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Organize Your House {A 12 Month Plan}

by | Dec 28, 2013 | Organization | 5 comments

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Are you looking forward to this year? I sure am! I’m especially excited about ORGANIZATION this year. That’s a biggie for me!

UPDATE: Here is my 2015 Decluttering Calendar and A Bag A Day Decluttering Plan!

Below is another helpful calendar, so be sure to check it out too!

I am putting together a few different lists of goals and plans for my home in 2014 and I can’t wait to share them all with you! One of my favorites is a simple 12 month calendar I created with what I want to organize around my  home. Each month has a different area or task to focus on, which makes the process feel less overwhelming.

I am pretty excited about it and hope it will help inspire you, too! I think it is a great tool to help get you thinking about your own New Year’s Resolutions for your Home.

>>>>You can find the 12 months of organizing calendar posted HERE over at The Decluttered Home!

>>>> Need more organizing ideas? Check out my new book, Make Room for What You Love!

>>>>You can find two other helpful housekeeping posts via this links on The Inspired Room: Four Daily Routines: How I Keep My House Clean Enough and my Top Ten Organizing Posts.

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    Wow, thank you very much, very helpful!

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    This is just what I need to reclaim my house! Looking forward to making 2014 the year it happens. :)

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    Oh Man! I need this big time….I have let way to much go….time to end the madness….Pinning this!

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    I love the calendar, and I hope my mom and I can work on this next year!

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    This is great! I’m also focusing on organizing my home in the year to come! Thanks!


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