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Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

by | Sep 6, 2012 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

Fall Decor: Plush Velvet Pumpkins

Remember these little soft velvety plump and plush pumpkins from last year? These oh-so-squishable Plush Velvet Pumpkins are now my FAVORITE. As you might have seen in some of my recent pictures, I already set them out! Yep! Fall is here. At least in small touches. And, I got a new set of Plush Pumpkins from the LoveFeast girls to add to last years pumpkins so now I have pumpkins GALORE at my house. It’s a pumpkin harvest! And I LOVE ’em all.

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

Would you believe me if I told you I gave them each a little pat and a squeeze several times this summer when I saw them sitting in my cabinet? Well I did. It is true. I’m not ashamed. I love squishing them.

Like I said last Fall, you can NOT see these little beauties and NOT stroke their velvety plumpness. How could you resist? Every single time I see them I am compelled to stroke and pat their chubby little selves. Chubby is so cute, if you are a puppy or a pumpkin.

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

Besides the fact that they are a dream for any texture loving girl like me (have you SEEN those REAL STEMS? Oh my heart!), these pumpkins are the perfect and classy way to fall-ify your home. And BONUS, they won’t rot, smell, or get moldy so you can enjoy them from September through November and beyond. Then you can keep them safe and sound to bring them out next Fall!

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

Now I know it is still early September and some of you don’t want to even think about Fall until October. Fine. But I know October is going to come and you are going to be jealous of my pumpkins. And you will WISH you had your OWN velvet pumpkins, so I thought NOW was a good time to remind you that you WILL want these in your house.

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

I love that I have my own special set of pumpkins: officially named …. drumroll please…the Inspired Pumpkin Set. Thanks to the lovely girls at LoveFeast Table I’m feeling kinda special right now!  I’m kind of like Martha who has her name on everything except I only have my name on one thing. You have to start somewhere, right? I’m starting with pumpkins.

This set of three pumpkins, The Inspired Trio, is the perfect neutral trio of gorgeous velvet pumpkins: 6″ Chocolate, 5″ Dijon and 4″ Curry. Delicious, I say!

No matter what your color scheme, LoveFeast Table has Plush Velvet Pumpkin set for you. Teal? Mushroom? Sangria? Oh yes. Are they not the most precious little things you’ve ever seen?

And look at those tiny baby acorns in the nest. Aw. The babies.

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

Today I’ve got a GIVEAWAY of The Inspired Trio Plush Velvet Pumpkins & Acorns! Yay for Fall Giveaways!

There will be TWO WINNERS of this giveaway, one winner will win The Inspired Plush Velvet Trio ( 6″ Chocolate, 5″ Dijon and 4″ Curry) and the other will win the adorable little Plush Acorn Set & Nest in the same Inspired colors.

Plush Velvet Pumpkins {Fall Decorating Ideas & Giveaway}

DISCOUNT! Just in case you don’t win or want to get your order right away, LoveFeast Table is offering The Inspired Room readers an exclusive early Fall discount on your Plush Pumpkin order! 10% off through September 15th.

Discount code IRPUMP

Leave me a comment telling me why you want to squeeze a Plush Velvet Pumpkin of your own! Cause I know you want to. 

One entry per person.
Giveaway ends on September 14th, 9PM PST.
Thanks to LoveFeast Table for sponsoring this giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed!


  1. Lisa

    These are absolutely adorable. And I’m sure they’re a whole lot more squeezable then my current foam ones. Plus, I’m all about texture and I love the texture of velvet. I’m sure these pumpkins are squeezalicious!

  2. A

    I’ve been stalking these pumpkins for awhile now – would LOVE to have a set of my own.

  3. Gina

    Oh, I do need a set of these to squish! I’m thinking they would be perfect on my dresser in my my bedroom. Or the lovely acorns – I can picture them in my china cabinet. So cute! I can’t wait to decorate for Fall!

  4. nicole

    I love those pumpkins! And they would look so cute on my entry way table, the first thing I’d see when I walked into the house :)

  5. Elisabeth

    I would be super delighted to have a set of pumpkins to squish. I love pumpkins myself but I also have a toddler and it would be wonderful to have a decoration she wouldn’t ruin by playing with it!

  6. Mimi

    So cute…… And the acorns….. While I am sad to see summer go, seeing lovely things like these inspire me to look forward to a beautiful and bountiful fall!

  7. Bethany

    Those cute squishy pumpkins/acorns would be perfect on my dining room table (that also acts as our entry way focal point in our tiny apartment)!

  8. Laura C.

    I would love to win these pumpkins to decorate and warm up all the empty space in my new home! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Ashley

    So I just found your blog and am inspired to decorate! My husband and I are buying our first home and I love your style and creativity. :). I also love your pumpkins, and have a soft spot for soft, squishy things. I think these are amazing and I hope to squish them someday!

  10. LindaSonia

    I am over the moon in love with these squishable pumpkins – would lovelovelove to win a set and would squish them as much as I squish my 2 kittykats!!

  11. LindaSonia

    what is the discount code if we order???

    • LoveFeast Table

      IRPUMP to receive 10% off any Velvet Plush Pumpkin order. Thank you!
      Chris Ann & Kristin

  12. Lindsay

    I love, love, love these pumpkins! I’ve tried to win some before. This time I’m crossing my fingers and hoping real hard.

  13. Michelle L

    Fall is my favorite season and I love to decorate. Such cute little pumpkins would be great to help set the mood in my house.

  14. Dana

    I would love to have some of those squishable pumpkins because I don’t (yet) have any grandkid’s necks to nuzzle, fat feet to pat, or hinneys to smoosh…and I need some! Those punkin’s might help me in my grab & squish cravings. :-)

  15. Marisa

    Deer & other critters ate all the pumpkins in our garden so I won’t have any real pumpkins this fall. These velvety beauties would certainly be a great substitute!

  16. Lisa B

    LOVE these pumpkins! I have two but would love some more! Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Fall!

  17. Laurie P

    Squish…squish…squish… What? They’re so squishy cute!

  18. Sonya

    I love those things! Fall is my favorite season too, and these would look great with the rest of my decor! I’m contemplating a DIY version if I don’t win…

  19. Janet

    Forget the stress ball! I would love to squish these beautiful pumpkins – have loved and wanted a set since I first saw them last year! Love the ‘inspired’ colors!

  20. Vicki I.

    I LOVE fall & velvet! These pumpkins would make me smile every time I look at them!

  21. Doris G

    These would be great to start decorating for fall! My small group from church will meet at our house, and I know they would squish them all the time!

  22. Suzan

    Oh how those make me smile! I would love to have either set of my own to love and squeeze!

  23. Margy

    I need these becaus my little baby is gonna lose her plump chubby cheeks soon and I’m going to have to find something else to squeeze!

  24. Jennifer in VA

    I want to pet them and feel their velvety smoothness and the squeeze them like you want to squeeze the fat cheeks of a precious baby!

  25. Denise

    I would find it hard to resist squeezing those beautiful velvet pumpkins, as well. They are so unique and stunning, I would love to have them since fall is our favorite season of the year. Thank you for the opportunity.

  26. Jen Borden

    These are so pretty. Fall is my favorite time of year! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  27. Amanda Barnett

    I LOVE these pumpkins. They would look pretty in any room. I love your pictures of them. Great giveaway.

  28. Mercedes

    Watch Big Bang Theory?
    “Soft kitty”…
    I’ll sing my own version.
    “Soft pumpkin” (or acorn)

  29. Kathleen Welch

    Those velvet pumpkins look so soft and cushy…..They would look great on my mantle…..if I put them down any lower my daughter (2yr. old) would probably put them in her grocery cart to push around ! The acorns are pretty sweet too !

    I was just thinking about putting some of my fall decorations out today….I am ready for some fall colors !

  30. Anne Marie

    Pumpkins are my favorite and squeezing them would put me in heaven – the soft, velvety texture would be pure bliss! Hope I am the lucky winner so I can visit heaven!!

  31. Shirley

    Squeezing those pumpkins is like squeezing your favorite Teddy Bear…and then after squeezing you gently place it back on the shelf to admire and then pick up again as you can’t resist squeezing something so very special!…Thanks for the opportunity to win those fabulous velvet pumpkins…there is nothing like them and those stems are just phenomenal!!

  32. MaryBeth

    My last baby is the only left at home. He’s almost 16 years old. I no longer need to decorate for kids. I can decorate in a more grown-up manner! I would adore these plushy pumpkins and acorns! I LOVE fall and these are beautiful decorations for the season!

  33. Heather

    They just look like a little baby’s soft bottom – so touchable! If I don’t win these, I’m going to try my hand at making my own. Just gotta touch them!!

  34. Carey

    I’ve been eyein’ these cute little pumpkins since last fall. Oh how I love them!!! :)

  35. Sabrina

    I really love those pumpkins. I would squish them all the time!!! Great giveaway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  36. SandyL

    I would sure love me some of those squishy velvty pumpkins. That squishy softness. Those perfect colors. Yes, please!!

  37. pat

    I just love those soft squishy pumpkins!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Meredith W.

    These pumpkins and acorns are beautiful. I love seasonal decor that can be used year after year.

  39. Megan

    I would squeez them all the way to the bank because they would make the perfect addition to my house that’s for sale.

  40. Stacey

    My kids would love these. Maybe I could make touching the velvety goodness a reward for good behavior!

    Love to win!

  41. Karen

    Oh, I’ve admired these plush, squishy-looking pumpkins on blogs and would love to have some of my very own to squish and decorate with. I love fall decorating! Thanks for the offer.

  42. Claudia

    I love velvet, I love pumpkins and I love squishing things!

  43. kate

    Ah, how cute! The stems are the dealbreaker for me!

  44. Kirstie

    I usually only decorate for Christmas. This year I have decided to decorate for Fall. I would love a set of velvet pumpkins to get me started! They are beautiful.

  45. Amy Smith

    I would love to squeeze those soft, velvety pumpkins because they remind me of the ultra plush faux fur throw I bought for nesting in this fall. They also remind me of our English Labrador’s ears, which are like the softest black velvet. I love to kiss his beautiful ears! The pumpkin trio or acorn nest would look great on my coffee table, playing off the texture of the nubby rug and the plush throw and the fall colors of the throw pillows. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. jennifer

    We are moving into a new house soon….and I can’t wait to decorate for fall! These would be the icing on the cake for any southern girl to showcase in her new home!

  47. {darlene}

    Oh, I just had to enter. I have had my eye on these beauties. And I am itching to pet them! How I LOVE plush velvet!

  48. eleisa


    i touch everything all the time
    i am such a tactile person
    i actually touched the screen in anticipation
    i so hope that i win ♥

  49. Robin McGlinchey

    Pick me, pick me! I would love to display these rich, luxurious, velvet pumpkins with an iron framed mirror, an amber glass vase w/ bittersweet, candles and possibly a small fall photo on my built ins flanking my fireplace. Looove velvet! A great texture especially for fall!

  50. Elle

    I fell in love with your velvet pumpkins when you showed them to us last year. I’m still head over heals for them!

  51. Angela

    Love the pumpkins!!! They would look so great on my mantle and entry way. Such a great way to decorate for fall!!!!

  52. Francine

    Love, love, love these pumpkins…I’d give them a squeeze because I love them!
    I squeeze everything I love…and even my grandkids know that! ♥

  53. Johanna

    How cute, and perfect for my mantle! I want to squish them because they’re like the adult version of playing with a stuffed toy. :)

  54. LJ

    The pumpkins (or acorns.. :) would be so happy in our pumpkin orange dining room! I can just picture them on our table…

  55. Dana

    Love velvet and anything fall. And squishing. :)

  56. Lea Ann

    Fall! Velvet pumpkins! Squishing! And now acorns! I am overwhelmed with excitement! I love them all!!!

  57. susie

    I would love to win a set and would probably give them a little squeeze each time I walked past them. They are gorgeous and would love to have them in my home.

  58. janet

    Why would I like pumpkins? Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving earlier than you do and believe me, I have much to be thankful for. Pumpkins just add to the festivities and my whole family loves the taste of pumpkin.

  59. Kathy A.

    i the pumpkins and the baby acorns too! and a squishable pumpkin = fall comfort! thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  60. Jill

    I adore all thing autumnal…but sadly, I have almost zero fall decorations. These would be a GREAT place to start. I would definitely put them on my entryway table, so everyone could see them, and possibly squish them, if the need arose. :)

  61. Anita Gambrell

    I want to give them a squish because they are so cute and Velvet! Yay! Texture mama.

  62. Deborah E

    I have tried to buy some of these at the local BIG craft show for the past 2 years……..if I win I can mark that off my wish list! Love the changes you are making in your home.

  63. Emily

    I love fall so much! I also have gotten a few of my fall things out too. I would love another pumpkin decor item to add cheer to our house. I would definitely squeeze them lots too. However, I would probably give them to my friend in the hospital with stage 4 cancer. Hospitals are so dreary!

  64. Julia Swale

    Us texture- girls have to stick together! i love the pumpkins and would display them proudly on the center of my large kitchen table stacked up on a cake pedestal for All to enjoy! mean while, i’d be sneaking pinches and admiring their velvety folds and curves ! i hope i get picked, i cant wait to own them !

  65. Jennifer M

    I adore fall! And I love pumpkins! I’ve never seen anything as cute as those acorns. They make me happy!

  66. Jana Adams

    I absolutely LOVE these cuddly pumpkins! The choice of colors are awesome as the usual pumpkin colors don’t typically blend with my decorating colors…I LOVE the teal, mushroom and sangria!!! Those realistic stems along with the dreamy soft fabric make these so unique! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  67. Cathy

    I absolutely LOVE the squishy velvet pumpkins and acorns! I loved the different ways you displayed them. I think I would display them on the mantle of my fireplace.

  68. Kelly

    I would LOVE to have these acorns/pumpkin to make my entryway more inviting and festive for the fall! I have the perfect little table needing some life brought to it!

  69. Tara

    Oh my gosh, I love these so much! I just ordered the set of 6 turquoise… but I’d love to add to my collection with a win.

  70. Kelly

    I must have these squishable pumpkins, because you have me very intrigued! They really are adorable.

  71. Leslie

    Pumpkin-squishing seems like an excellent stress-reliever! They are so pretty — I envied them last year but couldn’t seem to justify purchasing them! I may break down this year if I don’t win! (Although I did see a Pinterest post on how to make fabric pumpkins and I’ve been dropping hints to my crafty daughter and daughter-in-law!)

  72. Susan

    I love those pumpkins! We’re getting ready to move (huge downsize) and those would look adorable in our new (very small) abode.

  73. Teresa S.

    Love these! I recently received that dough bowl from dayspring and I am chomping at the bit to fill it up with fall-ish items! These pumpkins would be perfect!

  74. Carolyn

    Oh my grands will really love them. If you don’t let me win, I will have to make them, and I am so far behind they won’t get donw till next yr!!!! love them they are SEWWWW cute!

  75. Elizabeth

    I have loved those since I first saw them last year! They would look fabulous in my living I really want to squeeze them. :-)

  76. megan sparks

    I would love to squeeze a pumpkin (or 2, or 3) because they are remind me of my grandkids, so soft and squishy and darling!!! These are soooo adorable!

  77. Brenda

    Super great giveaway! I would use the pumpkins in my dough bowl that is identical to yours. I’m a copycat!!

  78. Beth

    I’ve loved those little guys since the first time I saw them last fall, and as a seamstress I have to restrain myself from feeling fabrics everywhere, including the “welcome to the worship center line” at our weekly church gathering. I would probably feel the need to squish one on my face & my teens would begin the eye rolling “mommmm” exclamations. You’d think they would know by now!

  79. Emily

    I would love to squeeze one of these cute little pumpkins!!

  80. Jodi

    I have always loved the velvet pumpkins! Thank you for such an awesome giveaway.

  81. Neva

    I absolutely love these!!!! My three favorite colors and my favorite fall treat. I literally eekkked when I saw these and am now jonesing for a pumpkin spice latte. I’d love for them to share my coffee table with a pumpkin spice latte and a maybe a pumpkin muffin :)

  82. Kim

    I love Fall; I love pumpkins! And I love these squishy pumpkins! I tried to win these last year, too. Thanks for giving us another chance to get them!

  83. Terry

    I fell in love with these pumpkins when I first saw them last fall. They remind me what a delightfully sensuous season fall is!!!

  84. Angie

    Adorable!! Must squeeze : ) Really, these are beautifully crafted and would love to own either to display with my fall items. Thanks!!

  85. angie

    I think these are sooooo stinking cute and I don’t blame you at all for squishing them all summer long!

  86. Rebecca

    I love, love, love these pumpkins! They would be beautiful on my entry table!

  87. Lauren g

    Would love to win this to decorate my new apartment when I move in this October!

  88. Elizabeth

    These are just the cutest things ever. Fall is my favorite season and my husband and I were even married in the fall.

  89. michelle moncure

    I’m a texture person and my 6 year old daughter is a pumpkin fanatic. We could squish these al the way to Thanksgiving!!!

  90. Jenny BC

    I am glad someone else is as silly over these sweet things as I am! They are so pretty and I just swoon over the colors! Never made the plunge to purchase a set…I would love to swoon and squish at the same time! Happy Fall…it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  91. Erin Buchanan

    I’m so incredibly excited to have a chance to win these delicious beauties! Thank you. I know my entryway would be delighted!

  92. Jessica

    These are gorgeous! I need a set to squish so I can stop annoying my babies with neverending hugs and squishes!

  93. Patti Brown

    You had me at velvet.

  94. Amy w

    I have admired these pumpkins for a month now. I would love to squish them with my sons, who have been collecting acorns and fallen leaves on our morning walks.

  95. Kim

    I have loved those pumkins since last year and WANT THEM!!!!! Give a girl a break and make my day PLEASE?? “)

  96. deann jarrett

    Love them,and since I can not sew the chances of making them are slim.

  97. Annie

    Those little pumpkins are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I covet them.

  98. Dana Breeden

    Oh, I love these little pumpkins and now the acorns?? Seriously, those little guys are gorgeous! I would love a set for my fall decor but I have to agree with the other ladies, I might find myself petting and squishing them all day.

  99. Rene' In fact, I love everything Fall-ish!

  100. Carrie

    These are so beautiful! I love both the pumpkins and the acorns. I need to win because I have no chubby baby cheeks to squeeze. These will make a great substitute. :)

  101. Molly

    Because they are gorgeous!!!

  102. Carmen

    I love fall and these pumpkins shout fall in all their beauty… Squish!

  103. Cheri

    Wow oh wow who wouldn’t love these adorable squishy goodies!! I have just the places or places they would look divine. Hope it’s me who gets to enjoy them!!! :)

  104. Amy B

    Thank you for the giveaway. I would love to have these sitting on my coffee table!

  105. Ashley

    Reusable pumpkins that are toddler-friendly! Love it!

  106. Marcia

    How lovely these are! Most of our decoration are ceramic and I am looking for some softer elements – we have a not quite 2 year old who touches everything! These would be perfect!

  107. Amanda

    I would love these! I’m always sad about decorating with real pumpkins and then throwing them out or into the compost pile once they start to rot. I would much rather decorate with reusable pumpkins and not have to waste!

  108. Kate

    I want to squish one because who doesn’t love velvet?

  109. Maureen

    While I would love them on a table in my great room (family room). I know that these would brighten up my mother and father’s place. These would be a delight for them to see .

  110. maria and cameron who loves jack

    Why would I want to squeeze those adorable pumpkins? Well, because just can’t hellp it, that’s why!!
    Oh my!! I love love them!

  111. Teresa

    Velvet, velvet, velvet! Have always loved these. So unique and rich.
    Happy Thursday.

  112. Karen Doutrich

    Ok..these pumpkins have MY name written all over them!!! Hello!!! I am the pumpkin queen and am a mess when it comes to pumpkins!! If they could be it year round I would have them! I just painted my living room…yep, you guessed it…pumpkin spice!!!!! Please pick me!!!!!! I will die a thousand deaths without them..(well, maybe not a thousand…. But close!!!). :)

  113. Allison

    I would love a set of these! They are so adorable!!

  114. Angela

    Love these! I need my own squishy set!!

  115. Julie R

    These are so cute!! I would love to have a set. They look so soft, I think my son might use them as pillows.

  116. Sarah Page

    I may be moving to a new house in the next few weeks and these would be perfect to make a new place feel homey!

  117. Kenlynn

    As a recent empty nester I wasn’t sure I wanted to decorate for fall…but once you shared these sweet and adorable pumpkins, I am inspired! Thanks! I would welcome these chubby cuties in with open arms!

  118. Christine

    I love big orange orbs but when I squish them they ooze, please help !

  119. Carolyn Maves

    I would love to have some of the fabric pumpkins because they would be wonderful fall decor at my house for my grandchildren to enjoy. They could touch them and pick them up and I would not have to worry about my cute things being broken. We all love to see beautiful things, and of course, it is wonderful to smell lovely things. But there is something about touching beautiful things, the texture, the weight. Ahhhh!

  120. Beverly

    Thank you to both for the opportunity to win. And, why would I like to win? Because everyone needs something soft and cushy to love and squeeze. Right? Right!♥

  121. Sharon C

    I love these pumpkins and acorns! I’m very tactile. I love touching things … Smooth, soft, rough, bumpy, whatever …

  122. Kristin

    They are so cute! I love the look of them. I wouldn’t want to touch them though sadly :(

    Velvet is a texture that I have never enjoyed for whatever reason.

  123. Kathleen

    Well since my children are all too big to squish and cuddle, I think a pumpkin or two would be good. They would also be unexpected in my house which is why they would be perfect.

  124. Castle Swanson

    you can ask anyone who really knows me…Autumn had ALWAYS been my favorite season, showing off my favorite colors, creating the perfect feel-good time of year!

  125. Ashley Urke

    I LOVE these sooo much! I saw some last year at a craft fair but no one makes them as velvety and plush as Love Feast Table does. These have been on my wish list for awhile!

  126. Julia Foy

    I just moved into to a stark new house. I would love some gorgeous fall squishiness to inspire me to decorate for the new season. These little beauties need to be on my new buffet! LOVE….

  127. Carolyn

    In a world often filled with some hard edges and tough things to overcome, we need soft, squishy little surprises to poke and prod and remind us that life is also filled with beauty and creativity!

    Great giveaway!!

  128. Linda

    Oh…tou have me oooohing and ahhhing. I need a set for my own, becauseI want to squish them in my hands, click my heels three times and WISH for fall. We don’t get it here like we used to up north and I MISS it! These pumpkin or acorn darlings would help…oh. so. much. Yep.

  129. Carla

    Fall is my favorite season for decorating and these pumpkins would look gorgeous in my living room! LOVE them!!!

  130. Audrey Yarbrough

    These are perfect! Not only would I love to squeeze these, but I have a toddler that would adore them! (It seems there aren’t many “kid-friendly” fall decorations these days.) These would be a great stress reliever as well as adding a kiss of fall to any room! Love them!

  131. Sara

    I love these, too, and would like to win them ! Our family hosts an annual Halloween party, and this year will be the first in our new house. I’ve already started dreaming how to decorate the spaces and really make it something special. Thanks!

  132. Alisa

    They are so soft and squishy looking!

  133. Nena

    Oh my word I can’t even handle how cute these are!!!! I love pumpkins yes i do. They would look so cute on my buffet. And in my front entry. And on my piano window ledge. Oh I could just have a hundred of them scattered about my house.
    Fall is my favorite time of year, and it doesn’t last nearly as long as it should here on the prairies. This would be a lovely little pop of autumn color in my home to keep that sweet feeling if the season lasting just a little bit longer.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  134. Sue

    I live in Florida where we don’t get much fall but I really love it and miss it. I have a thing for pumpkins as it is so I would love a set of these beautiful pumpkins. Of course the acorns are darling too.

  135. Stephanie

    “Aw!” The first thing out of my mouth when I saw the pictures of these beautiful and cute pumpkins. They are so life like, yet they aren’t real. They have texture. They have character. They will endure far longer than the one I will buy to set on my front porch for the fall. And, the velvet…what a great choice of material as we enter the cooler months. I must have a set of these!

  136. Shawna

    Because they look beautiful!

  137. Heidi

    Because they look so soft and fuzzy! I’d love to win these beauties.

  138. Diana Johannesen

    Making sweater pumpkins this morning…but velvet ones are really rich looking! Love them….thanks for the giveaway!

  139. Allison

    I think these are so unique and I’d love to have them in my home because no one else I know would have them!

  140. Kim Bond

    I am ready to start decorating with some lovely squishy pumpkins and/or those adorable little acorns right now! :)

  141. Cara Beth Cate

    I have had my eye on these since last year. They are so adorable and would look so good on my sofa table!!

  142. Julie Kirk

    I have been lusting after these pumpkins since you posted them last year. I love the new acorns too! BTW you didn’t post the Discount code for the website. Thanks!!

    • Melissa

      Sorry I just updated with the code IRPump!

  143. Jeanneen

    In my blog searching yesterday, I happened upon the Love Feast website. I spotted these beauties and want them. They are so pretty and as you say squeezable, I wouldn’t know about that, but hope I win so I can tell first hand about their squeezableness.
    What a coincidence, I discovered them yesterday and am reading about them in your post today!!!

    I have my fingers crosed

  144. Lisa

    I want to squeeze them like I squeeze my 3 kids-and my kids will want to squeeze the pumkins and acorns too! A big ‘ol squeeze-fest at my house :)

  145. Jane

    Guess I need to squeeze in a comment, too! I love velvet, I love Fall colors, I love pumpkins and most of all I’d love to win!

  146. Shari

    I remember seeing these last year when you posted about them. I thought “I wish I could reach into the screen a squish those!” When I saw them up here again I thought to myself “Hello little cuties! I missed you! I need you at my house!” I don’t think I’ve ever been so attached to someone else’s decor! I really am going to have to get some of these. And the acorns are adorable!

  147. May

    I just love that they add some warmth to the home! Would love to win!

  148. Daphne

    They are velvet and stuffed, what more can you say, I have a compulsion to touch velvet, and the chocolate pumkin reminds me of melted dark chocolate. Yum. Also fall colors happen to be my favorite colors. Thanks for the giveaway.

  149. Becca Streit

    This pumpkins are adorable! I would love to have their squishness in my house… (Hmm. I now have Finding Nemo playing in my head… My squishy!)

  150. Jackie L. Robinson

    First of all – LOVE your website! Thanks to my friend Janece for sharing your website on her Facebook page. ‘Inspired’ is the perfect adjective to describe the creativity you’re passing on to all of us.

    Secondly, these squishy, exquisitely beautiful pumpkins are just Divine – and yes, in the comment above this Diana said they are ‘really rich looking’ – absolutely, they are! When you talk about squeezing them, it reminds me of the Charmin commercials….and then I want to pick one up and hold it tightly just to feel the warmth and comfort of it. Couple these two – a feeling of coziness and the rich, velvety appearance – and I’m all in! Beautiful.

  151. Mary Melber

    I would love to win these, the colors are awesome. I am pretty much a summer girl but autumn decorating will always be my favorite.

  152. Brandy E.

    I think the better question is “how could you not squish these pumpkins?”. They look so soft and squeezable. I’d love to have a set of my own. Fingers crossed. :)

  153. Pam


  154. Shilo Carr

    I am DETERMINED to love fall this year. You know the way Sunday nights always feel before you hit the sack? Dread, stress, sleeplessness. Because you know when you wake up it will be Monday. The start of another long work week with too little time to love on your loved ones. Well, I feel the same way about Fall. I just KNOW its about to be Winter. And I won’t be able to wear my cute sandals or sit out on my cute patio or have a cute tan for 5 long months. Sigh. But this year WILL be different! I have already made some fall decorations for my home. See? Improvements! Now, I just need these plump little pumpkins of cheer to really get the ball rollin’! Who knows, maybe they will inspire me to invest in a few mock turtle necks…

  155. Sharon

    Why pick them up and squish them? Cause they look so very squishable.

  156. Tammi D

    Fall is also my favorite time of year. The colors, the food, the feel, and the weather make me happy, plus, it’s my birthday, our anniversary, his birthday, and one of our daughter’s birthdays. Adding either of these wonderful gifts to my already fall themed house (year round fall colors) would just make it grand!

  157. Samantha

    These are just the cutest, sweetest things. I’ve always loved fall, but I used to really dislike all the garish orange and black decorations. Fall decorations have gotten so much prettier in recent years, and these sweeties are right up my alley.

  158. Ellen

    Sigh** It’s lust. Pure, unadulterated lust for squishy softness. Plus they are so darned elegant. With 3 kids running around my house, it would be nice to have a little elegance…

  159. Leah Wise

    I love Fall and I love squeezable — when I saw these cuddly pumpkins, I knew I had to have a squeeze! They are totally cute and adorable. They would look so cozy in my home!

  160. Kal

    I would love to squish and caress them almost like a sweet baby cheek!

    I have an idea for them that I want to share. We LOVE fall. My siblings and I give gifts to our Mom en masse. We have one brother who passed away. So….this is my idea for her birthday on October 1 this year and I JUST got the name of this company from the parent company in fact! A pumpkin patch representing a Mama Pumpkin and one pumpkin from each of the four of us for her “patch”. I am SO excited. Each of us will pick our favorite color for this order (and a discount????? SQUEEEEEE), Mom’s will be larger and our brother gone on ahead will be a pale color. I just HAD to share. I so hope *I* win because I want my very own to love. When you first showed yours off last year, I became enamored and this year I MUST own at least one to call my own.

  161. Chnstine

    I love velvet and I love the Fall most out of the four seasons. The softness and plushness of velvet always draws me to it. I have a few velvet articles of clothing. One of them I wore till it was threadbare and it’s still hanging in my closet! I already have fall scented candles in my house from Yankee Candle and Slakin (Bath and Body Works) So the velvet pumpkins would be a wonderful addition and yes, I would love to squeeze one. I have other Fall decorations around the house that I keep out all year long.

  162. Sarah

    The pumpkins are so cute and the little acorns are just adorable. Hope to give them a squeeze!

  163. Danielle

    ahh those pumpkins are so cute and the yummy colors and textures certainly make me want to squeeze them :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  164. Tif

    I want to squish these because I’m sure my two-year-old is tired of me squishing HIM! : ) (those cheeks! I die!) ANYWAY – I too have been stalking these pumpkins and would adore them on my fall table. Cheers!

  165. Lauren Daves

    The appeal of these is refined rustic and oh so inviting. Fancy yet casual for my rich looking decor desires and thrifty pocketbook : ) Squishing is a bonus and the acorns are genius!

  166. Ashley

    These are lovely and look so soft. I would love to have them for fall especially because I live in a hot climate and have to ‘create’ fall around my house!

  167. Cynthia

    I want to squeeze them because velvet feels so good!

  168. Lisa

    When I saw your pumpkins, I could totally picture them in my house. I really need to redo my mantle and they would be the perfect touch!

  169. Heather musick

    I need the squishy pumpkins to remind me it is fall, I am from the Midwest, living in Texas now. I need color. thanks for the chance.

  170. Michelle

    The fall colors are such complimentary colors for a redhead. I would pose near them at every opportunity. They are darling!

  171. lynne

    You have NO idea how much I love these! I’ve even tried to coerce friends of mine that sew to make me some! Love them and would love the opportunity to squish and salivate all over them :)

  172. Susan

    I have been spying on those little pumpkins in your posts!!! Love them! Fall is great for changing up the decor, I love changing seasons.

  173. Pam

    Velvet and fluff! How could you not give them a squish or a pinch? I’m sure those elegant pumpkins don’t mind the love. They seem like a perfect way to say hello to fall.

  174. Rachel R.

    We just moved into our first house, so I’d love to have these to celebrate fall in our new home!

  175. Donnamae

    I love those squishy pumpkins…such great colors. Acorns are cute too…so original! I’ve got the perfect place for them…;)

  176. Kristine

    Oh wow-would LOVE a set of those adorable pumpkins! I’ve started decorating for fall too!

  177. Jennifer

    ooohhhh….velvety! love the colors, love the shapes, want to pet them! i bet they purrrrr….

  178. Stephanie T

    Just remodeled and these would look amazing in my new space for fall!!

  179. patty

    I love anything velvet!

  180. Jessica ML

    I love these pumpkins since I saw them last year. The acorns are equally as adorable and simple require touching. I’m tactile girl and can’t wait to feel either the pumpkins or acorns. Thanks for the chance to win.

  181. Peggy Dlugos

    My kids have gone off to school so I need something else to squeeze. Velvety pumpkins would work.

  182. Marie Lester

    I would LOVE to win either one of those awesome prizes because as much as I LOVE fall and everything about it…the reality is I live in 125 sq ft home with my husband and soon to be little one…not a lot of room lol I have exactly the top of one dresser to decorate and I do a pretty good job with such a small space…I’d like a LITTLE piece of fall that will put me in the mood for the season but not look to Bright and out of place!

  183. Jen

    These pumpkins are exquisite! I love decorating for fall, and now that both my kids will be in school at the same time, I can really focus on doing it right. These would be perfect, & would it be bad to hug & squeeze them in lieu of my kids while they are in school? :)

  184. Michelle

    I love these! So cozy for fall! Thanks for the chance!

  185. Karen

    I would love to have these to properly welcome fall into my home!

  186. Jobeard

    They are lovely to look at and I’m sure would be wonderful to feel too. I’d enjoy squeezing them on a dreary, rainy day! By the way I am also a NW native so I know what dreary, rainy days are like! Love you blog and decorating style.

  187. Lisbeth

    I’ve been ooing and ahhing over these since you first posted about them last year. New fall decorations are hard to come by that are not cheesy or corny-these are CLASSY!

  188. Megan

    I love, love, LOVE these! I think they are so beautiful. It would be soooooooo exciting to win a set! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  189. Michelle

    I can just see my five children ALL squeezing them as they pass by. Not a one decoration in our house goes untouched at any moment in time. I love Fall for it’s colors, smells, textures and beauty. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  190. nicole

    they r beautiful!

  191. Suzan

    I just decorated for fall yesterday and I have a few spots where these would look perfect!

  192. Lesli

    I have been coveting these lovelies since I first saw them! I would just love to have them for our new house in Texas! We just moved from Atlanta and I am missing our little bit of Fall!

  193. Marty

    The pumpkins and acorns are just incredible! I’m a Fall Baby (Oct BD) and because of that, and the wonderfully crisp and clear days that this season brings, it’s always been my favorite time of year. Winning either of these terrific prizes would allow me to have a “hit” of Fall, and all it stands for, even in these last awful dog days of summer! :-)

  194. Erin Henderson

    I live in Mexico City, where life can be overwhelming at times. Some velvety pumpkins to squeeze may be just what I need for some stress relief!

  195. Kelley Bowman

    Oh these look sooo soft! I was going to get some last year and now I wish I had!

  196. Beachgirl NC

    I would love to be able to squish. I eyed these last year and I’m still in love a year later.

  197. Katie

    I would love to squeeze these plump pumpkins because they are much softer than the dried out gourds I usually put out for fall…

  198. Sandy

    Oh! They are lovely! They would become a fall tradition in our home.

  199. Barb

    Love, love these little guys!! Fall is my favorite time of year and these would fit right in with my fall decorating!! So cute I may leave them out year round!! :o)

  200. Allison A.

    Such a cute giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win. Personally, I have been loving on the pumpkins for about 2 years now. My frugal Husband won’t let me get more holiday housewares so winning would be awesome. lol The acorns are just darling as well. So fun!

  201. Terrilea

    I have a sad, empty table just waiting for this sweet pumpkins!

  202. Stephanie O

    Squish…. I love them. Fall is almost here, too bad it is stillaround 90 here.
    Shuttermom77 at gmail dot com

  203. Kimberlie

    I need to squish those velvety rich pumpkins. I absolutely adore the REAL stems and beautiful rich colors! I would love to have a set in my home. They are so unique!

  204. Karen

    The pumpkins are so adorable — reminding me of a sweet, velvety, plump, baby’s bottom. How can that not make you smile? Certainly worthy of an irresistible gentle pat each time you pass by!

  205. Angel L

    I would love these pumpkins. I just want to pet them, they look so soft. The acorns are adorable as well (who can resist tiny and soft?)

  206. Beth

    I love velvet and they look so squeezable…I’d love to squish them and have my granddaughter enjoy playing with them as well… :)

  207. melissa newell

    NO WAY! These are WAY too cute! Oh I will be putting these babies up right away (if I win of course) My kids will love the texture and bet the hubby might squeeze it once or twice! Oh be still my heart – lover of acorns here…we collect them from our HUGE Oak tree out front (whatever our squirrel friends don’t get to 1st) THanks melissa for this giveaway!

  208. Danielle V.

    Fall is my favorite time of year! These little pumpkins are absolutely adorable, would love to give them a squeeze of my own! Best of luck to everyone! :)

  209. The Chatty Housewife

    I want to squeeze a plush velvet pumpkin of my very own because it’s just not the same snuggling up to a real one. Ick!

  210. stef

    i think I would be too afraid to squeeze them…i would just sit and look at them and smile…they make me happy. What can I say I like those colours they’d fit perfectly in my home :)

  211. Bonnie Martin

    I LOVE these…..loved them last year, love them more this year!! Really love the smooth velvet/rough stem textures….Yes, I want to squeeze and stroke.

  212. mandy

    Fall decorating is my absolute favorite and these are ADORABLE! I would love to have some of my very own. :)

  213. Anita H.

    These are so pretty; they may even inspire me to *actually* paint the bench I would place them on. (I’ve been meaning to paint it all summer!)

  214. Denise Garguilo

    These are adorable. They would look great anywhere on the home. Would live this on the bed night stand for a touch of fall in the bedroom.

  215. Julie McCallum

    I adore the squishy pumpkins! They would feel right at home with my other fall decor that I’m just itching to put out! This is definitely my favorite decorating season here in Michigan.

  216. Lisa

    I saw these beauties last year and fell in love. And I’m terribly jealous of everyone else describing their velvety softness and squeezable softness. I think if I don’t win I’m going to have to start “stalk”-ing someone who has one so I can steal him-ahem-them away for myself! Besides (sob story warning!) I have to wait until I can find a job before I can buy my own… :-(

  217. heather

    oh my, i want to squeeze one of them bc they are squeeze-alicious. I mean you can’t look at them without wanting to touch and give it a little walk-by squeeze. Love them!!

  218. Sondra

    I would love to win the punkin set b/c I can so see my 4 yo lil girl squeezing them and giggling with magic when shes does so.

  219. Jera

    They look so comforting! So warm and fall like.

  220. kimj

    Fall is my favorite season and either of these gifts would be perfect!!! A squeeze a day will bring a smile.

  221. Our Learning

    These are beautiful! They would look gorgeous on our bookshelves.

  222. Shelley

    Would love to have these so my 19 month old can squish them when she finds them on table and is playing with things she should be! They are lovely.

    • Shelley

      I mean “shouldn’t” be :-)

  223. Katie Seest

    These are darling! The fabrics are gorgeous and I always decorate thoroughly for autumn (haven’t started yet since it has been in the 90’s here in Colorado which doesn’t inspire fall feelings).

  224. victoria gladden

    I love the fall colors they come in…they would look so good in my house!

  225. Terra K

    I would love to squeeze one of these because I can imagine all my stress flowing away with a good smushing velvet pumpkins session!

  226. Cresta

    How beautifully squishy and soft!! I’d love to have a set, but OUCH, not in my budget right now. Winning them would be a nice surprise! :)

  227. Holly

    Would love these, and they would brighten up our apartment with a touch of fall.

  228. Jennifer in SC

    They’re much more squishable than my 9 and 7 year old boys, who think they’re too old for squishing! Love fall decorating.

  229. kole

    I need to find me some of these! They really create an atmosphere.

  230. Missy June

    I wanted these last year, want them still. LOVE IT!

  231. Desiree

    I would love to squeeze these pumpkins because my 4 boys are growing up and won’t let me squeeze them anymore!! I have been in love with anything fall and have been eyeing these beauties for awhile now. I’d truly be a happy girl if I won these :)

  232. kole

    Do you know where I can get something like this in Toronto?

  233. Greek Housewife

    I Love Fall! It’s my favorite time of year and your pumpkins and acorns would be the perfect adornment to my decorations! They are adorable! I, too, love to touch and squeeze soft things. I can feel them now. :-)

  234. Doreen

    I drooled over these last year! I love fall! I can’t wait for fall!

  235. Lisa

    I would love to squeeze these plush pumpkins in my new house! I already have the perfect spot in mind.

  236. Barbara

    I bought some of those delicious, gorgeous pumpkins last year, and craving many more! They are just exquisite. Velvet and real stems—what more could I ask for”

  237. Eligonma

    I love velvet!

  238. Kat Moss

    I would like to have a set to squish since I can no longer squish the bellies of my black labbies!! They’re adorable! The dogs as well as the pumpkins & acorns!

  239. Brooke Kingston

    I would love to have these pumpkins because their colors are so autumnally perfect!

  240. Jo

    Fall decorations are the best. I love the colours of the Inspired Trio! As for why I want them…because I have to keep up with the Joneses of course! (in this case, you and the Nester) Kidding. But it’s true that you two have been inspiring me for years.

  241. Keya Millionie

    Ooooh these would look great on the back of my couch! I’ve always thought they were really pretty.

  242. Jocelyn Pascall

    These are insanely adorable. This post just totally inspired me. I cannot wait to get started with decorating. However, it is currently almost 90 degrees here in Portland, OR so I feel like I have to let the weather cool before I can get into it.

  243. Zarah

    These are so adorable! I have been brainstorming how to make them myself, but winning them would be so much better.

  244. Mindy

    How adorable!! These pumpkins would thrill me! We are in temporary housing right now and all my fall decor is in storage. I have begged and begged my hubby to get my fall decor out, but he has refused! Apparently, moving a sofa, washer, dryer, fridge, dining table, and 100 boxes to get to my pumpkins is not worth it to him!!! Really? He just doesn’t understand the pumpkin love!! Maybe I will be the winner and get the cutest pumpkins ever to display on my table. It will give a glimmer of festive fall, in our “everything cute is in storage” season!

  245. Amanda

    My son has sensory issues and I think he would LOVE these pumpkins rather then the cold harder pumpkins we find at hobby lobby, michaels etc

  246. Sherry Morris

    I love pumpkins and I love velvet and I love nature inspired decorating! I love these.

  247. Jan

    The question is “Why would I not want to squish one” they are adorable! It’s still too hot in Texas to think Fall but these little pumpkins could get me in the mood.

  248. Joanne B.

    Why do I love them? Well, because, I must admit, I am curious again, as I was LAST fall, as to just how absolutely adorable they must really be! I KNOW they LOOK cute, and they certainly SAY “fall!”, but I think, unless I can so the SQUEEZE test I won’t be certain of their amazing cuteness FULLY! SO! I will throw my ring in the hat and take a chance that I too, can get on the velvet pumpkin bandwagon- one way or the other! Thanks for this chance to win!

  249. Teresa

    I would love to squeeze these sweet little ‘punkins’ , just because…

  250. Katrina

    We tend not to celebrate autumn and all it’s goodness here in the UK, but to know that so many people do love the season is wonderful. It’s always been my favourite season, but you can’t get a squishable squash anywhere over here!! I promise them a very good home if they flew across the ocean and settled on my mantle.

  251. Wendy

    I would love to have this squishies…..mostly because they are GORGEOUS but on the same token… kids won’t break them!!!! Double Bonus Points!

    Thanks for the entry~!

  252. VHiggins

    I want them because my cat doesn’t like being squished ;-) (not that it stops me, she’s just so fluffy!)

  253. heidi

    I have admired these absolutely beautiful pumpkins and squashes since spotting them last fall…just fantastic and simply exquisite…autumn decor “eye candy!”

  254. Rebecca B

    My baby is no longer a baby and I need something new to squish on. Love these colors!

  255. Eat 2gather

    I have seen these pumpkins all over the internet for the last year. I love the look of them and would love to give them a squeeze! Thanks for the giveaway ; )

  256. Judy

    I absolutely am in love with these adorable squishy pumpkins!!! They are beautiful and will add so much to my fall decor! I love them because they are a one of a kind unique item that are beautiful and yet make a home look even more homey this fall. The velvet combined with the real pumpkin stem makes anyone want to touch and sqeeze each one!!! Thanks for this great offer . . .here’s to winning!

  257. Katie

    Would love these to start my collection of fall decorations! Just bought my first home and have no fall decor! Would be a wonderful start!

  258. Lorrie

    Such gorgeous squishy pumpkins. I’d love to squish them because it’s more grown up to cuddle a velvet pumpkin than a soft teddy bear. I think.

  259. Jeanine Kuhn

    Pumpkins, squishy, soft, and sweet!
    To win them would be oh so neat!
    Thanks for the chance!

  260. Ali

    Love love love these! I’m a sucker for anything nature inspired and has an organic element. I think the velvet brings a touch of luxury to any room and will warm up my space for fall. My daughter is always collecting little pieces of nature and she especially adores acorns. Her pieces would look great as a centerpiece combined with the velvet trio in a bowl on the dining room table!

  261. Kim a.

    Ohhhh! I need these becuase I have wanted to squish them since last fall!! I admired around the blogosphere and dreamed of my
    Own to squeeze and hug :)

  262. paige

    would love the opportunity to give these a squeeze! They are beautiful – would be hard to put away after fall:)

  263. Barbara (WA)

    Pumpkins ~ my favorite decorating item this time of year! My house never looks better than in the Fall. But oh my, velvet pumpkins with real stems! Yes, I would pat them and love them. They need to come to my house. (Congrats on your first branded item!)

  264. Michelle T.

    I love these pumpkins — I am SO ready for Fall!

  265. Amy

    My neighbor has a set of both and I oh soooo covet them!!!!
    I would just love a set of my own! I know just the place for them all….

  266. Lisa

    I would love to have these because I actually tried to make some last year….. and failed. :( I would be so thankful. Blessings!

  267. Stacey Hoops

    I would love love love me some velvet pumpkins :) We are currently in “Phase II” of renovation on our forvever home and there is plastic, wood and tools everywhere. As excited as I am about our new rooms I won’t be able to properly decorate for my favorite season ….but…if I had some gorgeous velvet pumpkins to keep on my kitchen island, I will remember what I love about autumn:) Thanks so much!

  268. Deidre

    I love those cute acorns!!! They would be great on my piano! :)

  269. Carol

    The pumkins are not just “cute and squeezable”……..they are lovely!

  270. Lisa

    Oh my gosh! These are absolutely some of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. I just want to hold one in my arms and squeeze it! Fall is hands-down my favorite season of year. I can already picture these pumpkins dancing throughout my home. One sitting cutely on my bed . . . some in a basket . . . one on the sofa . . . and the acorns! Oh please pick me as one of your winners! I would provide a really loving home for these new “friends.” I promise!

  271. Colleen in Dallas

    I’m SO ready for fall and cooler weather. I’d love to have the pumpkins!

  272. Marm

    I love these because they are fabulous. It’s about my turn to win something and I would love to win these.

  273. Linda

    I have loved those pumpkins since I saw them on your blog last year:) What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  274. Cheryl Burns

    I would love to have either the punkins or the acorns. I salivated (is that a word?) over the punkins last year! We always spread our pumpkin seeds in our flower beds and eagerly await to see what somes up the next year but alas – this year no pumpkins :( . It was way to dry for anything to survive much less come up in the beds. So, I need some Punkins! for my little Punkins!

  275. Alicia

    I have seen these for a while now and they are really growing on me now! So cute! I would love to have them because the fall fever is going to hit when a cold front comes through Dallas Saturday morning and the temps drop from 104 to 82!! Yippee fall is here!! Well almost!!

  276. Misty

    Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year… i LOVE it. I love pumpkins… decorating with them, cooking with them, eating them. smelling them. DIVINE… and these are amazing…

  277. Carol Deveno

    Just because there adorable, and pretty first of all. They won’t rot and have fruit flies gathering all around lol, and I’m getting older, so light, velvety soft, is much easier. The creativity of them and fall is a feast for the eyes in New England where I live.

  278. Laura L.

    If I had a set of these velvety, squishy pumpkins, I’d most definitely split my time between them and my sweet, soft Maltese, Cooper. I think I’d have to name each of my pumpkins…hmmm.

  279. Kathy

    I LOVE these and have been wanting some of my own for a while. They are so cute, I especially love the pumpkins. Thanks for the chance to win!

  280. Kim

    I love pumpkins. These are gorgeous and squishy soft! I’d place them in a place of honor and squish them when i walk by. :)

  281. Suzan G

    I need these adorable squeezeables because my daughter is away at college and I need something soft to hug. (My boys just aren’t that soft anymore!!)

  282. Jenn

    I love these plush pumpkins!! They are far more cuter than those grapevine or foam pumpkins!! It definitely would soften up the room! What an awesome giveaway! Thx! xoxo

  283. Julie

    I would place my plush velvet squeezy pumpkin on my kitchen window sill. So when I am having one of those days with my kids those “did you finish all your homework, whose water bottle is this, isn’t today gym day, don’t forget your trumpet, will someone PLEASE let the dog out” kind of mornings, I can give my pumpkin a squeeze and know someday I will look back on these mornings and miss having young children.

  284. Amy

    I have been wanting a set of these squishy pumpkins since last year! I love velvet and fall decorating. I would squish them because they are so so perfect!

  285. Cindi

    LOVE, LOVE the soft squishy pumpkins. Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love decorating our living area with fall decor. I’ve never left a comment before on a blog, but these cute little plushies have inspired me big time! Thank you for the offer!

  286. Catie

    I am a newly-wed and a new homeowner. I have been struggling with decorating and trying to find my own “style”. For years my style was just whatever I thought was cute in the stores/magazines. My husband, a hard-core US Marine and a Detention Officer in our county jail, thinks all decor needs to match and, for a while, I believed that (he is now fired from decorating anything, except his man-cave) My house is a reflection of someone who wants to make their house look nice. It doesn’t say anything about me or who I am. I only have a few pieces that are a true self-reflection (a cross here, something from our wedding there). I recently discovered your blog and my creative juices began to flow! In reading your tips and suggestions I have really began to open up to unique decorating ideas and self-portrayal through design. I am now certain of what my style is–a mixture of class, country, and courage! When I saw these sweet little pumpkins I knew I had to have them! I actually found them in a little boutique near my house–with a sign that read “please do not pick up the pumpkins unless you’re going to buy!”–and the store owner was watching me like a hawk (since I was the only shopper in there). They were asking $35 per pumpkin…did I mention I’m a newly-wed and a new home-owner? My dreams of squishing the sweet little pumpkins drifted away…If there were any way possible I could get a little assistance in my decorating (and in finally getting to squish the pumpkins!) I would be forever grateful. I am already a huge fan and will continue to learn from you and your blog. God bless and thank you for all you do! It may seem silly but you’ve made a big difference my life!

  287. karen

    Karen (In beautiful – British Columbia)

  288. Sarah G

    LOVE I would love these because…well my husband once put those tiny little pumpkins in our halloween storage bin because he thought they were fake. Let’s just say when we opened the storage bin a year later it was NOT pleasant and we had to get rid of pretty much all of our decorations! lol

  289. TRISHA

    Last nite, as I was putting out some “harvest” decorations, I too was thinking is it too early??.. But dont you know, this morning when I woke up, there was a little nip in the air. Okay.. that’s perfect planning on my part.
    I saw these last year and fell in love with them on your site. I sincerely would love to win these–to share with my little sister–who we have called “Punkin” since she was a baby.. that little Punkin is 47 now. She has an October 16 th birthday. .so she really is a pumpkin. Please share in making my sister’s birthday extra special..

  290. sue wags

    I love both the pumpkins and the acorns. I’m such a texture person~~these would make me giddy!!!!

  291. Lauren

    these are just adorable AND much safer for my little guys running around…

  292. Krissy

    I would love to squeeze these beautiful, kid-friendly, soft pumpkins!

  293. Cindy B.

    Fall is my favorite time of year I love, love, love it and pumpkins are my favorite and I have never seen these they look amazing cozy and warm and everything inviting about the Fall season I would love to get my hands on them lol!!!

  294. joy

    Fall is my favorite season and with these squeezably velvety pumpkins i can display them all year.

  295. Judy

    I was just exclaiming my love of these pumpkins to a co-worker yesterday and today your giveaway. Send them to mama. :)

  296. Melanie A.

    I want to squish these because they’re squishable! Couldn’t be any cuter.

  297. sarah

    love love love. i hope i win, because i am a lover of all things fall, and these pumpkins will be perfect in my dining room for all of the next few months!

  298. J Lynn

    Those are adorable. I agree about the real ones getting moldy and ruining wood furniture. Every year I buy a few more faux gourds and would love to add these to my collection :)

  299. Alissa O.

    I have loved these since the first time I saw them on your blog! I would live a set to squish

  300. Carly

    I would squeeze these little beauts so hard! And I’d be careful to keep them far away from my kittens’ claws! Awesome giveaway!

  301. Judy

    Velveet and soft too? Just heaven.

  302. Kari

    OH MY WORD!!!!! THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA SQUEEZE :) Thanks!! Love the name of this pumpkin trio :)

  303. Linda

    because they are just so hugable!!

  304. April C.

    I would love a plush pumpkin because I style my home with fall related colors and items. It makes it more cozy!

  305. Courtney

    Because my daughter would say these were “AWESOME” and probably sleep with them at night. Then during the day I have the perfect bowl for them in the living room.

  306. Andrea

    Those pumpkins are absolutely gorgeous! I would squeeze them everyday if I won:) I already know just where I would put them too!

  307. Cindy Childers

    I love fall and Pumpkin anything! Scones, Bread, Carved ones, especially these cute velvety ones!!! XOXO, Cindy

  308. Maureen

    I would love a set of these pumpkins. Think I might take one into bed with me, my very own Velveteen Pumpkin. These are one of the most gorgeous fall decorations I have seen. And I am positive they are the most softest fall decoration ever! (bad grammar intentional…) “They” say texture is important in decorating a room. With these babies, I’d have all the texture I need. Have a gorgeous autumn (my favorite season)!

  309. 'berta

    I want to squeeze these pumpkins because my 2 squeezable grandsons are
    too far away to squeeze!

  310. lolo

    Um hello…..Velvet + a pumpkin?!? That just screams fall and cozy :)
    Plus, you had me at all those food names (Curry, Dijon & Chocolate?!). Anyone that names a pumpkin after chocolate or wine (Sangria) has my vote.! ~Lolo

  311. lindsey hardoin

    These are so pretty, I just just shopping for fall decorations when I saw this post!

  312. Elizabeth

    Oh, OH! These are fabulous. I would love to squeeze them and to watch my little ones squeal in delight as they squeeze them! Thank you for this giveaway!

  313. kathy

    My kids are getting to that age where they don’t always like to be squished anymore. I’d love a set of velvety pumpkins to squish when they won’t let me squish them! Thanks for the giveaway. I love your blog!

  314. Jennifer

    I have never seen pumpkins like this before. They are so so cute! I love how I could use them every year to decorate with.

  315. madeleine

    love them, perfect to start a new life

  316. Rachel

    I’ve been using your website to inspire my kitchen/family room/dining room renovation, so I know whatever you love will fit in with all the things I love. Trying to add some texture to each room and some old to go with all the newness! Thanks for the generous offers!

  317. Ginger


    These pumpkins are to DIE for! I would love a set of my own to squish – I have not seen them in stores before. Fall is my favorite season to decorate for and with the drought and heat in the west, the pumpkins will not be doing well this year. That’s why I would LOVE to own a velvet pumpkin. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win one of our own.

  318. GinaE

    Well, I answered a question on another blog the other day…”.what is your favorite thing about fall”. My answer was pumpkins and acorns. So, VELVET pumpkins and acorns, just pushed me over the edge! I really want to win this give away!!! Many thanks for the chance to win!

  319. Amy

    These are so cute! I’ve never had a squeezable pumpkin and the velvet just puts it over the top!

  320. Cindy

    We just bought a log home and the velvet pumpkins would make a wonderful contrast to all that hard wood! Love them.

  321. Jenni

    They would be perfect for my dining room table! I would have to stop by several times a day just to pet them

  322. Marcie

    I would love to have these to hug and squish all fall/winter. They are soooo cute!

  323. beth

    Oh, Oh, I adore those pumpkins but the acorns just make my heart skip a beat. Last year I was very into acorns, acorn wreath, acorn ornaments and these would just enhance my collection. Thanks for the chance to win.

  324. kathryn

    Those adorable squishy pumpkins would be perfect on my new dining room table – they would add to the harvest theme I am going for!

  325. Kate

    I would adore those pumpkins in my home because I recently moved to Pennsylvania, and all my Fall stuff is in Arkansas. :) They would be much-loved. Thank you. :)


    adorable !! would love them. they would be awesome in our new house!!

  327. Sylvia

    I love the little velvet pumpkins! Sometimes I think fall decor can look a little “hokey,” but these look classy. I’d also love to win these because I’m decorating my house for fall on a budget this year! :) Thanks!

  328. Lynne Smeby

    I love the pumpkins! Years ago,(and I do mean years ago as I am in my 70’s) my mom made similar pumpkins out of cotton fabric. One of those pumpkins has survived but has lost it’s squish and color. Thanks for showing these..brought back great memories.

  329. Holly S.

    I have loved these pumpkins for 2 years now and sadly have never won a give-away for them. :( I would love to finally win some, so I can enjoy them as much as you! Thanks for another opportunity to try and win some. Fingers crossed!

  330. Helen L.

    I love fall so much that I got married in October! These pumpkins would make my home even more fallish with their beautiful colors and amazing textures!

  331. Vanessa

    These pumpkins want to come live on my mantle.

  332. Carrie at lovely etc.

    I really don’t decorate for different seasons other than Christmas – but there is something about those little pumpkins that I just love. They could make me change my ways for sure!

  333. Pati

    I love the acorns as much as the pumpkins! Both look huggable to me.
    Love your great ideas, keep ’em coming. Thanks for the chance to win!

  334. Sarah

    If those little guys made it into my home, I wouldn’t just squeeze them, they’d be my main squeeze. Get it? Hee hee. ;)

  335. Jennifer L

    I would love a set of these! Just got married and am trying to slowly build up fall decor for our new home :-) These would be a perfect start!

  336. MarySue

    I’m a texture lovin’ girl as well, and I would love to get my hands on those pumpkins! Love the colors, love the stems, love the richness of their velvety selves! They NEED to be on my foyer table, where they can bring a squeal of delight to everyone who comes through the door, and I can give ’em a squeeze every time I pass through!

  337. Kelly Hollstrom

    I would like these lovelies because I live in So Cal (from the northwest and loved it!) and it never feels like fall and it makes me sad every fall/winter. These would for sure cheer me up!

  338. Jane

    Ooh, I’d love to win the little nest with Acorns! I’m eyeing it for my home – not just for fall but for accessorizing year round. Love it!

  339. Betty

    Fall is a beautiful time of year to embrace the autumn spectrum in your home! I would love to create a centerpiece on my dark oak table including the velvet pumpkins — that whenever one would sit down their gaze would invite a soft touch, and indulge the beauty sensors to appreciate the spectacular forms in nature that we so often take for granted. The pumpkins would hint at that delicious pumpkin pie aroma coming from the oven that will be served shortly at the table with your choice of coffee, tea, or cider –with a dash of cool whip cream on top!

  340. delloraine

    These are cute. My daughter has tried sewing some of these( not velvet) after seeing some fabric ones in HL. I noticed the dark one in your post yesterday and was thrilled about the give away. We just put out our fall decor labor day. Would love to add these.

  341. April was in CT now CA

    Awe, these are so adorable! I always see blog posts about them and want some SO bad so I can squish, squish, squish to my hearts delight. LOL Crossing my fingers!!

  342. Tina

    …because I am just learning the value of texture, with beauty, in my home.

  343. Christie

    …..Because they are so cute!! They look really warm & comforting for the fall.

  344. Lisa Kind

    Now that I’ve seen them I must have them. The will look perfect in my family room!

  345. Heather Brewer

    I would love to squeeze these because it would mean I actually had some of my own :) Last year I entered every giveaway I saw for these cute pumpkins. Maybe this is my lucky year!

  346. Sissy

    I LOVE everything pumpkins and these are beautiful. Would love to win a set.

  347. colleen

    Here in far-off Melbourne, Australia, we are heading into spring, hooray. But I would love to win these adorables to send to my darling friend, Rowan, in Canada. She would squeeze and squoosh them every day, and remember that I send her blessings and love. Looking at them would make her smile! It would be like sending her a hug.

  348. lynnemeisch

    Oh, my house so needs these. Lovely, fall texture. What could be better!

  349. JuneA**

    Because no one said “please don’t squeeze the cha..oops…pumpkins”! Sorry,

    Because I love the texture, the colors, and the absolute CUTE factor! And I’m probably going to have to quit stalking them soon :-) thanks for the chance to win!

  350. Kathy Smith

    I love the pumpkins! Loved them last year when you showed them. This may be my year! And those baby acorns are adorable!!

  351. Michelle

    How can you not squeeze these pumpkins! They would look so cute on my entry way table! They scream FALL!!

  352. --Deb

    They’re beautiful. They’re adorable. And best of all, my mother ADORES pumpkins (especially the beautiful, adorable, decorative kind) and then I could give them to HER and she would be over-the-moon happy.

  353. AngelaV

    These are so beautiful….the texture and glow in the different light–this is my first visit to your blog and I’ll definitely be back. I think one in each room of my apartment. And the acorns are so clever!

  354. Judy

    I would love a pumpkin and the only way I will get one is to win one as they are definitely not available in Australia! Would sit so well in my kitchen, on the table, so please…..

  355. Robin

    They are adorable

  356. Joan Moore

    Loved them last year and love them even more this year. Would love to win a set, they are beautiful!!! Thank you for the chance to win……

  357. Cindy

    I would love to win these beautiful pumpkins!

  358. Ruth

    Although I absolutely love the pumpkins, I think the acorns in the nest are ‘the cat’s meow.’ These will fit perfectly into our outdoorsy decor, not just during the fall but all year long. We are going to move into our new (to us) home the first of October and the theme of the whole house is ‘bring the outside inside.’ Driftwood, tree branches, earthy paint colors and tones, and lots of plants.

  359. angela

    I would love to squeeze them to get some of that love, and they are just too adorable to not want to!

  360. Maren

    I live in California, so there isn’t much in the way of fall color. I would love to add some color to my home with these beautiful pumpkins.

  361. Michelle

    Because they are adorable, because I don’t have to carve them, and because I will use them every year from here to eternity!

  362. Jennifer from WI

    These pumpkins remind me off my childhood. My Mom always had velvet curtains in the living room. I can still remember as a child hiding behind the curtain with one hand on the front(velvety) side. It just felt comforting. The pumpkins are absolutely adorable. I could see myself holding one as I chat to a friend, or my Mom in the phone :-)

  363. Jennifer

    I wanted them last year and didn’t order any. Would love to squeeze some this year! They remind me of the velvet blanket I had when I was a kid.

  364. Renee Richardson

    I would love to win because I saw these last year and instantly fell in love. I want to squeeze them too!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  365. Erin Young

    i would love to win one for my mom – they would be perfect in her house!! :)

  366. Kristin

    They look so soft and squishy! I want to pet them!

  367. Heather

    I SO want to win the pumpkins or acorns because they really ARE absolutely adorable! I would squeeze them to death!

  368. Cynthia Brooks

    I would love to squeeze these pleasingly plump pumpkins because they remind me of my granndson’s round little tummy when he was little and cuddable! Now he is a big old boy, almost twelve, and I almost have to sit on him to get a hug!

  369. Shari

    LOVE these! Fall is my favorite season & I so enjoy decorating for it — these would look awesome in my living room. :-)

    PS — I’ve already done my fall decorating too. ;-)

  370. Anne

    Awesomeness on my mantel. Colors, perfect. Squeezeableness, perfect. My living room is crying out for these gems!

  371. Marie Valum

    love these pumpkins! I have just the right spoyt for them!

  372. Jeannie Anderson

    I admired these pumpkins last year but never got around to ordering any. They look as soft as my Boston Terriers muzzle! Which, by the way, I pet as often as she’ll let me!.If I won these my dog would be grateful because I would leave her alone!

  373. Nikki Parrish

    I love your blog! Just found it recently:) I have had my eye I. These little pumpkins since you posted the pics the other day!!!! I love all things squishy! Weather it’s baby cheeks or soft velvety pumpkins….:)))))

  374. Linda Law

    I’d say these struck others fancy as much as mine! Love them, too…

  375. Kathy

    I’ve always loved the presence of a pumpkin in my home during the fall and beyond. These look incredible with a touchable surface to squeeze whenever I want. Plus you have different colors than the usual orange which makes it quite adaptable to any color scheme. These plush velvet pumpkins are the ultimate gift I would enjoy.

  376. dawn beaver

    I have wanted a set of these since I first saw them last year. I just love the textures!

  377. Yvonne

    I have loved these pumpkins since you posted them last year! I think it would be such a stress reliever to have them to touch! The acorns are adorable too!

  378. Kristy Cirillo

    I would love to squeeze them and tell them how beautiful they are every day! :)

  379. Lori H


  380. Sonya B

    I love fall and have already begun my decorating even though here at the coast in NC it is still hot and muggy. These pumpkins would look great with my fall decor.

  381. LeAnn Peterson

    Love those pumpkins! So rich and pretty, they make me excited for fall decorating.

  382. Graziela

    Love these little pumpkins…I’d love one so I won’t have to make one because there is no way they’re turn out as pretty as these!

  383. Andrea

    These pumpkins are so pretty……I would love to have them for my farmhouse table….and to “sqeeze” cause that’s just what you’d have to do…… the acorns….oh my word…they are adorable. I need these!!!!!!

  384. Michaela Hoenigman

    They look divine! I have always thought that they looked squishy! Now, I want to try!

  385. Tracey

    Oh my word, I ordered one for my mom last year and I only get to see her twice a year and I long to squeeze and pet my very own plush pumpkin!

  386. Lisa P.

    Ooooooh….I really want to squeeze them. Hope I win!

  387. Diane

    Um….because they look so squeezably soft and squishable? And because I think I’m in love with their oh so very cute crooked necks.
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway Melissa!!!!! Love all your little pumpkins spots!

  388. Rene

    Tres Chic! Love the colors and these would be the PERFECT addition to my new florida room this Fall.

  389. Laura

    I am a new follower of yours…like in the last week and I adore your posts/taste. These plush pumpkins have sealed my relationship with your blog!!! LOVE!

  390. Denise

    I first would like to say I am so intrigued by your website, I had just recently came across it and think you are amazing at decorating your home. Thank you for giving me inspiration in bringing my home into a whole other level. I think the Pumkins are so darling, they look so lovable like when you see a baby you want to squeeze their adorable chubby cheeks, velvet is so soft and it is very calming to look at. I love the Fall so much I already hung my pumkin wreath on my front door and its still summer here. I would be so grateful to win the Pumkins since they would look beautiful on my diningroom table and my family would be delighted to be surrounded by them as I am hosting Thanksgiving this year:)

  391. Adella Gonzalez

    I think this is the most creative plush item I’ve ever seen! Great for Halloween and the fall months… Quite nice!

  392. Carol Ann Nelson

    I would love to get my hands on those little guys! They remind me of grandpa’s face… round, warm and fuzzy. Happy Feelings!!!

  393. Kellie Hagen

    Loove these boho/chic/old country pumpkins and acorns! The pumpkins would be so wonderful anywhere in my home, since my 22 month old son has already made some “extra love” marks in our first real pumpkin for the year. I don’t blame him though. It is an extroidinary pumpkin since it reminds me of a witches nose! ( Due to all the bumps on it!) Those super adorable acorns would look so at home all year round in my small family room. I’ve got ferns, felt mushrooms, moss, etc that would so make those acorns pop! :) Thank you for sharing your decor ideas and some of your great finds, you have been such a help!!

  394. Denise Wilson

    These are beautiful! I love the feel of velvety material!

  395. Kerry

    Love the colors, love the texture, ADORE the stems! How delightful to have your own namesake!

  396. Doreen H

    They look so squeezably soft! Thanks for the giveaway!

  397. Selina

    I would love to have a set of such gorgeous fall decor that my toddler son could love just as much!

  398. Jennifer

    I -need- these pumpkins so desperately in my entryway. I had pumpkin envy last year and have been on the hunt for some for this fall.

  399. Barbara

    Love these cuties….thanks for all the great ideas and happy fall…

  400. Lyn

    Love those squeezable plush pumpkins! I have seen a lot of clever things in my day and these are right up there with the best. The rich color, the beautiful fabric make me want to make the set my own. I would love to feel that soft velvet. Very nice!

  401. Eleanor

    I don’t really love fall but I love these pumpkins

  402. Sandra

    I love all things autumn- the weather, leaves, sweaters and pumpkins!!! Your pumkins seem to embody all of things that I love about fall- the color , the feeling and comfort . =)

  403. Zolane

    Fall is my favorite season with its textures, warm colors, cozy sweaters and wonderful scents. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these velvet pumpkins with real stems. Everything about them speaks to the richness and warmth of the season. The perfect fall decorating accessory! Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  404. Mary WG

    I love a autumn, it is the best season. I have my own little collection of pumpkins and when I saw these last year on your post I was so in love! They are adorable! I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you :)

  405. antiquechase

    OH. MY. WORD. I need a trio of pumpkins… need I tell you! How fabulous to have these every year to welcome fall!

  406. Jan

    I love these colors and think they would look so wonderful in my house, and I want to touch them!

  407. Lisa Conforto

    Thanks for the chance to win these cute little punkin men and acorns. Who wouldn’t want to squeeze these cuties. I have a great basket that my late mom left to me , I would fill it with some fresh pumkin spice potpouri and place those pumkins or acorns on top front and center.

  408. Kathy

    Love the pumkins–they are the perfect symbol for fall!

  409. Deanne H.

    I love velvet and I love the colors in the pumpkins and acorns. Would absolutely love to win these so I can “pet” them all I want. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  410. Pamela

    I LOVE these, I’m just coming into to my decorating style and these are something I would love to squeeze!!

  411. Mary

    I have adored these pumpkins since seeing them several years. No one can resist touching velvet!!!

  412. Barbara

    I would love to have the pumpkins. They would be perfect in my great room.

  413. Debbie

    I have been coveting these pumpkins for a while now and would love to win one. The texture, the colors, all of it screams squeeze me!

  414. Meghan

    I would love to win because they’re so cute. And also because I have a pumpkin obsession. I grew up in the self-proclaimed pumpkin capital of the world.

  415. Courtney

    It’s either these plush little darlings or my husband’s little round head – he’d prefer I squeeze the pumpkins!

  416. Mahz

    How do I join the Fall linking party?? So fun! :)

    • Melissa

      Come by October 1 and I’ll have instructions for the parties!!

  417. Gwen

    I LOVE that they have REAL stems! These are so adorable, I woud love a set of my own to squish occasionally!

  418. Maureen Sebek

    I need these beautiful pumpkins because…because….because…. Oh, just BECAUSE! Do I really need a reason?! Who wouldn’t want them, really?! They are gorgeous and so add to the spirit of the Fall. Thanks for showcasing them. They are a treat to look at. Even if I don’t have a set of my own…!

  419. Deb Adams

    Im soooo ready for fall to be here. I live in the Midwest and the summer was brutal. These little guys make me yearn for fall even more. Pick me, pick me!

  420. Merri Jo

    I just love velvet….squishing, or touching it because it has such luxurious texture!!

  421. Lynn M

    What’s not to love about velvet pumpkins? And you’re right about the real stems. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I’ve started to put just a few things out. Your set would be just too wonderful to win. Here’s hoping I’m lucky!

  422. Ruth Chidley

    Oh how wonderful if “Chocolate”, “Dijon”, and ” Curry” came to live at my home. They would be introduced to homemade “Fall”, “Orange”, and “Calico” that already live here! Though their outside skin tone and textures are different their inside dispositions are very compatable, no segregation here. Everyone is adopted as one family, to be loved and hugged often!

  423. Lora W.

    I want to squeeze one because it will make me soooo happy. They are beautiful and I would love to put them on my table.

  424. Lisa B

    LOVE these! Thanks for the chance to win.

  425. Heidi

    I’ve been wanting these since I first saw them last year! They are so beautiful and right up my alley for fall decorating, but I just can’t justify spending the money! Thanks for hosting, Melissa!

  426. luann

    Ooh i love these i’m so happy you not only featured them but gave me some stylingtips to

  427. Stephanie

    I think the velvet is what puts these over the top and makes them irresistible!!

  428. Kari

    SO wonderful! I’ve pinned these many, many times.

  429. Katie

    Beauuuutiful! We just had our 1 year anniversary of buying our first home, and there is not a speck of seasonal decor anywhere to be found. I would LOVE to fix that with a gorgeous, squeezable set of pumpkins :) Added bonus: They would be a decor piece that my 11-month-old son could get his own chubby hands on!

  430. Kristen

    I love these. I thinks it’s the velvety goodness that makes you want to squish them. Just like a chubby baby’s cheeks…irresistible!

  431. Kelly

    I have the perfect tray on my table for these beautiful pumpkins sit!

  432. maggie

    Oh how I love those little pumpkins! Velvet, soft and squishy, real stems for contrast…how could they be any better? I’m such a tactile person and my granddaughter seems to have inherited that trait. She touches everything and will say ‘Ooooh, soft’ or ‘Ooooh, bumpy’. :)

  433. Teri

    I would love to own these! I’m in the process of purging my seasonal decor and just keeping the simple basics that make a great, warm, inviting feeling. These pumpkins are EXACTLY what I need!

  434. Sallie Baker

    I love these…..beautiful!! a perfect way to welcome the fall season!

  435. Heather

    I absolutely love summer and am always sad to see it end. But those adorable pumpkins could certainly help me transition to fall!

  436. Ann

    I planted a garden for the first time this year and had some big ole lovely pumpkin vines. I was pretty excited about having some home-grown pumpkins to enjoy this year, and so were the kids. And then squash bugs invaded and killed everything. Boo! I’d love some beautiful pumpkins, or acorns, that can’t be killed and won’t be destroyed by my kids putting their little hands all over them.

  437. Kathy

    Squishy baby thighs and squishy pumpkins…..both are irresistible …. <3

  438. Barbara

    I love the pumpkins and love fallifying my home.

  439. megan

    I would love to squish these!!

  440. Genny

    They are just lovely! And, would look beautiful in my home for the Fall Holidays!

  441. Emily M.

    I want to win these because they are squish and they shall be mine and they shall be my squishies! :) Also because they are textured and the only thing better than pumpkins are velvet pumpkins.

    Hope i win!

  442. Julie G

    I have a shelf in my kitchen that these would look great on right next to a white owl that I ordered. Thanks for the giveaway.

  443. Jannette

    It would be a nice touch to my home this fall. My children could walk by and squeez these pretty pumpkins. I would move them around in different places with my daily redecorating trinket habits. I love the darker fall colors which would bring a nice cozy mood to the areas in my home. Thank you for the giveaway. I hope I win!

  444. Cheri

    Darling! I want some to pet!

  445. ashby

    I am about to become a stepmom to 3 and 6 year old boys. They love all things tactile, and would love these as much as I would!
    thanks for offering a giveaway!

  446. Lesa P

    Love, love, love these! I have the perfect place for them.

  447. Brandi Tay

    I NEED those pumpkins to squeeze on a hot summer day and remind me of Fall. My absolute favorite time of the year. Everything pumpkin makes me so happy!

  448. Suzanne

    I am unable to put much out for decoration since I have a 22 month old. Every mom of young ones needs functional but beautiful decorations!

  449. Ranelle

    I love all things pumpkin… these are too cute!

  450. Lauren

    Oh I need those cute little squishy pumpkins! Give them to me and they will have a happy life in a loving home :)

  451. Barbara

    These pumpkins are beautiful. I have been drooling over them for years and can’t afford them. Please let me win a set.

  452. jenifer

    These pumpkins could really lift someone’s spirits! No matter what kind of day you’ve had, you could come home to see them and just smile.

  453. Sharon

    I LOVE your soft squishy pumpkins and your decorating ideas! They have inspired me to comment! I would love to squish the lovely pumpkins because I have three small grandchildren that love to “experience” decorating! My ceramic pumpkins need to be a thing of the past. We could squish and experience together with these pumpkins!

  454. VickyL

    Velvet + Pumpkins= What could be better? Really. Texture galore! Love it! Plus they last forever!!!!!!

  455. Heather Bivins

    These make me wish my computer screen had a touch window…I want to rub on them. (Is that weird? No! Rubbing pumpkins is totally normal-don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) Also, I get all pumpkin lovey in the early fall, but then I get all lazyish and let my pumpkins get nasty…THESE WON’T DO THAT! Hurray and the end.


  456. Stephanie

    I would give a pumpkin a squeeze because, I love the feel of plush velvet!

  457. Jennifer C.

    I love the feel of velvet!

  458. kate

    before i even SAW your enthusiasm for these lil plush pumpkins I thought I NEED EM!… er WANT EM! I love fall and pumpkins. and my garden is FULL of pumpkins. It’s such a short season I think we should start with having pumpkin decorations in AUGUST! I walk by my giant pumpkin daily and knock on it’s big orange self and give it a lil “just keep growing. growing growing” each time. another reason i’d like these pumpkins is the texture… velvet/coorderoy are THE texture of autumn. I can’t wait. you just got me all wound up about fall!

  459. Leah Rixmann

    I have loved these since you first featured them last year. I saw some cheap imitations at Joann’s, but they were NOT so squishy. I love velvet and love the real stems.

  460. Joy

    I want to squeeze them because they are my favorite colors and they would look great in my house this fall and because I love velvet!

  461. Stephanie

    I love these, because I am a fall-aholic! Adore the pumpkin set. However, the acorn set is pretty cute as well – I’d be happy with either!

  462. Rebecca

    I’m sure my doodle would love to squeeze these in his naughy jaw so when I get a set (I’m going to have to purchase if I don’t win!) I’ll have to put them nice and high.

  463. Amy

    I think the only thing better than decorating with pumpkins in the fall is decorating with pumpkins that will not hurt/harm/break when touched by a 2 year old or an infant and they’re super-cute!

  464. Keri

    I thought the pumpkins were cute when I saw them yesterday, those little acorns are adorable too! I would love to give them each a squeeze before adding them to the new shelf in my living room that needs some lovable items to show off. Thanks for the opportunity Melissa!

  465. helen


    we have small people in our house … 4 of them … and the thought of something extra to squish is too delightful … for them and me. it’s the perfect marriage of aesthetic and function:)

    thank you!

  466. Maria

    I just LOVE these pumpkins!! Would you believe I have never decorated for fall before?! ….and it is my favorite season. Your blog has “inspired” me in so many good ways. Thank you!

    • Maria

      ooops….I forgot to answer your question! One of my children has autism and is very tactile. He would love a good squeeze and the feel of the velvet! I would like it too…so soft and pretty.

  467. Megan

    I would love a velvet pumpkin to give to my mom. Her favorite season is Fall and she’s always looking for a fresh and new way to decorate. She hosts a supper club once a month and it is actually a competition to see who can set a trendy table. With your help and by winning this competition I will give my mom the leg up in style.

  468. kelley Jacobs

    These are soo adorable! Both the pumpkins and the acorns remind me of Fall in the Midwest! There is nothing like that gorgeous festival of color!

  469. Melissa Mejorado

    I would sooooo love to win a set of these! The crushiness of the velvet and rich colors gets me excited for fall decorating. The pumpkins are divine!

  470. Alecia

    I’d love them! It’s one (3) less pumpkin for me to watch rot, it’s always so sad to see!

  471. Jacki B

    Oh My Stars!!! These are just too much!! I need these lovely, squeezable goodies for my home!!!! They just SCREAM Fall!!!!

  472. Katie

    They are adorable! I would love to display them on my tables and counters.


  473. Dayna

    Like you I not only want to squeeze those now but all through the year! Would love the chance to do that ;) Fall is def. my favorite!

  474. callisuesmom

    Velvet squishy goodness can be a lovely stress reliever! Ahhhh fall…

  475. Melinda

    These are the most adorable, squishy packages of fall I have ever seen.! Thanks for the entry.

  476. Lori

    I love soft and squishy look of these pumpkins and acorns. It would be lovely to have these textures around the house for fall.

  477. renee

    We are a family of tactile peoples who LUV Fall!!!! I’d LOVE to get my hands on those beautiful softies…. AND my daughter ADORES acorns. :)

  478. Alicia

    Thanks for hosting such a fab giveaway!

    I’d love a set of these plush cuties to console me over an always too-short summer ;)

  479. Deb

    Love these little beauties! I have been pinning these squishy pumpkins for a year. Just found the acorns recently & think that they are sooo… cute! Would love to have either of these sets in my Fall decorating. Love your blog! Great ideas! ;-)

  480. Karen Mary

    Wonderful fall colors, lovely textures, just so sweet. I need fall decorations, and these would be just perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  481. Jennifer

    A.dorable! I can’t help but want to give those little pumpkins a squeeze! I wonder if they squish or bounce back and how they feel in your hands. What cuteness!

  482. Brandie

    Fabulous pumpkin’s and acorn’s! I bet they are as fabulous to touch as they are to look at!! I think they would be a great way to start off my autumn decorating and even more fabulous 40th birthday present.I bet my son son who happens to share my birthday would love to feel how soft they “probably” are! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and great blog. Have been stalking it all day!! Thanks for the inspirations!!!!!!!!!!!!

  483. Bonnie

    Hi there!! I would absolutely love to squeeze these plush velvet
    pumpkins as I know I wouldn’t have to worry about sticking my
    hand in any squishy, moldy, messy pumpkins at the end of the
    fall season!! Ewww……these would be lovely!!

  484. Angie

    Okay, yes, yes I want to squeeze your pumpkins. (giggle) I am a sucker for anything with texture and that is probably why I take forever to make it through the pillow aisle at HomeGoods. That may also be why I get such strange looks. :) Oh well, I am still gonna do it!

  485. Tanya

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the pumpkins, perfect mix of rustic and elegant. I haven’t seen the acorns yet, they are cute!

  486. Deborah S

    Sure could use some soft, velvety pumpkin love in my house this autumn!

  487. Wendi

    So glad to see these lovelies again this Fall. I loved them last year and have been thinking about then lately this year. Who couldn’t resist squeezing them, they just cry out ‘I am lush and soft, squeeeeeeze me!!!”. Just what we all need on those ‘you know those day’ days. ; )

  488. amanda heath

    Oh these are just adorable! And oh so luxe!!!! Who wouldn’t want to squeeze one?

  489. Emily

    I would LOVE some pumpkins to jazz up my new house! We close in two weeks :)

  490. Megan

    I want to squeeze them because they look cuddly!

  491. elz

    Lovely. I wanted a set last year, but never pulled the trigger. Would love a squishy set all my own!

  492. Rachael

    I’d love to have these! Just bought our first home and am in desperate need of some seasonal decor!

  493. Britt

    My husband and I just bought a new house and we do not have any fall decorations for the new decor. I would love to squeeze these pumpkins and then place them on my new dining room table!

  494. Heather

    I’m a texture girl not to mention fall is my favorite time of year! These pumpkins looks so wonderfully plush. What a great giveaway!!!

  495. Claire Doran

    My two male roommates walk into the room and stop abruptly. There are adorable velvet pumpkins displayed festively on the dining room table being cuddled by a black and white cat, and a tiger-striped cat. Stricken by a sudden nesting urge, they clean the dishes, do the laundry, and offer to hang up my pictures.


  496. jessica w

    My husband and I are moving and this would be a great addition to our cross country move and new place!

  497. Kristen

    I love pumpkins all year long, so squeezing one of these would make my day! (And they would look great on my mantle!)

  498. Christabel

    They are so adorable–who wouldn’t want to squeeze them!?!

  499. Fonda K

    They would be so nice on my antique oak table. Everyone would have to pet them when they walked by.

  500. Belinda Riffenburg

    We just moved to a new home and this would look squeezalicious on my quilted table!! LOVE your site!!

  501. Kelli Clawson

    Oh gosh! I’ve already been up and down LoveFeast’s website after you mentioned them and your pumpkins a couple of posts ago. It’s all I can do to wait until October to decorate, but if these were mine, I know I couldn’t!

  502. Ashley

    I would love to win either the pumpkins or acorns because I have recently graduated college and moved into my own apartment and have very very few decorations. There are so many places I could put these, the possibilities are endless and I would love to squish them too!! I am new into decorating and these would be a great start to my new hobby, as well as a great start to my favorite season….fall!! Thanks


  503. Keighly Appel

    Oh I would LOVE to have some velvet pumpkins to squeeze at my house! I always decorate with real pumpkins and gourds, but they do rot. :( I think the velvet ones are perfect because they will last year after year, but have a real touch with the stem!

  504. D. Wisdom

    I saw these in a gift shop at Canon Beach this summer and fell in love with them. They are so soft and I love the rich colors.

  505. Lisa B.

    Hi Melissa,
    Fall can not come soon enough. My favorite season to decorate for. These lovelies would fit into any decor style adding texture and warmth.
    Enjoy the season,

  506. Heather Woyak

    i want i want!!
    these are just so cute!!

  507. Susan

    Summer’s over, now it’s fall. Just the nicest time of all…for velvet pumpkins I hope!

  508. Dayna

    I love the vintage look of these little pieces of fall! I just got my mums now just need some velvet lovelies to complete the indoor decorations!

  509. Miss Mary

    Heavens! Those pumpkins are just too wonderful to be believed……..fingers crossed….

  510. Barb Patterson

    I would love a set of those sweet pumpkins, I have the perfect spot near the door where they could be squeezed by everyone who enters. :)

  511. Tammy

    Love the velvet…love the colors…love fall!!

  512. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I am an absolute nut for acorns…is that a pun? Those velvety soft acorns would be such a wonderful addition to my collection which will come out of hiding on October the 1st. I always enjoy the privilege of getting a peek at your lovely home…aren’t you a lucky lady?

  513. Sherri

    Love the pumpkins (since I saw them last year)! I can just imagine how wonderful the squishy, velvet goodness would feel :)

  514. Paula

    I would put those beautiful squishy pumpkins on my entry way table! That way I could see them and squish them every time I went in and out the door! Plus….my house has been decorated for fall for 2 weeks!

  515. Michelle

    Sooo squeezable! These are adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  516. Shelley Fosse

    My daughter’s nickname is squishy-that’s how much I like to squish things. Of course my other daughter’s nickname is squeaky, but I don’t want my pumpkins to squeak :)

  517. Andrea

    Of course I want to squish these darling pumpkins. Some of us are just tactile and can’t help it.

  518. Krista

    I LOVE those! Especially the olive one. :o) Fall is by far my favorite time of the year, but being in Alaska, I don’t get to do as much real pumpkin decorating as I’d like, but these would be amazing substitutes! :o) Thanks for the giveaway!

  519. loriann

    “I want to hug em and squeeze em and call them my own”! Can you name that cartoon? Tom and Jerry, the castor oil episode. The pumpkins/acorns are lovely and speak fall to me… Love them!!

  520. justin

    right now we have some ‘trashy pumpkins’ growing out of the compost
    these would be a elegant counterpoint!

  521. MommyCaptainHook

    Oh, Melissa!
    I somehow believe that the folks at Love Feast have some kind of psychic brain connection with me and created these beauties out of the ideas of gorgeous velvet pumpkins that I’ve had bouncing around my noggin for years (but never had the know-how or skills to make myself)… When I saw them on your blog last year, I almost fell off of my chair. We were made for each other! Thanks for featuring these again!

  522. Jen

    I luved them last year….and I still luv them.
    Would really enjoy winning them, no budget
    for home decorating this year with 2 in college.

  523. Lori

    I absolutely LOVE fall!! It’s my favorite season. I love the richness of fall colors, the crackling of the leaves, and most of all the smell of pumpkin spice candles burning in my home. These adorable little velvet acorns and pumpkins would be a wonderful addition to my fall decor!

  524. Bernadette

    Loved the pumpkins first time I saw them. Love that they are branching out to acorns!

  525. Kristina

    Because they’re like cute, fat, baby cheeks…. You just gotta squeeze ’em!

  526. Melanie

    How beautiful! I would love to be the winner! Living in Southern California where one doesn’t get to experience the four seasons, I need all the help I can to bring the seasons into my home!

  527. Richella at Imparting Grace

    You are quite right. I DO want to squeeze them. Because–well–VELVET! And real stems. Oh, my word, what a wonderful mixture!

  528. Tammy

    These have so much velvety goodness ooozing from them! I would love to give them a squeeze and a good home on my mantel or as centerpiece on my kitchen island.

  529. Stephanie Phillips

    Adorable squeezy-ness! I want their squeezy beauty to be included in my Fall decor! And I know my kiddos will love their squeezy-ness too!

  530. Alea

    The acorns are so cute! I would love to win either the pumpkins or acorns because they look so lucious and velvety soft. They would be great on my entry table this fall. I’m very crafty and I think these plush acorns and pumpkins would put the finishing touch on my fall centerpiece I’ve been working on! Thank you much for reading this!

  531. Brandi

    I would love to get my hands on some of those fabulous pumpkins! They are just to beautiful not to want to squeeze them!

  532. Tracy Baxley

    Would love to have those precious pumpkins!! They would look great on my farmhouse table.

  533. jessica edwards

    would look great for fall

  534. Lidi

    Who doesn’t love pumkins?? I grow some of my own this year and they where already
    ready in August!!!! I guess somebody did a bad job timing them!! What a mess. So my
    pumpkins are already roding and I have nothin left for decoration. Those squesszy ones would sure help out and would last year after year.
    Thank you I would really really love them

  535. Renee

    I’d love to win a set of velvet pumpkins to put on my fireplace mantel … and I think my cat would love to have me leave them on the floor for her to play with!

  536. Amber H.

    I love those pumpkins! I remember them from last year and have wanted to snuggle with them ever since. Those acorns are pretty darn cool too!

  537. christy

    Plush velevet is just so soothing and calming. Would love to have them.

  538. Kim

    Those little pumpkins are adorable! SO creative! I want!

  539. Holly Rook

    What a great Fall giveaway! I saw the pumpkins last week and wondered where I could find them. So cute!

  540. tara

    I want them for my dough bowl..I think they’d be the perfect fall addition to our home. I love fall so bad I could marry it. :)

  541. Meredith

    I have a household of little boys, who love to squeeze all of my decorations — which is why I don’t have many right now. This is something cute that I can put out that they won’t destroy.

  542. Beth P

    I want to squeeze them cuz they are sooo adorable!!

  543. Teresa

    They are so cute and unique!

  544. Megan Lunsford

    Fall is the best time of year – LOVE it, and we also love pumpkins at our house!

  545. Carol

    I am obsessed with unique stems on real pumpkins. So the natural stems on these lovely velvet pumpkins gives each one their own personality. I’m planning my daughter’s intimate Oct.27 wedding using vintage touches along with music paper, burlap, pumpkins and I have been dreaming of the ever so velvety soft pumpkins with the natural stems in the centerpiece of the bride’s table……… special.

  546. Shannon

    The pumpkins and acorns are so beautiful! Would love to give them a squeeze as they sit on my coffee table, making a lovely fall focal point!

  547. Alaina

    Who can resist velvet. In fact in our family the word “velvet” has its’ own joke. Every time you say the word you have to say it like it was said on a Jerry Seinfeld episode.

  548. Michelle

    LOVE those pumpkins! I’d love to have them for my mantel!

  549. Karlene Conley

    I’d love to have Pumpkins and Acorns to “squish” too! I am so tactile as you are and love to “touch” materials!!!! And I am moving out of our home as my husband died 6 months ago and I cannot stay here! So I’d love to take them to my new home! They would bring me great joy in this season of my life!

  550. Kathryn

    I know they say,”please don’t squeeze the Charmin”, but, I would really love my very own set of pumpkins to squish. Plus, I won’t have to find my real pumpkins poked with holes by my two young boys and their unidentified weapons.

  551. Steph

    I have been admiring these ever since I first knew about them!

  552. Angela Ashton

    The plush pumpkins are gorgeous. Pick me Pick me! Please

  553. Sallie

    I totally understand your compulsion to SQUEEZE these little cutie-beauties! I would squeeze them, too, because I don’t have any puppies or babies at my house anymore, and because autumn is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! I would, of course, call them my little “punkins.”

  554. Carmen

    Brand new to your site! Love what I see so far…. These pumpkins are adorable :) Would love to have some in my home…..

  555. Heidi

    I need to squish those pumpkins because I love touchy feely texture rich items and this is my style!

  556. Meg

    I love these….so squeezable! They are so rich looking and bring the perfect amount of vintage to fall decorating!

  557. Lisa

    Why you ask, do I desire to squeeze a Plush Velvet Pumpkin of my own?
    Ah, how I love to squeeze a Plush Velvet Pumpkin! I shall count the ways:
    I love their divinely squishy quality to the depth and breadth and height
    My hands desire, when reaching for their cherished consistency and perfectly plush velvet.
    I love them to the level of a daily, quiet need, by sun and candle light
    As they perch, ever so alluring and sumptuous, upon mantle and table.
    I love them freely, as one who desires fall’s crisp embrace.
    I love them purely, as they entice me with their bold yet refined beauty.
    I love them with a passion put to use in my desire to celebrate my favorite season!
    I love them with a love I have fostered since first laying eyes upon them.
    I love them with the breath, smiles, and squeezes of all my decorating years
    And if I am chosen I shall but love these adorable, plump, and gorgeous fall icons
    Better after acquiring them!

    (With all due respect and apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning!)

  558. Ellie

    Remember George Costanza and velvet? Who doesn’t love velvet! Pumpkins + velvet = fun. Would love to have them.

  559. Shirley

    I want them because I want them! Perfectly country chic and neutral! I love this imagery – “6″ Chocolate, 5″ Dijon and 4″ Curry.” Three of my absolute favorite flavors! Why not enjoy looking at them while I enjoy treating myself to their tastes! :)

    These are gorgeous!

  560. Therese

    Been wanting to squeeze one since last year.

  561. Kristen Mc

    they are so cozy! and everything about fall says “cozy” to me! that’s why i wanna squeeze them!! thanks for the giveaway! pale blue apron at gmail dot com

  562. Meg

    Fall is the best time of year. Love the decor, weather, and cool weather. These cute pumpkins would give another reason to celebrate all that is fall.
    They are beautiful.

  563. KristenG

    I would love some adorable, squishable, real-stem-able pumpkins. What could be more wonderful than a velvet pumpkin? Better than a new puppy.

  564. Kimberly Abbasi

    I would absolutely would love to have those velvet pumpkins! I love the texture and the richness of velvet and these would look geat with all the natural elements of my fall decorating. They would be the cherry on top, so to speak.

  565. Jennifer M

    Fall is my most favorite time of the year! I decorate with fall colors all year long!! I want to live somewhere that is perpetually Autumn! My husband and I just sold our first home and are moving into a rental house, which is smack dab in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, where we will be surrounded by trees that we simply cannot wait to see turn for Fall! Part of our move included purging some of our decorations (lived in the home 11 years ~ some stuff we had prior to this house, too) and we want to incorporate pumpkins and more fall items into our everyday living at the “new” place! We aren’t big fans of ceramic items b/c they are heavy and can easily break, so these plush pumpkins and acorns would be sooooo perfect!

  566. Nikki

    I have adored these pumpkins since first laying my eyes upon them last fall … gorgeous!!! A velvet pumpkin is just asking to be squeezed :-)

  567. Michelle T

    Tonight the great “velvet” pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch. He flies through the air and brings toys to all the children of the world.

  568. Barbara D

    Squeezing a velvet pumpkin is just what I need to forget 90 degree September days in Texas and get ready for autumn!

  569. Adrienne

    In the words of Despicable Me…they’re so FLUUFFYY! that is why i want to squish one :)

  570. Lanelle Lambert

    Would love to have a set of these. Have been eyeing them since last year. They are just so fun.

  571. Lisa

    Just stopping back by to let you know how much I love those cushy pumpkins. They remind me of comfort food . . . except they’re more like a comfort squeeze. Make you feel warm and loved – like all is right with the world. :)

  572. Jessica Y

    I tried to post before but it did not seem to take. Hopefully this is not a duplicate. I love pumpkins so I would love a set of velvety,squashy ones.

  573. Lori R.

    I fell for these babies last year. They are really awesome.

  574. Sarah

    I love them! I closed on my first home yesterday (yay!) and they would be a perfect addition. Fall + New England + squishy pumpkins = perfect!

  575. Peg

    I fell in love with these velvety jewels last fall!

    I really do need to win these– tactile is my middle name! I hug flannel sheets before I place them in the washer! Yes, I completely understand your secretly~ well maybe not so secretly~ stroking their velvet plumpness! ;)

    I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that I get my hands on some of these!

  576. Tammy b

    I have been drooling over these beautiful velvet cuties all summer as I was beginning to think ahead to fall. I would love to have a set that I could squish and adore!

  577. Jennie

    Oooh! I am in love with these beautiful velvety squishy pumpkins! They would be absolutely perfect in our home :D Thank you for posting these so I would know about them!

  578. Carol Adams

    I’m a tactile person too… love soft stuff… thanks for asking.. :)

  579. Terri

    Love the texture and rich color of these. I’m afraid my cats may like them too, but I will take my chances!

  580. Kathryn C

    Oh, those pumpkins are so deliciously adorable – who could resist giving them a little squeeze!

  581. Heather Hanselmann

    We are moving into a new house and honestly the process has been less than breezey! I would love to have the set of pumpkins to squeeze and put out to semi decorate my house! We will be in construction for a month or so and it would be nice to fall up some of the new house! I love the richness of the velvet and they would just be perfect in our new Dutch Colonial house!

  582. how2home

    Plushy pumpkins are adorable! They look really divine.

  583. Laurie Takens

    This is the first time I’ve seen this and they’re adorable! Would love to win! thanks :)

  584. Flybabymom

    Why? More like, Why not?!!! I love, LOVE them! I remember the first post I saw, a few years ago now, about making them. And I’ve loved them ever since, from afar. How fun would it be to have a SET?! Yes, please!

  585. Gina

    Oh love velvet! Also have a thing for pumpkins so sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

  586. Julie

    I am a newlywed who doesn’t have much in the way of seasonal decor yet. I love pumpkins, velvet and jewel tones, so this giveaway sounds divine.

  587. Sue

    Why do I want to squeeze them? Because they’re just so irresistably squeezable. And velvety. And cute. MUST HAVE PUMPKINS!

  588. Chrisy

    I’d love to add these to my fall collection…AND I’ve got two little ones who would love to squish away!

  589. Tiffany

    Those pumpkins look soft, warm and squishy in a good kind of way! Love them.

  590. Lynda

    For years I have decorated for Fall/Halloween with children in mind…you know, ghosties & witches & monsters. Now my boys are almost grown with two out of the nest and 1 finishing up high school. They are far past the trick or treat stage! So now, its Mom’s turn to decorate the way I want for fall. These beautiful velvet pumpkins are just my style and will definitely help to change my decorating scheme from kiddie Halloween to elegant fall with a cozy touch. Absolutely love these : )

  591. Amber L

    I think they would look great in my moms livingroom with her fall decor

  592. Sally Gee

    Fall is my 2nd favorite time of the year. : ) I would love to have this squishy, soft pumpkins for my home. I don’t normally decorate much for fall, but this would get me in the mood!

  593. Tina D

    I want them! Because they are stinking adorable! My boyfriend loves pumpkin pie and I love my boyfriend !! : ))

  594. Shana B

    I am a graduate student, so I would give a stress squeeze, then a fun-squishy squeeze :)

  595. Shana B

    I am a graduate student, so I might need a stress-squeeze before the fun-squishy squeeze :)

  596. Beth Burger

    I would love to have these little pumpkins because I live in Florida and we hardly have a fall at all!! This way, I could look at the little guys and dream of being surrounded by the smells and sights of a true Autumn. :)

  597. Amy

    These little cuties would be perfect on my antique tea cart along with some autumn leaves and candles! The weather’s finally starting to cool off and I’m in a fall mood!

  598. Jessica

    I would love to squish these! I love velvet and pumpkins, so the perfect combo. ;-)

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