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Sarah’s House Powder Room {Bird Wallpaper Source}

by | Sep 2, 2012 | Bathrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Sarah's House Powder Room {Bird Wallpaper Source}

M many of you asked if I knew the source of that fabulous bird wallpaper featured in the powder room of Sarah’s House Season Four. Can’t say that I blame you for wondering, it is a pretty striking paper! I think it makes a beautiful statement in the powder room.

Sarah's House Powder Room {Bird Wallpaper Source}

HGTV Sarah’s House

Well, I didn’t know the answer so I did a little research and found the wallaper, so if you are wondering, it is a Schumacher paper called A-Twitter! Love that name! I just watched the Sarah’s House episode on HGTV featuring the powder room and it really looks amazing! Kinda makes me want to “put a bird on it” and wallpaper my powder room.

Sarah's House Powder Room {Bird Wallpaper Source}

HGTV Sarah’s House

I love how she pulled the orange color from the birds in the paper and painted the adjoining hallway in a complementary color to achieve that beautiful flow and connection from room to room! Gorgeous!

Sarah's House Powder Room {Bird Wallpaper Source}

HGTV Sarah’s House

Did you watch the first day of the Sarah’s House marathon? I only had time to watch two episodes so far (I DVR’d them!), but I cannot wait to see more. What did you think about the lavender living room? I don’t generally like light lavender or pink for a color scheme, but I do think it is a beautiful room.

My favorite thing about this series is that she focuses on how to take a builder house up a notch in quality and style, and discusses what makes sense to upgrade and personalize in a brand new house. It looks like a really fun series so far!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Alison

    I’m obsessed! I watched the two episodes yesterday! The bird wallpaper is amazing!

  2. Amanda

    Oh it’s the most gorgeous wallpaper! I wish they sold this in the UK, just beautiful.

  3. Heather

    As a Canadian, I’m lucky that Sarah’s House is shown one year ahead of HGTV U.S. so I can tell you that the rest of this house is just as amazing as the first two episodes, Melissa.

    I’ve been waiting to get to the point where I’m redoing my laundry room and the A Twitter wallpaper has been my inspiration since I first saw it.

    Enjoy the rest of the series. We’re anxiously awaiting her next project!!

  4. Beverly

    I watched four of the episodes. I always love Sarah’s style.

  5. Linda

    Watched yesterday and LOVED the bird wallpaper (though not really a fan of birds in real life, up close). Thanks for sharing the source.

    The living room is very pretty but too feminine for my taste and with all of the men in my house.

    I love watching Sarah do her thing.

  6. Meaningful Nest

    We had tons of family in from out of state yesterday, which was wonderful, but it made me totally forget about Dear Sarah being on. Darn! I {heart} her I think as much as you. Maybe I can watch the episodes online? I have done that before with some of her other shows…thanks for featuring the wallpaper and other delicious items and rooms.

  7. FairfieldHouse

    I love Sarah’s house and discovered her through you the very first time you mentioned her! I adore the wallpaper she used in the powder room.
    Your Friend,

  8. Trish

    Oh, no – did you say marathon? My dvr only recorded three episodes!!! DRAT! I saw that one and the kitchen one. Even my husband like the bird wallpaper! That powder room turned out GREAT.

    • Melissa

      I think it continues today, maybe it was 3 episodes yesterday and some today?! I can’t wait to watch more!


    Omgosh I love Sarah Richardson and she and Tommy never disappoint. I am not an orange gal so wasn’t crazy about the paint in the mudroom, but it all made sense with the over all design so it was the perfect choice for what she was doing. The lavender in the Living room was so subtle and elegant that I think I could handle that. Loved the furniture placement and the bit of gilding in the room. Overall an A+ for Sarah. Looking forward to see the upstairs. One thing I did notice is she seemed to be a bit more matchy with her fabrics than I ever remember. I like when she throws a curve ball once in awhile. Happy Sunday!
    xo Kathysue

  10. Maureen

    I am obssesed as well with Sarah’s House. Not only did I watch the full two hours on HDHGTV but then watched them again on HGTV. I loved what she did with the builder’s house. Then I spent the next 4 or 5 hours scouring the internet for a source for that fabulous sofa table that only got a few moments of screen time. It was metal topped with a chicken wire like basket on the bottom. I am wondering if you might have the source for this piece. I really want it! So badly! Thanks for your time.

  11. Karina Larsson

    I was totally taken by surprise when I notised it was a marathon with new episodes during day time, why would they do that to us dedicated viewers who loves Sarah, but I’m pretty sure it will be re-runs. I caught three episodes and love what she did.
    I just don’t get the “we can only use TWO colors in the whole house” and then they are already using tons of color…which is B E A U T I F U L !!!

    Thanks for the source of the paper with birds! Can’t wait what will come next from Sarah:)


  12. Michelle

    I am enjoying watching how they use their “restrictive” budget which is quite generous. Also I love Sarah’s style and how she effortlessly pulls in a ton of fabric into one room. She is so inspiring.

  13. Susan Jablonski

    I’ve been PUMPED about the “Sarah Marathon” coming! I wrote HGTV complaining a couple of months ago…..something tells me the audience demanded (all of us), & with enough complaints, we got what we asked for! Woohoo!

    “BEST OMELET EVER”!! Hahaha

    I had to watch all of them back-to-back. My favorite was the entry/foyer & the kitchen. Nothing against Candice Olsen, my former fav from years back, but I ADORE Sarah & love her style. Not TOO adorned & fancy, and I love that she ‘saves’ a little here, to ‘spend more’ there. She was definitely my inspiration, having just finished our kitchen DIY-style for under $1,000. I love to channel my inner-Sarah! :)

  14. Jane

    Love love love Sarah’s house. down here in New Zealand we’ve already had this one in full. Wait until you see the DINING ROOM. gorgeous!!!!!
    Actually as per usual all Sarah’s rooms are stunning.


  15. Diane

    The A-Twitter wallpaper is gorgeous!!!!!!
    Wish I could be watching Sarah, too! Enjoy! I know your readers will benefit from the inspiration. :D
    Oh. Lavender. Aside from never spelling it correctly….I am not a fan. It makes a lovely dress or blouse, but on my walls? Never! I’ll enjoy looking at it in other people’s homes. :D

  16. susan

    i did see the episode! i love her style. i’m going to wallpaper the powder room when the kids go back to school! hope all is well! susan

  17. Sue

    I saw all 4 (and saw that there will be 6 more next weekend) I love seeing what she does with her builder upgrades…trading off one thing for another. The lavender is lovely but not me–at least not in my little cabin in the woods. Like her house in the country…quilts and all. Wish I could find a place for the wallpaper…that would go with my bathroom really nicely….Hummmmmm

  18. JaneEllen

    Oh wow, love that wallpaper. I’m not usually a wallpaper person but that pattern is so awesome. I’m a bird nut. Used to keep it mostly in master bed/bath but slowly some of it has “migrated” into the living room. Waiting for hubs to object. He’s already commented on the French stuff I’ve put in l/r. sigh/lol Bird stuff goes with French right?
    Thnks so much for bird paper data. Don’t know that I’d ever buy any or put it up but I can think of a few things I’d cover it with. I made a transfer with it to use on a table runner or whatever I decide.
    When were those Sarah episodes on you were referring to? Were they on HGTV? Sure would have loved to seen them, love her relaxed incredible style. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  19. JaneEllen

    Sorry I went back to read your post and saw Sarah’s house was on HGTV. I’ll have to check the HGTV website for pictures I guess, maybe find out when it’ll be on again.

  20. LisaW

    I have watched every single episode of Sarah’s House…all seasons. I just love her style! That powder room was so delightful. I wish I had a small room in my house that I could give the same treatment.

  21. Paula J

    I love the wallpaper, too: I actually need to replace my existing wallpaper in my guest bath, but I don’t think this would be right for me. I have a TINY guest bath, which has a large scale toile: it totally works. I’m afraid to introduce that much patttern AND color into that small of space. I think it would overwhelm the room. I’m searching for the perfect graphic design that’s not too modern.

    I ~heart~ Sarah!! I fell in love with her work watching Room by Room… I especially loved the beachy/casual stuff she did back then. She’s definitely expanded her tastes! They seem to be much more formal & sofisticated at times. Which is totally ok… I’m just not a formal person. I have a 9yr old… boy… that likes dirt! :)

  22. Carole

    I loved the family room rug – any hints on how I can find it? I am a bad detective

  23. Leslie Stewart

    Gorgeous! I love the bird wallpaper. So elegant and unique!

  24. Lorrie

    I love Sarah’s shows, and since I live in Canada I can pull most of them up on the Internet to watch whenever I like. I always learn something new. That bird wallpaper is just stunning.

  25. Linda from Heartfire At Home

    That wallpaper is sublime. I’ve been thinking lately that I’m going to do something bold in the smallest room of my house, and that would be absolutely perfect!!

    • Suzi Dia

      I LOVE Sarah’s house !! I didn’t know there was a marathon!!! I will have to see if I can still catch some??!!
      (Great info here, BTW. SO glad I found you)

  26. carolyn purcell

    Are you aware that HGTV-US is not airing 3 episodes of Sarah’s House 4? They did not show Episode 1, Find and Buy, and they are not showing the girl’s bedroom and bath or the dining room. I suggest complaining, but I think viewers have been doing this for several years and there doesn’t seem to be much response from the programers.

    • michelle

      YES! I’m SO frustrated by this strange and totally irritating decision. What are they thinking!?! We want MORE Sarah, not LESS:(

  27. Franki Parde

    DRAT! Missed it!! We have a “little bathroom” in the cabin…the bird wall paper would be so fun! franki

  28. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    I’d love to know who are satellite/cable providers are because HGTV from direct hasn’t shown and Sarah Richardson marathons that are new…just old stuff. Yikes, what am I missing?

    • Melissa

      We have Wave cable…so sorry you missed the new shows! Yikes is right! :-)

  29. The Single Nester

    Just thrilled she is back on in the US. She is my favorite designer.

  30. Maria

    That wallpaper is fabulous!! I just love it. :-) Thanks for sharing the source!

  31. Sue

    I have checked the listings, but I can’t find when it’s on. Can anyone help?

  32. Erin


    Four episodes air tomorrow starting at 1pm CDT/ 2pm EDT.

    I don’t understand what Sarah did to piss off hgtv USA but obviously it was something. It takes years to see her shows her, they burn them off in two weekends and then they skip episodes. Sarah is the only designer I will set my DVR foe and her shows are never deleted. I watch them over and over. As for this wallpaper, I’d like to add a powder room to my house only to use this wallpaper!

    • Die-hard Sarah fan :0)

      DITTO! HGTV needs to GET A CLUE-LOL!

  33. Transformations

    Thanks for posting the name of wallpaper and source – it is adorable and so fun!

  34. how2home

    These wallpapers are so adorable and colorful. Love it!

  35. Staci

    Hello all!! Sadly I did not get to see any of the Sarah’s house shows:( Does anyone know when her show airs on HGTV or when they might be broadcast again? I could not find any info on the HGTV website. Thanks for any info!!!

    • Die-hard Sarah fan :0)

      It was only the 8th and 15th and I search every day to see if the shows they didn’t air might be coming on. I have my DVR set to record anything Sarah Richardson.
      Are you listening HGTV?

  36. Rachel Roszmann

    Gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!


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