, and pie at the lake with my family

  363. Erin Miller

    We had a fabulous picnic on our recent vacation to Colorado. Grilled steaks, fresh fruit salad with grapes, pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, and blueberries, pasta salad, and French bread with brie and strawberry preserves! Cool lemonade helped wash it all down! The mountain scenery was breathtaking! We can’t wait to go back again someday!

  364. Debi - The Romantic Vineyard

    My perfect picnic would be at sunset on the beach with french baguettes, Mediterranean Olive Salad, a rich French Cabernet and brownies for dessert. We would also have a fire in the beach fire pit with Chris Botti playing on our ipod. :-)

  365. Sherry

    My perfect summer picnic occured two years ago when my family packed up a picnic lunch for Mother’s Day … children, grandchildren, my new hubby … it was such a relaxing day and nice that I didn’t have to lift a finger. I just sat back and enjoyed every moment!!

  366. Ranelle

    My perfect picnic would be overlooking a lake, with chicken sandwiches, red grapes, cheez-its, and oreos for dessert! And pack some carrots for the puppy, too!

  367. Phyllis

    My kids love KFC so as long as we’re together, KFC works for me!

  368. Rachel Schumacher

    My favorite picnic would include deli sandwiches, watermelon, lemonade and cupcakes. My favorite place would be at a park by the river.

  369. Molly

    My perfect picnic: on a cool patch of grass beneath a big tree, a gentle cool breeze, with a bubbly creek just ready and waiting for my toes to go into , a bright cheerful quilt, a picnic basket filled w/ sandwiches, fruit, and lemonade. Combine that all with the person I love and I’d be in heaven. :)

  370. Karen Akers

    My favorite picnics were when my two sons were young.They were always playing outside on those lovely,long summer days.We would have “breaks”.We sat outside and had little picnics of Cold drinks,salty snacks and the very important Little Debbie cakes.Those are such sweet memories.

  371. Sherri

    My perfect picnic has more to do with perfect weather and lack of bugs :) For food, I’ll take rollkuchen and watermelon any day!

  372. Gina

    Oh I love picnics!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. Ok my favorite picnic would be by a beautiful glistening stream(with no insects) and we would be eating baguettes with chicken pate,grapes,and chocolate eclairs for dessert all on top of a beautiful quilt with big fluffy clouds in the sky and a nice gentle breeze.

  373. Adrienne

    I love this picnic basket – and the chalkboard is wonderful! My favorite picnic would be on the beach at the Oregon Coast (Seaside) on Fourth of July – under the stars, watching fireworks. My picnic basket would have fresh deli sandwiches with the best variety of meats, crunchy lettuce, tomatoes and condiments, fresh Oregon strawberries and seven-layer chocolate cake with fudge-y frosting.

  374. Krista

    A pot of Typhoon Tea with two percent milk.
    Sliced havarti cheese, green apples,
    Mincemeat tarts and dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joes!

    On Granny’s old tattered quilt on a padded slanted grassy slope,
    On the side of our Babbling Spearfish creek.
    With my best friend and other side of my brain…Miss Sue!

  375. Josanne

    This would be great to win since I plan on going on a picnic with a couple friends next month! It’ll be hubby, myself, our good friends Ron, Nadine and Adrian. We’re going to the zoo first, then to the park and sit under a big tree. Menu hasn’t been planned but it will be Caribbean food. And we’re gonna fly kites!!!!! (Yea, we’re kids at heart)

  376. kathy adams

    I woulld love to win! My favorite picnic woud be in the mounatins relaxing under
    a big shade tree and enjoying the fresh air! We would eat chicken salad with fresh fruit!
    Thanks, Kathy [email protected]

  377. Nisa Dillingham

    The perfect picnic would be at the lake where our cottage is in Northern Michigan. We could have Thai-style barbecue chicken, sticky rice and spicy papaya salad. Yum!

  378. sangeetha

    at the beach, at sunset with the family

  379. TRICIA

    I love the picnic basket and chalk board. My picnic location would be a lake house. My menu would include: Sweet Tea, Watermelon, grapes and Honeydew, Fried Chicken, Red Roasted Potato salad and Banana Split Cake for dessert!

  380. Shaunta

    My husband, fried chicken, sweet tea, chocolate chip cookes and lots of good conversation!

  381. Marian

    I found out about your wonderful basket on So, I would combine their suggestion (Keep the Romance Alive: The Love Basket)
    and yours to create my perfect picnic.

    Right before sunset, secluded ocean front………just he and I, a picnic basket, a blanket, iced tea, fresh veggies, grapes and brownies. Enjoy the sunset and the wonderful memories!

  382. Stephenie

    I would definitely have some cheese, liked smoked cheddar, and crackers in my picnic basket. Maybe some fruit and a beverage. As for the location…a blanket spread out on my living room floor or a deck overlooking some rolling hills would be nice.

  383. Amy

    I would love to win as I plan on this bring s summer of picnicking! ! My favorites are Friday nights at the beach at sunset with finger foods & yummy desserts &I family &is friends

  384. Liz

    We would picnic at a local state park with a gorgeous waterfall and hiking trails. Our picnic basket would have sandwiches piled high with ham and turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, and mayo. Fresh fruit, potato chips, and cookies with a jug of lemonade would round out the meal. Mmmmm!

  385. angela

    My fav place is a beach with the mountains in the background. make a fire and roast hot dogs and eat smores on the beach with some lemonade and chocolate chip cookies!

  386. Tracey H.

    WOW, what an exciting giveaway and super cute too:0) I would most definitely pack it with pimento cheese sandwiches, diet coke and moon pies and head to the coast in South Carolina!! Such a beautiful basket to carry too!! I love the chalkboard also, what a fun way to welcome guests to your home:0)

  387. Kristine Toone

    We have a creek near our house, and my perfect picnic would be take-out bbq at the park, followed by splashing in the creek as the sun goes down and the lightning bugs come out. Inspired to make it happen this month!!

  388. Ana

    My perfect picnic would be at a park with huge shade trees. I would make sure to pack an outdoor blanket so we can all lay down while reading a wonderfully detailed book we can get lost in. Our family loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with Pringles (sour cream and onion flavor). We would also bring some mandarin oranges, raisins, and homemade snickerdoodle cookies! Pair that with some sweet tea, and we are all set for the perfect picnic! :)

  389. Cathy Y.

    My perfect picnic would be on the beach at sunset with my family. I would serve chicken salad on croissants, fresh fruit, iced tea, and brownies for dessert.

  390. Anna Radchenko

    My perfect summer picnic would be with my husband. We would go to a lake and set up a blanket on the grass with this lovely picnic basket! Inside the basket would be chicken salad sandwiches, cherries, orange mango juice, cucumber slices, and dark chocolate for dessert! P.S. That chalkboard is so cute! I would love to win both of these items :)

  391. Kristin Smith

    I would love to have this for a fun afternoon in our local park….but even more I just read at incourage about having a Love Basket….and that is a really fun idea I’d love to implement!!

  392. Dawn A.

    These are beautiful gift items, and even made better with the scriptures. My perfect picnic is very easy to describe. We recently moved from a very strict association, out to the country side with no restrictions to our freedom of choice. The association was good for us then (as renters with one child), and our country home (our first owned home-with five acres) is prefect for us and our three children now. So we would picnic at home in our spacious yard. The children would run about as my husband and I occasionally capture them and giggle at everyone’s joy. Our picnic basket would be filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, oatmeal raisin cookies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Thank you for this giveaway!

  393. Sarah

    Oh, I think my perfect picnic would include brownies as well! I’d go to the hills near where I live, walk down the gentle slope by the stream, and end up at the circular seat where I’d sit with a friend and we’d eat BLT sandwiches and brownies and drink apple juice … and he’d probably bring a black cherry yoghurt (his favourite flavour).

  394. Linda M.

    Picnic time…hmmm…I’ve got an old handmade quilt to relax on with my hubby, so on a beautiful afternoon with a little sun for me and a little shade for him and that beautiful picnic basket fill with lemon iced tea and all of our favorite finger foods to munch on. That would be perfect…it could happen on a lake shore, at a spot in the forest preserve, or just in our backyard :) Thanks for inspiring us to dream! The chalkboard could say…”This is the day You have made. Let us rejoice in it!”

  395. Joy

    My family and I need some picnic time!! Living in Cali, we would cruise down to the beach where my daughter could run and jump in the waves and my husband and I could just sit and BE. I would definitely pack Doritos (my fav!), chocolate chip cookies and subway sandwiches for our day out! And to drink? peach iced tea!

  396. Lacy

    ANYWHERE with my 3 year old daughter who is SO into picnics and tea parties! The living room floor, backyard, park, beach…doesn’t matter…anywhere would be perfect.

  397. LaDonna

    My perfect picnic with my brand new husband would include a bike ride to the park by the lake near where we live. We would thrown down a blanket and then enjoy chicken salad sandwiches, crispy chips, red grapes and pepper jack cheese, followed with his favorite homemade oatmeal cookies. Then we’d relax with our favorite books and just enjoy the sound of the water lapping against the shore. Ah!

  398. Angeline

    A perfect picnic for me includes family and friends sharing appreciation and thankfulness for our freedom to worship God in the United States during an outdoor concert of the N.C. Symphony for July 4. Food will include cheese and crackers, vegetable sticks with dip, strawberries, blueberries, homemade pimento cheese sandwiches, cold drinks.

  399. Deb A.

    My perfect picnic would be with my husband of 20 years on the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan where he proposed to me all those years ago. We would eat finger food and drink wine. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  400. Kelly Anderson

    My perfect picnic would be with my family on my aunt’s screened in porch. We would enjoy my grandmother’s fried chicken, warm potato salad, crispy fried okra and warm biscuits with lots of butter and home made blackberry jam. Beverage of choice would be sweet iced tea and for dessert; old fashioned chocolate coca cola cake with home made vanilla ice cream! YUM!!! I still miss you grandma! See you in heaven someday!!!

  401. Sandy Diaz

    My idea of a perfect picnic has a big old shade tree, soft music, candlelight and healthy finger foods. Bubbles are fun, too, if you invite the kids!

  402. patty

    The perfect picnic for me would be with the hubby and kids at the park. On a sunny day hearing the birds chirping. We would have ham n cheese tortas and there favorite chips Doritos and cheetos. And of course dessert which would be cupcakes or rice pudding.

  403. Amy Lopez

    I have two ideal perfect picnic ideas. One would be to fill the basket with goodies, bubbles and a book to read with the kids at the park. My second one would include a bottle if wine, and my hubby and my favorite snacks at the beach in the evening for us alone!

  404. Lisa Ellsworth

    We just moved 2 hours away from from my daughter, son in law and 2 grand daughters… So my perfect picnic would involve them! We would take them to this lovely pack near our house, alongside the river. I would bring fancy cupcakes, lemonade, strawberries, and something healthy too of course! It’s being with our loved ones that counts!

  405. Judi

    What a beautiful chalkboard and basket! When we picnic we almost always have hotdogs and buns and the usual ketchup, mustard and relish. We’re not big on chopped onion, but we add them if we have guests. I make a homemade potato salad, and baked beans, and we sometimes add a bag of potato chips. We like homemade mint tea or lemonade made from lemons and sugar, and we did our last one a couple weeks ago at our nearest state park where we spent the night and went swimming and boating. Sometimes, though, we just use our back patio and picnic at home or in the park in our small city. Oh, and we don’t forget the marshmallows! (and sometimes chocolate and graham crackers for s’mores!)

  406. Judy

    Would love to picnic with my wonderful husband on an isolated, peaceful beach or on a shady, mountain vista. I’d pack to guacamole, salsa, & chips – a delicious salad – and a sweet treat, perhaps a cupcake!

  407. wendy

    my perfect picnic includes sunshine, a big tree, no ants, a creek to wade in, the perfect sandwich, cupcakes, a bottle of wine, and my family… ah, heaven.

  408. karen r

    I am due with my third child in a couple of days. I would like a quiet picnic in the shade without the kids! Then next time an outing with everyone… baby and all.

  409. Phronsie

    Perfect picnic: not too hot, not too windy. At the park with the kids and the hubby, preferably the kids would be on their best behavior. Pasta salad, fried chicken, brownies… Yum!

  410. Jeanine

    My perfect picnic lunch would be chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, veggies and dip, some potato chips and to drink-homemade lemonade. For dessert I would pack a 2 slices of chocolate chip cheesecake. I would take it with my husband and I out to the woods behind our home.

  411. Paola Bush

    My perfect picnic includes a bit of sunshine, rolling hills, a softly breeze, good books, a game to play, some good sandwiches & a sweet treat. =)

  412. June

    My perfect picnic would be to pack up the dogs and the hubs and head to the closest national forest. The meal wouldn’t matter-being together does! Thanks for the opportunity to win that seriously cute basket!

  413. Jenny L.

    What a darling picnic basket! I love to pack up a special picnic lunch, spread a blanket under a tree, and share a meal with my hubby and four littles. It is such a treat for them to eat outside under a tree and hubby and I enjoy each other’s company while the littles run off their lunch! We have even started having a picnic meal each week during the wintertime in front of our fireplace!

  414. Stephanie Hanes

    My idea of a perfect picnic is the shade of a large tree in a wooded area with a blanket spread out with delicious food and my three (soon to be FOUR!) favorite people. :)

  415. Mary Beth

    My perfect summer picnic would be with my husband in a shady spot near water with a basket filled with wine, good cheese, good bread and fruit. And a locale with no bugs!!!

  416. Becky J.

    What a delightful giveaway…my perfect picnic would be at our local park…under the shade of the trees..with a sweet gentle breeze blowing and that lovely basket filled with chicken croissant sandwiches, homemade pasta salad, and sun tea {with mint}…sigh…and all of my beloved family about me…thanks :) and blessings!!

  417. Julie Anne

    My favorite picnics are the impromptu lunches with my kids on our living room floor in the middle of the winter!

    And I second the necessity of strawberry lemonade at a picnic!

  418. Nanci D

    My ideal place for a picnic would be in Sonoma/Napa Counties area with a basket of wine, cheese, crackers, chocolate and my husband.

  419. Christine Sierra

    I hope I’m not too late I just got the chance to read my email after a long day at wok and then headed home to be mommy! My perfect picnic would be me and my five wonderful children and myself! We would have it in a beautiful peaceful park with green grass in the evening time so that we could watch the sun set and wait for the stars to come out while talking about how the day went for each of us and talk about how blessed we are to have each other (sometimes I there’ll like I forget to let them know how blessed I am to be their momma)!!! They each have a favorite food so I would be sure to surprise them each with their favorite food (pizza, chicken, grilled cheese, cheesy taco, and mashed potatoes mixed with green beans) and of course something sweet they love chocolate so for desert we would have a German chocolate cake :) this would be the perfect picnic for my precious little family and I :) thank you so much I appreciate having a chance to enter!

    Christine Sierra

  420. Elaine Pool

    Perfect picnic? A Cure 81 ham, some French bread & butter, and a bottle of chilled white wine (don’t judge me!) – PLUS my hubby!

  421. Alyson Busch

    My husband and I mentor 5 college girls from our church. The place is not important. I would love to picnic with them and have fried chicken. It is always a fun time when we are all together.

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