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{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Christmas Decorating

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{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments
{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments

Animal Christmas Ornaments

felt ornaments via Terrain, bottle brush animals and owl via West Elm

It is not a secret around here. Our family loves funny animals. We always have. I used to read Frog & Toad Are Friends to my kids and we’d laugh until tears streamed down our face and we couldn’t catch our breath.

{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments

We have a funny animal gallery wall in the kids’ bathroom.

We crack up at animal movies like Babe.

We have a funny animal.

{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments

We send texts of funny animals pictures. ALL.DAY.LONG.

It never gets old. We are a weird family.

So during our shopping trip to Michaels last week in search of a dream theme for tree, we happened upon the perfect theme for us.

We had been seeing so many precious little woodland animals at some of our favorite stores.

I don’t know why this theme hadn’t dawned on us before, but while we were at Michaels we saw some adorable bottlebrush and pinecone animals. Funny little critters, but not tacky at all. Precious — sweet sweet little animals.

The little guys stole our hearts and brought smiles to our faces.

{inspiration} Animal Christmas Ornaments

We decided to create a sweet little home for these woodland animals, all nestled in our Christmas tree among golden pinecones, glittery garland and rustic burlap ribbon.

We actually had a handmade ornament planned to create and show you all this last weekend, but there was a wee little setback when my daughter’s 10-year-old-but-usually-so-reliable Honda broke down for the first time ever on the side of the road in Seattle on Thursday.

In the stress of the situation, Courtney accidentally left our crafts in the trunk when the car had to be towed to the repair place (where we later found out her transmission died. Sadness.). It was a bad awful week and we have no crafts to show you … yet!

But, never fear, we WILL reveal our Woodland Tree on Wednesday and hopefully this next weekend we’ll have some fun handmade ornaments to talk about too!

Stay tuned later today for a special “3 Looks” inspiration board post and an awesome coupon code for Red Letter Words!!!

Happy Monday before Thanksgiving, everyone!
Are you the one making the turkey this year?

The Dream Christmas Tree Challenge gift card for ornaments and the tree was provided by Michaels.You’ll be able to see the other participants’ trees this week too, I’ll share the link in our reveal post!


  1. Dawn

    That is going to be so cute, can’t wait to see the tree:)

  2. Eat 2gather

    Nope, my sister is. I’ll be making sides and pies ; D Happy Thanksgiving! I am so not motivated to decorate for the holidays…maybe after TD I will feel different.

  3. maggie

    What a great idea for a tree! So sorry about your daughter’s car trouble. :( Hate that.
    I LOVE the Frog and Toad books…have them all and read them to my son and daughter and then to my granddaughter.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Linda Stoll

    last year there were more than 20 crammed around my sister’s table. ah the noise, the confusion, the laughter, the piles of food!

    this year there are only 7 of us … and we are going out for dinner. my traditionalist sister probably won’t know what to do. but I, for one, am going to dig in, enjoy deep, and walk away and let someone else do the dishes!

    I am always, always thankful for even just 1 or 2 family or friends to celebrate something, anything, with!

  5. Diane

    Yikes!! That is a costly repair for the family….so sorry. We’re happy to wait for the fun to begin. As always…you’re great at peaking our interest. :D
    And yes…I am cooking. My dearest friend and her husband are making the day long trek to visit for the weekend. Did anyone say cloud 9? :D

  6. Kristin

    I love the christmas tree idea. Funny inspiration behind it. Our tree is simular in the fact that I want a very natural/nature theme. So with deer and other woodland creatures, along with pinecones, snow flakes etc. Things to make it feel very natural.

    I absolutely love your childrens bathroom. Now that is totally cute and awesome

  7. Lisbeth

    Love the dog texts! Our family does the same thing. If you haven’t already seen the website, you have to check it out! Always good if you love your pups or need a laugh~

  8. Leslie Stewart

    Great idea for a tree. I love the owl! Can’t wait to see the finished result.

  9. Maria

    This post warmed my heart. :-) And made me laugh. I can’t wait to see your tree — I know it is going to be beautiful! I’m going to have a hard time waiting for Wednesday…I love Christmastime around The Inspired Room! Thanks so much, Melissa.

  10. Julie Schock

    Can’t wait to see your tree…I’m sure it will be beautiful!
    I am making the turkey this year…using Alton Brown’s tried and true brined turkey recipe (blogged about our menu last week). I’m also making a killer pecan pie and I’m SO excited for all the good food! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  11. Barbara (WA)

    Those faces peeking out are adorable! If it was so incredibly dark and rainy this morning I’d head to Michael’s to check them out. Can’t wait to see your tree!

    I normally host Thanksgiving but I’m getting a break this year. We’ll be heading to my sister’s in Ballard for the day. I’m baking the pies.

  12. Pam

    Right there with you, crazy about animals. Can’t wait to see what you do with those bottle brush ornaments.

  13. Carolyn

    Those brush animals stopped me in my tracks at Michael’s, too! Looking forward to seeing your tree.

    I’m going to have Thanksgiving all by myself — a first — because of complicated health problems. I may go to a restaurant……but I plan to spend the day in gratitude, and do whatever I feel like!

  14. Alison

    I just got ornaments like this at Kohl’s!!!So cute and 50% off.

  15. Linda Bates

    These are gorgeous! looking forward to seeing your tree :) Hope your daughter’s car repair isn’t too expensive! I just love cute & quirky animal stuff too……maybe being brought up on a farm started it, but I have animal things all through the house. lol! Have fun making Melissa <3


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