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Marker Colored Easter Eggs

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, DIY, Easter, Holidays

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Marker Colored Easter Eggs

Hey, guys! Courtney here today. With Easter coming up, I knew I wanted to try my hand at decorating Easter eggs. I rent a cute house in Seattle with five of my best friends, and we always try to bring in a little holiday decor when we can! I found so many ideas online for how to decorate eggs, but there were so many options I could hardly choose!

In the end, I decided to take the easy route and simply use markers to draw designs on our eggs. Then I remembered that I happen to own one of the largest sets of Prismacolor markers in the entire world…which I was required to buy for my design classes in college. It’s a set of 156 double-ended markers…which came with a crazy high price tag. Luckily, I was able to buy them used for a “bargain” of about $250 from a classmate who was done with them. Ha! But they are awesome markers.

Since I have these markers in every color known to man, I’ve tried to get as much use out of these pups as possible. Hence…the marker-colored Easter eggs my sister Kylee and I made this year! As you probably know by now, us girls at The Inspired Room are all about the no-fuss DIYs so drawing on eggs is a perfect project for us.

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

After hard-boiling the eggs and letting them cool for about an hour, we colored to our hearts’ content. The Prismacolor markers we used worked great, but most types of markers should work just fine as long as you let them dry as you work your way around the egg.

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

We loved the watercolor look some of these had when they dried!

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

We also drew on a few with a Sharpie, and they worked great too.

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

These were so easy and fun to make!

Marker Colored Easter Eggs

For many more Easter ideas, check out the Easter section of the DIY pages, or see some of our favorites here:

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What’s your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs?


  1. Deanna

    What a great idea! I love an easy Easter egg decorating idea! I’m curious as to how the colors stay on after you put them back in the refrigerator and pull them out again. Normally, when I dye eggs, I have an issue with condensation on the colored eggs causing the dye to run off when I hide them for my sons to find.

    I really like the eggs you drew on with Sharpie pens. There are so many colors of Sharpies available now, this would be an easy idea to copy.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ruth

    Oh my goodness…you are doing awesome in the voting! I mean really! You could win this thing…and you deserve it. I started a blog once and the minute I did I was frozen with writers block. It is not easy to post regularly. I love your photos, you sharing your life and home, and your ideas. Thank you and All the Best, Ruth

  3. Stacie

    If you want to actually eat the eggs, you probably want to use nontoxic children’s markers – I would NOT eat eggs colored on with Sharpie – they’re made with industrial solvents.

  4. katie


  5. kerri

    what a great idea! so simple… :)

  6. Tanya

    I always had my son decorate eggs with stickers because he was young but this year I might try markers. This looks like a lot of fun and they are so pretty.

  7. Sue Malizia

    I’m so going to try these with my grandkids. They’re just at that little age, if its not somewhat quick they lose interest… thanks for sharing!

  8. Erica

    What a cute and tidy! way to decorate eggs! Love it!

  9. teresa

    Awesome idea…I’m so giving this a try. Thanks for sharing

  10. Ashley

    Love these! I so wish I could get the fam on board with making lovely co-ordinated Easter eggs, but there’s no way that’s ever going to happen. Oh well. I’ll enjoy gaudy mis-matched dunked and dyed eggs until I’m an old lady living all by myself when I can finally have pretty things and do things my way. ;)


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