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Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

by | May 10, 2013 | drive bys, exteriors

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Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

It’s time for another drive by! YAY!

When we last did a drive by in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood (which was just a few weeks ago) I mentioned wanting to come back and show you more houses. So here I am, back again with some GORGEOUS homes!

Now let me share my usual disclaimer here before we head off on today’s drive by, errrr walk by.

I’m not a stalker. Really. I don’t look in windows except at night. (I KID! kind of.) You do not need to fear if you see me coming. I don’t steal things. No one gets hurt in the drive by. I just appreciate pretty houses. (Fortunately for those of you who wonder about this, when I’ve shared photos of houses in past drive bys, many times the owners have found out and come to thank me. PHEW!)

My daughter Courtney and I had some time to spare one afternoon a week or so ago, so we parked our car in the neighborhood. We took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching us (just kidding haha) set out with iPhones in hand to stalk people’s houses take a few pics of the beautiful and charming architectural features we love so much in this neighborhood.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

This house was near where we parked. I love rounded doors and this red one is just too cute! And look how it goes up three stories in the back! I love the siding on this house too.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

This was the house that brought me back to the neighborhood for more pictures. I mean, seriously. Is this house not awesome? Look to the right of it, see the mountain? GORGEOUS! What you can’t see in the photo is it is also overlooking Puget Sound and the city of Seattle. HELLO! Nice.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

Sigh. And this is just the side of the house!

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

This is the front side that overlooks the mountains, city and Puget Sound. At this point my daughter and I decided we needed to get bikes because this house is on a street that would be perfect for bike riding. Then we could do bike-bys.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

This beauty is across the side street.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

Then we crossed the street towards the mountain view to a little brick house that was for sale. The back of this brick house directly looks out on boats and mountains and water.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

Amazing! I love the architecture on this house. I just want to look in that window!

I wanted to hurl myself over that fence for a look around. I’m sure that is why they had the gates closed, to prevent people like me from having a look around.

I actually had a whole speech figured out about what I would say if the realtor or owner caught me peeking in the windows.

Something along the lines of “I am looking for a house in the neighborhood and thought maybe it was an open house”… blah blah blah. WHATEVER. Right? That would work, wouldn’t it?

Maybe I’d just say “Oops, so sorry, I got lost.” #notsorry

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

I’m sure I look rather pathetic when I’m looking at houses. Me, standing outside of gates of houses in beautiful neighborhoods. Looking in longingly. I don’t know.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

I belong there, but they don’t know that. But I do. I would feel right at home pulling up in that driveway.

I kept on walking around to the front of the house, hopes of entering dashed by all the fencing and gates. I will say that I appreciated that I could see THROUGH the fencing because those houses where you can’t see in at all are really flustering for people like me.

Here is the action shot my daughter took of me being a stalker, you know, in case you want to experience what it’s like to be my daughter. Good times. That does look pretty stalkerish. If you are reading via email it might not show up so you’ll have to click over.

Anyway, as I was snapping photos like a crazy house-obsessed lady, I noticed something.

Drive by {Beautiful Houses Magnolia Neighborhood Seattle, Part Two}

What have we here? The front gate was conveniently oh so slightly ajar.

I did a quick double take and then I heard my daughter behind me saying NO MOM.

HAHA! She was worried for a sec there. Can’t say that I blame her.

But, alas, I restrained myself and we went back to the car without further incident. Another successful drive by!

If you live here, call me, maybe.


  1. Jennifer

    I remember my mom taking me through neighborhoods all the time to look at houses when I was growing up. My husband and I used to do the same thing when we were looking to move to this area. We haven’t done it in a while, but I think it’s only because we know our town and it’s houses like the back of our hand, lol. We did take the kids through the museum district several months ago and their noses were glued to the window. My oldest son said,”Are you kidding me? People live here?” Lol, he was just amazed.

  2. amy

    Can you tell me what kind of tree the beautiful puple one is in the house you were stalking er um……..looking at? :) it is gorgeous…..Would love to know.

  3. Kim Rice

    I am so glad you posted this. I have copied my husband. He gets so upset with me. At Christmas time I love to take a drive and look at the lights……and inside the windows:)

  4. Faith

    You are so fun to go on drive-bys with, Melissa! I imagine there was lots of giggling going on between you and your daughter. Good times – pretty scenery!

  5. Paminoh

    Drive-bys..what great bonding with your daughter! Gorgoeus homes, the one with the red door reminds me of a childhood friend whose home had the round door, it was always such a thrill to walk through it as a kid…so different.

  6. Cynthia

    Just a beautiful drive by and lovely homes. You two must have of had a good time together. Nice to see fun!!


  7. MarieRoxanne

    So cool, I love drive by’s too and walk by’s, and anything by’s. Especially in rich neighborhoods. The houses are exquisite!
    But every time I see one of those “huge” houses, my housecleaning lady self comes to the fore… I wouldn’t want to clean THAT house!

  8. Denise

    Love the gates on the last house.

  9. Squeak

    I live in Victoria, British Columbia, and I go for a two-hour walk nearly every afternoon/evening in Oak Bay, one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the Victoria area. Like Seattle’s Magnolia neighbourhood, Oak Bay is filled with beautiful old and new houses and lovingly tended gardens, all set against a backdrop of ocean and mountains. I had to laugh at your “stalking”. On a couple of occasions I’ve been caught staring/drooling at someone’s gorgeous house in Oak Bay. I simply tell them the truth – that I’m crazy about architecture and interior design and that their house and garden are gorgeous. Most people are thrilled that I appreciate their home.

  10. Eileen

    So did you go home and look it up online to see indoor pictures and what it’s selling for? I’d do that the minute I walked through the door…….if I hadn’t already done it on my phone.

  11. Eileen

    Found it! It can be yours for a mere 3 million 950 thousand. And the inside? Wow. Just as gorgeous.

    • Melissa

      Oh my gosh yes, I usually do too but I keep forgetting to look it up! Ha! I’m on it, just need to save up a few more millions!

  12. Danuta


    Thank you for featuring these homes in this gorgeous neighborhood! I remember a lot of these homes from my high school years when I lived in Seattle and my best friend lived there so we did a lot of driving around and your article was such a nice flashback of that time. My favorite home there was a Tudor style one which you don’t show but maybe you can do part 3?!

  13. joan

    I, too, LOVE looking at homes. It has taken years for my husband to understand that when I go to open houses, look at magazines or tour neighborhoods that I don’t want to move, I just want to “look” at the architecture, design, colors, furniture placement. My son-in-law encouraged my love of homes by beginning a collection of “Lilliput Lane” houses for me as a gift. They are cast as replicas of homes in England and Scotland. I really enjoy them, they are very unique. So, I say to you and Coutrney, you GO girl (s)!

  14. Diane

    I love driving around and looking at houses in lovely areas. Not that I have done it in a long time. ;( And your tour is terrific!! I too am smitten by the first house! What is there about a roundy topped door that makes me swoon? Surely it would be on my ‘perfect’ house. And a peaky roof too!
    Happy Weekend!

  15. Veronica

    You are too cute! My daughter’s name is Courtney too! We love to stalk model homes and show homes here in Houston! Beautiful homes :-)

  16. susan

    OMG! This is the first drive by I have joined you on and I have to say I will be there with you every time from now on. My mother was always convinced we were born into the wrong “class” – now I know she was right! I could NEVER aspire to a house like these, or even such a beautiful well tended neighbourhood. But I can dream. I now know that House Stalking is a real hobby – I have been doing it for years! But we must have prices to ground us in reality!

  17. Lynn

    My sister 2 daughters and I once went and looked at a house that was for sale. It was abandoned so we went up to look in the windows (of course) well my sister turns the knob on the back door and it was opened so she looks at me and says “should we go in” and of course I say “YES”. My oldest daughter was like yea this is fun her younger sister kept telling us we were all going to be arrested. lol. It was a very neat older home with a huge living room my younger daughter kept calling the ballroom. We did not buy it, but the person that did is working to restore it to its earlier grandeur.

  18. Anja

    Oooh, that grey one! I’d move in there in a pinch ;-)

  19. Jackie

    I would SO join you for your next tour, that neighborhood is simply amazing just sad I live on the exact opposite coast!

  20. Robin

    My exhusband hated the fact that I loved drivebys….could be one of the reason for the demise of our relationship. I was raised in the midwest and fortunately my grandparents lived in the big city and we got to look in the rich folks windows on our way to and from their homes. That is where it all began for me.

  21. Charity

    This is crazy. First of all, I live on this street in Magnolia, for one more week. After living (and renting) here for 7 years I just bought a house in West Seattle. AND I just found your blog two days ago and am reading it relentlessly looking for new house inspiration. I love your style and your writing.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Such a small world! Happy new house to you! Hope you find lots of ideas and inspiration. Congrats!


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