Sarah 101 {Coming to the US!}

Sarah 101 {Coming to the US!}

Sarah Richardson Sarah 101


You hoooooo, calling all Sarah Richardson fans!

HGTV is going to be airing the new season of Sarah 101 in the US!


From HGTV: Sarah 101 is a back-to-basics crash course in design that breaks every project into simple building blocks. Designer Sarah Richardson showcases her signature approach of tips and tricks to solve design problems so that you too can transform any room in your home.

Unfortunately, they are already 5 weeks into the new series (so we are a bit behind), BUT maybe if we send out our big vote of LOVE FOR SARAH and THANKS FOR SHOWING THE NEW SEASON IN THE US!, HGTV will hear our cheers and show some reruns so we can catch up!

Sarah 101 {Coming to the US!}

Sarah Richardson Sarah 101 HGTV

I’m so excited the new season will be airing! So set your DVR’s for 8:30AM on MONDAY MORNINGS. There will be new episodes every week till Christmas Eve, OH YES!

If you don’t have cable, maybe I can do some recaps for ya!

On your mark, get set, THREE CHEERS FOR SARAH 101 and THANK YOU HGTV! We love us some Sarah!

Sarah 101 {Coming to the US!}

Sarah 101 {Coming to the US!}

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  1. Oh, what fabulous news!! I live in Canada, so I’ve been a fan of Sarah’s for a LONG time!! I’m so glad you will get to see her on a regular basis, too!

  2. I ♥♥♥Sarah Richardson!! So exciting!!

  3. I am such a Sarah (and Tommy!) fan. And that dining room you have pictured here is one of my favorites! I dream of that wallpaper for my own dining room.

  4. Yippeeeeeee! Thanks for the heads-up. I would have NEVER thought to check for it at that hour on a Monday. Can’t wait to watch.

  5. Thanks for sharing this news!! I love Sarah Richardson!

  6. thanks for the heads up. I LOVE that show and EVERYTHING Sarah! (and Tommy)

  7. I have never ever seen this show. Heading immediately over to Mr. TIVO. With a buildup like that and all.

  8. Yay!!!!! Love Sarah’s Show! Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the info!

  9. I love Sarah’s refreshing style and I’ll look forward to your recaps. :D

  10. You know what I really love about her designs? She isn’t into floor-to-ceiling neutrals all the time. She actually uses color, but not crazy statement-making color, just real colors that real people like. I’ve noticed that lots of her rooms seem to have blue and red in them (together), which has always been my favorite combination. Great inspiration for people like me who love a neutral backdrop, but can’t live with an all grey room. I really like her style!

  11. I hope they will air some re-runs! Thanks for the heads up, going to set my DVR now. :)

  12. Julie Campbell says

    YES! Best news I have heard today. I LOVE SARAH 101. Thanks for posting this news.

  13. This show aired in NJ a while ago, I love Sarah.


  14. wooohoooo!!! Finally!! Thank you, HGTV!!

  15. Definitely do the updates. I do not have cable and I really miss her show! Donna

  16. I am so happy to see that! FYI , that is 8:30 EST. 5:30 PST. Thank goodness for DVR’s!

  17. I JUST FOUND her, too….Candice is on at 8am and then Sarah at 8:30am…ON MONDAYS of all things!!!! At least now we know! I missed the first episode and being “rural” the computer “thing” doesn’t work. LUV C & S (and Tommy, too!) franki

  18. Hi Melissa,
    How do we show our support, as you suggested, to HGTV. Do we go right to their website and add a comment. Do, Do, Do, love her. Thanks for sharing. BTW, to read your answer to any of our questions, do we need to trail back to this post or will it come to our email page? Thanks…

    • Hi Megan! Leaving a comment here with your thanks to HGTV will work, or going to their website is a great idea too! I try to answer all questions right here in my comments so everyone can see the answer, and sometimes I will email directly. Right now my blog isn’t set up to send an email with my comments back automatically so you’d have to come back and check. I would like to have that changed soon though so my reply comments would go automatically to email, or at least allow you to check a box if you wanted that option.

  19. We love our Sarah! So glad you will be able to enjoy her too! Don’t you love her down to earth way of being. So unpretentious! :)

  20. As far as I know, you can watch the episodes online, too. At least at I have to admit, I love me some Sarah Richardson design, too. She and Tommy always crack me up!

  21. That is some super fab news. I love her designs so much and I cannot wait to watch.

  22. Awesome times 10! Thanks for sharing.
    Love Sarah!

  23. If I could hire a designer she would be the one! Thanks HGTV! Will be dvring!

  24. Rachel French says

    Yay!!! Thank You HGTV!!! I would love to see Sarah’s House 4 if possible. We had a town wide power outage on the second weekend that they aired the small marathon.

  25. I don’t have cable. I just looked–some of her past episodes can be found on

  26. Pleeeease recap. I no gotty the cable, and I count on you for my Sarah 4-1-1.

  27. Wonderful News ! I am a huge fan of hers ( and Tommy adds a huge amount to
    the show as well ) I would stay up all night if I could watch episode after episode
    -what fun !
    Thanks for lettting us know.

  28. Even though the HGTV website says it’s on @ that time Monday a.m. It’s not today. It’s Dina’s Party.

  29. Yay! Thanks for the update, love it. Now my wish is for HGTV to put on more design shows, fingers crossed.

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