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Small Space Home Office

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Offices, Organization

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Small Space Home Office


Today while I was working on organizing papers for taxes (UGH! CHOKE! GASP! That is my LEAST favorite task!) I was thinking my home office was feeling especially tiny. Until I saw this adorably TINY home office in this little niche. How cute is that? Now mine is feeling spacious again.

I love how every inch of this alcove office is utilized to its fullest potential, but it still looks neat and orderly! Isn’t that the secret with small spaces? Somehow getting the right balance of using every available inch and being organized without it looking like an explosion happened! When you have to tuck an office into a small room or niche, you don’t have the luxury of lots of storage space to hide everything behind closed doors. You have to be creative!

I just love those clipboards! I bought a whole bunch of clipboards to use on a wall like that, but they are still sitting on a shelf, waiting to be used. I’m inspired to revisit that idea. I’m such a visual person, it helps me to have creative organization methods for my most important and time sensitive papers, right out where I can see it! Otherwise, out of sight, out of mind for me.

That is another one of my goals for this year (I’m still working on identifying my top home goals!) … paper organization. Or, shredding papers. I’m thinking shredding paper is going to become one of my new daily rituals.

In related news, that office has the same whale art I have on my office wall.

Do you enjoy the challenge of creatively organizing a small space?

You can find more great small space home office ideas at BHG (via Kate’s blog there, Centsational Style!}


  1. Chaney

    I’m in the midst of organizing our “office” – meaning a corner in our tiny apartment that houses a desk! It’s definitely a challenge, but I get excited about doing it when I see awesome little spaces like the one you’ve pictured here.

    Keep showin’ off those small spaces, I need that inspiration!

    • Melissa

      Oh good, I really love this sort of thing, too! :-)

  2. Kelly - Talk of the House

    Oh if I could just unbury my desk!! The shredder sounds like a perfect solution for that. :) Love the little space! Great use of the vertical space in it. I need to think more of “up” and less of “across” in space utilization.

  3. Krystin

    Small is cozy! This office is so sweet!

  4. Centsational Girl

    I love that office, it’s so smart! Just a small amount of square footage can pack a lot of function and style. Thanks for the linky love friend!

  5. Diane

    So colorful and cute! I’m in the process of organizing my studio. Once it’s done I’ll be able to pack it up. Ugh.

  6. Diliana Imandieva

    I have actually started on the same project last year and I adore it as it is my husband (very important cos its to be used by both). I love organising small spaces as we have a small bungalow. I have already completed laundry cupbourd – very proud! Anyway – I love small spaces! Thank you!

  7. Anne

    The first thing that struck me about this office is the notice boards on the wall. That’s a perfect idea, one that I want to steal for myself :-)

  8. Alison

    Think my next color scheme s green and black! Love it

  9. martha.anne

    So cute! I’m hoping to make a small functional office somewhere in my home. Right now I share an office with the spare bedroom. o_O

  10. Jennifer

    I love that office! So cute! My husband has taken over ours so I need to get in there and carve out a space for me. I have plans to make the boys a tiny computer/homework area upstairs in their gameroom. The best part is I can see what they’re doing at all times!

  11. Dawn

    My office is technically a 4th bedroom although its only 6’x’9’ish and is currently had my desk (I took off the closet doors and used that space for the desk) and the kids tv. I really want to figure out how to add some kind of day bed or futon for times we have guests but I just cant make it work! GRRRRRR

  12. Carolyn

    I would rather sort and organize, tweak a space or a system than clean house. :)

  13. Faith

    Yep, office organization is always tops on the new year’s resolution list. Mine is in the corner of the living room on a really great large desk I found curbside. Thanks for the inspiration to get going on it. Wouldn’t you love to take a peek under that curtain to see if it is as organized as the rest of the office nook?

  14. Christina

    Love this space! I use the clipboard idea when I had a daycare. It was project for those important papers I need to access quickly but didn’t want cluttering my desk.

  15. Sandy

    I just organized mine and posted about it yesterday. I’m feeling so much better and inspired to be able to walk in to a space that’s for me! :)

  16. joan

    That small office space is cute and fabulous. It is surprising how good a small space can look. I understand the need for a shredder. Ours is in a small den just inside our entrance door; many things go through the shredder before they get to the desk. However, I also understand about “out of sight/out of mind” papers. I handle mom’s medical needs which means a mountain of paper and I have a “not so great” place where they accumulate (our closet shelf). So, I collected it all, dumped it in a roll cart (think size of a bank box and a half) and took it where I planned to organize it all. Well, you guessed it, I brought it all back and stored the roll cart “around the corner” in our family room. I didn’t think of that roll cart for over a week… only when I was looking for mom’s checkbook and remembered all of the stuff was still in the roll cart! LOL. I guess I can’t procrastinate much longer. The bright side? our closet shelf looks great!

  17. Missy June

    I’m in love with the pops of green! My ‘office’ is a desk/wall in our family room. We are a family of four renting, so I don’t invest too much in design right now. But I looooooove organizing! and paper – toss it, baby!

  18. Julia

    I love the alcove idea, but what I’m really looking at is the organization. Organizing small spaces (especially in an aesthetically pleasing way) is NOT my forte, and this gives me some great ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Beth

    I plan on opening up one of the master bedroom walk in closets to create an office alcove. Thanks for the inspiration photo!

  20. Carolyn

    My “office” right now, in a temporary 600-square-doot apartment, is a plastic file box under a table! But I love the post, and it gives me ideas for my next home, which will probably be small.

  21. Cole Termite and Pest Control

    Great use of space. It is amazing how clever ideas like this can inspire to do more with what you have.

  22. Genevieve

    Hi Melissa. So glad I stopped by today to see the adorable small home office! It’s perfect! You know small spaces are my challenge. Still loving your blog. It’s a joy to stop by and see your beautiful face! Will have to catch up with your latest posts. Happy New Year! Blessings, Genevieve

  23. Cottage Katie

    I love a small space for an office, because you are forced to eliminate excess clutter. It is imperative to keep a smaller space neat and tidy, because the space won’t be productive otherwise.
    I’m on the fence with the idea of using clipboards as wall art….I feel like it could be a very useful organizing tool, but i would be constantly picnicking with what is on top facing out! So I’m not sure in the long run it would be such a great idea.

  24. KMP Modern

    Clipboards do rock! Wow I love this small home office. I’m working in mine right now, and I’m afraid it needs some love right now. We’re working on our taxes, and papers are everywhere. I will place this picture on my clipboard to motivate my renovations!

  25. Karis

    I LOVE that clipboard idea! When that aren’t in use I bet they would look really cute with just some patterned paper attached! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Trina

    I love the challenge of organizing a small space! My key to success is always to simplify. Once I zero in on those key things that matter, then the solutions fall into place.

  27. Kaitlyn

    What an awesome office space! I like how every inch is utilized. The clipboards are really neat!


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