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Announcing: The Fifth Annual Fall Nesting Series & Party!

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating

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Announcing: The Fifth Annual Fall Nesting Series & Party!

Fall Decorating Ideas BHG

I know, I know. It is still summer. Don’t you worry if you are still enjoying summer, I’m not rushing it away because honestly {don’t be jealous} but we have had THE BEST SUMMER weather! It has been so perfect I don’t want it to end. And school doesn’t start around here until September, so I still have lots of summer left!

But, y’all know I love fall and tend to talk about it starting in September, right? You do. You must. I mean, I’ve been hosting a Fall Nesting series and party in one form or another every year since 2008. That is a big deal. In fact, a few of you have already started asking if I’m doing Fall Nesting again this year! Yes, yes I am!

Wait. Did I just say this Fall Nesting Series & Party has been going on since 2008? People, do you know what that means? No, it doesn’t just mean I’m like a blogger from the 18th century who started blogging on her typewriter in 2007. Well, actually I did start in 2007, FIVE YEARS AGO and I’ve been blogging a long time, yes, I’ll admit that, but ….

If I’m doing my math right, and math is not my strong suit, this October will be my …. wait for it …..



I know! I can hardly believe it myself! Five years and you’d think I would not want to talk about Fall any more. I would think YOU would not want me to talk about Fall any more. And maybe you don’t. But, I’m not mad about having to talk about Fall again because there is absolutely no more glorious time of year than Fall. No two Fall seasons of nesting are the same at my house, so Fall never ever ever gets old (even though some of the most wonderful things about Fall never change.)

You can read my Autumn Manifesto from last year if you’d like a jump start or a little review on why I love Fall so much. Even if you don’t have a real FALL season where you are, you’ll see that Fall is a state of mind, not just a season you see outside.

And, here is a post on Fall Colors Combinations for this year if you’d like to see some fresh ways to use color!

Announcing: The Fifth Annual Fall Nesting Series & Party!

So, this today is your personal pre-invitation to join me this October for my Fifth Annual Fall Nesting Party.

Why am I inviting you so early, in mid-August? Because I want you to have time to think about participating in this series. You will get to link up your own posts about Fall Nesting, just like we’ve done since 2008. We are among Fall lovers here and obviously we go WAY BACK with Fall Nesting parties (where we talk about everything from Fall organizing and decor to getting ready for the holidays!).

This September I will be focusing on getting organized and ready for the fall season, so by October we’ll be in full Fall Nesting mode with lots of inspiring posts and parties! And you can join me.

This time, just for fun and more opportunities to join in, there will be a new linky party you can join EVERY SINGLE WEEK of October! Not just one? Nope! Join one linky party, join all, or just stop in every day to savor Fall. And yes, you totally can do your own Fall Nesting series in October if you’d like to and link up to the parties. I’m cool with that. I know some of you had fun doing that in the past, so join in any way you’d like!


Announcing: The Fifth Annual Fall Nesting Series & Party!

I’ll be writing about Fall Nesting pretty much all of October because that’s what I do (not necessarily for 31 days in a row this time around cause that kind of got to be a bit much for even me, but LOTS), but then every week I’ll open a linky party and YOU can link up to inspire the rest of us on the following loose “fall nesting” themes (making this up as I go, as I tend to do around here):

Fall Nesting Parties @ The Inspired Room {every Tuesday in October}

Week One:
Get Your Fall Nesting On {20 Little Things You Love About Fall, yep, we are bringing back that favorite list! so start thinking about what your favorite things are and get ready to link up your favorite fall things post in October!}

Week Two:
Fall around the House {OK, so don’t really fall, but let’s get nesting around the house for fall and show each other what we are up to!}

Week Three:
Decorating Fall Mantels & Porches {showing our fall mantels and porches}

Week Four:
Inspired Holiday Nesting {Halloween, Thanksgiving or Pre-Christmas Decorating & Entertaining Ideas}

Week Five:
Fall Project Round Up {Pick your favorite project from October and link it up!}

Basically, FALL. Fall fall fall, all the day all the month we will embrace Fall. Or Autumn. Either way. It’s all good to me.

I’ll be reminding you of the party themes and dates and all as we get closer! Meanwhile, save the button and let people know you are going to be participating in the glorious month of Fall Nesting!

And I’m already plotting some extra fun FALLISH surprises for you this October, so it should be one of our best Fall Nesting Parties ever!

So, will you join me for the 5th Annual Fall Nesting Series & Party? It’s a tradition around here!


  1. Meaningful Nest

    Hi Melissa! Can’t wait to participate. I love, love fall and the thought of getting my fall stuff out makes me giddy! Except this year I am going to go a slightly different route and not be so in-your-face-it’s-fall with my decor. The faux leaf garlands are not going to be used. In their place? Not sure yet. Can’t wait to figure it out though!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

    • Melissa

      Can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    I always love this! Being a newbie, I have yet to figure out how to “link up” but will be researching this so that I can jump in with all the good stuff. And by the way, you are NOT too early in putting the fall stuff in place. Heck, I had a couple of Christmas photos in my last 2 posts! So you go right ahead and bring on the fall.

  3. Vee

    Oh I’ll be here for sure. Thanks for the early invitation!

  4. Lisa at celebrate creativity

    Wow, Melissa has it been five years? I remember those early days as well as your original blog.

    Congrats on the upcoming blogaversary. I’ve enjoyed watching your blogging growth and all the new features and topics you incorporated over the years.

    I’ll definitely find something to link to participate in October and I’ll keep an eye out for the reminders.

    Enjoy your day, Lisa

    • Melissa

      Thank you Lisa ! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Can’t believe it’s been five years already!

  5. Alison

    Sounds awesome! Would love to join :)

  6. susan

    i love Fall! i will have to start planning! hope all is well! susan

  7. Jenny

    Yay! Can’t wait! I went shopping this weekend, and fall is in the air! I admit though, I’m sad to see summer come to an end, and I wish fall wasn’t a prelude to winter. But I still love the season! Sounds like a blast!

    • Melissa

      I know, I wish it could just stay fall. :-)

  8. kelly

    Yay! I love your passion for fall, Melissa. I’m marking the linky parties down in my bloggy planner right now!

  9. Pinky

    I LOVE FALL TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to ask though if I am allowed to participate and post old posts? We are moving so all of my Fall decor, etc. is PACKED:(:( Fall is my favorite time to decorate so I hope I can play too:):) How do I get the button? XO, Pinky

    • Melissa

      Absolutely! Old, new, whatever you’d like to share!

    • Melissa

      Oh, to get the button you can right click the image and save it to your desktop. Does that make sense?

  10. Tammara

    This will be my 3rd one to join and I always look forward to it! This year, I’m not sure just how I’ll manage with a baby due on Oct. 4th, but maybe if I’m organized I can get them written in Sept to post in Oct? We’ll see how it goes :) Love the fall and so excited that my 4th baby is the first one to be born in the FALL :)

    • Melissa

      That is really exciting!! I never had a fall baby either, that sounds like the perfect month for having a baby!! Yes, maybe you could do some posts in advance! And even if you could only manage a few you can link up to the parties! :-) Congrats on the baby and I’ll look forward to seeing your fall posts!

  11. Cynthia Robertson Shaffer

    I’m so excited about this, Fall is by far my favorite season too! It might be in my head but come August [even if it’s hot like it’s been] I can see a subtle change in the light and my heart lifts a little :-) Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

    I launched a full mental offensive against the last 2 weekends of 90+ temps here in PDX by getting started on some adorable velvet pumpkins while I was sweltering in the heat. They’re sitting around waiting anxiously for their stems…

  12. Cynthia

    Sounds great!! I am a Fall lover too! I will be waiting for the fun to begin.


  13. Lauren

    Oh Melissa, this just sounds wonderful!!! Fall is absolutely my favorite season, I got married towards the end of October with beautiful fall leaves surrounding my venue… It’s just the best season.. slight chill in the air, beautiful reds, yellows, oranges and browns… I love everything about it! Definitely looking forward to this!


    Loving the thought of Fall weather, with the crisp mornings and cooler nights! Fall is a hard month for me since I am a Spring/color decorator. I love to look at the Fall leaves, but the autumnal colors never enter my home. I will have to pull my sleeves up and come up with something and you are getting me started, Happy Monday,

  15. Barb

    Absolutely, positively cannot WAIT! For Fall or your Linky parties, too. LOL Woot

  16. Chnstine

    Fall is my FAVORITE season of the year, too! I live in Gilbert, AZ so there is not much fall here. I spent most of my life in NY so there was plenty of wonderful fall weather there! SO…to make up for lack of fall in the valley (Phoenix area) I decorate with fall items like pumpkins and leaves I can buy at Michael’s and I have fall scented candles like apple-pumpkin and sweet cinnamon pumpkin in my house right now. I also bought Bath and Body Works sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion and spray and I have their hand soap pumps in fall fragrances, too! One can never have enough Fall things!

  17. Tina

    Thank you, Melissa
    I’m looking forward to the fun!

  18. Stephanie

    this is such a wonderful idea, Melissa! I’m definitely considering taking your invitation!

  19. Kerry

    And I was just feeling a little down about summer’s end and kids heading to school . . .but you made me remember how much I love fall — and all the decorating and entertaining that goes with it! Can’t wait to join in. Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging!!

  20. Garden, Home and Party


    Count me in, it’s my favorite season too. I try not to rush it but I’m already thinking of fall and the cool weather it will bring to our area.


  21. Lisa

    Your fall linky parties are some of the first things I got into when I started blogging…I LOVE them! I look forward to it every year. I’m so happy that you gave us an early invitation. Thanks Melissa. :)

    • Melissa

      Hooray!! :-) I’m so glad!

  22. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I am a fall freak from way back but I absolutely refuse to entertain the thought of anything related to fall, autumn, leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, and on and on. Why? Because as you are well aware we in the Northwest have one of the shortest, coolest summers on earth and I must savor it for as long as I can. The dilemma is that I really relish those hints of fall…but this year, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of anything that even seems remotely autumn!!!

    ps…Can’t wait to put our my brown transfer ware and squirrels.

    • Melissa

      Yes, I know exactly how you feel! And that is why the party will be in October because by then I’ll be excited about putting out some fall things! Right now, I’m really loving the summer!! :-)

  23. Marie Lester

    I’m sitting here drinking one of my favorite fall drinks (chocolate covered marshmellow iced coffee) and am just SO excited I’m so glad I found your blog last fall it’s my favorite season and you just so get it!!! Cannot wait!!!!

    • Melissa

      Oh, that sounds like a delicious drink!! I’m so excited that you are excited about fall too…:-)

  24. Diane

    Yippee!! This is my first year to be able to participate. I can’t wait!! I had just been wondering if you were planning anything again. Ha!
    It was through your fall series that I made your acquaintance. And how very blessed I’ve been.

    P.S. Fall has the best lighting. I love it! My heart just sings!!!!

  25. Fairfield House

    I’ve enjoyed your fall series in the past and look forward to participating in this year’s!
    Enjoy the remainder of your perfect summer weather.
    Your Friend,

  26. Sherry

    OH!! how exciting would love to join in the fun….October for me is about Halloween, its my favorite time of the year for decorating….crazy I know, but you can totally let your self go and do weird and crazy stuff…..DH banned fake spider webs from our house…lol

  27. shaka

    I can’t wait to participate for the first time! Fall is my absolute favourite!

  28. Maria

    Oh my GOSSSSHHH! I am so, so thrilled! This will be the first Inspired Room Fall Nesting Party I have ever participated in, and I am just so looking forward to it! THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait!

  29. Nicole

    Can’t wait to give it a go for the first time!

  30. how2home

    This is going to be so exciting!

  31. Bev

    This should be fun and exciting I love the fall– my favorite season by far!

  32. Natalie

    shoot yeah! i’ll see you on the 2nd!

  33. Simone

    Hi Melissa
    Hi Melissa, this will be my first time joining you. I’m really looking forward to it. I did a post last week on Fireplace Design and Decorating Ideas, like you, I was thinking fall too.


  34. Kristen

    The fall nesting party! I remember the cozy fall list you posted in 2008. I still go back to it from time to time – especially when I’m craving a little bit of fall in late August. Looking forward to what you have to share and seeing what folks are doing in their homes this year!

  35. Lisa

    This sounds so fun! I’ll be there.

  36. Debbie

    Yay Melissa! by far this is my favorite party at Inspired Room! I have gotten more workable ideas from this party alone…that I need to live till I’m oh 175 just to complete all the projects I get ideas to do! Hahahah…and it started with your first one! Seriously I love fall like you do…dream of all the fun things and projects I want to do and then it ends up being a new tablecloth and some Mums planted here and there! Hahaha
    Anyhoo….looking forward to this!

  37. BEEstung

    I am SO excited!!!
    I found this through a post in my Everythig Etsy e-mail this morning…and I cannot wait! ( in fact I am going to link up and start posting this morning because it feels like fall here in South Central PA!
    Can’t wait to follow and see what this is all about

  38. BEEstung

    p.s. how DO we link up and take part in the parties???
    (oh wait…i see a list of my recent posts under this comment…is this all i have to do?

    • Melissa

      So glad you are going to participate!! The parties are every week in October :-)! You can write posts now or wait until October but there will be a linkup and instructions to follow starting the first week in October!!!

  39. Carol Karl

    Hi Melissa, I would love to join in but where I live it’s spring. When I lived in Canada I really enjoyed the fall decorating and the way it tied in with Halloween but here in New Zealand it’s confusing because spring and Halloween just don’t seem to mix. I will wait to celebrate fall next year and will review the fall nesting week posts then. In the meantime, I’m revisiting your spring posts. Thanks for such an inspiring blog.

  40. Lorrie

    I’m hoping to join in this year – sounds like so much fun!


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