Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

BHG: Fall Decorating in Blue Green, Orange, Brown

What are your Fall Decorating Colors?

There are so many Fall colors found in nature, and certainly there is a lovely Autumn medley of colors or textures that will work for your house!

Even if you aren’t into the traditional Autumn colors, I think you can work with your own color scheme and furnishings to bring in a little Fall in a way that reflects your own style and color personality.

I am really loving the fresh color combinations of browns, teals, grays and apricots!¬†Those colors say “autumn” to me in a modern traditional way.

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Charcoal Gray & Teal Blue via BHG

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color CombinationsBHG: Cozy Fall in Aqua & Brown 

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Fall Decorating: Apricots, Greens and Golds via BHG

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Fall Decorating: Greens & Browns via BHG

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Autumn Color Schemes: white walls, tan, rusty red, eggplant, green and gold via Pottery Barn

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Fall Decorating Colors: Turquoise, Red & Brown via BHG

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Fall Decorating in Aqua & Browns via BHG

Fall Decorating: Fresh Color Combinations

Neutral whites and browns with pops of color via BHG

Do you warm up your home with touches of Fall color this time of year, or do you cozy up your home in other ways? What is your color scheme year round and in the Fall?

*Don’t forget, we are having our 5th Annual Fall Nesting Party here on The Inspired Room the entire month of October 2012! We’ll be finding fresh ways to enjoy Fall, be inspired for the upcoming holidays and be in love with our homes!! And, you will have an opportunity every week to link up your own Fall favorites! Mark your calendars and hang out with me! Fall is MY FAVORITE!!!


  1. Each room looks so cozy!

  2. Camille Overmeer says

    What is the Fall Nesting Party? Can other blogs participate? Thanks!

    • Yes, sorry that wasn’t clear. Just click the “Fall Nesting” banner to go to the post that explains it. Every week in October you can link up your own Fall posts, details are in that post when you go there. I do this every Fall and it is SO FUN! And of course, just hang out here because I’ll be talking about Autumn too :-)

  3. …does this mean real pumpkins…oranage pumpkins…are back?…loivng watching your beautiful home evolve…blessings laney

  4. I love that cozy fall bedroom towards the end….. divine! I use Fall colours all year ’round actually because they’re my favourites. I’m feel bit dreary in a room that doesn’t at least have a touch of red in it somewhere, and I just adore golds, certain greens, yellows, a touch of orange, and creams. I also really love bringing natural objects into my home like gnarly wood, beautiful leaves, acorns etc. I’ve also become quite partial to turquoise lately, and that second room is gorgeous…. very soothing.

    Linda. :)

  5. I can’t stop myself from changing a few pillow covers each season. You have inspired me to go with the apricot color this fall… maybe I will add a bit of brown piping too? Thanks!

  6. Melissa,
    I love the warm browns and reds of fall/winter. There are some very pretty images here, but I do like the drift wood on the mantle in the one room.


  7. These are beautiful colors. I’m more drawn to warmer fall colors when I’m decorating so I love all of these rooms–especially the apricot couch!

  8. Love the orange-ish colors with the teal/aqua . I painted my room the aqua color and am going to try to find a “cheap” find on similar window dressing…thanks as always for all the ideas!

  9. I love the green, orange and brown living room. That is just the inspiration I needed for my cozy new living room. It’s feminine but still masculine. Love!

  10. Lovely round up, Melissa. After years of resisting anything orange – I blame my mother and the orange couch we back in the ’60’s – I’m finally, FINALLY, embracing it. I’d love to say orange and ALL colors but I just can’t do grey. Not on my head or in a room ;). Not to say I don’t love peeking in bloggers’ ‘windows’ and seeing their interiors with grey. Just not in my own. This Fall I’m finally adding orange, with russets, burgundy, and pops of purple, Aubergine, to sound decorator-y.

    I can’t leave without saying hi to Jack . . . Hi Jack! from your “auntie” Colleen :D

  11. My home is mostly white so i decorate with Autumnal colored pillows and quilts. I also bring in branches and “weeds” along my walking path.

  12. Loving the rooms with the oranges and apricots!

  13. It’s so fun to see fall decorating in non-traditional colors! I’m using aqua, cream, and tan this year in our living room. :)

  14. I’m not a huge fan of traditional fall colors and loathe orange. Traditional fall color ways remind me of all of the ugly Early American boring brown and gold I grew up with. That said, fall colors that concentrate on jewel or saturated spice tones can be gorgeous. My fall palette concentrates on purple-to-reddish/maroony plums and pretty yellowy bright golds on a sage-to-olive background with very small amounts of creamy apricot for the only bit of orange. Some of the palettes don’t say “fall” to me at all, unless the motif could be leaves or pumpkins. But I can’t see “fall” at all in a turquoise and brown palette.

  15. Beautiful pictures! I love the orange and teal combination in the first one. You’re so right. You don’t have to decorate with traditional colors for the holidays.

  16. Loving warm grey with burnt orange or turquoise right now. Looking forward to the fall nesting parties!

  17. Cozy Fall in aqua and brown is just that and peaceful too. You do such a great job of inspiring Fall without all the bling from the “Fall dept” at the store.

  18. Each of these inspirations are amazing. Love the cozy and warm colors of fall.

  19. I’ve been using orange in our homes for years (we are Oregon State grads) so I love seeing it trend.

    I’m loving the twigs in these photos too.

  20. I never would have thought of blue as a color for fall, but that second picture looks so warm and cozy, I must admit it works! Love that dining room! And every time fall rolls around I fall in love with orange. Thanks for all the eye candy!

  21. HI Melissa, oh I love that first picture! I love browns, golds, rusts, and even a touch of that blue you show. Looks wonderful! I love fall too. And I think….looking around that my color scheme year round has most of those colors. You decorate with what you love…and I love those warm colors!

  22. I can’t wait to join you in your month of October Fall posts!

    I’ll join as many as I can with you. :))

    I love fall nesting….blankets and pumpkins and mums and coffee bars. :)

  23. Beautiful colors for this time of the year, but really I could enjoy them all year round. I love each room!

  24. I’ve got to say ORANGE is my go-to autumn color!

  25. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    I didn’t realize I was so hip! My mom passed away last year and I inherited many lovely things including her Fenton hobnail glassware, a tantalizing shade of blue. I got out the glassware, washed it all up and and wove the pieces into my brown and white transferware displayed on my grandmother’s hutch. The combination is fantastic. And since orange is my favorite color, I already have splashes of that around the room…..I cannot believe what a great combination it all is.

  26. I love the colours in that first picture! The seasonal oranges work beautiful with the teal wallpaper.

  27. I love the play of texture with the blue velvet chairs and sisal rug! And I am surpringly attracted to the tangerine room. Great color schemes!

  28. I love using turquoise in autumn decorating! It’s the perfect foil for all the warm colors of fall! :)

  29. I have been really loving blues with the fall oranges and golds this year. I even set my table with a blue and green plaid fabric and love it. You found some great inspiration photos to share.

  30. I have been doing a lot of chartreuse, turquoise and brown, but I love how those splashes of orange warm things up. Shall I add yet another color into my scheme… perhaps!

  31. I, too, love the BGH room that you showed (teal chairs, sisal rug.) Did you find out, by any chance, what the “charcoal gray” color was that they used on the walls? I’m obsessed with it, and I can’t seem to make a match…

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