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9 Weeks ‘Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Christmas Decorating, Decorating Inspiration, Holidays, my house

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9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

D o you remember my Christmas tree last year? My SWEET woodland Christmas tree with all the PRECIOUS woodland creatures, glittery gold and burlap? Oh, how I loved that tree. I didn’t want to take it down. But I promise, those woodlands will make another appearance, perhaps on a tree, perhaps in a new display. I can’t wait to see their faces again!!

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Well, guess what? It’s time once again to start contemplating Christmas decor.

YES, I know. It’s October. Don’t panic or throw pumpkins at me. I’m a crazy blogger. This is what I do.

And weird as it is to have a Christmas tree in October next to my Plush Pumpkins, it’s how I roll. But judging from what I see on Pinterest, other people are wanting to get a jump on Christmas too. So maybe I’m not THAT weird. Or maybe everyone is a blogger now. Heh.

Interestingly, in being asked to present holiday decor ideas so early, I actually am finding that I enjoy the challenge and inspiration to get ahead of the game. It’s fun for me. After six years of blogging and talking about Christmas in October, it’s become my new normal. I still embrace Fall, don’t worry. You don’t have to start YOUR decor yet, but I’m telling you it’s kind of fun to plan a little bit early because it does sneak up on us.

With only 9 weeks til Christmas (can you believe it?), it will be here SOON! The earlier I plan and start, the more I can do the things I actually want to do and have fun along the way. No stress!

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

As we did last year, my girls and I headed to our local Michaels Craft store a few weeks ago for a fun little holiday decorating shopping. We were armed with a gift card to complete this mission, so that made it even more fun!

While the woodland theme was our favorite tree, this year we wanted to expand our horizons a bit and try another type of themed tree. I love the creative nudge to break out a little bit of the usual and try something new, while still keeping with what we love and what works in our house.

Of course, we do like to use our traditional ornaments too, so it is fun to do a couple of smaller trees.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

We came into Michaels Craft without any idea of what we wanted to do. But then we saw this pretty tree at the store and it inspired us to think about snow on a tree and how to translate that to our own tree, without flocking.

We decided to use a few unexpected items for the decorations that might not be on a traditional Christmas tree but would give the overall effect of a white winter wonderland tree.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Poofy things.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Fluffy things.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

Snowy glittery winter flowers.

9 Weeks 'Til Christmas! {My Christmas Tree Plans!}

We also found some super adorable printed burlap ribbon that we will be using for some of our Christmas decor this year, although not on the tree. This year instead of burlap ribbon we used a different type of garland, which you will see when we reveal our tree!

We are so excited to get started with our Christmas decorating!

In fact, there is another reason I need to get started early. I’m participating in a fun Holiday House Walk with the talented Jennifer Rizzo the first week in December! 

There will be over 30 bloggers participating in this online Christmas house tour, so it is going to be very inspiring to see how they all decorate!  If ONLY they would go ahead and show me their houses NOW so I could be inspired, but gah, I’m up on the FIRST day right after Jen so I am on my own.

Even though it is nine weeks til Christmas, it is only about FOUR weeks until the tours so you can see why I am getting started now! Eek! Wanna come help? If ONLY you all were my neighbors, we’d make it a REAL party and tour.

Mark your calendars to join us for the holiday house walk on December 2 and this Friday, November 1st, to see my snowy white winter wonderland tree!

 Do you know how you are decorating your tree this year? 


  1. Linda@Creekside

    Oh yikes … are you kidding, dear Melissa? We’re just tryin’ to get through October around here … I can’t even begin to imagine Christmas! But I will leave you to it, and will cheerfully follow along, hoping for a bit of motivation along the way.

    You go, girl!


  2. Rebecca

    I can’t WAIT to see your tree!! Christmas has been on my mind for weeks already! I like to get a big jump on things so I can bypass some of the stress and actually enjoy some of the month of December!

  3. Marissa @ the boot

    I absolutely adore your woodland tree! We’ll be moving into a new house in December so I plan on making a tree happen, even if we don’t have all our furniture yet! I like classic, very similar to your woodland tree!

  4. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    I don’t think planning Christmas decor in October is odd at all! :-) I loved your woodland tree last year, & I’m going to “copy” it this year for my (covered) back porch.

    I DO know how I’m decorating my treeS this year – I haven’t changed it since we moved into this house 4 years ago. My family room holds the big tree, with traditional colored glass ornaments & all of our family ornaments. In the breakfast room – a bird tree. Oldest boy – UGA Bulldogs tree (definitely not my choice, youngerst boy – nutcracker/carnival tree, schoolroom -Santa tree, our bedroom – white lights & copper glass ornaments, dining room – snowflakes.

    It sounds like a lot, but the trees are prelit, and they are smaller trees. Since it’s the same every year I usually get my trees up in a day.

    Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with this year! xo

  5. Faith

    Indeed, it would be a great party, wouldn’t it? I can smell the hot chocolate and pumpkin squares and hear all the lively chatter now! We will all be there in spirit and waiting with anticipation to see your lovely wintry tree.

  6. Sandi

    Hello, I’m a new follower – found you via a Pinterest pin I think. Can appreciate your preseason go getter-ness. Enjoy!

  7. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    I’m in Christmas planning mode too! Though we always get a real tree, so decorating it doesn’t happen until the first week in December :) But I love thinking out and getting things now, it makes December so much more relaxing.

  8. Angela

    I have a silver and gold theme tree in the pretty room and the kids have their own tree in the playroom. They get to decorate it ANY way they wish and it’s fun to see their creativity and hand made ornaments. I won’t change themes on my tree for 5 more years or so. Must seem like an eternity for real decorators, lol. But even though I bought the ornaments for around $1 each, it took me 3 years to gather enough to make the tree look full and cost a pretty penny.

    I’m working hard on Christmas here anyway though. I’m getting all the gift buying knocked out of the park and am 75% done with purchases and starting to work on the hand made stuff. I love to do it early for a stress free December when the baking can begin!

  9. Christine

    I am sooooo on the same page as you! I cannot wait, it’s driving my blonde brain insane! I am so anxious to decorate for Christmas that I had to do a late season DIY with my dated kitchen windows JUST to try and stall. (I don’t get into Halloween as much as everyone else it seems, especially since my youngest kid is out of the house and we no longer have kids in the neighborhood who trick or treat)….so I jump from Fall to Christmas…lol
    If both you and I start next week, maybe we can start a trend :-)

  10. DeAnna

    I already have two trees up. One in the formal living room (6.5ft) is a woodland theme and a one in the kitchen (6ft) is candy theme. I love decorating early, I do so many trees if I didn’t start now I would never get finished!

  11. Jennifer

    Christmas will be here before we know it! Every time I walk into a store and see the trees and décor it freaks me out a little. I’m trying my best to have my dining room decorated by Thanksgiving right now. I wish I was ahead of the game and working on Christmas!

  12. Beccy

    Gorgeous tree, I love your woodland animals. I think the planning and the anticipation of Christmas is the best bit!

  13. Heidi

    Around my home we’re (well, me) are freaking out that Hanukkah starts on Thanksgiving! Ack. I like leaving my fall decoration up until December 1st and then breaking out the blue, silver and white. I can’t believe I’ve got to be switching over/combining in November! (Not to mention I should really be in gift buying mode like now.)

  14. Carli

    Gorgeous!! I decorated our tree in burlap, gold and neutrals last year and loved it! We’re in between homes at the moment, while we wait for our new home to be built. So this year will be a little smaller, place holder tree. That said, I’m still super excited to decorate! Thanks for the ideas :)

  15. Tanya

    The day after Thanksgiving is what I take all of my Christmas stuff out. I like to give each holiday its own time. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas though. I am getting way too excited.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, I like to celebrate each holiday too. With Thanksgiving and Christmas so close, though, I’m finding more and more it is Christmas that gets snuffed out without enough time to savor it, so I am enjoying starting fall earlier so I can transition more gracefully to the holidays in November instead of that mad dash after Thanksgiving to do it all! I like how the Canadians do it, I guess :-)!

  16. Juliane at Modern Mural

    Lovely! I’m so excited for the holidays. Tomorrow starts the beginning of all of it! I always love different decor and flip out my wall art to get ready. These look like brilliant ideas.

  17. Patricia

    I’m not allowed to put up anything Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving … but am mulling it over after your nudge. I’ve got two grandkids, the youngest will just be a notch under two by Christmas so I’m going with animals. I’ve collected lots over the years, fuzzy llamas, cuddly teddy bears, cute moose, twinkly elephants and flying horses and on and on. All will go up with twinkle lights.
    Meanwhile, back in reality, I just bought my Halloween candy today. Any sooner and it would mysteriously “evaporate”.

  18. teresa

    I will put this on my calendar ….and I love your woodland ornaments…hoping to find some like those…to use at the cabin.
    Thanks…Merry Christmas ;}

  19. Ann Stillson

    I have decided to start Christmas decorating Nov 1st this year with the basic white lights and evergreens…..will add some thanksgiving decor to that, then quick and easy jinglebells….where did you get that beautiful basket????

  20. Eileen

    I have been looking at all the displays in the stores already. Christmas is my most favourite time of the year. I do have an artificial tree and for a change I am thinking of buying a (gasp) white tree. Don’t know if I will go through with it though; I think my kids (adults) will disown me again! The first time was when we ditched the real trees for a realistic looking fake tree! But I would just like to change it up and there are so many dramatic colour combos that would really pop on a white background. At least I’m not choosing black (although that did cross my mind!). Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  21. Ruth

    No, you’re not odd at all!! With 9 grandchildren I have to think WAY ahead even starting my Christmas shopping in Aug or Sept if I find something for them. It takes time to get it all done and I like to shop before
    the crowds get heavy. And also to have time in Dec for the fun things and meaningful Spiritual side of Christmas!! But I don’t decorate for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. I have a special breakfast, play Christmas carols and get out all my decorations except for the tree which I do about 2 weeks later because we get a real tree every year. It is a special time of the year for me!


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