My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

Woodland Christmas Tree

Other than the fact that we had the absolute gloomiest day of the year and 5 inches of rain the day I was taking pictures, our little Woodland Tree made even the darkest day a little warmer and brighter.

And isn’t that what a Christmas tree should do?

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

How could we resist smiling with all these woodland creatures staring back at us, peeking through the trees and pinecones?

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

My Woodland Christmas Tree Reveal

Here are the other posts I wrote about the process of shopping for themed ornaments and choosing the theme, so much fun!

We are quite pleased with how it turned out and we had a blast hanging out together decorating our tree. It really got us in the festive holiday spirit!

We have a few more trees in mind for this year, so I think this one kicked off the season quite nicely!

Enjoy all the pics, and then scurry on over like little woodland creatures to see the other themes that bloggers put together for the Michaels Dream Tree Challenge! Give this little Woodland Tree a few thumbs up and repins while you are there, and do the same for your other favorite trees! Visit Michaels Facebook and their Pinterest board for pictures of all the trees.

Thanks so much to Michaels Craft for allowing us the fun of this tree challenge by supplying the tree and gift card!

Shop my favorite Christmas decor and gift guides HERE!

My Woodland Christmas Tree RevealShop my favorite Christmas decor and gift guides HERE!


  1. Beautiful Melissa! I have some of those bottle brush animals, too.

  2. Centsational Girl says

    So beautiful my friend, you picked the perfect theme for your home, it surely does brighten the space, Merry Christmas! xo Kate

  3. This is adorable! I’ve been seeing trees in baskets a lot this year and I want to give it a try. So, I have a couple questions…is your tree real? If so, how did you manage the basket, water, etc. Thanks so much for adding to my inspiration file!

  4. I love the tree, Melissa. You are so talented and fun. Now, I really want to come and see your home during the holidays!

  5. Linda Harms says

    I rarely comment; but your tree prompts a “GREAT JOB!”

  6. Since we are downsizing trees this year, we are only doing one and that is in J’s lodge. We decided to keep the tree downstairs. Less to worry with when time to take it down.
    Anyway, your beautiful tree is exactly how I envision the tree for the lodge. I love how you’ve done the woodland theme, with a little glitz mixed in.
    Happy Thanksgiving Melissa!

  7. Cute, cute! I love animals and nature so this tree is right up my alley. Love the burlap.
    Nicely done!

  8. How fun to have your cute themed tree done already … so much time to enjoy it.


  9. love it. where did you find the burlap ribbon/garland? thanks!!

  10. That looks incredibly cozy and beautiful! i, too, favor the natural over the comemercial and Kitschy. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  11. Adorable. I really like the look of the tree sitting in the basket.

  12. What a beautiful tree! Those little woodland creatures are just too cute — and I am loving the pinecone ornaments, too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Melissa! Such a pretty tree — you did not disappoint! ;-)

  13. Your tree turned out so cute:) I bet the family sure is enjoying it!

  14. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the basket that its in! So clever! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Starting to decorate my home for Christmas and just love your woodland themed tree…the basket is beautiful and so perfect…just love the shape of it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  16. What a beautiful tree! I think woodland creatures will be the rage this year! I love that commercial with the little hedgehog walking and getting a haircut. You did a fantastic job and I love that basket tree stand instead a skirt. How fitting is that! Michaels should have your tree featured, #1, front and center!

  17. Love your tree!! I have had several animal ornaments like these for many years…would love to get more and decorate a whole tree like you did!

  18. OUTSTANDING tree!! Love your theme and the way you’ve put it together is special indeed, makes me want to put one up myself and I haven’t for some time. You win, hands down, over the other themed trees in Michael’s, even if it’s not a “contest”! So enjoy your blog each and every day.

  19. melissa, It is perfect for the Northwest!! Love it and how fun to have it in your newly decorated home. Perfect choices in the ornaments. I am using a basket this year to put my tree it!! Love that idea, especially since I am such a basket lover!! My theme this year is going to be Monravian stars!! Happy Thanksgiving to You and yours,
    xo Kathysue

  20. Your woodland tree is beautiful! I love the little animals, fun without being tacky and not too serious either :) Happy Thanksgiving!

    xoxo, Tanya

  21. This tree is adorable. I love all the animals and that basket on the bottom of the tree. Happy Thanksgiving!


  22. So cute!

  23. You just gave me the nudge I needed. That beautiful tree filled me with the Christmas Spirit!

  24. This is a great tree! I love what you did with the base – I never know how to cover it up so that it’s not just a metal pole at the bottom – thanks for the super cute idea!

  25. I love that you put the tree in a basket! Was it hard to find one to fit? How did you get the tree in there? I really want to steal that idea this weekend when we decorate! I can’t wait!

  26. Perfect little tree that looks perfect with your new floor.
    Happy Day

  27. Your tree put a smile on my face

  28. Warm, cozy & perfect! You inspire me! Did you purchase the large basket, the tree is in, at Michaels also? How large is your tree? What was the cost of the basket? Love this idea. Thanks :) Have a blessed day.

  29. How absolutely cute is that tree…great job Melissa :)

  30. It’s really beautiful! Thank you.

  31. I absolutely ADORE this much so that I want to make one too!! I’ve searched my local Michaels for those particular ornaments and even tried online without any luck. Can you help me with a link online? Thank you so much for sharing!!

  32. Perfectly whimsical! What a wonderful greeting for your guests at they enter. I love how it perfectly compliments your home and those beeeuuuutiful floors! Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to ask, where did you fine the squirrel ornament??? I love squirrels and would love to have one of these… Again love the tree…

  34. I love this natural look! But I also love to use all my shiny vintage glass ornaments as well… Oh what to do, what to do???

  35. The tree is adorable!! I went to Michael’s today to get a few of my own little animals and there were hardly any left!! Darn! I did get a cute little penguin and a moose! I’m making a new Christmas wreath for my front door so they will find a home there! So excited for the reveal of your new floors! Hope that will be soon :)

  36. makes me want to change religions just so i can have a tree like this~!!! sooooo adoerable!!!!! can’t wait to see what else you come up with this year.
    hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  37. This tree is just lovely and sweet. I adore that it’s in a basket….perfect for the woodland theme!

  38. Truly lovely-thanks for the inspiration!

  39. This is beautiful Melissa, I absolutely love it! x

  40. I love your tree – the basket is the perfect touch!!

  41. Melissa this is perfect!! I love natural materials so the basket is awesome and my kids would adore those animal ornaments. I saw similar ones at Target and Pier One. So cute!!

  42. tHIS Tree is just adorable!! I love it! Now how did you get the tree to stand in the basket??

    • I kept the stand it came with on the tree and just found a basket that would fit with the stand inside it. By some miracle the tree stands up straight and isn’t wobbly in spite of being in the basket! :-) Yay!

  43. Adorable and very evocative – that natural look just makes Christmas for me – love it.

  44. I absolutely love this rustic look! Great post!

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