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My Favorite Fall Candle

I love fall.

Ha, I’ve probably started a million blog posts with that line.

Right? You know it. I do. I’m not embarrassed about it. I love it. It is MY FAVORITE season at home and here on The Inspired Room since so many of you share my love of the cozy home. It’s a fun season. I’m trying to hold myself back here because I know it is only mid-August but you know how I am.

(Before anyone feels the need to warn me you want to embrace summer first, I get it. I’m with you. I also love summer. I’m in no hurry for the weather to change. Washington has been ridiculously gorgeous this spring and summer. Like, we must live in the best kept secret in the U.S. kind of beautiful. And I fully expect our weather to be fantastic through October as it usually is around here, at least I’m hopeful for it to stay this way.)

But with the pending change of seasons comes something I ADORE and I hope you do too….the changing of the scents around my house. My mind (and nose) has already transitioned over from the citrus scents of summer to the warm delicious smell of vanilla and cinnamon.

My Favorite Fall Candle

A new fall candle is a little treat I (update: used to!) give myself in August to get me inspired for Fall.

Now that I’ve ditched candles in favor of diffuser oils,  you’ll be happy to know I’ve created my own smell-alike for the cozy scent of an old fave!

Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon Diffuser Blend

– A couple drops of Stress Away (VANILLA and lime!)
– A drop of Cinnamon Bark
– A drop of Nutmeg

(Try more drops of each in a larger space or for stronger scent)

***Order the essential oils and diffusers I recommend here. ***

I recommend Young Living oils because it is the brand I trust for my family, grab a starter kitand learn about our wellness community here!

I can’t wait for you to take a big SNIFF and see what I mean about it smelling divine!

It smells DIVINE around here! The scent already has my mind wandering to thoughts of lots of cozy ideas for my home! I’m excited! YAY!

Do you transition seasons with new scents?

What’s your favorite Fall scent?



    I can’t go there yet!! I am still enjoying summer and in our part of the country we will enjoy it until October. But when I do get out the candles they are usually unscented, but I do love mulling spices on the stove. So I am a cinnamon, nutmeg kind of girl. Warm and spicy,

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Me too, love the cinnamon and nutmeg! YUM! We enjoy great weather through October, too. Obviously my seasons don’t always depend on weather :-). Ha.

  2. Julie Brazelton

    so funny…I just changed to vanilla this week and will start pumpkin spice beginning of September:)

  3. Jo @ To a Pretty Life

    As I sit here melting in the humidity (which isn’t even all that humid compared to most of the continent), I can’t wait for fall! I love the scents, the crisp air, the rain, and the colours (even though here almost the only colours we get are yellow and brown). My little maple bush in the back yard is already starting to turn red.

  4. cassie

    i am so transitional with my candles! in the fall i love anything pumpkin!

  5. Carla

    I have candles but don’t actually light them. I did switch my Febreeze warmer to pumpkin and spice this weekend. Yum!

  6. Donna

    White Barn/Bath & Body Works’ Creamy Pumpkin Cupcake candle is my new Fall Fav! Autumn Wreath has been a classic fav of mine through the years….LOVE Fall! :)

  7. Karena

    I love so many different candles and scents. You can be sure I will try this Boulangerie fragrance. Thanks for letting me know!

    Feature:Designer Barry Dixon

  8. corinna ashley

    Ive been anxiously awaiting your series for fall! I did a little inner squeal there…

    I’m a boring pumpkin pie and sparkling cinnamon kindof gal. Probably because i dont like to cook but i love those flavors. It makes me feel like my home smells like what it should that time of year.

  9. Rebecca

    You wrote the exact words that I have been thinking! I have been longing for Fall and Christmas for about a month now …. but I also live in the Pacific NW and I feel like I am betraying my beautiful state by not enjoying this historic weather we have been having!! Nothing can help me mood more than a wonderful scent!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Isn’t it amazing here? Seems like it has been pretty mild and nice for a year now! Love it.

  10. jenny@birdsandsoap

    I’ve already been burning the Apple Cinammon Scentsy for a week now and I’ve been slathering on the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion I adore so much. My pinterest board of crochet patterns has been growing and I’m contemplating Halloween costumes for my girls. I.Love.Fall.

  11. MamaWaffles

    OOooo- Fall is my FAVORITE season!! I wait all year to decorate for fall! I love the warm colors, and the yummy scents! Harvest Welcome by Yankee candle is a personal favorite, or the pumpkin and cinnamon spice candles for Bath And Body are delicious too! If only someone could capture that brisk pure fall NW air in a candle!

  12. Ali

    Melissa you are not alone! I love fall and I break out the candles to cue the season change even if the weather doesn’t cooperate and it is still hot outside! I even change by body wash with the seasons, crazy I know!

  13. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    I DO transition with new scents – Summer was Yankee Candle Black Coconut. Yummy! I’m on an “in between” scent right now (just to show the total depth of my crazy) because I’m not quite ready for a true Fall scent. YC Macintosh – a crisp, fresh apple scent but no hint of spice. Fall is my real favorite, too & I’m holding myself back from going full blown Fall around here! xo

  14. Caroline Maravelias

    I’m a Scentsy consultant so I don’t burn regular candles, but for fall I love warming anything with pumpkin or cinnamon, or anything that makes my house smell like I’ve been baking!

  15. Beccy

    What a lovely idea to have a different scent for different seasons. I’ve noticed, here in the UK, the mornings now start with that autumn feel… a freshness in the air that you don’t get with summer (and we actually had a summer this year!) I love cinamon, cloves, orange, warm and spicy scents to go with warm and spicy colours!

  16. Autumn

    I adore FALL as well! (So does my Mom, hence my name…) I pulled out some yarn and my crochet needle this week getting warmed up for a new project. I just love the container of that Anthro candle. I’m waiting to see what new fall-ish scent “Diamond Candles” puts out! I love that I’m not alone in anticipation of the next season! We celebrate the last weekend of summer with a “back to school cake” and fall stuff comes out along with the school supplies! I’ll quit, so much to say about fall!

  17. maryrose

    I just spent $60 on candles at Bath and Body Works this weekend. $60!?! I had to have new autumn fragrances, too. Apple Ale, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Spiced Cider, Harvest Coffee. I, too, LOVE autumn, and tend to rush the season a bit because I cannot wait any longer.

  18. Denise

    I do the exact same thing! In fact – I started doing this about a week ago. I love anything pumpkin scented.

  19. Sarah

    Fall cannot come soon enough!! I live in the southeast and can’t wait for this heat and humidity to go away! Fall is by far my favorite season, because it has all my favorite things. Anything and everything pumpkin or apple-cinnamon, football, cooler weather, scarves, boots, my birthday…it doesn’t get much better than that!! :)

  20. joanne=

    I too love fall, just the cool nights and warm days can’t wait…. I love the fall candles I just went to check on the candle to purchase it and can’t find it online did you buy it at the store my favorite scent is vanilla so I would be interested in this new scent anything to buy a new candle (not obsessed at all with candles ha,ha)Hurray for fall

  21. Lynn

    I absolutely change scents with each season…with each month! I’ve been staring at my supply of fall candles for a week or so now, just waiting to light them! I’m a devoted Yankee Candle user (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit just how many I have… :)), and I’ll be switching to a combination of Macintosh, Apple Cider, and Autumn Wreath very soon. Heading into October, I’ll add in Harvest as well as Cider Web for Halloween. I LOVE FALL!!!!!!

  22. Tammara

    Funny, I just was on your site yesterday wondering if I’d missed the announcement for the Fall Nesting Series. Love the idea of starting with a candle, I’m going to go out and buy a favourite fall scent today – that’ll help me put off pulling out the fall decor bins way too early. Though up here in Niagara Falls the temperatures have been absolutely “fall like” do it’s been hard not to :)

  23. Cynthia

    FALL, is my FAVORITE all the smells, when we start cooking and decorating with pumpkins and I am a big candle user. I burn them everywhere and I love all the fall scents. My favorites are Slatkin from Bath and Body Works. They burn clean as can be and all the way to the end. I love there pumpkin cinnamon, and frosted pumpkin and my all time favorite is Autumn. It smells of leaves and spices, it is perfect!!!


  24. Anna @BarnLightElectrc

    Last fall, the office’s secretary started using this spiced/candycorn/cinnamon/potpourri/divine candle that would fill the entire building with its scent. She’s started using it again and I’ve definitely noticed people turning the air down and itching for cooler weather. In Florida, we’re just reaching the peak of Summer’s heat. I think we’re all ready for the season to change!

  25. Deidra

    I love Autumn Lodge and Pumpkin Patch. My youngest daughter is wanting to put up Halloween items. I’m not ready to give up summer yet.

  26. annie @ anniehearts

    I love cozy throws, candles and apple pie.
    And soft sweaters and tall boots!

    But I also LOVE summer, so I’m not ready yet!

    Annie XO

  27. Donnamae

    I love fall too…I think it’s the colors, cooler temps, crisp mornings, lots of clear blue skies, and football! Are you going to be doing your 31 days series in October? Hope so! ;)

  28. jennifer

    Love love love fall! Walmart’s pumpkin and mulled cider candles are the best! Inexpensive and put out tons of awesome cozy fall scents. I always decorate way early! I just can’t wait. =D

  29. Tanya

    I love fall scents! I bet this smells amazing.

  30. Gail

    I change candle scents & colors seasonally. In the fall, I will burn Partylite Holiday Spice (vanilla, clove,etc) or clementine clove. I burn citrus scents in spring.
    Re the plug for your lovely area of the country, let me give a shout out for mine, central Va , with temperant temps and lush woods, 1 hour from mountain ranges (5 ranges in Va) & 1 hour from ocean.. Come visit.

  31. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Love the fall but not ready for summer to be over yet. Cinnamon and vanilla…my two favorite scents. :)

  32. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Okay….I answered your question on FB with….”Does it start with a big “A”???
    Does it count for the right answer???? :D Haha!

  33. Jennifer

    We don’t get much of a fall here, but I like to pretend in October with fall candles, mums and pinecone vase fillers. I usually buy my candles at Walmart because I burn through them so fast and I can’t really tell a difference between them and my Yankee candles. I love Summer Splash right now. I’ve got it burning as we speak!

  34. Amanda

    Oh how pretty is that! I love toasting marshmallows, it smells of fall for me

  35. Mimi

    Melissa, You’re always giving me such fab ideas. It never occurred to me to change scents for the various seasons. What a wonderful idea. Think I’ll buy myself a new candle this week,.

  36. Darla Lewis

    I love FALL but been enjoying summer long since I love beach most… We go on a tropical country during winter. Anyway, will surely looking for that kind of candle! I have scented and decorated candle collection.

  37. Sharon

    I, too, change scents for the seasons. My all-time favorite fall scent is creamy nutmeg but I missed it this year at Bath and Body Works annual sale :( so I have to look for an alternative scent this year.

    I also love cinnamon, pumpkin and vanilla but, unfortunately, my husband hates that scent.

  38. Mary-Irene

    I love vanilla for scented candles because it is one of the few scents that does not make me sneeze and it never smells too strong. I tend to gravitate toward all the many different variations of vanilla- cupcake, buttercream, cake batter, or just good old vanilla. Simply the best!

  39. Julie {Lilacs & Longhorns}

    Girl, I was just in Anthro yesterday smelling this very candle! Almost bought it, too but resisted the urge to spend. Now, here you are waving that candle in my face and I’m going to have to go back and get it! lol (Truthfully, I was already planning to go back to get it…just left my 15% off coupon at home — ha ha!)

    Yes, I bring in the seasons with candles, too. Love me a good smelling candle!!

  40. Katie

    I feel like I wait forever to light my favorite Fall/Winter candle. It’s a jar candle called Mulled Cider and is my absolute favorite!!! Another great part? It’s $5 at Wal-Mart. I definitely suggest it.

  41. Ruth

    I love Fall also!! I think I must get Fall Fever like I get Spring Fever!! We have had a very WET summer here in Va and a few days here recently have been chilly, putting me in a Fall mood! But I will try to wait until Sept! Then I decorate for Fall that lasts until Black Friday when I pull out the Christmas stuff!!
    I love pumpkin and apple pie spice candle scents for fall. The weather is supposed to get back up into the
    80’s next week so I will wait until Sept when that crispness is in the air and the weather is perfect. Sunny and no humidity!!

  42. JanDec

    How many boxes of Christmas stuff do I have in the storage room upstairs? Whoa, baby…a whole wall of them. When actually, fall lasts a lot longer and has so many more smells and yummy colors associated with it. Last year I added a lot more holiday stuff to my stash but this year I resolve to add to my sad little single box marked, “Fall Decor”. Maybe this can be a Seed Year when I wait just a little until the Christmas stuff starts in earnest and then pick stuff up on sale. Thanks for the good ideas!

  43. Elaine Foley

    I must confess I have been burning Fall scented candles for about two weeks. I burned one I had from last year and I just bought a few new apple and pumpkin scented ones. I like the woodsy scented ones too. I am ready for Fall!


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