Three Important Reasons to Organize Your Home

Three Important Reasons to Organize Your Home

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed at home?

What is causing the stress? What is paralyzing us from achieving our goals?┬áSometimes we know we need certain things in our life, but we don’t necessarily know how to get them. We don’t realize what we need might actually already be within our reach if we could just figure out the first step.

So instead of moving forward, we stay the same. Stuck.

Maybe we just don’t realize just how much of a difference organization could make in so many areas of our life!

Come see three reasons I think an organized home matters more than we might think, over at The Decluttered Home today!

Three Important Reasons to Organize Your Home


  1. I like the idea of re-using jars that groceries come in & have been doing a lot of that. I especially love to repurpose the “mason” jars that Classico pasta sauce comes in. The Sam’s brand has a salsa that we love and it too comes in a mason jar. I just spray paint the lids to cover up the sauce or salsa label and use them for storing dog treats, emptying the contents of already-opened grocery items like chocolate chips, granola, rice, etc. I don’t even have to label them since I can see thru them, making them super easy to rinse out when empty and then re-use for a different grocery item. I just make sure the spray paint does not touch the inside of the lid. I really liked this article except that I was surprised at the suggestion of renting a storage unit to put your extra jars in. If I have more than I can fit into my storage, I would put them in the recycle bin or give them to a neighbor who can put them to use. I think that renting a storage unit to hold empty recycled glass jars would cost far more than any $$ savings or convenience of just re-using what you have—just my opinion:)

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