Sarah’s House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah Richardson via HGTV

Sarah’s House Season 4

Psssst…you guys, if you live in the U.S. we finally get to enjoy a new season of Sarah’s House on HGTV starting next month! YIPPEE!

The series sounds intriguing (being that I live in a new builder house):

In this season of Sarah’s House, Sarah Richardson sets her sights on a new subdivision, and shows viewers how to transform a builder’s beige box into the home of their dreams. Cameras follow Sarah and her indispensable design sidekick, Tommy Smythe, as they tackle the configuration and design of a house bought from plans, giving a brand new place style and livability right out of the box, and from the ground up!

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

Of course, my budget is always way smaller than Sarah’s budget. Too bad. But I can improvise, right? Nevertheless, love her work and I can’t wait to be inspired by a new season of Sarah! And Tommy, too.

I actually was dying of curiosity and couldn’t wait to see what the house looked like, so I looked around for some images. Cause I’m impatient like that.

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

Madly in love with this kitchen.

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

And the chairs. They remind me so much of my white rattan chairs.

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

And I adore that bird wallpaper. I found the source of the bird wallpaper if you are interested!

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

Sarah’s House 4 via HGTV

And that family room is gorgeous too! Sarah, you rock.

I picked a few of my favorite rooms, but you can find more on HGTV Canada because they get all the awesome shows and designers first.

Of course, tune into the show this Fall!

I love Fall. And Sarah & Tommy. For so many reasons.
Don’t you?

Sarah's House Season 4 {I Heart Sarah Richardson}

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I Heart Sarah’s House.

 images via Sarah Richardson via HGTV


  1. I am so excited that you posted this!! By far my favorite HGTV show, I don’t know why they do not play it regularly in US!

  2. So glad you posted this. The only show I watch anymore on HGTV. Sick of the real estate shows!!!
    Looking forward to the new season.
    Cheers. Gee

  3. If you don’t want to wait until fall, has all the episodes to be watched online. I do love Sarah! And I’ve already seen this season – twice. One of the advantages of living in Canada – we get Sarah first! :)

    • I know, you are so lucky! I’m not sure that we can see the episodes online that have aired in Canada, but if so, I’d love to watch them now!

  4. OMG! I am so excited now too! I have never seen this show, but we are about to move into a new build home that is in desperate need of personalization. I can’t wait to see what she does. From the pictures, it looks like she does some pretty awesome things!

  5. I love the premise for this show, and I can’t wait to take notes! (also, I can’t help by say Tommy’s name in my head like Sarah says it on the show with her Canadian accent–Toohhmmy….)

  6. That kitchen table made my heart skip a beat! Love. And I like her hair short much better than long, anyone else?

  7. This is my husbands and mine favorite HGTV show, love them both, her taste is incredible! Wish I could afford her haha.

  8. Sarah is my favorite designer, hands down. I’m so happy to know she has a new show coming up soon. I was beginning to go through withdrawals. Thanks for the heads-up. :-)

  9. We Canadians are actually ahead of you!!!!! Sarah’s House is a Canadian production so we get to see it one season before you and believe me, this one is worth the wait!! Melissa, you will love what Sarah and Tommy do to this cookie cutter home. My particular favorite is the downstairs bathroom with that bird themed wallpaper. I’m trying to source it to use in my laundry room!! Enjoy.

  10. How come everyone else has such great shows before we do? Hmmm??? Perhaps they don’t think Americans can afford anything anymore. Well, this is lovely and intriguing. My favorite room is the one with more color, though, believe it or not, all those birds are just a few too many. What a gray kitchen. That one I enjoy least, but then I am a color and lots of it gal.


  12. Thanks so much for this post!! I love her, her style and all of her shows!!

  13. I’m so glad you posted this! I absolutely LOVE Sarah and can’t wait to see new episodes! That kitchen looks gorgeous! Might be just the motivation my husband needs to let me paint my kitchen cabinets. :)

  14. Sarah & Tommy are my favorite designers! I love how they update & reuse old furniture. Thanks for the posting!

  15. I love her work too…thanks for the heads up….going to put their show on my most watch list.
    Happy day

  16. I love her work too and I like the relation ship between her and Tommy. Can’t wait for the show. I have missed watching her.


  17. I am so there with you, Melissa. I was so excited when I saw this announcement of Facebook.

  18. Thank you so much–I love Sarah’s sensibilities and her ability to incorporate thrift finds with high end dsigner items. And her sense of humor is great too, she and Tommy are a riot together.

  19. Oh this just made me smile. I love Sarah and Tommy and I still drool over thoughts of her farmhouse she did. I can not WAIT to watch this! My DVR has been set!

  20. Sarah Richardson can do no wrong in my book. I too wish HGTV would figure it out and show us all her shows (and not years after they debut … I’d love to see Sarah 101). She’s my dream designer … if I won the lottery she’d be the person I hired to come do my house. I did see an interview with Sarah and Tommy on the Design Maze blog in which she says she’s working on a “secret” project that involves a very limited budget (it sort of sounded like she was hinting that it all came from a big box store, probably Ikea) so that could be really interesting. I love how she integrates high and low (although her low is sometimes pretty high for most of us). I think she does the most amazing things with tile and I LOVE that bird wallpaper she used in that powder room you show above. My DVR will be set to record and save all of these.

  21. I can only say, “Wow, beautiful!”

  22. Those bar stools!!! They are exactly what I have had in my mind but haven’t been able to find! I keep watching Craigslist and garage sales and Goodwill, thinking eventually I’ll find some that I can spiff up and recover the seats.

    At least now I know they exist… even though these particular ones probably cost a month’s mortgage payment. :)

  23. Well thanks alot! Here I go again…I’ll be kickin’ my walls big time ! Ugh. Such a lovely home! Thanks for sharing/however, my walls, with all my foot marks will never be the same!

  24. I’ll be so happy when this series starts! Sarah just has that touch…her rooms are pretty, comfortable and casual. And that’s what makes it feel like home!

  25. Melissa,
    I’m a huge fan of Sarah’s and Tommy’s. Thanks for this information, I didn’t realize her 4th season was about to start. I really like these rooms. It looks like she’s toned down some of the bold colors she usually uses. It will be fun to see what goes into the decisions.

  26. I am IN LOVE with that kitchen table! I’m in Canada but didn’t catch the show because *gasp!* we don’t get HGTV at our house.

  27. Oh boy! That kitchen is gorgeous! I love their work- so glad they’re back.

  28. Roseann krueger says

    I, too cannot wait. Loved all the rooms you posted! Ready to redecorate already – not sure how much more redecorating my hubby can handle. And, I like her hair long; however she is awesome no matter what length her hair is….

  29. Cyndia Montgomery says

    Thanks so much for posting this! I don’t get HGTV anymore but I absolutely love Sarah’s work! If anyone finds a source for that wallpaper, please let me know! I adore it!

  30. OH!!! My favorite show!!! LOVE her style!

  31. Jennifer C says

    I follow Sarah on FB and was so happy when she announced that the new season would finally be shown here in the US. Love her and Tommy; love her style. I wish HGTV would show more of her shows!

  32. YOU are “da bomb!” I did not know this!!! I, too, am SO TIRED of real estate shows…how many times can one listen to – “oh, needs stainless – oh, needs granite..” Ugh! Just got my copy of “Canadian House and Home” today…their designers ROCK! franki

  33. Wow, it’s so nice to hear your American readers saying such nice things about Canadian designers! Some of them are pretty talented and we love them.

  34. This show is one I miss and will welcome it on HGTV when it airs. The ideas are amazing that she implements in each new home. Wish she could come to my home and do her magic (along with Tommy of course). Thanks for the update.

  35. We have seen it here in Australia too, on cable TV. Wait till you see the ah-maze-ing master bathroom. I could live there. And the show stopping tile she chooses for the foyer…and the colour in the dining room….etc, etc, and it’s all completely swoon-worthy! She sure knows her stuff.

  36. Leigh smith says

    I love Sarah too! I’m so glad you posted pics and explained what her new show is about. I’m sure a ton of us live in “builder” homes. The whole key is transforming them! But how??!!! I love what Sarah does with fabrics and patterns. I sure do wish I had her gift!

  37. Yippee indeed!
    “And I adore that bird wallpaper.”
    “Of course, my budget is always way smaller than Sarah’s budget.”
    Me too! Me too!
    I saw this was coming, can’t wait! Love watching Sarah and Tommy work together.

  38. Sarah is definitely my all time favorite…I DVR all her shows…I am hoping that some day they will come out with a DVD of all her HGTV Home projects…I could watch it all day long!!…and love that Tommy!!!..

  39. I too have seen this one (being Canadian and all!), the craft room she does is BRILLIANT! the kitchen is fantastic, I want to just admire it all!

  40. I would condider getting cable just watch Sarah’s House.

  41. I can’t believe how much i love her show. i have a business similiar fixing up mostly old homes. I love that they go from planning to building to design and finally the decorating.. wish Design Inc was also still on. Thanks for letting me know where I’ll be Sept first. Also love your blog your really good! Monica

  42. Be still my heart, what’s not to love about Sarah’s decorating? Saw her summer house show again on Saturday and so wished I had her budget (does she have a budget?) and location of that house on little island. I’d be happy to stay in guest cottage if it had a bathroom. She’s able to make the smallest object look important and like it was meant for how she uses it. Sure love her style.
    Wish Design Inc. was still on. Hope she’ll have another show soon. I too get really tired of all the real estate shows. Like really we’ll all be able to buy a million dollar home. Come on, get real HGTV. I turn that stuff off. Wonder why there aren’t any more crafting shows on? Been there, done that, kind of thing?

  43. What the heck took so long?! She is the best and why HGTV doesn’t have more of her is beyond me.

  44. Teresa Person says

    Thank you so much for the info on Sara and Tommy…. I love the little preview you gave us … Can you find pics from the upcoming season of Downton Abbey? Ha ha…I will set the DVR… Thanks, Teresa

  45. Is the bird wallpaper a secret? I love it and would really like to know the pattern and the book name?

  46. I love the family room!!!!!!! I’m redoing my family room and would love to know the source for the wing chairs. I have been online since Saturday trying to find them, but, to no avail.


    • Die-hard Sarah fan :0) says

      Supposedly (I read today on another blog) she lists all the resources used in the houses on her personal website:

  47. Becky Sanderlin says

    I too just love Sarah’s designs, so fresh and timeless. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work.

  48. Sarah’s House rocks but my favorite season was the third home the farmhouse with the country and rustic feel. Design Inc is also great!!!! But Sarah 101 isn’t as good as Sarah’s House or Design Inc

  49. Love this show!! Anyone know what the name of the color of granite she chose for the counter tops. They look amazing and I am intrigued by the fact that she honed them, now if only I could find the granite color….fingers crossed.

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