Organizing Ideas {10 Favorites from 2013}

Organizing Ideas {10 Favorites from 2013}

As we wind up 2013, I thought I’d do a few round ups of the top favorite posts on The Inspired Room! 

Today let’s look at 10 Favorite Organizing Posts from 2013 (in no particular order!)

Enjoy and be inspired!

1. Organize Your House – 12 Month Planner

2. How to Get Organized in a Small House

3. How to Organize Your Home

4. Plan for Papers You Don’t Want to Lose

5. Organizing Your Most Used House Project Tools

6. Small Space Office Organization

7. 5 Take Away Tips from A Small Office

8. 11 Ways to Spring into Organizing

9. My Kitchen Pantry Reveal

10. Kickstart your Garage Organization

For more ideas, here is my homemaking & organization gallery, full of inspirational posts and ideas!



  1. LOrd help me I need this post!

  2. These are all wonderful and your timing is perfect!
    Maybe it’s just me but the link to number four, Plan for Papers…, takes me
    to a totally different post. And I so need help with this right now.
    Thank you for this post.

    • I tried it and it seemed to work? It goes to a post about how we keep track of important papers we need to deal with. Hopefully it will work for you?! :-)

      • You are correct – I was able to go right to it using my desktop.
        My previous issue was probably due to the love/hate relationship
        I have with my phone :( now I feel foolish.
        Thank you so much for tesponding.
        I love love love these ideas!

  3. What a beautiful blog. Just loved seeing your pantry organization and love the IKEA stainless shelves. Thanks for the great tips!! Happy to be your newest follower!

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